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					                                   A Publication from the Director of the Accessibility Office (AO)

                                                The Beacon
                                   1st Quarter, FY 11                      October 2010              Picture of a lighthouse

       Inside this issue:          The AO Director Welcomes You to The Beacon’s Re-launch
                                   The AO is pleased to serve                                      • Provide oversight of the
                                                                   Veterans’ Administration,
                                   all employees with timely,                                      Local Accessibility Coordina-
                                                                   Goodwill Industries, and the
                             2                                                                     tors (LACs) to ensure effec-
Meet the AO Staff                  relevant, and useful informa-   Easter Seals Society.
                                   tion. We have a wide net-                                       tive and efficient field sup-
Lions World Grads            2     work of resources for the     • Encourage and facilitate hir-   port to employees and man-
                                   professional development of     ing actions by finding and      agers.
                                   individual employees, as well   sharing directions on the
                                                                                                   • Maintain strong internal
November Happenings 3              as to enable managers to        rules that impact the ex-
                                                                                                   partnerships with EEO, EDI,
                                   recruit, hire, promote and      cepted hiring authorities
                                                                                                   and HQ HCO in order to pre-
Featured Web Sites           3     retain persons with disabili-   available to federal agen-
                                                                                                   clude redundancy, yet maxi-
                                   ties. Some of our objectives    cies.
                                                                                                   mize all resources toward a
                                   are:                          • Ensure the availability of
 We want to hear                   • Assist managers with          training programs for poten-
                                                                                                   skilled and inclusive work-
    from you!                         meeting disability hiring    tial or current employees
                                                                   with disabilities, to include
                                                                                                   • Please feel free to contact
                                      goals using Schedule A                                       me at 404-338-8408 or any
                                      and Veterans Hiring au-      internship programs, Lions
                                                                                                   of my staff members for as-
                                      thorities.                   World Services for the Blind
                                                                                                   sistance and visit our web
The articles in this publication                                   and career development.
                                   • Maintain partnerships and                                     page:
have been prepared with the
intent of informing and edu-          direct connections to      • Improve the accessibility of
cating our Managers and Em-           points of contact at the     work facilities, processes      AO_home.htm
ployees regarding disability          States’ Vocational Reha-     and systems, adaptive
                                      bilitation Offices, the      equipment or solutions, and             Bernie Coston
                                                                   508 compliance issues.

As always, we ask that you         October is National Disability Awareness Month
share it within your organiza-
                                   Did you know that the term     one or more major life activi- illness, and genetic and physi-
tion. If you are aware of any-
                                   “Persons with Targeted Dis-    ties, has a record of such     cal conditions affecting limbs
one who wishes to receive
                                   abilities” (PWTD) does not     impairment, or is regarded     and/or spine.”
this publication directly, or if
                                   refer to all persons with dis- as having such impairment.”
any reader of this publication                                                                   Food for thought: “People
wishes to receive it directly,     abilities?”
                                                                  “Targeted Disabilities are with disabilities are like other
please let us know.                Although many people use       those identified by the fed-   employees; they want to do a
                                   the terms interchangeably,     eral government for special good job, appreciate construc-
                                   the Equal Employment Op- emphasis in affirmative em- tive supervision, enjoy new
E-mail topic ideas, sugges-        portunity Office (EEO)         ployment planning. These       challenges and want to get
tions, questions and requests      makes the distinction:         are: deafness, blindness,      ahead.”
to us at:                                                         missing extremities, partial
                                   “An Individual with a Dis- paralysis, complete paraly-        ~ Office of Disability Employ-
                                   ability is: a person who has sis, convulsive disorders,       ment Policy, Dept. of Labor
                                   a physical or mental impair- mental retardation, mental
                                   ment that substantially limits
Page 2
                                                                                                                    The Beacon
                                    November: Military
                                    Family Month, Veterans’ Day and National Career Development
                                   The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is roll-  And this is only the beginning. There are
          of the                   ing out the Warrior Internship Program       several other Veterans’ Employment
                                   (WIP): A Component of Operation War-         Initiatives in various stages of planning
         Quarter                   fighter and the Accessibility Office is front
                                   and center of the efforts.
                                                                                within the IRS. Two others are The Military
                                                                                Spouse Intern Program, and the Depart-
                                                                                ment of Veterans’ Affairs Non-Paid
                                   The IRS WIP, coordinated through the W&I
                                                                                Work Experience Program.
                                   Division, HCO, AO, supports recovering
     “The two-year                 wounded and ill service members who are
                                   transitioning from active duty service into
                                                                                The AO is standing by and fully prepared
         probationary              the civilian workforce through internship
                                                                                to assist with recruiting, retention, ad-
                                                                                vancement, and accessibility issues in
   period under the                Nationwide, 4-6 month internships of 15-20 these and other programs. Look for more
                                   hours weekly will allow veterans to gain     AO announcements in The Beacon and
  Schedule A hiring                valuable work experience and training,       other media regarding developments of
                                   showcase their skills, and gain exposure     Veterans’ Employment Initiatives.
   authority is not a              for future opportunities within the service.
    deterrent: it just
         proves the                Meet the AO Staff
    commitment to                  ANALYSTS
                                   Dan Oldham, sr. analyst,        Connie Coy has been with       Pamela McBride, began her
   allow employees                 began his IRS career at         the IRS for 30 years. She      work with the IRS in August
   sufficient time for             the Atlanta Submissions         started as a data tran-        2010. Her key assignments
                                   Processing Center in            scriber. She has worked as     are Marketing & Communi-
   adjustments and                 1986. He was most re-           a tax examining technician     cation, Outreach, and the
                                   cently the planning and         and lead, moved into a         Veterans’ Employment Initia-
  success at work.”                analysis support manager        clerical position in Compli-   tives. Pamela came to IRS
                                   for the Atlanta Field Com-      ance, and held numerous        from the Department of the
                                   pliance Services Center.        management and analyst         Army where she worked as a
                                   Dan has served in man-          positions. She now over-       civilian for two years and a
          ~ Paula Golladay,        agement at frontline, de-       sees training at Lions’        contractor for 15 years,
          Recruiter, HCO, IRS      partment, and operations        World Services for the         managing programs that
                                   levels. He will plan and        Blind (LWSB) as an ana-        serve soldiers and their fami-
          Recruitment Office,
                                   coordinate AO projects and      lyst for AO.                   lies.
          Wheaton , MD and
          bi-lateral, below-the-
          knee amputee.

                                   LaShawne King began             Barbara Zivkovich began        tional Rehabilitation Agen-
                                   her work with the IRS 20        her 31-year career with the    cies.
                                   years ago as a data tran-       Service in Pittsburgh in
                                   scriber in Data Conversion                                     Warren Campbell began his
                                                                   1978 as a customer ser-
                                   for Atlanta's Submission                                       IRS career as a telephone
                                                                   vice representative. She
                                                                                                  representative in 1985 even-
Read more at http://               Processing. She has             has worked in taxpayer
                                                                                                  tually becoming a budget            held positions in W & I,        education and public af-
                                   Submission Processing,                                         analyst. He has been with
Nwsctr/                                                            fairs, at the Accounts Man-
                                   Accounts Management,                                           AO since its inception. He is
                                                                   agement call site, and now
People-                            and Compliance. Her AO          with the AO. She coordi-
                                                                                                  the point-of-contact for Local
Places/22113.aspx                  tasks include the LAC pro-                                     Accessibility Coordinators.
                                                                   nates training and admini-
                                   gam, and the AO website.        stration at LWSB and
                                                                   works with State Voca-
1st Quarter, FY 11                                                                                                           Page 3

Meet the AO Staff, continued
Sheria Anderson began          Chris Little has worked at      in 2003. He is certified in
her IRS career 19 years        the IRS for almost 9 years.     Advanced Accounts and
ago in the San Diego POD.      He started as a contact         Balance Due. After 2½
She is the contact collec-     service representative and      years, he transferred
tion representa-               later became a lead con-        to Indianapolis and be-
tive Program Instructor.       tact representative at the      came certified in Tax Law.
                               Richmond Call Site. For         In 2008 he became an
Lisa Hyde started her IRS
                               the past 18 months, Chris       instructor and now
career seven years ago as
                               has been the taxpayer ser-      teaches tax law and bal-
a contact service represen-
                               vice representa-                ance due in the TSR pro-
tative in St. Louis and Dal-
                               tive instructor. He is also a   gram.
las. She is now a lead con-
                               graduate of the TSR pro-
tact service representative
who teaches the Service
                                                               Kim Vo, management
                                                                                              IRS Welcomes Eight
Center Collections Repre-      Gary "Chip" Arbogast
                                                               assistant, coordinates the     New Hires from Lions
sentative class.               was hired through the
                               LWSB program and began
                                                               administrative duties and      World Services for the
                                                               responsibilities of the AO.
                               working in Richmond, Va.                                       Blind.
Congratulations Lions World Graduates!
                                                                                              In July, eight individuals
                                                                                              graduated from IRS training
                                                                                              courses at Lions World
                                                                                              Services for the Blind in Little
                                                                                              Rock, Ark., to become
                                                         Photo of graduates, from left to     Contact Representatives in
                                                         right: Vester Ware, Timothy          IRS Accounts Management
                                                         Hayes, John Horna, Christopher       and Automated Collection
                                                         Jackson, (Carlo Giuliano ATI)        call sites.
                                                         John Miller, David Parker. Miss-
                                                         ing: Mary Ann Racanelli and
                                                         Judy Jackson.                        Five of the graduates
                                                                                              reported to the following
                                                                                              Accounts Management call
                                                                                              sites: Mary Ann Racanelli
                                                                                              and Timothy Hayes to
                                                                                              Indianapolis, John Horna to
                                                                                              Richmond, Christopher
Featured Websites:                                                                            Jackson to Jacksonville, and
                                                                                              Vester Ware to Nashville.
                               Job Accommodations              Information Resources          Three graduates reported to
Accessibility Office:          Network (JAN);                                                 Automated Collection call
                                                               Accessibility Program          sites: Judy Jackson to         (IRAP):                        Austin, David Parker to
AO/AO_home.htm                                                                                Jacksonville, and John Miller
                                                                                              to Detroit.
                               Alternative Media Center
W&I EEO and Diversity:         (AMC):
                                                               1Step4RA:        http://                                                        Please join the AO in
eeo.htm                 sending the new hires our
                                                                                              best wishes for success.
                                                                                                       ital Talking Books!

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