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Smoking Facts For Pregnant Teens


									                                      Smoking Facts
                                     Pregnant Teens

Effects of Smoking on the Unborn Baby
      Each cigarette smoked by a pregnant woman       Causes 23% of Sudden Infant Death
      denies the unborn baby of 20 minutes of the     syndrome deaths (SIDs)
      proper amount of oxygen needed by the           Causes Up to 14% of premature births
      baby to grow and develop.                       Causes Over 20% of all low-weight infants
      Causes10% of infant deaths

Effects of Smoking on Pregnant Mother
      Pregnant women who smoke are at:                Pregnant women who smoke:
         1) 1.4 times greater risk for stillbirth        1) Have lower energy/health levels
         2) 3.4 times greater risk for                   2) Transfer nicotine to baby in breast
            miscarriage                                     milk while breast feeding
         3) 1.8 times greater risk for ectopic           3) Have abnormal blood pressure,
            pregnancy (egg implants outside of              heart rate and circulation

Facts on Secondhand Smoke
       Children who are exposed to secondhand smoke are at increased risk of
          1) Bronchitis                                              4) More severe asthma
          2) Pneumonia                                               5) Respiratory symptoms
          3) Ear infections                                          6) Slowed lung growth
       By age 5, a child who lives with parents who smoke may have inhaled an amount of smoke equal to 102
       packs of cigarettes.
       Only 15% of a cigarette smoke is inhaled by the smoker  the remaining 85% lingers in the air.
       Video demonstration on the effects of second hand smoke:

       Additional Quitting Resources
      American Lung Association HelpLine (1-800-LUNGUSA)
      Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line—1 (877) QUIT-NOW
      Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation—First Breath
           o   1 (800) 448-5148
      Services Hotline for Women, Children and Families
           o   1 (877) 855-7296
      Maternal and Child Health Hotline
           o   1 (800) 722-2295

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