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					                                                                                             February 2011

                                                               Dare to Dream
                                                               @ Sand Creek
       Our mission: To provide high quality, comprehensive early care and education for all children.

Antlers Place
108 Antlers Place, 80903           From the Directors Desk
18 months to 6 years
632-1754 x 1200                    Dear Families,                We will be starting a new       myself or one of the teach-
Historic Day Nursery                                             fundraiser to help us raise     ers in our program, and we
104 E. Rio Grande, 80903           Welcome to winter in Colo-
                                                                 money for a digital camera      will put your information
2 ½ years to 14 years              rado! It has been a cold
                                                                 as well as special activities   in our computer system.
632-1754 x1100                     month! Please remember
                                                                 in the classroom and field
Myron Stratton                     to send your child with a                                     Just a reminder District 2
                                                                 trips for the summer.
430 Gold Pass Heights, 80906       coat each day as the                                          and Dare to Dream will be
                                                                 Thank you to all the par-
6 weeks to 5 years                 weather can change sud-                                       closed on Monday, Febru-
                                                                 ents who have been bring-
632-1754 x1800                     denly. One minute we are                                      ary 21st.
                                                                 ing in cans! We appreciate
Sand Creek                         60° and the next we are
                                                                 all your support!               As always if you have any
550 Sand Creek Drive, 80916        25° below. Don’t forget to
                                                                                                 questions or concerns
2 ½ years to 7 years               watch the news in the         We have a new system
                                                                                                 please call me at 632-1754
632-1754 x1400                     morning for delays or clo- where we can email you
                                                                                                 ext 1601 or on my cell at
South Chelton                      sures for District 2. We      your statements on a
1465 S. Chelton Road., 80910
                                   are still open at our regular weekly basis. If you are
6 weeks to 5 years                 time if there is a two hour not already receiving a                           Thank You
632-1754 x1300                     delay and we will stay with weekly email from us, we
Dare to Dream @ Mountain Vista                                                                                        Renate
                                   the children until they go may not have your email
2550 Dorset Drive, 80910                                                               
                                   to class, but there will be   information in our com-
School Age
                                   no breakfast served at        puter system. If you
632-1754 x1700
                                   school that day. If Dis-      would like to start receiv-
Dare to Dream @ Sand Creek
                                   trict 2 closes, Dare to       ing weekly emails please
550 Sand Creek Drive., 80916
                                   Dream will also close.        give your email address to
School Age
632-1754 x1400
Dare to Dream @ Stratton Meadows
610 Brookshire Ave., 80906
School Age
632-1754 x1600                     From the Parent Handbook
Corporate Offices
                                   HOURS OF OPERATION
104 E. Rio Grande
719-632-1754                       To accommodate your needs as a parent, centers are open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00
                                  p.m. Monday through Friday. If lateness becomes excessive, your child could be dis-
Enrollment Department              charged from our care.
104 E. Rio Grande
                                   In case of emergency, we request notification of any delay in picking up your child. If
719-632-1754 x1001                 a child is still at the center at 6:00 p.m. and we have not heard from you, we will at-
Se habla espanol                   tempt to contact all emergency contacts. If we are unsuccessful in reaching an emer-
                                   gency contact by 6:30 p.m., your child will be considered abandoned and we will no-           tify the proper authorities.
Page 2                                                                Early Connections Learning Centers

Mark Your                       Chatting with Veronica
Calendars                       Hello All!                or daycare
Early Connections                    Welcome to February! as district 2
Learning Centers                                          is closed
                                We would like to welcome
Dare to Dream                                             that day.
                                Dustee and Skylar to our
Closure Dates:
                                Sand Creek family. This         If you
January 17, 2011
                                month in our storybook    have any old
February 21, 2011
May 30, 2011
                                journey will be talking   electronics that we could
No School For                                             take apart and explore it
District 2:                                               would be greatly appreci-
January 17                                                ated!
February 21
March 21-25                                                              HAVE A GREAT
April 18
May 13
                                about community helpers,
Last day of school is May 19
                                police officers, and Elmer                     Porsha, Joyce,
Rates for Full-Day              the elephant. Some activi-
Care                                                                                    & Lucille
                                ties will be name poems,
Before and After:
                                comic strips, painting with
If your child attends Dare to
Dream Before and After          fruit and vegetable juice,
School there is an additional
charge of $10 for full days.
                                and learning about different
Before & After:                 animals.
If your child attends Dare to          Days to remember:
Dream Before school there
is an additional charge of      Presidents day is February
$17 for full days.
                                21st, there will be no school
Drop in:
If your child is on a Drop In
basis there is a charge of
                                 “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what
                                 they are doing.”
                                 -Dale Carnegie
We are recycling Aluminum cans to help
 us raise money. You can help save the
  environment and help Dare to Dream
raise funds for our field trips, family in-
 volvements and special events and ac-
  tivities. Just bring in your cans and
give them to one of our teachers and we
         will take care of the rest!
                      Thanks for all your support!
                                   Dare to Dream
Page 4                                                                                                                            Early Connections Learning Centers

Safety First
Emergency contacts for drivers                                                         death as a result of an accident, criminal act or other emer-
                                                                                       gency situation.

Did you know the State of Colorado allows you to name
one or two contacts, linked to your driver's license so police To add an emergency contact, go to https://
can quickly identify the appropriate person to contact in an Go
emergency?                                                     to the Driver License section and select the emergency
                                                               contact option.
The information doesn't appear on the actual license. It
can only be accessed by law enforcement or public safety The process takes a couple of minutes and is currently only
authorities in the event of the license holder's injury or     available online.

                       ing and active living will
                         Yummy recipes to
                         make with your
                                                                                                                   Goody bags will be pro-
                       take place on Saturday,
                         young chef!                                                                               vided to the first 100
                       March 5th, in conjunc-                                                                      families , and we will be
March 5th, 2011        tion with National Nutri-                                                                   raising funds for our
                       tion month. We will be                                                                      programs through the
5th Annual Kids in     celebrating our 5th an-                                                                     sale of raffle tickets
the Kitchen Event      niversary of raising                                                                        which can be purchased
Mr. Biggs Family Fun   awareness of childhood                                                                      at the even and provide
Center, 5825 Mark Dab- obesity issues in Colo-                                                                     the opportunity to win
ling Blvd. 80919       rado Springs.                                                                               fabulous prizes!
Our 2011 “main event” This event is free and                                                                       More details to follow!
celebrating healthy eat- open to the public.

Cha-Ching” - Ways To Save Money
How to Plan a                              2. Now that you have planned a realis-      sleeping bags for three older people and   7. Don't have a car or feel like driving?
                                           tic budget, consider what you want to       a 6 person tent, with room left to buy a
                                                                                                                                  Go Greyhound! (I don't work for them
Staycation                                 do. Are you a water person, a mountain      few cool accessories like marshmallow
                                                                                                                                  either.) Take it from someone who
                                           person, a beach person? What about the      forks! 200 bucks, less than the cost of
                                                                                                                                  knows, don't go Greyhound all the way
Staycations (or stacations) are be-        kinds of activities you want to do with     one decent seat in the new Yankee
                                                                                                                                  across the country unless you have a
coming increasingly popular be-            your travel partner? Do you want to         Stadium!
                                                                                                                                  wicked sense of adventure or are com-
cause of high fuel prices and outra-       ride horses, sleep in a cabin, hike 10      (Don't forget to see if any relatives or
                                                                                                                                  pletely broke. (If that's the case, stay
geous travel expenses.                     miles a day? Don't consider what's near     friends have camping equipment you
                                                                                                                                  home and get a second job on your
                                           home. Just get a general idea what you      can borrow. Just give it back in good
                                                                                                                                  vacation.) But for shorter trips in state
Staycations don't have to mean that        want to do.                                 shape.)
                                                                                                                                  or in your region, you could move a
you have to stay in your house and                                                     5. Camping not your thing? Try finding
                                          3. (You did do the budgeting, right? If                                                 family for only a couple hundred dol-
just unplug the phone (although                                                        a cheap roadside motel about 20 miles
                                          not, go back to step 1.)                                                                lars. For example, a family of four from
that's one great choice). Explore                                                      from any destination you might want to
                                          Now you will start looking at what you                                                  Seattle, WA to Portland, OR is only
your neighborhood and state and                                                        go to. Rates are usually $50-100 per
                                          can do that's near home. If you have                                                    $140 round trip. It's much better than
you'll discover that YOU live in a                                                     night. There may not be a lot amenities
                                          lived in your town or city for more than                                                the wear and tear on the car and you get
vacation wonderland.                                                                   but you should be going out to the
                                          2 years, I'll bet you haven't visited your                                              a lot more time with your family.
                                                                                       places you went there to see, not hang-
1. First, sit with whomever you plan on local attractions, have you? It's ok.          ing in the motel.
vacationing with and plan a REALIS-       There are millions of people who live in                                                8. These are just the beginning of the
TIC budget. Unless you are a particu-     New York, LA and New Orleans that            6. Go to AAA. Not an AAA member?           ideas available. Take a look in your
larly wealthy person, you should plan     have never seen their cities' attractions.   Get there. (I don't work for them. They    state. Draw a circle 2 hours from your
on not taking a junket to Thailand.       Look in your own backyard first.             don't know I'm saying this.) They will     home on a map and see how many
Look at your funds honestly. ** Do        4. Looked near home... still nothing.        tow you up to 100 miles if you break       thousands of things there are to do
NOT pay 13% APR on a vacation that        How about camping? No, not the sleep-        down. And you can go to them for free      there. (Besides, that will keep local
is only going to last a week or two. If   ing in the dirt and checking for snakes      maps and sightseeing ideas. All that for   folks employed. That's better for your
you take a $3,000 vacation and pay a      every morning. I'm talking about a nice      a year for less than dinner for four in    economy too.)
$20 minimum per month, you will be        campground with a pool and maybe a           chain restaurant. Do this. Anyway, go
paying $1550 in interest and it will take lake. For about $200, you can get a          to them and see what they might know.
10 years!!!! No vacation is worth that!   younger kid a sleeping bag, fleece           They will give you maps for your trip      From:
Page 5                                                                                                                           Early Connections Learning Centers

Respiratory Syncytial                      tion or medical treatment are at high-      Infection can also result from direct     risk for developing severe disease if
                                           est risk for severe disease. Adults with    and indirect contact with nasal or oral   infected with RSV. Such children
Virus Infection (RSV)                      compromised immune systems and              secretions from infected persons. Di-     include premature infants, children
                                           those 65 and older are also at in-          rect contact with the virus can occur,    under 2 with chronic lung or heart
                                           creased risk of severe disease.             for example, by kissing the face of a     conditions, and children with weak-
What is RSV?RSV is the most com-
                                                                                       child with RSV. Indirect contact can      ened immune systems. Ideally, people
mon cause of bronchiolitis
                                                                                       occur if the virus gets on an environ-    with cold-like symptoms should not
(inflammation of the small airways in      When is the risk for infection the
                                                                                       mental surface, such as a doorknob,       interact with children at high risk for
the lung) and pneumonia in children        greatest? RSV infections generally
                                                                                       that is then touched by other people.     severe disease. But, if this is not possi-
under 1 year of age in the United          occur in the United States from No-
                                                                                       Direct and indirect transmissions of      ble, they should carefully follow the
States. Each year, 75,000 to 125,000       vember to April. However, the timing
                                                                                       virus usually occur when people touch     prevention steps mentioned above,
children in this age group are hospital-   of the season may differ among loca-
                                                                                       an infectious secretion and then rub      and they should wash their hands
ized due to RSV infection. Almost all      tions and from year to year.
                                                                                       their eyes or nose.                       before interacting with children at
children are infected with the virus by
                                                                                                                                 high risk. When possible, limiting the
their second birthday, but only a
                                           How can I provide care to someone                                                     time that high-risk children spend in
small percentage develop severe dis-                                                   How can RSV infection be prevented?
                                           with RSV? There is no specific treat-                                                 child-care centers or other potentially
ease.                                                                                  Researchers are working to develop
                                           ment for RSV infection. However,                                                      contagious settings may also help
                                                                                       RSV vaccines, but none is available
                                           there are simple ways to help relieve                                                 prevent infection and spread of the
                                                                                           yet. However, there are steps
What are the symptoms of RSV?              some of                                                                               virus during the RSV season.
                                                                                           that can be taken to help pre-
Symptoms of RSV infection are simi-        the typi-
                                                                                           vent the spread of RSV. Specifi-
lar to other respiratory infections A      cal symp-
                                                                                           cally, people who have cold-like      A drug called palivizumab (say "pah-
person with an RSV infection might         toms.
                                                                                           symptoms should                       lih-VIH-zu-mahb") is available to
cough, sneeze, and have a runny nose,      Your
                                                                                                                                 prevent severe RSV illness in certain
fever, and decrease in appetite.           doctor
                                                                                                                                 infants and children who are at high
                                           can give
Wheezing may also occur. In very
                                           advice on
                                                                                                Cover their coughs and          risk. The drug can help prevent de-
young infants, irritability, decreased                                                      sneezes
activity, and breathing difficulties       how to                                                                        velopment of serious RSV
                                           make                                                                          disease, but it cannot help
may be the only symptoms of infec-
                                           people                                       Wash their hands fre-
tion. Most otherwise healthy infants                                                    quently and correctly (with soap cure or treat children already
infected with RSV do not need to be        with RSV infection more comfortable
                                           and assess whether hospitalization is        and water for 15–20 seconds)     suffering from serious RSV
hospitalized. In most cases, even
among those who need to e hospital-        needed.                                                                       disease and it cannot prevent
ized, hospitalization usually last a few
                                                                                   Avoid sharing their cups and         infection with RSV. If your
                                                                                        eating utensils with others
days, and recovery from illness usu-       How is RSV spread? RSV can be                                                 child is at high risk for severe
ally occurs in about 1 to 2 weeks.         spread when an infected person
                                           coughs or sneezes into the air. Cough-
                                                                                   Refrain from kissing others          RSV disease, talk to your
                                           ing and sneezing send virus-containing In addition, cleaning contaminated
                                                                                                                         healthcare provider to see if
Who is at risk for severe illness? Pre-    droplets into the air, where they can  surfaces (such as doorknobs) may help palivizumab can be used as a
mature infants, children less than 2       infect a person if they inhale these   stop the spread of RSV.                preventive measure.
years of age with congenital heart or      droplets or these droplets come in
chronic lung disease, and children         contact with their mouth, nose, or
with compromised (weakened) im-            eye.                                        Special attention should be paid to       From:
                                                                                       protecting children who are at high
mune systems due to a medical condi-

Focus on Community Resources
A Children’s Counseling Center                             Parents and school personnel want to help children be-
A Children’s Counseling Center is a group of therapists— come happy, loving adults. However, in today's society this
each of whom maintains a separate and independent pri- can be a difficult goal. Troubled children and youth usually
vate practice. All have extensive experience with children mean troubled families as everyone becomes part of the
and families which assures you comprehensive mental and problem.
behavioral health services.                                To implement out philosophy and solve family problems, a
                                                           team approach has developed. A child psychiatrist and
We believe that childhood should be a time for healthy
growth and development with a happy family. For many       licensed psychologist are available for
                                                           consultation and services. We help chil-
children and adolescents, it is a time of great emotional
                                                           dren and families learn the life skills nec-
stress. Children react to stress in many ways including
                                                           essary to be successful.
withdrawal and acting out behaviors at home and school.
                                                                                      For more information call 570-7188

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