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									                                                               Multi-Purpose System

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The AZ Ultrasonic is a piezo ultrasonic generator that uses
ultrasonic tips to perform dental treatment. Ten power
                                                                        SYSTEM FEATURES
settings permit use for a broad range of applications
including perio (1-4), endo (4-7), general scaling (7-9) and
ultra (10) for more intensity when needed. Powerful enough              • Lightweight, autoclavable handpiece
for any dental procedure, AZ Ultrasonic offers the ultimate              (approx. 50g)
versatility in a user-friendly system.                                  • 10 power settings
INTELLIGENT DESIGN                                                      • Numerous tip options for Endo,
                                                                          Perio and Scaling
The AZ Ultrasonic also offers unique, self-adjusting                    • Variable water flow control
technology. You set the level of output needed for your
procedure and the AZ Ultrasonic will automatically increase             • Large dials for easy adjustment
or decrease power, compensating for the effort applied. At
                                                                        • Footswitch
any level of operation, the result is a consistent amplitude
and a continuous, steady vibration.                                     • Quick disconnect water line

                                                                        To order call 888-JMORITA (566-7482),
Ergonomically designed, the lightweight handpiece is easy
to maneuver inside the mouth. When not in use, it can be
placed on the side of the unit in a convenient swivel mount
for storage when not in use. The handpiece can be detached
and autoclaved for sterilization. The unit also features large
dials which control power and water flow; wearing gloves
won't inhibit your ability to make adjustments if needed.

                                                                                         W W W . J M O R I TA U S A . C O M
          Multi-Purpose System


               No. H3                                                No. H4L                                                    No. H4R

   "Endo Treatment". This mini-tio in                        "Retreatment". Diamond-coated version of the                "Endo Treatment, Ball Diamond tip". This tip is
   Titanium-Nobium has beed designed for the most            ET20 with enhanced cutting and abrasive power               used to locate canals (calcified canals) and explore
   delicate interventions in the middle and apical           laterally. Particularly useful for removing very hard       the floor of the pulp chamber. The diamond ball
   thirds of the canal. It is ideal for eliminating broken   materials when "brushing" the parietal walls.               gives rapid and precise action in situations where
   instruments and silver points from the most                                                                           the round bur cannot be used or is too invasive.
   inaccessible areas. It has a spray orifice for                                                                        Instrument with irrigation available.


          No. ET20D                                                 No. ETBD                                                    No. ET25

   "Anterior teeth". Ideal tip to begin with, for the        "Premolars and Molars". Second tip in the                   "Premolars and Molars". First tip in the sequence.
   treatment of anterior teeth. The guiding edge is          whole-mouth sequence. Right angled. Follows the             Left angled. Recommended for the treatment of all
   used parallel to the pocket.                              H4L tip in the treatment sequence. Recommended              surfaces and furcations:
                                                             for the treatment of all surfaces and furcations:           • Mandibular: The lingual and mesial surfaces of
                                                             • Mandibular: Buccials and distal surfaces of                 sector 3, then buccial and distal surfaces of
                                                               sector 3, then lingual and mesial surfaces of               sector 4. Pivoted at 4.3.
                                                               sector 4.                                                 • Maxillary: the buccial and distal surfaces of
                                                             • Maxillary: the buccial and distal surfaces of               sector 1, then the palatial and mesial surfaces of
                                                               sector 1, then the palatial and mesial surfaces of          sector 2. Pivoted at 13.
                                                               sector 2. Pivoted at 13.


               No. 1                                                  No. 2                                                      No. 10X
   "Shallow pockets". Fine tip designed for scaling          "Voluminous calculus". Recommended for                      1. VESTIBULAR SIDE
   shallow pockets (<2-3 mm). It provides greater            removing voluminous supra gingivial deposits.                  Subgingival calculus, Tangential application
   irrigation than other tips.                               Apply flat end to surface of teeth.                         2. VESTIBULAR SIDE
                                                                                                                            Sepragingival calculus, Tangential application
                                                                                                                         3. LINGUAL SIDE
                                                                                                                            Calculus of the neck, Tangential application
                                                                                                                         4. OCCLUSAL SIDE
                                                                                                                            Calculus and cement on cusps and grooves,
                                                                                                                            Tangential application


                Power Supply     115V                                                        Unit Dimensions (WxDxH)         113mm X 120mm X 110mm

              Max Power Input    30VA                                                               Handpiece Weight         Approx. 50g

                Output Power     10mW - 10W+ (depending on tip)                                            Autoclaving       Tip, handpiece and wrench autoclavable at 135∞ C

                Power Range      28 - 32 kHz                                                      Ordering Information       blank

     Operating Temperature       +10∞ C - +70∞ C                                                     Product Numbers         blank

       Storage Temperature       -40∞ C - +70∞ C (max.)

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