This 1997 Nissan pathfinder _same model as 2004_ is a one owner

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Nissan makes high quality, economic vehicles in the same range as Honda and Toyota. They are reliable, easy to
maintain and have a nice look to them as well.
Competitors for Pathfinder:
If you are looking for a long term, reliable, low maintenance, good gas mileage yet powerful SUV that keeps its
value for a long time, you have just a few options. Toyota 4runner/Rav4 and Honda CR-V come in at the top of the
list with Pathfinder a close competitor. Even the uncommon Mitsubishi Montero is a very good, low cost SUV but
overall, the others will all cost you around $2000 - $3500 more than the Pathfinder.)
When you consider all of the facts, Nissan is a great vehicle for those in the market for a reliable, economic
vehicle with a lower price tag.

The Pathfinder sports one of the friendliest interiors of any SUV of the year. Ample passenger space fore and aft, a
large cargo area with convenient tie-down hooks, standard dual air bags, a killer sound system, comfortable seats,
and a great view are just a few of the reasons why this truck is liked so much by consumers. The overall design of
the SUV gives you the feel of a cross between a car and a truck. It has a decent hauling power but the layout and
ride quality remind you of a car. It has enough space for 5 people as well as ample cargo room. The rear seats split
and you can fold down either half or both in order to increase cargo space. The rear cargo area also has a cover
built in; when you close it the content of the rear area is not visible.
The features of this SUV make it a great vehicle for a family or someone who needs a good looking and good
running SUV. The best part is the gas mileage. It gets over 25mpg, which is better than any other SUV of the year
range and even better than some cars on the road.

       Bucket Seats
       Power Brakes
       Rear Window Defroster
       Tinted Glass
       3.3L V6 SOHC 12V FI Engine
       15 Inch Wheels
       Regular Unleaded Fuel Required
       Automatic Transmission
      Tachometer
      Chrome Wheels
      4-Wheel ABS
      Driver and Passenger Front Airbags
      Cloth Seating
      Power Steering
      Tilt Steering Wheel
      Intermittent Windshield Wipers
      Rear Window Wiper
      AM/FM/CD Audio System
      Keyless Entry System
      Alloy Wheels
      Anti-Theft Alarm System
      Cruise Control
      Air Conditioning
      Power Windows
      Power Door Locks
      Roof Rack

This SUV has a powerful 3.3-liter, V6 engine with 25MPG yet you have 3500LB towing capacity. (Compared to
driving an Explorer, by driving a Pathfinder the average driver can save around $1100 per year on gas alone.)

      Base engine type: gas
      Horsepower: 168 hp @ 4800 rpm
      Torque: 196 ft-lbs. @ 2800 rpm


      Fuel type: gas
      Fuel tank capacity: 20.8 gal.
E (also use the inspection paragraph from the F150 listing here)
Vehicle History:
Some vehicles come with fleet and rental history which means they have been used by many people which lowers
the overall condition and value of the vehicle. Since this is a one owner vehicle there is no fleet/rental history.
(also use the inspection paragraph from the F150 listing here)

This 1997 Nissan Pathfinder (which is the same model as 2004) is a one owner, well maintained, rust free vehicle
from Florida with only 127k miles. By looking at the exterior and interior condition you can get an idea how well
the only owner maintained the vehicle. (Well kept vehicles usually run much longer.)
 This SUV has all power options. Low maintenance, very reliable, economical and a car like ride. Pathfinder is a
very popular vehicle throughout the world. I drove this over 100 miles and it drives nice and straight. Good brakes,
tires are getting down but if you want I can find a good set of used tires for $100. We come across many vehicles
as a dealer, so we know good vehicles when we see them.

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