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                                                               Kenwood Times
• Wednesday, April 27-Administrative
  Professional’s Day (Secretary’s Day)
• Thursday, April 28-”Take Your
  Child to Work Day” (ages 8-18)
• Week of May 2-6
  Teacher’s Appreciation Week
• May 2-May 3-Buy orchids for
                                           Volume 2, Issue 3              March/April 2011
  Mother’s Day or for Teacher’s Ap-
  preciation Week (8:00-8:30 am -
  Media Center OR 3:00-5:00 pm by          Kenwood K-8 Center
  the After School Care Office)
• Tuesday, May 17th
  next PTSA Meeting
• May 5th and 6th
  Buy your Science Boards for the
                                                          The Principal’s Corner
  Science Fair!!! (3:05-3:30 by Media
  Center)                                Dear Parents,                 that they had been           proves the quality of their
• Wednesday, May 18th
                                                                       working very hard to         learning, and better pre-
  Science Fair
  (Elementary grades K-5)
                                         Spring is a busy time of      prepare for this test, and   pares them to successfully
                                         year at Kenwood K-8           were ready to show us        face    educational   chal-
 Inside this issue:                      Center, full of many ex-      all what good writers        lenges. As always, thank
                                         citing activities! Our stu-   they are! Rounding out       you for your ongoing sup-
                                         dents observed Black His-     the month of March           port and cooperation.
 Principal’s Corner/Music 1
                                         tory Month during Febru-      were field day activities      
                                         ary, and were involved in     that provided lots of        Sincerely,
 Student of the month-     2             many activities that rec-     fun, and lessons in team-
 November and Decem-
 ber                                     ognized the contributions     work and sportsmanship!       Moraima Almeida-Perez,
                                         African Americans have                                            Principal
 Student of the month-     3             made to our history and       With the administration
 January and February                    culture. Through the ef-      of the Florida Compre-       ‘s
                                         forts of our wonderful        hensive Assessment Test
 Media Center News/        4             PTSA we had another           and       the    Stanford
 Synergy-4th grade
                                         very successful Winter        Achievement Test dur-
                                         Festival on Saturday, Feb-    ing April, we must re-
 FEA/5th grade news/       5
 Café Trivia
                                         ruary 26.                     member that consistent,
                                                                       prompt attendance is
 Upper Academy Art and     6             Our fourth and eighth         critical to a child’s suc-
 Music News                              grade students recently       cess in school. Ensuring
                                         completed the Florida         that students are on
 Preventing Cyber Bully-   7             Writing Test. We know         time, every time im-
 ing/Future Business
 Leaders of America

 Elementary News: Art/     8
 Field Day/Box Top Re-

 National Junior Honor    9                                            SAVE THE DATE
 Society/Third Grade Fair
 Challenge                                   Elementary Choir and Recorder Ensemble Spring Concert
                                             will take place on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in
 PTSA                      10
                                            the Annex Café. Admission is free. Family, friends and the
                                             entire school community are invited to attend and support
                                                  the participating 3rd, 4th and 5th grader performers!
 Kenwood Info/”Go          12
 Green” Article                                                  Submitted by Mrs. Angela Cover
                             Kenwood Times                                                               Page 2

                                                                                            submitted by
                                                                                       Dr. Lois Schumacher,
                                                                                           School Counselor

            November 2010 Student of the Month-Citizenship
 Kindergarten                           Second Grade                    Fourth Grade
 Marcos Martinez (Diaz)                 Valeria Correa (Calzadilla)     Kristen Ambrose (Fong)
 Katherine Herrera (T. Garcia)          Emily Hadjez (Mayor)            Jonah Gazitua (Guthrie)
 Anthony Ventura (Matamoros)            Natalie Cisneros (Pascau)       Rachel Ibanez (Jackson)
 Andrea Paz (Rodriguez)                 Joseph Price (Pedrique)         Kian Zarbaf (Coca)
 Ashlee Delgado (Velazquez)             Seth Weesner (B. Herrera)       Daniel Pijeira (Model)
 Alani Alonso (Noble)                   Lucas Caporale (Manresa)        Marcelo Delvalle (Sanchez)
                                        Antwan Stroud (Montero)

 First Grade                            Third Grade                     Fifth Grade
 Kristen Rembisz (Arevalo)              Nicholas Dupont (Cepero)        Johan Valentin (Albert)
 Madeline Quigley (Cartagena)           Manuel Escobar (Cereijo)        Daniel Hutchins (Batista)
 Jesse Valdes (N. Garcia)               Brian Gutierrez (Cruz)          Alex Cabana (Gordon)
 Ericka Johnson (Henry)                 Amir Majail (Granda)            Angie Cardenas (Herrera)
 Ashley Soto (Gonzalez)                 Ryan Fogelsanger (Kraft)        Juliana Dalal (Mitchell-Smith)
                                        Zarabeth Quincoses (Sampedro)   Nhi Do (Rosenthal)
                                                                        Carlos Hernandez (Ward)
                                                                        Edgar Hooker (Warner)

            December 2010 Student of the Month-Kindness
Kindergarten                            Second Grade                    Fourth Grade
Ashley Arguello (Diaz)                  Amanda Lindsay (Calzadilla)     Nicolas Gonzalez (Albert)
Joel Rivas (T. Garcia)                  Luke Cobas (Mayor)              Giovanna Maser (Albert)
Nithael Paul (Matamaros)                Salma Iglesias (Pascau)         Melanie Tapia (Fong)
Lindsey Salinas (Noble)                 Nicole Ventura (Pedrique)       Branden Ruiz (Guthrie)
Alina Rolland (Rodriguez)               Estrella Anciani (B. Herrera)   Steven Gonzalez (Jackson)
Isabella Perez (Velazquez)              Isabella Roche (Manressa)       Daniel Gimenez (Coca)
                                        Denisse Ortiz (Montero)         David Alfonso (Model)
                                                                        Samantha Vargas (Sanchez)

First Grade                             Third Grade                      Fifth Grade
Nikolas Weir (Arevelo)                  Makayla Almonte (Cepero)        Gabriel Garcia (Batista)
Carlos Perez-Guzman (Cartagena)         Andrea Pacheco (Cereijo)        Antonella Piacenti (Gordon)
Aaron Barquero (N. Garcia)              Joanna Salvat (Cruz)            Brandon Moncada (Herrera)
Robert Alvarez (Henry)                  Jaclene Dalal (Granda)          Alyssa Levy (Mitchell-Smith)
Derick Fiallo (Gonzalez)                Carla Pupo (Kraft)              Joseph Badio (Rosenthal)
                                        Nicole Cisneros (Sampredo)      Keily McKinney (Ward)
                                                                        Keren Szmuler (Warner)
Volume 2, Issue 3                                                                                        Page 3
                                                                         Joke #1
                                                             What do you have to be careful of
                                                               when it rains cats and dogs?
                                                                    (answer on page 12)

         January 2011 Student of the Month-Honesty
Kindergarten                       Second Grade                       Fourth Grade
Teagan Nayak (Diaz)                Daniel Mayor (Calzadilla)          Rodney Sanchez (Fong)
Kaitlyn Nalda (T. Garcia)          Bryain Almonte (Mayor)             Miauni Richman (Guthrie)
Maxwell Statia (Matamaros)         Tomas Angulo (Pascau)              Justin Martino (Jackson)
Annely Martinez (Rodriguez)        Katherine Meza (Pedrique)          Kieren Mojica (Coca)
Jorge Ruiz (Velazquez)             David Delvalle (B. Herrera)        Alejandra Azel (Model)
                                   Sebastian Garrido (Manressa)       Gaby Perez (Sanchez)

First Grade
Aiden Castro (Arevelo)             Third Grade                        Fifth Grade
Abigail Hernandez (Cartagena)      Branlis Infante (Cepero)           Manuel Rojas (Albert)
Danna Perez (N. Garcia)            Angelique Thompson (Cereijo)       Santiago Barbara-Olsen (Batista)
Pablo Junco (Henry)                Arthur Noriega (Cruz)              Ashley Valino (Gordon)
Gabriel Vargas (Gonzalez)          Alyssa Calero (Granda)             Alvaro Bernuy (Herrera)
                                   Ian Valdes (Kraft)                 Evahnie Funderburk (Mitchell-
                                   Emely Cuervo (Montero)             Smith)
                                   William Viso (Sampredo)            Mariana Carbonari (Rosenthal)
                                                                      Patricia Alvarez (Ward)
                                                                      Anthony Torres (Warner)

               February 2011 Student of the Month-Integrity
Kindergarten                       Second Grade                       Fourth Grade
Giovanni Estrada (Diaz)            Thomas Ortega (Calzadilla)         Tiffany Williams (Fong)
Julian Ancheta (T. Garcia)         Michael Arevalo (Mayor)            Alyssa Alonso (Guthrie)
Sofia Chavez (Matamaros)           Rosamaria Maticorena (Pascau)      Andrew Fornaris (Jackson)
Ricardo Perez-Queiro (Rodriguez)   Andy Castaneda (Pedrique)          Marianna Salvat (Coca)
Brian Shirley (Velazquez)          Lia Pitti (B. Herrera)             Mitra Hamzavi-Zargha (Model)
                                   Carolina Gaston (Manressa)         Nicole Wakim (Sanchez)

First Grade                        Third Grade                         Fifth Grade
Noah Lopez-Calleja (Arevelo)       Astrid Escobar (Cepero)            Wilfredo Albelo (Albert)
Gabriel Funcia (Cartagena)         Ami Hiyoshi (Cereijo)              Selena Febles (Batista)
Michael Depaz (N. Garcia)          Brayam Paz-Vasquez (Cruz)          Kara McKinney (Gordon)
Sofia Duran (Henry)                Emily Flores (Granda)              Jordan Ravelo (Herrera)
Kevin Contreras (Gonzalez)         Jared Martinez (Montero)           Andrew Minchola (Mitchell-Smith)
Leah Miller (Noble)                Gianpaul Asper (Sampredo)          Simon Castro (Rosenthal)
                                                                      Hannah Delcueto (Ward)
                                                                      Marissa Berio-Lebeau (Warner)
                                    Kenwood Times                                                                                      Page 4

                            The Sunshine State Young Readers Award Program
                                        Every year the Flor-    Every student (3rd-5th grades)           a chance to showcase their knowledge
                              ida Association for Media in      who read three or more titles by         of these titles and have a fun time
                              Education together with the       April 8th was eligible to vote for       competing and sharing their love of
      “Alone we               Florida Department of Educa-      their favorite in an election taking     reading. The winning team will travel
       can do so              tion sponsor the Sunshine         place at our school. The Miami           on a fieldtrip to Key Biscayne K-8
                              State Young Reader’s Award.       Dade Elections Department set up         Center on May 26th to compete
         little;              Media Specialist throughout       a voting booth and held the official     against other schools.
                              the state read thousands of       election on April 8th in our library.    To read more about the SSYRA Pro-
     together we              books in order to nominate 15     These votes are tabulated and sent       gram and to see a list of titles visit:
       can do so              of the best titles published in   to Tallahassee to be counted with
                              the last couple of years. The     all the other votes from schools
        much.”                books represent different         across the state. The author of          We congratulate all our students who
                              genres and cultures and are all   the book with the most votes re-         have read the Sunshine State titles
                              written for students in 3rd       ceives the Sunshine State Young              because you are all winners!
     Helen Keller             through 5th grade(s). Some of     Readers Award for 2011 and our
                              these books have won literary     students had a say in which book is
                              awards in other states or may     selected!
                              even be a Newbery honor           Students who read three or more
                              book. The idea is to expose       titles have also created teams
                              our young readers to different    which will compete in our first
                              writing styles, various authors   ever, Battle of the Books. This oral
                              and diverse genres that they      competition will take place on May       submitted by Mrs. Dania Ortega,
                              may not normally read.            6th in our library. Students will get    Library Media Specialist

   Kenwood K-8 Center Library Needs Your Used Books!
We are pleased to host,       Special Evening hours on           you may select a prize. Every
once again, our annual Used   Wednesday, May 18th dur-           week the highest donors will be
Book Sale. This is a great    ing the Science Fair.              featured in the morning announce-
way to find books for sum-    Prices: $1.00-$3.00                ments. All students who donate
mer reading and required                Used Books               20 items or more will receive a $2
class novels for next year.              $2.00-$5.00             certificate to spend during the fair.
There will be hundreds of          “Like New” Books,             Place all items in a bag or box
hardcover and softcover            DVD’s and Videos              with your child’s name, teacher’s
books as well as DVDs and               $ .25                    name and number of items do-
videos at rock bottom                                            nated. Bring all donated materials              WE WANT YOUR BOOKS!
                                  Little Golden Books,
prices.                                                          to the Media Center at anytime.
                                Pencils, Bookmarks and
                                                                 Thank you and see you there!
   Dates: May 16th-20th
    Time: 8:10 – 3:20                  Win A Prize               submitted by
                                                                 Mrs. Dania B. Ortega,
  Location: Library Media     Donate 10 or more gently used      Library Media Specialist
          Center              books, DVD’s or Videos, and

                                                                News from 4th Grade Catalysts
                              Who are you going to count           sharing their positive      we stand out for righteous
                              on to tame the Bully?                points of view, and know- beliefs, rigorous dreams
                              Catalysts took part in the           ing they can count on       and radiant Sunshine.
                              annual poster and essay              teachers and counselors
                                                                                               submitted by
                              contest from The Youth               to come to their rescue.    Dr. Sanda Model,

    Dr. Model’s “Books        Crime Watch of Miami-                Share our Florida Spirit;   4th grade Synergy

       With Wings”            Dade County. You can                 come by to see our latest
         winners!             count on Catalysts’ to take          innovative Florida Flags of
     Congratulations!         the Bully out of Bullying by         tomorrow. As Floridians
  Volume 2, Issue 3                                                                                                       Page 5

              Future Educators of America
  So far this year, our club    Congratulations on
  has dedicated over 500        your hard work and
  service hours to our          dedication to our
  teachers and our              school.
  school wide commu-            Coming up next…
  nity! I want to thank all     F.E.A.’s “Teacher for a
  our wonderful volun-          Day” activity is
  teers that helped our         Wednesday, May 11th.
  school in preparing,          Listen to the morning
  promoting, and volun-         announcements for
  teering at the P.T.S.A.       more details on our
  Winter Festival. Thank        final F.E.A. meeting.
  you also to our wonder-
  ful parents that worked       submitted by
                                Ms. Teresa Cereijo,
  at the game booths.           3rd grade FEA Chairperson
  Wow!! Kenwood K-8 is a
  wonderful place to be.                                                                             “When one door closes
                                                                                                      another door opens;
                                                                                                    but we so often look so
      Mrs. Rosenthal’s “Books With Wings”                                                           long and so regretfully
                                                                                                     upon the closed door,
  Kyra Fogelsanger wrote a      Kyra was chosen out of
                                                                                                     that we do not see the
  book entitled “Fairy Dust.”   200 entrants at Dade                                                  ones which open for
  She was honored at Royal      Reading Council’s (DRC)                                                       us.”
  Palm Elementary on Satur-     annual event called “Books                                            Alexander Graham
  day, March 5, 2011!!! Her     With Wings” I am so                                                           Bell
  whole family was there to     proud of her!
  help her celebrate.
                                Congratulations, Kyra!!!
  Kyra was presented with a
  certificate, pin and auto-
                                submitted by
  graph booklet while meet-     Susan Rosenthal,
  ing other young authors.      5th grade Teacher

                                                     Café Trivia
Do you know:                                    component of the meal, i.e., fruit,       health problems?
• Breakfast is FREE to all students             vegetable, milk, juice or one of the • Every day we serve an average of 300
   every day? Only about 30% of our             daily entrées to compliment the           breakfasts and 800 lunches to our stu-
   students take advantage of this              items brought from home?                  dents?
   daily?                                •      We offer fresh produce and vegeta- • We appreciate your continued trust in
• Breakfast is the most important               bles from our local farmers?              allowing us the privilege of serving your
   meal of the day?                      •      Kenwood’s café can provide bag            children?
• There are students who are ap-                lunches for field trips?
   proved for free and reduced lunch     •      The National School Lunch Act of
   meals that do not take                       1946 was signed by President         Thank you!
   advantage of this benefit?                   Harry S. Truman in response to
                                                                                     Submitted by
• Your child does not have to pur-              claims that many American men        Linda Boccio, cafeteria manager; & Staff
   chase an entire meal, they can pass          had been rejected for WWII mili-
   on the line to purchase any                  tary service because of diet-related
                                            Kenwood Times                                                                                      Page 6

                                       Solo and Ensemble Festival & Band News
                                        On Friday, February 25th,              Kareem Werin- Trumpet     received straight superior- Ken-
                                        “Kenwood’s Own Concert                 Gilbert Manresa– Trumpet wood was one of the six!!!
                                        Band” students participated            Juliana Mena- Flute
                                        in the Solo and Ensemble               Nicole Herrera- Flute              Congratulations!!
                                        Festival at Glades Middle              Pedro Zerpa- Tuba
                                        School. This festival encour-          Marlon Calvo– Snare Drum submitted by Jezabel Joa,
                                                                                                         Director of Bands, Upper Academy
                                        ages students to play solos,           Brandon Hernandez-
                                        duets and trios as they per-           Baritone
                                        form. For a Florida Band               Kim Samaan– French Horn
                                        Master Association judge               Gustavo Colon- Clarinet
                                        who will rate their perform-           Samantha Ambros– Clarinet
                                        ances. This year all Kenwood           Eric Armas– Trombone
                                        students participating got
                                        “Superior” on their perform-           On Friday, April 1st, students
                                        ances. Congratulations to the          from “Kenwood's Own Con-
                                        following students for their           cert Band” had their Music
                                        hard work, preparation, and            Performance Assessment at
    Be who you are                      performances:                          Ronald Reagan Senior High
   and say what you                     Patricia Otero- Flute                  School. Students obtained
        feel,                           Daniel Andrade-                        Straight Superiors, the
  because those who                     Bass Clarinet                          highest possible score. The
      mind don't                        Noah Cruz-Bustillo-                    competition involved per-
                                        Trumpet                                formance and sight reading.
                                        Martin Hiriart- Trumpet                Out of 30 schools, only six
    and those who
     matter don't
                                                            Mr.Lacayo’s Art News!
                                  Congratulations to the following
                                  Upper Academy art students.

                                  Chantelle Bass                   Gr. 8              &
                                                                         Catherine Gamero                 Gr. 7
                                  Natalia Diaz                     Gr. 7
                                                                         Shannon Gable                    Gr. 8
                                  Anju Wilson                      Gr.6
                                                                                They will be exhibiting their work
                                   They will be exhibiting their work during               during the
                                                      the                       “25th Annual Impressions in
                                    2011 Black History Month                       Watercolor Exhibition”
                                   “African Americans and the                  Keep up your outstanding work!
                                      Civil War” Exhibition                                                                  Gabriel Contreras’
                                                                                                                             Honorable Mention
                                       Mr.Lacayo’s Art News #2!
submitted by Eduardo Lacayo,                         Catherine Gamero                      Gr. 7 Isabel De la Huerta          Gr. 8
Art Teacher, Upper Academy
                                                     Robert Piacenti                       Gr. 7 Gabriel Contreras*           Gr. 8
Congratulations to the following Upper               Celeste Tamer                         Gr. 8 *honorable mention recipient
       Academy art students.
                                                      They will be exhibiting their work during the     They will be exhibiting their work during the
Jasmin Hodge                                Gr. 8         “Small Works II Exhibition”                 “Begging, Borrowing, and Stealing
Amanda Valino                               Gr. 8                           @
Maisel Aguero                               Gr. 8               1501 Biscayne Boulevard                               Moore Building
                                                                        Miami, FL                                   4040 NE 2nd Avenue
     They will be exhibiting their work during               Opening and awards reception TBA                         Miami, FL 33137
     “Re-inventing Rauschenberg
             Exhibition”                                                                              Keep up your outstanding work!
  Volume 2, Issue 3                                                                                                     Page 7

                                                                                                      Keep your children safe
                                                                                                        and happy on the
  PREVENTING CYBER-BULLYING                                                                                  internet!

              (from The Miami Herald, article entitled- “More tips on preventing cyber-bullying”
                      written by Carmen Gonzalez Caldwell, Sunday, January 30, 2011)

“Many of you e-mailed me regarding last week’s article on cyber-bullying as to what you can do as parents. You can start
by talking to kids about the issue and teaching them the rules below, intended to help prevent cyber-bullying from happen-
ing to them or someone they know.

Here’s what kids need to know:

    Never give out personal information online, whether in instant message profiles, chat rooms, blogs or personal websites.
    Never tell anyone but your parents your password-not even friends.
    If someone sends a mean or threatening message, don’t respond. Save it or print it out and show it to your parents.
    Never open e-mails from someone you don’t know or from someone you know is a bully.
    Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want your classmates to see, even in e-mail.
    Don’t send messages when you’re angry. Before clicking “send,” ask yourself how you would feel if you received the mes-
    Help kids who are bullied online by not joining in, and show bullying messages to an adult.

Here’s what parents can do:

    Keep your home computer in a busy area of your house.
    Set up e-mail and chat accounts with your children. Make sure that you know their screen names and passwords and
         that they don’t include any personal information in their online profiles.
    Regularly go over their instant messenger “buddy list” with them. Ask who each person is and how they know them.
    Discuss cyber-bullying with your children and ask if they have ever experienced it or seen it happen to someone.
    Tell your children that you won’t blame them if they are cyber-bullied. Emphasize that they won’t take away their
         computer privileges-this is the main reason kids don’t tell adults when they are cyber-bulllied.”

Carmen mentions at the end of her article that you contact her office or email her for brochures on cyber-bullying or Internet
safety. Her email address is: or call her at 305.470.1670

       Future Business Leaders of
  I would like to take this op-    ond place in Spreadsheet Ap-
  portunity to congratulate        plications. All the FBLA stu-
  Kenwood K-8 Center’s             dents that participated did an
  FBLA Chapter and the club        excellent job representing Ken-
  sponsor Mr. Gomez for an         wood!! Go cougars!!!
  outstanding performance at
                                   submitted by Carlos Gomez,
  District 26 Competition.         Upper Academy
  Three of Kenwood’s finest
  students placed in the top
  three in their respective
  events; Jackie Ojeda placed                  Joke #2                               Congratulations to
  in second place in Desktop         Why did the journalist go                      Kenwood K-8 Center’s
  Publishing, Stephanie Gon-          to the ice cream parlor?                         FBLA Chapter
  zalez placed in third place in          (answer on page 8)
  Desktop Publishing, and
  Augusto Incer placed in sec-
                                Kenwood Times                                                                               Page 8

                                  Elementary Art
                                  Ginger O’Neil came to                                            Mrs. Goldhagen received
                                  Kenwood K-8 Center in                                            an Honorable Mention for
                                  conjunction with the Co-                                         her color photograph above,
                                  conut Grove Visiting                                             “Carrousel de la Cite,”-at
                                  Artist Program and gave        Iramis Mayorquin, 2nd             the Miami-Dade County Art
                                  presentations to Ms. Gold-     grade, has her art project in     Teacher’s Showcase. The
                                  hagen’s Art classes on         The Fair.                         opening was at the Dave and
                                  Tuesday, February 22,          Sana Abid and Juliette            Mary Alper JCC Futernick
                                  2011. Ms. O’Neil is a          Csataneda, 5th grade stu-         Family Art Gallery on
     Ms. Goldhagen with         Fiber Artist and creates         dents, had their art projects     March 27, 2011. This exhi-
         Ginger O’Neill,        beautiful fabric quilts. All     in the Small Works II Ex-         bition is sponsored by the
   Visiting Coconut Grove       of the art classes had a         hibit. The exhibition was         Dade Art Educators Associa-
             Artist             hands-on art lesson and took     hosted by the Miami Inter-        tion, Inc.
                                the projects home.               national University of Art
                                                                 and Design.                       Submitted by
                                                                                                   Ms. Alice Goldhagen,
                                                                                                   Elementary Art Teacher
                                                                   Congratulations to these

 “Carrousel de la Cite”
   Ms. Goldhagen’s
  Honorable Mention
                                        BOX TOP Report                        submitted by Giovanni Masi,, Box Tops Coordinator

                          I would like to thank the students, parents and faculty for all their hard work, collecting Box Tops
                                                                    this school year.
                                       Our current running total collected for 2010-2011 year is now $2,700.50.
Answer to joke #2           This current school year period we have raised $1882.50 which puts us on pace to BREAK last
                                                                      year’s total!
She wanted to get          Parents, Box Tops official site has many offer and promotions available to raise money for Ken-
    the scoop!              wood and lots of saving for you! Also now earn eBox Tops for our school by shopping online.

                                      Please visit for more details.

                    Physical Education: Field Day at Kenwood K-8 Center
                           The elementary students at Kenwood participated in field day during the week of March 7th-11th.
                           The students competed in events such as jump rope, basketball, water/egg toss, over-under, baton
                           relay, and tug-o-war against the other classes in their grade level. The coaches are very pleased
                           with the enthusiasm and sportsmanship that was shown during this exciting week of events and
                           are looking forward to the next field day!

                           2nd Grade               3rd Grade                  4th Grade                5th Grade
                           1st – Manresa           1st – Cepero/Montero      1st – Fong                1st – Ward
                           2nd – Herrera           2nd – Granda               2nd – Model              2nd – Herrera
                           3rd – Calzadilla        3rd – Cereijo             3rd – Sanchez             3rd – Mitchell-Smith

                           Submitted by Coach Funcia and Coach Thompson, Elementary PE Coaches
 Volume 2, Issue 3                                                                                                Page 9

                  National Junior Honor Society
Kenwood K-8 NJHS are            Officers:                       Cassie Cortes
students that have dem-         President:                      Natalia Diaz
onstrated high aca-             Celeste Tamers                  Carly Duncan
demic achievement in Vice Presidents:                           Celina Fern
our middle school         Martin Hiriart                        Daniel Fernandez
grades (6th, 7th, and 8th Jackie Ojeda                          David Fernandez
                          Secretary/Historian:                  Olivia Finol
grade). This year, our
                                Melissa Andrade                 Catherine Gamero
members have read to
                                Members:                        Francesca Gedeon
our first graders during
                                                                Juan Herrera
literacy week, volun-           Ryan Granda, Isabel de
                                                                Michael Hiriart
teered at the Kenwood           la Huerta, Amanda
                                                                Cheolmin Im
Winter festival, and con-       Capo, Danielle Bu-
                                                                Ryan Lopez
tinue to volunteer service      kacheski, Michel Wakim,
                                                                Sophia Mainieri
hours at various commu-         Gilbert Manresa, Alexan-
                                                                Christian Molina                  CONGRATULATIONS!!!
nity programs. Through          dra Anderson, Kim
                                                                Maurizio Pascual
these services, they have       Samaan, Patricia Otero,
                                                                Meagan Reyes
also demonstrated their         Roberto Martinez, Gabri-
                                                                Leticia Rocha
leadership and exem-            ella Hainlin, Ana Guerra
                                                                Francine Rovira
plary character. We are 2010-2011 Inductees:
                                                                Camila Sarcone
very proud of all our           Alejandro Arrabal-Uria
                                                                Amanda Sanchez
members for their many          Stephanie Azan
                                                                Paulo Vasquez
accomplishments.                Dana Campa
                                Alejandro Cordoves

                                   3rd Grade Dade County “The Fair” Winners!!!
                            We are very proud of all our Kenwood third graders that entered their scrapbook projects
                            in this year’s Dade County Youth Fair.

                            25 First Place winners each received a ribbon and $4.00
                            37 Second Place winners each received a ribbon and $3.00
                            8 Third Place Winners each received a ribbon an $2.00

                            Congratulations to all our third grade winners!!

              The Fairchild Challenge 2010-2011
  The following students were    Research Poster:Lake Ecosys-   Poster 2:
  recognized in The Fairchild    tems                           Sophia Maineri
  Challenge this year.                                          Karoline Hernandez
                                 Poster 1:
                                                                Juan Vidal
  Creative writing-              Francesca Gedeon
                                                                Christina Molina
  Environmental Fables           Annabelle Ferrer
                                                                Brochure 2:
                                 Nick Perez
  Estefani Blades                                               Special Merit for “Most
                                 Paul Villanueva
  Stephanie Gonzalez                                            Creative and Effective Bro-
                                 Brochure 1:
  Elizabeth Quinonez-Special                                    chure”
                                 Carly Duncan
  merit awarded for “Best                                       Veronica Fernandez
                                 Reynier Serpa
  Message of Sustainability                                     Catherine Gamero
                                 Michaela Green
  and Ocean Awareness”                                          Michael Hiriat
                                 Justin Ruiz
                                                                Daniel Volpatti

                                                                Submitted by Victoria Benvenuti
                                                                and Sandi Acosta
                              Kenwood Times                                                                        Page 10

              Kenwood Cheerleaders-True Champions in 2011

 Once again our Varsity Cougar Cheerleaders brought home the awards!
  They won first place in their division at the Florida Cheer and Dance
Beach Battle Competition on March 5th in Ft. Lauderdale at Holiday Park.
          They also won 2nd place in their overall performance.
 The Beach Battle was the first competition from this year’s Mini Cougar
Cheerleaders. Though competing was new to them, they did not let that
 stop them from winning first place in their division. They won 3rd place
                      for their overall performance.
 Our teams have come a long way over the years and winning competi-
tions has become the norm. We are proud of the many accomplishments
                 the cheerleaders have made this year!

                           Way to GO COUGARS!!!                                                   “Old age is like
                   submitted by Ms. Vonda Kemp and Ms. Mabel Granda
                                                                                                everything else. To
                                                                                                make a success of it,
                                                                                                you've got to start

                                                                                                    Fred Astaire

       Mrs. Ward’s 5th Grade Math Masterminds

    Joining Isabella Martin, Rafael Sampaio          Carlos Hernandez and Christian Tinoco-
    and Anthony Torres on the list of “Hard
                                                     Graham are new to the division list of 100%
    Multipliers” are Austin Escobar, Carlos
                                                     timed tests.
    Hernandez, Willmarie Guerrero, Bianka
    Rodriguez and Samantha Rodriguez.                   Congratulations on a job well done!!!
    Christian Tinoco-Graham is new to the                      submitted by Mrs. Debby Ward,
    multiplication list of 100% timed tests.                   5 th Grade Mathematics Teacher
                               Kenwood Times                                                                  Page 11

                               PTSA News Corner
Dear Kenwood Community:

Any expression of gratitude involves looking at those around us who have made our children’s lives
better. Whether the person is an administrator, a teacher, a counselor, a parent, a paraprofes-
sional, an office staff member, a media specialist, a security guard, a custodial staff member, a cross walk assis-
tant or a volunteer, our children are all dependent upon those around them everyday. As I enter my final months
of my presidency, I am grateful to so many for making the last few years at Kenwood wonderful for our children.

Any PTSA success is dependent upon member participation and support for our many programs. That success is
also dependent upon hard-working committee and board members creating programs and energy that our mem-
bers want and volunteers to implement them. I want to thank all of the Kenwood PTSA volunteers and support-
ers. We could not have done it without you!

Let’s Show Our Teachers We Care
Do you want to help our teachers? You can make it possible for them to end this school year on a high note. Make
a tax-deductible donation to Kenwood today and help our teachers pay for additional educational materials. You
can make sure that great things will continue to happen here at Kenwood.

PTSA General Meeting
Come to our final PTSA General Meeting on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 in the Annex Cafeteria, at 6:30 p.m.

Our PTSA General Meetings are not only for updating our members, they provide an opportunity to invite guest
speakers who can provide valuable resources to parents and family members. Guest Albert Zbik, Psy. D spoke at
our last General Meeting on “Developing Self Esteem in your Children.” A Florida licensed clinical psychologist
and neuropsychologist, and former Administrative Director of the Rehabilitation Center at Baptist Hospital, he dis-
cussed how healthy self-esteem helps children face challenges, navigate conflict and combat anxiety.

Earlier this year we also had guest speaker Richard Toister, Ph. D. He shared a wealth of knowledge with our
Kenwood community about the treatment of anxiety and stress related disorders.

Winter Festival
The Winter Festival was a huge success. I hope everyone was able to attend and experience it firsthand. The Win-
ter Festival Committee did an outstanding job! I’d like to send out a special thanks to the amazing volunteers who
donated their time. A special thank you to Premier American Bank, N.A. for their generous donation of funds to-
wards the Festival rides. The PTSA raised close to $5,000.00 from ticket sales, the silent auction, the basket
sales and the sale of baked goods and other treats. Thank you to the room parents for their efforts in organizing
the beautiful baskets for the PTSA to display and sell at our Winter Festival. Thanks again to everyone who par-
ticipated. We could not have done it without you. The Winter Festival along with our other year round fundraisers
(Jaxco, Entertainment Book, BoxTops, Crest, T-Shirts, Halloween Sales & Orchid Sales) are certainly something
we should be proud of as a PTSA.

On behalf of the 2010/2011 Kenwood PTSA Board and Executive Committee Members, a heartfelt thank you to
the entire Kenwood Family for making Kenwood a better place for our children.

We look forward to continuing the mission of the Kenwood PTSA in the years to come. Please make every effort
to become part of the PTSA and give your time to your child(s) school. Show your child that they are your top pri-
ority by making a commitment to attend future PTSA meetings and get involved.

Laleh Gonsalves
Kenwood K-8 Center PTSA President
                                       Kenwood Times                                                                                      Page 12

                                                                                             Kenwood K-8 Center

                                   9300 S.W. 79 Avenue
                                   Miami, Florida 33156-7431

   Kenwood K-8 Center

                                                                                                Kenwood K-8 Center’s Mission
       Home of the
        Cougars                                                                              Kenwood’s mission is to foster each
                                                                                                student’s academic, social and
                                                                                             emotional potential in the pursuit
Please visit our website at
                                                                                             of life long learning and effective                                                    citizenship. Growth and excellence
                                                                                            in reading, writing, and math com-
We have a very informative website!
                                                         Answer to Joke #1                  petencies are emphasized across the
                                                       ...that you don’t step                                  curriculum.
                                                            in a poodle.

  Give clothes and
   other items to
 someone in need-
                                                Go Green By Giving to Charity
you will make them
                       These ideas come to you                 Reading Material - What about your          Take a day and gather together
very happy AND you
                       from: http://                           books? Donate children’s books and          everything that you don’t want or
will teach good les-
                                                               others to your local library or church.     need into one area like the garage.
sons to your family!              Give another person the gift of reading     You’ll need to go through it and find
    GO GREEN!!!        holidays/earth-day/articles/go-         a good book instead of throwing them        out what's useless and what can be
                       green-give-to-charity.html              away or storing them in boxes. You          saved. If it’s broken or truthfully use-
                       The call today is to save the planet. get to clean out your garage and free         less, you can get rid of it. Just make
                       You see the term “go green” every- up space.                                        sure if it can be recycled that you do
                       where. Helping the environment          Furniture, Computers & More - You           so.
                       helps us all since we all inhabit       can donate virtually anything. There        You just might find that what you
                       planet Earth. If you need an idea       are groups that will accept furniture (in   perceive as junk or past its time,
                       about how to help, give to charity.     good condition), computers and some         might be easily put to good use by
                       There’ll come a day when some of equipment. They, in turn, fix up these             someone else. Bag it up for delivery
                       your favorite clothes won’t fit. It’s   items and give or sell them to others       or collection by various agencies.
                       just a fact of life. Instead of turning for a much lower price that they can        You can find the names of local
                       your closet into a war zone by          afford. Instead of adding to the gar-       charities and branch offices for na-
                       keeping all those clothes, give         bage pile in the landfills, make better     tional charities in the telephone di-
                       them to someone who could use           use of items in your home that you no       rectory. Make contact with them to
                       them.                                   longer need or want. They can find a        learn their specific policies and pro-
                       Clothes - Local charities always        good home with a new owner.                 cedures for donating. Then, save
                       need clothes in good condition.         You can do this as a family project.        the environment by giving to charity.
                       They sell them to people who need It’s easy to become a packrat when                Giving to charity teaches many
                       them or provide them to shelters.       you have a home. You could be the           valuable lessons to every member
                       By donating your clothes, you are       type of person who never throws any-        of the family. You feel good when
                       helping to clothe a fellow human        thing away. That’s good in many ways        you can give back to your commu-
                       being. Before you send anything,        but your family is probably tired of        nity and help another person. Chari-
                       make sure it is freshly laundered       navigating their way around piles of        ties help you to do that by facilitating
                       and completely intact.                  books, papers and clothes.                  the process.

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