NSG-Recommends by liwenting


									 NSG is quite particular in its choosing of supporting service providers and equipment to
do its missions. NSG takes this opportunity to showcase what we know to be the
very best in the business and strongly recommend using these providers/equipment.
Questions/comments can be sent to the NSG Pres/CEO, LTC Bob Kovacic, US Army-
retired whose e mail is: bobkovacic@yahooo.com

                                 SERVICE PROVIDERS

   1. Jasmine International Trading & Services Co. Mr. Diaa Salem.
      Salem.d@jasmine-services.com. Jasmine is based in Kuwait along with many
      other General Trading companies. Through on the ground experience, NSG has
      chosen Jasmine as the best there is in Kuwait. A small, yet effectively run
      organization Jasmine’s turnaround time on requests is super quick, delivery
      guaranteed and prices completely reasonable. Look to Jasmine for all your
      logistical needs in the SW Asian region, including Iraq.

                             WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT

1. Detonic Manufacturing Corporation. The Detonic Manufacturing Corporation’s
line of cal .45 handguns is the best in the entire world. You cannot find a more accurate,
reliable pistol anywhere. NSG strongly recommends sending an e mail to
ahernjerry@yahoo.com for specific details. Their firing results are amazing. If you are
not carrying a Detonic pistol, you might as well throw stones at the bad guys. Seeing is
believing on this one. Plus, with every pistol, you get a bottle of MILITEC—see below.

2. Milkor USA. Mr. Richard Solberg, Jr. MilkorUSA@hotmail.com Milkor’s super
weapons system is the six shot, shoulder fired, 40 mm grenade launcher. Forget the
breach loading M79 and M203, this system can fire single shot, or rapid fire. It provides
highly accurate suppressive fires at long ranges. The weapons system is light, easy to
reload, uses standard military 40 mm rounds and is super easy to shoot and maintain. It
is clear to NSG that this system was designed with the foot soldier and his fellow squad
members in mind. NSG also suggests you visit www.milkor.com. This system is in use
RIGHT NOW by US Marines in Iraq.

   3. MILITEC Inc. Mr. Brad Giordani. militec@militec-1.com or www.militec-
      1.com. MILITEC is a metal conditioner and the very best all weather weapons
      lubricant ever produced. Used by invading troops going into Iraq, the product
      proved itself by providing dry lubrication in the challenging conditions of the
      desert. In addition, it proved to be a superior rust inhibitor when used in the
      tropical like conditions of Ft. Polk, La. Once applied properly, MILITEC leaves
      the weapon completely dry and capable of firing 2000 rounds before any more
      applications. NSG staff members have handled weapons for years and attest that
      MILITEC is the very best. Go to the MILITEC web site and inquire about
      free samples, limited quantity of course. Tell MILITEC you read about them here!

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