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        Suggestions from the MICg Networking Forum
                  Thursday 1st March 2007

   TV product sold to motor dealers – will reduce price to dealers and donate
    difference to BEN providing an advert is shown on the charity’s work
   BDM will host for free recordings of telephone conversations when caller
    agrees to donate to BEN. This will assist with ‘Gift Aid’ claims
   Publicity on Top Gear, Fifth Gear, Vroom Vroom etc
   Use recruitment website – – whist free to use there
    could be a charge of a donation to BEN
   PRG - repairers to donate xx per hour of service sold
   PRG – donation per sale from salesmen
   PRG – donation for sale of products other than the sale of motor cars. Link
    to BEN website
   BEN supporters to use BEN logo on literature, websites etc
   PRG – donation for every successful ATA
   PRG – internet retailers
   Increase awareness through links wit ROSP - a TV campaign on road
    safety using BEN logo
   Members of organisations, such as MICg, to give ½ day to talk to
    technical organisations about BEN
   Donate Air Miles, Tesco, Nectar points etc to BEN
   Re-design the BEN collection boxes
   Chairmen of meetings that take place in the motor & allied trades to
    promote BEN and encourage attendees to become a centurion
   Let customers know that the company and their staff support a charity –
   Centurion to introduce a new centurion
   Introduce different level of centurions
   BEN DVD on U Tube
   DVD on BEN website
   Telesales to target groups
   Celebrity centurions e.g. presenters of Top Gear etc
   Should centurions be an exclusive club or open to anyone
   Publicise the responsibilities of being a centurion
   Encourage all fellows ( or even all members) of IMI and other trade bodies
    to become a centurion
   CEO’s of businesses within the sector to encourage staff to become a
   Arrange visits to BEN locations by MICg and other groups
   Brand awareness
   BEN credit card
   PR to be used more actively
   Sale & Leaseback of property
   Learn from other charities successes
   Donation to BEN for every industry training course. Attendees to donate
    and encouraged to become centurions
   BEN Football League
   Encourage all industry dinners to support BEN
   Use of Manufacturers employee database
   BEN ebay website for unwanted memorabilia etc
   Promote at motor sport events

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