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					       Hong Kong University Graduates Association
          9th Exco Meeting (Session 2006-2008)
Date: 14th June 2007, Thursday
Time: 7:30pm – 10:30pm
Venue: HKUGA Premises

No..   Topic                                                                     Action By
1      The meeting focus on the annual dinner preparation. Please refer to the   Refer to the
       Master Plan of Annual Dinner for the detailed meeting minutes             Master Plan
2      Annual Dinner follow up actions                                           Winnie Chan/
       The following actions are required:-                                      Wilton/ Victor
          i)      Printe certificate to helper (Winnie Chan)                     Tsang
          ii)     Distribute Annual Dinner publication to HKUGA Primary
                  School, College and Scout 229 (Wilton)
          iii)    Create a web-site to share photos (At least 300dpi for
                  printing) (Victor Tsang)

       Vote of thanks to Janus and Victor Tsang

       Please refer to the attached annual dinner report for details
3      Fund raising through organizing professional seminars                     CF Man/
       It is proposed that we can set up a Trust Fund and raise fund by          Amanda/ SK
       organizing professional seminars (like the Lam Sun Chi talk)              Li/ Ian
       We target to organize the first fund raising talk in Aug / Sept
       CF and Amanda will arrange the talk and SK and Ian will explore the
       possibility of setting up the Trust Fund
4      Up-coming activities
4.1    16 June 3pm Forum on Education Policy in HKUGA Primary School,            CF Wong
       guest speaker Dr. Tai Hay Lap (Current Affair)
4.2    28 Jly Visit the Hong Kong Culture Museum (Toy museum) Children           Victor Tsang
       Development Club
4.3    7 Jul Scout 229 Recruitment Day                                           Wilton/ CK
                                                                                 Poon/ Winnie
4.4    11 Jul Wine Tasting @Janus Restaurant                                     Janus
4.5    21 Jul Boat trip for Young Member Committee                               PK Cheng
4.6    21 Jul Visit the HKUGA College                                            Wilton
4.7    1st and 3rd Friday of a month Toastmaster Club meeting                    Henry Kong
5      HKUGA Promotion to students                                               Wilton
       To promote HKUGA to undergrad through CEDRAS
6      Policy Group
6.1    A dinner forum will be organized to discuss the issue that HK is being    Allen Fung
6.2    Allen will call for a lunch forum to discuss the consultation paper on    Allen
       Cleaning Air. It is suggested that Christine Lok should be invited.       Wilton
       Wilton is interested in drafting the paper
6.3    A lunch/dinner forum will be organized to discuss the issue of medical    CF Man
       financing. It is suggested that Leung Chi Hung should be invited by
       CF Man
7      HKUGA Web-site                                                            CF Man/
       The following amendments on the web-site should be made:                  Wilton/ KC
            i)       CF Man will rewrite and update the profile in the HKUGA     Chan
            ii)      Add Janus Chinese name on the web-site
            iii)     There is a problem with the Mr/Miss button in the member
                   registration page
           iv)     Upload the exco profile to the web-site
8     DVD QA Team                                                                    CF Man,
      A Quality Assurance Team was formed to ensure the quality of the               Winnie, Henry,
      DVD production. Members include CF Man, Winnie, Henry, Vivien.                 Vivien, Wilton
      Wilton will post the video to youtube and invite our legal advisor Leo
      Lok, Andrew Fung and PS Yueng and all other advisors to comment.
      Comments and suggestion from the QA team should be submitted on
      or before 10 July
9     Beijing Olympic Visit Tour                                                     Wilton
      It is proposed that 1-2 tours should be organised. Each group will have
      a capacity of around 40-50 members.
      CF Wong, Amanda, CF Man, Allen, Henry, Winnie , Lawrence, April
      and Wilton expressed interest in joining the tour.
      Wilton will contact the VP of Renmin University of China to arrange
      accommodation. An OC team will form in Jul.

10    Membership                                                                     Peter/ Janus/
      Peter will hand-over the membership data cleansing task to Janus. Janus will   Victor Ng/ KC/
      maintain an update membership database and pass it to Victor for KC/Winnie     Winnie Chan
      Chan to enter to the system
11    Financial Report
      As at 31 May, the cash in our current +saving account is around $48k
12    Date of next meeting: 19 July 2007                                             All
13    Meeting adjourned at 10:30pm

Prepared by Wilton Fok

Attendance    = Present ; X = Absent
                      5/10 9/11            7/12     11/1     8/2     8/3      27/4     17/5    14/6   Total
Chair                 CF       WF          WL       VN       SK      AL       WF       JL      WF     
Secretary             MN       Ian         WF       WF       April   WF       WF       AW      AW
Man CF                                   X                               X        X             6
Wilton Fok                                                                                   9
Winnie Lai                                               X       X        X        X       X      4
Li Siu Kei                    X           X        X               X        X        X       X      2
Victor Ng                     X                                          X        X             6
Amanda Lim                                                              X                     8
Poon Chan Kwok                                           X                                    8
Peter Ying                    X                   X        X                       X       X      4
KC Chan                       X           X                X       X                       X      4
Wong Chuen Fai                           X        X        X               X        X             4
Allen Fung                    X                                                               8
Henry Kong                    X                                                               8
Janus Lee                     X           X        X                                            6
Ian Chu               X                                   X                       X       X      5
Cheng Pak To                                                    X        X        X             6
Mabel Ng                      X           X        X        X       X        X        X       X      1
Victor Tsang                  X                   X                                            7
April Wu                      X                   X               X                             6
A A Wu                X                   X        X        X       N/A      N/A      N/A     N/A    1
Ronnie Chow                              X        X        X       X                X       X      3
Lawrence Pang         N/A      N/A         N/A      N/A      N/A     N/A      N/A      N/A           1
Vivian Pau                    X           X                X       X        X        X       X      2
Total                18       9           12       12       11      12       11       9       13

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