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 MASS INTENTIONS & MASS SCHEDULE                             RCIA "Come and See" Night
          FOR THE WEEK OF                                     Tuesday, September 6, 2011
        Monday, September 5, 2011                                       7:00 PM
                 Through                                             Church Chapel
        Sunday, September 11, 2011                         The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
                                                   is a program for those who might be interested
Mon. 9:30AM     Madge Howe Cooper                  in becoming Catholic, or anyone who would
Tues. 7:00AM    Luke Miller                        like to learn more about the Catholic Faith. Do
Wed. 5:15PM     Ed Haney                           you have a neighbor, friend, or relative who
Thurs. 7:00AM   Sister Mary Luke                   has shown an interest in your faith? Invite them
Fri. 9:15AM     Special Intentions                 to this informal evening to see what RCIA is all
       5:15PM   Louise & Clarence Sullivan         about. You are welcome and encouraged to
Sat. 5:15PM     Ed & Angela Glogowski              come along with them. Any questions? Call
Sun. 8:00AM     Special Intentions                 Deacon Tony Ensenberger, 837-1256 or email
     10:30AM    People of the Parish     

                                                   IT IS TIME TO GET READY FOR
                COLLECTIONS                        THE FALL RUMMAGE SALE
                Needed monthly       $40,388.00    The St. Paul Fall Rummage sale is
    Offertory needed each week         $8,155.00   scheduled for Friday, September
                                          4598.5   23, from 9AM - 6 PM and
                                                   September 24, 9a.m. - 12. Remember to clean out
                      Roof Fund            74.00
                                                   your attics, basements and garages. Donate
                   Building Fund            5.00   seasonal clothing, good appliances in working
                  Cemetery Fund           166.00   order, dishes, nick- knacks, linens, dishes, books
          (Includes “Grace In Giving”)             and light household items.

                                                      St. Paul Women's Guild Membership
     Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
 1 Reading: Sirach 27:30-28:7.                     Every woman who belongs to St. Paul is considered a
                                                   member of the Women's Guild. Please show your
2nd Reading: Romans 14:7-9.
                                                   support by joining the Guild during their Membership
     Gospel: Matthew 18:21-35.
                                                   Drive on September 17 & 18. Guild members will be
                                                   collecting dues ($5 for the year) after each Mass.
                                                   Information regarding the activities, meetings, and
          MARK YOUR CALENDAR                       projects for the year will be distributed. You may
Sept. 23 & 24 Fall Rummage Sale                    mail your dues to Loretta Baucom, Treasurer, 724 W.
Oct. 2        Respect Life Sunday                  Washington St., Macomb.
Oct. 21       Special Person’s Day @ School.
Oct. 30       Confirmation (2:00 p.m.)                WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN THE CHOIR?

                 Music for                          Choir Practice begins on the Wednesday, Sept. 7th
         23 Sunday in Ordinary Time                              at 7:00 p.m. in the Chapel.
             September 4, 2011                               We will sing at the 10:30 Masses
                                                                     beginning Sept. 11.
ENTRANCE: City of God, #374 in the Music Issue
                                                   We need all vocal parts, ESPECIALLY sopranos, altos,
PREPARATION OF GIFTS: Hosea, #679 in the            and tenors. But we can always use more basses and
Music Issue                                                               baritones!
RECESSIONAL: We Have Been Told, #516 in the         We will be learning a new Mass which is to be used
Music Issue                                                       throughout the Diocese.
                                                                     Please join us!

         St. Paul School Fund-Raisers                                      ST. PAUL SCHOOL COLLECTS
                                                                Recycling Computer Cartridges
    Each year all families at St. Paul School are asked to
                                                                All families are asked to save used computer cartridges
do their share in our magazine sale drive and our Home
                                                                and send them to school. The box for collecting
and School fund-raisers. The magazine sa1e is our first
                                                                cartridges is located in the lobby. This program
fund-raiser and last year we raised $16,000. The
                                                                generates funds for the school and helps us to recycle.
magazine profit along with book fees, pays for books,
                                                                Box tops For Education
supplies and materials for each classroom.
                                                                St. Paul School participates in the Box tops for
    The tuition moneys along with the parish subsidy
                                                                Education program. Collect the label from all food
and fund-raisers pay for salaries, insurance, utilities and
                                                                products that have it on the package. Labels can be left
maintenance. The per pupil cost is currently $4800.
                                                                in the “Box tops” container in the lobby. We receive
Tuition alone does not cover the costs. A family with
                                                                $.10 for each label.
one child pays $3500 of the $4800 , 2 children pays
$4500 of the $9600 and 3 children pays $5500 of the             Campbell Soup Labels
                                                                St. Paul School participates in the Campbell Soup label
$14,400. This is why we rely so heavily on each family
                                                                program. We are able to order athletic equipment or
“doing their part.” When we have successful fund-
                                                                school materials with the points earned for collecting the
raisers, we are able to keep tuition to a minimum
                                                                labels. A Campbell Soup label container is in our lobby
increase. Together we can do it!!
                                                                Aluminum Cans
                                                                During the month of SEPTEMBER, and through
               WAYS TO EARN MONEY
                                                                October 21, the fourth grade class will be participating in
Max Dollars For Education – Niemann’s
                                                                an aluminum can recycling drive. Start saving your
Enclosed in the bulletin is Niemann’s Max Card
                                                                aluminum cans to help our 4th graders raise money for
program form. Please complete the form and take it to
                                                                Loaves and Fishes and to earn money for a class trip to
the checkout counter the next time you shop. Your
dollars spent from now until December will earn money           visit the Lincoln Museum in Springfield.
for St. Paul School.
Target                                                                       St. Paul School Magazine Sale
If you use a Target credit card, please register St. Paul           The St. Paul School Magazine Sale is in full swing.
School as the recipient of Target moneys. Last year we          This is a major fund raiser for our school. Cash
earned $300.                                                    donations are accepted. You can renew subscriptions or
                                                                order magazines on-line at Our school
Hy-Vee And Wal-Mart Cards                                       will receive credit for your order(s) when you provide
All purchases at Hy-Vee can earn money for St. Paul             QSP/Reader’s Digest with our school name and/or code
School. Come in to the school office and purchase gift          #425015536.
card Use your gift card as cash while St. Paul School               Kendall Lockard is the magazine coordinator. Any
earns 5% of the purchase. You pay nothing extra and             questions can be directed to Kendall at 833-4556 or the
make money for our school at the same time. Cards can           school office 833-2470. Thanks Kendall for all of your
be purchased in the school office during school hours           hard work!!
and at mass once a month at all weekend masses in
denominations of $10, $25, $50, $100. Last year we
raised $5000 with this program. Thanks to everyone that         All Of These Programs Are Small Ways For St. Paul
participates and we hope to have more families help earn        School To Earn A Little More Cash That Helps Buy
money in this easy way. Thanks to Joy McQuillan, she            Materials For The Children’s Classroom. Ask Your
is our Home and School rep taking care of this fund-            Family And Friends To Save Or Use Any Of These
raiser. We appreciate everyone’s participation!!                Programs To Help St. Paul School.

    LEARN NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING                               Our Father Knows Best
Natural Family Planning, a healthy, effective and morally       We sometimes fight God when troubles arise,
acceptable family planning method will be taught by certified   presuming that we know better than he does.
NFP teachers. The three-class series begins in Macomb, 7:00-
9:30P.M. on Wednesdays, Sept 14, Oct. 12 & Nov 9.If
                                                                It's much more fruitful to humbly accept what
questions call Barb Harzman 309-255-1386Or the Office of        is happening, trusting that God knows what
Family Life 309-671-1550.                                       he's doing even if we don't.

Then put the info for the Max card on the back of the
“Take Five” flyer. Sharon – I will bring it down to you -
-- Cathy

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