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					Fri3Oil System Technical Specifications


It is a System, based on a refrigeration machine, designed by refrigeration engineers
to clean refrigeration circuits with an completely automatic method. It also can recover
and recycle ALL halocarbon refrigerants.


It is essential to do a one-day training course, in order to achieve the necessary
knowledge of the system, and obtain this way the warranty and CE Marking


Valid for anyon mobile or stationary Refrigeration and Air Conditioning installation.
Small, Medium and big equipments,
 Recovery and recycling of all halocarbon refrigerants: CFC's, HCFC's and HFC's.
 Refrigeration circuits cleaning from oils, acids, water, and other substances.
 HCFC & MO retrofit to HFC & POE.
 Pipes cleaning when welding without N2.
 Refrigerants transfer.
 COP and cooling Capacity optimization of RAC installations.
Water extraction on installations where heat exchanger has been communicated.
Decontamination and recycling of equipments for disposal.

F3OS puede Recuperar y Reciclar Refrigerantes halocarbonados con las siguientes prestaciones:
               Medium working pressure (R-12, R-134a, etc.): 75 Kg/h. Approx. Liquid phase.
               Hihgh PressureAlta presión (R-22. R-404 A.R-507, R-407C, etc.) 115 Kg/h Approx. Liquid phase.
               Very High Pressure (R-410 A) de 135Kg/h. Approx. Liquid phase.
         5% margin
It uses the same refrigerant of the installation to extract all the oil from it.
Once extracted, F3OS has a liquid separator inside to recycle the refrigerant, which
is mixed with these substances.
Para demostrar la efectividad del sistema, disponemos de Certificados de Calidad Emitidos por la firma
Buerau Veritas, en los 3 conceptos que se exponen:
          Products quality after recycling:
                 o       (Less than 200 ppm on HFC’s and less than 600 ppm for HCFC’s)

         Refrigeration circuits are totally cleaned in their internal parts after a cleaning.
         Transfer capacity and recovery regarding data on this report.

CE Marking and Bureau Veritas Certificate
Dimensions(mm):(long-wide-high):                                                                660x400x630
Weight (kg)                                                                                              62
frame                        Stainless steel
Refrigeration circuit        Copper tube
Heat exchanger               Stainless steel
Air Condenser                Copper tube, Aiuminium wing. Frame: galvanized steel sheet
Mobility                     4 wheels and 2 handles for transportation
Machine Command              Mitsubishi Electric PLC and touch screen. 20 languages.
Electric board               1st quality products
Total recquired power        2Kw. Single phase. 220V. AC. 50Hz/60Hz
Daikin Compressor            Rotary RC60V1TNRT.Valid fo all halocarbon gases
Temp. And Pressure Probes    Hansun. Equivalent to Danfoss AKS11 y AKS33, respectively
Temperatures                 Thermostat and compressor discharge temp. Thermometer AKO 14123
Liquid separator             Brand: Wigham Model: DCR 09617S. Liquid Deposit
Solenoid valve group         Brand: Honeywell 1/4" 3/8"
Transfer capacity            MediumPressure. R12, R134a
                             high pressure Presión: R22, R404A, R407C
                             Very High Pressure: R410A
Bureau Veritas Certificate   Transfer capacity regarding data above.
                             Cleaning effectiveness of oils, acids, water and other substances.
                             Refrigerants recycling performance: < 200ppm for HFC. < 600ppm for HCFC
                   F3OS can recover and recycle halocarbon refrigerants with these features:

Kg/h Approx. Liquid phase.

                   We have certificates that endorse this performance, issued by Bureau Veritas,
                   that confirm:
hermometer AKO 14123


for HFC. < 600ppm for HCFC

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