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t u e s day, o C to B e r 4 , 2 0 1 1 i vo l . 4 9 n o. 2 5                            w w w. u s fo r a c l e . c o m                             university of south florida

 InsIde thIs Issue                     Rubio’s on-campus office serves many, attracts few
                                                                        By Divya Kumar                              the Tampa office only sees                                                  “My       overall      experience
                                                                        S T A F F   W R I T E R                     about three to four walk-in                                              was so helpful when I look at
                                                                                                                    visitors per month.                                                      my future that may involve
                                                                                                                       Across the hall, Sarel Botha,                                         public      policy,”      he     said.
                                                                           Nestled in the Business                  an employee of electronic                                                “I had an understanding
                                                                        Partnership Building, among                 document              management                                         of how the local political
                                                                        hallways of local research and              company Docuvantage, said he                                             system works in relation
                                                                        technology companies, lies                  sees people going in and out of                                          to     Washington’s         role    in
 M oN tA GE                                                             an office meant to foster a                 the closed door “every now and                                           protecting       and        enforcing
 “Workaholics” strikes comedic
                                                                        different          kind           of        then.”                                                                   constituent beliefs.”
 gold with ’90s nostalgia. Page 4
                                                                        partnership.                                   He said he’s never seen the                                              Schulnick said his duties
    Montage                                                                Outside of Suite 106 is a buzzer,        senator, but probably wouldn’t                                           involved answering phone calls,
                                                                        a speaker and a solid wooden                recognize him if he did.                                                 creating databases of newly
                                                                        door that opens to the little-known         There       are      no    pictures                                      elected local officials, sorting mail,
                                                                        constituency office of U.S.                 outside the office.                                                      writing        proposals,         and
                                                                        Sen. Marco Rubio.                              When Rubio took office in                                             responding        to      constituent
                                                                           “The Tampa office is to be an            January, he inherited the suite from                                     concerns — something that took
                                                                        office where local constituents             former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux,                                         up much of his time.
                                                                        in the area and the region can              who saw a similar amount of traffic                                         The issues brought to the
                                                                        interact with Senator Rubio’s               to and from the office, Botha said.                                      office’s attention are made note
                                                                        office, whether it’s to express                On any given day, the                                                 of and sent to Rubio’s Washington,
  S po rtS                                                              opinions     (or)    solicit    help        Tampa        office     is   usually                                     D.C., office, where a few
  Bulls back in practice after four                                     with issues involving federal               occupied              by         two                                     concerns are picked for the
  days off. BACK                                                        agencies and departments,”                  people, Mucci said — a staff                                             senator to personally address on
                                                                        said Alex Burgos, spokesman for             member and an intern who                                                 his YouTube video series, Marco’s
                                                                        Rubio.                                      changes with the semester.                                               Mailbox, every week.
                                                                           Burgos said constituency offices            Current staff members declined                                           Though Rubio does have
                                                                        are located across the state in             to comment.                                                              his own office in the suite,

                Oracle                                                  populous areas and are paid for
                                                                        with a budget set aside by the
                                                                                                                       Josh Schulnick, a senior
                                                                                                                    majoring           in      political
                                                                                                                                                                                             characterized by a University of
                                                                                                                                                                                             Florida welcome mat, Schulnick
                online                                                  Senate.
                                                                           Yet, Regional Director        for
                                                                                                                    science who interned at the
                                                                                                                    Tampa office last spring, said his
                                      ORACLE PHOTO/ EDUARDA CASTRO      Rubio’s office Matt Mucci said              experience was fruitful.                                                             n See RUBIO on PAGE 3
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                                      C O R R E S P O N D E N T

                                        The      America    Invents
                                      Act, which will change
                                      the      patenting    system
                                      nationwide, could shorten
                                      processing time for USF to be
                                      granted patents — depending
                                      on how much the inventor is
                                      willing to pay.
                                                                          Panda patronage
                                        The act was signed by
                                      President Barack ObamaSept.       Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity members Brandon Cook, a freshman majoring in political science, (far
                                      16 and will be effective          left in panda costume), Cameron Hainline, a freshman majoring in biomedical science and Luis
                                      March 16, 2013.                   Monsalve, a freshman majoring in biology, (far right) collected money Monday for Anchor Splash, a
                                        According to a White            charity event hosted by Delta Gamma to purchase and train seeing eye dogs.
                                               n See PATENT on PAGE 5   ORACLE PHOTO/ JASMINE ABNEY
THE ORACLE                                                   2                                                                                                        t u e s DAY, O C tO B e R 4 , 2 0 1 1       t H e O R AC L e

                Editor in Chief
              Anastasia Dawson
                      (813) 974-5190

             Managing Editor                                WORLD                                                                                                                       NATIONAL
                   Jimmy Geurts
                      (813) 974-1888
                                                            Norway opens massacre island to media Feds revise
                               UTOYA, Norway — Norway
                                                            opened the island of Utoya to
                                                                                                     Party, which traditionally uses it for
                                                                                                     its youth wing’s summer retreats.
                                                                                                                                               peaceful forested island, apart from
                                                                                                                                               a few shattered windows and bul-
                                                                                                                                                                                        medical rules
                  News Editor                               journalists Monday for the first             Donors       have        pledged      let holes in the cafe near the main      for transgender
               Diedra Rodriguez                             time since confessed mass                more than $5.5 million to                 building. Police had cleared away
                      (813) 974-1888                        killer Anders Behring Breivik            renovate the island, dotted with          evidence for their investigation.        inmates
                                massacred 69 people at a                 campgrounds, football fields                  Adrian         Pracon,          a       SAN FRANCISCO — Transgender
                                                            youth camp in July, with                 and basketball courts, said Eskil         21-year-old       survivor      says     inmates who did not begin
            Asst. News Editor                               the      ruling     Labor       Party    Pedersen, leader of the Labor             reopening the island, 25 miles           treatment prior to entering
                  Brittany Cerny                            vowing to ensure its idyllic retreat     Party’s youth organization.               northwest of the capital,                federal custody can now receive
                      (813) 974-6299                        transcends tragedy.                          He said that youth camps              Oslo, is important so that               sex hormones, specialized mental
                                                                Police closed the island after the   would resume on the island, but a         “people       understand       what      health counseling and possibly
                 Sports Editor                              July 22 shooting spree that was          decision had not yet been made            happened there.”                         gender reassignment surgery while
             Michael Manganello                             preceded by Breivik’s car bomb           on when that would be. The party              Pracon recalled the horror of the    serving their sentences.
                      (813) 974-2842                        attack outside the prime minister’s      also plans a commemorative                day, as Breivik stalked the shore           As part of a court settlement
                              office in central Oslo, which killed     monument on the island.                   and shot campers who, like him,          announced Friday, the U.S. Bureau
                                                            eight people.                                “The island means very                had plunged into the water in a          of Prisons has adopted new health
               Montage Editor                                   More than 150 journalists            much to very many people. No              desperate attempt to escape.             care guidelines for prisoners who
                       Joe Polito                           and photographers took the               island in Norway has formed the               Breivik has confessed to the         believe they are the wrong gender.
                      (813) 974-2398
                                                            five-minute trip to the island on        political landscape more than             attacks but denies criminal guilt,          In the past, inmates who
                                                            the M/S Thorbjoern — the same            Utoya,” Pedersen told reporters.          saying he’s in a state of war            identified as transgender but had
                                                            ferry that carried Breivik on            “We have the clear aim to return          and believes the massacre was            not been diagnosed or commenced
        Scene & Heard Editor                                the rainy afternoon of his gun           to Utoya.”                                necessary to save Norway and             treatment prior to incarceration
                Benjamin Wright
                                                            rampage.                                     Organizers said that they would       Europe from being overrun by             were precluded from receiving
                                                                They were permitted to walk          gradually open the island to the          Muslim immigrants.                       medical care for their conditions.
                                                            around freely but were not               public but will request that visitors         He has been held in solitary            The new policies state that
               Opinion Editor
                                                            allowed to take survivors to the         respect it as the site of the killings.   confinement since his arrest after       such prisoners are now eligible for
                Nicholas Milstrey
                                                            island, a popular recreational               There were few outward signs          he surrendered to the police on          hormone therapy to feminize or
                                                            center owned by the ruling Labor         of the horrific attack on the small,      the island.                              masculinize their bodies and to
                  Photo Editor
                                                                                                                                                                                        dress and live accordingly.
               Lucas Cannistraci
                 Online Editor
                Joseph Castagna
                                                            New Legoland park in Fla. will keep the kids busy
                                                               WINTER HAVEN — The first              area for toddlers, too, and               several times and was battered           senior project director. “The
                    Copy Chief                              thing you’ll do upon entering            parents will certainly linger in the      by a hurricane before it closed          challenge for us was how do
                Andrew Madden                               Legoland Florida is walk up to           amazing Miniland USA area,                for good in 2009. Then Legoland          we take our standard castle and
                                                            the nearest oversized Lego model         which features the skylines of            came to town.                            clusters that we have in every
         Advertising Manager                                and touch it: Is it really made out      New         York      and      other         Legoland planners incorporated        other park and incorporate them
               Meg MacLauchlan                              of those little plastic bricks that      big      cities,    as    well    as      the gardens into the new park,           into this while keeping some of
                                                            are as much a part of American           Florida          landmarks,       all     as well as the water-ski shows on        the existing buildings. We fixed
       Graphic Arts Manager                                 childhood as skinned knees and           constructed from Legos.                   Lake Eloise and the bleachers and        what we could, we tore down what
               Nicholas Trobiano                            ice cream cones?                            “Every Lego model you see in           pavilions on its banks. Legoland’s       we couldn’t; we added new, we
                                                               The answer is yes. And                the park is made with standard            version is a pirate-themed               modified old.”
           Business Manager                                 thankfully, they’re all glued            Lego pieces,” said Bill Vollbrecht,       water-ski and stunt show that will          “What first started out as
              Kimberly Schwartz                             together to withstand abuse from         the self-described “Lego nerd”            be staged several times daily.           challenges became amazing
                                                            the rambunctious kids and                who designed the park. “We don’t             Sixteen mature live oak trees         opportunities,” Vollbrecht said.
                                                            curious parents who will be              have special pieces made; they are        were moved and replanted as                 The park is divided into
The Oracle is published Monday through Thursday
during the fall and spring semesters, and twice weekly,     visiting Florida’s newest theme          standard brick sizes, the standard        planners tried to maintain the Old       10 zones, including Fun Town,
Monday and Thursday, during the summer.                     park, opening Oct. 15. Situated          colors that kids can buy in the           Florida feel of the place. A huge,       where families can get a
The Oracle allocates one free issue to each student.        in little Winter Haven, 45               kits at the store. We don’t modify,       majestic banyan tree, planted in         closer look at how Legos are
Additional copies are $.50 each and available at the        minutes from Disney and the other        change or do anything different.          1939, is in itself worth a stroll        made; Lego Kingdoms, with a
Oracle office (SVC 0002).
                                                            Orlando-area attractions, Legoland       Because we want to show what              through the gardens, thick with          whimsical, interactive ride
     BY PHONE                                               Florida is aimed at kids from            you can do with them. This is the         lovely native Florida foliage. Also      through the castle; Lego City,
      Main . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 974-2617   2 to 12. Those in the upper half         ultimate toy box.”                        left over from Cypress Gardens’          where kids can drive a car by
      Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 974-5190       of that demographic will get the            The new Florida park is                days were two of the four                themselves on scaled-down
      News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 974-1888
      Sports. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 974-2842      most out it, marveling at the cool       the largest of the Legolands,             rollercoasters — including the only      streets; and the Imagination Zone,
      Montage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 974-2398         Lego models scattered throughout         covering 150 acres on the site of         wooden coaster at a Legoland             where they can build and mess
      Entertainment . . . . . . . . . 974-2398
      Advertising. . . . . . . . . . . . . 974-2620         the park and taking full advantage       the old Cypress Gardens, which            park anywhere — and “Island              with more big Lego models. Some
      Classified . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 974-6242       of the opportunities to get              was the state’s first theme park          in the Sky,” a 100-foot rotating         of the coolest models outside of
   ONLINE:                                their hands on them, visit a             when it opened in 1936. Known             platform ride that offers a              the Miniland are the life-sized
                                                            castle, shoot lasers and ride four       for its lush gardens and water-ski        bird’s-eye view of the entire park.      African animals that populate the
CORRECTIONS                                                 rollercoasters that range from           shows, Cypress Gardens fell into             “We came in there and said,           Safari Trek ride in the Land of
The Oracle will correct or clarify factual errors.
Contact Editor in Chief Anastasia Dawson at
                                                            mild to mildly wild.                     disrepair and financial trouble           ‘Wow, you can’t buy this from            Adventure area.
974-5190.                                                      But     there’s      a   special      over the years, changed hands             scratch,’” says Ian Sarjeant, the
t u e s DAY, O C tO B e R 4 , 2 0 1 1   ●
                                            t H e O R AC L e                                                                  3
RUBIO                                        connect         with        younger
                                             voters, who typically favor the
                                                                                    difficult because it’s tucked inside
                                                                                    such a huge building, so they don’t
Continued from PAGE 1                        Democratic Party.                      really see you,” she said. “I’m
internship.         Rubio’s       one           Yet to do that, Steve Johnston,     sure if I made an appointment,
visit to Tampa during his                    a political science professor who      I could go and talk to them, but
internship was for a speaking                teaches modern political theory,       it’s not very accessible, and they
event — an occasion Schulnick                said the office would need a more      don’t seem to be very open to the
couldn’t attend. The other                   centralized location. Johnston said    public.”
time Rubio was supposed to                   he was not aware that the office           Johnston said constituency
speak in Tampa, the event was                even existed.                          offices         offer        students
cancelled, he said.                             “If they wanted to locate it        a valuable opportunity to become
   When        they      are      not        anywhere, they’d have to locate it     politically      engaged        during
meeting walk-in visitors, Mucci              in the Marshall (Student) Center       non-election times.
said the suite’s inhabitants answer          or Library or someplace students           “I wouldn’t want to think
phone calls and reply to emails on           actually go that’s more easily         that political activity ought to
a daily basis.                               accessible,” he said. “It doesn’t      be restricted to things that are
   Edwin Benton, a political science         seem like it’s an office designed to   institutionally sanctioned or
professor, said the low turnout at           attract many students.”                institutionally channeled,” he said.
Rubio’s office isn’t too surprising.            But for some, the office has        “It’s just as important, in fact even
   “When          I     was        an        proven to be a place to voice          more important, to work outside of
undergrad in the late 1960s to               dissent.                               those institutions.”
early ’70s, students were a lot more            Jackie Horwich, a senior                Though having accessibility
politically      energized        and        majoring         in        women’s     to a senator on campus is good,
engaged than they are today,”                studies, has participated in three     Horwich said accessing the office
he said. “Young people have                  protests outside of the office         is difficult.
always been less active in                   since she learned of its                   “Even if students did want
politics,           but          this        existence last spring. Yet, despite    to know about it, it’s really hard
generation is not really turned on           having access to the office, Horwich   to find,” she said. “You have
to politics.”                                said she is uncertain whether her      to go inside this really huge
   Benton said the Republican                concerns were heard.                   building and his door doesn’t have
senator’s      on-campus       office           “Protesting outside Marco           any sort of label on it. It’s very well
may be an attempt to                         Rubio’s office was kind of             hidden.”
4                                                  UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA                ●
                                                                                                  t u e s D A Y, O C t O B e R 4 , 2 0 1 1   ●
                                                                                                                                                 T H E O R AC L E

  Guys from ‘Workaholics’ mix business with pleasure
   When any group of friends              Kyle       Newacheck      in    a   hungover from a house party          Doubtfire” — a few of the guys’            on the spot, they said their
volley priceless banter back              conference       call  interview.   the night before. Anders wakes       favorite movies.                           stories     are   much         more
and forth to perfection, they             “You don’t have all the             up in the trunk of their car            The chemistry between                   script-driven than people think.
                        often follow it   responsibilities of an adult        wearing a Speedo with his hair       characters comes from the                     “There’s a pretty detailed
                        with a phrase     yet, so you can kind of just        dyed blonde. Blake and Adam          tight-knit friendship between              script, but then we like to get
          Joe           similar     to    f--- around.”                       start to call him “Blonders,”        the three stars and director.              loose,” Holms said. “Kyle lets us
        Polito          “Dude,     we         Though the show’s dialogue is   and Slim Shady and Ric Flair         Anderson and Newacheck have                go off the leash a little bit.”
     C O M M E N TA R Y

                        should have       far from elegant prose, never has   references ensue.                    been “best buddies” since third               The guys also spoke about
                        our own TV        stupid seemed so smart.                Though the crude nature of        grade. The friends met Holm                their collaborative writing
show.” That dream has become                  “Workaholics” doesn’t offer     the show might not attract some      and DeVine in improv classes in            process.
a reality for the group of comedic        classic     sitcom    punchlines    outside their target demographic     Los Angeles.                                  “Somebody will come with
comrades who star in and write            —rather, it blends body             of white males ages 18 to               “Then we began kicking it               a little nugget of an idea and
for the Comedy Central show               language, extreme sarcasm and       25, “Workaholics” perfectly          on the regular, making internet            then we sit around a table and
“Workaholics.”                            ’90s references to provide a        embodies TV’s “Rugrats” genera-      videos and falling in love with            talk out the story,” Newacheck
   Now in its second season,              consistently affable story from     tion as new adults. In the season    each other,” Anderson said.                said. “And then Anders and
the show follows three friends            start to finish.                    premiere, the three friends steal       The group’s perfectly timed             (producer Kevin Etten) take it
fresh out of college who work as              The appeal stems from the       a dragon statue from a local         conversational dialogue and                to the computer and write
telemarketers. Stars Blake                balancing act between relatable     playground and then fight over       linear storytelling derives from           the script.”
Anderson, Adam DeVine and                 characters and situations with      what to name it. Adam suggests       the Larry David school of                     Holm added that the group
Anders Holm play caricatures              utterly ridiculous outcomes.        “Reptar” and then remarks:           realistic interaction.                     has a strong consensus about
of themselves — a trio of                     “We draw a lot of the stuff     “That was so Tommy of me.”              “I know we’re all big (“Curb            what will work.
beer-chugging,           pot-smoking      from real life; of course, you’ve      Later in the premiere, Adam       Your Enthusiasm”) fans, and I                 “You kind of know the ones
best friends whose antics are             got to kind of juice them up for    goes undercover at a local high      think a lot of writing and humor           that stand out when you can see
not only morally reprehensible,           TV a little bit,” Anderson said     school donning baggy JNCO            in general comes a lot from that           an episode right off the bat,”
but also downright hilarious.             in the conference call. “We take    jeans, a Blink-182 T-shirt and       school,” Anderson said.                    he said.
Think “It’s Always Sunny in               details from who we really are      yellow visor. Even if stupid            Newacheck and Holm added                   The third episode of the new
Philadelphia” made for and by             — I think that’s what makes the     comedy doesn’t hit home              that they are inspired by shows            season of “Workaholics” airs
20-somethings.                            characters seem real.”              for some audiences, the ’90s         such as “Tim and Eric Awesome              tonight at 10:30 on Comedy
   “It’s        about     the    mind         For instance, the second        humor will definitely work for       Show” and “Cheers.”                        Central.
state of just out of college,”            episode of the new season           anyone who grew up watching             Though much of the show
said co-creator and director              begins with the guys waking up      “Kindergarten Cop” and “Mrs.         seems like it was made up

Left: Blake Anderson (left), Adam DeVine and Anders Holm (right). For their characters, the actors use their real first names with slightly altered versions of their last names.
Right: The roommates make a pact to stop drinking in the episode “Dry Guys.” SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE
t u e s DAY, O C tO B e R 4 , 2 0 1 1   ●
                                            t H e O R AC L e                                                                                                                       5

PATENT                                          The act will allow the
                                             USF Division of Patents and
                                                                               the USPTO to examine the
                                                                                                                  with our office,” she said.
                                                                                                                  “Our procedures in place will
                                                                                                                                                     faculty members submitting a
                                                                                                                                                     patent through USF will not
Continued from PAGE 1                        Licensing two more options —         “As long as our staff is        continue to work within those      pay for the process, which
                                             the fast track and slow track —   educated in these changes,         procedures and we will change      will remain unchanged under
House press release, the act                 when filing an application with   everything should be fine,”        them accordingly, if need          the act.
will give a boost to American                the U.S. Patent and Trademark     she said.                          be. But, we still plan to work         “If you decide to disclose
companies and inventors                      Office (USPTO).                      Even though Obama said          very closely with our students     to our office (the invention)
who        have       suffered                  The two different tracks       the act will help bring these      and faculty to evaluate their      and the University approves
costly delays from having to                 would be determined by the        inventions to the market faster    inventions and help them           it, the University will own
hire lawyers to prove they                   amount of money an applicant      and create jobs, Turley said       through the patent process.”       your technology,” Turley said.
invented an idea first. It will              is willing to spend. Currently,   she believes USF will only be         Students who have pending       “Our office does pay for the
allow entities to focus on                   the amounts are unknown,          affected      by    the    time    patents will not be affected by    prosecution of the patent
innovation and job creation,                 said April Turley, intellectual   process      for    a    patent    this act, she said.                application. Then, we try to
according to the release.                    property manager at USF’s         application.                          Hunter said USF received        identify companies to license
   On a 2011 Intellectual                    Division of Patents and              “We     are    not     really   91 patents in the last fiscal      your technology.”
Property Owners Association’s                Licensing.                        anticipating that much of a        year, but Turley said she does         If an invention is licensed,
list, USF ranked No. 9 in                       “If you pay more money,        change on how we operate in        not expect the amount of           the inventor who signed the
number      of   patents     for             USPTO        will    accelerate   our office,” she said.             students wanting to patent or      rights to the University receives
universities and No. 269 for                 the examination of your              Terri Hunter, licensing         the amount of granted patents      a portion of the money, based
organizations overall last year.             application,” Turley said. “If    manager in the Division of         to decrease in the upcoming        on the negotiations of the
   According to the New York                 you want to pay less money,       Patents and Licensing, said        years.                             agreement, she said.
Times, the main change to                    you can go on a slow track        the division will continue to         “As long as our faculty is          “Right    now,     we     are
the U.S. patenting process will              and delay examination of your     work normally and adjust the       diligent and keeping track         working to educate the faculty
be the switch from a “first                  application.”                     system       when      changes     of the technology they are         or student who discloses
to invent” system to a “first                   Currently, filing a patent     are made.                          working on in their lab, we        (ideas) to our office so they
to file” system, which will                  costs $1,000, she said, and          “I    don’t     think     the   never thought there would be       understand what the chang-
establish      priority      for             once students or faculty file     students at USF are going to       an issue with getting a patent,”   es are, to make sure their
whoever filed for the patent of              for a patent, they wait “in       feel anything different going      Turley said.                       processes are in line with how
an invention first.                          line” about three years for       through the patent process            As of now, students and         it’s going to be,” she said.
                                                  UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA                      ●
                                                                                                       t u e s D A Y, O C t O B e R 4 , 2 0 1 1    ●
                                                                                                                                                       T H E O R AC L E

                                                                                                                                   Letters to the Editor
                                                                                                                           Letters to the Editor guidelines: Letters should not exceed 400 words
                                                                                                                           in length and must include name, major and year in school. They
                                                                                                                           also must include phone number for verification purposes only. All
                                                                                                                           letters are subject to editing for content, grammar, taste and length. All
                                                                                                                           letters are published at the discretion of the editorial board.
                                                                                                                           Only letters sent via email will be considered. Submit letters to:
                                                                                                                           or visit

                                                                                                                             In response to the Sept. 28           share my enthusiastic passion for
                                                                                                                          article “Ducklings at risk on            recklessly wasting my schools‘
                                                                                                                          campus”:                                 budget in the face of massive
                                                                                                                                                                   budget cuts realize what’s
                                                                                                                             I was deeply moved by the             important. It is selfish to wish
                                                                                                                          tragic story of the helpless little      that those funds go to improving
                                                                                                                          ducks chronicled in The Oracle.          the school for its students. Save
                                                                                                                          This has inspired me to propose          the squirrels; their lives are
                                                                                                                          another necessary reform:                at stake.
                                               EDITORIAL                                                                  squirrel crosswalks.

            Public record requests
                                                                                                                             As a young child, I once                Rob Stein is a sophomore
                                                                                                                          witnessed a squirrel cross the           majoring in political science.
                                                                                                                          street and get struck by a car.            ________________________

             must be affordable
                                                                                                                          This senseless tragedy, no doubt,
                                                                                                                          occurs daily on the USF campus               In response to “don’t ask, don’t
                                                                                                                          with its large population of             tell” repeal:
   Florida’s Sunshine Laws are         (SBA), approved in 2010,                 records request, which was                squirrels.       Sadly,   Students
intended to keep the state’s           according to the Times. The              “usually filled at little cost or no      Protecting the Environment and               We finally saw the end of
government transparent and             problem is that Thomas Strauss,          cost,” and received a $850 bill,          Animals through Knowledge                a dishonorable policy that
accountable. Whenever public           head of the fund that spun off           according to the Times.                   (SPEAK) does not seem to share           prevented gay and lesbian
records information is requested,      Starboard Value and Opportunity,             The fees of these public records      in my commitment to protecting           American citizens from serving
the price is no more than the          was a client of Williams prior to        requests are prohibitively costly         the squirrels, no doubt because          openly in the military. The end
lowest paid employee’s labor           becoming SBA head in 2008.               to legislators — let alone normal         they think baby ducks are                of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is long
capable of the job plus the cost          In a letter to SBA’s trustees,        citizens.     Legal      documents        cuter and thus their lives are           overdue, and while its demise is
to make the copies, according to       Fasano wrote that he didn’t “want        may require a large amount of             more valuable.                           cause for celebration, we should
Florida Statutes.                      to accuse anyone of attempting           analysis, and legal expenses can be          The “Save the USF Baby                not be fooled into thinking that
   Florida Sen. Michael Fasano         to hide anything,” but found             costly, but such important financial      Ducks” Facebook page may have            all is just in our armed forces.
(R-New Port Richey) was in for         “a $10,000 bill … sent with a            records need to be within the grasp       more than 900 followers, but                 Regardless of whether service
a surprise, then, when he filed a      warning that it could take months        of politicians, journalists, writers,     the “USF Squirrels” page has             members are married to their
public records request and was         to supply the information                regulators and citizens. Something        more than 4,000. What SPEAK              same-sex partners in states that
sent an invoice of $10,750.13          requested” suspicious, according         must be reformed to make                  neglects to understand is that all       recognize such marriages, they
for an estimated 380 hours of          to the Times.                            important requests records                animal life is valuable, regardless      will not receive the plethora of
legal analysis over several               The cost of complying with the        like these able “to be inspected          of cuteness. This is a form              spousal benefits that are freely
months, according to the               request of 6000 pages requires           … under reasonable condi-                 of what I like to call “animal           given to heterosexual couples.
St. Petersburg Times.                  300 hours of paralegal work at           tions,” as stated in Florida              discrimination” that is prevalent        In order to redress this injustice,
   Some documents require more         $22.84 an hour, according to the         Statute 119.07, 1(a).                     among          many       so-called      we must do away with another
technical analysis than others,        Times. In addition to the paralegal          If the fees billed are correct,       “animal lovers.”                         policy that hinders the liberty
but such high costs for public         work, 80 hours must be spent             then the government should                   I propose the following detailed      of our citizens — the Defense
records are prohibitive to ensuring    on fees for lawyers, “information        look to alternatives such as sub-         plan. First, we should paint             of Marriage Act. Until gay and
accountability and limit the           technology work,” a senior               sidizing information requests if          squirrel crosswalks on all roads         lesbian service members can offer
Sunshine Laws ability to provide       investment officer and a senior          that is what it takes to ensure           bordering squirrel habitats (trees).     their spouses the same benefits
transparency.                          analyst’s work, as well as another       accountability. These fees are            Then, we would hire a squirrel           and protections enjoyed by their
   Fasano’s request was in             $450 for 3,000 photocopies.              cost-prohibitive to the point that        crossing guard to monitor                heterosexual counterparts, they
regard to a $125 million                  Fasano’s situation isn’t the          they do not offer fair access for         these crosswalks and guard the           will remain second-class citizens.
investment of public pension           only recent case of a public offi-       all. These high legal fees provide a      squirrels from reckless, barbaric          If we are truly willing to allow
money in a hedge fund called           cial balking at the high cost of         barrier to branches of government         drivers. This plan will cause            gays and lesbians to serve
Starboard Value and Opportunity,       public records. Former New Port          outside the executive, and threaten       minimal closures of USF’s                openly in the military, then it is
which Ash Williams, head of the        Richey human resources director          to tip the control of information in      major roadways. Obviously, cost          time to honor their service and
State Board of Administration          Jeff Sutton filed a City Hall email      Florida if they are not reformed.         shouldn’t be an issue, because           sacrifice by granting them the
                                                                                                                          you can’t put a price on a               same benefits other military
                                                                                                                          squirrel’s life.                         families receive.
                                       The Oracle’s official opinion is                                                      I hope that my fellow students
    The Oracle
                                                                           Anastasia Dawson            Jimmy Geurts
                                      selected by a majority vote of the                                                  at USF who share my contempt                Christopher Wheldon is a
                                               editorial board:                         Nicholas Milstrey
                                                                                                                          for animal discrimination will           graduate student majoring in
                                                                                                                          stand up. I hope that those who          public health.
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Blais proving key to Bulls’ chances in Big East                                                                         USF anxious to play again
                                                                                                                        after rough Pittsburgh loss

                                                                                                                        Coach Skip Holtz will use this week’s practice to focus on
                                                                                                                        improving the Bulls, rather than get an early start on preparing
                                                                                                                        for Connecticut. ORACLE PHOTO/KRISTIAN WALDEN
                                                                                                                        By Michael Manganello                       Big East Offensive Player of
                                                                                                                        S P O R T S   E D I T O R                   the Week award. The defense
                                                                                                                                                                    continually failed to contain Gra-
Graduate student goalkeeper Chris Blais has been key for the Bulls this year since his arrival                                                                      ham to the middle portion of
from Michigan, where he led the Wolverines to the College Cup semifinals last season. He has                                                                        the field where more tacklers
posted three clean sheets so far this season. ORACLE PHOTO/BOBBY BISHOP                                                     If you ask coach Skip Holtz or          are available, instead allowing him
                                                                                                                        his football players, the first open        to reach the perimeters.
    Despite some early offensive         impressively,        building    his   third clean sheet of the year and       date of their 2011 season couldn’t              While      Holtz       recognizes
success, the defensive line clearly      confidence with two clean sheets       getting the team another win over       have come at a worse time.                  Graham’s           talent         and
determines the fate of the men’s         and only allowing one goal in          a nationally-ranked program.                The Bulls are coming off a              acknowledges        that     he’s    a
                      soccer team.       the first three games of the year.         “Chris has been working really      44-17 drubbing on the road at               difficult player to face, he said the
                         The     team    However, it wasn’t surprising to       hard,” Kiefer said after the            Pittsburgh to open Big East play            defense struggled to implement
  Rames Ali           has       played   see his production drop as the         UC Irvine game. “We put him in          last Thursday. The Bulls have this          the defensive gap schemes,
   C O M M E N TA R Y
                      nine      games    first half of the season wore on. In   some tough situations the last          weekend off, meaning the team               allowing Graham to run nearly
                      this season and    two games this season against          couple of games. Sometimes, if          won’t be back on the field to               at will.
                      has a 5-2-2 re-    ranked opponents, Blais has yet        you stop having success, you’ll         compete until Oct. 15 at                        “It was almost like recess ball —
cord. In most cases, the                 to allow a goal. He’ll face his        lose your swagger. But we met           Connecticut — something Holtz               everybody go tackle him,” he said.
defensive side of the stat sheet         third tonight as the Bulls take on     separately with Chris, and he           said his players are unhappy with.          “We weren’t holding our gaps and
reveals how the Bulls fared in           No. 25 Florida Gulf Coast in           looks back on track.”                       “We would have played                   a great back like Graham is going
each game.                               Fort Myers tonight.                        It can be argued that Blais is      Saturday if they would have let us,         to find that opening and exploit it.
    Coming into the season, the              It seemed like the pressure of     the team’s most vital player, even      after playing the way we did on             It was more assignment, discipline
young Bulls had plenty of questions,     living up to Attinella’s reputation    though junior forward Dom Dwyer         Thursday,” he said. “For the long           gap integrity than it was just
the largest of which was the hole        finally got to Blais when the Bulls    may be the star with seven goals        term, if we handle this the right           physically getting pushed around
left by All-American goalkeeper          went through a rough patch in early    in his first nine games of Division     way and we can grow from it, we             up front.”
Jeff Attinella. After his illustrious    September, yielding seven goals        I play. When Blais and his defense      have the pain and the loss in our               The Bulls have been off
career with the Bulls, Attinella         in three games against Bradley,        allow one goal or fewer, the Bulls      bag for the next 16 days ... I’m not        since returning from Pittsburgh,
moved on to FC Tampa Bay, leaving        Dartmouth and St. Louis. Despite       are undefeated at 5-0-1, while if he    going to say it was a good thing,           but will return to the practice
arguably the most vital position         the fact that Blais seemed             allows multiple goals, the Bulls are    but we can gain from it.”                   field this afternoon. USF will
on the team empty.                       visibly shaken, coach George Kiefer    winless, at 0-2-1.                          The Bulls’ defense looked               also practice Wednesday and
    Chris Blais, a 6-foot-4 graduate     insisted that the blame could not          The Bulls are in a great position   vulnerable against the Panthers,            Thursday and take Friday and
student, took the reigns of the Bulls’   be placed on the goalkeeper.           to make another tournament run,         yielding 307 yards on the ground,           Saturday off before returning
defense after transferring from              Kiefer admitted to meeting with    sitting at 1-0-1 in the Big East        mostly to Pittsburgh’s quick                to       the      normal        game
Michigan, and began the season           Blais before their game against        with seven conference games             tailback, Ray Graham. Graham                week schedule by beginning
trying to create his niche in            undefeated UC Irvine. The Bulls        remaining. They’ll get a break from     rushed for 226 yards and                    preparations           for         the
Attinella’s shadow. Blais started        won that game 2-0, giving Blais his    conference action tonight at 7.         two touchdowns, earning the                 Connecticut game Sunday night.

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