THE COLUMBIA OVERDRIVE
                                  Newsletter for Columbia River Regional Group
                                                  August 2009
          Columbia River
        Regional Group is
        Chartered by the
           Early Ford V8
         Club of America
       and is dedicated to
         the preservation
     of Ford motor vehicles
      and related historical
       from the era of the
      Flathead V8 engines
       (including all Ford,
  Mercury and Lincoln vehicles)
   from 1932 through 1953.
      Owning one of these
         vehicles is not a
      requirement for club
     Club mailing address is:
          PO Box 8311                Fellow V-8ers,
       Portland, Or 97207
          Website:                    In the months of October thru December the board will be deciding which of the many
                                     charities {25 have been submitted}, the club should donate to. If you have a charity
        Founded in 1968              that you like, please let some one from the board know, and we can add it to the list.
                                     We will try our best to donate to as many as possible, but not sure if we will be able to
Meetings are held the second
                                     help them all out.
Monday of the month at
Abernethy Grange, Oregon City.
Social hour begins at 7:00 PM        I am looking forward to the All Ford Picnic on the 9th. I hope we will be lucky with the
and the meeting begins at            weather, and it will be nice, and sunny but not to hot. Please look in the newsletter for
8:00 PM.                             details.
Board Meetings are held the
fourth Monday of the month.
The time and place are
                                     I would also like to thank Carol Blodgett
announced each month. Non            for taking over the Sunshine duties for
                                                                                                IN THIS ISSUE
board members are welcome but        Michelle Conachan. If you know of
need to RSVP the host of the         someone that is ill please let Carol      Cover      President’s Message
month.                               know.                                               Club Information
Membership Dues for CRRG are                                                   Page 2   Officers & Board
$10 per calendar year. Member-                                                           July Meeting Minutes
                                     Just another reminder if you are looking Page 3     July Raffle Winners
ship in the national Early Ford V8
Club of America is a requirement
                                     for club windbreakers please see or call            Travel Suggestion
of the Columbia River Regional       Rusty Medearis.                                     Taillight Cleaning Information
Group.                                                                                   How to Lock your Car & Why
Submitting Material to the News-     I also want to let all of you computer    Page 4    August Events & Celebration Calendar
letter Please send all                                                                   August Tour information
                                     savvy members know, that you can now
materials for publication in the                                                         Upcoming Events
                                     access the Columbia Overdrive newslet-
Columbia Overdrive to the                                                      Page 5     Ladies’ Corner
                                     ter on line at                                      Club Shirt Info
Gornicks at 13015 NE Brazee
                            if you          Page 6   For Sale/Want Ads
Street, Portland, OR 97230 or The deadline
                                     have any problems please let me know               LA Roadster Show Story
is the date of the Board Meeting.    and I can try and help or send you to               Bob Osborn
Website                              someone who can.                          Page 7   Tour                                                                Henry Ford Story
                                                                               Page 8   Bulletin Board
                                     Your President, Marc Luce
  2009 Officers/Board Members                    General Meeting Minutes of CRRG #10, July 13, 2009
President        Marc Luce
                                          ORDER: Marc Luce called the meeting to order at Abernathy Grange at 8:07 P.M.
                                          MINUTES: Motion by Lloyd Marcacci 2nd. Bob Steffen to approve minutes as
Vice President   Frank McNatt             printed in the July newsletter. Motion carried.
                 503-873-7284             NEW MEMBERS: Bob Bausserman with a 35 3-window and Brian Nagel with a 38
Secretary        Sharon Criswell          Woody, have joined CRRG.
                 503-824-3673             ALL FORD PICNIC: Kelhi and Sharon Criswell will be co-ordinating our potluck lunch.
Treasurer        Carla Barnell            Members are asked to bring a salad or dessert to serve 8-10 people. Lunch will start at
                 360-573-2009             approximately 12:00 noon. CRRG will furnish the main dish. Please bring your own
Sgt at Arms      Bill Barnell             plates, utensils and beverages.
                 360-573-2009             CHARITY: A list is being passed around for members to choose a charity of
Activities       Honey Bermel             choice. The list will be sent around again in September and a vote by the
                 503-481-4663             membership will be held at the November meeting.
                 Margaret Darr            ANNOUNCEMENT: Marc Luce announced The Rubicon Corporation will be hosting
                 360-425-2463             another function and have asked CRRG to participate and will need fifteen
Tour Director    LeRoy Stratton           cars. They will leave from the World Trade Center and proceed to Lake Oswego,
                 503-658-6365             Saturday, July 25th. And a pig roast at 6:30 P.M. Marc has a sign-up sheet
Editors          Joanne & George          circulating this evening.
                     Gornick              VICE PRESIDENT: Frank has the points book up to date, (not including articles
                 503-253-4094             submitted for the newsletter.) Frank asked members to please print their
Past President   LeRoy Stratton           names on the sign-in sheets.
                                          TOURS: Greg Edwards outlined the tour he and Milton Haley will be hosting to Hagg
                                          Lake, Sunday the 19th. The East side group will leave Mall 205 at 9:30 A.M. and the
     2009 Non Board Members               West side group will leave Tualatin K-Mart at 9:30 A.M. There will be a quiz during the
Historian         Ron Clinton             driving tour and a spud gun contest at destination.
                  503-631-7902            Gary Blodgett will lead to tour to the All Ford Picnic, leaving Fred Meyer in Tualatin, at
Librarian         JoAnn Jackman           9:30 A.M. Sunday, August 9th.
                  503-658-6270            SUNSHINE: Carol Blodgett has agreed to take over the duties of Sunshine Person from
Cookie Monster Ken Yates                  Michele Conachan for the remainder of the year.
                  503-657-0636            HISTORIAN: Ron Clinton asked the membership for any pictures they may have
Club Shirts       Ken Yates               on tours. He is working on the slide presentation for next years awards banquet.
                  503-657-0636            UP-DATE: Dave Stabenow is doing well after by-pass surgery. Ginny Stabenow is in
Windbreakers      Rusty Medearis          Kaiser Hospital and more information will be put out as soon as it is available. Sharon
                  503-636-6124            Criswell reported Don will have a bone marrow scan and biopsy this week and Don is
Pins/Hats/Etc.    Doug Snook              improving daily.
                  503-255-6139            LADIES LUNCHEON: Velva Stewart will host the ladies luncheon, Tuesday July 21st. It
Sunshine          Michelle Conachan       will be a salad bar. Carol Carocci will drive her van from the grange.
                   503-698-4753           BOARD MEETING: Marc thanked Bill and Carla Barnell for hosting the June Board
National Director Ron Love                Meeting. The July Board Meeting will be at the home of Rusty Medearis, July 27th,
                                          Please RSVP if you plan to attend.
                                          Meeting adjourned, 8:45 P.M.
Deputy National Chief Judge
                                          Respectfully submitted,
                  Jerry Veley
                                          Sharon Criswell/Secretary
                  503-663-7682            Note: Ron Love advised no group or groups have stepped up to the host a
                                          Western National meet in 2010. The National Board Meeting is August 1st. and
          2009 Tours/ Leaders             they hope to have more positive information.
January—Sharon Criswell/Bowling
February—LeRoy Stratton & Ron
   Clinton/Awards Banquet                  When I went to get my driver's license renewed, our local motor vehicle bureau
March—LeRoy Stratton/Red Pig Tools         was packed. The line inched along for almost an hour until the man ahead of me
April—Chuck & Velva Stewart/Cedar          finally got his license. He inspected his photo for a moment and commented to the
   Creek Grist Mill                        clerk, "I was standing in line so long, I ended up looking pretty grouchy in this pic-
May—Darrell & Honey Bermel/Mission
   Mill, Salem via Truck Museum, Brooks
June—LeRoy Stratton/Zimmerman House           The woman beside him peered over his shoulder, then reassured him, "It's okay.
July—Milt Haley/Greg Edwards Edwards’      That's how you're going to look when the cops pull you over anyway."
   home at Hagg Lake
August— Kelhi & Sharon Criswell/All
   Ford Picnic                             A guy walks into a bar and demands to know "Who's the strongest in here?”
September-Sharon Criswell/Campout
  Terry Tindle & Gary Blodgett/Jordan      The toughest guy looks at him and says "I am the strongest around here!"
  Chicken Dinner
October—Bob Steffen
November—Nick Nicholson
                                           The other guy politely asks "Can you help me push my car to the gas station?"
December—Sharon Criswell/ Christ-
  mas Party
                                                             Page Two
        GETAWAY TO TILLAMOOK AND BEYOND                                                    JULY RAFFLE WINNERS
    Tillamook Bay is popular for fishing, clamming, crabbing and
bird watching with charter fishing available in Garibaldi. The city
of Tillamook is situated in the bucolic surroundings of verdant
meadows and pastures where cows outnumber humans and the                    $25 Gas Card                                   George Gornick
cheese made here is known worldwide. Visit the Tillamook County              Popcorn                                       Phil Horine
Creamery, home of Tillamook Cheese, to see how their famous
products are made and sample some of the varieties, as well as               Blueberries                                   Carol Carrocci
their tasty ice cream.                                                       Mixed Nuts                                    Phil Horine
    Just south of town, the Tillamook Air Museum is housed in a
WWII blimp hangar, the largest wooden clear-span structure in                Patio Lamps                                   Marc Luce
the world, where vintage aircraft are displayed, with many old               Nectarines                                    Dave Short
WWII war birds among the collection. For genealogy enthusiasts,
                                                                             Car Wash Brush Set                            George Gornick
the Tillamook Pioneer Museum has an astounding collection of
records dating back to the 1850s. The Latimer Quilt and Textile              Throw                                         Darrell Bermel
Center offers exhibits of antique and contemporary quilts, holds             Gloves & Fire Extinguisher                    Terry Tomlin
weaving and spinning demonstrations and instruction in other fiber
arts.                                                                        Gloves & Tire Touch-up                        Curt Watts
    Seven miles south of Tillamook and a mile off Highway 101 is
the Munson Creek Falls Natural Area. Hikers may enjoy the trail to
the 266-foot waterfall, the highest in the Coast Range.
    One of the coast’s most scenic drives, The Three Capes Scenic
Loop begins in Tillamook. Driving west along Tillamook Bay, the
road passes Bayocean spit, then climbs Cape Meares. At Cape
Meares, the attractions include a short hike to the lighthouse                 HOW TO LOCK YOUR CAR AND WHY
perched on the face of a 200-foot high cliff and an unusually
                                                                          (As seen on an email message)
shaped Sitka spruce known as the “Octopus Tree.” Hiking trails
                                                                              I locked my car and as I walked away, I heard my car door
through old-growth rainforest lead through the Cape Meares Na-
                                                                          unlock. I went back and locked my car again three times. I
tional Wildlife Refuge. The highway south leads past the small
                                                                          looked around and there were two guys sitting in a car in the
towns of Oceanside and Netarts, following the shore of Netarts
                                                                          fire lane next to the store. When I looked straight at them,
Bay before climbing up Cape Lookout. Cape Lookout State Park is
                                                                          they did not unlock my car again.
located on the north flank of the headland, offering access to
                                                                              While traveling, my son stopped at a roadside park. He
beach, picnic areas and hiking trails. Another trailhead is located
                                                                          came out to his car less than five minutes later and found
at the top of the Cape. On the south side of Cape Lookout you
                                                                          someone had gotten into his car and stolen his cell phone, lap-
enter the unique landscape of Sandlake. Here, dunes merge with
                                                                          top computer, GPS navigator, briefcase and more.
lakes and forests. Much of the area is open to off-road vehicle
                                                                              He called the police and since there were no signs of his car
                                                                          being broken into, the police told him that there is a device that
    About a 15-minute drive to the south is Cape Kiwanda, domi-
                                                                          robbers are using now to clone your security code when you
nated by the sculpted golden sandstone cape and a steep sand
                                                                          lock your doors on your car using your keychain locating device.
dune on its face. At low tide, tide pools are revealed and hikers
                                                                              They sit a distance away and watch for their next victim.
can climb to the top of the cape for dramatic views of waves
                                                                          They know you are going inside of the store, restaurant or
crashing on the steep cliffs. More beach access can be found a
                                                                          bathroom and have a few minutes to steal and run.
few minutes to the south at Bob Straub State Park. The town of
                                                                              The police officer said to manually lock your car door by
Pacific City offers several inns, motels, restaurants and shops.
                                                                          hitting the lock button inside the car. That way, if there is
                                                                          someone sitting in a parking lot watching for their next victim, it
          How do they get the deer to cross at that                       will not be you. When you hit the lock button on your car upon
                                                                          exiting, it does not send the security code. But if you walk
             yellow road sign? -- George Carlin
                                                                          away and use the door lock on your key chain, it sends the
                                                                          code through the airwaves where it can be
                                                                          stolen. Something totally new to us, but real.
         BRIGHTEN YOUR TAILLIGHTS IN ONE HOUR                                 Be aware of this and please pass this information on. Just
Here’s an easy hour or so Saturday morning project that will im-          think how many times we lock our doors with our remote just
prove the brightness of your 6-volt tail and brake lights:                to be sure we remember to lock them and bingo! Someone
Disconnect the bulb holder and remove the two nuts that hold the          could have our code and whatever was in the car can be stolen.
light assembly to the body. Remove the assembly and take it to
your workbench. Remove the three screws that hold the lens re-                         NEHALEM BAY CAMPOUT INFORMATION
tainer. Don’t let the lens fall out! You may have to use a knife
blade to get the lens off—don’t damage the gasket                               Yurts are $27.00 per night plus a $6.00 fee
doing so. You’ll probably find the now bare light assembly full of              Camp sites are $20.00 per night
dirt and it’s probably dull, thus doing a poor job of light               Reservations need to be made soon and cancellations
reflection. Wash it out or sand it clean, then paint it with chrome       need to be made by August 1st.
or silver or aluminum paint. Let it dry, then reassemble. Put it
                                                                          Please pay at the August meeting.
back together, reinstall it, and pull your light switch to park lights.
(Copied from Mission Trail RG 32 Deuce News by Crater Views)          Page 3
                                                                                  AUGUST EVENTS
                                                             1st & 2nd Brooks The Great Oregon Steam-up Week 2
                                                             6-8th Reno’s Hot August Nights Swap Meet 530-307-9999
                                                             8th Silverton Homer Davenport Days Cruise In 503-873-2573
                                                             9th Champoeg 38th Annual All-Ford Picnic 503-472-6556
                                                             14-16th Spokane Good Guys 8th Great Northwest Nationals
                                                             15th Oregon City 5th Annual Hot Dog-ust Day 503-266-4287
                                                             15th Astoria Regatta Cruise-In 503-325-0341
                                                             21st Brooks PNTM Truck Show 503-463-8701
                                                             23rd Cottage Grove Concours d’Elegance at the Village Green
      38th ANNUAL ALL FORD PICNIC                                  541-683-9113
                    Champoeg Park                            24th CRRG Board Meeting TBA
                                                             29th Tacoma Annual LeMay Car Show & Auction 253-536-2885
                  Sunday, August 9th                         30th Issaquah XXX2nd Rat Bastards’ Rat Rod Show 253-632-7515

           Tour Hosts—Sharon & Kelhi Criswell                                 SEPTEMBER PREVIEW
               Tour Guide—Gary Blodgett                      5-7th Portland Columbia River Classic Races PIR 425-277-3177
                                                             7th Graham, WA 25th Annual Fall Ford Fest Car Show 253-852-9344
                                                             11-13th Seaside Wheels & Waves 503-717-8530
Gary says: Those touring there will meet at Tualatin Fred    12th Sandy Oktoberfest Car Show 503-668-4096
Meyers at 9:00 AM, leaving at 9:30 AM.                       12th Redmond 26th Oregon High Desert Swap Meet & Car Show
Sharon & Kelhi say: For the potluck, please bring a salad    12-13th Ocean Park, WA Rod Run to the End of the World
or a dessert to share—enough for 8 to 10 people. They              360-665-3565
will bring the main dish furnished by CRRG. Also bring       14th CRRG Meeting begins at 6:30 PM with the Ice Cream
your own plates , eating utensils, napkins and beverage.           Social and Trunk Swap Meet.
Lunch will begin at noon.                                    TBA Tillamook Planes, Trains & Automobiles 503-842-1130
                                                             24th CRRG Nehalem Bay Campout 503-824-3673
                                                             26th Independence Heritage Car Show 503-949-8751
Don’t forget to drive your Ford!!!                           28th CRRG Board Meeting at Ron Clinton’s

     Sun              Mon                Tue            Wed                 Thu                Fri               Sat
      2                 3                 4                 5                6                  7                 8
 Dave Short       Tom McGarry                                                            Hal Haggerty
                   Jeff & Linda                                                          Marty & Katie
                      Enger                                                                Boehme

      9                10                 11                12              13                 14                15
Cliff Johnson                           Susan                                            Jack & Sandy
                 Regular CRRG           Falleur                                              Cole
   All Ford

      16               17                 18                19              20                 21                22
 Dan Tabert                          Ladies’ Lunch   Susan & Bob          Michelle      Susan Watkins
  James &                                              Falleur           Conachan          & Arnie
Karen Conlon                                                                              Hollander

      23               24                 25                26              27                 28                29
                  CRRG Board         Cliff & Diane    Robert &
                    Meeting              Noxon         Cristina
                     TBA                             Dieffenbach

      30               31

                                                        Page 4
                                                      LADIES’ CORNER

                 LADIE’S LUNCHEON                                           SLUSHY PUNCH FOR THOSE HOT SUMMER DAYS
                             At Judy Shoepe’s home                                              Printed from COOKS.COM
                                                                            1   cup sugar
                                 9920 SW 55th                               1   (6 oz.) frozen orange juice
                                                                            2   (8 oz.) frozen pink lemonade
                      It’s Bring-Your-Grandchildren Day                     6   cups water
                                                                            2   tea bags boiled in 2 cups water
                                                                            1   can crushed pineapple
                      There will be hotdogs and what goes with
                      them. Please bring your salad toppers to              Blend all ingredients together. Pour into uncovered con-
                      concoct your own delicious salad.                     tainer. Freeze for 3 hours. Stir and serve at a slush consis-
                                                                            tency. Refreeze if necessary.
Everyone is welcome to take a dip in the pool, so bring your
suits and towels.

Please let Judy know how many are coming with you so there                                            FRIENDSHIP
will be plenty of hotdogs. 503-244-5694                                              A volume of true friendship cannot be
                                                                                              measured by a scale,

          We’ll be friends until we’re old and senile.                               Nor a chart can measure it,
                   Then we’ll be new friends.                                        Except human hearts.
                                                                                                                  Sameem Ahmed

Ladie’s Luncheon at Velva Stewart’s.

                                        Patty Genereax was
                                        honored for turning
                                        a remarkable age
                                        and we are all
                                        jealous because she
                                        looks so young. The
                                        beautiful cake was
                                        made by Honey
                                        Bermel. Yes, that is a
                                        cake and it was so

                                                                                       CRRG Club Shirts Available
                                                                 Blue Denim Shirt Short or long sleeve Sizes XS to XXXL
                                                                 Grey Sweatshirt with 1/4 front zipper Sizes S to XXL
                                                                 Blue Polo Shirt Short sleeves with pocket Cotton/polyester blend
                                                                 Sizes XS to XXL
                                                                 Men’s White Tee Shirt with pocket Sizes S to XXL
                                                                 Women’s White Tank Top Sizes S to XXL

Here’s the whole gang along with a zillion Mickeys and Minnies         For more information or to place an order, please contact:
Pictures by Chuck Stewart.                                                                 Ken Yates at 503-657-0636
                                                                   Page 5
                            FOR SALE                                               FOUR FRIENDS AND A ROAD TRIP TO THE LA ROADSTER SHOW
1948 Mercury 114X Canadian                                                                                               By Dave Johnson
 Always Black                   $21,048                                            Tuesday morning, June 16th, four of us met at Steve Lemmons' office in Longview, to
1966 F100 Pickup LWB 302 V8                                                        head out for the L.A. Roadsters' Father's Day show and Swap meet at the Fairplex in
 4-Speed                         $2,966                                            Pomona. John Sundstrom rode in Steve's '32, fenderless roadster, and Jim Smith of Ta-
1960 Falcon Drag Racer 300 six                                                     coma (owner of a real deuce sedan delivery) rode in my '37 Fordor with me. The day
 H/MP Record holder 1970, magazine                                                 was uneventful and we ended up in a cheap motel in Redding. Hot as to be expected for
 featured                      $21,060                                             Redding but we had a great dinner at a steak joint.
          Dale N. 503-829-9374                                                           Wednesday we highballed it down to Sacramento Vintage Ford Parts for a tour and
 _______________________________________________________________________________   lunch. Steve inquired if Bud Bryan worked there, as rumored, and sure enough, Bud
1940 Ford Tudor hood and 4 fenders.                                                appeared in a few minutes. If you read "ROD and CUSTOM" in the sixties and seventies
 Sandblasted, but some rust and                                                    you will remember his writing, and more importantly, his contribution to the first street
 damage.                            $500                                           rod nationals and to getting people and their hot rods out on road trips, out of town, out
          Bill J. 971-235-3804                                                     of state and cross country jaunts. The magazine covered the build-up of his flathead

1966-67 Ranchero car cover                                             $ 50        powered A-V8 that he drove on many of these trips. Bud kind of "dropped out" for a
        Curt Watts 503-521-9997                                                    couple decades but is now building another roadster. This audience with him was one of
                                                                                   the highlights of the trip for me.
1934 Radiator—good condition        $300                                                 Thursday, after a luxurious night at Harris Ranch in the Southern San Joaquin and an
1936 Radiator—good condition        $300                                           affordable breakfast at McDonalds, we headed for L.A. We did not go directly there,
1936 New roadster top irons         $895                                           however. Circumstances dictated a couple trips to parts stores in Wasco, Calif. and an-
1936 Heart wiper motor w/speed                                                     other to Lebec, either of which I had never heard of before. That is another story best
  control                           $745                                           told by someone else. We rolled into our Pomona lodging about 10 PM to be welcomed
1936 Right front fenders—various condition                                         by George Paradis (CRRG#10 member) and his supply of very welcome beer.
and prices                                                                               Friday was set up day at the Fairplex Swap Meet so we had to be there looking for
1936 Mixed parts                                                                   treasures. Late in the afternoon was the So-Cal Speed Shop open house. This is a
         Ron Love 503-223-9359                                                     pretty massive event in itself and should be seen at least once.
                             WANTED                                                      Saturday was the big show and you must be there to appreciate it. Approximately
                                                                                   900 pre-1937 open cars in the roadster area, a couple thousand other rods in the spe-
1950 Ford wheels 4 or 5 of them. 15”                                               cialty parking, most of the major vendors and a swap meet that takes a good six hours to
       Frank McNatt 503-873-7284                                                   properly cover. Lots of early Ford parts and speed equipment. You really cannot do the
                                                                                   entire event in one day and see it all. Prices are high, but you very well might find what
      Steering Box Rebuilds                                                        you are looking for. The days of the $20 cherry '32 firewall are gone (see your early 70's
                                                                                   Rod & Custom).
  Transmission Rebuilds & Rear                                                           Jim Smith had been working on a deal with Brookville Roadster for a 3-window body
              Ends                                                                 they had there and also trying to coordinate with a hauler to get it to Tacoma. About 7
  Greg Edwards 503-357-3980                                                        AM Sunday morning he finally got it put together and at a quarter to eight we were back
                                                                                   at the Fairplex, Jim wrote the check, the body was loaded on a pickup and we were on
                                                                                   the 210 heading home by 8:30 AM. The weather was cool as we headed up 395 for
                                                                                   lunch in Bishop and lodging in Susanville (a great alternative to hwy 5). We left Susan-
 The only two tools you will ever need are                                         ville the next morning at 6:30 AM and the roadster guys declined my offer for an extra
 WD40 and duct tape. If it moves and it                                            sweatshirt and beach towels to wrap up in. Sundstrom claimed there was frost along the
 shouldn’t, use the duct tape. If it doesn’t                                       highway as we headed for Mt. Shasta and he may have been right. Jim turned the '37's
 move and it should, use the WD40.                                                 heater on and we did fine. John and Steve were still trying to get feeling into their finger
                                                                                   tips in Yreka for our breakfast stop. Another great road trip!

As most of you will notice, I am in THE seat.....the B-17 seat....and if you look further, through the windshield, you can make
out that big grey thing.....AND, as Ron Carpenter pointed out with "Gooney Bob", both of us belong in a museum.....         rlo

                                                                                                     Page 6
                                                                      Our host,
                                                                      Greg Edwards
                                                                      at the grille.

                                                                                    JULY TOUR TO HAGG LAKE
                                                                        The Sunday tour to the Edwards’ new home (and shop) was a
                                                                   wonderful experience for all who were able to make it. The lunch,
                                                                   typical for this outdoor occasion was top notch: Hamburgers, po-
                                                                   tato salad, etc. and included cake for dessert.
                                                                       The gathering area was expansive enough to allow most cars to
                                                                   be parked in the shade. There was some talk of making this an
                                                                   annual event (subject to Greg and Karlen’s approval, of course).
                                                                   The weather was perfect.
                                                                       Greg’s office/shop/garage was the envy of the male attendees.
                                                                   Their recently completed house was open for all to view and I’m
                                                                   sure the ladies were just as impressed with the house as the men
                 The Potato Gun winners.                           were with the shop area.
                                                                       Thank you Greg and Milt for planning this great tour and the
                                                                   tour leaders for taking us there. (Although I did hear a few remarks
                                                                   about losing the tour and getting lost.)
                                                                       Good times!!!
                                                                   George Gornick

                                                                     The first Ford vehicle the"Quadricycle," an improvement on previ-
                              US Patent No. 769,734 on               ous gasoline-powered vehicles, resulted from this work and was
                              Chain Adjustment for Motor             built in June of 1896 in a nearby garage.
                              Vehicles granted to Henry Ford,
                              9/13/1904 (2.9M) Page 2
                              (3.5M) Page 3                          The Quadricycle consisted of a toolbox seat mounted on a chas-
                                                                     sis, in front of the engine which powered the four bicycle wheels
                                                                     via 10 feet of bicycle chain. Its two-cylinder engine generated
                                                                     four horsepower and a top speed of 20 mph; it had no brakes
                                                                     and no reverse gear drive and it "stopped" by breaking down on
                                                                     its maiden trip through Detroit.

                                                                     Ford's enthusiasm endured and he was encouraged by the sup-
                                                                     port of Thomas Edison who now favored the gasoline-powered
                                                                     over the electric-powered version of the horseless carriage.

Henry Ford’s Quadricycle                                             A second Ford model followed in 1898 and by August of the fol-
                                                                     lowing year, Ford obtained sufficient financial backing to resign
                                                                     from Edison and become superintendent of the new Detroit Auto-
In 1891, Ford left the farm for work at the Edison Illuminating
                                                                     mobile Company. This enterprise lasted just one year, beaten by
Company in Detroit as night engineer. In his spare time at the
                                                                     the conflict between rapid profit and hopes of backers vs. output
Edison Illuminating Power plant and in his Detroit apartment, he
                                                                     capabilities. One successful model (a delivery wagon) was manu-
switched his attention and began building experimental gasoline-
                                                                     factured in that time
powered engines.
                                                           Page 7
                                                                                 It’s e you
                                                                                     the th
                                                                                         Al ere!!
                                                                                             ord !

                                                          Portland, OR 97207
                                                          PO Box 8311
                                                          Columbia River Regional Group #10
                                                          Early ford v-8 club of America

                                           Bulletin Board

                                                                              SILVERTON FIRST FRIDAY
                                                                     Silverton opens up in the evening, on the
                                   Found                                 first Friday of the month during the
                                                                       summer. The street is blocked off for
                                                                      antique and special cars. Stores remain
                                                                    open and there are many fine restaurants in
               The Harold LeMay                                                   the downtown area.
                                                                      Silverton is known for its antique shops.
     Antique Car Collection Annual Open
                     House is
          Saturday, August 29, 2009.
   This year the feature car is the Airflow in
                                                                 HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET?
                                                                Have you made your reservation for the
              conjunction with the
                                                                        Nehalem Bay Campout?
   46th Annual National Airflow Club Meet                           The dates are September 24-27th
               that is being held in                            Deadline for cancellation is August 1st.
         Tacoma, August 26-30 at the                                     Call Sharon Criswell at
        Emerald Queen Casino/Hotel.                                           503-824-3673
        There will be 30 Airflows at the                    Detail/schedule will be in September newsletter.
  LeMay Marymount Academy on the 29th.                          Plans are being made for a great time!
The Museum just finished restoration on a Air-                   See important information on Page 3.
          flow that will be on display.

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