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                               Editor’s Desk
Hi Everyone,

I am sure most of you have experienced moments that you felt like God
was not around and life was not going, as you wanted it to be. Things
turned sour and you began to question God. Why Me? Why not him or
her? Are you listening to my prayers? I feel like quitting. I cannot
understand what is going on. There is a song that I used to listen to and it
goes like this.

“They say that into every life, some rain must fall / For the pain is no
respector, of the mighty or the small / But sometimes, it just seems so unfair /
To see the one who's had more than his share / Oh it makes you wonder why /
And Lord I wouldn't second guess, your mighty plan / For I know you have a
purpose, that's beyond the scope of men / If you look inside my heart, you will
find / That I have always been the trusting kind / Oh but still I wonder

Why (I wonder why) / Do the rainy days have to come / When the storm
clouds hide the sun / I wanna know why / Why (I wonder why)
When the reasons aren't clear to me / When it all is a mystery
I want to know why / And though down here, I may not understand
I wont let go of the Unseen Hand / For it holds the reasons why

The Lord has never been afraid, of honest prayers / And He won't allow the
burden, to be more than you can bear /When He knows, that your trust, is in
Him / He doesn't mind the questions now and then / Even if you wonder Why
(By 4Him)

From the lyrics of the song you will understand that not everything must
have a reason for us to understand. Things happened for some reason and
only God knows what he is doing. But the biggest thing we should
continue doing is to hold onto the UNSEEN HANDS OF GOD. I, too,
have many questions about my life. But whenever I think of this song, I
simply just let it go and enjoy my life. Worrying is part of our nature.
But don’t let it overcome you. The best thing to do is to smile or even
laugh more. Problems will be there. But worrying will not solve it.

It is by faith and prayer that our journey in this life will be easier. After
all Jesus asked us to give him our problems and he will carry it for you.
God Bless. Gerard Pereira

               Twin Hearts Reading Room (Library)
thgiltopS eht ni renil eno siht tup esaelP
                      Saturday 4.00 – 5.50pm & 7.00 to 8.00pm
                   Sunday 8.30am to 1.00pm & 6.30pm to 7.00pm
                     Weekdays (Mon to Fri) 9.00am to 11.00am
                                  All are Welcome”50702609 :ANIGER TCATNOC


                                             Arts For Christ
   A new organisation seeking youths (13 to 21yrs) and adults (22 to 45
   yrs) who can dance, sing, act or draw to send in your particulars e.g:-

   Name/Age/Address/Contact Number to:-

   Non-Catholics are also welcome.

   Dear Parishioners,

   We are currently collecting old photographs of Blessed Sacraments
   Church and the activities that were held in the past years since its
   foundation in 1963. If you have any photographs e.g Weddings, Holy
   Communion, PRE, pictures of our priests, etc, kindly place these
   photographs in an envelope and write down the followings on it.

   For Gerard Pereira – Old Photographs. Include your name and
   contact number

   Note : I will return all the photographs to you after scanning them.
   Please note that I will not be held liable for any lost or damages on
   these photographs. Thank you very much.
   Neighbourhood Christian Communities (NCC)- Plentong
    Retreat 1st To 3rd July 2011 At Majodi Retreat Centre

      I have been with the Tanglin Halt group for the past 4 years and this
was my first away weekend retreat with the NCC. I was looking forward
for the Retreat, since I have heard from the older members how great the
previous retreat was (which was held many years ago).
Sr. Geraldine helped spearhead the organisation of the retreat. We were
blessed to have one of the best Retreat Masters in the Region, Msg.
Eugene Vaz. With the popularity of Msg Vaz, we had a record 107
      On 1st July the NCC participants attended the SS.CC Celebration
Mass where Fr. Anthony, blessed the participants for a successful retreat.
The 107 participants set out to Majodi Retreat Centre in 3 Buses and when
we reached there, we were welcomed with great accommodation and food.
      We started the Retreat with a Mass. The theme for the Retreat was
“Growing in Discipleship”. We do not choose our family members and
neighbours. It is given to us. Likewise, every Catholic living in our
neighbourhood or zone is automatically a member of Neighbourhood
Christian Communities (NCC) by the fact of their baptism. The NCCs
are the church. No one is without a family in the world, as the Church is
the home and family for everybody.
      We then looked at the Church as a) Participatory Church – e.g.
Publicity and awareness, Outreach programmes, reaching out to your
neighbours and helping and knowing their needs b) A Collaborative
Church- e.g. be life-giving, all involved, religious, priests, different NCC
Zones and ministries c) A Co-Responsible Church- e.g. Commitment d)
Prophetic Church e.g. do the above with respect ,love , sharing the faith,
helping the poor and celebrating together with fellowship.
      We also had in-depth group discussions on Discipleship. What is
God’s Mission for the NCC? How can our NCC Group help to build the
parish? We looked at 5 areas. 1) Putting Jesus first in all things- e.g.
Encounter Jesus in NCC, giving priority to Jesus, put aside pleasure. 2)
Following Jesus’ teaching- e.g. in Community we get strength and
support and gospel sharing 3) Fruitfulness- e.g. witness to the working of
the Holy Spirit in groups and practice obedience 4) Love for Others- e.g.
pray for unity in groups and be sensitive to the needs of members.
5) Evangelisation- e.g. Testify to changes in my life and witnessing to
others as a good Christian.
     I felt the retreat was well-balanced, spiritually and socially. We had
rosary at Our Lady of Fatima’s grotto and fun/bonding activities in the
night as well as BBQ, songs and dance. Half of the participants were new
and we had a good mix of younger participants who contributed a lot of
new ideas and had a desire to participate. I am sure this is the start of the
rejuvenation of the NCC, which will have new life and growth in our
Blessed Sacrament Church.

                           A Little Joke
 A middle-aged woman has a heart attack and is taken to the
 hospital. While on the operating table she has a near death
 experience. During that experience she sees God and asks if
 this is it. God says no and explains that she has another 30
 years to live.
 Upon her recovery she decides to just stay in the hospital and
 have a face lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, etc. She even has
 someone come in and change her hair color. She figures since
 she's got another 30 years she might as well make the most of
 it. She walks out of the hospital after the last operation and is
 killed by an ambulance speeding by. She arrives in front of God
 and complains, "I thought you said I had another 30 years." God
 replies, "I didn't recognize you"
                     CATHOLICISM            201


1. THE CHURCH: One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic. Thur        1st Sept
3. THE EUCHARIST.                              Thur        15th Sept
4. THE SACRAMENT OF HEALING.                   Thur        22nd Sept
5. SACRAMENTS OF VOCATION.                     Thur        29th Sept
6. MARY & THE SAINTS.                          Thur         6th Oct
7. INTRO. TO CHRISTIAN MORALITY.               Thur         13th Oct

8. THE THORNY ISSUES:                                  Thur 20th Oct
   ( Contraception, Pre-marital Sex, Homosexuality, Abortion etc )
9. CELEBRATION / FOLLOW UP SESSION                     Thur 27th Oct

  All sessions will be held at Damien Hall from 8 pm to 10 pm.
  Light refreshments will be served during the short break.

Those who would like to join this course are requested to collect
 Registration Form from the office. Please return all completed
 to the office or the Alpha Team / Leaders by Sun 21st Aug 2011.

 You may also send your name and contact number to the following
 people mentioned below by Sun 21st Aug 2911. Thank you.
     Richard Lowe : 93853381 -
     Vincent Tan : 96777900 -
     Nicole Struys : 91196075 - bab15@starhub,

               Talks On Christian Families

               Mr Bryan Crucis Shen Shuylia
            Lay Missionary, Counselor, Lecturer
          (Master in Social Science(Counseling)
              & Dip : Counseling Psychology)
      Will be giving talks on the following subjects:-

Christian Families Part 1: Saturday 30th July 2011
Overcoming Challenges in Today's World.

The world today poses significant challenges to families, affecting
relationships, schooling, careers, lifestyles and behavior. This talk
provides insights into society's values and Christian values - from
which participants can make better choices. For parents, young
adults, teens above 11yrs old; including teachers, catechists,
leaders, etc.

Christian Families part 2: Saturday 6th Aug 2011
Deeper insights to difficulties in today's families.

Many people try very hard, yet don't seem to make much progress.
This talks uses psychology and Christianity to provides further
insights why individuals and families falter, what steps are
corrective or preventive, and what kind of faith practice is helpful.

Time : 3.30pm to 5.30pm Place : Damien Hall All Are Welcome
                      Admission - FREE

         FDYC Holy Bird            Retreat

         Fr     Damien’s         Youth Choir mid-year retreat
         was held on 24th        June 2011. This was the
         second retreat held by the Ministry which was attended
by the members.

The theme of this event was decided at one of our meetings just
before the start of Pentecost. We asked what the celebration of
Pentecost was about and a senior member, Bryan, half jestingly
proclaimed it was Holy Bird-day! And thus we decided to focus
our retreat on the Holy Spirit and call it the “Holy Bird Retreat”.

The Retreat opened with thanksgiving prayers and praise and
worship hymns, followed by a sharing from Debbie on the Holy
Spirit. Having captured the contemplative mood of the theme,
the members then proceeded to the Adoration Room for 30
minutes of silent meditation and adoration. After that, all
proceeded to Fr Damien's statue to pray and salute him with our
theme song, "Kamiano the Servant of God".

On the members return to the Attic and they were warmly greeted
by Sr Sandra of the Verbum Dei Sisters. Sr Sandra was invited
to the Retreat to briefly share her life story and her calling to the
consecrated life. She was well received by the members who felt
very comfortable with her.

We had a short tea break and continued our program with a pre-
recorded skit called “God’s Chisel”. This creative skit showed
how a Christian should allow himself to accept the process of
God's loving discipline and moulding, thereby becoming God's

Gerry gave a brief introduction and explanation of the Divine
Mercy and later a recording of the Youth Divine Mercy Chaplet
was played as accompaniment to aid in the recital by all. In
bringing a close to the Retreat, in preparation for Mass, all the
members assembled at the grotto of a Our Lady of Fatima and
prayed the Rosary, completing just in time to attend Mass.
To mark the end of a much needed retreat, it was time to have a
fellowship dinner, followed by a movie and games. The seven
and a half hour retreat ended in fulfilment of a joyful time of
prayer and kinship in celebration of the Holy Bird that has been
bestowed on the Ministry as a family.

- Gerry Cordeiro
 Corpus Christi/Sacred Heart Feast day’s Tridium
                            Thomas Tumbelaka

      We just finished our Corpus Christi/ Sacred Heart Feast day’s
Tridium from Sunday, 26 2June to Friday, 1 July 2011 and talks by
Father Pat Crowley SS.CC from California, USA.
      It was well attended with about 500 people every night, except
on Wednesday, which saw more than 1000 people. Praise and
Thanks be to the Lord for these people at Blessed Sacrament
Church who came to listen to His words through Fr. Pat Crowley.
Every night, Fr. Pat Crowley and concelebrants (BSC Priests)
celebrated mass and after communion, the blessing of the Blessed
Sacrament took place during the Benediction where many
experienced the healing touch of the Lord. In one of his sermon, Fr
Pat said “Ask the Lord to heal which is keeping you in bondage to
yourself and others. Don't strain and don't spend too much time
looking for answers as to why this is happening. Just remain in an
attitude of trust and let the good Lord bring you healing through His
healing touch. Things may not change right away but in due time -
there will be release”
      On Wednesday 29 June which was the healing session. After
the mass Fr. Pat Crowley and all BSC priests, prayed over each
other before administering to the congregation. It was a beautiful
sight to see the humility in our priests and the Lord using them as
powerful instruments. It is true that the Lord touches and heals. Fr.
Pat Crowley received more than hundred thank you letters and
testimony from many who experienced the healing of our Lord. We
believe and trust that the Lord will continue His healing.
We would like to thank Fr. Anthony and all our priests who made it
possible by inviting Fr Pat Crowley. Though we (ex-co) had a month
to prepare this, the Lord made it13possible from the many volunteers
to prepare this, the Lord made it possible from the many volunteers
from various organizations, the choirs, wardens, the altar servers,
lectors, the ministry team and others who gave their time for this
parish event. Our God is an AWESOME GOD who did send down
the rain!!!

                   FR PATRICK CROWLEY
               TALKS – 27 JUNE TO 1 JULY 2011

       We had the privilege of Fr Patrick Crowley’s joining us as the Retreat
Master for our Corpus Christi celebration at the invitation of our parish priest
Fr Anthony Hutjes. The themes were “Mystery of the Mass”, “Perpetual
Adoration”, “Proclaiming Christ’s Love” and “Holy Mary Mother of God.”
 Mass was celebrated for the whole week and during Fr Pat’s homily, many
who attended experienced God’s blessings and healing too. The healing
session, done by all the priests was on Wednesday.
 These are the letters received during the week.
Spiritual Blessing and Healing
“I received deep peace and strength, graces to forgive self, to have a deeper
relationship with Jesus and a closer love for Mary.”
“I felt so much joy in my heart.”
“Freeing me of an overburdened and anguished heart and renewing my faith
and strength and trust in the Lord.”
“There was calmness in my heart. I was touched and moved by the Holy
Spirit and teared. I was released from a bondage that has been bothering me
for months.”
“I attended with so many questions in my head, with a sorrow heart and no
inner peace. During the mass, I was touched and spiritually healed day to
day and was able to surrender everything to God.
“I came from Indonesia to attend Fr Pat’s talk. I had a better understanding for
my problem with my husband. I went for confession felt relieved and during
Mass, I could feel the presence of Jesus something I was longing for years.”
“I was in discomfort and not able to concentrate but I still attended the talk
and I felt so much better after the mass.”
“I live in Sengkang and I still came and I went home with so much joy and
peace in my heart. I felt His presence on all the days I attended”.
“I received the spiritual catalyst of pure faith.”
“This church is not my parish and somehow I felt led to it. I went for
confession after 23 years so that I can receive communion and feel totally
“For the past six months I was filled with so much bitterness and now I feel
my heart is not like that anymore.”
“My friend left the Catholic Church and was involved in occult. I knew she
had problems but she never confided in me. I met her and invited her to
attend and was surprised she said yes. She was so touched that she cried.
She shared with me that she had been going to various temples and had an
abortion. I am glad I invited her.”
“I felt more strength and power when I rested and later I felt a weight lifted
off me and it was so relaxed and wonderful. I was also blessed with a small
windfall which really helped in my financial difficulty”
“I have being having dizzy spells and it was getting worse and worse despite
the medication. I was not able to attend Sunday mass too. A good catholic
school mate rang me and told me about Fr Pat’s session and told me that
she would take me. I felt much better after attending.”
“I was able to attend the talks as being a domestic worker it is difficult for
me. But during the week, my employer was away.

Physical Healing
“I have being having neck pain for so many years and I was healed of it.”
“I met my godmother on Thursday who told me about Fr Pat’s session. I sat
at the front and Fr Pat said that was someone who was hurt by family
members and is being healed of the broken heart. My mother in law and my
son has been hurting me and has no respect for me and that morning my
son was very rude. When I went home that night, he was extra sweet and
nice. When I saw my mother in law I did not feel any resentment”.
“I attended the few nights and felt no pain in my left breast and my right knee
is better.”
“My husband is attending and I can see that his backache is being healed
slowly. My aches in my arms are lesser.”
“For healing the ringing tone in my ear.”
“All my body pain is gone.”
“I am healed of my depression as my husband left me and am now better.”
“Healing of my heart and swollen right eye.”
“I felt my stomach ache and now I also felt so loved.”
“For healing my varicose veins as my legs are no so heavy and no swelling.
Today I can walk around more freely at work.”
“I was having a terrible backache. The ache went down to the foot level. I
cannot stand long and needed to sit every 5 minutes. After the mass on
Monday, the ache was gone by half and the next day, I was completely
“I was healed of my backache.”
“I was healed of my lymph poisoning”
“I had osteoarthritis of the right knee and noticed that the pain had gone.”
 “I had osteoarthritis of the right knee and noticed that the pain had gone.”
“I was instantly healed of my backache.”
“I was healed of my eyes and body.”
“On Monday, I woke up feeling very dizzy the whole day and I went to the
doctors at 6pm and attended Fr Pat’s session. Fr Pat said that there was a
person here whose left ear is healed and that was me. The next day I am
feeling so good.”
“My backache and depression was healed on Tuesday.”
“I felt so calm and peace when Fr Pat mentioned that someone is deeply
disappointed and hurt and now receives healing from the Lord. My tears were
gone and I am much relieved and happy.”
“My boss caught a bad flu over the weekend and on Wednesday he was a
total wreck and took off without seeing the doctor. At the healing session I
asked the Lord to heal my boss who was not present and on Thursday he is
ok.” “All my aches and pain are healed.” “My chest pain is healed.”
“I sleep much better now in the night.” “ My blocked ear is healed.”
“On Monday, I came for the session with jaw pain which made my headache
worse. I lifted it up and it has been 3 days and I have not taken any
medication and the pain has subsided. Praise God. Alleluia!

                      Miracle Of Praying The Rosary
I was attending college in Toronto and tuition was not easy to come by. I worked
and has taken the assistance of the Government to fund me through college. One
day I had come home and received a letter saying that I had not qualified for a
small loan of $914 for the rest of my semester. I was heart broken. I could not
ask my parents for help as they were going through their own financial troubles
and I did not have that money saved up in my back account.

That night I knelt down and held the Rosary in my hand. I looked at the picture
of the Blessed Mother in my room and prayed the Rosary like I had never
prayed before. I ended up crying and begging the Blessed Mother to help me
through his difficult time. I cried myself to sleep with the Rosary clutched in my
hand. The next morning I woke up and went to college. I walked by the
Financial Aid office and something in me told me to join the line. The thing is
that I knew that I would not have received any money from the Govt. and so I
did not want to join the line. I walked past yet something inside kept telling me
that I had to join the line.
I did join the line and when it was my turn I asked the assistant to check my file
to see if anything had come in for the Govt. She pulled my file out and told me
that I had received $915 into my account earlier this morning. I could not believe
it!!!!!!! I just couldn't believe it!!!!! I was so shocked, I went out and cried giving
thanks to our Blessed Mother.

        Day/Date: Tuesday 9TH AUGUST 2011
               Time: 11 am to 1 pm
     Programme: MASS (in church); followed by:
       LUNCH & FELLOWSHIP (in Damien Hall)


  Last day for registration is Thurs 4th August 2011.
         Kindly register at the church office.

 We also need drivers and volunteers to help us ferry
 these housebound to church and to send them home
                  after the reception.
  Please give your names and contact numbers to the
churchffice personally or by phone (64740582) by Thurs
                      4th August.
   You may also email to: or


                        Salvations of the Jews
                                  By Thomas Ng

Between July and August 2008, the Singapore Government supported various
communities to organize racial and religious harmony programmes. Our Archdiocesan
Council for Inter-Religious and Ecumenical Dialogue (IRED) also organized a series
of talks themed “Love of God, Love of my Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and
Taoist neighbours” in different Catholic parishes.

The talk on “Love of God, Love of my Jewish neighbour” makes me recall a Christian
fundamentalist who once commented that the Jews were wrong to reject Jesus as the
Messiah. His tone was a little serious, and he expressed to the extent that the Jews
might not have salvation. His concept is certainly incorrect if he really studies the
Bible probably. I would share with the readers on St Paul’s letter to the Romans,
Chapter 11 regarding salvation of the Jews apart from salvation of the Gentiles.

St Paul says: “Did God reject his own people? Certainly not! ….. God has not rejected
his people whom he chose from the beginning (verses 1 & 2).” He also says: “When the
Jews stumbled, did they fall to their ruin? By no mean!” (verse11) He then explains
that because the Jews sinned, salvation has come to the Gentiles (present-day
Christians) to make the Jews jealous of them. “Some of the branches of the cultivated
olive tree have been broken off, and a branch of a wild olive tree has been joined to it
(verse 17).” He interprets that the Gentiles are like that wild olive tree, now sharing the
strong spiritual life of the Jews. We must not be proud and despise the Jews, as we are
just a branch. God can be severe towards the Jews who have fallen, and He also can be
severe to us if we do not continue to love Him. If the Jews stop their unbelief, they will
be put back in the place where they were, for God is able to do that. (Verses 18, 22-23)

St Paul further explains: There is a secret truth – for it will keep us from thinking how
wise we are. It is that the stubbornness of the Jews is not permanent, but will last only
until the complete number of Gentiles comes to God. Because they reject the Good
News, the Jews are God’s enemies for the sake of the Gentiles. But because of God’s
choice, they are His friends due to their ancestors. For God does not change His mind
about whom He chooses and blesses. (Verses 25, 28 & 29) In conclusion, St Paul says,
“For all things were created by him, and all things exist through him and for him. To
God be the glory forever!” (Verse 36)

Modern Catholic scholars and commentators say that Paul fully understands God’s
plan of salvation for the Jews when writing his letter to the Romans (chapter 11). He
clearly affirms: At the end of time, the Jews would be reconciled with Christ, and that
the Jews and Christians would recognize that their separate histories are one. (Footnote
of CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY BIBLE – Catholic Pastoral Edition, page 320)

                      YOUTH PARTY – HEE HAH!

Our annual youth party was held on Sunday, 3rd of July in conjunction
with Youth Day. The most exciting thing was the theme, which was,
Wild Wild West! Each of us had to dress to the theme and many
looked absolutely stunning in their cowboy outfits and cool hats and
boots. As for me, I enjoyed shopping for my outfit and honestly, I
didn’t mind spending for such an awesome event. Even the hall was
decorated like a random town in Texas, with the background music.

Well, let’s talk about the events during the party itself. Every party
needs a MC. The MC for the party was very funny and entertaining. I
just could not stop my laughter. One of my favourite was the glorious
food. I totally loved the potato salad, with other delicious food. Many of
them even went for second rounds. Next came the fun games and
entertainment and also, not forgetting the lucky draw. We had lots of
fun laughing at friends who took part in the games and who did things
foolishly. Many games were also lined up for us and truly, we did not
realize that time was passing fast. There were also performances from
the youths themselves.

Finally the part that everyone was waiting for and that is none other
than the dance floor. Everyone present let their cowboy hats fly and
danced the night away. Soon it was time to leave and am sure just like
me; they all went home with precious memories of the party. This
party had been a great time for all the youths to bond together. I want
to thank especially the parents who had put in their hard work to make
this party successful.

So to all the youth, if you’re looking for a night of dinner, dancing and
great time, the youth party is one not to be missed. I wonder what the
theme is for next year. Hmm!

                   Congratulation to our winners for last month’s
                   Issue: They are Neo Miguel Lumain & Jalian
                   Shutler (NO letter Needed). Please collect
                   your prizes at the church office.To win
                   exciting prizes, please submit your entry to
                   the church office by the 15th of this month.
                   (For children 12 years and below. Not for
                   the Spotlight team and their family
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                    Colouring Contest


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