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					                                                Conservative Party Conference 2011
                                                                          12.30 - 14.00 › Manchester Central > Exchange 9
Sunday 2 October
19.30 — 21.00 › Manchester Town Hall › Committee Room 11
                                                                             The Demos Annual Security Lecture
                                                                             A keynote speech by Rt Hon. Dr. Liam Fox MP,
   The Demos Grill: An in-conversation                                       Secretary of State for Defence
   Tim Loughton MP in conversation with
   Rafael Behr, The New Statesman                                         17.30 — 19.00 › Manchester Central › Room 7
                                                                             Taxing Times: Is there anything wrong with
Monday 3 October                                                             tax avoidance?
8.00 — 9.30 › Manchester Town Hall › Committee Room 1                        Claire Perry MP; Michael Izza, ICAEW; Chris Lenon,
   Right on Race: A policy roundtable on racial justice                      Rio Tinto; Loretta Minghella, Christian Aid;
   and conservatism                                                          Max Wind-Cowie, Demos (chair)
   Gavin Barwell MP; Rob Berkley, The Runnymede Trust;
                                                                          18.30 — 21.00 › The Epernay Champagne Bar, Manchester
   Max Wind-Cowie, Demos; Philip Collins, Demos (chair)
   Private roundtable, by invitation only                                    Demos Champagne Reception
                                                                             David Willetts MP will join us to say a few words at the start of
8.00 — 9.30 › The Midland Hotel › The Rolls Suite                            the evening. By invitation only — for more information please
   Reinventing the Workplace: Can productivity and                           contact

   well-being go hand in hand?
   Maria Miller MP; Sarah Jackson, Working Families;                      Tuesday 4 October
   Tracey Killen, John Lewis Partnership;                                 8.00 — 9.30 › The Midland Hotel › The French
   Rosie Bennett, The Times (chair)                                          The What Not the How: Can the social care white paper
8.00 — 9.30 › Manchester Central › Exchange 4&5
                                                                             deliver on outcomes?
                                                                             Dr Sarah Wollaston MP (invited); Kieron Brennan, Vertex;
   Nudging the Nation: How can government and                                Michelle Mitchell, Age UK; Dame Denise Platt;
   business work together to encourage long-term                             Anushka Asthana, The Times (chair)
   savings behaviour?
   Andrew Tyrie MP (invited); Martin Palmer, Friends Life;                8.00 — 9.30 › Manchester Central › Exchange 2&3
   Paul Lewis, BBC Radio 4’s Moneybox (chair)                                In it Together: How can parents and teachers tackle
   Private roundtable, by invitation only                                    youth binge drinking?
                                                                             Anne Milton MP; Vivienne Evans, Adfam; Chris Sorek, Drinkaware;
8.00 — 9.30 › PWC O        ce › 101 Barbirolli Square
                                                                             Jeremy Todd, Family Lives;
   The Recovery Breakfast: Defining economic policy for the                   Jamie Bartlett, Demos (chair)
   next generation
   Andrea Leadsom MP; Philip Collins, Demos;                              8.00 — 9.30 › The Midland Hotel › The Stanley Suite
   Roger Marsh, PwC (chair)                                                  Financial Well-being: How do we foster inclusion during
   Private roundtable, by invitation only                                    the downturn?
                                                                             Justin Tomlinson MP; Delroy Corinaldi, CCCS;
8.00 — 9.30 › Manchester Central › Exchange 1
                                                                             Teresa Perchard, Citizens Advice;
   Unleashing Talent: How do we foster the skills needed                     Danielle Walker-Palmour, Friends Provident Foundation;
   for economic growth?                                                      Paul Lewis, BBC Radio 4’s Moneybox (chair)
   John Hayes MP; Frances O’Grady, TUC; Judith Norrington,
   City & Guilds; Stephen Uden, Microsoft;                                8.00 — 9.30 › Manchester Town Hall > Committee Room 1
   Julia Margo, Demos (chair)                                                All Together Now: Rewriting the story of educational
8.00 — 9.30 › The Midland Hotel › The Victoria Suite
                                                                             Gavin Barwell MP; Chris Husbands, Institute of Education;
   Children’s Rights: Legal foundation or policy                             Wes Streeting, Helena Kennedy Foundation;
   distraction?                                                              Brett Wigdortz, Teach First; Philip Collins, Demos (chair)
   Jesse Norman MP; David Bull, UNICEF UK; Jamie Burton, Doughty Street
   Chambers; Tim Oxley-Longhurst, youth activist;                         17.30 — 19.00 › Manchester Town Hall › Committee Room 1
   Rafael Behr, New Statesman (chair)                                        The Centre for London at Demos: What’s the winning
                                                                             Formula for London?
12.30 — 14.00 › The Midland Hotel › The Chester Suite
                                                                             The 2012 mayoral election and beyond
   What the Doctor Ordered? Can data transparency                            Steve Norris, Transport for London;
   revolutionise public services?                                            Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh, Hammersmith & Fulham;
   Francis Maude MP; Lara Carmona, Marie Curie Cancer Care;                  Anne McElvoy, The Economist;
   Kieron O’Hara, University of Southampton;                                 Ben Rogers, Centre for London;
   Roger Taylor, Dr. Foster;                                                 Janan Ganesh, The Economist (chair)
   James Crabtree, Financial Times (chair)
                                                                          19.30 — 21.00 › Manchester Central › Exchange 4&5
12.30 — 14.00 › Manchester Central › Exchange 1
                                                                             Opportunity Knocks: How can government and
   Squeezed Britain: How do we create the growth we want?                    business nurture a green tech revolution?
   Brandon Lewis MP; Paul Johnson, Institute for Fiscal Studies;             Greg Barker MP; Julia King, Aston University;
   Gavin Kelly, Resolution Foundation;                                       John MacArthur, Shell;
   Gerard Lyons, Standard Chartered;                                         Stephen Voller, Cella Energy Ltd;
   Philip Collins, Demos (chair)                                             Jon Bernstein, New Statesman (chair)

More information: 0207 367 6326

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