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					                                               October 2009
                                               Ottawa, Ontario
The youth summit to solve the climate crisis that history will remember

Sponsorship Package
In Kind Donations
                                               Hosted by
                                               The CanadianYouth
                                               Climate Coalition
What is Power Shift Canada?
A National Youth Movement                     A Global Phenomenon

On October 23-26 2009, over 1000 young        Power Shift Canada will join a formidable
people from across the country will           global movement of young people
converge on Ottawa to take a message          who are stepping up their leadership
of bold, comprehensive and immediate          on climate. In 2007 the United States’
federal climate action to Parliament Hill.    Energy Action Coalition held the first-
Power Shift will be two days of training,     ever Power Shift (http://powershift07.
strategy and action and one mass              org/) which brought over 5,000 young
lobby day to hold our elected officials       Americans from all over the country
accountable for their part to solve the       together and created a shift in the
climate crisis, and to build a cohesive       national climate movement. Power Shift
and effective youth climate movement.         2009 ( brought an
This will be the largest-ever gathering of    unprecedented 12,000 to Capital Hill. In
young people on the environment in the        July of 2009, the Australian Youth Climate
history of this country.                      Coalition brought 4,000 young Australians
                                              together at their country’s first Power Shift,
At Power Shift Canada, we will deliver        and the United Kingdom will do the same
our message of change to our elected          in August of 2009.
officials. Youth of all backgrounds will
come together to create a fresh, positive,
and inspiring vision of the future, one
focused on our potential to overcome
the challenges of the 21st century, build
a clean energy economy, create millions
of green jobs, increase global equity, and
revitalize our economy. Now is the time
for action. Now is the time for boldness.
We will accept nothing less from the
people with whom we have entrusted
our future: our elected officials, and most
importantly, ourselves. 2009 will be a year
history will remember.

Contact for more information
What are our goals?
Power Shift Canada Demands:
We expect our political leaders to listen
to what science is telling us and act
immediately to pass the necessary
climate and energy policies for all
Canadians now and in the future. We
call upon our government for immediate
action to reduce emissions, create good,
green jobs, and make us proud of
our nation’s efforts to tackle the global
climate and economic crises. We
demand that Canada do our
part to build and ratify a strong and
progressive global climate agreement in
December 2009.

Power Shift Canada Goals:

Understand the magnitude of both the          Develop a comprehensive strategy for
challenges and opportunities presented        continued political pressure among
by the climate crisis and explore our         young Canadians and a shared vision
own capacities to create transformative       to help facilitate the creation and
change.                                       implementation of individual and group
                                              action plans for local, provincial and
Push the federal government to pass           national campaigns.
bold, comprehensive energy and climate
legislation. Government must also             Strengthen the bonds between diverse
connect this legislation to comprehensive     youth constituencies while we train and
job creation and just transition strategies   empower each other with the skills
for Canada’s hard-hit sectors in an effort    needed to create one movement that
to protect and promote good-paying            identifies the inherent links between
jobs for Canadian workers.                    climate change, environmental and
                                              social injustice, and economic hardship,
Prepare our leaders and our movement          and that is prepared to tackle these
for the international climate negotiations    challenges head-on.
in December 2009 where we will do our
part to build and ratify a strong and         Connect with fellow organizers in the
progressive global climate agreement.         spirit of solidarity and community to
                                              sustain this mobilization over the

                  Visit for event details
The Canadian Youth
Climate Coalition
The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition           The current member organisations of the
(CYCC) is a project of Tides Canada            CYCC (in alphabetical order) are:
Initiatives. The CYCC is a coalition
of leading youth organizations and             • Bringing Youth Towards Equality
individuals across Canada tackling the         • Canadian Auto Workers Youth
biggest challenge of our generation: the          Network (CAWYN)
emerging climate crisis. We work locally,      • Canadian Community Economic
provincially, federally, and internationally      Development Network (CCEDNet)
to combine our efforts to implement            • Canadian Federation of Students
concrete solutions to this crisis and to       • Canadian Labour Congress - Young
build a prosperous transition to the new          Workers
Canada, and world, that we all need to         • Check Your Head
see.                                           • ENvironnement JEUnesse
                                               • Falls Brook Center
The CYCC supports youth to take part           • Indigenous Environmental Networks
in civic engagement around climate             • Manitoba Eco Network
change and energy issues. We provide           • Peel Environmental Youth Alliance
education and training for young people          (PEYA)
to be an active part in their political and/   • Sierra Youth Coalition
or democratic process. As the host of          • TakingITGlobal
Power Shift Canada 09, CYCC will be
supporting and facilitating the youth
engagement and training components
of this event.

                                               • 778-847-5693

Contact for more information
Sponsorship Levels
Each organization will receive the benefits of the “In-Kind-Donations” category.
If your organization can demonstrate the retail value of your sponsorship offer, and
the offer falls into one of the other sponsorship categories (>$500), you will receive
the corresponding sponsorship benefits that a monetary sponsor receives. If your
organization has any innovative ideas on other potential ways to promote your
business we are always open to new ideas - just let us know!

Any In Kind donations

                                                                                          In Kind donations
   •	   Mention in the conference                     business (redeemable if the
        program, gaining exposure to                  individual is wearing a Power
        >1,000 young leaders                          Shift Canada 2009 name tag)
   •	   Recognition on                           •	   Increased likelihood of                       business from Power Shift
   •	   Ability to offer Power Shift                  participants and volunteers,
        participants discounts to                     both on a short-term and
        encourage patronage of your                   long-term basis (for Ottawa
  Gold Sponsor

                                                                                          $10,000 or more
   •	   Recognition during Welcome               •	   Participation in the Job Fair
        Address                                  •	   Exposure to over 1,000 student
   •	   Recognition on                                and youth leaders working on                       climate change
   •	   ½ -page ad in the conference             •	   Positive national media attention
        program                                       leading up to and throughout the

  Silver Sponsor

                                                                                          $5,000 or more
   •	   Recognition on                  •	   Exposure to over 1,000 student
   •	   ¼-page ad in the conference                   and youth leaders working on
        program                                       climate change
   •	   Participation in the Job Fair            •	   Positive national media attention
                                                      leading up to and throughout the

  Bronze Sponsor
                                                                                          $1,000 or more

   •	   Recognition on                           •	   Positive national media attention                      leading up to and throughout the
   •	   Participation in the Job Fair                 conference
   •	   Exposure to over 1,000 student
        and youth leaders working on
        climate change

  Supporting Sponsor
   •	   Recognition on                           •	   Positive national media attention
                                                                                          $500 or more

                       leading up to and throughout the
   •	   Exposure to over 1,000 student                conference
        and youth leaders working on
        climate change

                  Visit for event details
  Hosted by the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition
• • •

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