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					                                          Sinhgad Technical Education Society’s
                             Sinhgad Institute of Technology and Science, Narhe, Pune – 41
                                              Department Of Computer Engg.
                                     CLASS TIME TABLE(w.e.f. 04-07-11)

Class : T.E.Comp
Academic Year: 2011-2012                                                                            Semester-I
                                              Class Teacher:
Day / Time         MON              TUE              WED               THUR              FRI               SAT

   9:30         DC (DNR)       DBMS (NMR)          MMC (DP)           TOC ( A)        DC (DNR)           DC (DNR)

   10:30           DSP            TOC ( A)         TOC ( A)         DBMS (NMR)         TOC ( A)            DSP

                                                   SHORT RECESS

               RVPL – T1        RVPL – T1
                                                                     RVPL – T2        RVPL – T3
   11:45         (NMR)            (NMR)        RVPL – T2 (PNV)                                      RVPL – T3 (PNV)
                                                                       (PNV)            (PNV)
                SPL – T2         SPL – T2         SPL – T3                                             SPL – T4
                                                                      SPL – T3         SPL – T4
              HL – T3 (DP)     HL – T3 (DP)     HL – T4 (DP)                                         HL – T1 (DP)
                                                                    HL – T4 (DP)     HL – T1 (DP)
               RVPL – T4        RVPL – T4       SPL – T1 (X)                                          HL – T2 (D)
                                                                    SPL – T1 (X)     HL – T2 (D)
   12:45          (PNV)            (PNV)

                                                    LONG RECESS

   2:30         TOC ( A)            DSP               DSP             MMC (DP)           DSP

   3:30        RVPL (NMR)         MMC (DP)         MMC (DP)         RVPL (NMR)       DBMS (NMR)

            Subject Teacher                    Theory Subject         Practical            Practical Batch
Pranali Dahiwal                                    MMC                   HL         T1, T3, T4
Miss. P. N. Vengurlekar                            ---------           RVPL         T2, T3, T4
Mr. N. M. Ranjan                                  DBMS                 RVPL         T1
Mr. D. N. Rewadkar                                   DC                ---------
New Faculty (A)                                     TOC                ---------
New Faculty (D)                                    ---------             HL         T2
E&TC Faculty                                        DSP                 SPL         T2, T3, T4
E&TC Faculty                                       ---------            SPL         T1

Note: TG/LIB - Teacher Guardian meet with student in the library
Batches                               Roll No                                       Name of TG
T1                                    1 to 18                                       Mr. D. N. Rewadkar
T2                                    19 to 36                                      Faulty A (Mr. S. M. Chitalkar)
T3                                    37 to 54                                      Pranali Dahiwal
T4                                    55 Onwards                                    Faulty D ( Miss. P. N. Sherje)

           Time Table Incharge                       H. O. D                           Principal
           Prof. D. N. Rewadkar                Prof. G. S. Nawale                   Dr. S. M. Shiyekar

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