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AGENCY PPT - Florida Insurance Brokers of Central Florida


									Florida Insurance Brokers
     Over 45 Years of Industry Experience
Florida Insurance Brokers

  ● Established In 1981

  ● Represent Over 50 Carriers
  ● Specialize In Employee Health Benefits
  ● Professional Consulting Services
  ● Big Broker Experience with Local Broker Service
The Four C’s

  ● Customer Service
  ● Customized Health Plans
  ● Coordinated Open Enrollments
  ● Community Involvement
Customer Service

  ● Key Account Manager Assigned to each Client
  ● On Site Employee Enrollment & Orientation
  ● Online Employee Enrollment Capabilities
  ● Personalized Benefits Package Design
  ● Human Resources Consultation
  ● COBRA Administration
  ● Administrative & Claim Services
  ● Annual Benefit Reviews
Customized Health Plans

  ● Personalized Health Plan Design
  ● Fully Insured Health Carrier Options
  ● Alternate Funding / ERISA Plans
  ● Contract Negotiation
  ● Executive / Key Employee Benefits
  ● Preferred Agency status allows us Direct
   Access to Underwriters
Coordinated Open Enrollments

  Start To Finish Approach
  Education - Technology - Personal Touch

  ● On Site Representatives
  ● Audio Visual Presentations
  ● Personalized Enrollment Kits
  ● Question & Answer Session
Community Involvement

 ● Nature Coast Human Resources Society
 ● Pasco-Hernando Job Board
 ● Hernando Chamber of Commerce
 ● Financial Networking Group

     If this is the year to make a change, we believe Florida
  Insurance Brokers is the Agency to accomplish this. We are
            committed to serving your insurance needs.

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