4 Easy Steps To Installing Double Curtain Rods

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					4 Easy Steps To Installing Double Curtain Rods

Have you actually attempted installing double curtain rods to your own windows?Well, in case
not, you need to have time to see this article because setting up this kind of device is actually just
simply to complete. But prior to continue with the installing process, allow me initial provide you
a few standard information about it.

Double curtain rods, through definition, are 2 curtain rods which are created together into one
by installation bracket on each ends. This kind of drape rod offers the capability to hang two
different draperies of distinct types. Usually, these are produced of wood, plastic and metal that
arrives with different dimensions, designs and styles.

Usually, persons who're utilizing this type place pure curtain on the interior rod in order to allow
some light circulate through, during the day. The primary curtain that is usually much more
attractive and decorative compared to the inner one, however, are often composed of thick
material which is being utilized when they need just a little privacy in the inside or if they don't
prefer to permit some light to pass through their window.

Throughout the installing process, you can expect to need the next: a screw driver, a pencil or a
marker, tape measure, and a drilling machine. Right now, we will continue with four simple steps
in installing this kind of system. The entire procedure will only take about fifteen minutes.

1. Measure four inches over your window and then note it.

This really is the location where you are going to place the rod brackets. Test that when the
curtain supports are mounted, these will be positioned no less than one to two inches outside the
window framework. Be aware that there are a minimum of 2 mounting holes for each bracket
which are required to be noted.

2. Drill holes for the screws and then place tox in every pit in order to safe the screw securely.

3. Screw every one of the brackets on the walls.

4. Put now the internal drape rod to the mounting brackets followed by the next rod. Examine
that the supports are correctly positioned within the brackets.

Window represents an important element in the overlook of the home. Changing their look once
in awhile is required. The improvements don't have to be costly. Inserting beautiful valances or
even utilizing window clips to get accents are excellent ideas. As long as you're using double
curtain rods, you'll not run out of attractive house restoration ideas.

Description: Have you actually attempted installing double curtain rods to your own windows? Well, in case not, you need to...