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Stephen_ Jacki_ Chris _ Mitch Brace_ 19 Low Street_ BUNDABERG QLD 4670


									                                    Stephen, Jacki, Chris & Mitch Brace, 19 Low Street, BUNDABERG QLD 4670
                                                                 Phone/Fax 07 41552664
                 E-mail:-, or (Chris),                         and (Mitch)
                                Mobiles:- Steve 0409065557 Jacki 0429065557 Chris 0407177307 & Mitch 0428301241

                       Brace Family Bugle
                                                                                                                          Volume 15 Christmas 2010

                      We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
It seems to be the same thing every year with April, just what is it about April and me having a I was back at CUA on May 4th, did Skip’s on the
me. I just can not seem to keep up with how fast       job change. Well this time it was all Steve’s           5th, last day at CUA on the 6th and Skip’s again
the year is travelling, and now that another year      doing. He had been feeling a little poorly with his     on 7th, then started officially at Skippen
has passed since penning the last Bugle, I find I      hip and decided he would visit the physio. Skip         Physiotherapy on the 11th. What a change, it had
am having all sorts of trouble trying to remember      asked if Steve new of looking for admin work and        been a long time since I did not know anything at
just what we have been up to. No doubt it will         Steve put my name forward. Came home and                all about my job. It is one hell of a learning
come to me. As usual I will try and start at the       told me all about it. I rang Skip the next morning      curve. Struggling with the medical terminology,
beginning.                                             (Friday). Went for an interview with him on the         but starting to get there. Some of the product
                                                       Monday after work and got the job. I went to            and equipment is a little confusing as well. But I
Well   Chris, Amber, Bos and Zy arrived on             CUA on the Tuesday and handed in my                     can say I am really enjoying my job.
Christmas Eve. We were so excited to have              resignation. Wow that happened so fast. I had
them spend the night with us. I was so thrilled to     to give two weeks notice, and as I had holidays         May was a little hectic with Dad’s 70th,we had set
know the kids were going to open their Santa           booked in there as well, I only had 3 working           a date for a party for Dad and then the planning
Sacks with us this year. I have to tell you, it was    days     left  before      starting  at    Skippen      began. Chris, Amber, Bos and Zy who were told
just so very special.                                  Physiotherapy.                                          it was just too far to come, did a fly-by-night and
                                                                                                               drove in with the horn blazing, surprising both
Christmas day was at Kate and Thorney’s were Singleton here we come.                 Steve & I left Bundy      Mom and Pop. They did get roused on for
we all enjoyed their new pool. I vote it is at her     early on April 23rd and were in Singleton about         coming all that we, but I know both Mom and Pop
place every year. “There is a Pool” I think            12 hours later. Bos and Zy seemed so excited to         wher so happy to have them all there. I put
maybe this time the pool was even more of a hit        have us stay. Chris and Amber treated us like           together a slide show for him and his guests. I
that poor little “Max”. (Charlie’s shetland pony).     royalty and we had the most wonderful time you          think they enjoyed it. Kate, the cake queen,
                                                       could imagine. We did a little bit of shopping, a       outdid herself with a great cake sporting a photo
Mitch and Shell picked her birthday (March 6) to       lot of sightseeing and a fair bit of just relaxing. I   of him on Sheeza. Steve and Thorney did all the
Officially celebrate their Engagement Party He         got to celebrate my birthday with them and we           BBQ cooking and setting up and of course, Val
had popped the question, and she’d said yes            had the most enjoyable day at Hunter Valley             had cooked up a storm. It was a lovely evening.
some time ago so it was now all about the party.       Gardens. A plan was made that when we
The weather was not at all kind to them, We had        returned we were definitely going to check out          Leisa and Alistair had the most wonderful news
had a fair amount of rain leading up to the night      “The Gardens tourist attraction”. We had a              to share, I was so excited to learn I am to be an
and luckily most of the guests arrived in 4WD’s,       wonderful birthday lunch and Amber and I                Aunty again. Our little Beanie is expected in
as we had a huge down pour sending most of us          explored the speciality shopping available whilst       November. I just can't wait to meet her. Chris
heading for home.                                      the boys took the kids to the playground. I Just        and Amber had some news of their own, but did
                                                       loved this day.                                         not share until later and they thoughtfully did not
I   must admit, I can not remember too much                                                                    want to encroach on Leisa's special time. So
about the day as I chose this morning to have a        We visited Stockton Beach, and being with Chris         Januray 2011 will Granddad and Granny Jack
severe Allergic reaction. I had had a few cases        and Amber, we were driving on “The Beach”,              welcome Grandbaby Number 3.
of the itches, mainly on my hands prior to this,       after a few little anxious moments whilst
the first significant episode was at Tracey and        transversing across sand dunes etc. (everybody          The Show was our first penning for the year as
Scott’s in November last year, where the itch was      knows this is not my idea of fun, I get very            the first Maryborough event was cancelled due to
driving me mad and during the night my hands           anxious, but I have to say Amber made Chris             the rain. We had a ball, penned plenty, but was
had swollen to the point I had to remove my            behave himself and I quite enjoyed it). Within          just too slow to be in the money. I really haven't
rings. It seem to settle down and I hadn’t thought     minutes we were viewing some of the most                done too much this year as I missed a couple of
too much more about it. This morning though, It        spectacular views, including the “Shipwreck”.           events when we went on October trip. Gin Gin in
came on really fast, I had been sitting here at the    Chris was pleased he found “Tin City”, this group       August was probably the highlight for me so far.
computer trying to put some last minute things         of tin shacks in the middle on nowhere hidden in        Dad rode with the Heebs and I with the Gilchrists.
together when again it struck, but this time not       the sand dunes. This place sure had me in, I had        This competition was a little different in that a
only on my hands, the tops of my thighes were          to do a little research when we got home. It            Team consisted of either 3 riders having 8 runs
itching like mad. I could feel myself starting to      looks so Mad Max. Google it for youself. We             each or 4 riders having 6 runs each – meaning
swell, hands, legs etc. I had the constant feeling     had so much fun in Singleton and could not              each team had 8 runs which were totalled
of needing to go to the loo, I guess I then went       believe how quickly our departure date came             together to give overall most head penned in the
into panic mode, this is when Steve phoned Mum         around.                                                 fastest time. Dad and Heebs did excellent and
and the Ambulance, By the time the Ambos                                                                       took the title after only missing one head . Dean,
arrived, I was starting to calm down as the Zertec                                                             Sandra and I did well and managed 6th I think it
was starting to work, but as they couldn’t find a                                                              was. What a great weekend.
pulse, or get a line in for the drip, I was taken to
the Base Hospital. Most of this was a blur, but                                                                Wendy and Lance joined us for the Bundy Cup
here was the beginning to many tests and I might                                                               Race day. We had a hoot, and with a runner in
add all to no avail as to this day I have absolutely                                                           the cup named “Hot Flushes” how could I not
no idea what triggered it. I can estacitally add, I                                                            back it. She came flying home and I guess she
have had no further attacks since, but have to                                                                 made every woman at the track a little bit richer.
say I do start to get a little nervous when I get an                                                           We decided to continue the evening over at
itch.                                                                                                          accross the waves and of course, the boys, not
wearing uncomfortable shoes, decided we should                                                                    So we spent the next few days doing nothing but
walk. Apart from sore feet, we had a great day.                                                                   trying to get ourselves feeling better. Monday
                                                                                                                  saw us at the local Doctors, antibiotics seemed to
August 18th saw Steve and I head off to Brisbane                                                                  help.
for me to have an appointment with a specialist
regarding my Allergy attack back in March. So                                                                     Tuesday the 12th was Desiyer's 3rd birthday and
with the help of Tom (Our newly acquired Tom                                                                      we celebrated all day, and what a day it was. We
Tom) we found our way to the Wesley Hospital             It was so exciting to pull into the first tourist stop   had so much fun with her especially watching her
and arrived at the Dr’s office about an hour early.      and finally see the coastline we had driven all this     trying to get the hang of her new pushbike.
He was good enough to take me straight in, so I          way to see. We stopped at every Lookout we               Wednesday was shopping day and we all
thought this is good. However I must admit I was         could find. It was excellent. I was so sick, but         headed off to Maitland for a day the boys would
a little dismayed when after all of 10 mins of him       there was only two stops I couldn't get out of the       probably have preferred to avoid and forget.
asking me questions about what had happened              car. I sent Helen and Steve (The new Ray Peek            Amber and I and the kids had a ball though. Did
and if I had had any further attacks I was told not      Photographer) to take the snaps. Steve was               a bit of serious shopping.
to take Asprin or Neuaphan again. Ummm after I           impressed with Norm's camera, I think that was
told him I was just getting over the flu and had         the last time I got to use it. He had a ball, and he     We headed to the Hunter Valley Gardens on the
dosed up on Aspro Clear he suggested it was not          took some really great snaps.                            Thursday and had the most wonderful day prior
that, so it was OK to continue with it. (What the).                                                               to getting ourselves organised for the trip home.
Anyway came away not knowing any more than               Our overnight   stay in Port Campbell was pretty         We were still feeling like crap, but just had to get
when I had left home, feeling like I had wasted          good, until the power went out, evidently it was         home. We spent a bit of time checking road
Steve and My time and the $275 he charged me.            the whole town. At least we had had an early tea         reports etc, as there had again been plenty of
(I did suggest to Skip that his physio charges           and could shower by torch light, so no real              rain. Friday morning saw us wake to rain and we
were way to cheap) Oh well if I hadn’t have              dramas. I was just about asleep when the power           were on the road home. It pretty much rained all
gone, I would have always been wondering.                returned, so we quickly watched our daily slide          the way home, made if very difficult to stop and
                                                         show then hit the sack.                                  have a nice break without getting wet. But we
Helen    and Margaret weren't doing Bundy this                                                                    made it to home about 7 pm that evening. I must
year and as Marg was turning 60 we decided we            Tuesday     morning was still overcast, and we           say I had never been so happy to be home. We
would collect Helen and head to Donaldfor the            were up early on our way to The Twelve                   were still miserable. Steve headed back to the
party, then continue on to the Great Ocean Road,         Apostles, I was still barking like a dog and not at      Doctor on Saturday morning, more antibiotics. I
include Melbourne before meetting the kids in            all well, but there was no way I was missing this        was still not 100%, but we both went back to
Sydney after dropping Helen off. I had never             one. It was just fantastic. We were then on our          work on the Wednesday.
been to Melbourne or Sydney, and I wanted it all.        way through to Melbourne. I still can not believe
The Tram Ride, St Kilda, Victoria Markets and the        the scenery. I am sure some of the sights would          Well here it is November again, Vick and I are
Theater, in Melbourne and the Opera House, the           have been better if we were driving the other            determined to get on our shopping spree again.
Harbour Bridge, the Manly faries and a trip to           way, but I still can not believe some of the grand       As we have both been so busy and with other
Luna Park with the Grandies, then back to                sights we saw. Tom (our Tom Tom) got us safely           comittments, we will have to cut out trip short by
Singleton just in time for our little princess's third   into Melbourne and to our Motel with no troubles         a day. So heading off in wee hours of Sat 27th
birthday on th 12th. So a plan was beginning to          at all. We got booked in and I so needed a               and back on Sunday pm. We will shop till we
take shape and I might add it took nearly 12             shower. I was feeling miserable. After about 5           drop and/or run out of money.
months, so my expectations were grand.                   mins, I rang reception to find the secret to getting
                                                         hot water. Hot water they said, oh I am sorry            Have just had a visit from the Petterson’s, what a
We    left Bundy on Wed 29th Sept, were in               there is no hot water in the Hotel at the moment.        wonderful evening we had. Had only just arrived
Narrandera by about 3pm thurs, and made it into          You have to be joking. We were booked into               home from work, showered and came out to find
Donald about 4pm, found the Motel, booked in,            Hairspray. Bugger. So we freshened up as good            Shell getting the goodies together for a private
unpacked, and met up with the Family for dinner          as we could, didn't even get changed and                 party. It was so good to catch up again and my it
at the local.                                            headed off to Hairspray. Jumped into a cab just          was unbelievable to see how Cam and Harry are
                                                         outside the Hotel, thinking this is good. I told the     growing up so fast.
We    had breaky with Marg Sat morning, Steve            cabbie we needed to go to the Princess Theater -
and Helen helped Marg set up for the party while         where, he says, (all I could think of was being on       Sunday     Nov 21st saw the arrival of Leisa and
Lou and I managed to get some shopping in we             the Great Race, where the cabbies never seem             Alistair's precious little Poppy Grace, born around
made some purchases at a wonderful little                to know where they are going). Anyway after              2pm weighing in at 7lb 5oz. I just can't wait to
costume jewelery shop.        I bought several           trying to drop us off at the wrong place, finally        meet her. And I think this is the perfect place to
gorgeous scarves. It was then time to get tarted         found his way to The Princess. The show was              draw this years bugle to an end.
up for the big night. Marg's party was a huge            FANTASTIC.         It was just such a fantastic
success and she had an excellent time. After             evening, even though we had not bathed. Got
cleaning up and heading back to the motel, we            back to the hotel to find we had left our $20
decided we would have to have a slide show of            souvener programme in the cab and we still did           Here’s to a wonderful Christmas
                                                         not have hot water. You have to be joking.
all the photos we had taken before going to bed.
With bloody day light saving I think it was about
                                                                                                                  Season. Lets hope 2010 brings good
3.30 before we hit the sack and I was starting to        Wednesday morning and still no hot water.     I had
                                                                                                                  health and happieness.
feel a cold coming on. Ohhh noooo.                       to have a extremely quick COLD lick and a
                                                         promise. We headed off on foot towards the
The    Great Ocean Road was just around the              river. We walked along the river to Federation
corner. I was so excited, just wanted to get on          Square where we caught the city tram and did
the road, but of course, by the time we had hit          the circuit back to the Princess Theater. Went
Margie for breaky again and bid our farewells it         for a walk down towards China Town, found a
was nearing late morning. We followed Tony and           nice little place for lunch, and then came the rain.
Pembi to Stawell and checked out their home              It bucketed down. We tried to wait it out, but
before continuing on to Warrnambool via the              there was no letting up, so did a runner and
scenic Halls Gap. We got ourselves organised,            made it to the Tram without getting too wet. Got
had an early night after dinner at James and             back to the Motel, and YEAH finally hot water. I
Kath's and woke to light misty rain on Monday            bagged the fist HOT SHOWER. I finally felt a             Till next time, take care and here’s
morning. Ohhhh nooooo. Here we are on our                little human again. Had a relaxing afternoon and
holiday of a lifetime, I am sick, and now it's           headed down to the Chinese Restaurant for tea,           wishing you the Best of Luck, all our
                                                         then back to the room for an early night. By now
raining, thankfully it cleared to just being
overcast. We spent the morning sightseeing,              I had been so considerate, I had shared my               Love and warmest wishes From Steve,
visited Flagstaff Hill and found time to visit most      illness with Steve. Poor bugger, was in a bad
                                                         way. We were both just so sick. We spoke with
                                                                                                                  Jacki, & Co
of the tourist stops prior to heading out to “The
Great Ocean Road”.                                       the Kids and suggested we just head home, but
                                                         they would not hear of it. They were going to
                                                         have us as visitors, sick or not. We told Chris to
                                                         cancel all Sydney bookings and to expect us on
                                                         Friday. Sydney, was just going to have to wait.

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