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									Non-Formal Learning Sector
Awareness Campaign

Written by James West
Marketing & Communications Manager
Prevista Ltd
Non-Formal Learning Sector – Awareness Campaign

      1.0    Introduction
             Interviews were conducted with the following people on a 1-2-1 basis to gather an
             overview of priorities, definitions, critical factors and aspirations for any campaign work:

                            Celia Greenwood, WAC
                            Jenny Harris, A for R
                            Manoj Ambasna, Collage Arts
                            Richard Parkes/ Julie Parish, Prevista

             The interviews were not pre-scripted; instead conversation and discussion led the
             questioning. There were however a key set of emerging themes and a set of consistent
             questions that prompted different answers. Appendix 1 is formed of a matrix
             summarising the outcome of each interview based on these themes (interviewees
             haven‟t seen the matrix, which has been written by the interviewer – James West).
             Section 2.0 and 3.0 discuss emerging and contrasting themes in more detail.

             There were three fairly imaginable structures suggested during discussions. These
             ideas have been explained in more detail in section 4.0 and form a good example of the
             breadth of outcomes this campaign could encompass.

             Section 5.0 utilises the observations of James West, who has conducted the interviews
             and is acting as a facilitator of the campaign. The section outlines a core set of issues
             that need to be agreed. Section 6.0 looks briefly at budget and 7.0 works through the
             next steps of the process.

      2.0    Emerging Themes
             There were five key themes that appeared to be consistently viewed by all interviewed:

              Young People at the        Young People (Beneficiaries) should be at the centre of
              centre                     the campaign.

                                         Ideas include:
                                             All content to be generated by a beneficiary forum
                                             Beneficiaries speaking at conference/ event
                                             Use existing medium‟s to promote the event – WAC
                                                 Community Radio
                                             Beneficiaries to interview MP‟s as PR stunts
                                             Beneficiaries speaking in Parliament

              Target Audience           The aim is to reach policy makers and high level decision
                                        makers who do have influence.

                                        Ideas include:
                                               Policy Makers

Non-Formal Learning Sector – Awareness Campaign

              Terminology             The term ‘non-formal learning sector’ is misunderstood,
                                      causing confusion and acting as a barrier. New
                                      terminology should be considered.

              Funding System          The funding system is a barrier to the non-formal learning

                                      Issues include:
                                            Right peg in the wrong shaped hole
                                            Focus on partnerships, but not enough
                                             commitment/capacity to ensure partnerships
                                            Unbalanced concern for numbers, forgetting people
                                            Funding not allocated to the middle ground, those not
                                             NEET or with criminal records
                                           Bureaucracy cripples small organisations – misuse of
                                             funds diverted to resource
                                           Funders and FE providers are fearful of the NFLS

              Geography               The focus should be London as a UK and European leader

                                      Opinions include:
                                          Draw on best practice from London (and the UK if it is
                                          Focus on politicians and policy makers in London

Non-Formal Learning Sector – Awareness Campaign

      4.0    Contrasting Themes
             There ere seven emerging themes with contrasting opinions. These themes, outlined
             below will require further discussion from the contributors.

              Converted vs. Un-       The balance, if any, between advocates and cynics of
              converted               NFLS within the campaign

                                      Opinions include:
                                          Manoj: campaign and conference should solely focus
                                             on cynics, using advocates sparingly on an invitation
                                          Jenny: they are two audience groups, both equally
                                             important, and should be serviced separately
                                          Celia: a 50/50 balance throughout – advocates to
                                             inspire, cynics (if we can get them) to convert
                                          Rick/ Julie: 50/50 – unlikely to attract cynics to a
                                             conference, need to consider other methods to reach

              Cultural or Creative    What is the definition and how wide is the territory we’re

                                      Opinions include:
                                            Rick: use as an opportunity to reclaim a focus on
                                             „cultural activity‟ instead of the wider „creative
                                             industries‟- i.e. focus on arts, theatre, dance, craft etc.
                                            Majority used the word „creative‟ and „cultural‟
                                             interchangeably and often included wider „creative‟
                                             sector skills – fashion, design, media, journalism etc.

              Timing                  When should the campaign start?

                                      Opinions include:
                                            General agreement that a campaign should run longer
                                             than an event
                                            Main issue was timing of an event/ “conference”
                                            Manoj: take opportunity of re-election and host the
                                             main event in the middle of the process for Politicians
                                             to utilise (March/ April 2010)
                                            Jenny: an event could easily get lost during an election
                                             and there should be more focus on longevity with a
                                             newly elected government (Autumn 2010)

Non-Formal Learning Sector – Awareness Campaign

              Age                     What age range should be the focus of the NFLS

                                      Opinions include:
                                            Manoj: 14 – 19 yrs
                                            Celia: 5 – 19 yrs
                                            Rick/ Julie: 14 – 19 yrs (but with an inclusion of adults)
                                            Jenny: 16 – 25 yrs

              The Structure           Should we host a conference, a live event or a campaign?

                                      Opinions include:
                                            Manoj: a conference targeting cynics and a campaign
                                             to create hype around the conference (pre and post)
                                            Jenny: a targeted live event or PR stunt targeted at
                                             politicians, a pre-event conference for advocates to
                                             “sing from the same hymn sheet” and a clear exit
                                          Celia: a mixed conference cynics and advocates side
                                             by side, content generated by young people and
                                             industry experts
                                          Rick/ Julie: a conference with advocates and gain
                                             interest of cynics by inviting them as panellists

              Who’s Agenda?           Should we piggy back on other agendas or focus on our

                                      Opinions include:
                                          Mixed views on the topic
                                          Focus on government issues – Youth Crime, Truancy,
                                             ASBO‟s etc and use this a platform to introduce NFLS
                                          Not muddy the water with these separate issues,
                                             instead focus on the power of NFLS
                                          Look at NFLS as a cultural/ creative industry leader for
                                             innovation and actual entry into the industry

              Outcome                 What can be achieved from the campaign?

                                      Opinions include:
                                          A budget line for NFLS in LSC annual budget
                                          A „place at the table‟ – ministerial commitment to
                                             consult NFLS experts (annual meeting?)
                                          Relationship with the new Governement

Non-Formal Learning Sector – Awareness Campaign

      4.0     Structure
              It is clear that whilst there is a lot of synergy between the contributors some of the
              contrasting themes will actually shape fairly significantly how the campaign is delivered.
              A further reflection and discussion on these contrasting themes are needed before a
              final brief can be drawn up.

              Structurally, however, there were three distinct proposals that emerged and these are
              useful to give the campaign/ event an identity upon which to inform the debate.

      Tradition Tool, with Un-Traditional Content
      Using a traditional, well practised tool of a conference we will invite our target market to a
      learning environment that they are familiar with. However, the content of the conference, the
      staffing of it and all the correspondence leading up to and post the event will be generated
      solely by NFLS beneficiaries.

      The only brief given to a forum of young people (representing the contributing organisations) will
      be to take the opportunity to explain to Politicians and Policy makers:

                                            Why school fails me?
                                           What happens after 16?
                                            How to quantify me?
                                            How do I get a job?

      Converted Kick-Start, Un-Converted Conclusion
      This structure has two distinct elements which can be separated and is based on the theory of
      the advocates and cynics as different audiences.

      Converted Kick-Start: host a conference for advocates of NFLS. Instead of being self-gratifying,
      the conference should aim to feed information to update the STEP report, inspire and advocate
      for best practice in the sector, ensure a consistent message and launch the campaign formally.
      Tone will be practical, in-expensive and professional.

      Un-Converted Conclusion: a PR stunt or live-event will be hosted to gain media interest, provide
      a vehicle for ministerial advocacy and raise awareness amongst the un-converted. Ideas

             Young People interviewing MPs – filmed or documented by journalists
             Live debate in House of Commons or at Mayor‟s office. Recent beneficiaries alongside
              celebrity beneficiaries addressing issues via their chosen medium (rap, dance, poetry
              etc.). Addressing the same core issues as previously (why schools failed me, how to
              educate me etc.).

Non-Formal Learning Sector – Awareness Campaign

      Walking Side by Side
      Probably the most conservative of the structures, this approach would be to use a traditional
      conference and encourage interaction between advocates and cynics at all stages. Content
      would be delivered by cynics as panellists, NFLS beneficiaries and general advocates/ industry

      A campaign could accompany the conference (pre- and post).

      5.0    James’ Critique
             As expected, the challenge isn‟t generating the ideas...the challenge is distilling the
             theme, crystallising our message and creating a very clear set of both ambitious and
             achievable outcomes.

             The key issues, in my opinion, that are most critical to the success are the agreement on
             the following (I have added my commentary which may help the process):

             Outcome:       An ambitious, exciting outcome to aim for helps differentiate the
                            campaign, inspire support from advocates and provide a clear hook upon
                            which to hang the campaign. I would suggest a financial target or a
                            ministerial commitment to an annual, minuted meeting would be strong
                            for a campaign (but may be unrealistic?).

             Unconverted: The target market (Cynical Politicians/ Policy Makers) is a tough one to
                          crack. I have reservations whether they will attend what, they may fear, to
                          be an evangelical conference on a topic they have few answers. I am
                          much more confident that we can reach key individuals through either
                          attending an event as a panellist or creating a PR stunt that arouses their
                          interest/ provides them with a PR opportunity. I also think we should do
                          our homework and have a highly targeted hit-list (for want of a better
                          word!) of politicians and policy makers we want to target, instead of taking
                          a scatter gun approach.

             Content:       The content needs to be SMART, needs to clear and uncluttered. There
                            is a danger that we try to cover too much and weaken the message. I
                            would suggest we have a core theme and a few sub themes and nothing
                            else. This will be a challenge.

             Who’s Message: As a marketer I would instinctively suggest we use problems
                        politicians are facing to provide the focus for the campaign – Youth
                        Crime, ASBOs, NEET etc. However, as a personal success story and an
                        advocate of the NFLS I am inspired by the concept of not shying away
                        from the strength of our message. Instead hosting the conference solely
                        about NFLS – the best route into the cultural/ creative sector, NFLS – a

Non-Formal Learning Sector – Awareness Campaign

                            challenging tool for retention/ progression amongst young people, NFLS –
                            a miss-understood, under-recognised tool. It is, in my opinion, a hard call
                            to make.

      6.0    Budget
             This is an area that requires a full brief before a budget can be constructed. However,
             there has been commitment from key contributors that funding can be accessed from
             existing programmes in order to maximise the budget available for the campaign. A
             particular reference was made directly to involving beneficiaries in the campaign through
             their currently funded programmes.

             There was also a commitment that if the emphasis was on creating the ideal campaign,
             time and energy would be invested in order to fundraise for any gaps.

      7.0    Next Steps
             Time-scale is the biggest element that drives the next steps. A guide to time-scale has
             been identified below:

             August – Early September: Finalise campaign brief and agree full budget

             September – October:          Brief third parties, gatekeepers and suppliers (i.e. PR
                                           agency etc.)
                                           Set dates and disseminate brief information

             October:                      Full campaign plan, budget and collateral (if applicable)
                                           signed off

             October – December:           Content creation (event or campaign)
                                           Speakers/ advocates identified
                                           „Hit-List‟ created

             This way we should be in a position to launch the campaign in January to feed a March/
             April event and possibly a second event in the autumn targeted at the new or re-
             structured Government.

Non-Formal Learning Sector – Awareness Campaign

      Appendix 1: Interview Matrix
                  (contributors have not signed off this content, based on interviewer‟s interpretation)

      THEME           Description              Manoj                                    Celia                                  Rick/ Julie                               Jenny
      Converted vs.   The role of advocates    Complete focus on non-converted          50/ 50 mix of ambassadors alongside    50/50 mix                                 Two distinct groups that need
      Un-Converted    and practitioners,       market                                   the unconverted                                                                  addressing equally and separately
      Audience        within the mix those                                                                                     Unlikely to be able to get non-
                      we want to directly      Personally inviting a small core of                                             converted to attend if we focus on        Unlikely to get unconverted at an
                      influence                converted, good practice practitioners                                          our agenda not theirs                     event. Should compromise the
                                               to the conference                                                                                                         message with piggy-backing on
                                                                                                                                                                         another agenda
      Target          Who is the core          Policy Makers and those above the FE     Policy Makers                          Policy Makers                             Policy makers – those above the
      Audience        audience we want to      sector (those with influence of          Politicians, Civil Servants                                                      mechanisms of giving money. Key
                      influence                spending)                                QLA (?)                                Practitioners                             strategic players.
                                                                                        Skills Councils
                                               Local Authorities                        Philanthropic Trusts & Bodies                                                    Practitioners – to ensure they have
                                                                                        Probation services                                                               a consistent voice and are
                                               David Lammy ()                          Youth offending teams                                                            empowered to campaign
                                               Ed Balls                                 Local Authorities
      Role of Young   How they can feed        Centre stage. Developing the entire      Heavy involvement.                     No direct comment.                        Young people voices should be
      People          into the campaign,       campaign from concept to delivery at                                                                                      central to the event.
                      and to what degree       the event – including the execution of   Use live case studies from our         Agree young people should be
                      they can be involved     the conference.                          programmes                             involved.

                                               Involve European young people.
      Age of NFLS     Age range that will be   14 – 19 years                            5 – 19 years                           14 – 19 years, but with an inclusion of   16 – 25 years
                      the main focus of the                                                                                    adults
      Barriers                                 Funding structure                        Perceived as ‘propper uppers’,         Perception of sector as ‘wishy-washy’
                                                                                        ‘keepers off the street’
                                               FE lobby resisting because of                                                   Changes in commissioning funds have
                                               competition – Fear                       Buearocatic layers (diverting energy   forced out the sector. Square hole for
                                                                                        and funds)                             a round peg.

                                                                                        View between soft and hard             Difficult to quantify in monitoring
                                                                                        outcomes – unbalanced value            terms given.

      Key Topics      What are the key         NFLS offers:                             Celebrate ‘Youth’, celebrate being     NFLS is the interface between social      Creative/ Cultural Industries wider

Non-Formal Learning Sector – Awareness Campaign

                   themes, focuses and                                             Young and Young People                    and economic activity                      influence on economy, innovation,
                   priorities of the           1)    Retention                                                                                                          design. Where do ideas come from
                   campaign                    2)    Progression                   Kids that are so difficult in some        Foster wider skills ‘core skills’, ‘key    – case study of Debenhams trend
                                               3)    Actual engagement with the    environments are amazing in theirs        skills’, employability                     spotters visiting Youth events to
                                                     industry                      (WAC) – their voices are heard.                                                      spot trends/ ideas. Hip Hop – grass
                                                                                                                             Influences learning, not just              route from young inventive people.
                                          Address the concerns of the policy       Funding gap – lots of £ in the extreme    vocational skills
                                          makers and politicians (i.e. Youth       cases/ needs, but little in the middle                                               NFLS is responsive, adaptable,
                                          Crime).                                  between extreme and OK. An ‘OK’           Best practice from early 80’s, funds       ahead of the game compared to
                                                                                   can easily become unsteady – should       used to develop business starts and        FE/HE
                                          Ask Young People to build content        the intervention be held until it is an   skills – kick started economy but
                                          around 4 questions:                      extreme case?                             declined as LSC, RDA etc. Became too       Not delivered by teachers, but by
                                                                                                                             obsessed with qualifications,              practising professionals. Skills are
                                                    How do I get a job?           Unbalanced expectations of                validation and recognition.                real, used not just based in theory.
                                                    How to quantify me?           partnering with Fes – funding
                                                    What happens after 16?        requirement, but no investment or         5 years from the STEP report and           Why it engages:
                                                    Why school fails me?          recognition to build NFLS to level of     what has happened?!                         – because it absolutely values the
                                                                                   being able to seriously face FE sector                                               ideas a person has
                                                                                                                             Differentiation between creative and       - non-formal/ not compulsory (they
                                                                                   Lack of positive Young Person role        cultural industries. Reclaim ‘cultural’.   get told to ‘p*** off’ if they don’t
                                                                                   model.                                                                               want to be there)
                                                                                                                             Arts is one of the UK’s few world class    - Working to share expertise not
                                                                                   More adults have ASBOs                    industries                                 just knowledge
                                                                                                                                                                        - Facilitators are first and foremost
                                                                                   Success is accidental, there is theory    Role in converting NEET to EET             artists (although they have the
                                                                                   and we are trained.                                                                  training to handle problems and
                                                                                                                             Europe have recognised the sector,         issues)
                                                                                                                             understood and encouraged it.
                                                                                                                                                                        We shouldn’t muddy our message
                                                                                                                                                                        by focusing on NEETs, Youth Crime
                                                                                                                                                                        or some other ‘piggy back’ topic.
                                                                                                                                                                        NFLS is much wider and can stand
                                                                                                                                                                        on its own merits.

      Outcome      If one or two things   £. To achieve a recognised budget line   Get a place at the table –                Momentum.                                  Develop a relationship/ platform
                   could be achieved,     in the LSC (or equivalent) spend for     commitment from the Mayor/ DCMS                                                      with a new Government
                   what would they be     non-formal learning.                     to meet annually and look this

                                                                                   To be recognised as specialist in the
                                          Table exit strategy – paper based
                                          report, CD-ROM?                          Regularly consulted by decision
                                                                                   makers (almost revival of policy
                                                                                   action team)

Non-Formal Learning Sector – Awareness Campaign

      Reports       Key documents,            LGA Report NFL                                                                Creative London North (CLN)               Hanging Around
                    programmes and                                                                                          STEP Report
                    factual sources                                                                                         BOP Report 2004
                                                                                                                            Learning Revolution – white paper
                                                                                                                            NFLS – Dr Jonathan Sefton Green
                                                                                                                            PAT 10 - 2001
      Partners/                               Simon Ingersol (18 yr old drug addict,   Cash Man – Chris Preddie Poet        NIACE – life-long learning
      Speakers                                no Vice President of Polidor)
      Timing        When in the next 12       March 2009 to take advantage of the      No direct comment.                   No direct comment. Aware of               Not March 2009 – too dogged by
                    months should             political climate and need for ‘band                                          dissemination priorities in current       political climate. Too much
                    activities take place     wagons’                                                                       programmes (Artwork, Leonardo)            competition with other news leaks
                                                                                                                                                                      and media coverage.

                                                                                                                                                                      Focus main PR/ live event for un-
                                                                                                                                                                      converted in Autumn to influence
                                                                                                                                                                      the new Government.

                                                                                                                                                                      Potentially host a converted event
                                                                                                                                                                      in March to build capacity and
                                                                                                                                                                      ignite interest from practitioners –
                                                                                                                                                                      ‘sing from the same sheet’
      Terminology   What do we mean by                                                                                      Focus should be on cultural industries
                    creative industries,                                                                                    (art, theatre, music, dance...) not the
                    cultural industries and                                                                                 wider creative industries. The
                    non-formal learning                                                                                     campaign needs to reclaim the
                                                                                                                            specialist sector that has got muddied
                                                                                                                            by the lose criteria surrounding the
                                                                                                                            term ‘creative’

                                                                                                                            A better term for ‘non-formal
                                                                                                                            learning’ needs to be found
      Tone          Style, feel, look etc.                                             Professional, but not excessive.                                               Break the two audience groups up
                                                                                       Important we don’t appear wasteful                                             – focus on an event for the
                                                                                       and unconnected with the sector                                                converted (professional, inspiring,
                                                                                                                                                                      capacity building)

                                                                                                                                                                      Host a PR/ live event focused at the
                                                                                                                                                                      new Government in the Autumn
                                                                                                                                                                      using Young People as the tool to
                                                                                                                                                                      talk direct with policy makers
      Budget        Where additional          Can run content development with         Can run content development with
                    funds can be found        young people through existing            young people through existing
                    and sort                  programmes                               programmes

Non-Formal Learning Sector – Awareness Campaign

      Geography       London, England, UK,     London and Europe                       London and Europe                    London and Europe   London and Europe, drawing best
                      Europe                                                                                                                    practice from around the country
                                                                                       (London is a leader in this field,
                                                                                       Europe is looking)
      Size            Size of the live event   200 people                              150 people                           Not specified       50 – converted
                      (campaign reach is                                                                                                        Highly targeted non-converted
                      likely to wider)
      Marketing/      Ideas, tools,            Appoint a PR agency to raise profile.   WAC – new online radio station
      Communication   suggestions              Set-up interviews between young         launched in September 2009
      Tools                                    people and politicians.
                                                                                       Invite a cynic campaign. Ask key
                                               PR agency able to get broadsheet        advocates to invite a cynic to
                                               coverage for CLN.                       encourage our target market to


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