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					                                     Shot list
Shot   Shot/Framing                 Action                       Info (relevant locations
No.                                                              and cast etc)
       Fade in. Pan from one end Janet waiting at the            Jonathans House
1      of the hallway toward     bottom of the stairs,           Actor: Julia
       Janet.                    shouting for Olly to
                                 hurry up.
       Over the shoulder shot,   Janet is still waiting,         Jonathans House
2      high angle shot           Olly shouts back                Actor: Julia

       Camera pans watching         Janet paces the              Jonathans House
3      Janet pace the hallway       hallway and is getting       Actor: Julia
       Straight angle shot,         Janet shouts again and       Jonathans House
4      medium long shot behind      walks towards the front      Actor: Julia
       Janet                        door, can hear Olly
                                    moving around
       High angle shot of Olly      Olly walks downstairs        Jonathans House
5      walking down stairs          with a glum expression       Actors: Julia and Joe
                                    on his face
       Long shot at the end of the Janet and Olly walk out       Jonathans House
6      hallway                      of the front door, Janet     Actors: Julia and Joe
                                    closes the door
       Medium close up of Janet Janet and Olly in the            Outside Jonathans house
7      and Olly in the car          front seat of the car,       Actors: Julia and Joe
                                    Janet turning the
                                    engine on
       Straight angle shot in front Janet and Olly in the        Outside Jonathans house
8      of car, Janet about to drive car                          Actors: Julia and Joe
       Pan of the car moving        Car moving away              Outside Jonathans house
9      away

       Long shot of car driving     Car driving down the         Outside Jonathans house
10     down the road, camera        road
       behind car
       Medium close up. Shot        Janet looks at Olly, Olly    In the car
11     reverse shot of Janet and    gives her a moody look       Actors: Julia and Joe
       Close up of Olly then        Olly still in a mood         In the car
12     Janet                        Janet: ’Stop being in        Actors: Julia and Joe
                                    such a foul mood…’
       Dissolve into car park       Car parking into a           Phoenix leisure car park
13     scene, long shot as car      space
       pulls into car park
       Long shot of Janet getting   Janet gets out of the        Phoenix leisure car park
14     out of car                   car, waits for Olly to get   Actors: Julia and Joe
                                  Shot list
     Close up of Janets face      Janet rolls her eyes,      Phoenix leisure car park
15                                getting impatient with     Actors: Julia and Joe
     Close up of Olly, camera     Olly refuses to leave      Phoenix leisure car park
16   outside of car, low angle    the car, mimicking         Actors: Julia and Joe
     shot                         Janet shouting at him
     Match on action. Close up Olly begins to get out of     Phoenix leisure car park
17   of Olly beginning to get out the car                    Actors: Julia and Joe

     Match on action. Medium      Olly gets out of the car   Phoenix leisure car park
18   long shot of Olly getting                               Actors: Julia and Joe
     out of car
     Long shot, straight angle    Janet and Olly walk        Phoenix leisure car park
19   shot of Janet and Olly       away, towards town         Actors: Julia and Joe
     walking away
     Medium shot of Janet and     Janet and Olly walking     In town
20   Olly walking towards the     into town, Olly begins     Actors: Julia and Joe
     camera                       to ask for sweets
     Two shot of Janet and Olly   Janet: ‘Hold my            In town, at a zebra
21   at a zebra crossing,         hand…’                     crossing
     camera on the opposite       Olly: ‘Ya what…’           Actors: Julia and Joe
     side of road
     Close up, high angle shot    Janet: ‘Who’s the boss     In town, at a zebra
22   of Janet                     around here?!’             crossing
                                                             Actors: Julia and Joe
     Over the shoulder shot       Olly raises his            In town, at a zebra
23   showing Ollys reaction       eyebrows, looks angry      crossing
                                  and embarrassed holds      Actors: Julia and Joe
                                  his hand out, In town,
                                  at a zebra crossing
     Long shot of Janet and       Janet smiles, looks left   In town, at a zebra
24   Olly walking towards         and right and crosses      crossing
     camera again. Crossing       the road                   Actors: Julia and Joe
     the road
     Camera pans watch Janet      Janet and Olly carry on    In town
25   and Olly walk past.          walking into town          Actors: Julia and Joe
     Watches for 4 seconds.
     Dissolve and graphic
     match of Janet into the
     next scene
     Medium shot of Janet         Janet is struggling to     Outside of a shop
26   walking out of a shop        hold onto bags, Olly       Actors: Julia and Joe
     holding lots of bags         runs past her from
                                  behind yelling about
     Close up of Janet            Janet asks Olly to help    Outside of a shop
27                                her carry some bags        Actors: Julia and Joe
                                  Shot list
     Medium shot of Olly still    Olly continues to run.     Outside of a shop
28   running                      And glances behind at      Actors: Julia and Joe
                                  his mum
     Medium shot of Janet         Janet sighs                Outside of a shop
29                                                           Actors: Julia and Joe

     Long shot outside of         Olly runs in and out of    Outside of British Heart
30   charity shop                 the frame. Janet quickly   Foundation
                                  enters the frame. Janet    Actors: Julia, Joe and
                                  shouts for Olly to stop    Jordan
                                  running and go into the
                                  charity shop with her.
                                  Tramp is sitting on the
                                  floor to the right
     Match on action. Medium      Janet enters the shot,     British Heart Foundation
31   shot from behind Janet       can hear Ollys running     Actors: Julia and Joe
                                  getting closer
     Match on action. Medium      Janet enters the shot,     British Heart Foundation
32   shot in front of Janet       Olly stumbles through      Actors: Julia and Joe
                                  the door, walks past
                                  camera. Tramp left in
     Medium shot of Janet         Janet looks at the         British Heart Foundation
33   looking at furniture         furniture, Olly looks      Actors: Julia and Joe
                                  bored and begins to
                                  Olly: ‘Mum, I want
     Close up of Janets face.     Janet looks through        British Heart Foundation
34   Shot reverse shots of Olly   furniture                  Actors: Julia and Joe
     and Janet talking            Janet: ‘We’ll go in a
                                  Olly: ‘But you said that
                                  ages ago…’
     Match on action. Medium      Janet: ‘Ok fine’           British Heart Foundation
35   shot in front of Janet.      She turns around to        Actors: Julia and Joe
     Janet drops bags on floor    face Olly, gives money
     and turns around to face     to him out of her bag
     Match on action. Camera      Janet: ‘Here you go,       British Heart Foundation
36   on opposite side, watching   take it, take it and go’   Actors: Julia and Joe
     Janet turn around            Olly smiles widely and
                                  runs past the camera
     Long shot outside of         Olly runs out of shop      Outside British Heart
37   British Heart Foundation.    smiling                    Foundation
     Tramp still on right hand                               Actors: Joe and Jordan
     side of frame.
                                  Shot list
                                                             Outside British Heart
38   Over the shoulder shot of    Olly sees the tramp        Foundation
     the tramp                    cowering on the floor.     Actors: Joe and Jordan
                                  Group of teenagers         and teenagers
                                  making fun of him and
                                  throwing bits of food at
39   Long shot of Olly, Tramp     You see Olly’s reaction
     and Teenagers. Pull focus,
     shallow focus of Olly, then
     pulls into shallow focus of
     tramp and teenagers
     Over the shoulder shot,     Teenagers throwing          Outside British Heart
40   high angle shot. Camera     food at the tramp           Foundation
     looking at teenagers                                    Actors: Joe and Jordan
                                                             and teenagers
     Medium shot of Olly          Olly puts his head         Outside British Heart
41                                down and runs past the     Foundation
                                  camera                     Actors: Joe and Jordan
     Long shot of Olly running    Olly runs through town     Town
42   through town, towards the    and past the camera        Actor: Joe
     High angle shot by the       Olly walks into sweet      Humbugs sweet shop
43   sweets shop door as Olly     shop with a massive        Actor: Joe
     walks in grinning            grin on his face
     Medium shot of Olly          Olly looks around at the   Humbugs sweet shop
44   looking at sweets, can see   sweets in delight          Actor: Joe
     more sweets in the
     Close up of sweets,          Can see all the different Humbugs sweet shop
45   camera pans to looks at      sweets                    Actor: Joe
     them all
     Close up of Ollys face     Olly smiles for 2            Humbugs sweet shop
46                              seconds then stops,          Actor: Joe
                                this lasts for 3 seconds.
                                He turns around and
                                walks out of the shop
     Long shot outside of sweet Olly runs out of the         Outside Humbugs
47   shop                       shop, back the way he        Actor: Joe
                                came from
     Long shot of Olly running  Olly runs towards            Outside British Heart
48   towards British Heart      British Heart                Foundation
     Foundation                 Foundation, stops in         Actors: Joe and Jordan
                                front of tramp
     High angle shot, over the  Olly is looking down at      Outside British Heart
49   shoulder shot, looking up  the tramp                    Foundation
     at Olly                                                 Actors: Joe and Jordan
                                   Shot list
     Camera tilts to show Olly     Olly gives the tramp       Outside British Heart
50   giving tramp money            money                      Foundation
                                                              Actors: Joe and Jordan
     Cut in. Close up of Olly      Olly smiles at tramp       Outside British Heart
51                                                            Foundation
                                                              Actors: Joe and Jordan
     Low angle shot, camera to     Olly walks away,           Outside British Heart
52   the right of tramp, watches   towards British Heart      Foundation
     Olly walk away                Foundation                 Actors: Joe and Jordan
     Medium shot of tramp          Tramp looks shocked,       Outside British Heart
53                                 looks down at money,       Foundation
                                   then in Olly direction     Actor: Jordan
     Medium shot outside           Janet walks out of         Outside of British Heart
54   British Heart Foundation      shop, Olly is stood        Foundation
     entrance                      outside waiting for her    Actors: Julia and Joe
                                   Janet: ‘Oh, there you
     Medium shot. Camera           Janet and Olly walk off,   Outside of British Heart
55   placed behind Janet and       past tramp                 Foundation
     Olly                          Olly: ‘I ate them all…’    Actors: Julia, Joe and
                                   Olly turns his head        Jordan
                                   around and smiles at
                                   the tramp
     Close up of tramp             Tramp smiles in Ollys      Outside of British Heart
56                                 direction                  Foundation
                                                              Actor: Jordan
     Long shot, then fade out      Olly and Janet walking     Outside of British Heart
57                                 away, tramp still in the   Foundation
                                   frame, watching Janet      Actors: Julia, Joe and
                                   and Olly.                  Jordan

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