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unjlc_sdn_pcode_settlement-_locator_070928 by zhangyun

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									PCODE Settlement Locator for Southern Sudan
PCODE settlements to be used in data collection and recording
Listing from UNJLC 6 September 2007, contact

1) From the drop down filters select the payam, country or state
2) From the filtered list select the settlement
3) Record the settlement name and PCODE
4) From the drop down filters select '(All)' to reset the filter

Settlement                    PAYAM                        COUNTY           STATE                     PCODE        ALT_NAME2
Aangari                       Arioyo                       Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140001
Abadai                        Turalei                      Twic             Warrab                    NC35110001
Abaiat                        Renk                         Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060001
Abang                         Ador                         Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050001
Abang                         Udici                        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030001
Abar                          Thiet                        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040001
Abara                         Magwi                        Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140001
Abarau                        Raja                         Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140002
Abarnima                      Oriny                        Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100001
Abarud                        Raja                         Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140003
Abbeit                        Renk                         Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020002
Abd allah                     Tonj                         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040002
Abd at tam                    Tonj                         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040003
Abd el lait                   Raja                         Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020001
Abd er rigal                  Renk                         Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070003
Abd et tam                    Tonj                         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040004
Abdulla                       Koze                         Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120001
Abdullah                      Tonj                         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040005
Abdullah                      Kediba                       Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090001
Abegi                         Yei                          Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130001
Abeir                         Kuei                         Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080001
Abeit                         Kuanjthii                    Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030002
Abelek                        Tonj                         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040006
Abeo                          Udici                        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030003
Aber                          Kuei                         Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080002
Abeye                         Yei                          Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130002
Abi                           Ananatak                     Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040007
Abiagyai                      Aburoc                       Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060002
Abianyayo                     Aburoc                       Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060003
Abich                         Nyandit                      Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030001
Abiem                         Bunagok                      Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050002
Abiem                         Abang                        Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050003
Abiemnom                      Mankien                      Mayom            Unity                     NC35120001
Abieth                        Akop                         Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160001
Abiey                         Akop                         Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160002
Abiic                         Aburoc                       Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060004
Abiriu                        Rup                          Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080003
Abiyai                        Rup                          Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040008
Abiyei                        Luacjang                     Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040009
Abmju                         Rubkoana                     Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120002
Abmju                         Renk                         Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110002
Abon                          Wunlam                       Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090001
Abongkeu                      Ngop                         Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050004
Abort                         Yargot                       Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150001
Abu diqn                      Renk                         Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070004
Abu el hafiz                  Raja                         Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35060002
Abu gaw                       Renk                         Renk             Upper Nile                NC36030002
Abu gimru                     Raja                         Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35060003
Abu jop                       Kongam                       Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100002
Abu khamira                   Jiech                        Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130001
Abu kirsh                     Udici                        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150002
Abu kot                       Renk                         Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070008
Abu qurun                     Mankien                      Mayom            Unity                     NC35120004
Abu qurun                     Kuajiena                     Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030004
Abu ras                       Raja                         Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020002
Abu satta hills               Nagero                       Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070001
Abu shakka                    Udici                        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030005
Abu shalaya                   Renk                         Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020005
Abu shanab                    Renk                         Renk             Upper Nile                ND36150007
Abu tong                      Tonga                        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090003
Abu zagal                     Raja                         Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090002
Abu zaribah                   Raja                         Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35100001
Abuge                         Raja                         Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140004
Abui                          Rup                          Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040010
Abuilingakine                 Kwauto                       Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120001
Abuj                          Renk                         Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060006
Abujon                        Pakang                       Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100003
Abujop                        Pakang                       Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090004
Abungo                        Udici                        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030006
Abuong                        Wunlam                       Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090005
Abuoy            Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090006
Aburoc           Aburoc           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060007
Abu-shakka       Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030007
Abut             Akon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150003
Abuyong          Bunagok          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050005
Abwong           Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100004
Abwong           Nyuak            North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050006
Abwong           Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100005
Abyad            Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35060008
Abyei ajok       Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080004
Abyor            Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040011
Acha kwel        Wathmouk         Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150004
Achier-chok      Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160003
Achigor          Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050007
Achila           Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140002
Achod            Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040012
Achok            Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050008
Achol            Jalle            South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060001
Achol            Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040013
Acholi           Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020001
Achoma           Baidit           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060002
Achop            Ogod             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100006
Achung           Kodok            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100007
Achwer           Aluakluak        Yirol            Lakes                     NB36010001
Achwil           Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100008
Acierchok        Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160004
Acumcum          Marial wau       Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030008
Ad fakwan        Haat             Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130004
Adado            Obwa             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100009
Adal             Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060008
Adala            Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020002
Adam yanga       Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020003
Adaudo           Aburoc           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060009
Adaudo nyerur    Aburoc           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060010
Adeiri           Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060011
Adeit            Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NC35150005
Adet             Motot            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140001
Adet             Jalle            South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060003
Adet             Pathuon          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150006
Adiai            Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120006
Adidiang         Kongam           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100010
Adidiang paych   Panyidwai        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100011
Adidop           Wunrok           Twic             Warrab                    NC35110003
Adidur           Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040014
Adimakuj         Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150001
Adindaw          Aweng            Twic             Warrab                    NC35120007
Adinow           Aweng            Twic             Warrab                    NC35120008
Adio             Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130003
Adior            Maar             North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060004
Adior            Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050009   Palwal
Adiota           Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050010
Adir             Gogrial          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150007
Adjang           Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040015
Ado              Ngop             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050011
Adodo            Owaci            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100012
Adogoteshe       Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140003
Adok             Haat             Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130006
Adok             Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130005
Adol             Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080005
Adol             Turalei          Twic             Warrab                    NC35110004
Adong            Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36140002
Adonga           Pochalla         Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030002
Ador             Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050012
Ador             Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040016
Adull            Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040017
Adull            Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080006
Adun             Akon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150008
Adunasi          Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010001
Adundut          Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050013
Adurra           Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160005
Adusha           Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020003
Adwet            Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160006
Aeng             Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050014
Affa             Mambe            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160001
Afiatt           Wunrok           Twic             Warrab                    NC35110005
Afifi            Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020004
Afoyi            Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140004
Ag ngrial        Duony            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080007
Aga falls        Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010002
Agago            Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35080008
Agaigai          Nyirol           Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140003
Agaigai          Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160007
Again            Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC35160008
Again            Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160009
Againg             Pakang           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100013
Agal dit           Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150009
Agalak             Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020007
Agaldit            Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150010
Agangrial          Gumuruk          Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060005
Agany              Aluakluak        Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050015
Agar               Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040018
Agar               Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040019
Agarak             Paweng           Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090007
Agat               Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100014
Ageng              Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36050016
Ager               Duk payuel       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020001
Ager               Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020005
Aghan              Ngop             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050017
Aghanich           Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050018
Agit               Arioyo           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140005
Agodo              Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100015
Agogo              Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040020
Agok               Baliet           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100016
Agok               Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160010
Agokadol           Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080009
Agol               Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050019
Agom               Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020002
Agor               Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160011
Agor dit           Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060012
Agor ti            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060013
Agorbar            Maar             North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050020
Agoro              Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140005
Agorogwor          Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050021
Agugo              Pakang           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100017
Agujang            Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040021
Aguka              Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040022
Agul               Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050022
Agum               Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020008
Agum               Pathuon          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150011
Aguran             Mvolo            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36050023
Agurfing           Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NC35150012
Agurton            Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150013
Agwal              Akobo            Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36020003
Agwey              Kueldit          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090008
Agwit              Mangargier       Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150014
Agwok              Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030009
Agyagya            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110004
Ahoit              Pathuon          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150015
Aidu               Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040023
Ainyar             Marial wau       Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030010
Aiweng             Duk payuel       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010002
Aiwi               Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040024
Aiyau              Motot            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140004
Aiyen              Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080010
Aiyerri            Ifuotu           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140006
Aiyota             Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060014
Aiyung             Baliet           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100018
Ajaj               Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050024
Ajak               Maar             North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050025
Ajak               Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040025
Ajak               Lou              Yirol            Lakes                     NB36010003
Ajak               Gomjuer          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140006
Ajak               Yargot           Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150016
Ajak               Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120010
Ajak cheng korok   Nyuak            North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020004
Ajak kuoc          Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100019
Ajak-kwach         Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120011
Ajako              Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040026
Ajakuac            Ajakkuac         Twic             Warrab                    NC35120012
Ajangno            Akiela           Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030003
Ajar               Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050026
Ajaugo             Pakang           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090009
Ajibja             Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010004
Ajiechrial         Akon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150017
Ajiep 2            Kuajok           Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150018
Ajiep 3            Kuajok           Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150019
Ajiep 4            Kuajok           Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150020
Ajiep 3            Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC35160012
Ajiep 4            Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC35160013
Ajijo              Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110005
Ajijuit            Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080011
Ajingel            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060015
Ajio               Otogo            Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010003
Ajok               Turalei          Twic             Warrab                    NC35110006
Ajon               Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050027
Ajuini             Duk payuel       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010005
Ajung shol         Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150021
Ajungmir           Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150001
Ajwara         Pochalla            Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030004
Ajwir          Ador                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050028
Ajwok          Akop                Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160014
Akac           Wathmouk            Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150022
Akagjak        Aluakluak           Yirol            Lakes                     NB36010006
Akai           Pagil               Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130007
Akai           Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36140005
Akait          Rubkoana            Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120013
Akak           Rubkoana            Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120014
Akak           Panyok              Twic             Warrab                    NC35110007
Akar           Duk padiet          North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020005
Akayr          Wau                 Ayod             Jonglei                   NB36010007
Akej           Udici               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030011
Akeu           Abang               Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050029
Akiar          Ananatak            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040027
Akid island    Panyidwai           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100020
Akileng        Loudo               Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150002
Akim           Toch (gogrial)      Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160015
Akite          Gakrol              Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150023
Akitukomoi     Riwoto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110001
Akobo          Walgak              Diror            Jonglei                   NB36020006
Akobo          Akobo               Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030005
Akobo hills    Udici               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030012
Akoc           Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100021
Akoc           Akoc                Twic             Warrab                    NC35110008
Akoich         Maar                North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060006
Akoich         Akoc                Twic             Warrab                    NC35110009
Akoite         Malual east         Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110010
Akojan         Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36050030
Akok           Paliau              North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050031
Akok           Akop                Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160016
Akok           Ananatak            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040028
Akok fadiut    Citcok              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040029
Akoke          Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100022
Akoloch        Ador                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050032
Akon           Toch (gogrial)      Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160017
Akon           Thiet               Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040030
Akon           Akon                Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150024   Melo
Akop           Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040031
Akop           Luakpiny            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150002
Akop           Akop                Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160018
Akoraweng      Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100023
Akoribok       Riwoto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110002
Akoro          Imotong             Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150003
Akort          Kuanjthii           Tonj             Warrab                    NC35150025
Akoru          Ikotos              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030001
Akorwet        Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060016
Akot           Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040032
Akot           Alamtoch west       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36050033
Akot           Ulang               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100024
Akot           Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060017
Akot           Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100025
Akot           Luacjang            Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160019
Akot           Marial wau          Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150026
Akoweit        Luacjang            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040033
Akowit         Nyuak               North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050034
Akuem          Toch (old fangak)   Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130008
Akuem          Yargot              Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150027
Akuich         Nyuak               North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050035
Akun           Akon                Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150028
Akuoc-cok      Aluakluak           Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050036
Akur           Jalle               South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060007
Akurwa         Kwojo               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060018
Akwai          Toch (gogrial)      Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150029
Akwai          Kuajiena            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030013
Akwain         Luacjang            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040034
Akwaiya        Mwomo               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060019
Akwaj          Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060020
Akwak          Baidit              South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050037
Akwei          Lou                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050038
Akwena ridge   Arioyo              Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150030
Akwenno        Kuajiena            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030014
Akwer nhom     Gomjuer             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140007
Akwero         Pageri              Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020004
Akwir          Tonj                Tonj             Warrab                    NB35080012
Akwoing        Kuei                Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080013
Akwolakwoy     Abang               Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050039
Akwong         Kuajiena            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030015
Akwongdair     Gomjuer             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140008
Akwongdau      Gomjuer             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100002
Akwongrail     Ayat                Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100003
Akwongyik      Gomjuer             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100004
Akwot          Gomjuer             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110013
Akwot          Baliet              Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100026
Al Murraya     Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090061   El Murray
Alcool         Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080014
Alcool         Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070002
Alego          Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140007
Alek           Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020009
Alek           Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150031
Alek 2         Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150032
Alel           Bunagok          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050040
Alel           Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050041
Alel           Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030016
Alet           Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160020
Ali bundit     Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090002
Ali dellu      Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                ND36140010
Ali golo       Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020006
Ali mboko      Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020007
Aliab          Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080015
Aliab          Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050042
Aliab          Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36060008
Aliab          Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040035
Aliang         Jalle            South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060009
Aliek          Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160021
Aliep          Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070003
Aliet          Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040036
Aliyab         Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040037
Allah jabu     Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110006
Allela         Mariam           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150033
Alliab         Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080016
Allo           Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020005
Alona          Loudo            Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150004
Alongdior      Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080017
Alongid        Duony            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080018
Alonglei       Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050043
Aloto          Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010004
Alotshuai      Citcok           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040038
Aluakluak      Aluakluak        Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050044
Aluet          Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150034
Alul           Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050045
Alur           Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030017
Aluz           Imurok           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140008
Alwel          Akon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35110014
Alwet          Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040039
Amadi          Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090003
Amadi          Mundri           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090004
Amaki          Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120002
Amalakpa       Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160002
Amalla hills   Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140009
Amardi         Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090005
Amat rot       Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050046
Ambaio         Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020006
Ambo           Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35120003
Ame            Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140010
Ameda          Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130004
Ameh           Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140011
Ameil          Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040040
Amemen         Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160022
Amerachir      Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050047   Malek
Amet           Akon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35110015
Ameth          Akon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35110016
Amett          Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040041
Amian          Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160023
Amit           Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040042
Amit           Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080019
Amiting        Imurok           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140012
Amoi           Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040043
Amok-piny      Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010008
Amolbut        Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080020
Amom           Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150035
Amotong        Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140013
Amou           Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36140006
Amou           Akon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150036
Amtaini        Lotukei          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NA36030002
Amujupi        Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010005
Amunguk        Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160024
Amur           Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040044
Amwot          Baidit           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060010
Anak           Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040045
Anakanaka      Kapoeta          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150005
Anakwep        Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030018
Anangyan       Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050048
Andari         Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090006
Andari         Ezo              Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35110001
Angabi         Tore             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB35160003
Anganja        Maruko           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35080021
Angarbaka      Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090004
Angbasheti       Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35130001
Angeich          Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090010
Angi             Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020007
Angisa           Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030019
Angnor           Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100027
Angol            Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040046
Angutua          Mambe            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160004
Angwak           Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160025
Angwea           Kuajok           Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150037
Angweri          Bazia            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35070004
Angwi            Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040047
Angyul           Malual east      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110018
Anip             Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080022
Anoig            Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040048
Anok             Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020010
Anok             Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100028
Anokwai          Baidit           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060011
Anunbul          Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060021
Anuol            Ngop             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050049
Anwani           Narus            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150006
Anwet            Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040049
Anwurchol        Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160026
Anyal chol       Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100029
Anyang           Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150038
Anyanl chol      Akon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35110019
Anyat            Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050050
Anyei            Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050051
Anyidi           Anyidi           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060012
Anyoka           Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060022
Anyur            Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050052
Apair            Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040050
Apalla           Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020008
Apati            Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070001
Apelli koperat   Lauro            Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150007
Apetotou         Loudo            Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150008
Apheit           Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040051
Apida            Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110007
Apiong           Nyandit          Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030006
Apurin           Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040052
Aqordit          Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070018
Aqungok          Pakang           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090011
Arab             Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090007
Aradeiba         Lou              Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050053
Arado            Lire             Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NB36140014
Araka            Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130005
Araki            Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160005
Aramtalla        Duony            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080023
Aramularo        Duony            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080024
Arbam            Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130006
Arbeit           Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020011
Arei             Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060023
Areit            Baidit           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060013
Arer             Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050054
Arer             Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060024
Ariang           Akon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150039
Ariath           Paguir           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090012
Ariath           Malual east      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110020
Aribo            Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020009
Arieri           Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080025
Ariga            Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010006
Aringeli         Koze             Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120004
Aripewi          Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150009
Arol             Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160027
Aromnel          Abang            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050055
Arow             Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040053
Arrio            Marial wau       Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030020
Aru              Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080026
Aruich           Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090013
Aruk             Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040054
Arum             Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030021
Arungateli       Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150010
Arwop            Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010009
Ashandit         Baidit           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060014
Asharo           Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100005
Ashasi           Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140009
Ashel            Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100030
Ashor            Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030022
Ashot            Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040055
Ashup            Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030023
Ashwanich        Wunrok           Twic             Warrab                    NC35110022
Ashweir          Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160028
Ashwilich        Jalle            South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060015
Ashwok           Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NC35150040
Assaung          Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050056
Assombo         Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070005
Aswa            Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020010
Atai            Mwomo            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060025
Atairu          Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080027
Atalochulo      Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160001
Ataloma hills   Narus            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150011
Atar            Kurway           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090014
Atar            Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110008
Atar 2          Kurway           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090015
Atar 2          Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100031
Atcherah        Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070002
Ateadwoi        Athidwoi         Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060026
Ateim           Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030024
Atelli          Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150012
Atepi           Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020011
Atet            Makuac           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060016
Athakong        Panyidwai        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100032
Athidway        Athidwoi         Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060027
Athigiriait     Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160002
Atiabba         Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080028   Attair M
Atiam tiam      Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160029
Atido           Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030025
Atietit         Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100033
Atiit           Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36050057
Atingrur        Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090016
Atitwi          Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050058
Atoing          Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36140007
Atok            Citcok           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040056
Atong           Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040057
Atonj           Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060028
Atoro           Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050059
Attigu          Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140015
Attigu          Tonga            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090017
Attir           Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36050060
Attit           Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36050061
Attumkum        Citcok           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040058
Atuki           Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100034
Atukuel         Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150003
Atukuel         Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150041
Atum            Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040059
Atur            Mangargier       Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150042
Aturuk          Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050062
Aturuk          Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060029
Atwot           Ngop             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050063
Atyoptyop       Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100035
Audo kabo       Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130007
Auri            Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140010
Au'u            Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110009
Auyeir          Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100036
Avokoia         Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130008
Avoni           Arioyo           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140011
Awada           Arioyo           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140012
Awag el bagar   Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070020
Awajo           Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140016
Awakot          Lopet            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110003
Awan            Anyidi           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060017
Awan            Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100037
Awangak         Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060018
Awangaling      Obwa             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100038
Awar            Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050064
Awarajwok       Owaci            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100039
Awarjok         Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030026
Awau            Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080029
Awau            Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36060019
Awe             Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020012
Aweil           Mariam           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150043
Aweng           Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100040
Aweng           Aweng            Twic             Warrab                    NC35120015
Aweragor        Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120016
Awerial         Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050065
Awiri           Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090007
Awo             Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160030
Awok            Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040060
Awolabul        Kuel mol piny    Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090018
Awong           Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060030
Awoy            Duk payuel       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010010
Awuk            Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080030
Awulu           Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090019
Ayai            Mangargier       Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150044
Ayang           Lou              Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050066
Ayau            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060031
Ayeie           Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140013
Ayem            Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050067
Ayen            Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080031
Ayen             Wunrok          Twic             Warrab                    NC35150045
Ayer             Akop            Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160031
Ayet             Turalei         Twic             Warrab                    NC35110023
Ayien            Wunlam          Atar             Jonglei                   NC36130009
Ayien            Akon            Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150046
Ayiew            Akon            Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150047
Ayiot            Wunlam          Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100041
Ayod             Waat            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140008
Ayod             Wau             Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130010
Ayok             Ador            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050068
Ayom             Duk padiet      North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020007
Ayom             Akop            Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160032
Ayom             Kuanjthii       Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030027
Ayoni            Arioyo          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140014
Ayowangen        Kodok           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100042
Ayu              Rup             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040061
Ayuang           Koch            Koch             Unity                     NC35160033
Ayuang           Gogrial         Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150048
Ayugok           Tonj            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040062
Ayum             Magwi           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140017
Azai             Yeri            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35120005
Azraq            Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140015
Baang            Rup             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040063
Baar             Wunlam          Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100043
Baar             Panyok          Twic             Warrab                    NC35110024
Baar mayen       Gakrol          Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150049
Baau             Baau            Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150050
Baau             Koch            Koch             Unity                     NC35160034
Babiu            Ador            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050069
Babul            Thiet           Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040064
Bada             Udici           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150051
Badai            Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090008
Bade             Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140016
Badigeru swamp   Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100001
Badodi           Kurway          Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090020
Bafa             Awerial         Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050070
Bagategella      Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140018
Bagidi           Ezo             Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35110002
Bahr al arab     Wichok          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120019
Bahr al ghazal   Paweng          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090021
Bahr el girin    Mvolo           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36050071
Bahr gel         Duony           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080032
Bahr naam        Mambe           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160006
Bahr naam        Mambe           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160007
Bahr olo         Mambe           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120006
Bahr olo         Mambe           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120007
Baia             Kediba          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090009
Baidit           Jalle           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060020
Baily            Aweng           Twic             Warrab                    NC35110025
Baimbi           Maridi          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120008
Baka             Tore            Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130009
Bakchien         Awerial         Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050072
Bakendi          Ezo             Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35110003
Bakhit           Tore            Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130010
Bakhit           Udici           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030028
Bakordi          Bangasu         Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35160008
Bakwondo         Udici           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030029
Bala             Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010007
Bala hills       Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010008
Bala pool        Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36100002
Balagat          Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060032
Balaiwal         Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100044
Balala           Pageri          Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020013
Balbud           Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35100006
Bale             Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130011
Bali             Mundri          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090010
Balla            Wau west        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030030
Balliet          Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100045
Baloke           Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130012
Balwan           Boma            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080001
Bamani           Ibba            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160009
Bambu            Ngap            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080033
Bamurye          Kangepo ii      Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020014
Ban burka        Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070023
Ban donige       Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070024
Ban kaala        Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070025
Ban tami         Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070026
Ban tollog       Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070027
Ban toltukke     Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070028
Ban yaawin       Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070029
Bananbu          Maruko          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120009
Banda            Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140017
Banda linda      Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140018
Bandala          Nagero          Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070006
Bandima            Maruko          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120010
Bandoguyo          Source yubu     Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35110004
Bang               Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110010
Banga              Li-rangu        Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150001
Ba-ngai-ngai/And   Ezo             Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35150002
Bangarup           Kuel mol piny   Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090022
Bangbara           Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020008
Bangi              Ezo             Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35110005
Bangjang           Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020013
Banglai            Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100046
Bangolo            Bangolo         Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130013
Bangusa            Bangasu         Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35160010
Bani               Koze            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120011
Banio              Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020009
Banjok             Ganyiel         Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010011
Banwar             Yeri            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35120012
Banya              Wichok          Mayom            Unity                     NC35160035
Banya              Panyok          Twic             Warrab                    NC35150052
Banyjiel           Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150004
Banyong            Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060033
Bar                Jiech           Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130011
Bar aguoc          Alamtoch east   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080034
Bar mayen          Arioyo          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150053
Bar pakeny         Alamtoch east   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080035
Bar pan mayom      Alamtoch east   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080036
Bar panyok         Panyok          Twic             Warrab                    NC35110028
Bara               Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090010
Baragu             Ezo             Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35150003
Baraka             Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130014
Baralil marsh      Wunrok          Twic             Warrab                    NC35110029
Baranga            Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130015
Baranga            Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130016
Bararud            Udici           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030031
Baratong           Marial wau      Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030032
Barboi             Kuernyang       Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090023
Baremadit          Marial wau      Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030033
Bargarol           Wichok          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120020
Bari               Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090011
Bari               Ngepo           Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NB36130017
Bari               Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010009
Bari               Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140019
Bari               Rup             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040065
Baringa            Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090012
Barmit             Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110011
Baro               Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100003
Baronga            Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090013
Baroth             Pieri           Wuror            Jonglei                   NC36140009
Basakumbo          Ibba            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160011
Basu               Maruko          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120013
Batarus            Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110012
Batimoru           Akelo           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070003
Baw                Maiwut          Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150005
Bay                Kuanjthii       Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030034
Bayli              Ifuotu          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140020
Bayrkou            Ador            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050073
Bazia              Bazia           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030035
Bazingua           Nzara           Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150004
Bedden rapids      Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140021
Begjuka            Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060034
Beh                Pibor           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070004
Beilwak            Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060035
Beimachok          Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060036
Beir               Pieri           Wuror            Jonglei                   NC36140010
Beir               Nadiangere      Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35070007
Beit uthman        Ayat            Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140019
Beitein            Citcok          Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040066
Belabolo           Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140020
Beleu              Ngarich         Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150013
Belgo              Aburoc          Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060037
Belibeli           Ifuotu          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140022
Belichinanu        Pibor           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070005
Bella              Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110014
Belwang            Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110015
Benda              Kuel mol piny   Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090024
Beneshowa          Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110016
Beneshowa          Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100047
Bengengai          Ezo             Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35150005
Bengeya            Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090014
Benj               Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060038
Bentiu             Rubkoana        Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120021
Bera               Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020015
Berad              Nyadin          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130012
Berboi             Kuernyang       Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090025
Bereka             Lainya          Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130018
Beringi         Udici           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030037
Beringi         Bazia           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030036
Beringwa        Lozoh           Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090015
Berinya         Lozoh           Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090016
Berku           Ador            Yirol            Lakes                    NB36050074
Berri           Mundri          Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090017
Bertimani       Lotukei         Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150014
Beshir          Maridi          Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120014
Betiguli        Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150015
Bey             Ador            Yirol            Lakes                    NB36050075
Beykers         Duk padiet      North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36010012
Beyli           Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140023
Beyteyn         Lou             Yirol            Lakes                    NB36050076
Bi              Kuernyang       Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090026
Biamanguru      Maruko          Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120015
Biamanzinzo     Maruko          Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120016
Biar            Lith            North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36020008
Biar            Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36140011
Biarubo         Duma            Tambura          Western Equatoria        NB35110006
Biau            Wau             Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130013
Bibban          Renk            Renk             Upper Nile               NC36060039
Bibi            Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35020010
Bieh            Koch            Koch             Unity                    NC36130014
Biel            Ulang           Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36140012
Bielli          Guit            Guit             Unity                    NC35160036
Biem            Gumriak         Ruweng           Unity                    NC36050009
Biil            Rubkoana        Rubkona          Unity                    NC36090027
Biim            Ulang           Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36140013
Bil             Mankien         Mayom            Unity                    NC35120022
Bil             Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36100048
Bilait          Venthaith       Pibor            Jonglei                  NB36070006
Bilaiwal        Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36100049
Bilal           Bazia           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030038
Billing         Duony           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080038
Billing         Alamtoch east   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080037
Billinguit      Duony           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080039
Bilmogga        Nagero          Tambura          Western Equatoria        NB35070008
Bima            Li-rangu        Yambio           Western Equatoria        NB35150006
Bimachuk        Awet-adet       Ruweng           Unity                    NC36050010
Bimba           Koze            Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120017
Bin             Meound          Pibor            Jonglei                  NB36080002
Binawaw         Kuei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080040
Bingo           Landili         Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35160012
Biong ayer      Akoc            Twic             Warrab                   NC35110031
Bior arbit      Paliau          North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36010013
Bir di          Thiet           Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040067
Bi'r dudu       Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100007
Bi'r gorr       Tonj            Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040068
Bi'r lulchuk    Kuanjthii       Tonj             Warrab                   NB35030039
Bi'r qurud      Kuanjthii       Tonj             Warrab                   NC35160037
Bir tombak      Akop            Tonj             Warrab                   NC35160038
Bira            Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35020011
Biri            Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130019
Birshi          Maruko          Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120018
Bisellia        Udici           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030040
Bita            Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36090018
Bitti           Kediba          Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090019
Bittima         Namutina        Tambura          Western Equatoria        NB35100001
Bittima         Maridi          Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120019
Biu             Gumriak         Ruweng           Unity                    NC36090028
Biu             Oriny           Fashoda          Upper Nile               NC36100050
Biwar           Bunagok         Awerial          Lakes                    NB36050077
Biyara          Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36100004
Bo river post   Bazia           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35070009
Boac            Renk            Renk             Upper Nile               NC36110017
Boara           Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010010
Boaw            Guit            Guit             Unity                    NC35160039
Boaw            Luacjang        Tonj             Warrab                   NC35160040
Bobodi          Ibba            Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35160013
Bobolein        Pibor           Pibor            Jonglei                  NB36060021
Bodial          Walgak          Diror            Jonglei                  NC36140014
Bogora          Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36090020
Bogora          Lotukei         Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150016
Bogori          Yeri            Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB35120020
Boi attar       Pieri           Wuror            Jonglei                  NC36140015
Boing           Renk            Renk             Upper Nile               NC36110018
Bojo-ajut       Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36100005
Bokko           Balei           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080041
Bokuna          Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36100006
Bol             Koch            Koch             Unity                    NC36130015
Bol             Ganyiel         Panyijar         Unity                    NB36010014
Bol             Oriny           Fashoda          Upper Nile               NC36100051
Bol             Luakpiny        Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150006
Bol             Udici           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030041
Bol dit               Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090029
Bol thi               Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090030
Boli                  Ngap             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080042
Bolich                Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160041
Bologna               Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090021
Bolotifor             Venthaith        Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070007
Bolotinganu           Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070008
Boma                  Boma             Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070009
Bon bek               Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120023
Bondas                Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020012
Bong                  Baidit           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060022
Bongo                 Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130020
Bongo                 Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040069
Bongok                Nyandit          Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030007
Bongoriok             Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130021
Bongwa                Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130022
Bongwil               Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020009
Bop                   Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NC35150054
Bor                   Nyandit          Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030008
Bor                   Makuac           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060023
Bor                   Nadiangere       Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35070010
Bor dinka             Baidit           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060024
Bora                  Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010011
Bora                  Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140021
Borajoth              Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010015
Boreel                Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150007
Borgnaab              Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040070
Bori                  Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100007
Bori                  Kangepo ii       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020016
Boriak                Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150008
Borichadi             Lopet            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120002
Borobat               Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130023
Both                  Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100052
Bow                   Gomjuer          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150055
Boya hills            Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150017
Boyar                 Marial wau       Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030042
Boychweng             Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050078
Brong                 Anyidi           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060025
Brugo                 Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130024
Bua                   Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35060012
Buaji                 Lozoh            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090022
Buaw                  Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC35160042
Buboli                Paciti (lafon)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36100008
Buda                  Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090011
Budi                  Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030043
Budwot                Waat             Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140016
Bufi                  Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090023
Bugaya                Mabaan           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110019
Bughira hills         Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140022
Bugumba               Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120021
Buhayrat abu shanab   Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160043
Buheyrat no           Juaibor          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090031
Buk                   Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130016
Buka                  Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100009
Bukba                 Tambura          Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35110007
Bukita                Tambura          Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35110008
Buko                  Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36090024
Bukteng               Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150009
Bul                   Waat             Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140017
Bul                   Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120024
Bulai koije           Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                     NC36050013
Bulbuong              Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140018
Buldiya               Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130017
Buliet                Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130018
Bulla                 Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090025
Bulli island          Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                ND36140021
Bulriah               Kuernyang        Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090032
Bulu koli             Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100010
Bum                   Obwa             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100053
Bumadol               Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090033
Bumma                 Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070034
Bunagok               Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050079
Bundagora             Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090026
Bundir                Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160044
Bundukki              Lozoh            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090027
Bunduqiyah            Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090028
Bungaru               Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070011
Bungfiort             Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100054
Bungo                 Burator          Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030009
Bungu                 Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130025
Buno                  Kapoeta          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150018
Buol                  Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050080
Buolboin              Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140019
Buom                  Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140020
Buonfuot          Jiech                Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130019
Buong             Walgak               Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140022
Buong             Ulang                Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140021
Buoth             Ayat                 Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140023
Buoth             Wichok               Mayom            Unity                     NC35160045
Buothgark         Kueldit              Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090034
Bur pini          Awerial              Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050081
Bura              Yuai                 Wuror            Jonglei                   NB36020010
Burbok            Aburoc               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060040
Burbur            Venthaith            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060026
Buri              Kangepo ii           Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36010013
Buri              Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130026
Buri              Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010012
Burich            Ngap                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080043
Buring            Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090029
Buriol            Toch (gogrial)       Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160046
Buripiong         Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140024
Burko             Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040071
Burmath           Walgak               Diror            Jonglei                   NB36020011
Burmath           Akobo                Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36020012
Buron             Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090030
Burr              Panyikang            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090035
Bursa rapids      Bazia                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030044
Burthoiny         Nyal                 Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010016
Burtut            Abang                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050082
Buru              Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140025
Burung            Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150019
Burut             Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040072
Bushayr           Maridi               Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160014
Bussera           Udici                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030045
Buta abu nduluk   Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35100008
Buta rula         Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140024
Butat boja        Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090012
Buthalor          Ganyiel              Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010017
Buthi             Komiri               Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150020
Bwell             Sobat                Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100055
Bwing             Kongam               Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100056
Bwoba             Akiela               Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36070010
Bwoda             Paciti (lafon)       Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36100011
Bwon              Thonyor              Leer             Unity                     NC36130020
Bwon ngera        Paguir               Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090036
Cadet             Rubkoana             Rubkona          Unity                     NC36090037
Chaang            Madhol               Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150056
Chaang            Guit                 Guit             Unity                     NC35160047
Chabong           Mogos                Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110004
Chaghari          Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150021
Chaka             Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130027
Chakari           Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150022
Chak-chak         Gomjuer              Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140025
Chalamni          Hiyala               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140026
Chamba            Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130028
Charet            Komiri               Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150023
Chargoz           Pibor                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070011
Chatokbai         Wunlam               Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100057
Chawa             Ngarich              Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150024
Chayol            Bunagok              Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050083
Chayrong          Lauro                Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150025
Chelkou           Gomjuer              Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140026
Cherokaj          Komiri               Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150026
Chiak             Walgak               Diror            Jonglei                   NB36020013
Chiban            Akobo                Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030010
Chidu             Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110020
Chief majok m     Marial wau           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030046
Chief-lotiang     Narus                Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150027
Chieng            Nyuak                North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020014
Chijok            Pieri                Wuror            Jonglei                   NB36020015
Chik chik         Paliau               North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060027
Chikeyr           Paliau               North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050084
Chilikwa          Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140027
Chindura          Pibor                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070012
Chinemung         Mankien              Mayom            Unity                     NC35120025
Chitieg           Kuei                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040073
Chito             Wau west             Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35060001
Chiwon            Ngarich              Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150028
Chokagiling       Mogos                Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110005
Chol kon          Kuajiena             Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030047
Cholei            Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070037
Chor rial         Walgak               Diror            Jonglei                   NB36020016
Chotbora          Kurway               Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090038
Chotbora          Longuchok            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110021
Chuai             Lankien              Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140023
Chuayluark        Nyal                 Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010018
Chuei             Sobat                Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100058
Chuei             Sobat                Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100059
Chuil             Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36140024
Chukudum          Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150029
Chulokbilet       Lauro            Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150030
Chur              Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NC35150057
Churi             Meound           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080003   Pakok
Chut              Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040074
Chuth akol        Paguir           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090039
Chweg             Paguir           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090040
Cona              Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040075
Cona              Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030048
Cuei adukan       Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080044
Cuei chok         Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080045
Cueibet           Cueibet          Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040076
Cweragor          Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120026
Da                Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35080046
Da higa           Ngap             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080047
Da kongo          Ngap             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080048
Da molamudi       Ngap             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080049
Daab              Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100009
Daala             Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100010
Dabai             Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35120022
Dabbat chuiluth   Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150010
Dablual           Jiech            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130022
Dablual           Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC36130021
Dado              Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070012
Dagai             Nadiangere       Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35070013
Dahal el kurr     Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090013
Dahal gudini      Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140027
Dahal ofir        Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140028
Dahl mauri        Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140029
Dai               Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040077
Dain              Malualbai        Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150058
Daiong            Adongo           Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030011
Dajo              Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110022
Dakada            Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090031
Dal               Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120027
Dal madol         Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040078
Dalbur            Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120028
Daldiya           Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080050
Dali              Koze             Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120023
Damblu            Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080051
Damdegirgir       Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35100011
Dan ageir         Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040079
Dang              Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150059
Dang dang         Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140025
Danga             Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020017
Dangur            Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150031
Daqa post         Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110023
Dar as saqiyah    Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070038
Darbor            Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC36130023
Dari              Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090032
Darjo             Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110024
Darwan            Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150011
Dawir             Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36100060
Dazaki            Maruko           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120024
Ddinga            Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150032
Debalo            Ogod             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100061
Debelo            Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100062
Debtong           Baidit           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060028
Debwar            Kodok            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100063
Dedigo            Panyidwai        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100064
Deim bakhit       Wau west         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35060002
Deim zubeir       Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020013
Deingo            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110025
Deishwek          Nyuak            North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010019
Dekkadai          Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080052
Delal             Kodok            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100065
Delbeng           Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040080
Delili            Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130029
Delindia          Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070014
Delingei          Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040081
Delinoi           Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090033
Dem bashir        Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150060
Dembo             Arioyo           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150061
Demoth            Athidwoi         Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060043
Demtemma          Kwojo            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060044
Dena              Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                     NC35080017
Denchuk           Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100066
Deng              Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010020
Deng akol         Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090041
Deng mattiang     Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080053
Deng rial         Pagil            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130024
Deng shol         Anyidi           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060029
Dengdur           Lankien          Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140026
Dengori         Marou            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070013
Deni            Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100067
Dentoang        Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060045
Deper           Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080054
Derib jungara   Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070040
Desere          Nadiangere       Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35070015
Detau           Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020014
Dhiak kuei      Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36140027
Dhiakkuei       Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080055
Dhiam dhiam     Maar             North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050085
Dhor jak        Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC36130025
Dhor thir       Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC35160048
Dhor wang       Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC36130026
Dhor-nhom       Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010021
Diabio          Ezo              Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35150007
Diai            Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160049
Diak            Madhol           Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150062
Diam            Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35120029
Diangwan        Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040082
Diaturu         Maruko           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120025
Dibira          Namutina         Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35100002
Didi            Boma             Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070014
Didinga         Lotukei          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150033
Dido            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070041
Diel            Panyikang        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090042
Dier            Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36130027
Dier abwogh     Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36130028
Diera buk       Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36130029
Digali          Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130030
Digidok         Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150034
Dih             Ngap             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080056
Dijeyr          Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36100012
Dik             Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140028
Dik             Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100068
Dikala          Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130031
Diko            Bangolo          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130032
Dilchiek        Baidit           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060030
Dilen           Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140028
Dilkwoi         Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040083
Dima            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110026
Dimmah          Akobo            Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030012
Dimo            Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010014
Dimo            Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120026
Dimu 2          Otogo            Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130033
Din kar         Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150063
Ding ding       Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC35160050
Ding ding       Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140029
Dingu           Tonga            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090043
Dinka           Abang            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050086
Dinka           Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100069
Dinka degeis    Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070042
Diotig          Jalle            South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060031
Dirdi           Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040084
Dirdimma        Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070043
Dirjai          Abang            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050087
Dirjay          Abang            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050088
Dishol          Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040085
Ditchin         Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100070
Diungo          Nadiangere       Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35070016
Diwa            Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140030
Diwgu           Tonga            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090044
Diwo            Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100071
Diyai           Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040086
Dkwot           Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050089
Dodo            Mambe            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120027
Dodo goey       Abiriu           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35120028
Dogoba          Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35080057
Dogora          Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100013
Dogwil          Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                     NC36050017
Doinyoro east   Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120003
Dok             Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060046
Dok             Marial wau       Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030049
Dok alal        Tonga            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090045
Dokerri         Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090034
Doku            Nadiangere       Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35070017
Dol yuat        Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040087
Dolbek          Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060047
Dole            Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150035
Doleib          Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040088
Doleib hili     Motot            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140030
Doleib hill     Panyidwai        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100072   Palo
Dolinom         Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050090
Dologa          Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150036
Doma            Baliet           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100073
Domadoma              Kuajiena        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35070018
Domaia ez zei         Kwojo           Fashoda          Upper Nile               NC36060048
Domat                 Kwojo           Fashoda          Upper Nile               NC36060049
Dombo                 Udici           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030050
Dome                  Ulang           Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36140031
Domeri                Yeri            Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090035
Domiyith              Luakpiny        Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150012
Domjiye               Ador            Yirol            Lakes                    NB36050091
Domolotto             Balei           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080058
Dong                  Awerial         Awerial          Lakes                    NB36050092
Dong                  Renk            Renk             Upper Nile               NC36060050
Dongashup             Mogok           Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130030
Dongdua               Jalle           South Bor        Jonglei                  NB36060032
Dongo                 Kangepo i       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria        NA36020018
Dongoro               Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130034
Dongotona             Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36150037
Dongotona mountains   Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36150038
Donurei               Ngarich         Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150039
Donyiro cliff         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36120004
Donyiro west          Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36120005
Dor                   Lankien         Nyirol           Jonglei                  NC36140032
Dor                   Awerial         Awerial          Lakes                    NB36050093
Dor                   Panyikang       Tonga            Upper Nile               NC36090046
Dor kich              Guit            Guit             Unity                    NC35160051
Dor nying nai         Guit            Guit             Unity                    NC35160052
Dor nying naitok      Guit            Guit             Unity                    NC35160053
Dora                  Magwi           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140029
Dorappi               Maridi          Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35160015
Dorat                 Akelo           Pibor            Jonglei                  NB36070015
Dorcheng dong         Rubkoana        Rubkona          Unity                    NC35120033
Dorchengdwot          Paguir          Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090047
Doregh                Paguir          Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090048
Dorein                Venthaith       Pibor            Jonglei                  NB36070016
Dorik                 Lopit west      Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140030
Dormong               Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36140033
Dornor                Nyadin          Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36130031
Doro mangi            Yeri            Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB35120029
Dorolili              Landili         Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35160016
Dortwoi               Paguir          Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090049
Doru                  Jalle           South Bor        Jonglei                  NB36060033
Dorweng               Wau             Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130032
Doso                  Kediba          Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090036
Dot                   Owaci           Tonga            Upper Nile               NC36100074
Du                    Namutina        Tambura          Western Equatoria        NB35060003
Duar                  Guit            Guit             Unity                    NC35160054
Duar                  Guit            Guit             Unity                    NC36130033
Duboro                Yeri            Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090037
Dud                   Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36100075
Dud                   Marial wau      Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030051
Dud maud              Rup             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35040089
Dudu                  Renk            Renk             Upper Nile               NC36070045
Dudulabe              Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010015
Duduru                Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140031
Dugang                Juaibor         Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090050
Dugrian               Waat            Waat             Jonglei                  NC36140034
Duhi                  Tonj            Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040090
Duk fadiat            Duk padiet      North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36010022
Duk golwing           Duk padiet      North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36010023
Duk kwenyakwol        Duk payuel      North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36010024
Duk padiet            Duk padiet      North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36010025
Duk padiet            Udici           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35020014
Duk payuel            Duk payuel      North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36010026
Duk yoak              Kuajiena        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030052
Dukallu               Maridi          Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120030
Dukanzov              Koze            Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120031
Dukunya               Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130035
Dukuyanzi             Maridi          Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120032
Dul                   Walgak          Diror            Jonglei                  NC36140035
Dula                  Lauro           Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150040
Dulareng              Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36100076
Dulayb                Jiech           Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130034
Dulayb                Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35020015
Dulaybah              Awet-adet       Ruweng           Unity                    NC35120034
Dulbah                Tonj            Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040091
Dulthiang             Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36110027
Dulyet                Akop            Tonj             Warrab                   NC35160055
Duma                  Ulang           Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36140036
Duma                  Nagero          Tambura          Western Equatoria        NB35110009
Dumak                 Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140032
Dumbil                Akop            Tonj             Warrab                   NC35160056
Dunde                 Ezo             Ezo              Western Equatoria        NB35150008
Dung kwak             Nyuak           North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36010027
Dungbwo               Ador            Yirol            Lakes                    NB36050094
Dungloch              Paguir          Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090051
Dungurukwa             Bangolo              Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130036
Duniaka                Wau west             Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030053
Dunyal                 Luakpiny             Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150013
Duop                   Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040092
Duqduq                 Kuanjthii            Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160057
Dur                    Mogok                Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130035
Dur                    Pakang               Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090052
Dur                    Alek                 Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150064
Durbuoni               Thonyor              Leer             Unity                     NC36130036
Duro                   Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140033
Durok                  Komiri               Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150041
Duru                   Ibba                 Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160017
Dute                   Mabaan               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110028
Duton laik             Kuanjthii            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040093
Duwwo                  Yeri                 Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090038
Dwal dong              Pieri                Wuror            Jonglei                   NC36140037
Dweding                Yuai                 Wuror            Jonglei                   NB36020017
Dweyr                  Paliau               North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050095
Dwil keil              Guit                 Guit             Unity                     NC35160058
Dwoinran               Ganyiel              Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010028
Dworr                  Akop                 Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160059
Dyop                   Motot                Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140038
Eassi dekada           Mvolo                Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35080059
Ebodze                 Pageri               Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020019
Echuagi                Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150042
Ed dahal island        Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020016
Ed deim                Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090017
Ed duwara              Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35050038
Edemo                  Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140034
Ediri                  Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140035
Edo                    Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140036
Edori                  Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140037
Edu island             Panyidwai            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100077
Efoiya                 Ifuotu               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020020
Egmakire               Koze                 Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120033
Egwi                   Magwi                Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140038
El aguz                Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090018
El alali               Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020018
El ali                 Kuajiena             Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030054
El araish              Tonga                Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090053
El araish              Tonga                Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090054
El fau                 Aburoc               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060053
El fau                 Tonga                Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090055
El guroh               Mwomo                Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060054
El habila              Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020019
El haragis             Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070048
El harr                Rubkoana             Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120037
El iqlim al istiwa'i   Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36090039
El kabba               Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090019
El kharub              Mwomo                Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060055
El mashash             Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020021
El murra               Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35050039
El qurdud              Awet-adet            Ruweng           Unity                     NC35080033
Elabilab plain         Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160003
Elaitoi                Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040094
Elak                   Kuanjthii            Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160060
Elan                   Gomjuer              Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110036
Elangari               Arioyo               Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140031
Elat                   Nyuak                North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020018
Elek 2                 Alek                 Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150065
Elelpaich              Lou                  Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050096
Elelychok              Marial wau           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030055
Elerwey                Abang                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050097
El-Galhak              Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020023   Agalhak
Elimiri                Tore                 Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130037
Elok                   Arioyo               Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150066
Embe                   Maridi               Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160018
Enduru                 Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130038
Er rayat               Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                ND36150029
Es safur               Tonga                Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090056
Es sida                Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070050
Eyata moru             Lopet                Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110006
Eyibe                  Pageri               Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020021
Ez zeraf               Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020026
Ezo                    Ezo                  Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35110010
Fabbwot                Mabaan               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110030
Faberkoi               Duk padiet           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010029
Fabin                  Panyok               Twic             Warrab                    NC35110040
Fabiu                  Aburoc               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060056
Fabor                  Luacjang             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040095
Fachil jiak            Maar                 North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060034
Fachod                 Paguir               Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090057
Fachop                 Alam                 Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090059
Fachop                 Paguir               Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090058
Fachul          Juaibor          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090060
Fadai           Bazia            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030056
Fadang          Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140039
Fadding         Nyirol           Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140040
Faddor          Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140041
Fadebbi         Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110031
Fadhatta        Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150014
Fadiak          Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020019
Fadiar          Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040096
Fadiat          Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060057
Fadieri         Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020022
Fadit           Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100078
Fadl el mula    Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130039
Fadok           Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100079
Fadulay         Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130037
Faduth          Ogod             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100080
Fadwel          Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160061
Fadwol          Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150067
Fafuojo         Tonga            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090061
Fagaleyd        Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010030
Fagar           Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140039
Fagau           Motot            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140042
Fagh            Kuernyang        Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090062
Fagiel          Baidit           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060035
Fagil           Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130038
Fagirtir        Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040097
Fagul           Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130039
Fagwat          Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060058
Fagweit         Duk payuel       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020020
Fagwir          Paguir           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090064
Fagwir          Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090063
Fagwop          Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110032
Faiching        Pagil            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130040
Faier           Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040098
Faijeng         Lith             North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020021
Faiyai          Pieri            Wuror            Jonglei                   NB36020022
Faiyoi          Motot            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140043
Fajak           Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010031
Fajalo          Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140040
Fajelu          Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36090040
Fajelu          Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130040
Fajiljil        Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140044
Fajoich         Aburoc           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060059
Fajong          Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130041
Fajur           Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100081
Fajwong         Keew             Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090065
Fakala          Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140041
Fakkah          Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020016
Fakoi           Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010032
Fakoi           Kongam           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100082
Fakur           Juaibor          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090066
Fakwak          Jiech            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130042
Fakwam          Juaibor          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090067
Fakwar          Kurway           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090068
Fakwar          Kongor           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010033
Falabai         Baidit           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060036
Falagh          Mogok            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130043
Falakah         Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070051
Falal           Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040099
Falang          Aburoc           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060060
Falangari       Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020023
Falo            Panyidwai        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100083
Faluikh         Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130044
Falwal          Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040100
Falwal          Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010034
Fama            Kodok            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060061
Famat           Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020023
Famwangkwan     Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010035
Famyr           Mogok            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130045
Fan agork       Aweng            Twic             Warrab                    NC35120044
Fan amweir      Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160062
Fan anab        Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040101
Fan ashir       Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150068
Fan dit         Akoc             Twic             Warrab                    NC35110041
Fan gierr       Pathuon          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150069
Fan kar         Wathmouk         Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150070
Fan kor         Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160063
Fan makeir      Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160064
Fan num dit     Aburoc           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060062
Fan num tiang   Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160065
Fan nyal        Baac             Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110042
Fan nyiel       Gomjuer          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100012
Fan tiet        Panyok           Twic             Warrab                    NC35110043
Fan toi         Akoc             Twic             Warrab                    NC35110044
Fan ungwi       Mangargier          Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150071
Fanafat         Citcok              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040102
Fanathiang      Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100084
Fanawak         Pagil               Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130046
Fangak          Toch (old fangak)   Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090069
Fangak kir      Keew                Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090070
Faniang did     Lankien             Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140045
Fanidway payc   Panyidwai           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100085
Fanie           Kongam              Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100086
Faniel          Duk payuel          North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010036
Fanjak          Toch (old fangak)   Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090071
Fankir          Pagil               Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130047
Fankot          Tonj                Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040103
Fankur          Mogok               Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130049
Fankur          Wau                 Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130048
Fankur          Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100087
Fanna maboich   Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020027
Fanoing         Baidit              South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060037
Fanok           Wau                 Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130050
Fanok           Luacjang            Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160066
Fanom           Jalle               South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060038
Fanombiul       Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040104
Fantam          Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100088
Fanyang         Toch (old fangak)   Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130051
Fanyang         Duk padiet          North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020024
Fanyangluel     Nyirol              Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140046
Fanyikang       Athidwoi            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060063
Fanyikang       Panyikang           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090072
Fanyok          Duk padiet          North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020025
Faraghi         Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090020
Faragshom       Balei               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080060
Faraj allah     Wau west            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030057
Faraj allah a   Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070055
Farajok         Ifuotu              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020024
Faraksika       Ngarich             Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150043
Faraksika       Mambe               Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120034
Farangaiyat     Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140032
Farash bongo    Udici               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030058
Farbye          Wau                 Ayod             Jonglei                   NB36010037
Fariak          Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060064
Farial          Wau                 Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130052
Farial          Duk padiet          North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020026
Farial          Ulang               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140047
Farial          Ulang               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140048
Farit           Kodok               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100089
Farrar          Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35060016
Fasay           Toch (old fangak)   Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130053
Fashada         Oriny               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100090
Fashak          Gumriak             Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090073
Fasher          Wau                 Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130054
Fashin          Luacjang            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040105
Fashope         Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040106
Fashwildid      Mogok               Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130055
Fatach          Keew                Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090074
Fataka          Balei               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080061
Fathau          Oriny               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100091
Fathworo        Ogod                Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100092
Fatina          Tonj                Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040107
Fatitet         Pieri               Wuror            Jonglei                   NB36020027
Fatoich         Jalle               South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060039
Fatok           Paliau              North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050098
Fatuet          Duk padiet          North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020028
Fatugu          Panyikang           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090075
Fatwerk         Lankien             Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140049
Fatwotbeir      Paliau              North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060040
Fatwuk          Keew                Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090076
Fauel           Wichok              Mayom            Unity                     NC35120045
Fawagik         Pagil               Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130056
Fawal           Pagil               Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130057
Fawel           Ulang               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140050
Faweng          Ananatak            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040108
Fayat           Toch (old fangak)   Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090077
Fayd            Gumriak             Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090078
Fayir           Akop                Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160067
Faynim          Walgak              Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140051
Fayul buryol    Akop                Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160068
Fedde           Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140042
Feid el kok     Mankien             Mayom            Unity                     NC35120046
Feika           Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070058
Feinyol         Udici               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030059
Feir            Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040109
Fekang          Pakang              Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090079
Ferinjuk        Gumriak             Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090080
Ferogi          Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140033
Fertait            Venthaith            Pibor            Jonglei                  NB36070017
Fertit             Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140034
Feti               Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140035
Fidiya             Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140043
Fiki               Tonj                 Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040110
Finfil             Maiwut               Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150015
Fing dit           Pathuon              Gogrial          Warrab                   NC35150072
Fingagul           Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile               NC36020028
Firiabit           Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36150044
Foan               Paguir               Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090081
Fobor              Nyirol               Nyirol           Jonglei                  NC36140052
Foga               Imurok               Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140044
Fojbe              Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile               NC36060065
Fona               Walgak               Diror            Jonglei                  NC36140053
Forajakka          Lozoh                Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090041
Fort hossinger     Tambura              Tambura          Western Equatoria        NB35110011
Frisan             Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile               NC36020029
Fujoj              Aburoc               Fashoda          Upper Nile               NC36060066
Ful kwahni         Mankien              Mayom            Unity                    NC35120047
Ful lual           Kuernyang            Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090082
Ful luini          Juaibor              Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090083
Ful nyak           Kuernyang            Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090084
Fula farrel        Mogok                Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130058
Fula megok malok   Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35040111
Fulat leiro        Nyandit              Akobo            Jonglei                  NB36030013
Fulbar             Luacjang             Tonj             Warrab                   NC35160069
Fulfam             Kurway               Atar             Jonglei                  NC36090085
Fulkit             Mogok                Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130059
Fulkwoz            Toch (old fangak)    Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36130060
Fulwal             Haat                 Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130061
Fur                Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile               NC36020030
Furuta             Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NA36030003
Futh dengain       Lankien              Nyirol           Jonglei                  NC36140054
Fuyach             Paguir               Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090086
Fwor               Paguir               Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090087
Gaagwang           Luakpiny             Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150016
Gabat              Kediba               Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090042
Gabek              Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile               NC36060067
Gabi               Kuei                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080062
Gabir              Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36090043
Gabir              Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35130003
Gabir              Yeri                 Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090044
Gabur              Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36100014
Gadein             Akop                 Tonj             Warrab                   NC35160070
Gaderu             Lire                 Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria        NA36020025
Gado               Lainya               Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130041
Gado               Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130042
Gadul              Nyadin               Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36130062
Gaikwach           Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile               NC36020031
Gainglil           Ganyiel              Panyijar         Unity                    NB36010038
Gairang            Wichok               Mayom            Unity                    NC35160071
Gairang            Luakpiny             Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150017
Gaireng            Luakpiny             Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150018
Gairi              Udici                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030060
Gairkolo           Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140036
Gajawuru           Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140045
Gak                Awerial              Awerial          Lakes                    NB36050099
Gak                Luacjang             Tonj             Warrab                   NC35160072
Gali               Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36100015
Galiya             Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140046
Gambella           Wau                  Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130063
Gamichi            Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140047
Ganda              Udici                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35020017
Ganda rapids       Bazia                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030061
Gandam             Toch (gogrial)       Gogrial          Warrab                   NC35160073
Gangura            Nabiapai             Yambio           Western Equatoria        NB35150009
Ganna              Wau west             Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030062
Ganylel            Ganyiel              Panyijar         Unity                    NB36010039
Ganzi              Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130043
Gap                Guit                 Guit             Unity                    NC36130064
Gap mayom          Nyal                 Panyijar         Unity                    NB36010040
Gar                Juaibor              Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090088
Gar                Gumriak              Ruweng           Unity                    NC36090089
Gariang            Guit                 Guit             Unity                    NC36130065
Garingoru          Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36150045
Gariya             Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140048
Gariya             Bangolo              Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090045
Garjok             Jiech                Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130066
Gark mayol         Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35040112
Garmabe            Tore                 Yei              Central Equatoria        NB35160019
Gartok             Jalle                South Bor        Jonglei                  NB36050100
Gassar             Longuchok            Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36110036
Gatanga            Namutina             Tambura          Western Equatoria        NB35060004
Gau                Tonj                 Tonj             Warrab                   NB35080063
Gawe                  Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NB36010041
Gay                   Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010042
Gaya                  Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090046
Gayi                  Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140055
Gboerr                Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100016
Gebu                  Narus            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150046
Gehadiya              Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150073
Geibek                Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060068
Geili                 Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020026
Gejang                Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050101
Gejo                  Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050102
Gel achel             Baliet           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100093
Gel riwer             Citcok           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040113
Gele                  Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080064
Gelil                 Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050103
Gell river po         Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090047
Gelle                 Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020027
Gembeza               Jalle            South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060041
Gemmaiza              Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100017
Gengaman              Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050104
Geng-geng             Abang            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050105
Ger                   Aluakluak        Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050106
Gerabuok              Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050107
Gerenya               Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140049
Gerger                Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020033
Gerger                Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090021
Gerrim                Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130044
Gesiga                Imurok           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140050
Gettan                Bazia            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030063
Getti bridge          Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030064
Gezirat ed dibeiker   Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060069
Ghaat                 Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110037
Ghaba                 Lopit west       Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140051
Ghabat alarab         Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35120049
Ghabat el-Warran      Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160074
Ghama                 Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150074
Ghanna                Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150075
Gharir                Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC35160075
Ghittan               Bazia            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030065
Gholyil rar           Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120050
Ghsbah                Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140052
Gichalier             Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070018
Giel                  Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020034
Giet                  Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150019
Giggigamba            Venthaith        Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060042
Gigging               Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100018
Gigiman               Meound           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080004
Gikakur               Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060070
Gikom                 Citcok           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040114
Gillut                Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090048
Gilo                  Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140053
Gimoru                Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010016
Gimunu                Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130045
Ginbane               Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040115
Gira                  Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35120035
Girbanat              Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                ND36150034
Girish                Wau west         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030066
Girn                  Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130046
Girualo               Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130047
Git                   Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140056
Giu                   Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040116
Glaud rapids          Bangolo          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130048
Gmatong               Paguir           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090090
Gnab dit kow          Pathuon          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150076
Gnab dit kow          Pathuon          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150077
Gnap                  Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040117
Gnarang               Kongor           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020029
Gnarroth              Venthaith        Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070019
Gnop                  Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010043
Goaish                Kaikuiny         Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140057
Gob kwero             Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100094
Gober                 Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130049
Gobjak                Kongam           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100095
Gobo                  Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090049
Gobtoing              Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100096
Godatair              Arioyo           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150078
Goding                Hiyala           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140054
Gog                   Kaikuiny         Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140058
Gogo                  Pieri            Wuror            Jonglei                   NC36140059
Gogotok               Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060071
Gogrial               Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140060
Gogrial               Gogrial          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150079
Gogvir                Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36100097
Goi                   Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100098
Goi goi         Arioyo               Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150080
Goja            Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010017
Gok             Alamtoch east        Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080065
Gok             Malual east          Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110046
Gok machar      Baliet               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100099
Gok tik         Ador                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050108
Gokiri          Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010018
Gok-machar      Malual central       Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100013
Golbang         Oriny                Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100100
Golgok          Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040118
Goli            Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130050
Golmayen        Kuei                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080066
Golo            Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100019
Golo            Awerial              Awerial          Lakes                     NB36090050
Golo            Gomjuer              Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140037
Golo            Kodok                Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100101
Gomia           Ifuotu               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140055
Gon             Toch (old fangak)    Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130067
Gondokoro       Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140056
Gong kok        Awet-adet            Ruweng           Unity                     NC36050039
Gongming        Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150047
Gonyiro         Imurok               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140057
Gook akon       Alamtoch east        Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080067
Gopp            Alamtoch east        Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080068
Gopur           Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130051
Gorbek          Thonyor              Leer             Unity                     NC36130068
Gordo           Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130052
Gorgor          Lith                 North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020030
Gori            Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140058
Gori            Ayat                 Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140038
Goriak          Wunrok               Twic             Warrab                    NC35110048
Gorinti         Marial wau           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030067
Gorong          Gomjuer              Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100014
Goronya         Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130053
Goru            Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150048
Gossinga        Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140039
Gotiba          Udici                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030068
Gow             Tonj                 Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040119
Goya            Magwi                Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020028
Grinthi         Ayat                 Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140040
Grinti          Mankien              Mayom            Unity                     NC35120051
Gruguru         Pageri               Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020029
Grunti          Gumriak              Ruweng           Unity                     NC36050040
Guamari         Nagero               Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070019
Guar            Awet-adet            Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090091
Gub             Guit                 Guit             Unity                     NC36130069
Gubeira         Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35060018
Gudoi           Maiwut               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150020
Guel guk        Gumriak              Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090092
Guel guk        Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36100102
Guel guk        Sobat                Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100103
Guffa           Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070099   Quffah
Gugu            Kuajiena             Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030069
Gugum           Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150049
Guini           Wau                  Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130070
Gula nafi       Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140041
Gullu           Mundri               Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090051
Gulnam          Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080069
Gulu rushi      Yeri                 Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090052
Gulumbi         Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010019
Guma            Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150050
Guma            Boma                 Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080005
Guma            Bazia                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030070
Gumba           Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140059
Gumbolo         Bazia                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35070020
Gumgerr         Alamtoch east        Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080070
Gumma khadiga   Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110038
Gumriak 1       Gumriak              Ruweng           Unity                     NC36050041
Gumriak 2       Gumriak              Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090094
Gumriak 1       Gumriak              Ruweng           Unity                     NC36050042
Gumriak 3       Gumriak              Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090095
Gumro           Ngop                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050109
Gumu            Tore                 Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130054
Gumuruk         Pibor                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060043
Gunba           Bangolo              Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090053
Gung            Wau                  Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130071
Gunna           Udici                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030071
Gunor           Aweng                Twic             Warrab                    NC35110050
Gunyoro         Imurok               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140060
Guol            Thonyor              Leer             Unity                     NC36130072
Gurakjok        Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040120
Gurbi           Meound               Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080006
Gurgo           Meound               Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080007
Gurial          Wichok               Mayom            Unity                     NC35120054
Gurnyang             Luakpiny             Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150021
Gurri                Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010020
Guru                 Ayat                 Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140042
Gutetian             Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090054
Gutthom              Nagero               Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070021
Gutur                Kongam               Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100104
Gwaar                Koch                 Koch             Unity                     NC36130073
Gwaja                Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010021
Gwalgo               Awerial              Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050110
Gwalla               Anyidi               South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060044
Gwandir              Koch                 Koch             Unity                     NC36130074
Gwar                 Motot                Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140061
Gwatan               Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36100105
Gweig                Waat                 Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140062
Gweir                Pagil                Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130075
Gwem                 Mariam               Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150081
Gwem                 Awet-adet            Ruweng           Unity                     NC35080040
Gweni                Nadiangere           Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35070022
Gwer                 Koch                 Koch             Unity                     NC35160076
Gwergwen             Kuanjthii            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030072
Gweri                Pageri               Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020030
Gwet                 Jalle                South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060045
Gwigwi               Nyadin               Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130076
Gwiljak              Ulang                Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100106
Gwir                 Maiwut               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150022
Gwit                 Rubkoana             Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120055
Gwojo-adung          Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100020
Gwol                 Longuchok            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150023
Gwom swamps          Adongo               Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030014
Gwor                 Wau                  Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130077
Gworolorongo         Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130055
Gwung tur            Wunlam               Atar             Jonglei                   NC36130078
Gwurra               Kuanjthii            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040121
Haat                 Haat                 Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130079   Pakuem
Hajar ambalol        Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140043
Hakpwa               Source yubu          Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35110012
Hamid idris          Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140044
Hamir                Mankien              Mayom            Unity                     NC35120056
Harbi                Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070064
Harokarenza          Maiwut               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150024
Hawaga               Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070065
Heglig               Kueldit              Ruweng           Unity                     NC35120057
Hibbi                Nagero               Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070023
Higola               Maruko               Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120036
Higoli               Tonj                 Tonj             Warrab                    NB35080071
Hiyala               Hiyala               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140061
Hogo                 Ezo                  Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35150010
Homawur              Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160004
Hori guelia          Bazia                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030073
Hoyuni               Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140062
Hugeirat el khadra   Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35050055
Hujayri              Ayat                 Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140045
Huru                 Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35100015
Iak                  Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150051
Iamba                Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010022
Ibalani              Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140063
Ibba                 Ibba                 Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160020
Ibegilik             Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150052
Ibelitu              Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140064
Iboni                Lopit west           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140065
Ibrahim              Citcok               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040122
Ibrakhim             Maridi               Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120037
Ibrogang             Magwi                Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140066
Ibunyak              Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150053
Ichena               Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150054
Ichomo               Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030004
Idali                Lopit west           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140067
Idetak               Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150055
Idigo                Imurok               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140068
Idong                Kapoeta              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150056
Idumeli              Hiyala               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140069
Ifiria               Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140070
Igariwa              Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140071
Iggi                 Ibba                 Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160021
Igoriya              Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150057
Iindi                Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130056
Ikabendi             Tore                 Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130057
Ikatik               Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150058
Ikaya                Imurok               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140072
Ikodi                Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150059
Ikolong              Imurok               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140073
Ikotos               Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150060
Ikulis               Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140074
Ilangari             Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140075
Ilemi triangle      Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160005
Ileri               Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140076
Ilibari             Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140077
Ilogok              Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150061
Iloro               Lotukei         Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150062
Iluko               Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030005
Ilyeito             Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140078
Imaje               Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150063
Imatong             Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140079
Imatong mountains   Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140080
Imbar               Mogok           Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130080
Imehejek            Lopit east      Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140081
Imodongi            Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140082
Imurok              Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140083
Inanuga             Magwi           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140084
Inderi              Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140046
Indirigwa           Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140047
Indura              Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130058
Ingama              Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140085
Ingawi              Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140086
Ingelire            Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140087
Inger               Pageri          Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020031
Ingiji              Pageri          Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020032
Iniela              Ifuotu          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140088
Iniviru             Tonj            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35080072
Inn                 Maridi          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160022
Ipo                 Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140089
Ipotu mountains     Imurok          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140090
Irabi               Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030006
Ire                 Koze            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120038
Irenge              Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140091
Irido               Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140092
Iro                 Imurok          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140093
Irume               Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140094
Isewianga           Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140095
Iso hills           Magwi           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140096
Issore              Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020033
Isugak              Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140097
Isuluk              Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150064
Itchire             Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140098
Itibol              Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140099
Itigin              Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150065
Itogom              Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140100
Ituko               Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030007
Itukwara            Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130059
Iwatoku             Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010023
Iweri               Magwi           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140101
Iwochi              Ngarich         Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150066
Iwowa               Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150067
Iyedo               Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140102
Iyiri               Ifuotu          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140103
Jaai                Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150025
Jabir               Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020018
Jabor               Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090055
Jagai               Mangargier      Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150082
Jaibor              Juaibor         Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090096
Jak                 Aluakluak       Yirol            Lakes                     NB36010044
Jak                 Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110039
Jakari              Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090056
Jala                Lainya          Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130060
Jalang              Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36100021
Jalango             Anyidi          South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060046
Jalei               Kangepo ii      Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020034
Jalle               Maar            North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050111
Jama                Pageri          Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020035
Jamara              Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010024
Jambo               Kediba          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090057
James               Bangasu         Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35160023
James diko          Bangasu         Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35160024
Jamshuai            Rup             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040123
Jamus               Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140048
Janguar             Alamtoch west   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36050112
Jangyang            Alek            Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150083
Jansuk              Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130061
Jantoka             Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070068
Jarado              Lainya          Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130062
Jarayan             Koch            Koch             Unity                     NC36130081
Jaraysn             Koch            Koch             Unity                     NC36130082
Jaro                Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140104
Jarrah              Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090058
Jat                 Paguir          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090097
Jazire              Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140049
Jekau               Maiwut          Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150026
Jellab              Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35130004
Jelli             Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36100022
Jeraputa          Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140105
Jerweng           Bunagok          Awerial          Lakes                    NB36050113
Jetome            Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150027
Jianchu           Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130063
Jibril            Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35090026
Jiech             Jiech            Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130083
Jiech             Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                   NC35150084
Jier              Bunagok          Awerial          Lakes                    NB36050114
Jigidi            Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130064
Jigokwe           Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130065
Jikaing           Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                    NC36090098
Jikou             Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150028
Jimal             Kueldit          Ruweng           Unity                    NC35120058
Jiu               Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040124
Joe               Koch             Koch             Unity                    NC35160077
Joelika           Mankien          Mayom            Unity                    NC35120059
Jogiel            Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36100107
Jokabar           Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                    NC36090099
Jokki abbot       Mvolo            Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36050115
Joknyang          Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                    NC36090100
Jokoki            Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36100023
Jokwe             Jalle            South Bor        Jonglei                  NB36060047
Jokwot            Keew             Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090101
Jolimo            Kangepo ii       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria        NA36020036
Jome              Otogo            Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130066
Jong lual         Turalei          Twic             Warrab                   NC35150085
Jonglei           Duk payuel       North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36020031
Jonglei           Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36050116
Jongwa            Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130067
Jot junum         Lith             North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36010045
Joteng            Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36100108
Jotoich           Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36100109
Jotome            Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150029
Juac bor          Juaibor          Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090102
Juai              Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130084
Juaibor           Juaibor          Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090103
Juba              Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140106
Juba              Mambe            Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35160025
Juban             Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36100024
Juban             Mundri           Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090059
Juboli            Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140107
Juet              Maar             North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36050117
Jui               Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040125
Juli              Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                    NC36090104
Jumbel            Haat             Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130085
Jumbo             Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010025
Jummayzah         Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130086
Jummayzah         Citcok           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35040126
Jummayzah         Ador             Yirol            Lakes                    NB36050118
Jummayzah         Akop             Tonj             Warrab                   NC35160078
Junea             Pathuon          Gogrial          Warrab                   NC35150086
Jungkor           Pathuon          Gogrial          Warrab                   NC35150087
Jungshol          Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130087
Jungu             Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130068
Junguls           Renk             Renk             Upper Nile               NC36070069
Jungun            Bunagok          Awerial          Lakes                    NB36050119
Jungyang          Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                  NC36100110
Juong             Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36140063   Guong
Juot              Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36110040
Jur               Duony            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080073
Jur               Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                    NC36090105
Jur               Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150088
Jur               Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35040127
Juri              Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150068
Juyai             Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130069
Jwoia             Wanding          Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36140064
Jwol              Keew             Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090106
Jwong             Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130088
Kabakapala        Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35090027
Kabalatigo        Kassingor        Pibor            Jonglei                  NB36110007
Kabaluzu          Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35090028
Kabarait          Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160006
Kabash            Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36010046
Kabbas            Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35060020
Kabengere         Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010026
Kabokor ing'ole   Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160007
Kabur             Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                    NB36010047
Kachaching        Lauro            Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150069
Kachekakinei      Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160008
Kachinga          Mogos            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36110008
Kachurak          Kangepo i        Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria        NA36020037
Kadegoin          Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150070
Kaderia           Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150071
Kadet               Rubkoana        Rubkona          Unity                    NC36090107
Kadi                Yeri            Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB35120039
Kadili              Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130070
Kading'etom         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160009
Kadingetom range    Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160010
Kading'etoni        Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160011
Kadolputh           Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160012
Kadugli             Mwomo           Fashoda          Upper Nile               NC36060076
Kadul               Ador            Yirol            Lakes                    NB36050120
Kafay               Imurok          Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140108
Kaffiara            Mvolo           Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36050121
Kaforere            Hiyala          Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140109
Kagelu              Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130071
Kagethi             Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36120006
Kagwa               Kangepo i       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria        NA36020038
Kagwada             Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130072
Kagyana             Renk            Renk             Upper Nile               NC36070070
Kaich               Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150030
Kai-emongorr        Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160013
Kaiemothia          Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160014
Kaieris             Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160015
Kaigo               Kolnyang        South Bor        Jonglei                  NB36100025
Kaikang             Mankien         Mayom            Unity                    NC35120062
Kaikuiny            Walgak          Diror            Jonglei                  NC36140065
Kainjbek            Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36100111
Kainye              Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140110
Kair yair           Tonj            Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040128
Kaitede             Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160016
Kaitherin north     Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160017
Kajbai              Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36100112
Kajbai 1/wunyok     Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100016
Kajbai 2            Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36100113
Kajbai 2/tuthiang   Mankien         Mayom            Unity                    NC35120063
Kajelu              Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130073
Kajibai 1/wu        Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36100114
Kajikos             Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010027
Kajo Keji           Kangepo i       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria        NA36020039
Kajur               Alamtoch west   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB36010048
Kaka                Renk            Renk             Upper Nile               NC36060077
Kakelay             Lotukei         Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150072
Kakeyri             Ifuotu          Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140111
Kaki                Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35090031
Kakor               Mvolo           Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB35080074
Kakorodo            Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010028
Kakuma              Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010029
Kakuti              Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36150073
Kakwa               Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010030
Kala                Ngepo           Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria        NA36010031
Kalacha             Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36150074
Kalakoy             Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130074
Kalala              Lozoh           Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090060
Kalana              Pibor           Pibor            Jonglei                  NB36060048
Kalaruz             Lopet           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36110009
Kalawath            Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160018
Kaliaputh           Mogos           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36110010
Kaliba              Mogos           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36110011
Kaligum             Boma            Pibor            Jonglei                  NB36080008
Kaliko              Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010032
Kalim               Bazia           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030074
Kalimulinga         Mogos           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36110012
Kalineuri           Kimotong        Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150075
Kalipapa            Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130075
Kaliya              Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140112
Kaljak              Wunlam          Atar             Jonglei                  NC36090108
Kalo                Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130076
Kalok               Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36150076
Kaloko              Lainya          Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130077
Kalopedet           Riwoto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36110013
Kalowath            Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36120007
Kaloyamanuath       Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160019
Kaluang             Renk            Renk             Upper Nile               NC36070071
Kaludo              Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36150077
Kalukwakerith       Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36120008
Kaluli              Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130078
Kalyorok nachua     Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36150078
Kamarok             Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130079
Kambala             Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35090032
Kamil               Awet-adet       Ruweng           Unity                    NC36050052
Kamoja              Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130080
Kamorunyang range   Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160020
Kamosing            Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36150079
Kampi ya ndegi      Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160021
Kamsur              Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35020019
Kamuri              Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130081
Kan             Wunlam          Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100115
Kanafis         Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35100017
Kanaga          Bazia           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030075
Kanamukat       Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160022
Kanchu          Lire            Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NB36140113
Kanchu          Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130082
Kandag          Mogok           Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130089
Kandak          Mogok           Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130090
Kandak          Wathmouk        Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150089
Kanga           Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010033
Kangararicho    Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160023
Kangetulai      Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160024
Kangi           Udici           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150090
Kangibun        Riwoto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110014
Kangitabok      Riwoto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110015
Kanje           Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070072
Kannah          Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110041
Kanopir         Kassingor       Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36110016
Kanshur         Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070073
Kansuk          Lire            Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020040
Kantok          Abang           Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050122
Kanyabu         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120009
Kap             Lou             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050123
Kapalala        Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140050
Kapedo          Loudo           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150080
Kapeh           Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130083
Kapirak         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120010
Kapoeta         Kapoeta         Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150081
Kapoko          Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160025
Kara            Pochalla        Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030015
Karair          Ador            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36010049
Karajak         Gogrial         Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150091
Kar-ajak        Gogrial         Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150092   Lool Rua
Karakamer       Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030008
Karakamuge      Riwoto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110017
Karbeb          Udici           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030076
Kardi           Thonyor         Leer             Unity                     NB36010050
Karena          Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150082
Kareng          Alamtoch west   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010051
Karenga         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160026
Kariag          Gumuruk         Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36020032
Kariba          Bangolo         Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130084
Karic           Marial wau      Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150093
Karich          Alamtoch west   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080075
Karika          Mundri          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090061
Karila          Kangepo ii      Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020041
Karin gak       Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150083
Karita          Kassingor       Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070020
Karn ethi       Mogos           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110018
Karogor         Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150084
Karokobe        Livolo          Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36010034
Karotho         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120011   River Po
Karpetero       Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160027
Karpeto         Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140114
Karshwal        Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020039
Karupi          Kangepo ii      Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020042
Kashwal         Cueibet         Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040129
Kashwal         Luacjang        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040130
Kasiko          Yeri            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090062
Kassengo        Lopet           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110019
Katagan         Ngarich         Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150085
Katalok wells   Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060078
Katambura       Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35060022
Katanf          Kapoeta         Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150086
Katanich        Venthaith       Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070021
Katatabi        Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130085
Katchikan       Kassingor       Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36110020
Kateloro        Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140115
Kathiara        Lotukei         Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150087
Kathier         Bunagok         Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050124
Kathier         Ngop            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050125
Kathiren        Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160028
Katiakin        Kimotong        Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150088
Katieth         Nyal            Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010052
Katima waha     Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120012
Katiri          Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140116
Katirima        Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120013
Katiro          Lopit west      Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140117
Katjur          Paguir          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090109
Katonoung       Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150089
Katta           Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35130005
Katuruchi       Pibor           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070022
Kau             Keew            Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090110
Kawajina        Kuajiena        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030077
Kawari           Bunagok             Awerial      Lakes                    NB36050126
Kay              Juba                Juba         Central Equatoria        NB36130086
Kaya             Morobo              Yei          Central Equatoria        NA36010035
Kayaket          Kwauto              Kapoeta      Eastern Equatoria        NB36160029
Kayana           Akobo               Akobo        Jonglei                  NB36030016
Kaych            Ganyiel             Panyijar     Unity                    NB36010053
Kayoh            Paguir              Old Fangak   Jonglei                  NC36090111
Kayteng          Haat                Ayod         Jonglei                  NC36130091
Keburik          Ifuotu              Torit        Eastern Equatoria        NB36140118
Kedede           Ezo                 Ezo          Western Equatoria        NB35110013
Kederu           Kediba              Mundri       Western Equatoria        NB36090063
Kediba           Kediba              Mundri       Western Equatoria        NB36090064
Kedowa           Kwauto              Kapoeta      Eastern Equatoria        NB36120014
Keew             Keew                Old Fangak   Jonglei                  NC36090112
Keew             Sobat               Sobat        Upper Nile               NC36100116
Kegh             Ulang               Latjor       Upper Nile               NC36100117
Keij             Waat                Waat         Jonglei                  NC36140066
Keim             Kuanjthii           Tonj         Warrab                   NB35030078
Keir             Akobo               Akobo        Jonglei                  NB36030017
Keiro            Otogo               Yei          Central Equatoria        NB36130087
Keiwa            Renk                Renk         Upper Nile               NC36110042
Kek              Kuanjthii           Tonj         Warrab                   NB35040131
Keki             Otogo               Yei          Central Equatoria        NB36130088
Kelego           Yei                 Yei          Central Equatoria        NB36130089
Kelo             Akiela              Pochalla     Jonglei                  NB36070023
Kelwon           Abang               Yirol        Lakes                    NB36050127
Kemande          Kediba              Mundri       Western Equatoria        NB36090065
Kembe            Yei                 Yei          Central Equatoria        NB36130090
Kemi             Otogo               Yei          Central Equatoria        NA36010036
Kemiru           Otogo               Yei          Central Equatoria        NB36130091
Kenamuke         Kimotong            Budi         Eastern Equatoria        NB36150090
Kenamuke swamp   Kassingor           Pibor        Jonglei                  NB36110021
Kendi            Morobo              Yei          Central Equatoria        NA36010037
Kendila          Morobo              Yei          Central Equatoria        NA36010038
Keni             Otogo               Yei          Central Equatoria        NB36130092
Kenisa           Ador                Yirol        Lakes                    NB36050128
Kenyi            Juba                Juba         Central Equatoria        NB36130093
Kenyi            Mogos               Kapoeta      Eastern Equatoria        NB36110022
Kenyi            Kediba              Mundri       Western Equatoria        NB36090066
Kenyiba          Kangepo ii          Kajo Keji    Central Equatoria        NA36020043
Kera             Luakpiny            Latjor       Upper Nile               NC36150031
Kerepi           Magwi               Magwi        Eastern Equatoria        NA36020044
Keri             Kuajiena            Wau          Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030079
Kerial           Paguir              Old Fangak   Jonglei                  NC36090113
Keribala         Otogo               Yei          Central Equatoria        NB36130094
Keriel           Mankien             Mayom        Unity                    NC35120065
Kerifi           Ifuotu              Torit        Eastern Equatoria        NB36140119
Kerik            Luacjang            Tonj         Warrab                   NB35040132
Keriti           Livolo              Kajo Keji    Central Equatoria        NA36010039
Kerkeng          Lopet               Kapoeta      Eastern Equatoria        NB36110023
Keru             Mundri              Mundri       Western Equatoria        NB36090067
Ket              Nyirol              Nyirol       Jonglei                  NC36140067
Keuern           Kuernyang           Old Fangak   Jonglei                  NC36090114
Keyala           Hiyala              Torit        Eastern Equatoria        NB36140120
Keza             Kediba              Mundri       Western Equatoria        NB36090068
Khalil           Awerial             Awerial      Lakes                    NB36050129
Khamugi          Hiyala              Torit        Eastern Equatoria        NB36140121
Khauwaf          Raja                Raja         Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35060023
Kheba            Bur (loronyo)       Torit        Eastern Equatoria        NB36140122
Kheirullah       Tore                Yei          Central Equatoria        NB36130095
Khiu             Li-rangu            Yambio       Western Equatoria        NB35150011
Khogali          Nagero              Tambura      Western Equatoria        NB35070024
Khogbo           Nzara               Yambio       Western Equatoria        NB35150012
Khul             Ulang               Latjor       Upper Nile               NC36140068
Kianga           Bangolo             Mundri       Western Equatoria        NB36130096
Kibo             Juba                Juba         Central Equatoria        NB36130097
Kichepo          Boma                Pibor        Jonglei                  NB36120015
Kidali           Ngarich             Budi         Eastern Equatoria        NB36150091
Kidepo           Ngarich             Budi         Eastern Equatoria        NB36150092
Kidepo           Ikotos              Torit        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150093
Kidi             Nadiangere          Yambio       Western Equatoria        NB35070025
Kidol            Bur (loronyo)       Torit        Eastern Equatoria        NB36140123
Kidongi          Hiyala              Torit        Eastern Equatoria        NB36140124
Kiech kuon       Luakpiny            Latjor       Upper Nile               NC36140069
Kiech kuon       Longuchok           Latjor       Upper Nile               NC36150032
Kier             Akobo               Akobo        Jonglei                  NB36030018
Kieriel          Toch (old fangak)   Old Fangak   Jonglei                  NC36090115
Kieyli           Bur (loronyo)       Torit        Eastern Equatoria        NB36140125
Kigile           Maiwut              Latjor       Upper Nile               NC36150033
Kigili           Maiwut              Latjor       Upper Nile               NC36150034
Kijo             Ngepo               Kajo Keji    Central Equatoria        NB36130098
Kikirik          Imotong             Torit        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150094
Kila             Yeri                Mundri       Western Equatoria        NB36050130
Kilay            Ikotos              Torit        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150095
Kili            Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130099
Kiliu           Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140126
Kilkil          Lotukei          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150096
Kiluri          Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150097
Kilyu           Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140127
Kim             Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NB36010054
Kiman           Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150098
Kimangoro       Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130100
Kimba           Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010040
Kimoro          Imurok           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140128
Kimotong        Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150099
Kimposo         Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020020
Kinda           Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130101
Kineti          Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140129
Kinyeti         Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140130
Kinyeti         Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020045
Kinyiba         Kangepo ii       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020046
Kipia           Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020047
Kiqilli         Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150035
Kir             Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100118
Kira            Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140051
Kiri            Kangepo ii       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020048
Kirik           Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040133
Kirma           Maruko           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120040
Kirongen        Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150100
Kisina          Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020049
Kit             Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140131
Kitamo          Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150101
Kiteng          Ifuotu           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020050
Kitinga         Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140132
Kitringwat      Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150102
Kiwo            Nadiangere       Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35120041
Kiyango         Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030080
Knich           Mangok           Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150094
Koalikiri       Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090069
Koat            Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150036
Kobatana        Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090035
Kobogi          Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140133
Kobowen swamp   Mogos            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110024
Kobuleri        Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150103
Kobwa           Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010041
Koch            Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC35160079
Koch            Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150095
Kochol          Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150104
Koda            Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35120066
Kodagoda        Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140134
Kodaka          Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130102
Kodok           Kodok            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100119   Kodhok
Kodolo          Mundri           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090070
Kogjak          Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040134
Kogwo           Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130103
Koich           Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010055
Koich           Baidit           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060049
Koieteng        Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040135
Koigomunger     Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080076
Kojopi          Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140135
Koker           Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010056
Kokfiat         Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100120
Kokizili        Narus            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150105
Kokpuot         Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150037
Kokurd          Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160030
Koladom         Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020021
Kolarel         Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36140070
Kolatong        Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36130092
Koli            Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130104
Kolier          Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130105
Kolinmum        Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150106
Kolinyagkopil   Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120016
Koljak          Nyadin           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130093
Kolmerek        Boma             Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070024
Kolmerek        Jalle            South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060050
Kolnyang        Anyidi           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060051
Kolobeleng      Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120017
Koloki          Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140052
Koloricho       Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150107
Kolowa          Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010042
Kolunyeir       Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100121
Kolweng         Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100122
Kolye           Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140136
Komach          Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020033
Komandani       Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130106
Komangba        Namutina         Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35060005
Kombania        Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040136
Kome            Mariam           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150096
Komlou           Ador            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050131
Komngol          Awerial         Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050132
Komoloich        Lotukei         Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NA36030009
Komoriya         Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150108
Kondoagoi        Mvolo           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36050133
Kondongo         Udici           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030081
Kong             Awet-adet       Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090116
Kongettit        Kaikuiny        Diror            Jonglei                   NB36020034
Kong'omo         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160031
Kongor           Kongor          North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010057
Kongor           Ananatak        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040137
Kongor           Wau west        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020022
Konna            Kurway          Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090117
Konom            Athidwoi        Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060079
Konor            Rubkoana        Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120068
Konoro           Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140137
Konugi           Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010043
Konyial          Nyadin          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130094
Kool cum         Alamtoch east   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080077
Kopera           Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130107
Kopyot           Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060080
Kor              Pagil           Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130095
Korai kerjok     Mvolo           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35080078
Koraja           Yeri            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090071
Korana           Mundri          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090072
Koranza          Yeri            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090073
Korao            Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150109
Koratong         Wanding         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150038
Korea            Kapoeta         Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150110
Korelli          Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010044
Korikori         Mvolo           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35080079
Koriom           Lou             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050134
Korkimo          Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130108
Kormayom         Ulang           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100123
Kornuk           Marial wau      Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030082
Korobi           Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130109
Koroma           Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150111
Koropa           Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130110
Kororo           Magwi           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140138
Koroshak         Kangepo i       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020051
Korpar           Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070076
Korr             Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150112
Korum            Wunrok          Twic             Warrab                    NC35110055
Kosho            Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35130006
Kosodek          Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150113
Kot              Paguir          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090118
Kot              Koch            Koch             Unity                     NC36130097
Kot              Thonyor         Leer             Unity                     NC36130096
Kota             Kuernyang       Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090119
Kotakodongo      Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130111
Kotamo hills     Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120018
Kotek            Ganyiel         Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010058
Kothokan         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120019
Kotili           Lotukei         Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150114
Kotker           Wanding         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150039
Kotobi           Mundri          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090074
Kotokeynyang     Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140139
Kotowan          Ngarich         Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150115
Kottome          Kaikuiny        Diror            Jonglei                   NB36020035
Koturomi         Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140140
Kowabala         Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150116
Kowda            Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150117
Koya             Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130112
Kozi             Koze            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120042
Kpakpawiya       Mundri          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35120043
Kporogedi        Nagero          Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070026
Kporolo          Lozoh           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130113
Kreish           Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35130007
Krugi            Koze            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120044
Kuac             Boma            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070025
Kuach (closed)   Malualbai       Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150097
Kuajiena         Kuajiena        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030083
Kuajok           Kuajok          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150098
Kuan             Nyadin          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130098
Kuanga           Maridi          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160026
Kub              Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100124
Kuba             Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140141
Kubbas           Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140053
Kuchuk ali       Wau west        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030084
Kudda            Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070077
Kuduri           Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010045
Kuer kulang      Paguir          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090120
Kuerkulang       Rubkoana        Rubkona          Unity                     NC36090121
Kuernyang        Kuernyang       Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090122
Kuey             Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36140071
Kuey             Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC35160080
Kugulu           Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150118
Kugwa            Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150119
Kuiaji           Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140142
Kuidko           Makuac           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060052
Kuio             Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NA36020052
Kuir kwol        Kuernyang        Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090123
Kuja             Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140143
Kuju             Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140144
Kuku             Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36100026
Kukudu           Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130114
Kukukilu         Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110044
Kuleny           Kurway           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090124
Kuleny           Turalei          Twic             Warrab                    NC35110056
Kull             Haat             Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130099   Gul
Kullum           Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36100027
Kulomi           Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140145
Kulong           Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010059
Kuloti           Namutina         Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070027
Kulu             Mvolo            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35080080
Kulundulu        Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090075
Kuluniu          Kangepo ii       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020053
Kuluru           Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150120
Kulwo            Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090076
Kumaring         Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090077
Kumio            Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070028
Kumwon           Athidwoi         Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060081
Kunamaki         Otogo            Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130115
Kunga            Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35080081
Kungu            Tore             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130116
Kunjila          Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070079
Kunjok           Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040138
Kunmir           Nyirol           Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140072
Kunyuru          Lire             Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NB36140146
Kuo              Kurway           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090125
Kuothke          Wanding          Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150040
Kuotke           Motot            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140073
Kur              Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140074
Kuriju           Lire             Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020054
Kuriju           Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010046
Kurimaulau       Duony            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080082
Kurkur           Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030085
Kurmot           Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140075
Kurnyang         Aluakluak        Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050135
Kurnyith         Lankien          Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140076
Kursomba         Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100028
Kuru             Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020023   Ibra
Kurur            Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080083
Kusdonga         Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110045
Kusgila          Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110046
Kushadah         Paciti (lafon)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36100029
Kushari          Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140054
Kussu            Nadiangere       Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35070029
Kut              Thonyor          Leer             Unity                     NC36130100
Kuthai           Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010060
Kuyango          Ibba             Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160027
Kuyi             Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070026
Kwa el mango     Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060082
Kwa tod          Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130101
Kwacjok          Gogrial          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150099
Kwagrat          Motot            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140077
Kwaich           Lou              Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050136
Kwaich           Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35160081
Kwaichor         Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160082
Kwain gun mut    Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140078
Kwainchekthuan   Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140079
Kwak             Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140080
Kwal tiu         Anyidi           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060053
Kwamkunyu        Narus            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150121
Kwan             Kongam           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100125
Kwangbar         Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050137
Kwanton          Malual east      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110057
Kwanulualthuan   Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150041
Kwanywalgwek     Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110048
Kwarageri        Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040139
Kwaralak         Burator          Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030019
Kwarchuk         Wunrok           Twic             Warrab                    NC35110058
Kwarijik         Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130117
Kwat             Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150042
Kwat nguk        Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050138
Kwe              Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010061
Kwech            Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050139
Kwei             Mogok            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130102
Kwek              Ngop                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050140
Kwek makur        Alamtoch east        Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080084
Kwel              Toch (gogrial)       Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160083
Kwell             Kuei                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040140
Kwemdthol         Lankien              Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140081
Kwendil           Toch (old fangak)    Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090126
Kwenek            Alam                 Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090127
Kwenek            Sobat                Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100126
Kwevnyang         Guit                 Guit             Unity                     NC35160084
Kwi kwi           Longuchok            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110049
Kwi liani         Duk padiet           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020036
Kwil              Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010062
Kwili             Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060083
Kwin chok         Juaibor              Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090128
Kwirthar          Juaibor              Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090129
Kwit              Udici                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030086
Kwoatbek          Motot                Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140082
Kwogo             Obwa                 Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100127
Kwoicha           Wau                  Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130103
Kwoinlo           Paguir               Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090130
Kwoit             Wunrok               Twic             Warrab                    NC35150100
Kwol              Wau west             Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030087
Kwombor           Longuchok            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150043
Kwong             Keew                 Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090131
Kworijik          Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100030
Kwot              Udici                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030088
Kwotio            Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010047
Kwumara           Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020024
Kyom              Mariam               Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150101
Labalwa           Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140147
Labizuzo          Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130118
Labok             Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150122
Labone            Pageri               Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020055
Laboni            Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020056
Labuge            Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140148
Labwod            Luacjang             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160085
Lachiri           Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140055
Lachkwat          Wau                  Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130104
Lachtanjak        Kuernyang            Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090132
Lachua            Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110025
Lado              Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36100031
Lado koda         Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36100032
Lafit mountains   Lopit west           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140149
Lafon             Paciti (lafon)       Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36100033
Lagere            Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140150
Lagogolo          Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140151
Lagora            Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140152
Laiba             Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010048
Lainya            Lainya               Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130119
Lajak             Sobat                Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100128
Lak               Kaikuiny             Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140083
Lakamadi          Yeri                 Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090078
Lakatang          Pibor                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070027
Lake ambadi       Guit                 Guit             Unity                     NC35160086
Lake anye         Abang                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050141
Lake areng        Toch (gogrial)       Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160087
Lake ba           Toch (gogrial)       Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160088
Lake dong         Awerial              Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050142
Lake fajarial     Awerial              Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050143
Lake gwer         Toch (gogrial)       Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160089
Lake kerik        Alek                 Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150102
Lake kerrita      Mankien              Mayom            Unity                     NC35120069
Lake liayni       Ganyiel              Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010063
Lake loing        Toch (gogrial)       Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160090
Lake maleit       Kuanjthii            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040141
Lake maytin       Awerial              Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050144
Lake niduor       Bunagok              Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050145
Lake nubor        Aluakluak            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050146
Lake nuong        Ganyiel              Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010064
Lake nyiropo      Ngop                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050147
Lake pankhyani    Awerial              Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050148
Lake papiu        Bunagok              Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050149
Lake pawar jak    Wichok               Mayom            Unity                     NC35160091
Lake tindale      Awerial              Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050150
Lake yangyom      Akon                 Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35110059
Lake yirol        Abang                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050151
Lakima            Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130120
Lakitala          Livolo               Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36010049
Lakki             Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140153
Lakoleri          Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140154
Lakwatli          Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130121
Lakwinya          Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020057
Lalanga           Hiyala               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140155
Lalutin           Lotukei              Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150123
Lalyo              Lainya          Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130122
Lam                Wunlam          Atar             Jonglei                  NC36090133
Lamada             Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010050
Lamarnyang         Ifuotu          Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140156
Lamchuk            Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36110050
Lamindo            Kediba          Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090079
Lamwana            Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NA36020058
Landermin rapids   Bazia           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030089
Landigwa           Bangolo         Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090080
Lang               Alamtoch west   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB36050153
Lang               Awerial         Awerial          Lakes                    NB36050152
Lang               Ador            Yirol            Lakes                    NB36050154
Lang               Ganyiel         Panyijar         Unity                    NB36010065
Lang nyok          Wunlam          Atar             Jonglei                  NC36100129
Lang swamps        Duk payuel      North Bor        Jonglei                  NB36020037
Langabu            Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140157
Langba             Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010051
Langber            Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130123
Langbua            Mambe           Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120045
Langdimoleh        Hiyala          Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140158
Langeiek           Aluakluak       Yirol            Lakes                    NB36050155
Langia mountains   Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NA36030010
Langile            Kangepo i       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria        NA36020059
Langkap            Luakpiny        Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150044
Langkap            Akop            Tonj             Warrab                   NC35160092
Langkei            Maiwut          Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150045
Langkokai          Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36090081
Langni             Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36090082
Lango              Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NA36030011
Langua             Mambe           Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120046
Lanioro            Yeri            Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090083
Lankien            Lankien         Nyirol           Jonglei                  NC36140084
Lantoto            Tore            Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130124
Lanyi              Lozoh           Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090084
Laporu             Kediba          Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090085
Larding            Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010052
Larema             Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150124
Laropi             Kangepo i       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria        NA36020060
Laru               Mvolo           Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36050156
Larua              Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36150125
Laryok             Ngarich         Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150126
Lashang            Alamtoch east   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080085
Laso               Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010053
Lasu               Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010054
Lasuba             Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130125
Latafor            Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NA36020061
Latha              Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150046
Latiri             Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100018
Latuka             Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140159
Latulele           Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130126
Laturigan          Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36120020
Lau                Waat            Waat             Jonglei                  NC36140085
Laulau             Nyadin          Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36130105
Launom             Balei           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080086
Lauro              Lauro           Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150127
Lauru              Lauro           Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150128
Lawol              Pibor           Pibor            Jonglei                  NB36060054
Lay kaych          Haat            Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130106
Layba              Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010055
Layo               Lainya          Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130127
Layuwe             Awerial         Awerial          Lakes                    NB36050157
Lebang             Awet-adet       Ruweng           Unity                    NC36090134
Lebeli             Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150129
Lebissi            Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100019
Leel               Luacjang        Tonj             Warrab                   NC35160093
Leer               Koch            Koch             Unity                    NC36130107
Lefureur           Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140160
Legading           Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150130
Legeri             Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36100034
Leho               Pochalla        Pochalla         Jonglei                  NB36030020
Leich              Rubkoana        Rubkona          Unity                    NC35120070
Leik               Alamtoch east   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080087
Leik               Rubkoana        Rubkona          Unity                    NC35120071
Lekilla            Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130128
Lekr               Kangepo i       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria        NA36020062
Leku               Bazia           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35070030
Lele               Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140161
Lengchok           Gumriak         Ruweng           Unity                    NC36090135
Lengyileng         Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140162
Leperi             Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36150131
Leriok             Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36150132
Lerleyrra          Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140163
Lerping            Keew            Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090136
Lerpini            Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150047
Lerua         Ifuotu               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020063
Leruito       Kapoeta              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150133
Lerum         Pageri               Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020064
Lesi          Yeri                 Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090086
Letir         Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150134
Letkabon      Nyadin               Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130108
Leylir        Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140164
Li rangu      Li-rangu             Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150013
Liang         Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110051
Libago        Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010056
Libogo moki   Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130129
Libur         Narus                Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150135
Lichinairo    Pibor                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070028
Lida          Yuai                 Wuror            Jonglei                   NB36020038
Lied          Wau                  Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130109
Liedik        Luacjang             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040142
Lieg          Boma                 Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070029
Liego         Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010057
Liepganop     Gumriak              Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090137
Lier          Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040143
Liet          Nyadin               Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130111
Liet          Koch                 Koch             Unity                     NC36130110
Liet          Gogrial              Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150103
Lietgheir     Lou                  Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050158
Liet-nhom     Toch (gogrial)       Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150104
Liette        Kueldit              Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090138
Lifa          Magwi                Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140165
Liga          Tore                 Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130130
Liil          Akon                 Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150106
Liil          Turalei              Twic             Warrab                    NC35150105
Liil 2        Mariam               Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150107
Liil 2        Turalei              Twic             Warrab                    NC35150108
Likchuk       Sobat                Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100130
Liki          Kediba               Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090087
Likiberi      Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140166
Likuangole    Pibor                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36030021
Lil           Lopit west           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140167
Lil           Paguir               Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090139
Lila          Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110026
Lilang        Awet-adet            Ruweng           Unity                     NC35080056
Lilige        Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010058
Lilir         Jalle                South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050159
Lill          Turalei              Twic             Warrab                    NC35150109
Lim           Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130131
Lim ketar     Ador                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050160
Limbe         Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130132
Limbi         Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010059
Limbia        Yambio               Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150014
Limkwanchek   Nyirol               Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140086
Limuro        Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130133
Lindi         Yeri                 Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090088
Ling          Gumriak              Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090140
Lingi         Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090089
Liop          Walgak               Diror            Jonglei                   NB36020039
Li-rangu      Li-rangu             Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150015   Ri-Rangu
Lire          Lire                 Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020065
Liria         Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140168
List          Nyadin               Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130112
Lit           Ganyiel              Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010066
Litoba        Lire                 Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36010060
Livolo        Kangepo ii           Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36010061
Liwan         Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160032
Liyet         Kuanjthii            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030090
Loa           Pageri               Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020066
Loago         Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130134
Loalilo       Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150136
Lobalong      Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150137
Lobaruke      Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140169
Lobeara       Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140170
Lobeke        Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140171
Lobetang      Komiri               Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150138
Lobilatomme   Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030012
Lobilla       Pibor                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070030
Lobira        Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150139
Lobirikib     Komiri               Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150140
Lobobonya     Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160033
Lobone        Pageri               Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020067
Lobongoi      Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160034
Lobonok       Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140172
Loboret       Lauro                Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150141
Loboy         Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140173
Loboyo        Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140174
Lobuli        Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140175
Lobuli        Komiri               Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150142
Lobur          Lire                 Kajo Keji   Central Equatoria        NB36140176
Lochar         Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150143
Lochigarar     Lauro                Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150144
Lochiret       Kassingor            Pibor       Jonglei                  NB36110027
Lochoding      Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150145
Locholoro      Gumuruk              Pibor       Jonglei                  NB36060055
Lochorokotil   Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160035
Lodakr         Ikotos               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NA36030013
Lodara         Juba                 Juba        Central Equatoria        NB36130135
Lodomei        Kimotong             Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150146
Loduk          Terekeka             Terekeka    Central Equatoria        NB36090090
Loeka          Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150147
Loelli         Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36120021
Loferika       Imurok               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140177
Lofi           Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140178
Lofus          Ikotos               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NA36030014
Loga           Otogo                Yei         Central Equatoria        NB36130136
Logak          Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150148
Loggia         Mogos                Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36110028
Logidomok      Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150149
Logigi         Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150150
Logiliok       Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36150151
Logira         Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36150152
Logire         Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140179
Logirim        Ngarich              Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150153
Logo           Juba                 Juba        Central Equatoria        NB36100035
Logo           Yei                  Yei         Central Equatoria        NB36130137
Logoda         Boma                 Pibor       Jonglei                  NB36080009
Logofero       Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NA36020068
Logoforok      Ikotos               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NA36030015
Logok          Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140180
Logolla        Ifuotu               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140181
Logoma         Pageri               Magwi       Eastern Equatoria        NA36020069
Logonik        Imurok               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140182
Logono         Terekeka             Terekeka    Central Equatoria        NB36100036
Logono         Bur (loronyo)        Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140183
Logonosh       Morobo               Yei         Central Equatoria        NA36010062
Logopi         Bur (loronyo)        Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140184
Logori         Imurok               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140185
Logoro         Ikotos               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36150154
Logorobok      Imurok               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140186
Logote         Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36150155
Logowonok      Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140187
Logu           Kangepo ii           Kajo Keji   Central Equatoria        NA36020070
Loguduba       Morobo               Yei         Central Equatoria        NA36010063
Loguli         Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140188
Loguto         Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140189
Lohutok        Lopit west           Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140190
Loikit         Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36120022
Loing          Walgak               Diror       Jonglei                  NC36140087
Loing          Sobat                Sobat       Upper Nile               NC36100131
Loinga         Morobo               Yei         Central Equatoria        NA36010064
Loiri          Ikotos               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36150156
Loith          Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160036
Lojirim        Ngarich              Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150157
Lojo           Marial wau           Wau         Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030091
Lok            Athidwoi             Fashoda     Upper Nile               NC36060084
Loka           Lainya               Yei         Central Equatoria        NB36130138
Loka west      Otogo                Yei         Central Equatoria        NB36130139
Loka west      Otogo                Yei         Central Equatoria        NB36130140
Lokai          Pageri               Magwi       Eastern Equatoria        NA36020071
Lokalyan       Narus                Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36150158
Lokelaro       Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140191
Lokepokan      Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160037
Lokhajok       Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150159
Lokidangoai    Riwoto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36110029
Lokidokotoy    Narus                Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36150160
Lokika         Ikotos               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36150161
Lokila         Bur (loronyo)        Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140192
Lokila         Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NA36030016
Lokiliri       Juba                 Juba        Central Equatoria        NB36140193
Lokilokaka     Ikotos               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NA36030017
Lokitoi        Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160038
Lokobo         Yei                  Yei         Central Equatoria        NB36130141
Lokodopotok    Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36110030
Lokoiya        Juba                 Juba        Central Equatoria        NB36140194
Lokoko         Juba                 Juba        Central Equatoria        NB36130142
Lokolingero    Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150162
Lokolio post   Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160039
Lokongori      Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NA36030018
Lokorupo       Lainya               Yei         Central Equatoria        NB36130143
Lokotak        Juba                 Juba        Central Equatoria        NB36130144
Lokoya         Lozoh                Mundri      Western Equatoria        NB36130145
Lokuja         Mogos                Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36110031
Lokurubang           Lainya               Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130146
Lokuta               Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130147
Lokuti               Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150163
Lokwamiro            Kapoeta              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150164
Lokwamur             Lauro                Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150165
Lokwanamoru north    Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160040
Lokwanur             Lauro                Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150166
Lokwanya             Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160041
Lokwoya              Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150167
Lol                  Balei                Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080088
Lolabo               Narus                Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150168
Lolakweir            Ananatak             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040144
Lolawol              Ananatak             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040145
Lolepon              Kapoeta              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150169
Lolianga             Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140195
Lolibai mountains    Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020072
Lolim                Narus                Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150170
Lolimo               Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150171
Lolinga              Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150172
Lologo               Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140196
Loloreji             Kangepo i            Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020073
Loloro               Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030019
Lomareng plateau     Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120023
Lomariti             Ifuotu               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020074
Lomariti mountains   Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020075
Lomer                Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140197
Lomeyo               Komiri               Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150173
Lomilong             Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140198
Loming               Lauro                Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150174
Lomingushe           Ngarich              Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150175
Lomiyega             Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140199
Lomo                 Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140200
Lomode               Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140201
Lomodik              Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140202
Lomogol              Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160042
Lomojongororonget    Kapoeta              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150176
Lomokori             Riwoto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110032
Lomolong             Ifuotu               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140203
Lomongoli            Kimotong             Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150177
Lomonichek           Kapoeta              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150178
Lomorotok            Lopit west           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140204
Lomothing            Lotukei              Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150179
Lomudung             Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130148
Lomueng rest house   Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020076
Lomulimoru           Lauro                Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150180
Lomunyenkirion       Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160043
Lomuria-ang'koiyo    Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160044
Lomwanagippi         Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120024
Long                 Pagil                Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130113
Long agwer           Gomjuer              Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140056
Long kap             Akop                 Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160094
Longairo             Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140206
Longairo             Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140205
Longairo mountains   Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140207
Longalia             Kapoeta              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150181
Longamere            Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010065
Longarim             Ngarich              Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150182
Longbo               Mambe                Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120047
Longilayo            Lopit west           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140208
Longira              Kangepo i            Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020077
Longiro              Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140209
Longnum              Ulang                Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100132
Longo                Paliau               North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060056
Longo                Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080089
Longochok            Sobat                Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100133
Longolemur           Lotukei              Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150183
Long'orimenit        Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160045
Longtam              Toch (old fangak)    Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130114
Longtem              Ulang                Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140088
Longuchok            Longuchok            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110052
Longumu              Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150184
Loni                 Ngarich              Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150185
Loning               Kapoeta              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150186
Lonjak               Longuchok            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110053
Lonjak               Wunrok               Twic             Warrab                    NC35110061
Lonukeaguman         Kimotong             Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150187
Lonwamur             Lauro                Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150188
Lonyan               Ngarich              Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150189
Lonyori              Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030020
Lopangwe             Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140210
Lopaye               Akelo                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070031
Lopeiratilo          Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140211
Lopi                 Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130149
Lopilod              Gumuruk              Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36020040
Loping               Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140212
Lopodi               Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NA36030021
Lopoghoni            Imurok               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140213
Lopokori             Mogos                Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36110033
Lopore wala          Terekeka             Terekeka    Central Equatoria        NB36090091
Lopotir              Lauro                Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150190
Lopulong             Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140214
Lopur                Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160046
Loragwe              Lainya               Yei         Central Equatoria        NB36130150
Lorangi              Lauro                Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150191
Loriaju              Ikotos               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36150192
Loriangwara          Terekeka             Terekeka    Central Equatoria        NB36090092
Loridian             Otogo                Yei         Central Equatoria        NB36130151
Lorienetom           Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160047
Lorioboki            Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160048
Lorionetom range     Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160049
Lorkumo              Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140215
Loro                 Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150193
Lorogela             Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150194
Lorola               Lotukei              Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150195
Lorono               Juba                 Juba        Central Equatoria        NB36140216
Loronyo              Bur (loronyo)        Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140217
Loronyo              Ezo                  Ezo         Western Equatoria        NB35150016
Loropio              Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160050
Loropio              Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160051
Lortiop              Lou                  Yirol       Lakes                    NB36010067
Lorumba              Yei                  Yei         Central Equatoria        NB36130152
Lorus                Loudo                Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150196
Loruth kaada         Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160052
Loruth nangolemoru   Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160053
Loryok               Ngarich              Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150197
Losagam              Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36110034
Losili               Hiyala               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140218
Losinga              Kimotong             Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150198
Losua                Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140219
Loszek               Lainya               Yei         Central Equatoria        NB36130153
Lotakawa             Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36120025
Lotegr               Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150199
Lotelepey            Mogos                Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36150200
Lotese               Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140220
Lothik               Ikotos               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NA36030022
Lotiati              Lotukei              Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150201
Lotiki               Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150202
Lotilla bridge       Pibor                Pibor       Jonglei                  NB36070032
Lotimi               Narus                Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36150203
Lotimidik            Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150204
Lotoga               Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36150205
Lotogo               Mogos                Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36110035
Lotolo               Ikotos               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NA36030023
Lotolot              Ador                 Yirol       Lakes                    NB36050161
Lotolu               Ifuotu               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140221
Lotome               Lotukei              Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150206
Lotorobu             Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160054
Lotti                Ifuotu               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140222
Lotukei              Lotukei              Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150207
Lotukule             Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160055
Loturut              Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150208
Loturutur            Ikotos               Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36150209
Loudo                Bur (loronyo)        Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140223
Lourum               Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36160056
Lowele               Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140224
Lowelli              Venthaith            Pibor       Jonglei                  NB36110036
Lowilok              Imotong              Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140225
Lowoi                Juba                 Juba        Central Equatoria        NB36140226
Lowoi                Landili              Maridi      Western Equatoria        NB36130154
Lowudo               Bur (loronyo)        Torit       Eastern Equatoria        NB36140227
Loye                 Sobat                Sobat       Upper Nile               NC36100134
Loyoro               Kwauto               Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36150210
Loyriya              Lotukei              Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150211
Loyro                Komiri               Budi        Eastern Equatoria        NB36150212
Loyurien             Kapoeta              Kapoeta     Eastern Equatoria        NB36150213
Lu                   Yei                  Yei         Central Equatoria        NA36010066
Luak                 Paliau               North Bor   Jonglei                  NB36050162
Luak                 Mvolo                Mundri      Western Equatoria        NB36050163
Luak kwoth           Wau                  Ayod        Jonglei                  NC36130115
Luakping             Luakpiny             Latjor      Upper Nile               NC36150048
Luakpiny             Luakpiny             Latjor      Upper Nile               NC36150049
Lual                 Makuac               South Bor   Jonglei                  NB36060057
Lual                 Ador                 Yirol       Lakes                    NB36050165
Lual                 Ngop                 Yirol       Lakes                    NB36050164
Lual                 Gumriak              Ruweng      Unity                    NC36090141
Lual                 Luakpiny             Latjor      Upper Nile               NC36150050
Lual anjok           Kuajiena             Wau         Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030092
Luala                Juba                 Juba        Central Equatoria        NB36100037
Lualdit          Ngap            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080090
Luale            Paguir          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090142
Lualngem         Abang           Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050166
Luaych           Abang           Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050167
Ludo kenyi       Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36100038
Luduro           Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130155
Ludwera          Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030024
Luel             Rup             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010068
Luell            Rup             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040146
Luentam          Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020041
Luga             Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130156
Lugeyr           Ador            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050168
Luglak           Duk payuel      North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010069
Lugtug           Jiech           Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130116
Lugurren         Hiyala          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140228
Lui              Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010067
Lui              Kediba          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090093
Luil             Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36100135
Luing            Ulang           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140089
Lujula           Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010068
Lujulu           Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010069
Luk luk          Duk padiet      North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020041
Lukala           Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140229
Lukitni          Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130157
Lukluk           Arioyo          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150110
Lukudu           Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130158
Lukudu           Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130159
Lukudu           Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130160
Lukudu           Mundri          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090094
Lukulin          Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160057
Lukupiri         Tore            Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130161
Lukuruba         Lainya          Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130162
Lukwatuk pass    Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120026
Lul              Oriny           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100136
Lul abak         Mangok          Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110065
Luli             Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130163
Luluba           Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140230
Luluba hills     Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140231
Lumer            Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130164
Lumeyen          Riwoto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150214
Lumian           Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160058
Lummuri          Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130165
Lumo             Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140232
Lumudo           Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140233
Lung             Lankien         Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140090
Lunga            Motot           Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140091
Lungadu          Ngop            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050169
Lunyaker         Akop            Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160095
Lunyaker         Pathuon         Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150111
Lurcho           Kuanjthii       Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030093
Lurchuk          Kuanjthii       Tonj             Warrab                    NC35150112
Luri             Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130166
Lut              Kuanjthii       Tonj             Warrab                    NC35150113
Luth             Duk padiet      North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020042
Luth gorkh       Koch            Koch             Unity                     NC36130117
Lutyeol          Kangepo i       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020078
Lwaiding         Walgak          Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140092
Lwakchuk         Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100137
Lwang le dit     Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060085
Lwel             Yuai            Wuror            Jonglei                   NB36020043
Lyaini           Pieri           Wuror            Jonglei                   NC36140093
Lyamyok          Ulang           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140094
Lyodein          Akelo           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070033
Maadin           Lankien         Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140095
Maar             Paliau          North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050170
Mabalindi        Maridi          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160028
Maban            Oriny           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100138
Mabblu           Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35100020
Mabetindi        Ibba            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120048
Mabiel           Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060086
Mabil            Jalle           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060058
Mabil            Mankien         Mayom            Unity                     NC35120073
Mabil            Akop            Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160096
Mabior           Gumuruk         Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36020044
Mabior           Malual east     Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110066
Mabodo           Ibba            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160029
Mabor            Ador            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050171
Mabruk           Luacjang        Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160097
Mabui            Alamtoch east   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080091
Mabyor           Wathmouk        Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150114
Macdit           Anyidi          South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060059
Machar           Kurway          Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090143
Machar marshes   Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110054
Machot           Ulang           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100139
Macot              Wunrok           Twic             Warrab                    NC35110067
Madaghabi          Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140234
Madalla            Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080092
Madbar             Abang            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050172
Madebe             Ibba             Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160030
Madeir             Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040147
Madet              Mvolo            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36050173
Madhol             Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090144
Madhol             Madhol           Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110068
Madi               Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130167
Madi               Mvolo            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35080093
Madi               Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090095
Madi               Ezo              Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35110014
Madi biti          Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090096
Madial             Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030025
Mading             Makuac           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060060
Mading             Mangargier       Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150116
Mading             Wathmouk         Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150115
Mading             Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150051
Mading             Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160098
Mading-Jokthiang   Ajakkuac         Twic             Warrab                    NC35120219
Madok              Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140235
Madol              Malualbai        Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110069
Madol              Malual central   Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100021
Madol              Mayindit         Leer             Unity                     NB35040148
Madol              Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160099
Madoro             Maruko           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120049
Madreggi           Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120050
Madul              Mayindit         Leer             Unity                     NB35040149
Maegituk           Narus            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150215
Maerok             Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130168
Mafi               Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130169
Magang             Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100140
Magar              Panyok           Twic             Warrab                    NC35110071
Magar apine        Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36050174
Magara             Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100039
Magdawa            Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120051
Magiri             Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090097
Magos              Mogos            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110037
Magwi              Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140236
Magwok             Mariam           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150117
Mainyel            Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040150
Maiwai             Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160100
Maiwut             Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150052
Maiwut             Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160101
Majak              Malualbai        Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110072
Majak              Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150053
Majak              Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160102
Majak              Ajakkuac         Twic             Warrab                    NC35120076
Majak liet         Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC35160103
Majakjier          Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080094
Majakliet          Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150118
Majara             Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090098
Maji               Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050175
Majlau             Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC35160104
Majok              Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040151
Majok              Ngop             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050176
Majok              Gomjuer          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140057
Majok              Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010070
Majok              Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120077
Majok              Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100141
Majok              Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150054
Majok              Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150119
Majok              Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030094
Majom kor          Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160105
Majon yom          Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160106
Makaia             Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130170
Makang             Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010071
Makangere          Tambura          Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35110015
Makaya             Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120052
Makeir             Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040152
Makeir tlet        Malual east      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110073
Makem              Malual east      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110074
Makembeli          Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080095
Makep              Duony            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080096
Maker              Bunagok          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050177
Maker              Mariam           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150120
Maker              Malual east      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110075
Maker              Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35160107
Maker              Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150055
Makere             Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080097
Makeyr             Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050178
Makhada            Mwomo            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36020042
Makidi             Hiyala           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140237
Makir              Kuajok              Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150121
Makir              Ajakkuac            Twic             Warrab                    NC35120078
Makjokoy           Anyidi              South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060061
Maknai             Mangargier          Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150122
Makol cuei         Jalle               South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060062
Makonnen cherosh   Narus               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150216
Makorro            Imurok              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140238
Makot              Udici               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030095
Makoy              Ador                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050179
Makporo            Bangasu             Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35160031
Maktiweng          Kolnyang            South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36100040
Makuac             Nyuak               North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010072
Makuei alel        Mangargier          Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150123
Makur              Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100041
Makur              Aluakluak           Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050180
Makur-agar         Alamtoch east       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36050181
Makuru             Yei                 Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130171
Makwach            Maiwut              Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150056
Makwai             Walgak              Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140096
Makwaich           Alamtoch east       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080098
Makwaich yir       Malual east         Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110076
Makwaj             Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040153
Makwaj             Gomjuer             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140058
Makweik            Toch (gogrial)      Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150124
Makwey             Ador                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050182
Makwoich           Luacjang            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040154
Makwoich           Marial wau          Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030096
Malak              Udici               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030097
Malaka             Ogod                Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100142
Malakal            Obwa                Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100143
Malala             Komiri              Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150217
Malang             Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040155
Malangya           Ngop                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050183
Malari             Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090099
Malau              Gomjuer             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110077
Malau              Udici               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150125
Maldo pass         Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120027
Male               Pageri              Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020079
Maleis             Alamtoch east       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080099
Maleit             Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100042
Malek              Jiech               Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130118
Malek              Anyidi              South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060063
Malek              Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040156
Malek              Alamtoch east       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080100
Malek              Gomjuer             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140059
Malek              Maiwut              Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150057
Malek agok         Alamtoch east       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080101
Malek-alel         Gakrol              Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150126
Maleng kway        Marial wau          Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150127
Malengchot         Balei               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080102
Malewo             Yei                 Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130172
Maling             Wunlam              Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100144
Malith             Haat                Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130119
Maljak             Kuanjthii           Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040157
Malkudung          Paliau              North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050184
Mallid             Anyidi              South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060064
Malo               Kuanjthii           Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040158
Maloing            Duk padiet          North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010073
Maloing            Thiet               Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040159
Malong rial        Alamtoch west       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010074
Malou              Alamtoch west       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080103
Malou              Kuei                Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080104
Malou-pech         Citcok              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040160
Malow              Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080105
Malow              Malual west         Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100022
Malual             Yargot              Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110078
Malual bai         Malualbai           Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110079
Malual bai         Rubkoana            Rubkona          Unity                     NC36090145
Malualakon         Toch (old fangak)   Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090146
Malualkon          Baac                Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110080
Maluell            Alamtoch east       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080106
Malumas            Imotong             Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150218
Malwal             Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040161
Malwal             Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040162
Malwal             Alamtoch east       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080107
Malwal             Kongam              Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100145
Malwal             Ulang               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140097
Malwal             Maiwut              Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150058
Malwal             Pathuon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150128
Malwal dit         Malual east         Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110081
Malwal-gakhoth     Motot               Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140098
Malweil            Mariam              Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150129
Malwel             Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100146
Mambara            Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140060
Mambe          Landili          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160032
Mamer          Aluakluak        Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050185
Mamgumi        Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070031
Man            Jiech            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130120
Man karo       Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36100043
Man nueng      Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140099
Mana           Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130173
Manadwai       Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36130121
Managla        Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120079
Manai          Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080108
Manajang       Juaibor          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090147
Manajang       Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100147
Manajok        Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150219
Manajunga      Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                     NC35120080
Manalol        Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030098
Manang         Mwomo            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060089
Manangyer      Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160108
Manati         Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130174
Manbisha       Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070034
Manbitshei     Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070035
Mandari        Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090100
Mandari        Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100044
Mandeng        Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140100
Mandeng        Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150059
Mandi          Bangolo          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090101
Mandubulu      Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130175
Mang           Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                     NC35080057
Manga          Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030099
Mangaia        Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020025
Mangalla       Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36100045
Mangalotore    Livolo           Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36010070
Manganga       Maruko           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120053
Mangar angui   Mangok           Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110082
Mangar gier    Mangargier       Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150130
Mangara        Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130176
Mangara        Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020044
Mangar-pakal   Akon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35110083
Mangi          Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35120054
Mango          Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35060028
Mangok         Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160109
Mangok         Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150131
Mangondi       Nzara            Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150017
Mangord        Kangepo i        Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020080
Mangtungtoj    Gumuruk          Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060065
Maniangado     Lotukei          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150220
Maniangar      Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130177
Manier rehom   Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080109
Manikakara     Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160033
Maningok       Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020045
Manjur         Akoc             Twic             Warrab                    NC35110084
Mankaich       Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140101
Mankien        Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120081
Mankien        Panyok           Twic             Warrab                    NC35110085
Mankole        Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130178
Mankuo         Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090148
Mankwauka      Pieri            Wuror            Jonglei                   NB36020045
Mankwoich      Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040163
Manpagweir     Juaibor          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090149
Mantakaro      Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070036
Mantio         Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040164
Mantoloch      Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070037
Mantong        Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35120082
Manuik         Mogok            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130122
Manum          Landili          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160034
Manwaiti       Kimotong         Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150221
Manwayti       Kimotong         Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150222
Manyabol       Gumuruk          Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060066
Manyal         Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060067
Manyal         Wunrok           Twic             Warrab                    NC35110086
Manyang        Lankien          Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140102
Manyang        Citcok           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040165
Manyang        Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050186
Manyang        Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010075
Manyang        Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160110
Manyeran       Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070038
Manyobal       Gumuruk          Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060068
Manyok         Malual central   Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100023
Manyu          Venthaith        Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070039
Manyumen       Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070040
Manzengi       Ibba             Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160035
Manzeri        Li-rangu         Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35160036
Maoal          Akon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150132
Mapair         Wunlang          Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110087
Mapear         Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040166
Mapeir            Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160111
Mapeir            Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040167
Mapel             Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030101
Mapel             Bazia            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030100
Maper             Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040168
Maper             Aweng            Twic             Warrab                    NC35120083
Maper (lakes)     Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040169
Maperayet         Turalei          Twic             Warrab                    NC35110088
Mapoko            Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130179
Mapuordit         Mvolo            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36050187
Mapuordit         Mvolo            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36050188
Mapura            Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040170
Mar               Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC35160112
Marabi            Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130180
Maradu            Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130181
Marakan           Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130182
Marakeng          Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150223
Maralinn          Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090102
Maramba           Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120055
Marani            Otogo            Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130183
Marar             Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070032
Marawa            Tore             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130184
Mardi             Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070085
Marel             Malual east      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110089
Mareng            Akobo            Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36020046
Mareng            Malualbai        Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150133
Margar            Lou              Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050189
Margian           Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140061
Margware          Gakrol           Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150134
Mari              Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130185
Marial            Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040171
Marial            Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050190
Marial bai        Kurway           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090150
Marial keng       Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080110
Marial-baai       Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100024
Marial-lou        Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160113
Mariba            Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090103
Maridi            Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160037
Maridi            Nzara            Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150018
Maringa           Maruko           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35070033
Mario             Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150224
Marjo             Otogo            Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010071
Marker            Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090151
Marlango          Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090104
Marobo            Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010072
Marol ding ge     Malual central   Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110090
Marol ding geng   Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120084
Marongodoa        Kassingor        Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070041
Marquq            Mogok            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130123
Marra hills       Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070034
Maruka            Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120056
Maruwa hills      Kassingor        Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070042
Marwal            Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080111
Maryal            Alek             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150135
Maryal            Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030102
Maryal bay        Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100025
Masawa            Lotukei          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150225
Masha             Duony            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080112
Mashar            Malual east      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110091
Mashar            Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160114
Mashet            Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040172
Mashi             Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020081
Mashra hamadok    Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                ND36140078
Mashraar ragg     Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160115
Mata hills        Meound           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080010
Matakorn          Duk payuel       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010076
Matang            Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040173
Mategi            Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150226
Matern            Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160116
Materr            Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040174
Mathiang          Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010077
Matiang           Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030103
Matinga           Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080113
Matiti            Li-rangu         Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150019
Matjang           Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130124
Matong            Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040175
Mattok            Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080114
Maundi            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110055
Mauoa             Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080115
Mawakeir          Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080116
Mawel             Venthaith        Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060069
Mawogi            Citcok           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080117
Mawu              Gumuruk          Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060070
Mawyek            Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36130125
Maya doleib       Rubkoana            Rubkona          Unity                     NC36090152
Maya sinyora      Juaibor             Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090153
Maya tawil        Haat                Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130126
Mayaindit         Motot               Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140103
Mayalla           Balei               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080118
Mayan             Duk payuel          North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020047
Mayat berboi      Tonga               Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090154
Mayath            Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080119
Mayeir            Paguir              Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090155
Mayelic           Alamtoch west       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080120
Mayen             Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160059
Mayen             Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040176
Mayen             Alamtoch west       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010078
Mayen             Ador                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050191
Mayen             Yargot              Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110092
Mayen abun        Longuchok           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110056
Mayen abun        Wunrok              Twic             Warrab                    NC35110093
Mayen jur         Toch (gogrial)      Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160117
Mayen jur         Wunrok              Twic             Warrab                    NC35150136
Mayen pajok       Toch (old fangak)   Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090156
Mayen pajok       Akon                Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35110094
Mayen thon        Duony               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080121
Mayendit          Thonyor             Leer             Unity                     NC36130127
Mayenjur          Toch (gogrial)      Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160118
Mayeya            Ibba                Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160038
Mayil             Ganyiel             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010079
Maynaguro         Yeri                Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090105
Mayom             Balei               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080122
Mayom             Ador                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050192
Mayom             Mankien             Mayom            Unity                     NC35120087
Mayom             Rubkoana            Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120086
Mayom             Toch (gogrial)      Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150137
Mayom (lakes)     Balei               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080123
Mayom chuei       Aluakluak           Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050193
Mayom deng akol   Malual east         Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110095
Mayoum akol       Paguir              Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090157
Mbakaia           Nadiangere          Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35070035
Mbana             Source yubu         Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35110016
Mbara             Yeri                Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090106
Mbaramo           Maruko              Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120057
Mbarizanga        Sakure              Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150020
Mbatai            Wau west            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030104
Mbelembo          Nadiangere          Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35070036
Mbia              Duony               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080124
Mbili             Kuajiena            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030106
Mbili             Bazia               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030105
M'bittima         Namutina            Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35100003
Mboro             Ngap                Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080125
Mboro             Udici               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030107
Mboro             Mambe               Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120058
Mboroko           Maridi              Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160039
Mboyo             Nagero              Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070037
Mecharr           Ananatak            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040177
Medar             Akobo               Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36020048
Medar             Ananatak            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040178
Mede              Magwi               Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020082
Mediket           Lopit west          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36100046
Medil             Kuajiena            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030108
Meding            Balei               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080126
Meding            Ananatak            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040179
Medingbor         Balei               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080127
Megak             Balei               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080128
Megiri            Lire                Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020083
Meheida esh s     Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                ND36140082
Meir              Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040180
Meir              Luacjang            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040181
Mejali            Morobo              Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010073
Mejiki            Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090107
Mejiri            Morobo              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130186
Mejuk             Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060091
Mekajik           Lopit west          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140239
Meke              Mambe               Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160040
Mekr              Kangepo i           Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020084
Melau             Yargot              Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150138
Melek             Gakrol              Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150139
Melekwich         Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090108
Melia             Ikotos              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150227
Melut             Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060092
Melwal            Anyidi              South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060071
Melwel latuk      Awerial             Awerial          Lakes                     NB36100047
Mendopolo         Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130187
Menime            Haat                Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130128
Meninger          Alamtoch west       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080129
Mennaidi          Balei               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080130
Mentiel           Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160119
Mer               Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010080
Merakwin          Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090109
Merchek           Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050194
Meregim           Ngepo            Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NB36130188
Merial            Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090158
Meribu            Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080131
Meridedi          Lotukei          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150228
Merileli          Lauro            Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150229
Merimam           Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150230
Meriok            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060093
Meshra ashol      Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160120
Meshra bentiu     Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120089
Meshra ez zeraf   Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060094
Meshra rek        Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160121
Mesika            Kangepo i        Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020085
Metameru          Otogo            Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130189
Methiang          Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC36130129
Mewun             Meound           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080011   Meiyino
Meyang            Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150231
Meyun             Meound           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080012
Miadol            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060095
Miakol            Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100148
Mialek            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060096
Miau              Baliet           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100149
Midala            Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130190
Mide              Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090110
Miden             Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090111
Midoru            Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010074
Mijare            Livolo           Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36010075
Milkerr           Waat             Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140104
Milo              Akon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150140
Mimakimi          Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130191
Mimi              Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36050195
Mimnun            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060097
Mimyal            Madhol           Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110096
Minamba           Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35130008
Ming              Kuel mol piny    Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090159
Minga             Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36090112
Mingasu           Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130192
Minigini          Lotukei          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150232
Minikolome        Mvolo            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35080132
Miniogbolo        Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35080133
Minkamman         Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36060072
Minori            Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130193
Minyal            Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150060
Minyepi           Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020026
Mirda             Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090113
Miriaji           Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140240
Mirich            Paweng           Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090160
Mirsala           Lozoh            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090114
Misharr           Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080134
Misri             Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030109
Missia            Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030110
Missia lul        Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100150
Mit ping          Panyok           Twic             Warrab                    NC35110097
Mitambara         Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020027
Mitika            Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130194
Miyan             Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110057
Miyom             Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040182
Mngali            Otogo            Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130195
Moarkeyor         Gumuruk          Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060073
Modi              Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070038
Modo              Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090115
Modole            Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030026
Moeba             Li-rangu         Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150021
Moeru             Ngepo            Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NB36130196
Moga              Otogo            Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130197
Moga              Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020028
Moggi             Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090116
Mogina            Lotukei          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150233
Mogiri            Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140241
Mogiri            Lire             Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020086
Mogiri            Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010076
Moglei            Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150061
Mogo              Ifuotu           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140242
Mogok             Mogok            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130130
Mogok             Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160122
Mogutt            Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100048
Mohom             Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100026
Moibar swamp      Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110058
Moing jang        Gogrial          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150141
Moingbi           Maruko           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120059
Moiyil            Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120090
Mojogh                  Mogok            Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130131
Mokeyr                  Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35040183
Mokina                  Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36150234
Mokkei                  Mvolo            Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB35080135
Mokwi                   Citcok           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35040184
Molau                   Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                   NB35030111
Molbang                 Ajakkuac         Twic             Warrab                   NC35120092
Molbok                  Renk             Renk             Upper Nile               NC36020046
Moli                    Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140243
Molongori               Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140244
Momoi                   Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140245
Momoriya                Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36150235
Monar                   Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080136
Mondi                   Livolo           Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria        NA36010077
Mondi                   Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040185
Monga                   Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010078
Mongalla                Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36120028
Mongdor                 Renk             Renk             Upper Nile               NC36060098
Mongo                   Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130198
Mongoi                  Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130199
Mongolobakr             Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130200
Mongwa                  Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130201
Monji                   Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140246
Monyamesi               Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria        NA36020087
Mopair                  Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                    NB36010081
Moragok                 Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                    NB36010082
Moraluit                Aluakluak        Yirol            Lakes                    NB36050196
Morangi                 Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35160041
Moraya toboja           Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100027
Morchol                 Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040186
Mori jua                Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36090117
Morilium                Narus            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36150236
Morkorro                Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36120029
Morle                   Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria        NA36020088
Moro                    Renk             Renk             Upper Nile               NC36060099
Morobo                  Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010079
Morongole               Lauro            Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150237
Morsak                  Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130202
Moru                    Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090118
Moru abab               Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36160060
Moru agippi             Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36120030
Moru angbin             Lopet            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36110038
Moru eta                Lauro            Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150238
Moru ethi               Lopet            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36120032
Moru ethi               Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36120031
Moru kerit              Lauro            Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150239
Moru kerri              Lopet            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36110039
Moru kimod              Kassingor        Pibor            Jonglei                  NB36110040
Moru kwarus             Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150240
Moru put                Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150241
Moru-eta                Narus            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36150242
Moru-guri               Narus            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36150243
Morugurn                Kapoeta          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36150244
Moru-keric              Kapoeta          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36150245
Morusa                  Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010080
Mosingo                 Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NA36030027
Moso                    Ezo              Ezo              Western Equatoria        NB35110017
Mothinga                Kimotong         Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36110041
Motot                   Waat             Waat             Jonglei                  NC36140105
Motot                   Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130132
Mouki angor             Ador             Yirol            Lakes                    NB36050197
Mount lotuka            Lotukei          Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150246
Mountain nile           Juaibor          Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090161
Mourlueth               Ngop             Yirol            Lakes                    NB36050198
Movo                    Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090119
Mowein                  Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030112
Mowein murgan           Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030113
Mowut                   Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                   NC35160123
Moya                    Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria        NA36020089
Moyang                  Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130203
Moyat                   Mvolo            Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36050199
Moyen                   Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030114
Moymoy                  Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36150247
Mudi                    Kuernyang        Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090162
Mudi                    Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090120
Mudiriyat al buhayrat   Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35040187
Mudubai                 Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35160042
Mugale                  Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria        NA36020090
Mugiri                  Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130204
Mujdu                   Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010081
Muk                     Pagil            Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130133
Muk                     Pieri            Wuror            Jonglei                  NC36140106
Mukajo                  Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria        NB36120033
Mukpara                 Tore             Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130205
Muku              Maridi          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160043
Mula              Koze            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120060
Mulai             Lozoh           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090121
Mulgak            Wunlam          Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100151
Mulinda           Yeri            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090122
Mulisu            Lainya          Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130206
Multhiang         Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110059
Mulukiyah         Marial wau      Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030115
Munbar            Sobat           Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100152
Mundeing          Kuernyang       Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090163
Mundri            Mundri          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090123
Mundu             Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130207
Mundu             Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130208
Mungaiyat hills   Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140062
Mungalla          Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150248
Mungan            Koze            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120061
Mungara           Tonj            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35080137
Mungola           Ngap            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080138
Mungud            Wau             Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130134
Muni              Maar            North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060074
Munini            Boma            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080013
Muot              Ador            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36010083
Mupoi             Mupoi           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35110018
Mur               Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35100028
Mura              Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130209
Mura              Lopit west      Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140247   Murahati
Mura              Ezo             Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35150022
Muraagipi         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160061
Muragatika        Hiyala          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140248
Muraloli          Hiyala          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140249
Murgak            Ibba            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160044
Murjan            Kuajiena        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030116
Murjan ali        Kuajiena        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030117
Muru              Duony           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080139
Murua ngabuin     Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120034
Murua-kidel       Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160062
Murukiron         Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150249
Murukiwma         Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150250
Murukko           Maruko          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120062
Murusu            Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130210
Musa bilal        Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020029
Musa didi         Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090040
Musa komandogo    Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020030
Musha             Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120035
Mussikidolk       Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130211
Mutakanga         Kediba          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090124
Mutaram           Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140250
Mutthiang         Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150062
Muturu            Lainya          Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130212
Mvolo             Mvolo           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35080140
Mwanyakapin       Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120036
Mwom              Wau             Ayod             Jonglei                   NB36010084
Mwot did          Pieri           Wuror            Jonglei                   NC36140107
Mwot tot          Waat            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140108
Naam              Landili         Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160045
Naandi            Ezo             Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35150023
Nabakin           Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140251
Nabanga           Ibba            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160046
Nabaqaya          Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020048
Naberigalong      Lauro           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150251
Nabima            Li-rangu        Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150024
Nabolibol         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160063
Nachua            Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150252
Nadapal           Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150253
Nadepali          Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150254
Nadiangere        Nagero          Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070039
Nadongolomo       Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150255
Nadupuduku        Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150256
Nafi              Ayat            Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140063
Nagagutan         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160064
Nagak             Awerial         Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050200
Nagasi            Ezo             Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35150025
Nagbaka           Maridi          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120063
Nagdiar           Waat            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140109
Nagdiar           Kongam          Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100153
Nagero            Nagero          Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070040
Nagishot          Imotong         Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150257
Nagitinga         Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150258
Nagitome          Lainya          Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130213
Nagobere          Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010082
Nagongitela       Kapoeta         Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150259
Naguga            Maridi          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160047
Naguri            Ngarich         Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150260
Nahr aj jur       Guit            Guit             Unity                     NC35160124
Nahr naam          Alamtoch west   Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes               NB35080141
Nahr sobat         Panyidwai       Tonga            Upper Nile          NC36100154
Nai a              Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36120037
Naiga              Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria   NB36130214
Naintut            Koch            Koch             Unity               NC36130135
Naitatitok         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160065
Najokmurya         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160066
Najunga            Gumriak         Ruweng           Unity               NC36090165
Nakadocwa          Lopet           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36120038
Nakalale           Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160067
Nakangungeg        Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160068
Nakape             Nadiangere      Yambio           Western Equatoria   NB35120064
Nakapokan          Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160069
Nakarenyangayik    Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36120039
Nakatur            Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160070
Nakbi              Ezo             Ezo              Western Equatoria   NB35110019
Nakinomet          Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160071
Nakithilet         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160072
Nakiwalet          Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160073
Nakodo             Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36150261
Nakolo             Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160074
Nakoret            Kapoeta         Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36150262
Nakwaparich        Riwoto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36110042
Naliel             Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36150263
Naligedi           Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria   NB36150264
Nalingakua         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36120040
Nalupongorr        Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36150265
Namacharioret      Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160075
Namalat            Kueldit         Ruweng           Unity               NC35120094
Namama             Sakure          Yambio           Western Equatoria   NB35150026
Nambi              Maruko          Maridi           Western Equatoria   NB35120065
Nambia             Nzara           Yambio           Western Equatoria   NB35150027
Nambiri            Maruko          Maridi           Western Equatoria   NB35120066
Nambiri            Bangolo         Mundri           Western Equatoria   NB36130215
Nambori            Ezo             Ezo              Western Equatoria   NB35150028
Naminza            Ezo             Ezo              Western Equatoria   NB35110020
Namorototio        Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160076
Namutina           Tambura         Tambura          Western Equatoria   NB35110021
Nangume            Ibba            Maridi           Western Equatoria   NB35160048
Nangume            Nadiangere      Yambio           Western Equatoria   NB35070041
Nanngolet          Kapoeta         Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36150266
Nanunde            Landili         Maridi           Western Equatoria   NB35160049
Nanyangachor       Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36120041
Naoyeta            Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160077
Napalap            Lopet           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36110043
Napas              Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36120042
Napatanipeti       Lotukei         Budi             Eastern Equatoria   NB36150267
Napeded            Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160078
Napeduru           Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160079
Napetawi           Lauro           Budi             Eastern Equatoria   NB36150268
Napotit            Kapoeta         Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36150269
Napotpot           Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36150270
Napuajore          Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria   NB36150271
Napusi             Ngap            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes               NB35080142
Naqichot           Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria   NB36150272
Naqishot           Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria   NB36150273
Naramam            Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160080
Naramoa            Kediba          Mundri           Western Equatoria   NB36090125
Naramum post       Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160081
Narful             Venthaith       Pibor            Jonglei             NB36070043
Narionobukai       Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160082
Narir              Rubkoana        Rubkona          Unity               NC35120095
Narokon            Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36150274
Narongyet          Kapoeta         Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36150275
Naronyi            Kapoeta         Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36150276
Narus              Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36150277
Narus              Ikotos          Torit            Eastern Equatoria   NA36030028
Nasser             Luakpiny        Latjor           Upper Nile          NC36150063
Nataba             Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160083
Natapara           Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36120043
Natelo             Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36160084
Nater              Kapoeta         Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36150278
Naterada           Lotukei         Budi             Eastern Equatoria   NB36150279
Naterda            Boma            Pibor            Jonglei             NB36070044
Naterikeki         Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria   NB36150280
Naterowolo         Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria   NB36150281
Nathilani          Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria   NB36150282
Nathithi           Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria   NB36150283
Nathiti            Komiri          Budi             Eastern Equatoria   NB36150284
Natibok            Kassingor       Pibor            Jonglei             NB36110044
Natikidodok        Narus           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36150285
Natilup swamp      Lopet           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36110045
Natinga (new sit   Loudo           Budi             Eastern Equatoria   NB36150286
Natodomeri         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria   NB36120044
Naturua         Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150287
Nauwi           Loudo            Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150288
Nawayareng      Riwoto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150289
Nawianak        Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150290
Nawitapal       Mogos            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110046
Ndakatchana     Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140064
Ndeba           Source yubu      Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35110022
Ndei            Ngap             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35070042
Ndia            Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080143
Ndia azai       Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35120067
Ndo             Nadiangere       Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35070043
Ndoruma         Ibba             Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160050
N'dwetti        Pochalla         Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030022
Nebur           Narus            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150291
Neinjang        Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100155
Nek             Thonyor          Leer             Unity                     NC36130136
Nekan           Nyadin           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130137
Nekap           Narus            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150292
Nerboar         Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC35160125
Neria           Kassingor        Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36110047
Neshir          Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030118
Nesitu          Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140252
Neubeli         Marou            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070045
Neukowalo       Arioyo           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150142
Neum            Burator          Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030023
New cush        Lotukei          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150293
New fangak      Alam             Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090166   Phom el-
New lasu        Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010083
New paguir      Paguir           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090167
Neyalwal        Panyikang        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090168
Ngabagok        Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040188
Ngaia           Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020091
Ngaich          Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010085
Ngairanvor      Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020031
Ngak            Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                     NC36050072
Ngama           Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120068
Ngamando        Landili          Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160051
Ngangala        Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140253
Nganzio         Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160052
Ngap            Waat             Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140110
Ngapnyaro       Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140111
Ngap-pankon     Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080144
Ngarama         Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140254
Ngautoch        Kuernyang        Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090169
Ngechele        Kassingor        Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36110048
Ngere           Sakure           Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150029
Ngigalingatun   Riwoto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110049
Nginda          Yambio           Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150030
Ngira           Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080145
Ngithenyana     Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160085
Ngiu            Motot            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140112
Ngnolobot       Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020092
N'gob riang     Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150143
Ngoboli         Lopit west       Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140255
Ngode           Mambe            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120069
Ngogola         Tambura          Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35110023
Ngoia           Namutina         Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070044
Ngoin           Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140113
Ngoiny          Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC36130138
Ngok            Motot            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140114
Ngomala         Ngap             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080146
Ngomba          Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030119
Ngong           Citcok           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080147
Ngongo          Source yubu      Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35110024
Ngop            Ngop             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050201
Ngop            Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC35160126
Ngop (lake )    Ngop             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050202
N'goro          Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020032
Ngoromba        Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130216
Ngorp           Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC35160127
Nguenak         Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050203
Nguku           Nadiangere       Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35070045
Ngukyu          Namutina         Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35060006
Ngulguli        Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140065
Ngungwa         Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020093
Ngur            Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030120
Ngutwa          Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160053
Ngwer           Keew             Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090170
Ngwer           Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050204
Nhialdiu        Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35120097
Nhialdiu        Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090043
Niaba           Bangolo          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090126
Niachaferaka    Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060075
Nialeir         Venthaith        Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060076
Niambusu               Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130217
Nian                   Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150144
Niang nier             Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040189
Nianthon               Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110060
Niaporo                Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130218
Niarakuj               Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130219
Niayok                 Athidwoi         Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060101
Nibodo                 Tonga            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090171
Nibong                 Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030121
Nidri                  Lozoh            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090127
Niendok                Malual central   Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110100
Niereng                Kongam           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100156
Nija                   Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36100049
Nijok                  Kongam           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100157
Nikor                  Mogos            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150294
Nikowa                 Akobo            Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030024
Niloa                  Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030122
Nilum                  Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150295
Nimni                  Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC36090172
Nimnim                 Mabaan           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110061
Nimule                 Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020094
Nimule national park   Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020095
Nin kwon               Paguir           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090173
Ninding                Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110062
Nine boli              Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100029
Niniboli               Gomjuer          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100030
Ninong                 Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080148
Nirang                 Lou              Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050205
Nithapirri             Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160086
Nitingayo              Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140256
Niurang                Arioyo           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140066
Niyagwado              Tonga            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090174
Niyamj                 Gomjuer          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110101
Njada                  Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130220
Njueir                 Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160128
Nkhomalek              Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050206
Noka                   Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NB36020049
Nomakon                Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080149
Nomogonjet             Riwoto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110050
Nomran                 Duony            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080150
Nondia                 Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160129
Nongolibe              Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160087
Nongwoli               Akelo            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070046
Noon                   Kwojo            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060102
Nor                    Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150064
Normanyang             Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36130139
Nuer                   Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NB36010086
Nuer                   Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150065
Nuer akon              Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100158
Numatina               Bazia            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030123
Numyar                 Mangok           Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110104
Nun                    Kwojo            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060103
Nunyarri               Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010084
Nuong                  Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010087
Nur                    Paguir           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090175
Nur                    Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120098
Nur                    Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110063
Nur barau              Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130140
Nurah                  Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070091
Nurichoar              Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120099
Nurjoich               Thonyor          Leer             Unity                     NB35040190
Nurlonga               Kuernyang        Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090176
Nushu rapids           Bazia            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030124
Nushur                 Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070092
Nwot gut               Jalle            South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060077
Nyaboing               Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150066
Nyabongi               Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100050
Nyachir                Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050207
Nyadask                Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050208
Nyadin                 Nyadin           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130141
Nyadin                 Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150145
Nyagaing               Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160130
Nyaginei               Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120045
Nyaing                 Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140257
Nyaitok                Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100159
Nyaka                  Ibba             Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160054
Nyakang                Nyadin           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130142
Nyake                  Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140258
Nyakoi                 Lankien          Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140115
Nyakol                 Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140259
Nyakwach               Nyandit          Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030025
Nyal                   Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010088
Nyal 1                 Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010089
Nyal 2                 Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010090
Nyala           Lotukei          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150296
Nyale           Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090128
Nyaliot         Abang            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050209
Nyalla          Bangolo          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130221
Nyameda         Pochalla         Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030026
Nyamkwer        Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040191
Nyamlel         Panyok           Twic             Warrab                    NC35110105
Nyamlell        Gomjuer          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100031
Nyanachan       Kongam           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100160
Nyanalail       Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100032
Nyandit         Akobo            Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36020050
Nyandit         Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010091
Nyandit         Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36100161
Nyandong        Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010092
Nyang           Maar             North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050211
Nyang           Lou              Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050210
Nyang           Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100033
Nyang           Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140116
Nyang           Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110064
Nyang           Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160131
Nyang fing      Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040192
Nyang gnok      Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050212
Nyang long      Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050213
Nyang timsah    Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150067
Nyang'amunyen   Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160088
Nyangatom       Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120046
Nyangenlwal     Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060104
Nyangkot        Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040193
Nyangobal       Gumuruk          Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060078
Nyangora        Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140117
Nyangwara       Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130222
Nyangwath       Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140118
Nyanjya         Otogo            Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130223
Nyankennah      Paguir           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090177
Nyantim         Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100162
Nyanwey         Mwomo            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060105
Nyanya          Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070094
Nyap            Anyidi           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060079
Nyapongeth      Mogos            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110051
Nyara           Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130224
Nyarachu        Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130225
Nyarajar        Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130226
Nyarian         Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150068
Nyarjowa        Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130227
Nyathau         Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140119
Nydin           Nyadin           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130143
Nyeda fadlull   Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070095
Nyefino         Aburoc           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060106
Nyel            Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160132
Nyelichu        Boma             Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070047
Nyendella       Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070046
Nyerol          Lankien          Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140120
Nyeru           Aburoc           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060107
Nyerur          Aburoc           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060108
Nyet            Wunrok           Twic             Warrab                    NC35150146
Nyetong         Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020049
Nyiel           Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050214
Nyigir          Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100163
Nyigo           Kangepo ii       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020096
Nyigo           Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130228
Nyigwel         Aluakluak        Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050215
Nyilwag         Panyikang        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090178
Nyilwak         Baliet           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100164
Nyilwak         Panyikang        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090179
Nyilyich        Athidwoi         Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060109
Nyin akok       Marial wau       Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030125
Nyin yar        Keew             Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090181
Nyin yar        Panyikang        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090180
Nyinabot        Nyirol           Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140121
Nyingaro        Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100165
Nyirial         Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100166
Nyirim          Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050216
Nyirol          Lankien          Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140122
Nyithko         Ogod             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100167
Nyiwara         Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030126
Nyiwudo         Kwojo            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060110
Nyiyar          Kurway           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090182
Nykorilik       Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110052
Nyod            Haat             Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130144
Nyoing          Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC36130145
Nyongchar       Pagil            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130146
Nyor            Kuel mol piny    Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090183
Nyori           Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010085
Nyot            Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010093
Nyuarweng       Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150069
Nyum nyum       Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020033
Nzanga          Ezo              Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35150031
Nzara           Nzara            Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150032
Nzarami         Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030127
Nzingirimangu   Ezo              Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35150033
Oanagab         Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080151
Obai dego       Pakang           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100168
Obbo            Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140260
Obel            Nyirol           Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140123
Obeli           Ifuotu           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020097
Obiri           Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020098
Oboa            Obwa             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100169
Obodiang        Ogod             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100170
Obor            Akobo            Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030027
Oboru           Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140261
Obwi            Athidwoi         Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060111
Obwodi          Akiela           Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030028
Odesan          Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020034
Odio            Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130229
Odish           Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010094
Odoleng         Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140262
Odulubo         Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010086
Odumi           Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140263
Odwar           Kongam           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100171
Odwoigo         Panyikang        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090184
Offio           Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030128
Ofyu            Panyidwai        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100172
Ogali           Wau west         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030129
Ogiragi         Imurok           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140264
Ogod butu       Ogod             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100173
Ogod-fatad      Ogod             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100174
Ogol-pachy      Ogod             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100175
Ogon            Athidwoi         Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060112
Ogwo            Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140265
Ogwum           Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030029
Oiro            Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030030
Ok              Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010095
Okaru           Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140266
Okopayi         Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160055
Okura           Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140267
Olam            Owaci            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100176
Olang           Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140124
Olang           Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150147
Old lasu        Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010087
Olein           Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030130
Oloko           Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010088
Olupi           Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020099
Ombasi          Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010089
Omdurman        Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020100
Omeio           Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140268
Omiki           Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140269
Omila           Nyandit          Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030029
Omini           Akiela           Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030030
Omio            Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140270
Omit            Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140271
Omora           Ayat             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140067
Onayo           Koze             Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120070
Ondeili         Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020101
Onder           Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140272
Onduraba        Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130230
Onkjer          Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060113
Opalas          Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140273
Opari           Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020102
Opirika         Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150297
Opperi          Imurok           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140274
Orarak          Venthaith        Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060080
Oreg            Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150298
Oreira          Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020103
Oriny           Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100177
Orpir           Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030031
Oshalla         Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030131
Oshang          Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030132
Otichogo        Aburoc           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060114
Owachi          Panyidwai        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100178
Owan            Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080152
Owat            Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040194
Oweit           Marial wau       Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150148
Owerak          Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150299
Owetiani        Mogos            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110053
Owiyabong       Lopet            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110054
Owup            Mabaan           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110065
P ktap          Duk payuel       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010096
Pa ing          Nyirol           Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140125
Paak           Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity               NB36010097
Paayam         Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile          NC36140126
Pabair         Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity               NB36010098
Pabanga        Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria   NA36010090
Pabangmar      Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei             NB36050217
Pabiiw         Aburoc           Fashoda          Upper Nile          NC36060115
Pabodyet       Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile          NC36100179
Pabuol         Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity               NB36010099
Pabuong        Wau              Ayod             Jonglei             NC36130147
Pabuong        Mayindit         Leer             Unity               NC35160133
Pabuop         Ador             Yirol            Lakes               NB36050218
Pachawey       Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei             NB36050219
Pachuark       Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity               NC36090186
Pachuleng      Kongor           North Bor        Jonglei             NB36010100
Pachwil        Nyuak            North Bor        Jonglei             NB36010101
Pacong         Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes               NB35080154
Pacong         Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes               NB35080153
Padaich        Wichok           Mayom            Unity               NC35120101
Padak          Jalle            South Bor        Jonglei             NB36060081
Padak/baidit   Jalle            South Bor        Jonglei             NB36060082
Padara         Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity               NC35080065
Padeah         Koch             Koch             Unity               NC36130148
Padeah         Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile          NC36140127
Padendem       Paweng           Ruweng           Unity               NC36090187
Padeng         Thonyor          Leer             Unity               NC36130149
Paderna        Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile          NC36110066
Padijal        Ador             Yirol            Lakes               NB36050220
Padit          Mankien          Mayom            Unity               NC35120102
Padok          Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile          NC36100180
Padwei         Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile          NC36150070
Padwing        Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes               NB35080155
Paer           Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria   NB36130231
Pagach         Ador             Yirol            Lakes               NB36050221
Pagak          Awerial          Awerial          Lakes               NB36050222
Pagak          Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab              NC35150149
Pagar          Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria   NB36100051
Pagar          Ezo              Ezo              Western Equatoria   NB35110025
Pagarau        Lou              Yirol            Lakes               NB36050223
Pagarua        Maar             North Bor        Jonglei             NB36060083
Pageri         Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria   NA36020104
Paget          Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei             NB36050224
Pageu          Motot            Waat             Jonglei             NC36140128
Pagil          Pagil            Ayod             Jonglei             NC36130150
Pagil          Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile          NC36150071
Pagilil        Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei             NB36010102
Paging         Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes               NB35040195
Pagok          Aluakluak        Yirol            Lakes               NB36050225
Pagol          Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity               NC36050074
Pagolong       Awerial          Awerial          Lakes               NB36050226
Pagor          Kongor           North Bor        Jonglei             NB36010103
Pagor          Adongo           Pochalla         Jonglei             NB36030031
Pagor          Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab              NC35160134
Pagot          Kongor           North Bor        Jonglei             NB36010104
Paguere        Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes               NB36010105
Paguil         Pagil            Ayod             Jonglei             NC36130151
Paguir         Paguir           Old Fangak       Jonglei             NC36090188
Pagune         Paguir           Old Fangak       Jonglei             NC36090189
Pagune         Panyok           Twic             Warrab              NC35110107
Pagwar         Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile          NC36140129
Pairs          Koze             Maridi           Western Equatoria   NB35120071
Paja           Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria   NA36020105
Paja rial      Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity               NB36010106
Pajang         Ador             Yirol            Lakes               NB36050227
Pajok          Kassingor        Pibor            Jonglei             NB36070048
Pajur          Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei             NB36050228
Pajut          Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei             NB36020051
Pakam          Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei             NB36010107
Pakayr         Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei             NB36050229
Pakeng         Ador             Yirol            Lakes               NB36050230
Paker          Mvolo            Mundri           Western Equatoria   NB36050231
Pakoi          Kongam           Tonga            Upper Nile          NC36100181
Pakok          Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes               NB35080156
Pakol          Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity               NC36090190
Pakor          Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile          NC36140130
Pakor          Alek             Gogrial          Warrab              NC35150150
Pakowor        Awerial          Awerial          Lakes               NB36050232
Pakuja         Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria   NA36010091
Pakujiak       Ador             Yirol            Lakes               NB36050233
Pakuor         Gokangule        Pibor            Jonglei             NB36030032
Pakwar         Haat             Ayod             Jonglei             NC36130152
Palal          Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes               NB35040196
Palebek        Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria   NB36140275
Paleipin       Akop             Tonj             Warrab              NC35160135
Paleithop      Pieri            Wuror            Jonglei             NC36140131
Palek           Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050234
Paliang         Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040197
Paliau          Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050235
Paliau          Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060084
Paliol          Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050236
Paliyech        Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050237
Paljok          Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090191
Palmuch         Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150072
Paloich         Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36050238
Paloich         Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060116
Palong lait     Turalei          Twic             Warrab                    NC35150151
Palotaka        Ifuotu           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140276
Palwal          Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020106
Palwal          Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040198
Palwar          Ifuotu           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020107
Pam             Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC35160136
Pam             Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160137
Pam mak         Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150073
Pamdit          Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010108
Pamir           Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100182
Pan iyik        Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100183
Pan nyok        Panyok           Twic             Warrab                    NC35110108
Pan pet         Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050239
Pan rup         Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040199
Panabang        Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36100052
Panabeyei       Duony            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080157
Pan-achier      Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150152
Panapot         Cueibet          Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040200
Pan-awach       Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080158
Pandit          Aluakluak        Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050240
Panebei         Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080159
Panebeyei       Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080160
Panebi          Abang            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050241
Panegwibek      Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100184
Panejangnyong   Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100185
Panenul         Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100186
Panere          Gokangule        Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36020052
Pangai          Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080161
Pangok          Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36010109
Panial          Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010110
Paniardian      Bunagok          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050242
Panjey          Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050243
Pankao          Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040201
Pankar          Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080162
Pankayk         Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040202
Pankeir         Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040203
Pankeow         Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080163
Pankhait        Cueibet          Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040204
Pankhial        Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050244
Pankhom anyer   Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050245
Pankot          Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NC35150153
Panliet         Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC36130153
Panliet         Riau             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150154
Pannere         Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35010001
Pan-nhial       Akoc             Twic             Warrab                    NC35110109
Panomdejop      Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150074
Panraag         Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080164
Panshui         Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080165
Panthou         Mangargier       Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150155
Pantit          Gomjuer          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100034
Pantoi          Gomjuer          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100035
Pantoich        Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040205
Pantu           Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040206
Panyabu         Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010092
Panyagor        Kongor           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010111   Mabior
Panyana         Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010093
Panyang         Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                     NC35080067
Panyang         Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140132
Panyang luel    Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050246
Panyara         Akobo            Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030033
Panyireth       Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100187
Panyok          Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020053
Panyume east    Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010094
Pap             Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050247
Papu            Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050248
Papua           Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130232
Papui           Lou              Yirol            Lakes                     NB36010112
Parajok         Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020108   Pajok
Paraken         Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010113
Param           Kongor           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010114
Paremaso        Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130233
Pariak          Anyidi           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36100053
Parilli         Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090129
Parjamor        Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010095
Paru                         Gomjuer              Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100036
Pashar                       Ganyiel              Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010115
Pasho                        Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130234
Paten                        Maiwut               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150075
Pateroping                   Anyidi               South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060085
Patet                        Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150300
Pathai                       Motot                Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140133
Patiang chot                 Ador                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050249
Patiay                       Ador                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050250
Patibe                       Magwi                Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020109
Patielnyang                  Lankien              Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140134
Pator chok                   Ador                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050251
Patugo                       Panyidwai            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100188
Patuok                       Ganyiel              Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010116
Patuok                       Kuel mol piny        Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090192
Patuor                       Ador                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050252
Pawieng                      Ulang                Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140135
Paya                         Kediba               Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090130
Payai                        Wau                  Ayod             Jonglei                   NB36010117
Payai                        Pieri                Wuror            Jonglei                   NB36020054
Payawa                       Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010096
Payii                        Ngop                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050253
Payom                        Paliau               North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050254
Payra                        Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140277
Payuer                       Aburoc               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060117
Peciending                   Lankien              Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140136
Pego                         Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130235
Peili                        Bazia                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030133   Kpaile
Peki                         Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140278
Pem                          Awerial              Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050255
Penda                        Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130236
Pengko                       Anyidi               South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060086   Penykou
Pentin                       Boma                 Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070049
Peper                        Pibor                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36020055
Perang                       Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130237
Perenyang                    Awet-adet            Ruweng           Unity                     NC35080069
Pereprawa                    Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100054
Perichak                     Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140279
Perisak                      Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130238
Pernalwal                    Ganyiel              Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010118
Perser                       Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130239
Perusha                      Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130240
Peth                         Akon                 Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150156
Peyeng                       Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010119
Peyt                         Panyok               Twic             Warrab                    NC35110110
Piath                        Lankien              Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140137
Pibor                        Pibor                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070050
Pieltri                      Pieri                Wuror            Jonglei                   NC36140138
Pieri                        Pieri                Wuror            Jonglei                   NC36140139
Pieth                        Kuernyang            Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090193
Pilara                       Yeri                 Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090131
Pilling                      Thonyor              Leer             Unity                     NC36130154
Ping dit                     Toch (gogrial)       Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150157
Piom agam                    Nyuak                North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010120
Piom pur                     Nyuak                North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010121
Piowa                        Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010097
Pisa                         Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130241
Pisakuk                      Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130242
Pitia                        Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130243
Pitiko                       Lainya               Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130244
Pobat                        Ador                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050256
Pochala                      Pochalla             Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030034
Pochalla                     Pochalla             Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030035
Pochalla                     Kuajiena             Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030134
Podyur                       Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040207
Pogu                         Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010098
Pok bor                      Walgak               Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140140
Poko                         Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100055
Poloich                      Alamtoch west        Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36050257
Pom                          Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090132
Pomarini                     Awerial              Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050258
Pomoju                       Kangepo ii           Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020110
Pongaliro                    Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140280
Pongo                        Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120047
Popuoch                      Juaibor              Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090194
Potwan                       Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090133
Powang                       Gogrial              Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150158
Poweir                       Ganyiel              Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010122
Powoi                        Guit                 Guit             Unity                     NC35160138
Province of west equatoria   Nadiangere           Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35110026
Pudwot                       Thonyor              Leer             Unity                     NC36130155
Puerguss bol                 Mariam               Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150159
Pugee                        Pageri               Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020111
Puig                         Rubkoana             Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120103
Pul akot          Lou              Yirol            Lakes                     NB36010123
Pul anyuol        Ngop             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050259
Pul gor           Lou              Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050260
Pul lang          Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050261
Pul loy           Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050262
Pul lual          Thonyor          Leer             Unity                     NC36130156
Pul lual          Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110067
Pul luthni        Juaibor          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090195
Pul machar        Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050263
Pul muokeyr       Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050264
Pul rieli         Wanding          Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150076
Pul thaach        Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110068
Puladhur          Aluakluak        Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050265
Pulbar            Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160139
Pulchuol          Waat             Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140141
Puldwot           Thonyor          Leer             Unity                     NC36130157
Pulgar            Thonyor          Leer             Unity                     NC36130158
Pulguta           Thonyor          Leer             Unity                     NC36130159
Pulkum            Mvolo            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35080166
Pulkwey           Aluakluak        Yirol            Lakes                     NB36010124
Pulmok            Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010125
Pulpap            Thonyor          Leer             Unity                     NC36130160
Pulturuk          Nyirol           Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140142
Pur               Ibba             Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160056
Put gang          Kaikuiny         Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140143
Pwol              Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC35160140
Pwora             Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36050266
Pwot              Ogod             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100189
Qanat junqali     Kongam           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100190
Qantur            Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35100037
Qarambi           Tore             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130245
Qawz abu ramad    Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070098
Qawz anayati      Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060118
Qawz dengwiri     Wau west         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35060007
Qawz rom          Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020051
Quar              Kuel mol piny    Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090196
Raab              Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040208
Raad              Haat             Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130161
Raal              Mangok           Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150160
Rabeh             Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140068
Rabeh             Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020035
Rabeh             Wau west         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030135
Rabeh kaleh       Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030136
Rabengai          Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36050267
Rabudger          Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010099
Raffili           Bazia            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35070047
Raga              Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150161
Ragao             Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070048
Raichum           Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140144
Raik              Gogrial          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150162
Raja              Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140069
Rakayan           Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120105
Ral               Mangok           Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150163
Ral nim           Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030137
Ramagi            Kangepo i        Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020112
Rambo             Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100056
Ramili            Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140281
Ramirok           Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150301
Rangaba           Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010100
Rangage           Kangepo i        Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020113
Raqaba ez zarqa   Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120106
Rath              Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010126
Reangung          Gomjuer          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150164
Regeb             Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040209
Rego              Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090134
Rein              Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36050268
Rejaf             Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140282
Rejar             Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090135
Rekuba nzarami    Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030138
Rel ngong         Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050269
Reli              Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040210
Remagi            Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130246
Reng              Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120109
Reng              Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160141
Reng agayng       Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090197
Renjnom           Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090198
Renk              Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020053   Arenk
Renzi             Tambura          Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35110027
Resi              Maruko           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120072
Resinda           Maruko           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120073
Riak              Motot            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140145
Riakmaz           Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080167
Rial dit          Gogrial          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150165
Riam              Yuai             Wuror            Jonglei                   NB36020056
Rian kuj           Malual central      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100038
Riang aketh        Yargot              Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150166
Riang aketh        Wunrok              Twic             Warrab                    NC35150167
Riang num          Kuanjthii           Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030139
Riangker           Wathmouk            Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150168
Riangnhom          Awet-adet           Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090199   Pariang
Riangther          Kuel mol piny       Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090200
Riani              Ngap                Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080168
Ribbagi            Maridi              Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120074
Ribi               Otogo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130247
Ribuga             Morobo              Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010101
Riek               Ulang               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140146
Riel               Luakpiny            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150077
Rieng              Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040211
Rieng              Ulang               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100191
Riep               Paguir              Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090201
Rier               Toch (old fangak)   Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090202
Rier               Wichok              Mayom            Unity                     NC35120110
Rierle             Kaikuiny            Diror            Jonglei                   NB36020057
Rig num            Toch (gogrial)      Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160142
Riggu              Ngap                Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080169
Rigl aua           Tore                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130248
Rigl bibi          Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020036
Rigl bibi          Lozoh               Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130249
Rigl biki          Ezo                 Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35110028
Rigl biri          Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020037
Rigl chilimun      Kassingor           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070051
Rigl diofo         Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090045
Rigl duma          Duma                Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35110029
Rigl lol           Mankien             Mayom            Unity                     NC35120111
Rigl shalleikha    Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35050078
Rihan              Wau west            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030140
Rihan fei          Udici               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030141
Rija               Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130250
Rijong             Ador                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050270
Rika               Maruko              Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120075
Riku               Mundri              Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35120076
Rilalwal           Alamtoch east       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080170
Rimenze            Bangasu             Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35160057
Ringasi            Nzara               Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150034
Ringi hills        Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35130009
Ringwa             Koze                Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120077   Ri-Rangu
Ripi               Morobo              Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010102
River ajibur       Meound              Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080014
River ayi          Magwi               Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140283
River aza          Landili             Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160058
River bellel       Kassingor           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36110055
River boma         Boma                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080015
River boro         Ayat                Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140070
River gali         Yei                 Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130251
River gel          Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040212
River gera         Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120048
River ibba         Tonj                Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040213
River ibobo        Ifuotu              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140284
River inigapa      Ibba                Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160059
River issu         Ibba                Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160060
River kadoke       Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120049
River kaielot      Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160089
River karua        Morobo              Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010103
River kidi         Yei                 Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130252
River kinyeti      Bur (loronyo)       Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140285
River kobwa        Yei                 Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130253
River koko         Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020038
River komonyanga   Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160090
River kong kong    Gokangule           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36030036
River kudo         Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140286
River kukurei      Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160091
River kumu         Nagero              Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070049
River kuru         Malual central      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100039
River kusi         Ibba                Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120078
River lau          Aluakluak           Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050271
River likobi       Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140287
River liro         Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NA36020114
River lokorowa     Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110056
River lokuja       Mogos               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110057
River lolabo       Narus               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150302
River lomayen      Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160092
River lopotokol    Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120050
River loyuro       Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160093
River luri         Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140288
River mana         Wau west            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020039
River manya        Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140289
River mbika        Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35100040
River mbungu       Nadiangere          Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35110030
River meri            Mundri          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090136
River mirau           Ibba            Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160061
River musangani       Nabiapai        Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150035
River nakorimanman    Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120051
River nakorimanyung   Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120052
River nakua           Lopet           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110058
River neubari         Boma            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080016
River nyigera         Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140290
River ogum            Ifuotu          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140291
River olipatakwe      Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120053
River ongedon         Bur (loronyo)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140292
River pongo           Mangargier      Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150169
River roah            Abiriu          Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080171
River rohl            Mvolo           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35080172
River roi             Mundri          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090137
River sirri           Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090046
River sopo            Ayat            Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140071
River tapari          Terekeka        Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090138
River tigaro          Boma            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070052
River tinga tinga     Meound          Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080017
River tuju            Duony           Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080173
River ukathwa         Kwauto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120054
River uma             Kangepo i       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020115
River wanga           Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140293
River wau             Bazia           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030142
River yei             Ngop            Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050272
River yubo            Nagero          Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070050
River yubo            Nzara           Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35110031
River zemba           Bangasu         Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35120079
Riviere dollo         Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35010002
Riviere gumburo       Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35010003
Riviere raga          Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35010004
Riviere sopo          Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35010005
Riwoto                Riwoto          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150303
Riyau                 Citcok          Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040214
Riyek                 Kuei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080174
Riyr                  Waat            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140147
Rizik                 Wau west        Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35060008
Rizqullah             Tore            Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130254
Roberia               Lire            Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36010104
Robgoin               Pieri           Wuror            Jonglei                   NC36140148
Robo                  Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020040
Rodi                  Raja            Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020041
Rodoba                Morobo          Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010105
Rogala                Otogo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130255
Rogrog                Luakpiny        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150078
Roinyar               Nyal            Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010127
Roja                  Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130256
Rokon                 Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36090139
Rokon                 Awerial         Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050273
Rokwer                Walgak          Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140149
Rom                   Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020054
Rom                   Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060121
Rom                   Longuchok       Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110070
Rom                   Kodok           Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100192
Rombari               Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130257
Rombe lako            Juba            Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36100057
Rongada               Lopet           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120055
Rongo uku             Bazia           Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030143
Rongu                 Waat            Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140150
Ronini                Wau             Ayod             Jonglei                   NB36010128
Rony                  Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130258
Roradwei              Luakpiny        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150079
Rorayai               Mangargier      Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150170
Rorbar                Rup             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040215
Rotchum               Luakpiny        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150080
Rothit                Duk padiet      North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010129
Roue                  Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130259
Rouweng               Ulang           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140151
Rowan                 Renk            Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060122
Rua                   Nagero          Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070051
Rual                  Wau             Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130162
Rualbet               Akop            Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160143
Rualgwoi              Rup             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040216
Rualmai               Rup             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040217
Ruar bok              Paliau          North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060087
Ruarm                 Luakpiny        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150081
Rub kona              Pakang          Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090203
Rub leil              Wau             Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130163
Rubding               Motot           Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140152
Rubeki                Yei             Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010106
Rub-koni              Rubkoana        Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120112
Rublik                Nyadin          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130164
Rublu                 Jiech           Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130165
Rubmyheai        Wunlam               Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090204
Rubmyheai        Wichok               Mayom            Unity                     NC35120113
Ruboani          Wau                  Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130166
Rubu             Ibba                 Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160062
Rufniel          Jiech                Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130167
Rukchuk          Sobat                Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100193
Ruku             Tonj                 Tonj             Warrab                    NB35080175
Rum              Mogok                Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130168
Rum aboich       Toch (gogrial)       Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160144
Rum liet         Kuanjthii            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040218
Rumakeir         Waat                 Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140153
Rumakwaich       Ganyiel              Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010130
Rumanwas         Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040219
Rumatwek         Mangargier           Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150171
Rumbek           Kuei                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080176
Rumbek           Ador                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050274
Rumbel           Alek                 Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150172
Rumbole          Alamtoch east        Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36050275
Rume             Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130260
Rumih            Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090140
Rumkor           Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040220
Rumlar           Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080177
Runchol          Alamtoch east        Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080178
Rungun           Paweng               Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090205
Ruoth deng       Wichok               Mayom            Unity                     NC35120115
Rup majaak       Pagil                Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130169
Rupchai          Thonyor              Leer             Unity                     NC36130170
Ruphiethni       Mankien              Mayom            Unity                     NC35120116
Rupiana          Paguir               Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090206
Rupmanwan        Luakpiny             Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110071
Rupwat           Ulang                Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140154
Ruv-dub          Toch (old fangak)    Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130171
Ruweng           Rubkoana             Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120117
Ryagdo           Sobat                Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100194
Sabaiya          Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020042
Sabun            Bazia                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030144
Sabun            Maridi               Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160063
Saburi           Kangepo i            Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020116
Sadim            Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130261
Sadit            Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150304
Sahlat           Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36030062
Said             Udici                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030145
Said gatti       Balei                Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080179
Sajo             Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130262
Sakure           Sakure               Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150036
Salih kulungu    Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020043
Samba            Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130263
Sanabe           Ezo                  Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35110032
Sanageir         Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020055
Sangisangi       Maruko               Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120080
Sanyot           Tonj                 Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040221
Sarlako          Koze                 Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120081
Sasai            Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020117
Saskosko         Longuchok            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110072
Sassa            Maruko               Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120082
Sauwo            Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140294
Sebow            Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150305
Sefi             Gumriak              Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090207
Selemani         Kwauto               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120056
Senambia         Maridi               Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160064
Senango          Maridi               Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160065
Shamba           Lainya               Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130264
Shambe           Ador                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36010131
Shamma           Turalei              Twic             Warrab                    NC35150173
Shapot           Wau                  Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130172
Shat and dembo   Arioyo               Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140072
Shayn            Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140073
Shebalueng       Keew                 Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090208
Sheik musa       Udici                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150174
Sheikh aliu      Wau west             Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030146
Sheikh badari    Udici                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150175
Sheikh bade      Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070103
Sheikh bringi    Bangolo              Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130265
Sheikh gombo     Lozoh                Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130266
Sheikh jok       Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060126
Sheikh mulai     Lozoh                Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130267
Sheikh nur       Gomjuer              Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150176
Sheikh uffio     Mariam               Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150177
Shengya          Maiwut               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150082
Shiekh uffio     Mariam               Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150178
Shilluk          Pakang               Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090209
Shilok           Ikotos               Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150306
Shogle           Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100058
Shol             Sobat                Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100195
Shol ajok     Wunlam               Atar             Jonglei                  NC36100196
Sholayik      Sobat                Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36100197
Shom          Ananatak             Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040222
Shotfeng      Wau                  Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130173
Shuai         Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35040223
Shuilbwang    Pagil                Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130174
Shukdash      Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile               NC36020059
Shukkaba      Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile               NC36060127
Shukoli       Magwi                Magwi            Eastern Equatoria        NA36020118
Shum          Tonj                 Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040224
Shumam        Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140074
Shuri         Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35040225
Shurur        Udici                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150179
Shuwayr       Kuanjthii            Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040226
Shwai         Wunlam               Atar             Jonglei                  NC36100198
Shwai chuk    Wau                  Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130175
Shwal         Kongam               Tonga            Upper Nile               NC36100199
Shway         Rup                  Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35040227
Shwil         Sobat                Sobat            Upper Nile               NC36100200
Siga          Lomohidang (isoke)   Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36150307
Silik         Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35020044
Simsima       Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36100059
Sindiru       Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140295
Singbi        Ibba                 Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120083
Singi         Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140296
Sirsiri       Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140297
Sobi          Bangasu              Yambio           Western Equatoria        NB35160066
Soi           Ezo                  Ezo              Western Equatoria        NB35110033
Soka          Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130268
Somba         Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130269
Son           Bur (loronyo)        Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140298
Sonca         Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile               NC36110074
Songola       Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140299
Songoma       Lainya               Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130270
Sopo          Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140075
Sorumuka      Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010107
Sosodi        Morobo               Yei              Central Equatoria        NA36010108
Source yubu   Tambura              Tambura          Western Equatoria        NB35110034
South yubo    Source yubu          Tambura          Western Equatoria        NB35110035
Sudd          Wau                  Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130176
Sughayyir     Udici                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030147
Suleiman      Lozoh                Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090141
Sullup        Ulang                Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36140155
Sunnat        Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140300
Suo           Nagero               Tambura          Western Equatoria        NB35070052
Surur         Kuajiena             Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030149
Surur         Wau west             Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030148
Surur bol     Tonj                 Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040228
Tabangiya     Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35020045
Tabau         Yeri                 Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36050276
Tabobo        Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140076
Tadagha       Imotong              Torit            Eastern Equatoria        NB36140301
Tagga         Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile               NC36070106
Taguk         Ngarich              Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150308
Tagura        Koze                 Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120084
Tagwi         Maiwut               Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36150083
Tajiel        Awet-adet            Ruweng           Unity                    NC35080086
Takanno       Panyikang            Tonga            Upper Nile               NC36090210
Tala          Wau west             Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35020046
Tali          Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36090142   River Ge
Talo          Pochalla             Pochalla         Jonglei                  NB36030037
Talung        Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140077
Tam           Nyadin               Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36130177
Tam           Mankien              Mayom            Unity                    NC35120119
Tamain        Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35050085
Tamation      Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile               NC36060128
Tambur        Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140302
Tambura       Otogo                Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130271
Tambura       Tambura              Tambura          Western Equatoria        NB35110036
Tamu          Maridi               Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120085
Tanamuku      Ngap                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080180
Tanashuk      Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36090143
Tandu         Raja                 Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35090050
Tang          Lauro                Budi             Eastern Equatoria        NB36150309
Tanga         Bazia                Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030150
Tangore       Yei                  Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130272
Tankariat     Terekeka             Terekeka         Central Equatoria        NB36090144
Tanyang       Walgak               Diror            Jonglei                  NC36140156
Tanyir        Nyadin               Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36130178
Tapuri        Juba                 Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36130273
Tar           Mogok                Ayod             Jonglei                  NC36130179
Tareifing     Renk                 Renk             Upper Nile               NC36020060
Tareng        Gumriak              Ruweng           Unity                    NC36090211
Tarerau       Awerial              Awerial          Lakes                    NB36050277
Tarhala        Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140078
Tarkwem        Paliau           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050278
Tarom          Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100201
Tarpey         Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050279
Tau            Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040229
Tau            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060129
Taudal         Hiyala           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140303
Taufikia       Owaci            Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100202
Tayyibah       Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                ND36140104
Tchumakori     Kapoeta          Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150310
Teay           Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040230
Teba           Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020119
Tebbe          Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070053
Tebi           Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090051
Tebu           Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100203
Tebusaya       Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120120
Tedau          Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060130
Teiranging     Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140304
Tekakomi       Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020120
Tel luwangni   Lankien          Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140157
Telanga        Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140305
Telech         Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150311
Telecha        Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150312
Telgay         Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130274
Tellang        Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090145
Temchuk        Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100204
Temrod         Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160145
Temrol         Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130180
Tengler        Thonyor          Leer             Unity                     NC36130181
Tengworo       Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140306
Tep            Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36010132
Teperikwi      Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030032
Terakeka       Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100060
Terebio        Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150313
Tereteinia     Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030033
Tergu rapids   Bangolo          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130275
Teri           Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090146
Terling        Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150314
Terubi         Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130276
Teteramon      Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130277
Thaidhiup      Pagil            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130182
Thampiny       Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC36090212
Thangork       Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010133
Thangoro       Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35120122
Thanilak       Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100205
Thantok        Kurway           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090213
Thar jath      Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC36130183
Thar wang      Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC36130184
Tharagana      Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35120123
Thargana       Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35120124
Thar-kueng     Marial wau       Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150180
Theemotpiny    Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090214
Thepkeni       Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120125
Thial          Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010134
Thiam          Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020058
Thiang         Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020059
Thiek thou     Mariam           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150181
Thiek thou     Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160146
Thiel          Duk payuel       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010135
Thiet          Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040231
Thimtijejero   Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150315
Thir           Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35120126
Thiran         Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35100042
Thogyen        Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140158
Thokchak       Malualbai        Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110116
Thokliet       Akobo            Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36020060
Thol           Lankien          Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140159
Thon           Paweng           Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090215
Thonbil        Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140160
Thonyor        Thonyor          Leer             Unity                     NC36130185
Thor           Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140161
Thorial        Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC35160147
Thukak         Kuernyang        Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090216
Thul           Lankien          Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140162
Thur           Thonyor          Leer             Unity                     NC36130186
Thurnum        Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC36130187
Thuro adodo    Athidwoi         Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060131
Thuro nyiyar   Athidwoi         Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060132
Thworo         Panyikang        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090217
Tia            Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150316
Tiam           Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010136
Tiamud         Alamtoch west    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010137
Tiang diar     Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120128
Tiang rial     Athidwoi         Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060133
Tiangdediar   Paguir              Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090218
Tiaraliet     Mangargier          Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150182
Tiarki        Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100061
Tibari        Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36100062
Tibnah        Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070108
Tid           Ananatak            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040232
Tidakul       Balei               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080181
Tidbil        Pagil               Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130188
Tidfolk       Kuernyang           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090219
Tidwach       Kuernyang           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090220
Tidwel        Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040233
Tiemwut       Alamtoch west       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010138
Tiep          Walgak              Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140163
Tiep          Kuernyang           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090221
Tiep shawor   Walgak              Diror            Jonglei                   NB36020061
Tieraliet     Akop                Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160148
Tiet          Thiet               Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040234
Tige          Paguir              Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090222
Tigi          Maridi              Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160067
Tigora        Komiri              Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150317
Tijor         Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36090147
Tikasu        Otogo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130278
Tiki tiki     Udici               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150183
Tiltil        Keew                Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090223
Timan         Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160094
Timbiro       Nabiapai            Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150037
Timkwoich     Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040235
Timsah        Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140079
Tindalo       Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090148
Tindilo       Ador                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050280
Tinechor      Ador                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050281
Tingar        Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090053
Tingayta      Kimotong            Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150318
Tingya        Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060134
Tior          Bunagok             Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050282
Tir           Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060135
Tirangole     Hiyala              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140307
Tirangore     Hiyala              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140308
Tirro         Lou                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050283
Tirru         Ngop                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050284
Tit gongkou   Alamtoch east       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080182
Tit macar     Alamtoch east       Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080183
Titong        Boma                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080018
Tiwai         Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160095
Tobaipapwa    Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130279
Toboret       Ngarich             Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150319
Toboya        Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130280
Toch          Toch (old fangak)   Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130189
Toch          Akop                Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160149
Toe           Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090149
Toi           Kongam              Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100206
Toic          Guit                Guit             Unity                     NC35160150
Toich         Guit                Guit             Unity                     NC36130190
Toich pagak   Ador                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050285
Toin sek      Kuanjthii           Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030151
Toing         Kuanjthii           Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040236
Toingwek      Akop                Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160151
Toinya        Balei               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080184
Tok           Loudo               Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150320
Tok rial      Lankien             Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140164
Tokiman       Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140309
Toko          Ngap                Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080185
Tokot         Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100063
Tokur         Thonyor             Leer             Unity                     NC36130191
Tokwaich      Mwomo               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060136
Tol           Longuchok           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150084
Toladul       Keew                Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090224
Tolla         Yeri                Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090150
Tolubi        Lauro               Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150321
Tolwa         Venthaith           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060088
Tombi         Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100064
Tong          Jalle               South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060089
Tong akon     Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040237
Tong thiang   Duk padiet          North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020062
Tong tong     Gokangule           Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36030038
Tonga         Wunlang             Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110119
Tonga         Tonga               Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090225   TUNJYA
Tonj          Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010139
Tonj          Tonj                Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040238
Topojo        Narus               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150322
Tor           Paguir              Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090226   Torkei
Tor           Akon                Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150184
Tor rail      Motot               Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140165
Toraba        Kediba              Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090151
Toragain       Pagil               Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130192
Torakit        Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060137
Torbar         Ulang               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140166
Tore           Tore                Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130281
Tore           Sakure              Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150038
Tore wandi     Bangolo             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130282
Torgath        Pagil               Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130193
Toriak         Lankien             Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140167
Torit          Bur (loronyo)       Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140310
Torkej         Luakpiny            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150085
Torniok        Paguir              Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090227
Toro           Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060138
Torpot         Luakpiny            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150086
Tortin         Maridi              Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160068
Tot            Mankien             Mayom            Unity                     NC35120129
Totali         Boma                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080019
Tottin         Alek                Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150185
Touc           Toch (gogrial)      Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160152
Towelo         Imotong             Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150323
Towot          Boma                Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070053
Toy            Mankien             Mayom            Unity                     NC35120130
Toych          Toch (old fangak)   Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130194
Tsertanya      Ikotos              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030034
Tsertenya      Ikotos              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030035
Tuai bur       Juaibor             Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090228
Tubug          Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100207
Tufungi        Ikotos              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030036
Tuga           Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100065
Tugga          Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35060035
Tugi           Bazia               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030152
Tuguru         Ngarich             Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150324
Tukala         Lainya              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130283
Tukara         Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100066
Tukls          Anyidi              South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060090
Tukudungwen    Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130284
Tule           Ikotos              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030037
Tulu satan     Kwauto              Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150325
Tumbal         Udici               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030153
Tumbur         Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140311
Tumma          Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110075
Tumu           Lopet               Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36110059
Tundi          Pagil               Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130195
Tungia         Kodok               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100208
Tungmir        Oriny               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100209
Tungrub        Wau                 Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130196
Tunguls        Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070110
Tungyu         Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110076
Tungyun        Pibor               Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36060091
Tuni           Kaikuiny            Diror            Jonglei                   NB36020063
Tunra          Luakpiny            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140168
Tur            Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090152
Tur machar     Wunlam              Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100210
Turakon        Gumriak             Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090229
Turalei        Turalei             Twic             Warrab                    NC35110120
Turalei 2      Turalei             Twic             Warrab                    NC35110121
Turamok met    Ador                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050286
Turaybah       Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020062
Turu           Haat                Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130197
Turu           Maiwut              Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150087
Turuk          Nyirol              Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140169
Turuk          Pieri               Wuror            Jonglei                   NB36020064
Turukwana      Lotukei             Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150326
Tut tom        Bunagok             Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050287
Tuyo quffah    Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070111
Tvoro-buzchi   Ogod                Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100211
Twabor         Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060139
Twango         Baidit              South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060092
Twengdeng      Nyadin              Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130198
Twilong        Akobo               Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030039
Twoich         Koch                Koch             Unity                     NC35160153
Twoich pair    Koch                Koch             Unity                     NC36130199
Twolong        Oriny               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100212
Twong          Pathuon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150186
Tworo          Panyidwai           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100213
Uaga           Lainya              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130285
Uaiya          Ifuotu              Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020121
Ubogi          Adongo              Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030040
Ubori          Balei               Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080186
Uburi          Bazia               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030154
Udhum          Gomjuer             Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150187
Udier          Longuchok           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110077
Udu baras      Bazia               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030155
Ueli           Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130286
Ugeiz          Mwomo               Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36020063
Ujak                  Nyandit          Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030041
Ujur                  Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050288
Ukaadi                Akiela           Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030042
Ukka                  Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070112
Uku                   Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030156   Halima
Ukuk                  Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150327
Ulako                 Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020122
Ulali                 Akobo            Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030043
Ulambi                Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140080
Ulang                 Mariam           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150188
Ulang                 Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140170
Ulau                  Bur (loronyo)    Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140312
Uleng                 Nyadin           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130200
Uleng                 Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150088
Umbabatu              Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35080187
Umbasi                Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010109
Umbeli                Wau west         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030157
Umbelti               Mvolo            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB35080188
Umberi                Nyandit          Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030044
Umbolo                Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090153
Umm bakika            Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090056
Umm barbit            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060140
Umm begago            Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35100043
Umm biera             Kueldit          Ruweng           Unity                     NC35120131
Umm brabit            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060141
Umm dahib             Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090230
Umm gura              Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120057
Umm hashim            Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140081
Umm hugar             Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140082
Umm kawkab            Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090057
Umm keddada           Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090231
Umm sagura            Kueldit          Ruweng           Unity                     NC35120133
Umm selit             Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35090058
Umm shutur            Gokangule        Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36030045
Umm sutre             Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050289
Umm tugulgul          Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140083
Umm zumaym            Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120134
Umo                   Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140313
Unagok                Ngop             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050290
Unalung               Malual central   Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100044
Unarul                Malual central   Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110123
Unfait                Mangargier       Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150189
Ungulu                Ngap             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080189
Ungwei                Malualbai        Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110124
Uoli                  Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130287
Uphal                 Akiela           Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36070054
Upper talang          Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140314
Upper talanga         Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140315
Upper nile            Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100214
Upper nile province   Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100215
Urao                  Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030158
Uri                   Komiri           Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150328
Uriang                Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140172
Uriang                Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140171
Uriang                Mwomo            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36060145
Urieng                Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150089
Uroni                 Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130288
Uru                   Ibba             Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120086
Urungo                Lotukei          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150329
Ushini                Nyandit          Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030046
Ussua                 Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130289
Utili                 Akobo            Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030047
Uweli                 Nadiangere       Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35070054
Uwelisere             Namutina         Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35060009
Vandel                Wau west         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020047
Vegu                  Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140084
Verikoka              Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090154
Verlingai             Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090155
Viang                 Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040239
Virgin's breast       Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36160096
Vora                  Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090156
Vuya                  Koze             Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120087
Waat                  Waat             Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140173
Wabuit                Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100216
Wad al kishaf         Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35100045
Wad ali kwol          Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030159
Wad an nasir          Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020067
Wad battah            Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36030075
Wad el mak            Arioyo           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150190
Wad tabir             Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070117
Waderil               Marial wau       Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030160
Wadisa                Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150090
Wadpir                Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36130201
Wadupe                Morobo           Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010110
Waga           Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130290
Wai kwai       Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140174
Waijung        Riau             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150191
Wak rial       Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150091
Waka           Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110079
Wakau          Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100217
Wakela         Kuajiena         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030161
Wako           Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080190
Wal athianj    Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040240
Wal kir dul    Wanding          Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150092
Walang         Duk payuel       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010140
Walgak         Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140175
Walichmar      Pibor            Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070055
Walrakitter    Otogo            Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010111
Wanapith       Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36140176
Wancual        Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160154
Wandi          Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130291
Wandi          Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090157
Wandi rapids   Bangolo          Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130292
Wanding        Wanding          Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150093
Wang gai       Haat             Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130202
Wang kiel      Paguir           Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090232
Wang tar       Kuernyang        Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090233
Wang yag       Kuernyang        Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090234
Wangagal       Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050291
Wangalai       Maiwut           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150094
Wangbop        Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150095
Wangding       Wanding          Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150096
Wang-kay       Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35120135
Wangkwat       Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                     NC36050120
Wanglat        Turalei          Twic             Warrab                    NC35110125
Wanglei        Nyuak            North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010141
Wanglor        Kaikuiny         Diror            Jonglei                   NB36020065
Wango          Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35080191
Wangratl       Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130203
Wanh alel      Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040241
Wanh alet      Thiet            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040242
Wani           Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100067
Wani mika      Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100068
Wanj kay       Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35120136
Wankai         Malual west      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110127
Wankarkh       Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC35160155
Wantok         Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080192
Wanyang        Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100069
Wanyjok        Mangar tong      Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110128
Wanyjok        Yargot           Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110129
Wapu           Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130293
War alart      Malual east      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110130
War ayae       Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030162
War ayok       Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160156
War bok        Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160157
War dau        Malual west      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110131
War gel        Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040243
War korneuk    Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35030163
War kwel       Malual central   Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35100046
War liette     Malual east      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110132
War loich      Malual west      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110133
War mabwoit    Akon             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35110134
War riei       Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030164
War shot       Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160158
War shuai      Gogrial          Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150192
War shum       Gomjuer          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110135
War walai      Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160159
Wara           Maruko           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35070055
War-a-bak      Mangar tong      Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110137
Warabol        Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080193
Waraga         Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130294
Waranyang      Kongor           North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36010142
Wararair       Mariam           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150193
Waratit        Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040244
Warawar        Duk padiet       North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36020066
Warawar        Mangar tong      Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110138
War-awar       Baac             Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110139
Warawut        Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060146
War-deleyl     Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030165
Wargan         Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140177
Wargar         Pagil            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130204
Wari           Yei              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130295
Warikango      Lainya           Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130296
Wariti         Lozoh            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090158
Warlac         Mariam           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150194
Warlcc         Mariam           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150195
Warrab         Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160160
Warralu        Arioyo           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150196
Warralu                  Kuajok           Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150197
Warrap                   Mayindit         Leer             Unity                     NC35160161
War-riet                 Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030166
Warrit                   Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020069
Warshoi                  Malual west      Aweil North      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110140
Warweng                  Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150097
Wasi                     Yeri             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090159
Waskedi                  Juaibor          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090235
Wath                     Waat             Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140178
Wath                     Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040245
Wath                     Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040246
Wath jak                 Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35120137
Wath wang kec            Juaibor          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090236
Wath wang kech           Juaibor          Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36090237
Watha peth hills         Kwauto           Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36120058
Wathjak                  Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140179
Wathjak                  Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150198
Wathmuok                 Mangargier       Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150199
Wath-thier               Guit             Guit             Unity                     NC36130205
Wathtiec                 Koch             Koch             Unity                     NC36130206
Watit                    Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150330
Wau                      Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130207
Wau                      Ogod             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100218
Wau                      Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030167
Wau wau                  Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160162
Wawa                     Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130297
Wawali                   Kangepo i        Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020123
Wayi                     Mundri           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090160
Wayluark                 Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010143
Wedweil                  Gomjuer          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110141
Weibuini                 Lankien          Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140180
Weibuon                  Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150098
Weidany                  Akobo            Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36020067
Wei-kol                  Yuai             Wuror            Jonglei                   NB36020068
Weinial                  Waat             Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140181
Welamoi                  Ngarich          Budi             Eastern Equatoria         NB36150331
Wen                      Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150200
Weng bim                 Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050292
Wer ngorp                Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                     NC36050231
Wer piar                 Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050293
Wer ping                 Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120138
Werakot                  Ngap             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080194
Werawet                  Maar             North Bor        Jonglei                   NB36050294
Werchir                  Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB36010144
Wereboi                  Kuei             Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080195
Werkok                   Baidit           South Bor        Jonglei                   NB36060093
Weroja                   Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090161
Werre                    Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050295
Western bahr al ghazal   Raja             Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140085
Western nuer             Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120139
Wetar                    Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050296
Weth                     Luakpiny         Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150099
Weygwori                 Pagil            Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130208
Weykol                   Yuai             Wuror            Jonglei                   NB36020069
Whelbi                   Nagero           Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35070056
Whure                    Ikotos           Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NA36030038
Wi teip                  Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140182
Wia                      Duma             Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35110037
Wiangheir                Arioyo           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140086
Wichok                   Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36140183
Wicok                    Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35160163
Widhong                  Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090238
Wiernyol                 Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040247
Wijbur                   Oriny            Fashoda          Upper Nile                NC36100219
Wij-malaksl              Ogod             Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100220
Wijur                    Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100221
Wik logga                Longuchok        Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150100
Wiljokthiong             Nyal             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010145
Willa                    Wichok           Mayom            Unity                     NC35120141
Wilnyang                 Panyikang        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090239
Wilsary                  Namutina         Tambura          Western Equatoria         NB35060010
Wilyot                   Mankien          Mayom            Unity                     NC35120142
Winyanlonge              Pageri           Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NA36020124
Wir liet                 Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040249
Wiro                     Lozoh            Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090163
Wirror                   Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NB36020070
Wishia                   Arioyo           Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140087
Wit                      Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100071
Wit dokott               Panyidwai        Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100222
Wit twat ga              Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140185
Witia                    Udici            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35030169
Wito                     Kediba           Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090164
Wodhjok                  Ulang            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36140186
Woendwal                 Alamtoch east    Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080196
Woi            Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NB36010146
Woinglek       Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160164
Woke           Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130298
Wokoi          Kangepo ii       Kajo Keji        Central Equatoria         NA36020125
Wolati         Aluakluak        Yirol            Lakes                     NB36010147
Womer          Magwi            Magwi            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140316
Wonduruba      Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36130299
Wongkurnuk     Gomjuer          Aweil West       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140088
Wongotero      Akobo            Akobo            Jonglei                   NB36030048
Wontambi       Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140317
Wontoi         Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060147
Wor            Haat             Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130209
Wor char       Kueldit          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090240
Worak          Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050297
Woroworo       Imotong          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36150332
Woteng         Narus            Kapoeta          Eastern Equatoria         NB36150333
Wowa           Boma             Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36080020
Wowo           Maridi           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160069
Wubek          Awet-adet        Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090241
Wuga           Maruko           Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120089
Wuji           Otogo            Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130300
Wulang         Walgak           Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140187
Wulbar         Waat             Waat             Jonglei                   NC36140188
Wulikare       Juba             Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36090165
Wullu          Balei            Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35080197
Wulyang        Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130210
Wun            Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040251
Wun            Kuanjthii        Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040250
Wun abiyei     Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36100072
Wun aliet      Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010148
Wun amet       Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040252
Wun chwei      Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36100073
Wun ghir       Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020070
Wun kech       Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050298
Wun kote       Ananatak         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040253
Wun kwel       Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160165
Wun kwel       Marial wau       Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150202
Wun lang       Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050299
Wun liet       Riau             Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35150203
Wun lit        Akop             Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160166
Wun liyu       Turalei          Twic             Warrab                    NC35150204
Wun rual       Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010149
Wun shol       Tonj             Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040254
Wun shwai      Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160167
Wun tau        Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050300
Wun thou       Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36100074
Wun tit        Marial wau       Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150205
Wun tur        Rup              Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040255
Wun wai        Toch (gogrial)   Gogrial          Warrab                    NC35160168
Wunachwil      Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060148
Wunadong       Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36090242
Wunador        Nyirol           Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140189
Wunadup        Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060149
Wunagak        Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100223
Wunaget        Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100224
Wunagoi din    Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100225
Wunagwan       Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100226
Wunajok        Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100227
Wunakei        Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36140190
Wunakir        Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100228
Wunakoich      Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100229
Wunalam        Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100230
Wunaleng       Terekeka         Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36090166
Wunalong       Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100231
Wunamet        Ador             Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050301
Wunamith       Gumriak          Ruweng           Unity                     NC36090243
Wunanomdamir   Nyirol           Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140191
Wunanyak       Sobat            Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100232
Wunapith       Wunlam           Atar             Jonglei                   NC36140192
Wunarah        Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050302
Wunarual       Nyirol           Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140193
Wunatau        Ganyiel          Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010150
Wunattau       Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36060094
Wunawol        Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060150
Wunayan        Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060151
Wunbar         Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050303
Wunbut         Rubkoana         Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120144
Wunbut         Renk             Renk             Upper Nile                NC36020071
Wunchei 2      Wau              Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130211
Wun-chuei      Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040256
Wunchwey       Awerial          Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050304
Wuncuei 2      Luacjang         Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160169
Wuncum         Nyirol           Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140194
Wuncum         Wathmouk         Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150206
Wundeyem         Nyal                Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010151
Wundok           Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060152
Wundong          Wunlam              Atar             Jonglei                   NC36130212
Wundong          Ganyiel             Panyijar         Unity                     NB36010152
Wuneba           Bangolo             Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36130301
Wun-gak          Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100233
Wunging          Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36140195
Wuniyer          Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060153
Wunkel           Ador                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050305
Wunkir           Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100234
Wunkir           Longuchok           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110080
Wunkoi           Longuchok           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150101
Wunkok           Pibor               Pibor            Jonglei                   NB36070056
Wun-kot          Ananatak            Tonj             Warrab                    NB35040257
Wunkur           Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040258
Wunkur           Tonga               Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090244
Wunkwil          Walgak              Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140196
Wunkwil          Maiwut              Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150102
Wunlam           Wunlam              Atar             Jonglei                   NC36140197
Wunlam           Toch (old fangak)   Old Fangak       Jonglei                   NC36130213
Wunrok           Wunlam              Atar             Jonglei                   NC36140198
Wunrok           Wunrok              Twic             Warrab                    NC35150207
Wunshaiye        Pochalla            Pochalla         Jonglei                   NB36030049
Wuntao           Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100235
Wuntau           Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060154
Wunthilek        Akop                Tonj             Warrab                    NC35160170
Wunthou          Luakpiny            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150103
Wuntiit          Ngop                Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050306
Wuntut           Awerial             Awerial          Lakes                     NB36050307
Wunua            Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060155
Wunura           Awerial             Awerial          Lakes                     NB36100075
Wunyar           Mankien             Mayom            Unity                     NC35120145
Wunyat           Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060156
Wunyok           Luakpiny            Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36110081
Wuobo            Panyikang           Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36090245
Wurang           Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36060157
Wuriyang         Wunlam              Atar             Jonglei                   NC36100236
Wutau            Sobat               Sobat            Upper Nile                NC36100237
Wuthoing         Rubkoana            Rubkona          Unity                     NC35120146
Wuthol           Kongam              Tonga            Upper Nile                NC36100238
Wyaugith         Wau                 Ayod             Jonglei                   NB36010153
Ya               Nadiangere          Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35110038
Yaa              Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36110082
Yabangwa         Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35130010
Yabulu           Udici               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020048
Yafa             Wau west            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35060011
Yaffa            Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NB36140318
Yafgar           Pagil               Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130214
Yagura           Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140089
Yaiwal           Longuchok           Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36150104
Yakwach          Ulang               Latjor           Upper Nile                NC36100239
Yala             Bur (loronyo)       Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140319
Yala             Udici               Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35150208
Yali             Lou                 Yirol            Lakes                     NB36050308
Yalo             Mambe               Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35120090
Yamarogo         Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35020049
Yambari          Morobo              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130302
Yambio           Yambio              Yambio           Western Equatoria         NB35150039
Yamma            Baau                Aweil South      Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150209
Yan              Wau                 Ayod             Jonglei                   NC36130215
Yandu            Wau west            Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal    NB35060012
Yangenya         Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140090
Yangibe          Otogo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130303
Yangiri          Ezo                 Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35110039
Yango            Maridi              Maridi           Western Equatoria         NB35160070
Yanguba          Raja                Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal    NC35140091
Yangwera         Lainya              Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130304
Yar              Kueldit             Ruweng           Unity                     NC35120147
Yardong          Rup                 Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                     NB35040259
Yargot           Yargot              Aweil East       Northern Bahr El Ghazal   NC35110143
Yari             Morobo              Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010112
Yaribe           Otogo               Yei              Central Equatoria         NA36010113
Yarkwaich        Lankien             Nyirol           Jonglei                   NC36140199
Yeba             Kediba              Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090167
Yebisak          Terekeka            Terekeka         Central Equatoria         NB36100076
Yedid            Walgak              Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140200
Yegi yegi        Lopit west          Torit            Eastern Equatoria         NB36140320
Yei              Yei                 Yei              Central Equatoria         NB36130305
Yelqu            Renk                Renk             Upper Nile                NC36070119
Yemba            Ezo                 Ezo              Western Equatoria         NB35110040
Yerbora rapids   Juba                Juba             Central Equatoria         NA36020126
Yeri             Yeri                Mundri           Western Equatoria         NB36090168
Yidit            Walgak              Diror            Jonglei                   NC36140201
Yidit            Mankien             Mayom            Unity                     NC35120148
Yieth-liet      Marial wau    Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35150210
Yih             Ulang         Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36100240
Yiikou          Ulang         Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36100241
Yiikou          Panyok        Twic             Warrab                   NC35110144
Yill            Koch          Koch             Unity                    NC36130216
Ying            Ulang         Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36140202
Yinga           Udici         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030170
Yinkusa         Awet-adet     Ruweng           Unity                    NC36090246
Yirol           Abang         Yirol            Lakes                    NB36050309
Yirwa           Udici         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030171
Yithmagok       Duony         Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35080198
Yoing           Oriny         Fashoda          Upper Nile               NC36100242
Yokwai          Juba          Juba             Central Equatoria        NB36140321
Yollei          Kaikuiny      Diror            Jonglei                  NB36020071
Yolwot          Renk          Renk             Upper Nile               NC36060167
Yom             Paguir        Old Fangak       Jonglei                  NC36090247
Yomchir 1       Jalle         South Bor        Jonglei                  NB36060095
Yomding         Ulang         Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36140203
Yondoru         Yei           Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130306
Yor             Ulang         Latjor           Upper Nile               NC36140204
Yoynyang        Rubkoana      Rubkona          Unity                    NC35120149
Yuai            Pieri         Wuror            Jonglei                  NB36020072
Yubo            Source yubu   Tambura          Western Equatoria        NB35110041
Yud             Citcok        Rumbek-Cueibet   Lakes                    NB35040260
Yumusu          Yei           Yei              Central Equatoria        NB36130307
Yungriom        Ananatak      Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040261
Yusuf batil     Renk          Renk             Upper Nile               NC36070120
Yusuf natcha    Renk          Renk             Upper Nile               NC36070121
Zabil abu zal   Raja          Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140092
Zabit           Kediba        Mundri           Western Equatoria        NB36090169
Zakka           Raja          Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140093
Zande           Nadiangere    Yambio           Western Equatoria        NB35070057
Zanga           Raja          Raja             Western Bahr El Ghazal   NC35140094
Zangia          Mupoi         Tambura          Western Equatoria        NB35110042
Zarzor          Renk          Renk             Upper Nile               NC36070122
Zesi            Mambe         Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35160071
Zingwanda       Bazia         Wau              Western Bahr El Ghazal   NB35030172
Zumbu           Maruko        Maridi           Western Equatoria        NB35120091
Zungumbia       Tonj          Tonj             Warrab                   NB35040262
Zurzur          Renk          Renk             Upper Nile               NC36070123
ALT_NAME3   Latitude_y     Longitude_x       Latitude_DMS   Longitude_DMS
                  8.259090       26.909090   8d15'32.72"N   26d54'32.72"E
                  9.140000       28.450000   9d08'24"N      28d26'60"E
                 10.300000       32.560000   10d18'00"N     32d33'36"E
                  7.630000       28.030000   7d37'48"N      28d01'48"E
                  6.672730       30.677270   6d40'21.83"N   30d40'38.17"E
                  7.480000       28.880000   7d28'48"N      28d52'48"E
                  4.153611       32.160556   4d09'13"N      32d09'38"E
                  8.680000       26.090000   8d40'48"N      26d05'24"E
                  9.740000       31.940000   9d44'24"N      31d56'24"E
                  8.900000       26.140000   8d54'00"N      26d08'24"E
                 11.740000       32.820000   11d44'24"N     32d49'12"E
                  7.100000       28.750000   7d05'60"N      28d45'00"E
                  7.148889       28.530833   7d08'56"N      28d31'51"E
                  7.080000       26.000000   7d04'48"N      26d00'00"E
                 10.220000       33.200000   10d13'12"N     33d12'00"E
                  7.140000       28.530000   7d08'24"N      28d31'48"E
                  5.570000       29.780000   5d34'12"N      29d46'48"E
                  7.110000       28.750000   7d06'36"N      28d45'00"E
                  5.270000       30.680000   5d16'12"N      30d40'48"E
                  4.010000       30.560000   4d00'36"N      30d33'36"E
                  6.870000       29.620000   6d52'12"N      29d37'12"E
                  7.860000       28.460000   7d51'36"N      28d27'36"E
                  7.370000       28.730000   7d22'12"N      28d43'48"E
                  7.980000       27.780000   7d58'48"N      27d46'48"E
                  6.872489       29.595133   6d52'20.96"N   29d35'42.48"E
                  4.029090       30.575450   4d01'44.72"N   30d34'31.62"E
                  7.660000       28.760000   7d39'36"N      28d45'36"E
                 10.116667       32.266667   10d07'00"N     32d16'00"E
                 10.110000       32.270000   10d06'36"N     32d16'12"E
                  7.216667       33.633333   7d13'00"N      33d37'60"E
                  6.260000       31.170000   6d15'36"N      31d10'12"E
                  6.540000       30.520000   6d32'24"N      30d31'12"E
                  9.340000       28.910000   9d20'24"N      28d54'36"E
                  8.400000       28.940000   8d24'00"N      28d56'24"E
                  8.600000       28.970000   8d35'60"N      28d58'12"E
                 10.110000       32.080000   10d06'36"N     32d04'48"E
                  6.921773       29.477280   6d55'18.38"N   29d28'38.21"E
                  7.120000       29.290000   7d07'12"N      29d17'24"E
                  7.900000       29.250000   7d54'00"N      29d15'00"E
                  9.567780       33.301670   9d34'04.01"N   33d18'06.01"E
                  9.567330       29.783330   9d34'02.39"N   29d46'59.99"E
                  9.133500       31.406330   9d08'00.6"N    31d24'22.79"E
                  6.310000       30.350000   6d18'36"N      30d21'00"E
                  8.880000       27.580000   8d52'48"N      27d34'48"E
                 10.300000       33.390000   10d18'00"N     33d23'24"E
                 10.383333       25.650000   10d22'60"N     25d38'60"E
                 11.766667       33.166667   11d46'00"N     33d10'00"E
                 10.033333       25.983333   10d01'60"N     25d58'60"E
                  9.316667       31.700000   9d19'00"N      31d41'60"E
                  8.397222       30.791389   8d23'50"N      30d47'29"E
                  8.190000       27.450000   8d11'24"N      27d26'60"E
                 10.116667       33.416667   10d07'00"N     33d25'00"E
                  7.460000       28.470000   7d27'36"N      28d28'12"E
                  9.600000       29.066667   9d35'60"N      29d04'00"E
                  7.974793       25.603083   7d58'29.25"N   25d36'11.1"E
                  6.100000       27.733333   6d05'60"N      27d43'60"E
                  7.716667       27.850000   7d43'00"N      27d51'00"E
                 11.900000       32.940000   11d54'00"N     32d56'24"E
                 12.033333       33.083333   12d01'60"N     33d04'60"E
                  9.440000       31.150000   9d26'24"N      31d08'60"E
                  9.650000       25.083333   9d39'00"N      25d04'60"E
                  9.310000       25.880000   9d18'36"N      25d52'48"E
                  8.883333       25.733333   8d52'60"N      25d43'60"E
                  7.030000       29.700000   7d01'48"N      29d41'60"E
                  5.400000       34.533333   5d24'00"N      34d31'60"E
                 10.060000       32.560000   10d03'36"N     32d33'36"E
                  9.360000       31.510000   9d21'36"N      31d30'36"E
                  9.370000       31.460000   9d22'12"N      31d27'36"E
                  7.680000       27.910000   7d40'48"N      27d54'36"E
                  9.116670       31.363000   9d07'00.01"N   31d21'46.8"E
 9.950000   30.150000   9d56'60"N       30d08'60"E
10.133333   32.083333   10d07'60"N      32d04'60"E
 7.710000   27.830000   7d42'36"N       27d49'48"E
 8.930000   27.830000   8d55'48"N       27d49'48"E
 6.328000   31.148000   6d19'40.8"N     31d08'52.8"E
 9.180000   31.570000   9d10'48"N       31d34'12"E
 6.980000   31.130000   6d58'48"N       31d07'48"E
 9.117033   32.199720   9d07'01.32"N    32d11'58.99"E
10.415328   25.796455   10d24'55.18"N   25d47'47.24"E
 6.886417   29.514779   6d53'11.1"N     29d30'53.2"E
 7.690000   28.630000   7d41'24"N       28d37'48"E
 8.610000   27.950000   8d36'36"N       27d56'60"E
 8.635136   28.809209   8d38'06.49"N    28d48'33.15"E
 6.610000   30.980000   6d36'36"N       30d58'48"E
 4.071389   32.227778   4d04'17"N       32d13'40"E
 7.110000   29.400000   7d06'36"N       29d23'60"E
 6.870000   30.670000   6d52'12"N       30d40'12"E
 7.070000   29.800000   7d04'12"N       29d48'00"E
 6.560000   31.510000   6d33'36"N       31d30'36"E
 3.800000   32.550000   3d47'60"N       32d32'60"E
 6.330000   31.610000   6d19'48"N       31d36'36"E
 9.580000   31.670000   9d34'48"N       31d40'12"E
 9.940000   32.030000   9d56'24"N       32d01'48"E
 7.010000   30.220000   7d00'36"N       30d13'12"E
 9.870000   32.140000   9d52'12"N       32d08'24"E
 8.663640   28.746360   8d39'49.1"N     28d44'46.9"E
 7.923000   28.175170   7d55'22.8"N     28d10'30.61"E
 8.540000   30.650000   8d32'24"N       30d38'60"E
 9.590000   31.620000   9d35'24"N       31d37'12"E
10.910000   32.520000   10d54'36"N      32d31'12"E
 3.933333   32.133333   3d55'60"N       32d07'60"E
 7.720000   26.210000   7d43'12"N       26d12'36"E
10.029197   32.190689   10d01'45.11"N   32d11'26.48"E
10.020000   32.070000   10d01'12"N      32d04'12"E
10.740000   32.350000   10d44'24"N      32d21'00"E
 8.000000   28.233333   8d00'00"N       28d13'60"E
 8.044500   28.182670   8d02'40.2"N     28d10'57.61"E
 8.042830   31.593000   8d02'34.19"N    31d35'34.8"E
 6.580000   31.540000   6d34'48"N       31d32'24"E
 9.260000   28.840000   9d15'36"N       28d50'24"E
 9.341111   31.563056   9d20'28"N       31d33'47"E
 9.398358   31.537206   9d23'54.09"N    31d32'13.94"E
 9.233333   28.333333   9d13'60"N       28d19'60"E
 7.380000   28.830000   7d22'48"N       28d49'48"E
 4.230000   33.580000   4d13'48"N       33d34'48"E
 9.078843   28.570509   9d04'43.84"N    28d34'13.83"E
 9.080000   28.560000   9d04'48"N       28d33'36"E
 4.381820   30.490910   4d22'54.55"N    30d29'27.28"E
 6.812500   31.793330   6d48'45"N       31d47'35.99"E
 6.790576   30.707846   6d47'26.07"N    30d42'28.24"E
 6.580000   31.300000   6d34'48"N       31d18'00"E
 8.510000   27.910000   8d30'36"N       27d54'36"E
 7.310000   29.520000   7d18'36"N       29d31'12"E
 6.380000   30.090000   6d22'48"N       30d05'24"E
 9.460000   31.640000   9d27'36"N       31d38'24"E
 4.519167   32.118056   4d31'09"N       32d07'05"E
 8.190000   30.320000   8d11'24"N       30d19'12"E
 8.155000   31.147580   8d09'18"N       31d08'51.29"E
 6.783640   29.756360   6d47'01.1"N     29d45'22.9"E
 9.260000   28.490000   9d15'36"N       28d29'24"E
 8.940000   31.990000   8d56'24"N       31d59'24"E
 7.150000   33.883333   7d09'00"N       33d52'60"E
 7.850000   29.270000   7d50'60"N       29d16'12"E
 6.853889   30.706389   6d51'14"N       30d42'23"E
 7.250000   29.490000   7d15'00"N       29d29'24"E
 6.620000   29.950000   6d37'12"N       29d56'60"E
 8.910000   27.950000   8d54'36"N       27d56'60"E
 3.834444   30.744722   3d50'04"N       30d44'41"E
 6.730000   31.150000   6d43'48"N       31d08'60"E
 8.216667   28.566667   8d13'00"N       28d34'00"E
 3.850000   32.150000   3d51'00"N       32d08'60"E
 8.350000   29.110000   8d20'60"N       29d06'36"E
 6.150000   31.330000   6d09'00"N       31d19'48"E
 4.964550   29.609090   4d57'52.38"N    29d36'32.72"E
 9.120000   28.380000   9d07'12"N       28d22'48"E
 7.690000   26.630000   7d41'24"N       26d37'48"E
 4.200000   32.033333   4d12'00"N       32d01'60"E
 6.860000   29.230000   6d51'36"N       29d13'48"E
 3.790278   30.631111   3d47'25"N       30d37'52"E
 6.980830   28.691170   6d58'50.99"N    28d41'28.21"E
 8.518000   28.543830   8d31'04.8"N     28d32'37.79"E
 8.535330   31.523500   8d32'07.19"N    31d31'24.6"E
 8.250000   28.780000   8d15'00"N       28d46'48"E
 8.460000   29.920000   8d27'36"N       29d55'12"E
 9.320000   31.510000   9d19'12"N      31d30'36"E
 8.741883   27.963375   8d44'30.78"N   27d57'48.15"E
11.020000   32.690000   11d01'12"N     32d41'24"E
 8.756360   27.974550   8d45'22.9"N    27d58'28.38"E
 6.855330   32.382880   6d51'19.19"N   32d22'58.37"E
 6.440000   30.050000   6d26'24"N      30d03'00"E
 7.070000   29.870000   7d04'12"N      29d52'12"E
 7.700000   29.630000   7d42'00"N      29d37'48"E
 9.633333   30.133333   9d37'60"N      30d07'60"E
 9.570000   32.130000   9d34'12"N      32d07'48"E
 6.040000   30.320000   6d02'24"N      30d19'12"E
 7.467670   31.509670   7d28'03.61"N   31d30'34.81"E
 7.467670   26.118330   7d28'03.61"N   26d07'05.99"E
 6.270000   30.360000   6d16'12"N      30d21'36"E
 6.780000   30.840000   6d46'48"N      30d50'24"E
 8.330000   26.940000   8d19'48"N      26d56'24"E
 9.740000   31.880000   9d44'24"N      31d52'48"E
 7.830000   28.820000   7d49'48"N      28d49'12"E
 8.150000   28.816667   8d09'00"N      28d49'00"E
 9.355170   32.720330   9d21'18.61"N   32d43'13.19"E
 6.900000   29.490000   6d54'00"N      29d29'24"E
 6.040000   31.380000   6d02'24"N      31d22'48"E
 7.616667   31.650000   7d37'00"N      31d38'60"E
 8.680000   28.570000   8d40'48"N      28d34'12"E
10.230000   32.710000   10d13'48"N     32d42'36"E
10.230000   32.660000   10d13'48"N     32d39'36"E
 6.750000   31.220000   6d45'00"N      31d13'12"E
 4.150000   32.230000   4d09'00"N      32d13'48"E
 6.120000   31.140000   6d07'12"N      31d08'24"E
 9.380000   31.510000   9d22'48"N      31d30'36"E
 7.410000   29.600000   7d24'36"N      29d36'00"E
 7.177270   28.901820   7d10'38.17"N   28d54'06.55"E
 6.710000   30.900000   6d42'36"N      30d53'60"E
 8.310000   28.240000   8d18'36"N      28d14'24"E
11.700000   32.860000   11d41'60"N     32d51'36"E
 6.300000   30.110000   6d17'60"N      30d06'36"E
 8.000000   28.450000   8d00'00"N      28d26'60"E
 8.740000   28.250000   8d44'24"N      28d15'00"E
 7.565450   32.948180   7d33'55.62"N   32d56'53.45"E
 9.700000   30.033333   9d41'60"N      30d01'60"E
 8.760000   27.830000   8d45'36"N      27d49'48"E
 7.880000   28.410000   7d52'48"N      28d24'36"E
 9.970000   33.870000   9d58'12"N      33d52'12"E
 8.066667   28.216667   8d04'00"N      28d13'00"E
 7.290000   28.570000   7d17'24"N      28d34'12"E
 7.840000   28.110000   7d50'24"N      28d06'36"E
 7.540000   31.390000   7d32'24"N      31d23'24"E
 7.690000   29.630000   7d41'24"N      29d37'48"E
 8.033333   31.650000   8d01'60"N      31d38'60"E
 6.590000   29.780000   6d35'24"N      29d46'48"E
 4.040000   32.440000   4d02'24"N      32d26'24"E
10.750000   32.660000   10d45'00"N     32d39'36"E
 9.370000   32.470000   9d22'12"N      32d28'12"E
 6.160000   31.280000   6d09'36"N      31d16'48"E
 8.809670   26.846170   8d48'34.81"N   26d50'46.21"E
 7.120000   29.730000   7d07'12"N      29d43'48"E
 6.798889   31.470000   6d47'56"N      31d28'12"E
 9.300910   28.891820   9d18'03.28"N   28d53'30.55"E
 8.940000   27.500000   8d56'24"N      27d30'00"E
 7.030000   30.530000   7d01'48"N      30d31'48"E
 7.183333   31.733333   7d10'60"N      31d43'60"E
 9.232000   32.285000   9d13'55.2"N    32d17'06"E
 9.267539   28.790052   9d16'03.14"N   28d47'24.19"E
 7.650000   28.700000   7d39'00"N      28d41'60"E
 9.232000   28.589000   9d13'55.2"N    28d35'20.4"E
 7.033333   34.150000   7d01'60"N      34d08'60"E
 6.836667   31.436389   6d50'12"N      31d26'11"E
 9.370000   31.440000   9d22'12"N      31d26'24"E
 7.000000   31.380000   7d00'00"N      31d22'48"E
 8.880000   27.980000   8d52'48"N      27d58'48"E
 8.301890   28.095330   8d18'06.8"N    28d05'43.19"E
 8.270860   28.101140   8d16'15.1"N    28d06'04.1"E
 8.302890   28.113470   8d18'10.4"N    28d06'48.49"E
 8.269180   29.990500   8d16'09.05"N   29d59'25.8"E
 8.295070   29.971330   8d17'42.25"N   29d58'16.79"E
 9.220000   33.830000   9d13'12"N      33d49'48"E
 6.920000   29.610000   6d55'12"N      29d36'36"E
10.420000   32.570000   10d25'12"N     32d34'12"E
 3.830910   31.235450   3d49'51.28"N   31d14'07.62"E
 9.250000   28.450000   9d15'00"N      28d26'60"E
 6.960000   31.420000   6d57'36"N      31d25'12"E
 7.460000   31.410000   7d27'36"N      31d24'36"E
 8.590000   28.280000   8d35'24"N      28d16'48"E
 8.460000   33.180000   8d27'36"N      33d10'48"E
 7.110000   33.980000   7d06'36"N      33d58'48"E
 6.880000   30.700000   6d52'48"N      30d41'60"E
 8.230000   28.600000   8d13'48"N      28d36'00"E
 8.616360   27.727270   8d36'58.9"N    27d43'38.17"E
 7.078611   30.269167   7d04'43"N      30d16'09"E
 8.730000   31.100000   8d43'48"N      31d06'00"E
 8.890000   32.000000   8d53'24"N      32d00'00"E
 9.230000   29.610000   9d13'48"N      29d36'36"E
 9.068330   29.966670   9d04'05.99"N   29d58'00.01"E
 9.068333   28.118500   9d04'06"N      28d07'06.6"E
 7.866667   31.833333   7d52'00"N      31d49'60"E
 7.805278   30.920000   7d48'19"N      30d55'12"E
 7.788889   27.940000   7d47'20"N      27d56'24"E
 6.269163   30.614541   6d16'08.99"N   30d36'52.35"E
 7.680000   28.890000   7d40'48"N      28d53'24"E
 9.383056   31.555000   9d22'59"N      31d33'18"E
 4.258056   33.900556   4d15'29"N      33d54'02"E
 8.400000   28.510000   8d24'00"N      28d30'36"E
 8.590000   27.730000   8d35'24"N      27d43'48"E
 5.500000   33.316667   5d30'00"N      33d19'00"E
 7.774330   32.230600   7d46'27.59"N   32d13'50.16"E
 7.779000   33.002333   7d46'44.4"N    33d00'08.4"E
 7.783333   27.200000   7d46'60"N      27d11'60"E
 9.165830   31.791670   9d09'56.99"N   31d47'30.01"E
 9.152000   28.025167   9d09'07.2"N    28d01'30.6"E
 6.783333   31.583333   6d46'60"N      31d34'60"E
 9.160000   28.020000   9d09'36"N      28d01'12"E
 9.040000   27.290000   9d02'24"N      27d17'24"E
 6.110000   30.720000   6d06'36"N      30d43'12"E
 8.510000   29.000000   8d30'36"N      29d00'00"E
 7.780000   29.090000   7d46'48"N      29d05'24"E
 6.950000   31.300000   6d57'00"N      31d18'00"E
 7.390000   29.070000   7d23'24"N      29d04'12"E
 9.740000   32.180000   9d44'24"N      32d10'48"E
 6.800000   30.710000   6d47'60"N      30d42'36"E
 8.888330   28.788280   8d53'17.99"N   28d47'17.81"E
 7.400000   29.060000   7d24'00"N      29d03'36"E
 8.882147   27.989218   8d52'55.73"N   27d59'21.19"E
 8.349845   29.083233   8d20'59.44"N   29d04'59.64"E
 7.300000   29.510000   7d17'60"N      29d30'36"E
 8.366670   33.157330   8d22'00.01"N   33d09'26.39"E
 9.710000   32.350000   9d42'36"N      32d21'00"E
 5.100000   33.566667   5d05'60"N      33d34'00"E
 4.120000   33.060000   4d07'12"N      33d03'36"E
 8.200000   28.220000   8d11'60"N      28d13'12"E
 3.850000   33.500000   3d51'00"N      33d30'00"E
10.720000   32.780000   10d43'12"N     32d46'48"E
 9.010000   32.460000   9d00'36"N      32d27'36"E
 8.100000   29.016667   8d05'60"N      29d01'00"E
 8.170000   27.890000   8d10'12"N      27d53'24"E
 7.200000   29.450000   7d12'00"N      29d26'60"E
 6.551966   30.059083   6d33'07.08"N   30d03'32.7"E
10.480000   32.480000   10d28'48"N     32d28'48"E
 9.660000   32.210000   9d39'36"N      32d12'36"E
 7.900000   28.890000   7d54'00"N      28d53'24"E
 6.990000   31.050000   6d59'24"N      31d03'00"E
 8.953000   30.352500   8d57'10.8"N    30d21'09"E
 8.956506   27.514555   8d57'23.42"N   27d30'52.4"E
 6.990000   31.240000   6d59'24"N      31d14'24"E
 8.890000   27.980000   8d53'24"N      27d58'48"E
 6.860000   30.220000   6d51'36"N      30d13'12"E
 6.550000   31.590000   6d32'60"N      31d35'24"E
10.530000   32.110000   10d31'48"N     32d06'36"E
 8.320000   28.500000   8d19'12"N      28d30'00"E
 7.600000   28.310000   7d35'60"N      28d18'36"E
 7.920000   28.830000   7d55'12"N      28d49'48"E
10.810000   32.410000   10d48'36"N     32d24'36"E
10.380000   32.620000   10d22'48"N     32d37'12"E
 6.350000   31.460000   6d20'60"N      31d27'36"E
 6.590000   30.470000   6d35'24"N      30d28'12"E
 8.333333   27.283333   8d19'60"N      27d16'60"E
 7.740000   28.310000   7d44'24"N      28d18'36"E
 8.920000   26.910000   8d55'12"N      26d54'36"E
 3.800000   32.650000   3d47'60"N      32d38'60"E
 6.700000   28.766667   6d42'00"N      28d46'00"E
 6.883333   29.766667   6d52'60"N      29d46'00"E
 6.500000   30.580000   6d30'00"N      30d34'48"E
 7.460000   28.370000   7d27'36"N      28d22'12"E
 8.850000   26.950000   8d50'60"N      26d56'60"E
 9.020000   26.920000   9d01'12"N      26d55'12"E
 9.080000   26.680000   9d04'48"N      26d40'48"E
 9.110000   26.920000   9d06'36"N      26d55'12"E
 9.080000   27.100000   9d04'48"N      27d06'00"E
 9.070000   32.410000   9d04'12"N      32d24'36"E
 9.899064   24.945251   9d53'56.63"N   24d56'42.9"E
 6.533170   28.175000   6d31'59.41"N   28d10'30"E
 6.533170   29.670000   6d31'59.41"N   29d40'12"E
 4.430000   32.170000   4d25'48"N      32d10'12"E
 8.669131   28.173618   8d40'08.87"N   28d10'25.02"E
11.390000   32.740000   11d23'24"N     32d44'24"E
 8.677220   28.154720   8d40'37.99"N   28d09'16.99"E
 7.800000   28.320000   7d47'60"N      28d19'12"E
 6.190000   30.940000   6d11'24"N      30d56'24"E
 6.679167   30.980000   6d40'45"N      30d58'48"E
 8.240000   29.070000   8d14'24"N      29d04'12"E
 5.830000   30.460000   5d49'48"N      30d27'36"E
12.116667   32.750000   12d07'00"N     32d45'00"E
 7.730000   26.930000   7d43'48"N      26d55'48"E
 7.760000   26.160000   7d45'36"N      26d09'36"E
 7.469444   29.103611   7d28'10"N      29d06'13"E
 6.591820   29.470000   6d35'30.55"N   29d28'12"E
 6.033333   31.100000   6d01'60"N      31d06'00"E
 6.046111   31.571389   6d02'46"N      31d34'17"E
 6.590000   31.520000   6d35'24"N      31d31'12"E
 8.340000   28.720000   8d20'24"N      28d43'12"E
 6.475500   28.152000   6d28'31.8"N    28d09'07.2"E
 7.560000   29.670000   7d33'36"N      29d40'12"E
 7.480000   29.110000   7d28'48"N      29d06'36"E
 9.980000   33.820000   9d58'48"N      33d49'12"E
 8.560000   27.020000   8d33'36"N      27d01'12"E
 6.610000   29.490000   6d36'36"N      29d29'24"E
 3.833333   32.766667   3d49'60"N      32d46'00"E
 4.362222   33.955278   4d21'44"N      33d57'19"E
 6.966670   29.535170   6d58'00.01"N   29d32'06.61"E
 6.980000   29.260000   6d58'48"N      29d15'36"E
 6.660000   30.930000   6d39'36"N      30d55'48"E
 3.750000   30.620000   3d45'00"N      30d37'12"E
 7.030000   29.150000   7d01'48"N      29d08'60"E
 6.480081   30.117194   6d28'48.29"N   30d07'01.9"E
 8.820000   28.050000   8d49'12"N      28d03'00"E
 6.110000   31.040000   6d06'36"N      31d02'24"E
 7.318500   28.447000   7d19'06.6"N    28d26'49.2"E
 4.211944   32.328056   4d12'43"N      32d19'41"E
 9.110000   27.930000   9d06'36"N      27d55'48"E
 7.010000   29.690000   7d00'36"N      29d41'24"E
 5.360000   30.360000   5d21'36"N      30d21'36"E
 5.514665   30.343820   5d30'52.79"N   30d20'37.75"E
 5.032730   29.445450   5d01'57.83"N   29d26'43.62"E
 4.708611   29.374167   4d42'31"N      29d22'27"E
 4.404722   32.204444   4d24'17"N      32d12'16"E
 5.356500   31.340670   5d21'23.4"N    31d20'26.41"E
 6.724444   31.166111   6d43'28"N      31d09'58"E
 3.880000   32.020000   3d52'48"N      32d01'12"E
 5.983333   29.950000   5d58'60"N      29d56'60"E
 4.063640   32.081820   4d03'49.1"N    32d04'54.55"E
 4.245450   30.363640   4d14'43.62"N   30d21'49.1"E
 4.165833   32.055833   4d09'57"N      32d03'21"E
 7.430000   29.460000   7d25'48"N      29d27'36"E
 8.966667   28.666667   8d58'00"N      28d40'00"E
 6.746120   30.877011   6d44'46.03"N   30d52'37.24"E
 9.010000   27.920000   9d00'36"N      27d55'12"E
 9.121170   27.895500   9d07'16.21"N   27d53'43.8"E
 7.430000   28.770000   7d25'48"N      28d46'12"E
 8.366667   29.150000   8d22'00"N      29d08'60"E
 7.190000   29.340000   7d11'24"N      29d20'24"E
 6.750000   29.880000   6d45'00"N      29d52'48"E
 4.190000   32.350000   4d11'24"N      32d21'00"E
 7.250000   29.430000   7d15'00"N      29d25'48"E
 7.041539   30.099064   7d02'29.54"N   30d05'56.63"E
 6.880000   29.420000   6d52'48"N      29d25'12"E
 8.630000   27.990000   8d37'48"N      27d59'24"E
 4.149090   32.877270   4d08'56.72"N   32d52'38.17"E
 8.971670   32.093330   8d58'18.01"N   32d05'35.99"E
 8.973080   27.857400   8d58'23.09"N   27d51'26.64"E
 3.966667   33.583333   3d58'00"N      33d34'60"E
 3.950000   30.730000   3d57'00"N      30d43'48"E
 8.016667   29.233333   8d01'00"N      29d13'60"E
 7.160000   29.390000   7d09'36"N      29d23'24"E
 6.366944   31.963333   6d22'01"N      31d57'48"E
 7.190000   29.410000   7d11'24"N      29d24'36"E
 4.832778   33.696111   4d49'58"N      33d41'46"E
 7.890000   28.430000   7d53'24"N      28d25'48"E
 6.800000   30.830000   6d47'60"N      30d49'48"E
 5.690000   30.270000   5d41'24"N      30d16'12"E
 5.006148   27.646315   5d00'22.13"N   27d38'46.74"E
 4.618180   29.968180   4d37'05.45"N   29d58'05.45"E
 6.016667   28.616667   6d01'00"N      28d37'00"E
 9.734843   24.732204   9d44'05.43"N   24d43'55.93"E
 8.683333   24.883333   8d40'60"N      24d52'60"E
 9.760000   30.220000   9d45'36"N      30d13'12"E
 3.750000   31.930000   3d45'00"N      31d55'48"E
 7.600000   27.700000   7d35'60"N      27d41'60"E
 9.160000   31.600000   9d09'36"N      31d36'00"E
 7.600000   28.840000   7d35'60"N      28d50'24"E
 4.890910   29.648180   4d53'27.28"N   29d38'53.45"E
 8.840000   28.520000   8d50'24"N      28d31'12"E
 8.260000   28.000000   8d15'36"N      28d00'00"E
 6.750000   28.066667   6d45'00"N      28d04'00"E
 7.620000   28.770000   7d37'12"N      28d46'12"E
 9.070000   27.360000   9d04'12"N      27d21'36"E
 6.983333   29.850000   6d58'60"N      29d51'00"E
 7.160000   29.730000   7d09'36"N      29d43'48"E
11.280000   32.700000   11d16'48"N     32d42'00"E
 9.850000   32.180000   9d50'60"N      32d10'48"E
 6.390000   31.560000   6d23'24"N      31d33'36"E
10.850000   32.520000   10d50'60"N     32d31'12"E
 6.190000   30.380000   6d11'24"N      30d22'48"E
 4.914444   33.756389   4d54'52"N      33d45'23"E
 7.916667   29.416667   7d55'00"N      29d25'00"E
 8.150000   28.566667   8d09'00"N      28d34'00"E
 9.130430   31.689170   9d07'49.55"N   31d41'21.01"E
 8.760000   27.960000   8d45'36"N      27d57'36"E
 9.130000   27.920000   9d07'48"N      27d55'12"E
 6.100000   31.040000   6d05'60"N      31d02'24"E
 6.600000   31.010000   6d35'60"N      31d00'36"E
 6.181820   31.822730   6d10'54.55"N   31d49'21.83"E
10.390000   32.550000   10d23'24"N     32d32'60"E
 6.120000   31.280000   6d07'12"N      31d16'48"E
 7.000000   29.460000   7d00'00"N      29d27'36"E
 3.680000   31.960000   3d40'48"N      31d57'36"E
 6.730000   33.060000   6d43'48"N      33d03'36"E
 4.583333   33.733333   4d34'60"N      33d43'60"E
 4.441944   33.908611   4d26'31"N      33d54'31"E
 7.150000   29.680000   7d09'00"N      29d40'48"E
 9.270000   33.780000   9d16'12"N      33d46'48"E
 7.233333   33.566667   7d13'60"N      33d34'00"E
 7.320000   28.660000   7d19'12"N      28d39'36"E
10.250000   33.170000   10d15'00"N     33d10'12"E
 9.350000   31.430000   9d20'60"N      31d25'48"E
 9.030000   25.420000   9d01'48"N      25d25'12"E
 6.800000   30.483333   6d47'60"N      30d28'60"E
 4.042827   31.524965   4d02'34.18"N   31d31'29.87"E
 4.260000   30.350000   4d15'36"N      30d21'00"E
 4.510000   29.360000   4d30'36"N      29d21'36"E
 6.780000   29.210000   6d46'48"N      29d12'36"E
 6.710000   29.200000   6d42'36"N      29d11'60"E
 4.440000   30.470000   4d26'24"N      30d28'12"E
11.840000   32.800000   11d50'24"N     32d47'60"E
10.740000   32.710000   10d44'24"N     32d42'36"E
 6.240000   31.550000   6d14'24"N      31d33'00"E
 6.340000   31.370000   6d20'24"N      31d22'12"E
10.080000   32.580000   10d04'48"N     32d34'48"E
 8.950000   27.870000   8d56'60"N      27d52'12"E
 9.100670   30.364500   9d06'02.41"N   30d21'52.2"E
 9.098049   27.236455   9d05'52.98"N   27d14'11.24"E
 3.690000   31.950000   3d41'24"N      31d56'60"E
 6.883333   29.783333   6d52'60"N      29d46'60"E
 3.995833   30.743056   3d59'45"N      30d44'35"E
 5.380000   29.620000   5d22'48"N      29d37'12"E
 4.166667   33.114444   4d10'00"N      33d06'52"E
 8.140000   29.380000   8d08'24"N      29d22'48"E
 6.610000   30.520000   6d36'36"N      30d31'12"E
 7.766667   29.716667   7d46'00"N      29d43'00"E
 7.970000   27.980000   7d58'12"N      27d58'48"E
 6.530000   29.870000   6d31'48"N      29d52'12"E
 9.870000   30.160000   9d52'12"N      30d09'36"E
 7.840000   28.550000   7d50'24"N      28d33'00"E
 7.410000   28.430000   7d24'36"N      28d25'48"E
 4.620000   33.230000   4d37'12"N      33d13'48"E
 7.180000   30.170000   7d10'48"N      30d10'12"E
 6.240556   31.543889   6d14'26"N      31d32'38"E
 9.120000   26.750000   9d07'12"N      26d45'00"E
 8.740000   26.200000   8d44'24"N      26d11'60"E
 9.090000   32.370000   9d05'24"N      32d22'12"E
 7.580000   28.210000   7d34'48"N      28d12'36"E
 7.093889   29.789722   7d05'38"N      29d47'23"E
 7.920000   28.420000   7d55'12"N      28d25'12"E
 9.050000   28.350000   9d03'00"N      28d21'00"E
 8.630000   28.810000   8d37'48"N      28d48'36"E
 6.480000   31.610000   6d28'48"N      31d36'36"E
 8.150000   28.270000   8d09'00"N      28d16'12"E
 6.950000   31.400000   6d57'00"N      31d23'60"E
 6.050000   27.733333   6d02'60"N      27d43'60"E
 3.729090   31.990910   3d43'44.72"N   31d59'27.28"E
10.860000   32.460000   10d51'36"N     32d27'36"E
 6.570000   29.740000   6d34'12"N      29d44'24"E
 4.916667   35.550000   4d55'00"N      35d32'60"E
 4.566667   34.166667   4d34'00"N      34d10'00"E
 9.253330   31.338670   9d15'11.99"N   31d20'19.21"E
 9.253170   33.129670   9d15'11.41"N   33d07'46.81"E
 9.217500   31.313890   9d13'03"N      31d18'50"E
 9.217170   31.967000   9d13'01.81"N   31d58'01.2"E
 6.770000   33.060000   6d46'12"N      33d03'36"E
10.233333   32.200000   10d13'60"N     32d12'00"E
 7.670000   27.950000   7d40'12"N      27d56'60"E
 4.670833   33.298889   4d40'15"N      33d17'56"E
 3.890910   32.134550   3d53'27.28"N   32d08'04.38"E
 6.260000   31.720000   6d15'36"N      31d43'12"E
 9.480833   31.532500   9d28'51"N      31d31'57"E
10.267000   32.223833   10d16'01.2"N   32d13'25.8"E
 4.650000   35.050000   4d39'00"N      35d02'60"E
 6.573261   29.978187   6d34'23.74"N   29d58'41.47"E
 8.530000   28.940000   8d31'48"N      28d56'24"E
 7.913069   27.886769   7d54'47.05"N   27d53'12.37"E
 9.630000   32.320000   9d37'48"N      32d19'12"E
 6.170000   30.580000   6d10'12"N      30d34'48"E
 9.850000   30.300000   9d50'60"N      30d18'00"E
 6.630000   31.010000   6d37'48"N      31d00'36"E
 8.950000   32.160000   8d56'60"N      32d09'36"E
 7.130000   29.160000   7d07'48"N      29d09'36"E
 7.490000   28.890000   7d29'24"N      28d53'24"E
10.380000   32.510000   10d22'48"N     32d30'36"E
 6.130000   31.170000   6d07'48"N      31d10'12"E
 4.060000   31.770000   4d03'36"N      31d46'12"E
 9.470000   31.060000   9d28'12"N      31d03'36"E
 6.060000   30.830000   6d03'36"N      30d49'48"E
 6.155450   30.595450   6d09'19.62"N   30d35'43.62"E
 7.110000   29.160000   7d06'36"N      29d09'36"E
 9.770000   31.920000   9d46'12"N      31d55'12"E
 8.654720   27.999440   8d39'16.99"N   27d59'57.98"E
 8.646170   33.928330   8d38'46.21"N   33d55'41.99"E
 7.370000   29.120000   7d22'12"N      29d07'12"E
 8.870000   27.850000   8d52'12"N      27d51'00"E
10.680000   32.680000   10d40'48"N     32d40'48"E
 6.700000   30.960000   6d42'00"N      30d57'36"E
 6.366667   30.333333   6d22'00"N      30d19'60"E
 9.840000   32.140000   9d50'24"N      32d08'24"E
 4.208889   30.541111   4d12'32"N      30d32'28"E
 8.060000   25.670000   8d03'36"N      25d40'12"E
 9.290000   33.710000   9d17'24"N      33d42'36"E
 9.210000   32.170000   9d12'36"N      32d10'12"E
 4.283333   30.216667   4d16'60"N      30d13'00"E
 8.372730   26.804550   8d22'21.83"N   26d48'16.38"E
 8.041830   26.861500   8d02'30.59"N   26d51'41.4"E
10.166667   33.133333   10d10'00"N     33d07'60"E
 4.049167   32.144167   4d02'57"N      32d08'39"E
 5.516667   34.283333   5d31'00"N      34d16'60"E
 6.100000   31.800000   6d05'60"N      31d48'00"E
 9.760000   32.250000   9d45'36"N      32d15'00"E
 6.900000   31.583333   6d54'00"N      31d34'60"E
 9.580000   31.620000   9d34'48"N      31d37'12"E
 6.810000   30.780000   6d48'36"N      30d46'48"E
 9.496944   31.615833   9d29'49"N      31d36'57"E
 7.740000   28.480000   7d44'24"N      28d28'48"E
 6.420000   29.850000   6d25'12"N      29d51'00"E
 6.090000   31.530000   6d05'24"N      31d31'48"E
 3.766667   32.083333   3d46'00"N      32d04'60"E
 8.786284   27.401529   8d47'10.62"N   27d24'05.5"E
 9.102370   32.091670   9d06'08.53"N   32d05'30.01"E
 9.070449   28.608208   9d04'13.61"N   28d36'29.55"E
 9.450000   28.866667   9d26'60"N      28d52'00"E
 6.104563   31.198246   6d06'16.43"N   31d11'53.69"E
 5.853121   30.319054   5d51'11.24"N   30d19'08.59"E
 8.610000   28.710000   8d36'36"N      28d42'36"E
 7.730000   28.600000   7d43'48"N      28d36'00"E
 9.700000   30.200000   9d41'60"N      30d11'60"E
10.983333   32.933333   10d58'60"N     32d55'60"E
 7.353889   30.907222   7d21'14"N      30d54'26"E
 6.810000   29.740000   6d48'36"N      29d44'24"E
 9.830000   30.170000   9d49'48"N      30d10'12"E
 8.834469   27.655343   8d50'04.09"N   27d39'19.24"E
 6.690000   30.510000   6d41'24"N      30d30'36"E
10.450000   32.620000   10d26'60"N     32d37'12"E
 8.460000   26.350000   8d27'36"N      26d21'00"E
 6.750000   30.730000   6d45'00"N      30d43'48"E
 6.590000   29.680000   6d35'24"N      29d40'48"E
 8.960000   28.280000   8d57'36"N      28d16'48"E
 8.420000   29.110000   8d25'12"N      29d06'36"E
 9.090000   28.480000   9d05'24"N      28d28'48"E
 8.923830   31.331500   8d55'25.79"N   31d19'53.4"E
 8.928610   27.885000   8d55'43"N      27d53'06"E
 8.920000   27.880000   8d55'12"N      27d52'48"E
 9.110000   31.650000   9d06'36"N      31d38'60"E
 8.122170   32.137670   8d07'19.81"N   32d08'15.61"E
 8.123354   31.428895   8d07'24.07"N   31d25'44.02"E
 6.862500   31.059722   6d51'45"N      31d03'35"E
 8.150000   28.980000   8d09'00"N      28d58'48"E
 7.850000   28.380000   7d50'60"N      28d22'48"E
 7.670000   31.890000   7d40'12"N      31d53'24"E
 8.330000   26.800000   8d19'48"N      26d48'00"E
 9.970000   32.090000   9d58'12"N      32d05'24"E
 7.583333   29.633333   7d34'60"N      29d37'60"E
 8.361170   29.732000   8d21'40.21"N   29d43'55.2"E
 8.375170   28.176330   8d22'30.61"N   28d10'34.79"E
 7.410000   28.920000   7d24'36"N      28d55'12"E
 4.040000   32.130000   4d02'24"N      32d07'48"E
 5.748611   29.877500   5d44'55"N      29d52'39"E
 8.320000   25.770000   8d19'12"N      25d46'12"E
 7.150000   29.420000   7d09'00"N      29d25'12"E
 9.072830   31.553830   9d04'22.19"N   31d33'13.79"E
 9.074000   28.201500   9d04'26.4"N    28d12'05.4"E
 8.556360   27.591820   8d33'22.9"N    27d35'30.55"E
 8.332730   29.681820   8d19'57.83"N   29d40'54.55"E
 8.428500   27.753330   8d25'42.6"N    27d45'11.99"E
 6.510000   31.330000   6d30'36"N      31d19'48"E
 7.550000   28.910000   7d32'60"N      28d54'36"E
 8.130000   27.390000   8d07'48"N      27d23'24"E
 5.720000   31.430000   5d43'12"N      31d25'48"E
 8.516667   25.700000   8d31'00"N      25d41'60"E
 5.333333   32.033333   5d19'60"N      32d01'60"E
 9.310000   31.380000   9d18'36"N      31d22'48"E
 6.130000   31.300000   6d07'48"N      31d18'00"E
 4.455556   32.274722   4d27'20"N      32d16'29"E
 5.192730   27.680910   5d11'33.83"N   27d40'51.28"E
 9.033333   29.466667   9d01'60"N      29d28'00"E
 9.516667   30.416667   9d31'00"N      30d25'00"E
 6.105450   30.125450   6d06'19.62"N   30d07'31.62"E
 6.745450   29.181820   6d44'43.62"N   29d10'54.55"E
 4.974550   29.659090   4d58'28.38"N   29d39'32.72"E
 4.988351   29.676222   4d59'18.06"N   29d40'34.4"E
 5.080910   29.809090   5d04'51.28"N   29d48'32.72"E
 5.075199   29.829553   5d04'30.72"N   29d49'46.39"E
 5.390000   30.530000   5d23'24"N      30d31'48"E
 6.450000   31.540000   6d27'00"N      31d32'24"E
 9.160000   28.500000   9d09'36"N      28d30'00"E
 5.070000   29.170000   5d04'12"N      29d10'12"E
 4.551080   30.093957   4d33'03.89"N   30d05'38.24"E
 6.160000   31.370000   6d09'36"N      31d22'12"E
 5.266667   27.766667   5d16'00"N      27d46'00"E
 7.740000   27.930000   7d44'24"N      27d55'48"E
 4.520000   30.070000   4d31'12"N      30d04'12"E
 4.790000   28.770000   4d47'24"N      28d46'12"E
 7.910000   27.610000   7d54'36"N      27d36'36"E
 3.846111   30.853333   3d50'46"N      30d51'12"E
 3.850000   30.850000   3d51'00"N      30d51'00"E
 5.266667   31.833333   5d16'00"N      31d49'60"E
10.230000   32.670000   10d13'48"N     32d40'12"E
 9.118180   32.311820   9d07'05.45"N   32d18'42.55"E
 3.710000   32.000000   3d42'36"N      32d00'00"E
 9.580000   25.510000   9d34'48"N      25d30'36"E
 4.640000   31.400000   4d38'24"N      31d23'60"E
 5.210000   30.220000   5d12'36"N      30d13'12"E
 7.540000   28.030000   7d32'24"N      28d01'48"E
 9.304550   32.074550   9d18'16.38"N   32d04'28.38"E
 4.550000   31.010000   4d32'60"N      31d00'36"E
 6.150000   34.566667   6d09'00"N      34d34'00"E
 4.494550   29.108180   4d29'40.38"N   29d06'29.45"E
 6.318180   28.701820   6d19'05.45"N   28d42'06.55"E
 3.681625   31.520206   3d40'53.85"N   31d31'12.74"E
10.490000   33.210000   10d29'24"N     33d12'36"E
10.160000   33.190000   10d09'36"N     33d11'24"E
10.500000   33.240000   10d30'00"N     33d14'24"E
10.410000   33.170000   10d24'36"N     33d10'12"E
10.210000   33.200000   10d12'36"N     33d12'00"E
10.310000   33.220000   10d18'36"N     33d13'12"E
10.350000   33.250000   10d20'60"N     33d15'00"E
 5.380000   29.050000   5d22'48"N      29d03'00"E
 8.166667   25.833333   8d10'00"N      25d49'60"E
 8.270000   25.830000   8d16'12"N      25d49'48"E
 6.174550   27.690910   6d10'28.38"N   27d41'27.28"E
 5.460000   29.150000   5d27'36"N      29d08'60"E
 5.209090   27.335450   5d12'32.72"N   27d20'07.62"E
 9.980000   33.790000   9d58'48"N      33d47'24"E
 4.870000   28.430000   4d52'12"N      28d25'48"E
 4.855920   27.753077   4d51'21.31"N   27d45'11.08"E
 9.740000   30.090000   9d44'24"N      30d05'24"E
 7.680000   26.290000   7d40'48"N      26d17'24"E
 5.266667   27.800000   5d16'00"N      27d48'00"E
11.380000   32.690000   11d22'48"N     32d41'24"E
 9.339450   31.885234   9d20'22.02"N   31d53'06.84"E
 4.816628   30.313343   4d48'59.86"N   30d18'48.03"E
 4.801820   28.763640   4d48'06.55"N   28d45'49.1"E
 5.450000   29.690000   5d27'00"N      29d41'24"E
 7.660000   26.350000   7d39'36"N      26d21'00"E
 7.092500   30.268889   7d05'33"N      30d16'08"E
 5.818972   29.903472   5d49'08.3"N    29d54'12.5"E
 8.966670   29.673670   8d58'00.01"N   29d40'25.21"E
 8.966670   28.175000   8d58'00.01"N   28d10'30"E
 8.970000   33.460000   8d58'12"N      33d27'36"E
10.980000   32.730000   10d58'48"N     32d43'48"E
 8.350000   30.930000   8d20'60"N      30d55'48"E
 6.650000   29.820000   6d39'00"N      29d49'12"E
 8.359889   27.616786   8d21'35.6"N    27d37'00.43"E
 6.600000   29.880000   6d35'60"N      29d52'48"E
 6.590000   29.870000   6d35'24"N      29d52'12"E
 9.090000   28.200000   9d05'24"N      28d11'60"E
 9.316667   25.000000   9d19'00"N      25d00'00"E
 4.989704   27.680148   4d59'22.93"N   27d40'48.53"E
 4.416389   31.048611   4d24'59"N      31d02'55"E
 9.316667   28.333333   9d19'00"N      28d19'60"E
 4.580000   31.040000   4d34'48"N      31d02'24"E
 4.190000   30.580000   4d11'24"N      30d34'48"E
 7.957500   27.515670   7d57'27"N      27d30'56.41"E
 7.780000   28.020000   7d46'48"N      28d01'12"E
 9.450000   30.951820   9d26'60"N      30d57'06.55"E
 7.910000   28.110000   7d54'36"N      28d06'36"E
 9.216667   29.266667   9d13'00"N      29d16'00"E
 7.150000   29.530000   7d09'00"N      29d31'48"E
 5.870000   30.850000   5d52'12"N      30d51'00"E
 4.560000   32.460000   4d33'36"N      32d27'36"E
 4.166667   31.333333   4d10'00"N      31d19'60"E
 3.690000   30.670000   3d41'24"N      30d40'12"E
 5.650000   31.480000   5d39'00"N      31d28'48"E
 9.100000   33.916667   9d05'60"N      33d55'00"E
 5.760000   31.710000   5d45'36"N      31d42'36"E
 5.730000   31.090000   5d43'48"N      31d05'24"E
 8.000000   32.116667   8d00'00"N      32d07'00"E
 4.730000   29.170000   4d43'48"N      29d10'12"E
 5.370000   29.010000   5d22'12"N      29d00'36"E
 9.210000   33.850000   9d12'36"N      33d51'00"E
 6.360000   33.390000   6d21'36"N      33d23'24"E
 8.810000   34.040000   8d48'36"N      34d02'24"E
 7.860000   28.430000   7d51'36"N      28d25'48"E
 4.055833   32.551667   4d03'21"N      32d33'06"E
 6.660000   31.030000   6d39'36"N      31d01'48"E
 7.130000   27.890000   7d07'48"N      27d53'24"E
 4.720000   28.210000   4d43'12"N      28d12'36"E
 4.590556   31.503889   4d35'26"N      31d30'14"E
10.340000   32.530000   10d20'24"N     32d31'48"E
 6.720000   33.040000   6d43'12"N      33d02'24"E
10.480000   32.500000   10d28'48"N     32d30'00"E
10.750000   32.540000   10d45'00"N     32d32'24"E
 8.033333   31.816667   8d01'60"N      31d49'00"E
 6.316667   28.283333   6d19'00"N      28d16'60"E
 8.570000   26.380000   8d34'12"N      26d22'48"E
 7.220000   29.000000   7d13'12"N      29d00'00"E
 8.940000   25.850000   8d56'24"N      25d51'00"E
 4.676667   33.275000   4d40'36"N      33d16'30"E
10.120000   32.300000   10d07'12"N     32d17'60"E
 4.009167   32.623611   4d00'33"N      32d37'25"E
 6.730000   33.170000   6d43'48"N      33d10'12"E
 9.770000   33.580000   9d46'12"N      33d34'48"E
 9.100000   33.340000   9d05'60"N      33d20'24"E
 9.747280   30.114320   9d44'50.21"N   30d06'51.55"E
 9.673640   33.539060   9d40'25.1"N    33d32'20.62"E
 9.664180   32.433330   9d39'51.05"N   32d25'59.99"E
 4.870000   27.750000   4d52'12"N      27d45'00"E
 5.975556   30.841111   5d58'32"N      30d50'28"E
10.400000   32.570000   10d24'00"N     32d34'12"E
 9.252519   29.788264   9d15'09.07"N   29d47'17.75"E
 3.816667   32.800000   3d49'00"N      32d47'60"E
 8.820000   30.650000   8d49'12"N      30d38'60"E
 9.470000   30.940000   9d28'12"N      30d56'24"E
 4.409090   31.045450   4d24'32.72"N   31d02'43.62"E
 7.790000   27.630000   7d47'24"N      27d37'48"E
 7.380000   28.060000   7d22'48"N      28d03'36"E
 5.150000   30.460000   5d09'00"N      30d27'36"E
 5.080000   30.510000   5d04'48"N      30d30'36"E
 6.800000   30.790000   6d47'60"N      30d47'24"E
 5.570000   30.350000   5d34'12"N      30d21'00"E
 4.067222   33.430000   4d04'02"N      33d25'48"E
 5.040000   29.370000   5d02'24"N      29d22'12"E
 4.250000   33.500000   4d15'00"N      33d30'00"E
 6.840000   30.970000   6d50'24"N      30d58'12"E
 7.462222   30.655000   7d27'44"N      30d39'18"E
 4.600000   31.560000   4d35'60"N      31d33'36"E
 6.850000   30.510000   6d50'60"N      30d30'36"E
 9.400000   30.840000   9d24'00"N      30d50'24"E
 5.359722   29.233889   5d21'35"N      29d14'02"E
 5.388333   29.251389   5d23'18"N      29d15'05"E
 7.366667   31.550000   7d22'00"N      31d33'00"E
 8.820000   31.880000   8d49'12"N      31d52'48"E
 5.766667   27.566667   5d46'00"N      27d34'00"E
 8.050000   31.140000   8d03'00"N      31d08'24"E
10.983333   32.666667   10d58'60"N     32d40'00"E
 7.340000   25.890000   7d20'24"N      25d53'24"E
 8.463333   30.129000   8d27'48"N      30d07'44.4"E
 8.520000   32.690000   8d31'12"N      32d41'24"E
 8.920000   29.810000   8d55'12"N      29d48'36"E
10.020000   30.150000   10d01'12"N     30d08'60"E
 9.367167   30.045000   9d22'01.8"N    30d02'42"E
 8.440000   32.980000   8d26'24"N      32d58'48"E
 9.320000   31.920000   9d19'12"N      31d55'12"E
 9.450000   29.110000   9d26'60"N      29d06'36"E
 6.683212   33.249994   6d40'59.56"N   33d14'59.98"E
 9.110000   32.290000   9d06'36"N      32d17'24"E
 7.020000   28.070000   7d01'12"N      28d04'12"E
 6.930000   29.230000   6d55'48"N      29d13'48"E
 6.700000   29.780000   6d42'00"N      29d46'48"E
 6.950000   29.280000   6d57'00"N      29d16'48"E
 6.283333   27.750000   6d16'60"N      27d45'00"E
 4.810000   28.400000   4d48'36"N      28d23'60"E
10.020000   30.110000   10d01'12"N     30d06'36"E
 5.380000   29.440000   5d22'48"N      29d26'24"E
 6.333333   34.800000   6d19'60"N      34d47'60"E
 6.820000   29.750000   6d49'12"N      29d45'00"E
 4.664289   29.760958   4d39'51.44"N   29d45'39.45"E
 9.210000   28.020000   9d12'36"N      28d01'12"E
 7.010000   31.440000   7d00'36"N      31d26'24"E
 7.570000   28.810000   7d34'12"N      28d48'36"E
 9.633333   26.100000   9d37'60"N      26d06'00"E
 7.178056   28.852778   7d10'41"N      28d51'10"E
 7.828056   28.486389   7d49'41"N      28d29'11"E
 8.110000   28.650000   8d06'36"N      28d38'60"E
 8.333333   28.983333   8d19'60"N      28d58'60"E
 7.016667   26.016667   7d01'00"N      26d01'00"E
 4.250000   30.833333   4d15'00"N      30d49'60"E
 5.780000   28.790000   5d46'48"N      28d47'24"E
 7.770946   27.701897   7d46'15.4"N    27d42'06.83"E
 5.680000   31.180000   5d40'48"N      31d10'48"E
 5.600000   30.410910   5d35'60"N      30d24'39.28"E
 5.970781   26.995771   5d58'14.81"N   26d59'44.77"E
 5.020000   29.240000   5d01'12"N      29d14'24"E
 9.720000   31.890000   9d43'12"N      31d53'24"E
 9.650000   30.350000   9d39'00"N      30d21'00"E
 6.388611   31.200000   6d23'19"N      31d11'60"E
 5.350000   31.710000   5d20'60"N      31d42'36"E
 6.810000   27.910000   6d48'36"N      27d54'36"E
 9.526068   33.821034   9d31'33.85"N   33d49'15.72"E
 3.670000   30.720000   3d40'12"N      30d43'12"E
 8.850000   29.730000   8d50'60"N      29d43'48"E
 8.012870   29.062720   8d00'46.33"N   29d03'45.79"E
 4.716360   28.987270   4d42'58.9"N    28d59'14.17"E
 6.660000   32.930000   6d39'36"N      32d55'48"E
 8.033333   32.716667   8d01'60"N      32d43'00"E
 5.730000   31.480000   5d43'48"N      31d28'48"E
 4.015000   33.635833   4d00'54"N      33d38'09"E
 5.684550   29.830000   5d41'04.38"N   29d49'48"E
 8.066667   31.983333   8d04'00"N      31d58'60"E
 9.960000   33.730000   9d57'36"N      33d43'48"E
 5.700000   31.790000   5d42'00"N      31d47'24"E
 6.660000   29.670000   6d39'36"N      29d40'12"E
 5.620833   31.726389   5d37'15"N      31d43'35"E
 8.540000   30.050000   8d32'24"N      30d03'00"E
 7.650000   28.100000   7d39'00"N      28d06'00"E
 7.330000   30.510000   7d19'48"N      30d30'36"E
 9.710000   31.890000   9d42'36"N      31d53'24"E
 8.780000   33.270000   8d46'48"N      33d16'12"E
 9.720000   30.260000   9d43'12"N      30d15'36"E
 9.740000   30.250000   9d44'24"N      30d15'00"E
 6.020000   28.710000   6d01'12"N      28d42'36"E
 8.910000   28.550000   8d54'36"N      28d33'00"E
 5.600000   31.460000   5d35'60"N      31d27'36"E
 6.548991   33.274070   6d32'56.37"N   33d16'26.65"E
 6.738515   33.167351   6d44'18.65"N   33d10'02.46"E
 6.179667   34.400000   6d10'46.8"N    34d23'60"E
 9.240000   28.790000   9d14'24"N      28d47'24"E
 7.820000   26.140000   7d49'12"N      26d08'24"E
 6.370000   31.650000   6d22'12"N      31d38'60"E
 7.130000   28.870000   7d07'48"N      28d52'12"E
 4.630000   31.370000   4d37'48"N      31d22'12"E
 7.440000   33.240000   7d26'24"N      33d14'24"E
 4.343056   31.037500   4d20'35"N      31d02'15"E
 4.457222   31.167222   4d27'26"N      31d10'02"E
 7.750000   31.666667   7d45'00"N      31d40'00"E
 8.150000   28.470000   8d09'00"N      28d28'12"E
 7.666667   33.633333   7d40'00"N      33d37'60"E
 6.214372   31.562006   6d12'51.74"N   31d33'43.22"E
 6.196670   27.993000   6d11'48.01"N   27d59'34.8"E
 6.333333   31.600000   6d19'60"N      31d36'00"E
 8.820000   26.190000   8d49'12"N      26d11'24"E
 3.900000   30.740000   3d53'60"N      30d44'24"E
 7.360000   30.410000   7d21'36"N      30d24'36"E
 8.833333   33.366667   8d49'60"N      33d22'00"E
 7.783333   28.833333   7d46'60"N      28d49'60"E
 5.730000   31.655556   5d43'48"N      31d39'20"E
 3.790000   31.518180   3d47'24"N      31d31'05.45"E
 8.890000   33.580000   8d53'24"N      33d34'48"E
 5.633333   35.033333   5d37'60"N      35d01'60"E
 4.250000   30.660000   4d15'00"N      30d39'36"E
 9.700000   31.810000   9d41'60"N      31d48'36"E
 8.846200   27.059670   8d50'46.32"N   27d03'34.81"E
 4.693889   33.294444   4d41'38"N      33d17'40"E
 7.990000   28.140000   7d59'24"N      28d08'24"E
 6.872500   31.445278   6d52'21"N      31d26'43"E
 6.185670   31.783330   6d11'08.41"N   31d46'59.99"E
 4.317500   30.919444   4d19'03"N      30d55'10"E
10.183333   25.683333   10d10'60"N     25d40'60"E
 5.152730   30.609090   5d09'09.83"N   30d36'32.72"E
 8.828333   29.736167   8d49'42"N      29d44'10.2"E
 5.316667   32.450000   5d19'00"N      32d27'00"E
 9.050000   25.440000   9d03'00"N      25d26'24"E
 7.810000   27.600000   7d48'36"N      27d36'00"E
 8.260000   32.120000   8d15'36"N      32d07'12"E
 5.906421   30.298114   5d54'23.12"N   30d17'53.21"E
 9.390092   33.895435   9d23'24.33"N   33d53'43.57"E
 8.100000   25.800000   8d05'60"N      25d48'00"E
 5.090000   29.350000   5d05'24"N      29d21'00"E
 8.633333   29.300000   8d37'60"N      29d18'00"E
 9.500000   30.466667   9d30'00"N      30d28'00"E
 8.030000   31.440000   8d01'48"N      31d26'24"E
 5.780000   31.780000   5d46'48"N      31d46'48"E
 5.533333   27.416667   5d31'60"N      27d25'00"E
 5.500000   27.433333   5d30'00"N      27d25'60"E
 5.182113   31.272742   5d10'55.61"N   31d16'21.87"E
 8.371938   33.163666   8d22'18.98"N   33d09'49.2"E
 8.280000   32.050000   8d16'48"N      32d02'60"E
 9.166667   29.000000   9d10'00"N      29d00'00"E
10.083333   30.166667   10d04'60"N     30d10'00"E
 8.670000   32.750000   8d40'12"N      32d45'00"E
 8.220000   30.830000   8d13'12"N      30d49'48"E
 8.228611   30.804444   8d13'43"N      30d48'16"E
 5.190000   30.600000   5d11'24"N      30d36'00"E
12.200000   32.750000   12d11'60"N     32d45'00"E
 9.360000   30.850000   9d21'36"N      30d51'00"E
 5.515000   31.731944   5d30'54"N      31d43'55"E
 9.510000   31.650000   9d30'36"N      31d38'60"E
 9.790000   30.190000   9d47'24"N      30d11'24"E
10.130000   33.900000   10d07'48"N     33d53'60"E
 6.150035   31.000815   6d09'00.12"N   31d00'02.94"E
 5.120000   30.880000   5d07'12"N      30d52'48"E
 8.228180   29.141820   8d13'41.45"N   29d08'30.55"E
 5.060000   30.630000   5d03'36"N      30d37'48"E
 5.100000   30.880000   5d05'60"N      30d52'48"E
 6.300000   27.666667   6d17'60"N      27d40'00"E
 9.160000   31.710000   9d09'36"N      31d42'36"E
 7.400000   33.960000   7d24'00"N      33d57'36"E
 4.682730   31.400000   4d40'57.83"N   31d23'60"E
 4.753640   33.710910   4d45'13.1"N    33d42'39.28"E
 6.600000   31.060000   6d35'60"N      31d03'36"E
 8.860000   32.560000   8d51'36"N      32d33'36"E
 8.100000   32.333333   8d05'60"N      32d19'60"E
 8.320000   31.010000   8d19'12"N      31d00'36"E
 8.750000   32.700000   8d45'00"N      32d42'00"E
 8.172970   32.393690   8d10'22.69"N   32d23'37.28"E
 8.980170   26.510000   8d58'48.61"N   26d30'36"E
 8.981500   29.379167   8d58'53.4"N    29d22'45"E
 9.450000   30.190000   9d26'60"N      30d11'24"E
 6.430000   31.370000   6d25'48"N      31d22'12"E
 7.790000   31.970000   7d47'24"N      31d58'12"E
10.020000   32.200000   10d01'12"N     32d12'00"E
 6.610000   32.970000   6d36'36"N      32d58'12"E
 3.780000   31.500000   3d46'48"N      31d30'00"E
 4.200000   30.550000   4d12'00"N      30d33'00"E
 3.730000   30.620000   3d43'48"N      30d37'12"E
 6.840000   29.050000   6d50'24"N      29d03'00"E
 5.810000   31.070000   5d48'36"N      31d04'12"E
 8.830000   28.810000   8d49'48"N      28d48'36"E
 4.755278   32.073333   4d45'19"N      32d04'24"E
 7.170000   29.670000   7d10'12"N      29d40'12"E
 7.639670   32.438330   7d38'22.81"N   32d26'17.99"E
 7.633333   33.000000   7d37'60"N      33d00'00"E
 5.920000   30.590000   5d55'12"N      30d35'24"E
 9.390000   31.340000   9d23'24"N      31d20'24"E
 7.316667   27.633333   7d19'00"N      27d37'60"E
 7.880000   30.170000   7d52'48"N      30d10'12"E
 6.580000   30.510000   6d34'48"N      30d30'36"E
 4.490000   32.510000   4d29'24"N      32d30'36"E
 4.324167   33.054444   4d19'27"N      33d03'16"E
 7.566667   29.400000   7d34'00"N      29d23'60"E
 4.870000   29.430000   4d52'12"N      29d25'48"E
 7.581820   28.034550   7d34'54.55"N   28d02'04.38"E
 9.650000   25.933333   9d39'00"N      25d55'60"E
 8.733333   25.933333   8d43'60"N      25d55'60"E
 9.900000   24.900000   9d54'00"N      24d53'60"E
 7.350000   30.150000   7d20'60"N      30d08'60"E
 4.257222   33.534444   4d15'26"N      33d32'04"E
 9.190000   32.180000   9d11'24"N      32d10'48"E
 9.310000   31.600000   9d18'36"N      31d36'00"E
 6.950000   34.216667   6d57'00"N      34d13'00"E
 5.200000   32.500000   5d12'00"N      32d30'00"E
 8.210000   30.170000   8d12'36"N      30d10'12"E
 9.240000   30.820000   9d14'24"N      30d49'12"E
 9.188890   30.155560   9d11'20"N      30d09'20.02"E
 8.916000   29.801000   8d54'57.6"N    29d48'03.6"E
 8.916000   27.711670   8d54'57.6"N    27d42'42.01"E
 5.600000   34.000000   5d35'60"N      34d00'00"E
 4.369167   33.148056   4d22'09"N      33d08'53"E
 4.810000   31.230000   4d48'36"N      31d13'48"E
 4.300000   33.152730   4d17'60"N      33d09'09.83"E
 8.669966   26.899346   8d40'11.88"N   26d53'57.64"E
 4.499261   32.903914   4d29'57.34"N   32d54'14.09"E
 4.820000   31.360000   4d49'12"N      31d21'36"E
 4.290000   33.680000   4d17'24"N      33d40'48"E
 6.970000   33.010000   6d58'12"N      33d00'36"E
 9.080000   31.590000   9d04'48"N      31d35'24"E
 4.739444   33.237222   4d44'22"N      33d14'14"E
 6.440000   31.360000   6d26'24"N      31d21'36"E
 4.351944   33.689167   4d21'07"N      33d41'21"E
 8.953167   26.852500   8d57'11.4"N    26d51'09"E
 4.195833   33.310556   4d11'45"N      33d18'38"E
 7.833333   32.516667   7d49'60"N      32d31'00"E
 7.655958   33.070867   7d39'21.45"N   33d04'15.12"E
 9.690000   33.530000   9d41'24"N      33d31'48"E
 7.890000   27.970000   7d53'24"N      27d58'12"E
 4.900000   33.720000   4d54'00"N      33d43'12"E
 7.083333   31.533333   7d04'60"N      31d31'60"E
 7.933333   32.016667   7d55'60"N      32d01'00"E
 6.883333   31.650000   6d52'60"N      31d38'60"E
 6.908056   31.471944   6d54'29"N      31d28'19"E
 4.116667   31.950000   4d07'00"N      31d56'60"E
 6.920000   33.030000   6d55'12"N      33d01'48"E
 9.130000   28.970000   9d07'48"N      28d58'12"E
 7.050000   29.880000   7d02'60"N      29d52'48"E
 6.783333   26.500000   6d46'60"N      26d30'00"E
 4.663056   33.301944   4d39'47"N      33d18'07"E
 5.220000   33.720000   5d13'12"N      33d43'12"E
 7.560000   28.190000   7d33'36"N      28d11'24"E
10.220000   33.440000   10d13'12"N     33d26'24"E
 7.933333   32.450000   7d55'60"N      32d27'00"E
 9.201830   31.411670   9d12'06.59"N   31d24'42.01"E
 9.203056   33.765278   9d12'11"N      33d45'55"E
 8.856991   32.511575   8d51'25.17"N   32d30'41.67"E
 7.640000   30.300000   7d38'24"N      30d18'00"E
 9.217070   31.736170   9d13'01.45"N   31d44'10.21"E
 9.115575   31.763437   9d06'56.07"N   31d45'48.37"E
 8.988330   32.417170   8d59'17.99"N   32d25'01.81"E
 4.242269   33.450522   4d14'32.17"N   33d27'01.88"E
 4.393889   33.664444   4d23'38"N      33d39'52"E
 8.110000   28.470000   8d06'36"N      28d28'12"E
 6.570000   34.668333   6d34'12"N      34d40'06"E
 7.440000   29.190000   7d26'24"N      29d11'24"E
 9.150000   30.470000   9d09'00"N      30d28'12"E
 9.130000   30.690000   9d07'48"N      30d41'24"E
 7.118370   28.435470   7d07'06.13"N   28d26'07.69"E
 7.118330   29.801000   7d07'05.99"N   29d48'03.6"E
 6.788921   29.715128   6d47'20.12"N   29d42'54.46"E
 6.757851   29.732270   6d45'28.26"N   29d43'56.17"E
 7.031667   29.247167   7d01'54"N      29d14'49.8"E
 9.460000   28.860000   9d27'36"N      28d51'36"E
 6.920000   28.760000   6d55'12"N      28d45'36"E
 6.200000   28.700000   6d12'00"N      28d41'60"E
 6.350000   28.766667   6d20'60"N      28d46'00"E
 6.383333   28.766667   6d22'60"N      28d46'00"E
 9.076360   26.192730   9d04'34.9"N    26d11'33.83"E
 9.050000   26.190000   9d03'00"N      26d11'24"E
 5.810000   29.970000   5d48'36"N      29d58'12"E
 8.633333   33.633333   8d37'60"N      33d37'60"E
 8.320667   30.010500   8d19'14.4"N    30d00'37.8"E
 8.318500   30.888330   8d19'06.6"N    30d53'17.99"E
 6.166667   27.633333   6d10'00"N      27d37'60"E
 6.233333   28.366667   6d13'60"N      28d22'00"E
 9.216667   24.916667   9d13'00"N      24d55'00"E
 8.833333   26.083333   8d49'60"N      26d04'60"E
 8.783333   26.200000   8d46'60"N      26d11'60"E
 8.950000   26.350000   8d56'60"N      26d21'00"E
 7.440000   29.140000   7d26'24"N      29d08'24"E
 8.930000   27.740000   8d55'48"N      27d44'24"E
 7.160000   33.780000   7d09'36"N      33d46'48"E
 9.212564   33.969370   9d12'45.23"N   33d58'09.73"E
 5.857222   30.303056   5d51'26"N      30d18'11"E
 9.350000   28.840000   9d20'60"N      28d50'24"E
 7.740000   29.080000   7d44'24"N      29d04'48"E
 9.250000   29.690000   9d15'00"N      29d41'24"E
 6.720000   29.780000   6d43'12"N      29d46'48"E
 5.460000   29.370000   5d27'36"N      29d22'12"E
 6.330000   29.470000   6d19'48"N      29d28'12"E
 9.570000   26.080000   9d34'12"N      26d04'48"E
 7.880000   29.090000   7d52'48"N      29d05'24"E
 8.756783   28.102196   8d45'24.42"N   28d06'07.91"E
 8.133333   32.583333   8d07'60"N      32d34'60"E
 3.966667   32.200000   3d58'00"N      32d12'00"E
 4.243889   33.003056   4d14'38"N      33d00'11"E
 9.220000   33.970000   9d13'12"N      33d58'12"E
10.433333   33.150000   10d25'60"N     33d08'60"E
 8.480000   30.060000   8d28'48"N      30d03'36"E
 5.810000   30.370000   5d48'36"N      30d22'12"E
 9.183330   33.966670   9d10'59.99"N   33d58'00.01"E
 8.780000   33.770000   8d46'48"N      33d46'12"E
 9.870000   32.710000   9d52'12"N      32d42'36"E
 5.900000   28.700000   5d54'00"N      28d41'60"E
 4.333333   33.583333   4d19'60"N      33d34'60"E
 9.650000   31.700000   9d39'00"N      31d41'60"E
 9.790000   31.920000   9d47'24"N      31d55'12"E
 6.330000   31.650000   6d19'48"N      31d38'60"E
 9.890000   32.110000   9d53'24"N      32d06'36"E
 9.400000   31.570000   9d24'00"N      31d34'12"E
 6.840000   26.440000   6d50'24"N      26d26'24"E
 7.717884   26.216179   7d43'04.38"N   26d12'58.24"E
 9.730000   33.560000   9d43'48"N      33d33'36"E
 7.083333   31.416667   7d04'60"N      31d25'00"E
 6.016667   29.566667   6d01'00"N      29d34'00"E
 9.970000   32.170000   9d58'12"N      32d10'12"E
 7.460000   29.840000   7d27'36"N      29d50'24"E
 4.490000   31.230000   4d29'24"N      31d13'48"E
 6.433333   28.350000   6d25'60"N      28d21'00"E
 7.110000   28.660000   7d06'36"N      28d39'36"E
 5.780000   30.210000   5d46'48"N      30d12'36"E
 8.570000   28.300000   8d34'12"N      28d18'00"E
 8.360000   27.410000   8d21'36"N      27d24'36"E
10.280000   32.240000   10d16'48"N     32d14'24"E
10.420000   32.240000   10d25'12"N     32d14'24"E
10.120000   29.930000   10d07'12"N     29d55'48"E
 9.790000   32.200000   9d47'24"N      32d12'00"E
 7.780000   31.330000   7d46'48"N      31d19'48"E
 9.910000   30.040000   9d54'36"N      30d02'24"E
 6.683333   29.700000   6d40'60"N      29d41'60"E
 8.740000   30.990000   8d44'24"N      30d59'24"E
 6.160000   31.730000   6d09'36"N      31d43'48"E
 8.510000   32.030000   8d30'36"N      32d01'48"E
 6.833333   34.233333   6d49'60"N      34d13'60"E
 9.089090   32.312730   9d05'20.72"N   32d18'45.83"E
10.280000   32.420000   10d16'48"N     32d25'12"E
 6.520000   29.760000   6d31'12"N      29d45'36"E
10.320000   33.290000   10d19'12"N     33d17'24"E
 6.116667   28.233333   6d07'00"N      28d13'60"E
11.740000   32.850000   11d44'24"N     32d51'00"E
 8.927170   31.770000   8d55'37.81"N   31d46'12"E
 6.580000   29.830000   6d34'48"N      29d49'48"E
 6.727270   31.326360   6d43'38.17"N   31d19'34.9"E
 8.463516   30.317873   8d27'48.66"N   30d19'04.34"E
 8.240000   29.980000   8d14'24"N      29d58'48"E
 8.529811   30.009074   8d31'47.32"N   30d00'32.67"E
 7.430000   30.480000   7d25'48"N      30d28'48"E
 4.970000   28.020000   4d58'12"N      28d01'12"E
 8.980000   28.600000   8d58'48"N      28d36'00"E
 8.930000   27.710000   8d55'48"N      27d42'36"E
 9.200000   29.560000   9d11'60"N      29d33'36"E
 7.810000   28.830000   7d48'36"N      28d49'48"E
 5.860000   28.670000   5d51'36"N      28d40'12"E
 5.983333   26.983333   5d58'60"N      26d58'60"E
 6.290385   34.489621   6d17'25.39"N   34d29'22.64"E
 4.083333   33.516667   4d04'60"N      33d31'00"E
10.060000   33.810000   10d03'36"N     33d48'36"E
 9.370000   31.310000   9d22'12"N      31d18'36"E
 8.980000   31.310000   8d58'48"N      31d18'36"E
 8.990000   31.290000   8d59'24"N      31d17'24"E
 8.960000   31.260000   8d57'36"N      31d15'36"E
 4.564167   31.163056   4d33'51"N      31d09'47"E
 4.250000   33.450000   4d15'00"N      33d27'00"E
 6.100000   28.633333   6d05'60"N      28d37'60"E
 5.967500   31.568889   5d58'03"N      31d34'08"E
 8.040000   32.290000   8d02'24"N      32d17'24"E
 9.010000   31.940000   9d00'36"N      31d56'24"E
 4.690000   31.380000   4d41'24"N      31d22'48"E
 4.872730   30.465450   4d52'21.83"N   30d27'55.62"E
 6.250000   31.600000   6d15'00"N      31d36'00"E
 4.450000   32.440000   4d27'00"N      32d26'24"E
 7.480000   28.840000   7d28'48"N      28d50'24"E
 9.930000   33.940000   9d55'48"N      33d56'24"E
 7.760000   33.030000   7d45'36"N      33d01'48"E
 5.220000   29.140000   5d13'12"N      29d08'24"E
 3.940000   30.380000   3d56'24"N      30d22'48"E
 4.245450   30.864550   4d14'43.62"N   30d51'52.38"E
 8.640000   28.170000   8d38'24"N      28d10'12"E
 8.910000   32.650000   8d54'36"N      32d38'60"E
 8.883333   29.850000   8d52'60"N      29d51'00"E
 9.420000   31.150000   9d25'12"N      31d08'60"E
 9.211111   31.855833   9d12'40"N      31d51'21"E
 6.550000   31.000000   6d32'60"N      31d00'00"E
10.270000   33.180000   10d16'12"N     33d10'48"E
 6.480000   31.630000   6d28'48"N      31d37'48"E
 7.390000   28.970000   7d23'24"N      28d58'12"E
10.270000   33.610000   10d16'12"N     33d36'36"E
 6.440445   30.610689   6d26'25.6"N    30d36'38.48"E
 6.500000   30.620000   6d30'00"N      30d37'12"E
 7.140000   28.740000   7d08'24"N      28d44'24"E
 9.240000   32.740000   9d14'24"N      32d44'24"E
 6.266667   28.150000   6d16'00"N      28d08'60"E
 8.900000   26.200000   8d54'00"N      26d11'60"E
 9.400000   31.170000   9d24'00"N      31d10'12"E
 9.750000   31.970000   9d45'00"N      31d58'12"E
 7.240000   29.450000   7d14'24"N      29d26'60"E
 6.820000   31.453056   6d49'12"N      31d27'11"E
 5.100000   29.940000   5d05'60"N      29d56'24"E
 5.950000   29.430000   5d57'00"N      29d25'48"E
 6.020274   29.987705   6d01'12.99"N   29d59'15.74"E
 5.386667   31.719167   5d23'12"N      31d43'09"E
10.010000   30.050000   10d00'36"N     30d03'00"E
 5.333333   35.516667   5d19'60"N      35d31'00"E
 7.944167   28.177778   7d56'39"N      28d10'40"E
10.570000   32.200000   10d34'12"N     32d12'00"E
 9.450000   31.120000   9d26'60"N      31d07'12"E
 5.710000   30.350000   5d42'36"N      30d21'00"E
 6.183333   28.016667   6d10'60"N      28d01'00"E
 7.060000   29.700000   7d03'36"N      29d41'60"E
10.570000   32.400000   10d34'12"N     32d23'60"E
 4.198056   33.666389   4d11'53"N      33d39'59"E
 7.983333   28.516667   7d58'60"N      28d31'00"E
 8.361820   31.592730   8d21'42.55"N   31d35'33.83"E
 9.359619   31.605449   9d21'34.63"N   31d36'19.62"E
 6.090000   31.340000   6d05'24"N      31d20'24"E
 4.185556   33.542500   4d11'08"N      33d32'33"E
 9.045450   32.537270   9d02'43.62"N   32d32'14.17"E
 6.766667   28.366667   6d46'00"N      28d22'00"E
10.570000   31.970000   10d34'12"N     31d58'12"E
10.560000   31.970000   10d33'36"N     31d58'12"E
 7.790000   27.610000   7d47'24"N      27d36'36"E
 8.870911   32.559759   8d52'15.28"N   32d33'35.13"E
 5.940910   30.072720   5d56'27.28"N   30d04'21.79"E
 8.850000   33.450000   8d50'60"N      33d27'00"E
 6.791389   31.145278   6d47'29"N      31d08'43"E
 6.270000   29.480000   6d16'12"N      29d28'48"E
 6.200000   31.280000   6d12'00"N      31d16'48"E
10.360000   32.630000   10d21'36"N     32d37'48"E
 8.660000   31.100000   8d39'36"N      31d06'00"E
 6.480000   31.520000   6d28'48"N      31d31'12"E
 3.916667   31.666667   3d55'00"N      31d40'00"E
 4.027270   31.211820   4d01'38.17"N   31d12'42.55"E
 4.256667   33.140833   4d15'24"N      33d08'27"E
 4.185556   33.118611   4d11'08"N      33d07'07"E
 4.628333   33.490833   4d37'42"N      33d29'27"E
 5.250000   35.383333   5d15'00"N      35d22'60"E
 5.250000   35.283333   5d15'00"N      35d16'60"E
 8.566667   32.133333   8d34'00"N      32d07'60"E
 6.060330   31.285670   6d03'37.19"N   31d17'08.41"E
 9.400000   31.230000   9d24'00"N      31d13'48"E
 8.840000   29.890000   8d50'24"N      29d53'24"E
 8.660000   29.930000   8d39'36"N      29d55'48"E
 8.653490   29.933242   8d39'12.56"N   29d55'59.67"E
 4.128333   32.244167   4d07'42"N      32d14'39"E
 4.930000   29.190000   4d55'48"N      29d11'24"E
 6.624301   33.285848   6d37'27.48"N   33d17'09.05"E
 9.148854   29.812721   9d08'55.88"N   29d48'45.8"E
 9.180000   30.650000   9d10'48"N      30d38'60"E
 9.050000   30.710000   9d03'00"N      30d42'36"E
 6.610000   33.280000   6d36'36"N      33d16'48"E
 4.880000   32.680000   4d52'48"N      32d40'48"E
 8.800000   31.983333   8d48'00"N      31d58'60"E
 8.890000   30.710000   8d53'24"N      30d42'36"E
 5.980000   29.940000   5d58'48"N      29d56'24"E
 4.681820   29.909090   4d40'54.55"N   29d54'32.72"E
 9.180000   30.670000   9d10'48"N      30d40'12"E
 6.610000   31.560000   6d36'36"N      31d33'36"E
 8.050000   31.430000   8d03'00"N      31d25'48"E
 5.462889   30.468008   5d27'46.4"N    30d28'04.83"E
 9.460000   31.600000   9d27'36"N      31d36'00"E
 6.250000   26.783333   6d15'00"N      26d46'60"E
 8.844830   29.425000   8d50'41.39"N   29d25'30"E
 8.807667   30.125000   8d48'27.6"N    30d07'30"E
 5.780556   30.046389   5d46'50"N      30d02'47"E
 7.800000   28.100000   7d47'60"N      28d06'00"E
 9.240000   32.080000   9d14'24"N      32d04'48"E
 7.650000   29.710000   7d39'00"N      29d42'36"E
10.410000   33.090000   10d24'36"N     33d05'24"E
 3.604550   30.909090   3d36'16.38"N   30d54'32.72"E
 4.492222   31.877500   4d29'32"N      31d52'39"E
 9.410000   30.500000   9d24'36"N      30d30'00"E
 8.333333   32.083333   8d19'60"N      32d04'60"E
 7.140000   28.680000   7d08'24"N      28d40'48"E
 7.750785   31.408707   7d45'02.82"N   31d24'31.35"E
 7.690000   31.440000   7d41'24"N      31d26'24"E
 7.565553   31.470823   7d33'55.99"N   31d28'14.96"E
 7.757500   26.854670   7d45'27"N      26d51'16.81"E
 7.758693   31.417999   7d45'31.29"N   31d25'04.8"E
 7.508209   31.487138   7d30'29.55"N   31d29'13.7"E
 7.460000   28.450000   7d27'36"N      28d26'60"E
 5.268889   29.428056   5d16'08"N      29d25'41"E
 5.315556   29.354722   5d18'56"N      29d21'17"E
 4.040000   30.970000   4d02'24"N      30d58'12"E
 5.260278   29.468611   5d15'37"N      29d28'07"E
 8.166667   32.233333   8d10'00"N      32d13'60"E
 4.440556   33.609444   4d26'26"N      33d36'34"E
 9.190000   31.690000   9d11'24"N      31d41'24"E
 8.340000   30.900000   8d20'24"N      30d53'60"E
 7.870000   26.120000   7d52'12"N      26d07'12"E
 9.880000   29.980000   9d52'48"N      29d58'48"E
 7.070000   28.740000   7d04'12"N      28d44'24"E
 9.050000   33.410000   9d03'00"N      33d24'36"E
 8.190000   28.950000   8d11'24"N      28d56'60"E
 8.860000   32.570000   8d51'36"N      32d34'12"E
 5.950910   27.618180   5d57'03.28"N   27d37'05.45"E
 4.440000   32.560000   4d26'24"N      32d33'36"E
 8.370000   28.590000   8d22'12"N      28d35'24"E
 4.783333   27.933333   4d46'60"N      27d55'60"E
 7.050000   31.266667   7d02'60"N      31d16'00"E
 6.740000   30.940000   6d44'24"N      30d56'24"E
 9.060000   30.710000   9d03'36"N      30d42'36"E
 4.890000   30.320000   4d53'24"N       30d19'12"E
 7.460000   27.900000   7d27'36"N       27d53'60"E
 8.670000   33.130000   8d40'12"N       33d07'48"E
 7.710000   29.730000   7d42'36"N       29d43'48"E
 8.070000   28.560000   8d04'12"N       28d33'36"E
 8.730000   28.300000   8d43'48"N       28d18'00"E
 8.550000   30.920000   8d33'00"N       30d55'12"E
 9.440000   31.500000   9d26'24"N       31d30'00"E
 8.110000   30.040000   8d06'36"N       30d02'24"E
 4.421200   31.623917   4d25'16.32"N    31d37'26.1"E
 4.223056   33.596667   4d13'23"N       33d35'48"E
 4.809167   29.105556   4d48'33"N       29d06'20"E
 9.490000   33.890000   9d29'24"N       33d53'24"E
 7.990000   28.810000   7d59'24"N       28d48'36"E
 5.612222   30.388333   5d36'44"N       30d23'18"E
 8.049283   32.201769   8d02'57.42"N    32d12'06.37"E
 7.720000   32.040000   7d43'12"N       32d02'24"E
 6.895278   31.459444   6d53'43"N       31d27'34"E
 8.830000   29.920000   8d49'48"N       29d55'12"E
 7.280000   30.160000   7d16'48"N       30d09'36"E
 8.290000   28.690000   8d17'24"N       28d41'24"E
 8.116667   31.750000   8d07'00"N       31d45'00"E
 6.191119   29.997699   6d11'28.03"N    29d59'51.72"E
 3.850000   32.233333   3d51'00"N       32d13'60"E
 4.347500   33.072222   4d20'51"N       33d04'20"E
11.916667   32.750000   11d55'00"N      32d45'00"E
 9.416667   25.033333   9d25'00"N       25d01'60"E
10.350000   25.366667   10d20'60"N      25d22'00"E
 4.470000   31.920000   4d28'12"N       31d55'12"E
 4.406111   32.057500   4d24'22"N       32d03'27"E
 4.370000   32.416667   4d22'12"N       32d25'00"E
 4.458889   32.127500   4d27'32"N       32d07'39"E
 9.437778   31.586389   9d26'16"N       31d35'11"E
 3.983333   32.633333   3d58'60"N       32d37'60"E
 5.320000   29.390000   5d19'12"N       29d23'24"E
 4.365556   32.084722   4d21'56"N       32d05'05"E
 9.883333   25.066667   9d52'60"N       25d04'00"E
11.900000   32.960000   11d54'00"N      32d57'36"E
 7.740670   28.116670   7d44'26.41"N    28d07'00.01"E
 9.650000   30.860000   9d39'00"N       30d51'36"E
 9.647270   30.890910   9d38'50.17"N    30d53'27.28"E
10.250000   31.766667   10d15'00"N      31d46'00"E
 9.583333   30.950000   9d34'60"N       30d56'60"E
10.870000   32.340000   10d52'12"N      32d20'24"E
11.910000   32.990000   11d54'36"N      32d59'24"E
10.566667   33.400000   10d34'00"N      33d23'60"E
 9.600000   29.616667   9d35'60"N       29d37'00"E
 5.000000   31.000000   5d00'00"N       31d00'00"E
 9.733333   25.016667   9d43'60"N       25d01'00"E
10.600000   31.966667   10d35'60"N      31d58'00"E
11.880000   32.950000   11d52'48"N      32d57'00"E
10.346740   25.400100   10d20'48.26"N   25d24'00.36"E
10.280000   29.970000   10d16'48"N      29d58'12"E
 4.983333   35.100000   4d58'60"N       35d06'00"E
 7.210000   29.440000   7d12'36"N       29d26'24"E
 8.160000   28.540000   8d09'36"N       28d32'24"E
 9.070000   27.120000   9d04'12"N       27d07'12"E
 8.240000   26.890000   8d14'24"N       26d53'24"E
 7.150000   31.616667   7d09'00"N       31d37'00"E
 8.666330   28.152830   8d39'58.79"N    28d09'10.19"E
 6.600000   30.430000   6d35'60"N       30d25'48"E
 7.780000   28.010000   7d46'48"N       28d00'36"E
 6.540000   30.490000   6d32'24"N       30d29'24"E
11.050000   32.700000   11d03'00"N      32d42'00"E
 4.220000   30.020000   4d13'12"N       30d01'12"E
 8.439839   27.529222   8d26'23.42"N    27d31'45.2"E
 4.720000   29.400000   4d43'12"N       29d23'60"E
 4.230000   30.760000   4d13'48"N       30d45'36"E
12.100000   33.100000   12d05'60"N      33d06'00"E
 9.650000   30.900000   9d39'00"N       30d53'60"E
10.520000   33.360000   10d31'12"N      33d21'36"E
 5.450000   34.300000   5d27'00"N       34d17'60"E
 3.733333   32.016667   3d43'60"N       32d01'00"E
11.933333   32.816667   11d55'60"N      32d49'00"E
 5.070605   27.472154   5d04'14.18"N    27d28'19.75"E
 9.283333   33.916667   9d16'60"N       33d55'00"E
 7.740000   31.420000   7d44'24"N       31d25'12"E
 9.280000   28.140000   9d16'48"N       28d08'24"E
10.000000   32.183333   10d00'00"N      32d10'60"E
 7.890000   29.130000   7d53'24"N       29d07'48"E
 6.833333   31.616667   6d49'60"N       31d37'00"E
 9.156944   30.679167   9d09'25"N       30d40'45"E
 9.330000   31.236944   9d19'48"N       31d14'13"E
 9.110000   30.550000   9d06'36"N       30d33'00"E
 9.350000   30.680000   9d20'60"N      30d40'48"E
 7.070000   28.090000   7d04'12"N      28d05'24"E
 8.066667   32.466667   8d04'00"N      32d28'00"E
 8.433333   31.766667   8d25'60"N      31d46'00"E
 8.110000   32.280000   8d06'36"N      32d16'48"E
 9.210000   33.910000   9d12'36"N      33d54'36"E
 8.783333   34.016667   8d46'60"N      34d01'00"E
 7.790000   31.720000   7d47'24"N      31d43'12"E
 7.460000   29.280000   7d27'36"N      29d16'48"E
10.450000   32.430000   10d26'60"N     32d25'48"E
 3.980000   32.050000   3d58'48"N      32d02'60"E
 9.970000   32.220000   9d58'12"N      32d13'12"E
 4.560000   30.390000   4d33'36"N      30d23'24"E
 9.770000   31.980000   9d46'12"N      31d58'48"E
 8.120000   30.830000   8d07'12"N      30d49'48"E
 9.660000   31.800000   9d39'36"N      31d48'00"E
 8.183333   29.333333   8d10'60"N      29d19'60"E
 8.700000   28.040000   8d41'60"N      28d02'24"E
 9.520000   30.920000   9d31'12"N      30d55'12"E
 7.170000   30.130000   7d10'12"N      30d07'48"E
 4.200000   31.630000   4d11'60"N      31d37'48"E
 8.130000   31.540000   8d07'48"N      31d32'24"E
 9.250000   30.880000   9d15'00"N      30d52'48"E
 6.270000   31.610000   6d16'12"N      31d36'36"E
 8.214997   30.708572   8d12'53.99"N   30d42'30.86"E
 7.983333   29.283333   7d58'60"N      29d16'60"E
 8.100000   31.460000   8d05'60"N      31d27'36"E
10.500000   32.510000   10d30'00"N     32d30'36"E
 7.540000   31.560000   7d32'24"N      31d33'36"E
 9.090000   30.740000   9d05'24"N      30d44'24"E
 9.540000   30.420000   9d32'24"N      30d25'12"E
 9.216667   34.050000   9d13'00"N      34d02'60"E
 8.683333   31.266667   8d40'60"N      31d16'00"E
 7.750000   29.110000   7d45'00"N      29d06'36"E
 7.350000   31.566667   7d20'60"N      31d34'00"E
 7.966667   31.950000   7d58'00"N      31d56'60"E
 8.233333   31.716667   8d13'60"N      31d43'00"E
 7.290000   30.440000   7d17'24"N      30d26'24"E
 4.556111   31.903889   4d33'22"N      31d54'14"E
 5.150000   31.183333   5d09'00"N      31d10'60"E
 4.083333   30.333333   4d04'60"N      30d19'60"E
 8.716667   32.633333   8d43'00"N      32d37'60"E
10.116667   32.083333   10d07'00"N     32d04'60"E
 8.120000   30.820000   8d07'12"N      30d49'12"E
 9.060000   31.740000   9d03'36"N      31d44'24"E
 9.280000   30.590000   9d16'48"N      30d35'24"E
 4.020000   32.100000   4d01'12"N      32d06'00"E
 7.680000   26.370000   7d40'48"N      26d22'12"E
 9.300000   31.640000   9d18'00"N      31d38'24"E
 7.040000   31.460000   7d02'24"N      31d27'36"E
 9.350000   30.650000   9d20'60"N      30d38'60"E
 8.370000   30.730000   8d22'12"N      30d43'48"E
 9.340000   30.690000   9d20'24"N      30d41'24"E
 9.300000   31.390000   9d18'00"N      31d23'24"E
 7.120000   31.370000   7d07'12"N      31d22'12"E
 6.300000   31.618333   6d17'60"N      31d37'06"E
 8.610000   31.060000   8d36'36"N      31d03'36"E
10.120000   33.200000   10d07'12"N     33d12'00"E
 7.730000   28.950000   7d43'48"N      28d56'60"E
10.090000   32.060000   10d05'24"N     32d03'36"E
 3.966667   32.800000   3d58'00"N      32d47'60"E
 9.370000   31.590000   9d22'12"N      31d35'24"E
 8.154583   30.820694   8d09'16.5"N    30d49'14.5"E
 7.600000   30.220000   7d35'60"N      30d13'12"E
 7.000000   29.870000   7d00'00"N      29d52'12"E
10.010000   31.980000   10d00'36"N     31d58'48"E
 7.780000   31.880000   7d46'48"N      31d52'48"E
 7.790000   31.430000   7d47'24"N      31d25'48"E
 8.588611   30.855000   8d35'19"N      30d51'18"E
 9.080000   28.630000   9d04'48"N      28d37'48"E
 8.780000   28.640000   8d46'48"N      28d38'24"E
 7.750000   28.760000   7d45'00"N      28d45'36"E
 8.600000   28.370000   8d35'60"N      28d22'12"E
 9.270000   28.100000   9d16'12"N      28d06'00"E
 8.140000   28.190000   8d08'24"N      28d11'24"E
 8.600000   27.760000   8d35'60"N      27d45'36"E
 8.550000   29.000000   8d33'00"N      29d00'00"E
 8.680000   28.600000   8d40'48"N      28d36'00"E
10.040000   32.260000   10d02'24"N     32d15'36"E
 8.483333   29.050000   8d28'60"N      29d03'00"E
 9.030000   27.630000   9d01'48"N      27d37'48"E
 9.080000   26.970000   9d04'48"N      26d58'12"E
 9.050000   28.110000   9d03'00"N      28d06'36"E
 9.100000   28.000000   9d05'60"N      28d00'00"E
 8.790000   27.800000   8d47'24"N      27d48'00"E
 7.110000   28.990000   7d06'36"N      28d59'24"E
 9.020000   31.870000   9d01'12"N      31d52'12"E
 8.733333   31.016667   8d43'60"N      31d01'00"E
 9.073183   30.879250   9d04'23.46"N   30d52'45.3"E
 9.200000   30.416667   9d11'60"N      30d25'00"E
 8.590000   32.010000   8d35'24"N      32d00'36"E
 9.410000   31.540000   9d24'36"N      31d32'24"E
 9.320000   31.810000   9d19'12"N      31d48'36"E
 7.510000   31.370000   7d30'36"N      31d22'12"E
 9.070000   30.890000   9d04'12"N      30d53'24"E
 8.870000   30.990000   8d52'12"N      30d59'24"E
 7.360000   28.850000   7d21'36"N      28d51'00"E
 8.620000   30.980000   8d37'12"N      30d58'48"E
 8.130000   31.360000   8d07'48"N      31d21'36"E
 9.000000   32.180000   9d00'00"N      32d10'48"E
11.860000   32.800000   11d51'36"N     32d47'60"E
 6.420000   31.600000   6d25'12"N      31d36'00"E
 8.160000   29.460000   8d09'36"N      29d27'36"E
 8.230000   30.960000   8d13'48"N      30d57'36"E
 6.440000   31.630000   6d26'24"N      31d37'48"E
 7.700000   29.466667   7d42'00"N      29d28'00"E
 9.270000   32.130000   9d16'12"N      32d07'48"E
 8.960000   30.770000   8d57'36"N      30d46'12"E
 7.710000   31.740000   7d42'36"N      31d44'24"E
 8.716667   31.966667   8d43'00"N      31d58'00"E
10.180000   32.290000   10d10'48"N     32d17'24"E
 9.383333   31.400000   9d23'00"N      31d23'60"E
 7.860000   31.810000   7d51'36"N      31d48'36"E
 9.470000   25.330000   9d28'12"N      25d19'48"E
 6.430000   29.410000   6d25'48"N      29d24'36"E
 7.534617   27.772231   7d32'04.62"N   27d46'20.03"E
10.160000   33.900000   10d09'36"N     33d53'60"E
 3.970000   32.510000   3d58'12"N      32d30'36"E
 5.020000   29.710000   5d01'12"N      29d42'36"E
 4.380000   33.353640   4d22'48"N      33d21'13.1"E
 8.220000   26.160000   8d13'12"N      26d09'36"E
 7.810000   27.570000   7d48'36"N      27d34'12"E
 7.953889   30.809722   7d57'14"N      30d48'35"E
10.540000   32.550000   10d32'24"N     32d32'60"E
 8.930000   32.630000   8d55'48"N      32d37'48"E
 8.450000   32.850000   8d26'60"N      32d51'00"E
 8.150000   30.840000   8d09'00"N      30d50'24"E
 7.740000   31.940000   7d44'24"N      31d56'24"E
 9.997500   31.956111   9d59'51"N      31d57'22"E
10.183333   25.850000   10d10'60"N     25d51'00"E
 8.950000   30.710000   8d56'60"N      30d42'36"E
 9.830000   32.080000   9d49'48"N      32d04'48"E
 9.760000   30.600000   9d45'36"N      30d36'00"E
 8.007500   30.806111   8d00'27"N      30d48'22"E
 7.930000   28.800000   7d55'48"N      28d48'00"E
 7.220000   29.690000   7d13'12"N      29d41'24"E
 8.591667   30.968611   8d35'30"N      30d58'07"E
 9.260000   30.600000   9d15'36"N      30d36'00"E
 6.310000   29.510000   6d18'36"N      29d30'36"E
 9.690000   31.800000   9d41'24"N      31d48'00"E
 9.610000   31.690000   9d36'36"N      31d41'24"E
 7.070000   28.650000   7d04'12"N      28d38'60"E
 7.910000   31.950000   7d54'36"N      31d56'60"E
 6.520000   31.550000   6d31'12"N      31d33'00"E
 6.960000   31.410000   6d57'36"N      31d24'36"E
 7.816667   31.650000   7d49'00"N      31d38'60"E
 9.380000   31.250000   9d22'48"N      31d15'00"E
 8.450000   32.100000   8d26'60"N      32d06'00"E
 6.950000   31.683333   6d57'00"N      31d40'60"E
 9.370000   30.540000   9d22'12"N      30d32'24"E
 9.200000   29.520000   9d11'60"N      29d31'12"E
 8.733333   31.033333   8d43'60"N      31d01'60"E
 8.833333   31.200000   8d49'60"N      31d11'60"E
 8.610000   32.700000   8d36'36"N      32d42'00"E
 7.800000   28.860000   7d47'60"N      28d51'36"E
 9.010000   30.710000   9d00'36"N      30d42'36"E
 9.966667   30.516667   9d58'00"N      30d31'00"E
 8.280000   29.240000   8d16'48"N      29d14'24"E
 8.033333   32.316667   8d01'60"N      32d19'00"E
 8.190000   28.850000   8d11'24"N      28d51'00"E
 4.553056   31.975556   4d33'11"N      31d58'32"E
 9.666667   29.200000   9d40'00"N      29d11'60"E
10.030000   33.660000   10d01'48"N     33d39'36"E
 7.960000   27.790000   7d57'36"N      27d47'24"E
 7.500000   29.410000   7d30'00"N      29d24'36"E
 9.320000   31.460000   9d19'12"N      31d27'36"E
 9.860000   30.200000   9d51'36"N      30d11'60"E
 8.416667   25.666667   8d25'00"N      25d40'00"E
 6.680000   33.180000   6d40'48"N      33d10'48"E
 8.333333   26.000000   8d19'60"N      26d00'00"E
 8.910000   25.730000   8d54'36"N      25d43'48"E
 4.583056   31.931389   4d34'59"N      31d55'53"E
 7.100000   28.740000   7d05'60"N      28d44'24"E
 8.630000   33.790000   8d37'48"N      33d47'24"E
 8.410000   28.350000   8d24'36"N      28d21'00"E
11.040000   32.720000   11d02'24"N     32d43'12"E
 4.321944   33.097222   4d19'19"N      33d05'50"E
 9.050000   30.670000   9d03'00"N      30d40'12"E
 8.400000   31.783333   8d24'00"N      31d46'60"E
 4.170278   32.336667   4d10'13"N      32d20'12"E
10.480000   32.340000   10d28'48"N     32d20'24"E
 8.333333   32.766667   8d19'60"N      32d46'00"E
 5.070000   30.650000   5d04'12"N      30d38'60"E
 5.583333   27.433333   5d34'60"N      27d25'60"E
11.500000   32.717670   11d30'00"N     32d43'03.61"E
10.120000   32.090000   10d07'12"N     32d05'24"E
 9.060000   28.950000   9d03'36"N      28d56'60"E
 9.260000   30.890000   9d15'36"N      30d53'24"E
 9.400000   30.780000   9d24'00"N      30d46'48"E
 9.370000   30.900000   9d22'12"N      30d53'60"E
 8.583889   30.974444   8d35'02"N      30d58'28"E
 7.216667   29.710278   7d13'00"N      29d42'37"E
 7.333333   33.533333   7d19'60"N      33d31'60"E
 8.100000   29.266667   8d05'60"N      29d16'00"E
 9.050000   31.050000   9d03'00"N      31d03'00"E
 8.610000   30.990000   8d36'36"N      30d59'24"E
 8.899167   30.500278   8d53'57"N      30d30'01"E
 8.630000   30.730000   8d37'48"N      30d43'48"E
11.970000   32.770000   11d58'12"N     32d46'12"E
 3.980000   33.200000   3d58'48"N      33d12'00"E
 8.416667   32.266667   8d25'00"N      32d16'00"E
 9.070000   30.750000   9d04'12"N      30d45'00"E
 9.080000   30.770000   9d04'48"N      30d46'12"E
 8.700000   33.333333   8d41'60"N      33d19'60"E
 5.345450   30.713640   5d20'43.62"N   30d42'49.1"E
10.550000   32.410000   10d33'00"N     32d24'36"E
 6.690000   29.470000   6d41'24"N      29d28'12"E
 5.400000   31.250000   5d24'00"N      31d15'00"E
 5.630000   30.330000   5d37'48"N      30d19'48"E
 8.588566   24.670000   8d35'18.84"N   24d40'12"E
 5.180000   31.770000   5d10'48"N      31d46'12"E
 8.183333   28.733333   8d10'60"N      28d43'60"E
 3.953835   31.517350   3d57'13.81"N   31d31'02.46"E
 4.340000   31.070000   4d20'24"N      31d04'12"E
 4.130000   30.360000   4d07'48"N      30d21'36"E
 8.800000   30.650000   8d48'00"N      30d38'60"E
11.660000   32.820000   11d39'36"N     32d49'12"E
 7.420000   30.510000   7d25'12"N      30d30'36"E
 8.932873   33.003427   8d55'58.34"N   33d00'12.34"E
 8.899080   29.166670   8d53'56.69"N   29d10'00.01"E
 8.899170   33.023000   8d53'57.01"N   33d01'22.8"E
 7.980000   27.350000   7d58'48"N      27d21'00"E
 8.630000   25.940000   8d37'48"N      25d56'24"E
 4.540000   32.480000   4d32'24"N      32d28'48"E
 8.070000   28.890000   8d04'12"N      28d53'24"E
 6.090000   31.000000   6d05'24"N      31d00'00"E
 5.541111   31.863056   5d32'28"N      31d51'47"E
 4.352222   32.589167   4d21'08"N      32d35'21"E
 8.283330   31.351670   8d16'59.99"N   31d21'06.01"E
 4.946111   32.033611   4d56'46"N      32d02'01"E
 7.680000   26.820000   7d40'48"N      26d49'12"E
 7.200000   28.100000   7d12'00"N      28d06'00"E
 8.950000   28.900000   8d56'60"N      28d53'60"E
 4.420000   28.438180   4d25'12"N      28d26'17.45"E
 7.500000   28.000000   7d30'00"N      28d00'00"E
 7.393167   30.476000   7d23'35.4"N    30d28'33.6"E
 4.490910   31.244550   4d29'27.28"N   31d14'40.38"E
 8.620000   30.020000   8d37'12"N      30d01'12"E
 7.698333   30.075000   7d41'54"N      30d04'30"E
 9.850000   30.166667   9d50'60"N      30d10'00"E
 9.360000   30.700000   9d21'36"N      30d41'60"E
 8.899170   30.023000   8d53'57.01"N   30d01'22.8"E
 4.070000   33.260000   4d04'12"N      33d15'36"E
 5.036166   30.345849   5d02'10.2"N    30d20'45.06"E
 4.108056   32.847500   4d06'29"N      32d50'51"E
 8.446944   30.802778   8d26'49"N      30d48'10"E
 7.240000   29.730000   7d14'24"N      29d43'48"E
 4.620000   29.980000   4d37'12"N      29d58'48"E
 6.434550   31.400910   6d26'04.38"N   31d24'03.28"E
 9.050000   34.110000   9d03'00"N      34d06'36"E
 6.040000   26.960000   6d02'24"N      26d57'36"E
 6.930000   28.830000   6d55'48"N      28d49'48"E
 7.883333   31.200000   7d52'60"N      31d11'60"E
 7.190000   30.220000   7d11'24"N      30d13'12"E
 5.740556   31.354167   5d44'26"N      31d21'15"E
 8.783333   32.933333   8d46'60"N      32d55'60"E
 5.770000   31.570000   5d46'12"N      31d34'12"E
 4.680278   33.940000   4d40'49"N      33d56'24"E
 8.320000   27.730000   8d19'12"N      27d43'48"E
10.920000   32.760000   10d55'12"N     32d45'36"E
 3.716667   32.066667   3d43'00"N      32d04'00"E
 6.060000   31.270000   6d03'36"N      31d16'12"E
 6.553611   31.124444   6d33'13"N      31d07'28"E
 9.090000   32.400000   9d05'24"N      32d23'60"E
 7.030000   29.120000   7d01'48"N      29d07'12"E
 6.250000   29.580000   6d15'00"N      29d34'48"E
 6.787500   30.795000   6d47'15"N      30d47'42"E
 5.890000   30.770000   5d53'24"N      30d46'12"E
 3.650000   32.030000   3d38'60"N      32d01'48"E
 6.663640   31.818180   6d39'49.1"N    31d49'05.45"E
 5.680327   31.800029   5d40'49.18"N   31d48'00.1"E
 6.140000   31.210000   6d08'24"N      31d12'36"E
 6.450000   30.580000   6d27'00"N      30d34'48"E
 6.710000   30.190000   6d42'36"N      30d11'24"E
 6.773056   31.182500   6d46'23"N      31d10'57"E
 4.412500   32.018611   4d24'45"N      32d01'07"E
11.983333   32.766667   11d58'60"N     32d46'00"E
 9.816667   25.066667   9d49'00"N      25d04'00"E
 4.550000   30.540000   4d32'60"N      30d32'24"E
 4.180000   32.340000   4d10'48"N      32d20'24"E
 7.189090   27.934550   7d11'20.72"N   27d56'04.38"E
 7.939722   27.854444   7d56'23"N      27d51'16"E
10.916667   32.550000   10d55'00"N     32d32'60"E
 9.080000   33.530000   9d04'48"N      33d31'48"E
 4.850000   32.616667   4d50'60"N      32d37'00"E
 9.040268   29.481104   9d02'24.96"N   29d28'51.97"E
 8.748217   28.756072   8d44'53.58"N   28d45'21.86"E
 8.240000   27.750000   8d14'24"N      27d45'00"E
 8.252338   27.638201   8d15'08.42"N   27d38'17.53"E
 8.720000   29.880000   8d43'12"N      29d52'48"E
 7.250000   27.820000   7d15'00"N      27d49'12"E
 9.190000   29.920000   9d11'24"N      29d55'12"E
 4.840000   32.610000   4d50'24"N      32d36'36"E
 6.690000   33.050000   6d41'24"N      33d02'60"E
11.360000   32.710000   11d21'36"N     32d42'36"E
 8.816667   33.100000   8d49'00"N      33d06'00"E
 6.570000   32.930000   6d34'12"N      32d55'48"E
 5.700000   31.720000   5d42'00"N      31d43'12"E
 6.270000   34.620000   6d16'12"N      34d37'12"E
10.590000   32.560000   10d35'24"N     32d33'36"E
 7.010000   29.140000   7d00'36"N      29d08'24"E
 5.820000   31.210000   5d49'12"N      31d12'36"E
 4.033569   32.846781   4d02'00.85"N   32d50'48.41"E
 3.930000   30.410000   3d55'48"N      30d24'36"E
 4.118180   30.718180   4d07'05.45"N   30d43'05.45"E
 7.150000   29.500000   7d09'00"N      29d30'00"E
 5.945450   29.927270   5d56'43.62"N   29d55'38.17"E
12.000000   33.100000   12d00'00"N     33d06'00"E
 7.430000   27.760000   7d25'48"N      27d45'36"E
 4.354444   31.330833   4d21'16"N      31d19'51"E
 4.408889   31.086944   4d24'32"N      31d05'13"E
 8.333333   32.583333   8d19'60"N      32d34'60"E
 7.450000   28.800000   7d27'00"N      28d48'00"E
 4.733333   30.466667   4d43'60"N      30d28'00"E
 9.170000   30.830000   9d10'12"N      30d49'48"E
 8.390000   28.350000   8d23'24"N      28d21'00"E
 8.400000   28.350000   8d24'00"N      28d21'00"E
 7.060000   29.690000   7d03'36"N      29d41'24"E
 7.200000   31.650000   7d12'00"N      31d38'60"E
 6.583333   33.133333   6d34'60"N      33d07'60"E
 7.760000   30.270000   7d45'36"N      30d16'12"E
 8.066667   32.833333   8d04'00"N      32d49'60"E
 9.590000   32.160000   9d35'24"N      32d09'36"E
 4.000000   30.550000   4d00'00"N      30d33'00"E
 9.270000   31.730000   9d16'12"N      31d43'48"E
 5.626596   31.150913   5d37'35.75"N   31d09'03.29"E
 9.150000   32.170000   9d09'00"N      32d10'12"E
 8.400000   27.600000   8d24'00"N      27d36'00"E
 4.423333   32.921111   4d25'24"N      32d55'16"E
 8.150000   32.850000   8d09'00"N      32d51'00"E
 8.016667   32.050000   8d01'00"N      32d02'60"E
10.830000   32.770000   10d49'48"N     32d46'12"E
 8.533330   32.856500   8d31'59.99"N   32d51'23.4"E
 8.534761   28.111432   8d32'05.14"N   28d06'41.15"E
 9.810000   32.710000   9d48'36"N      32d42'36"E
 9.700000   32.270000   9d41'60"N      32d16'12"E
 8.320000   27.490000   8d19'12"N       27d29'24"E
 3.860000   30.590000   3d51'36"N       30d35'24"E
 6.590000   29.880000   6d35'24"N       29d52'48"E
 9.153640   27.180000   9d09'13.1"N     27d10'48"E
 9.214170   32.471330   9d12'51.01"N    32d28'16.79"E
 6.916944   30.927500   6d55'01"N       30d55'39"E
 3.900000   30.427270   3d53'60"N       30d25'38.17"E
 9.216677   26.853455   9d13'00.04"N    26d51'12.44"E
 9.850000   32.016667   9d50'60"N       32d01'00"E
 7.100000   29.510000   7d05'60"N       29d30'36"E
 4.309090   30.295450   4d18'32.72"N    30d17'43.62"E
 6.920000   29.810000   6d55'12"N       29d48'36"E
 8.640000   26.860000   8d38'24"N       26d51'36"E
 5.978611   31.181944   5d58'43"N       31d10'55"E
 5.490000   31.560000   5d29'24"N       31d33'36"E
 9.950000   32.116667   9d56'60"N       32d07'00"E
 4.054722   32.602222   4d03'17"N       32d36'08"E
 8.970000   30.370000   8d58'12"N       30d22'12"E
 4.910086   31.659976   4d54'36.31"N    31d39'35.91"E
10.050000   30.030000   10d03'00"N      30d01'48"E
 4.090000   33.260000   4d05'24"N       33d15'36"E
 4.240000   32.500000   4d14'24"N       32d30'00"E
 6.500000   29.770000   6d30'00"N       29d46'12"E
 6.650000   29.766667   6d39'00"N       29d46'00"E
 4.601667   31.404722   4d36'06"N       31d24'17"E
 8.200000   30.210000   8d11'60"N       30d12'36"E
 4.160000   30.830000   4d09'36"N       30d49'48"E
 7.400000   31.783333   7d24'00"N       31d46'60"E
 4.960000   31.860000   4d57'36"N       31d51'36"E
 8.950000   26.383333   8d56'60"N       26d22'60"E
 9.200000   28.300000   9d11'60"N       28d18'00"E
 7.760000   28.030000   7d45'36"N       28d01'48"E
 9.110000   26.960000   9d06'36"N       26d57'36"E
 4.110000   30.730000   4d06'36"N       30d43'48"E
 4.222500   33.065556   4d13'21"N       33d03'56"E
 8.652855   25.982386   8d39'10.28"N    25d58'56.59"E
 7.866667   27.416667   7d52'00"N       27d25'00"E
 7.011389   28.769167   7d00'41"N       28d46'09"E
 3.990000   32.070000   3d59'24"N       32d04'12"E
 8.950000   26.200000   8d56'60"N       26d11'60"E
 9.483333   28.916667   9d28'60"N       28d55'00"E
 3.766667   32.033333   3d46'00"N       32d01'60"E
10.033333   30.366667   10d01'60"N      30d22'00"E
 6.266667   27.633333   6d16'00"N       27d37'60"E
 9.778305   30.115976   9d46'41.9"N     30d06'57.51"E
 8.600000   30.020000   8d35'60"N       30d01'12"E
10.366667   25.566667   10d22'00"N      25d34'00"E
 8.560000   33.850000   8d33'36"N       33d51'00"E
 9.757220   32.979720   9d45'25.99"N    32d58'46.99"E
 9.747670   30.280830   9d44'51.61"N    30d16'50.99"E
 9.573650   32.230600   9d34'25.14"N    32d13'50.16"E
10.321670   33.781940   10d19'18.01"N   33d46'54.98"E
 7.290000   28.320000   7d17'24"N       28d19'12"E
 4.371667   33.067778   4d22'18"N       33d04'04"E
 8.156111   30.803889   8d09'22"N       30d48'14"E
 8.880000   26.100000   8d52'48"N       26d06'00"E
 5.359090   30.131820   5d21'32.72"N    30d07'54.55"E
 6.916667   29.500000   6d55'00"N       29d30'00"E
 5.605833   30.091111   5d36'21"N       30d05'28"E
 3.730000   30.800000   3d43'48"N       30d48'00"E
 7.160000   27.820000   7d09'36"N       27d49'12"E
 6.600000   34.516667   6d35'60"N       34d31'00"E
 4.205000   33.011111   4d12'18"N       33d00'40"E
 4.810000   31.620000   4d48'36"N       31d37'12"E
 6.933333   27.950000   6d55'60"N       27d56'60"E
 6.480000   29.770000   6d28'48"N       29d46'12"E
 9.950000   33.910000   9d56'60"N       33d54'36"E
10.085280   30.285830   10d05'07.01"N   30d17'08.99"E
 9.883610   30.281670   9d53'01"N       30d16'54.01"E
10.077830   30.222970   10d04'40.19"N   30d13'22.69"E
 9.950000   30.270000   9d56'60"N       30d16'12"E
 6.260000   30.260000   6d15'36"N       30d15'36"E
 4.410000   30.100000   4d24'36"N       30d06'00"E
 6.643640   32.823640   6d38'37.1"N     32d49'25.1"E
 5.120000   30.420000   5d07'12"N       30d25'12"E
 8.210000   31.380000   8d12'36"N       31d22'48"E
 7.790000   27.170000   7d47'24"N       27d10'12"E
 9.110000   28.500000   9d06'36"N       28d30'00"E
 4.230605   32.498012   4d13'50.18"N    32d29'52.84"E
 8.130000   30.050000   8d07'48"N       30d03'00"E
 7.323889   29.479167   7d19'26"N       29d28'45"E
 6.166667   34.650000   6d10'00"N       34d38'60"E
 6.166667   34.700000   6d10'00"N       34d42'00"E
 9.070000   29.150000   9d04'12"N       29d08'60"E
 8.702233   33.391417   8d42'08.04"N   33d23'29.1"E
 3.880000   30.950000   3d52'48"N      30d56'60"E
 8.440000   26.230000   8d26'24"N      26d13'48"E
 5.720946   31.459580   5d43'15.4"N    31d27'34.49"E
 6.475500   28.207000   6d28'31.8"N    28d12'25.2"E
 9.300000   31.780000   9d18'00"N      31d46'48"E
 8.490000   30.040000   8d29'24"N      30d02'24"E
 3.950000   30.610000   3d57'00"N      30d36'36"E
 6.080000   31.080000   6d04'48"N      31d04'48"E
 6.110000   31.710000   6d06'36"N      31d42'36"E
 8.540000   30.020000   8d32'24"N      30d01'12"E
 8.350000   31.783333   8d20'60"N      31d46'60"E
 9.960000   32.600000   9d57'36"N      32d36'00"E
 8.150000   31.883333   8d09'00"N      31d52'60"E
 8.633333   31.333333   8d37'60"N      31d19'60"E
 8.900000   27.360000   8d54'00"N      27d21'36"E
10.080000   29.930000   10d04'48"N     29d55'48"E
 6.233333   28.400000   6d13'60"N      28d23'60"E
 8.510000   30.000000   8d30'36"N      30d00'00"E
 7.890000   28.440000   7d53'24"N      28d26'24"E
 3.860000   32.100000   3d51'36"N      32d06'00"E
 6.460000   31.610000   6d27'36"N      31d36'36"E
 8.770000   30.670000   8d46'12"N      30d40'12"E
 9.050000   32.830000   9d03'00"N      32d49'48"E
 8.630000   33.770000   8d37'48"N      33d46'12"E
 9.120000   29.910000   9d07'12"N      29d54'36"E
 5.760000   31.790000   5d45'36"N      31d47'24"E
 8.760000   33.610000   8d45'36"N      33d36'36"E
 7.183333   33.700000   7d10'60"N      33d42'00"E
 8.170000   30.570000   8d10'12"N      30d34'12"E
 4.888963   31.034796   4d53'20.27"N   31d02'05.26"E
 8.930000   31.500000   8d55'48"N      31d30'00"E
 7.760000   28.540000   7d45'36"N      28d32'24"E
 8.511333   30.632833   8d30'40.8"N    30d37'58.2"E
 8.866667   25.583333   8d52'00"N      25d34'60"E
 5.250000   27.416667   5d15'00"N      27d25'00"E
 8.560000   25.560000   8d33'36"N      25d33'36"E
 9.583333   28.933333   9d34'60"N      28d55'60"E
10.240000   33.380000   10d14'24"N     33d22'48"E
 8.866667   34.050000   8d52'00"N      34d02'60"E
10.530000   33.270000   10d31'48"N     33d16'12"E
 9.883333   29.833333   9d52'60"N      29d49'60"E
 6.416667   28.016667   6d25'00"N      28d01'00"E
 5.950000   28.616667   5d57'00"N      28d37'00"E
 6.533333   28.816667   6d31'60"N      28d49'00"E
 4.471820   32.864550   4d28'18.55"N   32d51'52.38"E
 4.833333   27.800000   4d49'60"N      27d48'00"E
 4.816667   35.166667   4d49'00"N      35d10'00"E
 7.283333   27.633333   7d16'60"N      27d37'60"E
 4.100000   32.780000   4d05'60"N      32d46'48"E
10.216667   25.066667   10d13'00"N     25d04'00"E
 8.870000   26.210000   8d52'12"N      26d12'36"E
 9.790000   25.560000   9d47'24"N      25d33'36"E
 4.008889   33.216667   4d00'32"N      33d13'00"E
 3.980000   30.730000   3d58'48"N      30d43'48"E
 4.460000   32.530000   4d27'36"N      32d31'48"E
 4.794748   29.105869   4d47'41.09"N   29d06'21.13"E
 4.200000   33.040000   4d12'00"N      33d02'24"E
 4.357500   32.465000   4d21'27"N      32d27'54"E
 4.658568   32.801687   4d39'30.85"N   32d48'06.07"E
 7.040000   29.020000   7d02'24"N      29d01'12"E
 5.020000   29.520000   5d01'12"N      29d31'12"E
 4.140000   32.243889   4d08'24"N      32d14'38"E
 4.230000   33.040000   4d13'48"N      33d02'24"E
 4.260000   33.070000   4d15'36"N      33d04'12"E
 3.916667   33.016667   3d55'00"N      33d01'00"E
 4.720000   32.690000   4d43'12"N      32d41'24"E
 4.483333   33.100000   4d28'60"N      33d06'00"E
 4.266944   32.321111   4d16'01"N      32d19'16"E
 4.800000   33.570000   4d47'60"N      33d34'12"E
 4.440833   32.915000   4d26'27"N      32d54'54"E
 4.296389   32.234444   4d17'47"N      32d14'04"E
 4.545833   32.303333   4d32'45"N      32d18'12"E
 4.585450   28.990000   4d35'07.62"N   28d59'24"E
 4.265000   33.130556   4d15'54"N      33d07'50"E
 4.201944   30.617222   4d12'07"N      30d37'02"E
 4.483333   30.250000   4d28'60"N      30d15'00"E
 4.040000   33.210000   4d02'24"N      33d12'36"E
 4.250000   32.376944   4d15'00"N      32d22'37"E
 4.283056   33.159722   4d16'59"N      33d09'35"E
 4.229722   32.475000   4d13'47"N      32d28'30"E
 4.076500   33.118500   4d04'35.4"N    33d07'06.6"E
 4.360000   32.890000   4d21'36"N      32d53'24"E
 4.680000   32.030000   4d40'48"N      32d01'48"E
 4.700000   35.000000   4d42'00"N      35d00'00"E
 4.301667   32.469444   4d18'06"N      32d28'10"E
 4.950000   31.580000   4d57'00"N      31d34'48"E
 4.149722   33.145000   4d08'59"N      33d08'42"E
 4.107500   33.658056   4d06'27"N      33d39'29"E
 3.870000   33.500000   3d52'12"N      33d30'00"E
 4.642222   32.170000   4d38'32"N      32d10'12"E
 4.033333   33.050000   4d01'60"N      33d02'60"E
 4.173889   32.753056   4d10'26"N      32d45'11"E
 4.100000   32.850000   4d05'60"N      32d51'00"E
 8.571389   30.980278   8d34'17"N      30d58'49"E
 4.767500   32.772830   4d46'03"N      32d46'22.19"E
 4.346944   32.642222   4d20'49"N      32d38'32"E
 4.312778   32.391111   4d18'46"N      32d23'28"E
 4.144444   32.329722   4d08'40"N      32d19'47"E
 8.533333   25.750000   8d31'60"N      25d45'00"E
 8.400000   25.840000   8d24'00"N      25d50'24"E
 4.920000   31.470000   4d55'12"N      31d28'12"E
 4.288611   32.837778   4d17'19"N      32d50'16"E
 4.080278   32.984444   4d04'49"N      32d59'04"E
 4.160000   32.780000   4d09'36"N      32d46'48"E
 3.833333   32.466667   3d49'60"N      32d28'00"E
 3.816667   32.416667   3d49'00"N      32d25'00"E
 4.190000   32.680000   4d11'24"N      32d40'48"E
 6.555450   28.938180   6d33'19.62"N   28d56'17.45"E
 4.691389   29.229722   4d41'29"N      29d13'47"E
 4.274167   32.471667   4d16'27"N      32d28'18"E
 4.250000   32.466667   4d15'00"N      32d28'00"E
 3.783333   33.516667   3d46'60"N      33d31'00"E
 5.500000   29.833333   5d30'00"N      29d49'60"E
 4.300000   32.410000   4d17'60"N      32d24'36"E
 4.603889   31.938889   4d36'14"N      31d56'20"E
 4.193333   32.339444   4d11'36"N      32d20'22"E
 4.382500   32.955278   4d22'57"N      32d57'19"E
 4.163333   32.771111   4d09'48"N      32d46'16"E
 4.416667   32.083333   4d25'00"N      32d04'60"E
 3.910000   32.800000   3d54'36"N      32d47'60"E
 4.088611   32.828333   4d05'19"N      32d49'42"E
 4.190000   33.040000   4d11'24"N      33d02'24"E
 4.594444   32.087778   4d35'40"N      32d05'16"E
 4.040000   32.840000   4d02'24"N      32d50'24"E
 4.340000   33.450000   4d20'24"N      33d27'00"E
 4.182778   32.848889   4d10'58"N      32d50'56"E
 3.870000   33.450000   3d52'12"N      33d27'00"E
 4.110000   30.660000   4d06'36"N      30d39'36"E
 3.740000   30.640000   3d44'24"N      30d38'24"E
 4.028333   32.152500   4d01'42"N      32d09'09"E
 4.560000   33.280000   4d33'36"N      33d16'48"E
 4.300000   33.710000   4d17'60"N      33d42'36"E
 4.354861   32.540139   4d21'17.5"N    32d32'24.5"E
 4.050000   32.540000   4d02'60"N      32d32'24"E
 8.910000   33.480000   8d54'36"N      33d28'48"E
 7.800000   25.930000   7d47'60"N      25d55'48"E
 5.910000   30.830000   5d54'36"N      30d49'48"E
 8.705387   27.867582   8d42'19.39"N   27d52'03.29"E
 9.391670   30.670670   9d23'30.01"N   30d40'14.41"E
 9.110000   33.390000   9d06'36"N      33d23'24"E
 7.062778   30.265556   7d03'46"N      30d15'56"E
 5.810000   30.750000   5d48'36"N      30d45'00"E
 4.410000   31.170000   4d24'36"N      31d10'12"E
 5.050000   31.650000   5d02'60"N      31d38'60"E
 6.050910   31.667270   6d03'03.28"N   31d40'02.17"E
 3.716667   31.650000   3d43'00"N      31d38'60"E
 6.748917   31.415360   6d44'56.1"N    31d24'55.3"E
 3.866667   32.583333   3d52'00"N      32d34'60"E
 3.999090   31.046360   3d59'56.72"N   31d02'46.9"E
 5.063140   30.733556   5d03'47.3"N    30d44'00.8"E
 4.548815   28.593817   4d32'55.74"N   28d35'37.74"E
 4.615450   28.658180   4d36'55.62"N   28d39'29.45"E
 7.230000   29.480000   7d13'48"N      29d28'48"E
 8.950000   25.670000   8d56'60"N      25d40'12"E
 6.990000   30.090000   6d59'24"N      30d05'24"E
 8.700000   28.290000   8d41'60"N      28d17'24"E
 4.156360   30.580910   4d09'22.9"N    30d34'51.28"E
10.360000   33.310000   10d21'36"N     33d18'36"E
 4.350000   31.100000   4d20'60"N      31d06'00"E
 8.470716   30.017938   8d28'14.58"N   30d01'04.58"E
 8.470000   30.030000   8d28'12"N      30d01'48"E
 4.595833   31.899444   4d35'45"N      31d53'58"E
 5.700000   30.780000   5d42'00"N      30d46'48"E
 9.120000   30.690000   9d07'12"N      30d41'24"E
 8.716667   25.850000   8d43'00"N      25d51'00"E
 8.409090   33.703640   8d24'32.72"N   33d42'13.1"E
 8.480000   25.330000   8d28'48"N      25d19'48"E
 5.370000   31.800000   5d22'12"N      31d48'00"E
 4.766667   31.733333   4d46'00"N      31d43'60"E
 6.190000   31.180000   6d11'24"N      31d10'48"E
 8.637000   33.789330   8d38'13.2"N    33d47'21.59"E
 4.120000   30.630000   4d07'12"N      30d37'48"E
 9.330000   25.420000   9d19'48"N      25d25'12"E
 8.362500   28.442250   8d21'45"N      28d26'32.1"E
 8.362500   31.135667   8d21'45"N      31d08'08.4"E
 6.190000   31.000000   6d11'24"N      31d00'00"E
 4.551667   31.333056   4d33'06"N      31d19'59"E
 4.590000   31.050000   4d35'24"N      31d03'00"E
 9.250000   30.166667   9d15'00"N      30d10'00"E
 8.381890   33.775174   8d22'54.8"N    33d46'30.63"E
 9.733333   29.950000   9d43'60"N      29d56'60"E
 7.666667   29.150000   7d40'00"N      29d08'60"E
 8.320000   29.970000   8d19'12"N      29d58'12"E
 9.060000   28.860000   9d03'36"N      28d51'36"E
 9.300000   32.720000   9d18'00"N      32d43'12"E
 9.740000   30.240000   9d44'24"N      30d14'24"E
 6.220034   30.080632   6d13'12.12"N   30d04'50.27"E
 9.060000   30.070000   9d03'36"N      30d04'12"E
 5.120000   31.780000   5d07'12"N      31d46'48"E
 6.440000   31.640000   6d26'24"N      31d38'24"E
 9.320000   30.670000   9d19'12"N      30d40'12"E
 3.718744   31.591590   3d43'07.48"N   31d35'29.72"E
 4.190000   30.880000   4d11'24"N      30d52'48"E
 8.870000   28.370000   8d52'12"N      28d22'12"E
 7.500000   32.000000   7d30'00"N      32d00'00"E
 6.838180   31.298180   6d50'17.45"N   31d17'53.45"E
 4.830000   30.840000   4d49'48"N      30d50'24"E
 7.183333   31.116667   7d10'60"N      31d07'00"E
 9.860000   32.230000   9d51'36"N      32d13'48"E
 9.900000   32.230000   9d54'00"N      32d13'48"E
 8.636850   33.321670   8d38'12.66"N   33d19'18.01"E
 9.390000   30.690000   9d23'24"N      30d41'24"E
 8.040000   31.170000   8d02'24"N      31d10'12"E
 9.382744   30.696365   9d22'57.88"N   30d41'46.91"E
 4.860857   31.617818   4d51'39.08"N   31d37'04.14"E
 4.871670   29.670000   4d52'18.01"N   29d40'12"E
 5.380000   31.599440   5d22'48"N      31d35'57.98"E
 5.374670   30.352500   5d22'28.81"N   30d21'09"E
 4.300000   31.790000   4d17'60"N      31d47'24"E
 6.730000   31.420000   6d43'48"N      31d25'12"E
 7.540000   28.830000   7d32'24"N      28d49'48"E
 9.890000   30.150000   9d53'24"N      30d08'60"E
 8.570000   30.670000   8d34'12"N      30d40'12"E
 3.800000   30.780000   3d47'60"N      30d46'48"E
 8.266667   28.816667   8d16'00"N      28d49'00"E
 8.190000   30.680000   8d11'24"N      30d40'48"E
 7.080000   29.070000   7d04'48"N      29d04'12"E
 6.920000   30.578889   6d55'12"N      30d34'44"E
 8.230000   28.140000   8d13'48"N      28d08'24"E
 8.160000   28.320000   8d09'36"N      28d19'12"E
 8.110000   30.830000   8d06'36"N      30d49'48"E
 4.300000   31.040000   4d17'60"N      31d02'24"E
10.130000   33.350000   10d07'48"N     33d21'00"E
 6.480000   31.340000   6d28'48"N      31d20'24"E
 9.160000   31.540000   9d09'36"N      31d32'24"E
 8.866985   32.959152   8d52'01.15"N   32d57'32.95"E
 9.170000   33.570000   9d10'12"N      33d34'12"E
 8.166667   27.783333   8d10'00"N      27d46'60"E
 7.400000   28.520000   7d24'00"N      28d31'12"E
 6.860000   29.170000   6d51'36"N      29d10'12"E
 9.816667   30.133333   9d49'00"N      30d07'60"E
 4.387222   33.405278   4d23'14"N      33d24'19"E
 4.534722   31.280556   4d32'05"N      31d16'50"E
 8.216667   32.966667   8d13'00"N      32d58'00"E
 9.240000   30.670000   9d14'24"N      30d40'12"E
 8.148150   30.685577   8d08'53.34"N   30d41'08.08"E
 9.350000   25.440000   9d20'60"N      25d26'24"E
 5.866667   34.433333   5d52'00"N      34d25'60"E
 9.230000   25.460000   9d13'48"N      25d27'36"E
 4.966667   35.116667   4d58'00"N      35d07'00"E
 7.766667   31.216667   7d46'00"N      31d13'00"E
10.400000   25.700000   10d24'00"N     25d41'60"E
 3.870000   30.640000   3d52'12"N      30d38'24"E
 4.766667   35.466667   4d46'00"N      35d28'00"E
 7.300000   30.170000   7d17'60"N      30d10'12"E
 4.410000   33.580000   4d24'36"N      33d34'48"E
 4.950000   35.383333   4d57'00"N      35d22'60"E
 5.066667   33.700000   5d04'00"N      33d42'00"E
 3.880000   31.620000   3d52'48"N      31d37'12"E
 4.275278   33.514722   4d16'31"N      33d30'53"E
 4.707778   33.114167   4d42'28"N      33d06'51"E
 9.007750   30.147800   9d00'27.9"N     30d08'52.08"E
 5.810000   29.990000   5d48'36"N       29d59'24"E
 4.270000   30.270000   4d16'12"N       30d16'12"E
 4.850000   35.150000   4d50'60"N       35d08'60"E
 4.833333   35.183333   4d49'60"N       35d10'60"E
 4.816667   35.083333   4d49'00"N       35d04'60"E
 4.733333   35.650000   4d43'60"N       35d38'60"E
10.990000   32.583330   10d59'24"N      32d34'59.99"E
 6.468333   31.200278   6d28'06"N       31d12'01"E
 4.158056   32.484444   4d09'29"N       32d29'04"E
 6.280000   30.010000   6d16'48"N       30d00'36"E
 4.450000   32.820000   4d27'00"N       32d49'12"E
 4.060000   30.610000   4d03'36"N       30d36'36"E
 5.266667   35.266667   5d16'00"N       35d16'00"E
 3.833333   31.783333   3d49'60"N       31d46'60"E
 4.450910   31.200000   4d27'03.28"N    31d11'60"E
10.270000   33.590000   10d16'12"N      33d35'24"E
 8.916667   33.433333   8d55'00"N       33d25'60"E
 4.783333   35.016667   4d46'60"N       35d01'00"E
 4.927270   35.341820   4d55'38.17"N    35d20'30.55"E
 4.666667   35.750000   4d40'00"N       35d45'00"E
 5.960000   31.680000   5d57'36"N       31d40'48"E
 9.300000   29.140000   9d18'00"N       29d08'24"E
 8.093500   32.386333   8d05'36.6"N     32d23'10.8"E
 9.030000   32.020000   9d01'48"N       32d01'12"E
 4.200000   31.566667   4d12'00"N       31d34'00"E
 7.169722   28.880556   7d10'11"N       28d52'50"E
 4.866667   35.216667   4d52'00"N       35d13'00"E
 4.833333   35.283333   4d49'60"N       35d16'60"E
 9.380000   32.360000   9d22'48"N       32d21'36"E
 9.382500   25.683330   9d22'57"N       25d40'59.99"E
 9.500000   32.140000   9d30'00"N       32d08'24"E
 9.496000   29.161830   9d29'45.6"N     29d09'42.59"E
 4.050000   30.600000   4d02'60"N       30d36'00"E
 9.393060   32.000000   9d23'35.02"N    32d00'00"E
 3.765450   30.610000   3d45'55.62"N    30d36'36"E
 3.884782   31.666667   3d53'05.21"N    31d40'00"E
 7.120000   30.150000   7d07'12"N       30d08'60"E
10.598804   32.188810   10d35'55.69"N   32d11'19.72"E
 4.140000   33.630000   4d08'24"N       33d37'48"E
 4.107222   32.597222   4d06'26"N       32d35'50"E
 9.410000   25.420000   9d24'36"N       25d25'12"E
 6.360000   29.990000   6d21'36"N       29d59'24"E
 3.900000   30.950000   3d53'60"N       30d56'60"E
 3.708330   30.706500   3d42'29.99"N    30d42'23.4"E
 4.733889   33.754583   4d44'02"N       33d45'16.5"E
 3.683640   30.771820   3d41'01.1"N     30d46'18.55"E
 3.972730   31.318180   3d58'21.83"N    31d19'05.45"E
 4.706360   34.110910   4d42'22.9"N     34d06'39.28"E
 4.513611   31.115000   4d30'49"N       31d06'54"E
 5.090910   30.609090   5d05'27.28"N    30d36'32.72"E
 6.640000   32.880000   6d38'24"N       32d52'48"E
 5.516667   34.266667   5d31'00"N       34d16'00"E
 4.666667   35.325000   4d39'60"N       35d19'30"E
 5.200000   33.760000   5d12'00"N       33d45'36"E
 5.083333   33.733333   5d04'60"N       33d43'60"E
 6.450000   34.516667   6d27'00"N       34d31'00"E
 3.700000   30.716667   3d42'00"N       30d43'00"E
 7.270000   27.910000   7d16'12"N       27d54'36"E
 5.117923   33.776434   5d07'04.52"N    33d46'35.16"E
 4.886667   33.251944   4d53'12"N       33d15'07"E
 4.556360   31.320910   4d33'22.9"N     31d19'15.28"E
 4.142778   32.763889   4d08'34"N       32d45'50"E
 9.040000   31.270000   9d02'24"N       31d16'12"E
 4.036111   30.753611   4d02'10"N       30d45'13"E
 4.709090   34.220910   4d42'32.72"N    34d13'15.28"E
 4.374722   31.088889   4d22'29"N       31d05'20"E
 5.310000   33.410000   5d18'36"N       33d24'36"E
 5.466667   34.983333   5d28'00"N       34d58'60"E
 4.866667   35.350000   4d52'00"N       35d21'00"E
10.080000   33.270000   10d04'48"N      33d16'12"E
 4.737270   34.100000   4d44'14.17"N    34d06'00"E
 5.016667   35.416667   5d01'00"N       35d25'00"E
 4.170000   30.860000   4d10'12"N       30d51'36"E
 4.870278   33.972222   4d52'13"N       33d58'20"E
 4.800000   31.433333   4d47'60"N       31d25'60"E
 9.470000   25.430000   9d28'12"N       25d25'48"E
10.060000   30.020000   10d03'36"N      30d01'12"E
 4.210000   30.940000   4d12'36"N       30d56'24"E
 4.983333   34.666667   4d58'60"N       34d40'00"E
 4.047778   33.081667   4d02'52"N       33d04'54"E
 4.700000   35.383333   4d42'00"N       35d22'60"E
 7.710000   26.400000   7d42'36"N       26d23'60"E
 4.422778   31.241111   4d25'22"N       31d14'28"E
 9.010000   31.760000   9d00'36"N      31d45'36"E
 9.800000   25.660000   9d48'00"N      25d39'36"E
 7.250000   27.850000   7d15'00"N      27d51'00"E
 4.816667   35.433333   4d49'00"N      35d25'60"E
 4.020000   31.590000   4d01'12"N      31d35'24"E
 4.060000   30.990000   4d03'36"N      30d59'24"E
 8.564283   31.138203   8d33'51.42"N   31d08'17.53"E
 8.619270   27.697170   8d37'09.37"N   27d41'49.81"E
 8.619170   31.147500   8d37'09.01"N   31d08'51"E
 3.754436   30.800657   3d45'15.97"N   30d48'02.36"E
 4.683333   35.733333   4d40'60"N      35d43'60"E
 4.683333   35.416667   4d40'60"N      35d25'00"E
 8.164298   27.654858   8d09'51.47"N   27d39'17.49"E
 5.350000   33.370000   5d20'60"N      33d22'12"E
 5.450000   33.283333   5d27'00"N      33d16'60"E
10.050000   33.710000   10d03'00"N     33d42'36"E
 9.950000   33.850000   9d56'60"N      33d51'00"E
 5.866667   33.866667   5d52'00"N      33d52'00"E
10.060000   33.320000   10d03'36"N     33d19'12"E
 3.940910   31.519090   3d56'27.28"N   31d31'08.72"E
 6.630000   30.560000   6d37'48"N      30d33'36"E
 5.250000   34.766667   5d15'00"N      34d46'00"E
 6.645450   30.436360   6d38'43.62"N   30d26'10.9"E
 8.440000   26.000000   8d26'24"N      26d00'00"E
 4.393889   33.960000   4d23'38"N      33d57'36"E
 4.470000   30.430000   4d28'12"N      30d25'48"E
 5.150000   35.200000   5d09'00"N      35d12'00"E
 4.776195   33.582857   4d46'34.3"N    33d34'58.29"E
 4.700000   35.050000   4d42'00"N      35d02'60"E
 7.090000   34.160000   7d05'24"N      34d09'36"E
 7.030189   30.689074   7d01'48.68"N   30d41'20.67"E
 8.433333   28.050000   8d25'60"N      28d03'00"E
 8.433653   28.056987   8d26'01.15"N   28d03'25.15"E
 3.916667   33.450000   3d55'00"N      33d27'00"E
 5.190000   33.550000   5d11'24"N      33d32'60"E
 7.733333   27.050000   7d43'60"N      27d03'00"E
 7.930000   30.120000   7d55'48"N      30d07'12"E
 4.200000   33.680000   4d12'00"N      33d40'48"E
 7.130000   30.200000   7d07'48"N      30d11'60"E
 4.850000   35.600000   4d50'60"N      35d36'00"E
 7.200000   32.700000   7d12'00"N      32d42'00"E
 4.870000   30.460000   4d52'12"N      30d27'36"E
 8.205450   27.984550   8d12'19.62"N   27d59'04.38"E
 6.633801   29.919042   6d38'01.68"N   29d55'08.55"E
 5.136427   30.050651   5d08'11.14"N   30d03'02.34"E
 3.883333   31.550000   3d52'60"N      31d33'00"E
 4.916667   33.866667   4d55'00"N      33d52'00"E
 6.133333   34.250000   6d07'60"N      34d15'00"E
 5.666667   33.900000   5d40'00"N      33d53'60"E
 4.150000   33.170000   4d09'00"N      33d10'12"E
 3.970000   31.300000   3d58'12"N      31d18'00"E
 5.190351   35.840708   5d11'25.26"N   35d50'26.55"E
 4.850000   35.433333   4d50'60"N      35d25'60"E
 4.136021   31.678883   4d08'09.68"N   31d40'43.98"E
11.930000   32.780000   11d55'48"N     32d46'48"E
 3.800000   31.520000   3d47'60"N      31d31'12"E
 7.930000   29.160000   7d55'48"N      29d09'36"E
 7.010000   29.260000   7d00'36"N      29d15'36"E
 5.745450   30.586360   5d44'43.62"N   30d35'10.9"E
 5.616360   34.160000   5d36'58.9"N    34d09'36"E
 4.620000   33.200000   4d37'12"N      33d12'00"E
10.450000   32.466667   10d26'60"N     32d28'00"E
10.400000   25.916667   10d24'00"N     25d55'00"E
 4.821944   33.694444   4d49'19"N      33d41'40"E
 6.083333   33.650000   6d04'60"N      33d38'60"E
 4.766667   31.166667   4d46'00"N      31d10'00"E
 5.983333   34.250000   5d58'60"N      34d15'00"E
 4.450000   32.320000   4d27'00"N      32d19'12"E
 4.150000   33.610000   4d09'00"N      33d36'36"E
 6.140000   30.840000   6d08'24"N      30d50'24"E
 6.380000   30.060000   6d22'48"N      30d03'36"E
 4.783333   35.266667   4d46'60"N      35d16'00"E
 4.901944   33.323333   4d54'07"N      33d19'24"E
 7.700830   30.250500   7d42'02.99"N   30d15'01.8"E
 5.516667   34.850000   5d31'00"N      34d51'00"E
 4.040000   32.800000   4d02'24"N      32d47'60"E
 5.350000   34.850000   5d20'60"N      34d51'00"E
 4.666667   32.683333   4d40'00"N      32d40'60"E
 9.200000   30.620000   9d11'60"N      30d37'12"E
 4.921667   33.873889   4d55'18"N      33d52'26"E
 8.468180   25.104550   8d28'05.45"N   25d06'16.38"E
 6.790000   33.060000   6d47'24"N      33d03'36"E
 9.270000   30.650000   9d16'12"N      30d38'60"E
 7.500000   28.280000   7d30'00"N      28d16'48"E
 6.381820   31.070910   6d22'54.55"N   31d04'15.28"E
 4.350000   31.500000   4d20'60"N      31d30'00"E
 3.550000   30.880000   3d32'60"N      30d52'48"E
 4.866667   35.000000   4d52'00"N      35d00'00"E
 7.680000   33.040000   7d40'48"N      33d02'24"E
 7.460000   30.470000   7d27'36"N      30d28'12"E
 9.090000   30.710000   9d05'24"N      30d42'36"E
 8.560000   30.660000   8d33'36"N      30d39'36"E
 4.230278   32.712778   4d13'49"N      32d42'46"E
 5.066667   27.900000   5d04'00"N      27d53'60"E
 5.533333   30.650000   5d31'60"N      30d38'60"E
 5.514286   30.719755   5d30'51.43"N   30d43'11.12"E
 5.233333   35.333333   5d13'60"N      35d19'60"E
 9.260500   30.638833   9d15'37.8"N    30d38'19.8"E
 9.260500   32.028500   9d15'37.8"N    32d01'42.6"E
 9.010000   32.850000   9d00'36"N      32d51'00"E
 8.220000   32.140000   8d13'12"N      32d08'24"E
 7.750000   28.430000   7d45'00"N      28d25'48"E
 7.959470   33.006530   7d57'34.09"N   33d00'23.51"E
 4.298056   30.858889   4d17'53"N      30d51'32"E
 9.810000   33.600000   9d48'36"N      33d36'00"E
 7.781389   28.511389   7d46'53"N      28d30'41"E
 4.224167   30.913611   4d13'27"N      30d54'49"E
 4.190000   30.440000   4d11'24"N      30d26'24"E
 6.840000   33.670000   6d50'24"N      33d40'12"E
 6.520000   30.500000   6d31'12"N      30d30'00"E
 5.433860   30.393769   5d26'01.9"N    30d23'37.57"E
 4.158611   30.680972   4d09'31"N      30d40'51.5"E
 3.916667   31.133333   3d55'00"N      31d07'60"E
 4.050000   30.720000   4d02'60"N      30d43'12"E
 4.884444   33.065278   4d53'04"N      33d03'55"E
 5.916667   33.800000   5d55'00"N      33d47'60"E
 3.690000   30.640000   3d41'24"N      30d38'24"E
 3.756360   30.891820   3d45'22.9"N    30d53'30.55"E
 4.210000   30.920000   4d12'36"N      30d55'12"E
 6.830000   31.130000   6d49'48"N      31d07'48"E
 5.566667   33.550000   5d34'00"N      33d32'60"E
 5.140000   30.870000   5d08'24"N      30d52'12"E
 4.880000   31.410000   4d52'48"N      31d24'36"E
 3.834386   31.573981   3d50'03.79"N   31d34'26.33"E
 8.820000   33.030000   8d49'12"N      33d01'48"E
 3.916360   31.913640   3d54'58.9"N    31d54'49.1"E
 7.190000   28.380000   7d11'24"N      28d22'48"E
 9.210000   30.700000   9d12'36"N      30d41'60"E
 4.140000   30.780000   4d08'24"N      30d46'48"E
 9.058000   28.939170   9d03'28.8"N    28d56'21.01"E
 4.022778   32.579167   4d01'22"N      32d34'45"E
 7.880000   28.820000   7d52'48"N      28d49'12"E
 3.833333   31.450000   3d49'60"N      31d26'60"E
 5.666667   34.483333   5d40'00"N      34d28'60"E
 5.200000   30.200000   5d12'00"N      30d11'60"E
 8.533333   31.633333   8d31'60"N      31d37'60"E
 9.320000   30.890000   9d19'12"N      30d53'24"E
 4.460000   32.880000   4d27'36"N      32d52'48"E
 5.500000   30.460000   5d30'00"N      30d27'36"E
 6.135556   31.040000   6d08'08"N      31d02'24"E
 4.431389   32.897222   4d25'53"N      32d53'50"E
10.416667   25.883333   10d25'00"N     25d52'60"E
 4.510000   32.160000   4d30'36"N      32d09'36"E
 4.500000   30.010000   4d30'00"N      30d00'36"E
 4.866111   28.380556   4d51'58"N      28d22'50"E
 6.140000   27.790000   6d08'24"N      27d47'24"E
 4.700000   28.020000   4d42'00"N      28d01'12"E
 8.500000   32.720000   8d30'00"N      32d43'12"E
 4.730000   30.440000   4d43'48"N      30d26'24"E
 4.630000   31.400000   4d37'48"N      31d23'60"E
 5.983333   34.508333   5d58'60"N      34d30'30"E
 4.610278   33.288056   4d36'37"N      33d17'17"E
 4.667500   33.152639   4d40'03"N      33d09'09.5"E
 4.100000   33.250000   4d05'60"N      33d15'00"E
 6.050000   28.466667   6d02'60"N      28d28'00"E
 4.323056   32.541111   4d19'23"N      32d32'28"E
 4.560000   32.790000   4d33'36"N      32d47'24"E
 8.953667   32.930333   8d57'13.2"N    32d55'49.2"E
 8.953700   33.722000   8d57'13.32"N   33d43'19.2"E
 7.965407   33.013403   7d57'55.47"N   33d00'48.25"E
 9.063500   30.870000   9d03'48.6"N    30d52'12"E
 4.317500   32.675556   4d19'03"N      32d40'32"E
 8.702730   34.022730   8d42'09.83"N   34d01'21.83"E
 8.665173   34.025361   8d39'54.62"N   34d01'31.3"E
 4.226389   31.406944   4d13'35"N      31d24'25"E
 4.150000   33.050000   4d09'00"N      33d02'60"E
 6.020910   30.053640   6d01'15.28"N   30d03'13.1"E
 4.076944   33.249444   4d04'37"N      33d14'58"E
4.272500   30.731944   4d16'21"N      30d43'55"E
4.280000   32.650000   4d16'48"N      32d38'60"E
4.126360   33.562730   4d07'34.9"N    33d33'45.83"E
4.615000   33.327500   4d36'54"N      33d19'39"E
4.491667   32.271667   4d29'30"N      32d16'18"E
7.681944   30.877222   7d40'55"N      30d52'38"E
4.087500   33.273056   4d05'15"N      33d16'23"E
4.770000   31.130000   4d46'12"N      31d07'48"E
3.586360   30.856360   3d35'10.9"N    30d51'22.9"E
4.142222   32.345000   4d08'32"N      32d20'42"E
4.730000   33.230000   4d43'48"N      33d13'48"E
7.660000   26.200000   7d39'36"N      26d11'60"E
4.351806   30.599583   4d21'06.5"N    30d35'58.5"E
4.764722   32.466667   4d45'53"N      32d28'00"E
4.420000   32.520000   4d25'12"N      32d31'12"E
3.950000   32.900000   3d57'00"N      32d53'60"E
3.762730   31.610910   3d45'45.83"N   31d36'39.28"E
3.950000   32.933333   3d57'00"N      32d55'60"E
8.670000   34.040000   8d40'12"N      34d02'24"E
9.060000   32.200000   9d03'36"N      32d12'00"E
8.530000   26.360000   8d31'48"N      26d21'36"E
3.790000   31.630000   3d47'24"N      31d37'48"E
7.889620   28.811970   7d53'22.63"N   28d48'43.09"E
5.770000   28.780000   5d46'12"N      28d46'48"E
4.410000   33.460000   4d24'36"N      33d27'36"E
3.850000   32.816667   3d51'00"N      32d49'00"E
4.262730   32.018180   4d15'45.83"N   32d01'05.45"E
4.242222   33.394444   4d14'32"N      33d23'40"E
3.940000   32.620000   3d56'24"N      32d37'12"E
4.327500   32.603333   4d19'39"N      32d36'12"E
4.704722   33.263056   4d42'17"N      33d15'47"E
5.016667   28.550000   5d01'00"N      28d33'00"E
7.950000   27.680000   7d57'00"N      27d40'48"E
8.890000   27.480000   8d53'24"N      27d28'48"E
5.904550   30.290910   5d54'16.38"N   30d17'27.28"E
8.896609   33.347480   8d53'47.79"N   33d20'50.93"E
9.033333   25.233333   9d01'60"N      25d13'60"E
4.540000   32.100000   4d32'24"N      32d06'00"E
5.633333   33.900000   5d37'60"N      33d53'60"E
4.270000   33.080000   4d16'12"N      33d04'48"E
3.950000   30.470000   3d57'00"N      30d28'12"E
8.604830   28.390000   8d36'17.39"N   28d23'24"E
8.604833   29.990500   8d36'17.4"N    29d59'25.8"E
4.400000   33.516667   4d24'00"N      33d31'00"E
9.183333   29.366667   9d10'60"N      29d22'00"E
4.420833   32.061389   4d25'15"N      32d03'41"E
4.260000   31.010000   4d15'36"N      31d00'36"E
9.887652   32.116637   9d53'15.55"N   32d06'59.89"E
5.240000   30.220000   5d14'24"N      30d13'12"E
7.916667   29.050000   7d55'00"N      29d03'00"E
4.090910   30.565450   4d05'27.28"N   30d33'55.62"E
7.630000   31.430000   7d37'48"N      31d25'48"E
6.320000   31.670000   6d19'12"N      31d40'12"E
7.810000   28.670000   7d48'36"N      28d40'12"E
6.116667   29.533333   6d07'00"N      29d31'60"E
4.460000   32.160000   4d27'36"N      32d09'36"E
7.450000   30.430000   7d27'00"N      30d25'48"E
9.320000   31.890000   9d19'12"N      31d53'24"E
4.514167   33.963889   4d30'51"N      33d57'50"E
8.600000   33.680000   8d35'60"N      33d40'48"E
4.710000   35.729090   4d42'36"N      35d43'44.72"E
7.580000   26.270000   7d34'48"N      26d16'12"E
8.980000   31.770000   8d58'48"N      31d46'12"E
8.900000   31.230000   8d54'00"N      31d13'48"E
4.530000   31.320000   4d31'48"N      31d19'12"E
4.627500   31.248056   4d37'39"N      31d14'53"E
4.568611   33.284167   4d34'07"N      33d17'03"E
5.450000   34.966667   5d27'00"N      34d58'00"E
8.810000   30.700000   8d48'36"N      30d41'60"E
6.619330   34.400000   6d37'09.59"N   34d23'60"E
6.619330   31.516830   6d37'09.59"N   31d31'00.59"E
6.112325   31.697863   6d06'44.37"N   31d41'52.31"E
5.283333   34.533333   5d16'60"N      34d31'60"E
8.400000   26.100000   8d24'00"N      26d06'00"E
4.653611   33.237778   4d39'13"N      33d14'16"E
3.883333   30.850000   3d52'60"N      30d51'00"E
9.120000   31.830000   9d07'12"N      31d49'48"E
9.820000   32.210000   9d49'12"N      32d12'36"E
4.720000   31.610000   4d43'12"N      31d36'36"E
7.050000   31.683333   7d02'60"N      31d40'60"E
4.420000   31.040000   4d25'12"N      31d02'24"E
6.333333   26.716667   6d19'60"N      26d43'00"E
7.140000   28.630000   7d08'24"N      28d37'48"E
8.510000   27.580000   8d30'36"N      27d34'48"E
 6.650000   30.990000   6d39'00"N       30d59'24"E
 6.040000   31.360000   6d02'24"N       31d21'36"E
 3.983333   33.566667   3d58'60"N       33d34'00"E
 4.241667   33.657222   4d14'30"N       33d39'26"E
 6.100000   30.070000   6d05'60"N       30d04'12"E
 7.880000   27.670000   7d52'48"N       27d40'12"E
 9.850000   30.040000   9d50'60"N       30d02'24"E
 7.440000   32.780000   7d26'24"N       32d46'48"E
 4.916667   35.466667   4d55'00"N       35d28'00"E
 7.833333   29.283333   7d49'60"N       29d16'60"E
 7.159370   31.345956   7d09'33.73"N    31d20'45.44"E
 7.141170   26.852500   7d08'28.21"N    26d51'09"E
 9.300000   31.400000   9d18'00"N       31d23'60"E
10.250000   32.270000   10d15'00"N      32d16'12"E
 9.260000   29.560000   9d15'36"N       29d33'36"E
 4.051944   32.899167   4d03'07"N       32d53'57"E
 3.939722   30.661111   3d56'23"N       30d39'40"E
 8.780000   30.690000   8d46'48"N       30d41'24"E
 6.480000   29.790000   6d28'48"N       29d47'24"E
 4.150000   30.960000   4d09'00"N       30d57'36"E
10.790000   32.580000   10d47'24"N      32d34'48"E
 8.700000   31.250000   8d41'60"N       31d15'00"E
 6.120000   29.920000   6d07'12"N       29d55'12"E
 5.650000   30.390000   5d39'00"N       30d23'24"E
 5.390000   30.130000   5d23'24"N       30d07'48"E
 5.660000   30.190000   5d39'36"N       30d11'24"E
 4.209722   33.634167   4d12'35"N       33d38'03"E
 8.050000   33.050000   8d03'00"N       33d02'60"E
 4.760000   33.600000   4d45'36"N       33d36'00"E
 3.900000   30.681111   3d53'60"N       30d40'52"E
 6.300000   29.804550   6d17'60"N       29d48'16.38"E
 6.696389   30.518333   6d41'47"N       30d31'06"E
 4.101667   31.045000   4d06'06"N       31d02'42"E
 9.030000   32.420000   9d01'48"N       32d25'12"E
 7.860000   28.160000   7d51'36"N       28d09'36"E
 4.130000   30.590000   4d07'48"N       30d35'24"E
 4.238611   33.602222   4d14'19"N       33d36'08"E
 4.270000   31.405278   4d16'12"N       31d24'19"E
 4.028056   32.198333   4d01'41"N       32d11'54"E
 3.880000   31.600000   3d52'48"N       31d36'00"E
10.528180   33.380910   10d31'41.45"N   33d22'51.28"E
 4.305833   33.022222   4d18'21"N       33d01'20"E
 9.120000   28.290000   9d07'12"N       28d17'24"E
 8.457132   24.937621   8d27'25.68"N    24d56'15.43"E
 4.320833   33.340556   4d19'15"N       33d20'26"E
 9.090000   30.660000   9d05'24"N       30d39'36"E
 8.470000   30.100000   8d28'12"N       30d06'00"E
 8.160000   30.100000   8d09'36"N       30d06'00"E
 9.420000   30.970000   9d25'12"N       30d58'12"E
 4.530000   31.000000   4d31'48"N       31d00'00"E
 5.333333   34.550000   5d19'60"N       34d32'60"E
 7.210000   30.650000   7d12'36"N       30d38'60"E
 5.233333   35.416667   5d13'60"N       35d25'00"E
 4.134444   33.770833   4d08'04"N       33d46'15"E
 8.283333   33.166667   8d16'60"N       33d10'00"E
 5.250000   30.210000   5d14'60"N       30d12'36"E
 4.218611   32.797222   4d13'07"N       32d47'50"E
 4.725278   33.195556   4d43'31"N       33d11'44"E
 7.316667   32.750000   7d19'00"N       32d45'00"E
 4.630278   31.858611   4d37'49"N       31d51'31"E
 4.853889   33.828056   4d51'14"N       33d49'41"E
 4.310000   33.650000   4d18'36"N       33d38'60"E
 4.219167   30.654167   4d13'09"N       30d39'15"E
 5.372730   29.627270   5d22'21.83"N    29d37'38.17"E
 5.527270   29.900910   5d31'38.17"N    29d54'03.28"E
 6.600000   27.950000   6d35'60"N       27d56'60"E
 4.978180   30.645450   4d58'41.45"N    30d38'43.62"E
 8.500000   24.833333   8d30'00"N       24d49'60"E
 5.380000   29.540000   5d22'48"N       29d32'24"E
 6.850000   34.440000   6d50'60"N       34d26'24"E
 8.950000   27.735000   8d56'60"N       27d44'06"E
 7.506828   28.303310   7d30'24.58"N    28d18'11.91"E
 8.285000   27.976170   8d17'06"N       27d58'34.21"E
 8.830000   30.690000   8d49'48"N       30d41'24"E
 4.825450   29.545450   4d49'31.62"N    29d32'43.62"E
 9.010000   31.910000   9d00'36"N       31d54'36"E
 4.547500   31.676944   4d32'51"N       31d40'37"E
 8.480000   25.510000   8d28'48"N       25d30'36"E
 7.530000   28.080000   7d31'48"N       28d04'48"E
10.550000   33.320000   10d33'00"N      33d19'12"E
 3.794444   30.887222   3d47'40"N       30d53'14"E
 9.120000   30.770000   9d07'12"N       30d46'12"E
 9.116000   30.190830   9d06'57.6"N     30d11'26.99"E
 9.272002   30.827995   9d16'19.21"N    30d49'40.78"E
 8.945670   31.766670   8d56'44.41"N    31d46'00.01"E
 8.945667   29.732000   8d56'44.4"N     29d43'55.2"E
 4.560833   33.306389   4d33'39"N       33d18'23"E
 4.065556   33.322222   4d03'56"N       33d19'20"E
 4.453611   31.915556   4d27'13"N       31d54'56"E
 6.230000   31.700000   6d13'48"N       31d41'60"E
 3.950000   31.710000   3d57'00"N       31d42'36"E
 9.330000   30.890000   9d19'48"N       30d53'24"E
 4.580000   31.600000   4d34'48"N       31d36'00"E
 4.621389   31.658333   4d37'17"N       31d39'30"E
 5.880000   31.670000   5d52'48"N       31d40'12"E
 4.495556   31.145278   4d29'44"N       31d08'43"E
 9.300000   33.760000   9d18'00"N       33d45'36"E
 9.157800   31.369000   9d09'28.08"N    31d22'08.4"E
 9.163000   28.448190   9d09'46.8"N     28d26'53.48"E
 8.389427   30.638463   8d23'21.94"N    30d38'18.47"E
 5.890000   31.660000   5d53'24"N       31d39'36"E
 4.429167   32.209722   4d25'45"N       32d12'35"E
 7.290000   30.490000   7d17'24"N       30d29'24"E
 6.233333   27.100000   6d13'60"N       27d06'00"E
 6.198180   29.870910   6d11'53.45"N    29d52'15.28"E
 5.740000   30.090000   5d44'24"N       30d05'24"E
 3.810000   31.530000   3d48'36"N       31d31'48"E
 4.224167   33.435278   4d13'27"N       33d26'07"E
 5.715556   31.066667   5d42'56"N       31d04'00"E
 5.510000   31.290000   5d30'36"N       31d17'24"E
 6.516667   27.916667   6d31'00"N       27d55'00"E
10.279090   32.284550   10d16'44.72"N   32d17'04.38"E
 4.170000   31.000000   4d10'12"N       31d00'00"E
 6.466667   28.800000   6d28'00"N       28d48'00"E
 4.580910   30.034550   4d34'51.28"N    30d02'04.38"E
10.130000   33.260000   10d07'48"N      33d15'36"E
 7.950000   28.940000   7d57'00"N       28d56'24"E
 8.750000   31.933333   8d45'00"N       31d55'60"E
 4.040000   31.590000   4d02'24"N       31d35'24"E
 9.190000   30.930000   9d11'24"N       30d55'48"E
 8.276330   33.157330   8d16'34.79"N    33d09'26.39"E
 8.276330   31.516830   8d16'34.79"N    31d31'00.59"E
 8.310000   32.920000   8d18'36"N       32d55'12"E
 3.900000   31.560000   3d53'60"N       31d33'36"E
 3.944722   30.842778   3d56'41"N       30d50'34"E
 6.890000   29.340000   6d53'24"N       29d20'24"E
 7.180000   28.220000   7d10'48"N       28d13'12"E
 8.377330   32.870500   8d22'38.39"N    32d52'13.8"E
 6.420000   30.040000   6d25'12"N       30d02'24"E
 8.683333   32.016667   8d40'60"N       32d01'00"E
 5.540000   31.820000   5d32'24"N       31d49'12"E
 7.711910   26.519042   7d42'42.88"N    26d31'08.55"E
 6.770000   29.760000   6d46'12"N       29d45'36"E
 9.280000   33.740000   9d16'48"N       33d44'24"E
 9.210000   33.980000   9d12'36"N       33d58'48"E
 5.116667   32.416667   5d07'00"N       32d25'00"E
 8.733333   26.166667   8d43'60"N       26d10'00"E
 6.066667   28.366667   6d04'00"N       28d22'00"E
 8.180000   30.150000   8d10'48"N       30d08'60"E
 7.160000   30.380000   7d09'36"N       30d22'48"E
 4.800000   29.133333   4d47'60"N       29d07'60"E
 6.800000   33.160000   6d47'60"N       33d09'36"E
10.710000   32.340000   10d42'36"N      32d20'24"E
 8.180000   30.870000   8d10'48"N       30d52'12"E
 8.310439   27.998128   8d18'37.58"N    27d59'53.26"E
 8.116667   31.516667   8d07'00"N       31d31'00"E
 8.990000   29.900000   8d59'24"N       29d53'60"E
 6.866667   30.366667   6d52'00"N       30d22'00"E
 8.446360   28.647270   8d26'46.9"N     28d38'50.17"E
 8.380000   32.840000   8d22'48"N       32d50'24"E
 8.952760   32.579997   8d57'09.94"N    32d34'47.99"E
 8.033333   32.650000   8d01'60"N       32d38'60"E
 6.180000   31.810000   6d10'48"N       31d48'36"E
 4.783333   34.266667   4d46'60"N       34d16'00"E
 9.310000   31.580000   9d18'36"N       31d34'48"E
 6.110000   31.200000   6d06'36"N       31d11'60"E
 9.110000   27.230000   9d06'36"N       27d13'48"E
 8.634297   33.053605   8d38'03.47"N    33d03'12.98"E
 9.033333   33.816667   9d01'60"N       33d49'00"E
 7.300000   29.700000   7d17'60"N       29d41'60"E
 7.270000   34.020000   7d16'12"N       34d01'12"E
 9.020000   28.250000   9d01'12"N       28d15'00"E
 4.610000   31.360000   4d36'36"N       31d21'36"E
 8.650000   33.120000   8d39'00"N       33d07'12"E
 6.840000   31.080000   6d50'24"N       31d04'48"E
 7.770000   31.320000   7d46'12"N       31d19'12"E
 6.850000   31.030000   6d50'60"N       31d01'48"E
 8.560000   31.120000   8d33'36"N       31d07'12"E
 6.216667   30.333333   6d13'00"N      30d19'60"E
 6.670000   29.840000   6d40'12"N      29d50'24"E
 8.440000   28.590000   8d26'24"N      28d35'24"E
 7.010000   29.790000   7d00'36"N      29d47'24"E
 8.500000   32.010000   8d30'00"N      32d00'36"E
 9.030000   30.740000   9d01'48"N      30d44'24"E
 9.320000   31.260000   9d19'12"N      31d15'36"E
 9.150000   31.840000   9d09'00"N      31d50'24"E
 8.590000   29.980000   8d35'24"N      29d58'48"E
 9.280000   33.760000   9d16'48"N      33d45'36"E
 7.666667   31.933333   7d40'00"N      31d55'60"E
 7.220000   30.120000   7d13'12"N      30d07'12"E
10.140000   32.620000   10d08'24"N     32d37'12"E
 9.435278   30.821944   9d26'07"N      30d49'19"E
 9.410000   30.800000   9d24'36"N      30d48'00"E
 7.750000   27.990000   7d45'00"N      27d59'24"E
 8.133333   31.683333   8d07'60"N      31d40'60"E
 9.540000   31.610000   9d32'24"N      31d36'36"E
 8.133333   31.283333   8d07'60"N      31d16'60"E
 9.170000   30.760000   9d10'12"N      30d45'36"E
 8.870000   28.310000   8d52'12"N      28d18'36"E
 7.560000   28.110000   7d33'36"N      28d06'36"E
 8.880000   33.730000   8d52'48"N      33d43'48"E
 9.290000   30.710000   9d17'24"N      30d42'36"E
 5.350000   31.810000   5d20'60"N      31d48'36"E
 7.880000   27.870000   7d52'48"N      27d52'12"E
 3.894722   30.814722   3d53'41"N      30d48'53"E
 7.790000   26.150000   7d47'24"N      26d08'60"E
 8.700000   27.400000   8d41'60"N      27d23'60"E
 4.430000   32.650000   4d25'48"N      32d38'60"E
 4.134722   31.067778   4d08'05"N      31d04'04"E
 4.268611   33.148333   4d16'07"N      33d08'54"E
 3.793170   32.728170   3d47'35.41"N   32d43'41.41"E
 3.816667   32.766667   3d49'00"N      32d46'00"E
 4.110000   32.810000   4d06'36"N      32d48'36"E
 8.060000   29.480000   8d03'36"N      29d28'48"E
 8.630000   26.050000   8d37'48"N      26d03'00"E
 8.300000   30.660000   8d18'00"N      30d39'36"E
 9.400000   30.950000   9d24'00"N      30d56'60"E
 5.081820   34.313640   5d04'54.55"N   34d18'49.1"E
 5.030000   31.680000   5d01'48"N      31d40'48"E
 5.130000   31.730000   5d07'48"N      31d43'48"E
 4.700000   32.716667   4d42'00"N      32d43'00"E
 5.033333   32.466667   5d01'60"N      32d28'00"E
 4.593889   31.838056   4d35'38"N      31d50'17"E
 4.521389   31.514722   4d31'17"N      31d30'53"E
 4.300000   31.950000   4d17'60"N      31d56'60"E
 3.840000   30.770000   3d50'24"N      30d46'12"E
 4.350000   31.080000   4d20'60"N      31d04'48"E
 9.100000   32.200000   9d05'60"N      32d12'00"E
 8.016667   32.833333   8d01'00"N      32d49'60"E
 5.665450   30.440910   5d39'55.62"N   30d26'27.28"E
 6.990000   33.020000   6d59'24"N      33d01'12"E
 8.700000   29.316667   8d41'60"N      29d19'00"E
 6.433333   30.583333   6d25'60"N      30d34'60"E
 8.800000   28.550000   8d48'00"N      28d33'00"E
 8.900000   28.616667   8d54'00"N      28d37'00"E
 6.203889   31.303333   6d12'14"N      31d18'12"E
 6.343333   31.434444   6d20'36"N      31d26'04"E
 8.750000   28.516667   8d45'00"N      28d31'00"E
 8.950000   28.100000   8d56'60"N      28d06'00"E
 9.450000   28.800000   9d26'60"N      28d48'00"E
 7.351389   30.530556   7d21'05"N      30d31'50"E
 8.816667   28.600000   8d49'00"N      28d36'00"E
 7.916667   28.583333   7d55'00"N      28d34'60"E
 6.337778   31.381667   6d20'16"N      31d22'54"E
 6.462500   31.392500   6d27'45"N      31d23'33"E
 6.883333   30.250000   6d52'60"N      30d15'00"E
 7.433333   30.566667   7d25'60"N      30d34'00"E
 6.116667   30.200000   6d07'00"N      30d11'60"E
 6.179444   31.306111   6d10'46"N      31d18'22"E
 6.494167   31.351111   6d29'39"N      31d21'04"E
 8.983333   29.350000   8d58'60"N      29d21'00"E
 6.285000   31.296944   6d17'06"N      31d17'49"E
 9.050000   27.933333   9d03'00"N      27d55'60"E
 6.574722   30.496944   6d34'29"N      30d29'49"E
 4.040000   30.190000   4d02'24"N      30d11'24"E
 3.916667   31.400000   3d55'00"N      31d23'60"E
 4.050000   31.620000   4d02'60"N      31d37'12"E
 4.610000   31.910000   4d36'36"N      31d54'36"E
 4.109167   30.906667   4d06'33"N      30d54'24"E
 3.900000   32.750000   3d53'60"N      32d45'00"E
 4.580000   32.890000   4d34'48"N      32d53'24"E
 4.161389   33.620278   4d09'41"N      33d37'13"E
4.280000   31.040000   4d16'48"N      31d02'24"E
9.078056   31.246389   9d04'41"N      31d14'47"E
3.760000   30.900000   3d45'36"N      30d53'60"E
4.040000   32.470000   4d02'24"N      32d28'12"E
9.240000   33.810000   9d14'24"N      33d48'36"E
5.566667   30.983333   5d34'00"N      30d58'60"E
3.816667   32.900000   3d49'00"N      32d53'60"E
7.000000   27.950000   7d00'00"N      27d56'60"E
5.138180   30.383640   5d08'17.45"N   30d23'01.1"E
7.211389   30.190556   7d12'41"N      30d11'26"E
6.666667   30.066667   6d40'00"N      30d04'00"E
6.310000   31.330000   6d18'36"N      31d19'48"E
6.623053   30.986862   6d37'22.99"N   30d59'12.7"E
9.110000   31.700000   9d06'36"N      31d41'60"E
7.633333   31.916667   7d37'60"N      31d55'00"E
4.562222   32.052778   4d33'44"N      32d03'10"E
3.730000   30.850000   3d43'48"N      30d51'00"E
4.230000   30.960000   4d13'48"N      30d57'36"E
5.038180   29.745450   5d02'17.45"N   29d44'43.62"E
4.600000   32.700000   4d35'60"N      32d42'00"E
6.666667   30.166667   6d40'00"N      30d10'00"E
3.933333   33.050000   3d55'60"N      33d02'60"E
3.890000   31.720000   3d53'24"N      31d43'12"E
8.573000   28.906330   8d34'22.8"N    28d54'22.79"E
8.573000   33.433330   8d34'22.8"N    33d25'59.99"E
8.710000   33.730000   8d42'36"N      33d43'48"E
5.520000   31.500000   5d31'12"N      31d30'00"E
5.530000   31.260000   5d31'48"N      31d15'36"E
3.900000   33.383333   3d53'60"N      33d22'60"E
5.110910   29.930000   5d06'39.28"N   29d55'48"E
5.860000   30.440000   5d51'36"N      30d26'24"E
8.488951   32.052030   8d29'20.22"N   32d03'07.31"E
4.583333   30.016667   4d34'60"N      30d01'00"E
5.230000   30.520000   5d13'48"N      30d31'12"E
5.154550   30.813640   5d09'16.38"N   30d48'49.1"E
3.955278   30.968056   3d57'19"N      30d58'05"E
4.200000   33.630000   4d12'00"N      33d37'48"E
3.866667   31.733333   3d52'00"N      31d43'60"E
6.330000   30.060000   6d19'48"N      30d03'36"E
4.060000   33.210000   4d03'36"N      33d12'36"E
4.634550   33.299090   4d38'04.38"N   33d17'56.72"E
6.660000   29.790000   6d39'36"N      29d47'24"E
3.940000   30.450000   3d56'24"N      30d26'60"E
3.946662   30.464753   3d56'47.98"N   30d27'53.11"E
4.120000   30.770000   4d07'12"N      30d46'12"E
3.900000   32.933333   3d53'60"N      32d55'60"E
8.800000   33.666667   8d48'00"N      33d40'00"E
9.170000   25.710000   9d10'12"N      25d42'36"E
4.650000   32.550000   4d39'00"N      32d32'60"E
4.240000   30.670000   4d14'24"N      30d40'12"E
5.133333   35.233333   5d07'60"N      35d13'60"E
8.383333   32.133333   8d22'60"N      32d07'60"E
8.890000   30.690000   8d53'24"N      30d41'24"E
6.440000   29.670000   6d26'24"N      29d40'12"E
4.425450   33.643640   4d25'31.62"N   33d38'37.1"E
4.453333   33.681111   4d27'12"N      33d40'52"E
6.700504   32.966032   6d42'01.81"N   32d57'57.72"E
8.350000   30.650000   8d20'60"N      30d38'60"E
3.840000   30.780000   3d50'24"N      30d46'48"E
4.294574   31.035272   4d17'40.47"N   31d02'06.98"E
6.140000   31.300000   6d08'24"N      31d18'00"E
9.890000   30.070000   9d53'24"N      30d04'12"E
4.348056   33.344167   4d20'53"N      33d20'39"E
9.970000   25.850000   9d58'12"N      25d51'00"E
8.083520   29.041850   8d05'00.67"N   29d02'30.66"E
8.293580   30.132610   8d17'36.89"N   30d07'57.4"E
4.652500   31.646111   4d39'09"N      31d38'46"E
4.277500   33.367500   4d16'39"N      33d22'03"E
5.310000   31.810000   5d18'36"N      31d48'36"E
7.120000   33.860000   7d07'12"N      33d51'36"E
9.200000   29.650000   9d11'60"N      29d38'60"E
6.530000   29.930000   6d31'48"N      29d55'48"E
9.166667   29.750000   9d10'00"N      29d45'00"E
4.766667   31.233333   4d46'00"N      31d13'60"E
3.810000   31.650000   3d48'36"N      31d38'60"E
6.783333   28.033333   6d46'60"N      28d01'60"E
4.940000   32.260000   4d56'24"N      32d15'36"E
9.630000   30.380000   9d37'48"N      30d22'48"E
4.140000   32.880000   4d08'24"N      32d52'48"E
4.125000   33.209167   4d07'30"N      33d12'33"E
4.080000   33.240000   4d04'48"N      33d14'24"E
4.631389   31.905000   4d37'53"N      31d54'18"E
9.250000   30.700000   9d15'00"N      30d41'60"E
8.950000   33.766667   8d56'60"N      33d46'00"E
 3.980000   32.570000   3d58'48"N      32d34'12"E
 4.878889   33.474722   4d52'44"N      33d28'29"E
 3.883333   32.550000   3d52'60"N      32d32'60"E
 5.870000   30.310000   5d52'12"N      30d18'36"E
 4.144722   33.225833   4d08'41"N      33d13'33"E
 8.870000   30.710000   8d52'12"N      30d42'36"E
 4.140000   32.820000   4d08'24"N      32d49'12"E
 4.730000   28.350000   4d43'48"N      28d21'00"E
 9.870000   33.650000   9d52'12"N      33d38'60"E
 3.933333   30.350000   3d55'60"N      30d21'00"E
 4.160000   30.850000   4d09'36"N      30d51'00"E
 4.659722   33.924167   4d39'35"N      33d55'27"E
 6.720000   33.110000   6d43'12"N      33d06'36"E
 7.783333   32.083333   7d46'60"N      32d04'60"E
 8.237778   30.830000   8d14'16"N      30d49'48"E
 7.950000   28.950000   7d57'00"N      28d56'60"E
 6.920000   34.460000   6d55'12"N      34d27'36"E
 3.710000   30.620000   3d42'36"N      30d37'12"E
 9.960000   30.190000   9d57'36"N      30d11'24"E
 7.105556   29.324722   7d06'20"N      29d19'29"E
 8.680000   30.710000   8d40'48"N      30d42'36"E
 8.510000   30.170000   8d30'36"N      30d10'12"E
 8.400000   28.190000   8d24'00"N      28d11'24"E
 6.710000   30.510000   6d42'36"N      30d30'36"E
 8.598000   28.473833   8d35'52.8"N    28d28'25.8"E
 9.490000   30.280000   9d29'24"N      30d16'48"E
 4.281667   32.194444   4d16'54"N      32d11'40"E
 4.310000   30.070000   4d18'36"N      30d04'12"E
 8.896670   27.923180   8d53'48.01"N   27d55'23.45"E
 8.910000   28.410000   8d54'36"N      28d24'36"E
 8.908000   27.354170   8d54'28.8"N    27d21'15.01"E
 8.913330   28.420610   8d54'47.99"N   28d25'14.2"E
 9.620000   32.180000   9d37'12"N      32d10'48"E
 5.590000   30.430000   5d35'24"N      30d25'48"E
 4.680000   31.690000   4d40'48"N      31d41'24"E
 7.049000   33.004333   7d02'56.4"N    33d00'15.6"E
 9.060000   30.680000   9d03'36"N      30d40'48"E
 4.683333   32.900000   4d40'60"N      32d53'60"E
 5.083333   34.466667   5d04'60"N      34d28'00"E
10.000000   29.970000   10d00'00"N     29d58'12"E
 3.883333   31.216667   3d52'60"N      31d13'00"E
 6.600000   31.500000   6d35'60"N      31d30'00"E
 8.896670   28.352830   8d53'48.01"N   28d21'10.19"E
 4.150000   31.010000   4d09'00"N      31d00'36"E
 6.693333   31.221667   6d41'36"N      31d13'18"E
 4.158945   30.837776   4d09'32.2"N    30d50'15.99"E
 3.890000   30.730000   3d53'24"N      30d43'48"E
 4.600000   28.466667   4d35'60"N      28d28'00"E
 8.480000   31.960000   8d28'48"N      31d57'36"E
 4.096360   31.148180   4d05'46.9"N    31d08'53.45"E
 5.890000   30.140000   5d53'24"N      30d08'24"E
 9.880000   30.170000   9d52'48"N      30d10'12"E
 5.480000   31.430000   5d28'48"N      31d25'48"E
 7.950000   32.316667   7d57'00"N      32d19'00"E
 4.742504   28.346829   4d44'33.01"N   28d20'48.58"E
 3.948180   31.580910   3d56'53.45"N   31d34'51.28"E
 4.650207   32.089460   4d39'00.74"N   32d05'22.06"E
 8.800000   30.680000   8d48'00"N      30d40'48"E
 7.110000   30.360000   7d06'36"N      30d21'36"E
 3.890000   31.490000   3d53'24"N      31d29'24"E
 3.781820   31.454550   3d46'54.55"N   31d27'16.38"E
 4.920000   35.690000   4d55'12"N      35d41'24"E
 7.800000   28.490000   7d47'60"N      28d29'24"E
 3.790000   31.950000   3d47'24"N      31d56'60"E
 4.510000   31.280000   4d30'36"N      31d16'48"E
 4.450556   33.021944   4d27'02"N      33d01'19"E
 4.250000   33.200000   4d15'00"N      33d12'00"E
 4.170000   32.850000   4d10'12"N      32d51'00"E
 4.403611   32.450556   4d24'13"N      32d27'02"E
 4.193056   32.755000   4d11'35"N      32d45'18"E
 4.300000   33.690000   4d17'60"N      33d41'24"E
 3.933333   33.450000   3d55'60"N      33d27'00"E
 6.783333   33.150000   6d46'60"N      33d08'60"E
 4.391932   33.060874   4d23'30.96"N   33d03'39.14"E
 4.340000   33.350000   4d20'24"N      33d21'00"E
 4.916667   35.166667   4d55'00"N      35d10'00"E
 3.809942   32.755649   3d48'35.79"N   32d45'20.34"E
 4.750000   35.133333   4d45'00"N      35d07'60"E
 4.320000   31.635450   4d19'12"N      31d38'07.62"E
 4.404722   33.528056   4d24'17"N      33d31'41"E
 4.508611   31.907222   4d30'31"N      31d54'26"E
 4.057500   32.960278   4d03'27"N      32d57'37"E
 4.332500   32.406944   4d19'57"N      32d24'25"E
 4.398056   33.441111   4d23'53"N      33d26'28"E
 4.020000   31.510000   4d01'12"N      31d30'36"E
 4.340000   33.320000   4d20'24"N      33d19'12"E
 4.360000   33.640000   4d21'36"N      33d38'24"E
 5.950000   34.166667   5d57'00"N      34d10'00"E
 4.361111   33.501389   4d21'40"N      33d30'05"E
 6.750000   32.600000   6d45'00"N      32d36'00"E
 4.683333   35.583333   4d40'60"N      35d34'60"E
 3.850000   33.420000   3d51'00"N      33d25'12"E
 4.570000   30.980000   4d34'12"N      30d58'48"E
 4.990000   33.340000   4d59'24"N      33d20'24"E
 5.510000   31.390000   5d30'36"N      31d23'24"E
 4.183889   33.629444   4d11'02"N      33d37'46"E
 5.082730   34.677270   5d04'57.83"N   34d40'38.17"E
 4.186667   32.354722   4d11'12"N      32d21'17"E
 4.239444   32.989444   4d14'22"N      32d59'22"E
 3.801588   33.426716   3d48'05.72"N   33d25'36.18"E
 4.090000   31.210000   4d05'24"N      31d12'36"E
 4.221944   33.575278   4d13'19"N      33d34'31"E
 5.083333   33.783333   5d04'60"N      33d46'60"E
 4.222778   33.313056   4d13'22"N      33d18'47"E
 4.290000   33.440000   4d17'24"N      33d26'24"E
 4.300000   33.130000   4d17'60"N      33d07'48"E
 4.279167   33.065278   4d16'45"N      33d03'55"E
 4.230000   32.760000   4d13'48"N      32d45'36"E
 4.710000   33.240000   4d42'36"N      33d14'24"E
 5.040000   31.740000   5d02'24"N      31d44'24"E
 4.140000   30.550000   4d08'24"N      30d33'00"E
 6.033333   34.883333   6d01'60"N      34d53'00"E
 3.866667   32.883333   3d52'00"N      32d52'60"E
 3.970000   33.070000   3d58'12"N      33d04'12"E
 4.237500   32.748889   4d14'15"N      32d44'56"E
 4.098611   32.527778   4d05'55"N      32d31'40"E
 3.866667   32.400000   3d52'00"N      32d23'60"E
 4.251944   32.493889   4d15'07"N      32d29'38"E
 5.428625   31.584927   5d25'43.05"N   31d35'05.74"E
 4.323056   32.489444   4d19'23"N      32d29'22"E
 3.816667   30.883333   3d49'00"N      30d52'60"E
 4.300833   32.364444   4d18'03"N      32d21'52"E
 4.227778   32.409444   4d13'40"N      32d24'34"E
 4.251944   33.180556   4d15'07"N      33d10'50"E
 4.211111   32.370833   4d12'40"N      32d22'15"E
 4.276111   33.021389   4d16'34"N      33d01'17"E
 4.240000   32.980000   4d14'24"N      32d58'48"E
 3.830000   31.600000   3d49'48"N      31d36'00"E
 3.835833   30.873611   3d50'09"N      30d52'25"E
 4.108913   32.723165   4d06'32.09"N   32d43'23.39"E
 4.381667   32.935000   4d22'54"N      32d56'06"E
 4.660000   32.860000   4d39'36"N      32d51'36"E
 5.193640   34.700000   5d11'37.1"N    34d42'00"E
 8.160000   32.210000   8d09'36"N      32d12'36"E
 9.050000   32.410000   9d03'00"N      32d24'36"E
 3.790000   30.790000   3d47'24"N      30d47'24"E
 4.070000   33.280000   4d04'12"N      33d16'48"E
 4.683333   35.450000   4d40'60"N      35d27'00"E
 4.727778   33.251111   4d43'40"N      33d15'04"E
 7.900000   28.170000   7d54'00"N      28d10'12"E
10.250000   32.280000   10d15'00"N     32d16'48"E
 4.270000   31.010000   4d16'12"N      31d00'36"E
 4.240000   31.000000   4d14'24"N      31d00'00"E
 4.254753   30.991891   4d15'17.11"N   30d59'30.81"E
 3.580000   32.190000   3d34'48"N      32d11'24"E
 4.750000   33.780000   4d45'00"N      33d46'48"E
 4.199444   32.826944   4d11'58"N      32d49'37"E
 4.916667   35.316667   4d55'00"N      35d19'00"E
 4.220000   33.670278   4d13'12"N      33d40'13"E
 5.290000   33.380000   5d17'24"N      33d22'48"E
 4.776389   33.746111   4d46'35"N      33d44'46"E
 4.110000   33.180000   4d06'36"N      33d10'48"E
 4.550000   32.220000   4d32'60"N      32d13'12"E
 3.890000   33.160000   3d53'24"N      33d09'36"E
 4.545450   31.968180   4d32'43.62"N   31d58'05.45"E
 3.783333   33.483333   3d46'60"N      33d28'60"E
 4.850000   35.383333   4d50'60"N      35d22'60"E
 4.220000   30.550000   4d13'12"N      30d33'00"E
 5.366667   34.133333   5d22'00"N      34d07'60"E
 4.783333   32.100000   4d46'60"N      32d06'00"E
 4.830000   30.960000   4d49'48"N      30d57'36"E
 4.351944   33.567500   4d21'07"N      33d34'03"E
 4.719090   35.510910   4d43'08.72"N   35d30'39.28"E
 3.900000   33.066667   3d53'60"N      33d04'00"E
 4.385000   30.972222   4d23'06"N      30d58'20"E
 4.733333   31.316667   4d43'60"N      31d19'00"E
 4.898180   30.529090   4d53'53.45"N   30d31'44.72"E
 5.050000   33.830000   5d02'60"N      33d49'48"E
4.317270   31.054550   4d19'02.17"N   31d03'16.38"E
4.750000   31.316667   4d45'00"N      31d19'00"E
4.280000   33.130000   4d16'48"N      33d07'48"E
4.850000   33.460000   4d50'60"N      33d27'36"E
4.357500   33.723056   4d21'27"N      33d43'23"E
4.666667   35.216667   4d40'00"N      35d13'00"E
4.370000   33.710000   4d22'12"N      33d42'36"E
4.950000   35.250000   4d57'00"N      35d15'00"E
4.100000   33.100000   4d05'60"N      33d06'00"E
6.437632   29.614130   6d26'15.47"N   29d36'50.87"E
4.562500   33.893889   4d33'45"N      33d53'38"E
7.566667   29.166667   7d34'00"N      29d10'00"E
7.566667   29.033333   7d34'00"N      29d01'60"E
4.850000   33.520000   4d50'60"N      33d31'12"E
4.350000   32.920000   4d20'60"N      32d55'12"E
3.916667   32.866667   3d55'00"N      32d52'00"E
4.599090   33.994550   4d35'56.72"N   33d59'40.38"E
4.161944   33.218333   4d09'43"N      33d13'06"E
4.114444   33.154444   4d06'52"N      33d09'16"E
4.717443   31.581087   4d43'02.79"N   31d34'51.91"E
3.800000   31.650000   3d47'60"N      31d38'60"E
3.866667   33.283333   3d52'00"N      33d16'60"E
5.400000   34.666667   5d24'00"N      34d40'00"E
3.880000   32.720000   3d52'48"N      32d43'12"E
3.950000   32.733333   3d57'00"N      32d43'60"E
4.650000   31.880000   4d39'00"N      31d52'48"E
4.178889   33.387778   4d10'44"N      33d23'16"E
4.316111   32.291389   4d18'58"N      32d17'29"E
4.380000   33.670000   4d22'48"N      33d40'12"E
4.450556   33.314444   4d27'02"N      33d18'52"E
4.570000   31.960000   4d34'12"N      31d57'36"E
4.070000   32.940000   4d04'12"N      32d56'24"E
4.190833   32.827778   4d11'27"N      32d49'40"E
4.356111   32.301111   4d21'22"N      32d18'04"E
4.633333   35.758333   4d38'00"N      35d45'30"E
4.730556   33.554722   4d43'50"N      33d33'17"E
5.450000   33.466667   5d27'00"N      33d28'00"E
4.119167   32.530556   4d07'09"N      32d31'50"E
4.820000   33.170000   4d49'12"N      33d10'12"E
4.890000   33.460000   4d53'24"N      33d27'36"E
4.950000   32.630000   4d57'00"N      32d37'48"E
4.018889   33.526111   4d01'08"N      33d31'34"E
4.167035   30.510362   4d10'01.33"N   30d30'37.3"E
3.950000   33.000000   3d57'00"N      33d00'00"E
4.418611   33.736111   4d25'07"N      33d44'10"E
4.900000   35.550000   4d54'00"N      35d32'60"E
4.816667   35.516667   4d49'00"N      35d31'00"E
5.016667   35.583333   5d01'00"N      35d34'60"E
8.930000   30.970000   8d55'48"N      30d58'12"E
8.800000   26.880000   8d48'00"N      26d52'48"E
8.533295   28.953880   8d31'59.86"N   28d57'13.97"E
4.510245   32.289730   4d30'36.88"N   32d17'23.03"E
4.050000   32.990000   4d02'60"N      32d59'24"E
4.476944   32.257778   4d28'37"N      32d15'28"E
4.770000   33.600000   4d46'12"N      33d36'00"E
3.910000   30.750000   3d54'36"N      30d45'00"E
4.688889   33.219444   4d41'20"N      33d13'10"E
5.060000   29.750000   5d03'36"N      29d45'00"E
4.900000   32.650000   4d54'00"N      32d38'60"E
3.860000   31.590000   3d51'36"N      31d35'24"E
4.899090   32.602730   4d53'56.72"N   32d36'09.83"E
9.150000   32.780000   9d09'00"N      32d46'48"E
6.941170   29.378670   6d56'28.21"N   29d22'43.21"E
6.941170   31.524000   6d56'28.21"N   31d31'26.4"E
9.063670   31.886700   9d03'49.21"N   31d53'12.12"E
4.130000   33.710000   4d07'48"N      33d42'36"E
4.883333   35.333333   4d52'60"N      35d19'60"E
8.980000   30.730000   8d58'48"N      30d43'48"E
8.930000   32.510000   8d55'48"N      32d30'36"E
9.060000   33.430000   9d03'36"N      33d25'48"E
4.411667   33.211111   4d24'42"N      33d12'40"E
4.685556   33.301389   4d41'08"N      33d18'05"E
4.740000   33.580000   4d44'24"N      33d34'48"E
9.050000   33.430000   9d03'00"N      33d25'48"E
9.050000   28.267000   9d03'00"N      28d16'01.2"E
4.805000   33.327778   4d48'18"N      33d19'40"E
4.464167   33.711667   4d27'51"N      33d42'42"E
4.375000   33.311111   4d22'30"N      33d18'40"E
3.820000   33.400000   3d49'12"N      33d23'60"E
4.233333   31.866667   4d13'60"N      31d52'00"E
6.640000   33.710000   6d38'24"N      33d42'36"E
4.262778   32.731111   4d15'46"N      32d43'52"E
4.365278   31.287778   4d21'55"N      31d17'16"E
7.133333   32.633333   7d07'60"N      32d37'60"E
4.150000   32.820000   4d09'00"N      32d49'12"E
3.840000   33.190000   3d50'24"N      33d11'24"E
4.205278   32.610833   4d12'19"N      32d36'39"E
5.283333   33.933333   5d16'60"N      33d55'60"E
5.517617   31.320807   5d31'03.42"N   31d19'14.9"E
4.376944   33.727500   4d22'37"N      33d43'39"E
4.117778   32.850833   4d07'04"N      32d51'03"E
4.633333   35.750000   4d37'60"N      35d45'00"E
4.389722   30.921944   4d23'23"N      30d55'19"E
4.480556   33.672222   4d28'50"N      33d40'20"E
4.240000   33.190000   4d14'24"N      33d11'24"E
5.590000   30.960000   5d35'24"N      30d57'36"E
4.250000   31.000000   4d15'00"N      31d00'00"E
4.816667   35.483333   4d49'00"N      35d28'60"E
4.900000   35.316667   4d54'00"N      35d19'00"E
4.800000   35.500000   4d47'60"N      35d30'00"E
4.144444   32.853056   4d08'40"N      32d51'11"E
4.208333   33.480833   4d12'30"N      33d28'51"E
4.210000   33.530000   4d12'36"N      33d31'48"E
4.223056   33.874167   4d13'23"N      33d52'27"E
4.540000   31.900000   4d32'24"N      31d53'60"E
4.647830   27.976670   4d38'52.19"N   27d58'36.01"E
4.643221   32.643215   4d38'35.59"N   32d38'35.57"E
4.750000   34.916667   4d45'00"N      34d55'00"E
4.683333   35.800000   4d40'60"N      35d47'60"E
7.070000   30.370000   7d04'12"N      30d22'12"E
4.362730   30.217270   4d21'45.83"N   30d13'02.17"E
4.219090   33.854550   4d13'08.72"N   33d51'16.38"E
4.666667   35.800000   4d40'00"N      35d47'60"E
4.950000   35.450000   4d57'00"N      35d27'00"E
4.570000   33.340000   4d34'12"N      33d20'24"E
5.333333   34.350000   5d19'60"N      34d21'00"E
4.408056   32.705000   4d24'29"N      32d42'18"E
4.961944   33.193333   4d57'43"N      33d11'36"E
4.110000   32.920000   4d06'36"N      32d55'12"E
4.377778   31.022778   4d22'40"N      31d01'22"E
5.247270   34.645450   5d14'50.17"N   34d38'43.62"E
4.299722   33.430833   4d17'59"N      33d25'51"E
4.940000   33.730000   4d56'24"N      33d43'48"E
4.220000   32.749167   4d13'12"N      32d44'57"E
3.983333   33.300000   3d58'60"N      33d17'60"E
4.150278   33.715278   4d09'01"N      33d42'55"E
4.172778   33.606944   4d10'22"N      33d36'25"E
6.800000   33.033333   6d47'60"N      33d01'60"E
4.590000   33.990000   4d35'24"N      33d59'24"E
4.200833   33.453333   4d12'03"N      33d27'12"E
4.303889   33.107778   4d18'14"N      33d06'28"E
5.090000   33.860000   5d05'24"N      33d51'36"E
3.933333   33.133333   3d55'60"N      33d07'60"E
6.810000   30.710000   6d48'36"N      30d42'36"E
4.179722   32.598611   4d10'47"N      32d35'55"E
4.121071   33.621785   4d07'15.85"N   33d37'18.42"E
4.633333   35.350000   4d37'60"N      35d21'00"E
4.050000   32.530000   4d02'60"N      32d31'48"E
4.080000   33.709090   4d04'48"N      33d42'32.72"E
4.816667   35.350000   4d49'00"N      35d21'00"E
4.380000   33.410000   4d22'48"N      33d24'36"E
4.010000   33.090000   4d00'36"N      33d05'24"E
4.563640   32.501820   4d33'49.1"N    32d30'06.55"E
4.683333   35.500000   4d40'60"N      35d30'00"E
4.061667   32.797222   4d03'42"N      32d47'50"E
5.983333   33.750000   5d58'60"N      33d45'00"E
4.186667   32.790278   4d11'12"N      32d47'25"E
4.666670   32.166670   4d40'00.01"N   32d10'00.01"E
4.666670   30.034830   4d40'00.01"N   30d02'05.39"E
4.320000   32.410000   4d19'12"N      32d24'36"E
9.650000   32.290000   9d39'00"N      32d17'24"E
4.872730   34.441820   4d52'21.83"N   34d26'30.55"E
4.150000   33.517222   4d09'00"N      33d31'02"E
4.172778   33.576389   4d10'22"N      33d34'35"E
4.794444   33.493056   4d47'40"N      33d29'35"E
3.980000   30.550000   3d58'48"N      30d33'00"E
6.980000   31.390000   6d58'48"N      31d23'24"E
6.190000   30.180000   6d11'24"N      30d10'48"E
8.150000   31.083333   8d09'00"N      31d04'60"E
8.750000   33.050000   8d45'00"N      33d02'60"E
8.760000   33.050000   8d45'36"N      33d02'60"E
6.260000   31.735000   6d15'36"N      31d44'06"E
9.880000   30.220000   9d52'48"N      30d13'12"E
8.530000   33.100000   8d31'48"N      33d06'00"E
6.550000   31.130000   6d32'60"N      31d07'48"E
6.170000   30.290000   6d10'12"N      30d17'24"E
7.690000   28.150000   7d41'24"N      28d08'60"E
5.030000   31.630000   5d01'48"N      31d37'48"E
 6.261000   28.559300   6d15'39.6"N    28d33'33.48"E
 9.170000   30.700000   9d10'12"N      30d41'60"E
 6.530000   30.530000   6d31'48"N      30d31'48"E
 6.582222   30.551111   6d34'56"N      30d33'04"E
 5.080000   31.540000   5d04'48"N      31d32'24"E
 4.010000   30.220000   4d00'36"N      30d13'12"E
 3.810000   33.430000   3d48'36"N      33d25'48"E
 7.031111   30.041389   7d01'52"N      30d02'29"E
 7.100000   29.930000   7d05'60"N      29d55'48"E
11.350000   32.700000   11d20'60"N     32d42'00"E
 4.263611   30.904167   4d15'49"N      30d54'15"E
 6.490000   31.180000   6d29'24"N      31d10'48"E
 7.450000   31.300000   7d27'00"N      31d18'00"E
 8.380000   30.800000   8d22'48"N      30d48'00"E
 4.400000   32.900000   4d24'00"N      32d53'60"E
 5.332849   30.458103   5d19'58.26"N   30d27'29.17"E
 3.864444   30.606667   3d51'52"N      30d36'24"E
 9.910000   32.670000   9d54'36"N      32d40'12"E
 8.930000   32.500000   8d55'48"N      32d30'00"E
 3.850000   30.950000   3d51'00"N      30d56'60"E
 3.670000   30.680000   3d40'12"N      30d40'48"E
 7.650000   31.750000   7d39'00"N      31d45'00"E
 4.573333   31.669444   4d34'24"N      31d40'10"E
 4.860000   31.120000   4d51'36"N      31d07'12"E
 8.269090   27.291820   8d16'08.72"N   27d17'30.55"E
 5.270000   30.230000   5d16'12"N      30d13'48"E
 4.870000   31.050000   4d52'12"N      31d03'00"E
 4.050000   30.250000   4d02'60"N      30d15'00"E
 4.150000   31.000000   4d09'00"N      31d00'00"E
 4.900000   35.383333   4d54'00"N      35d22'60"E
 4.410000   30.210000   4d24'36"N      30d12'36"E
 4.300278   31.063333   4d18'01"N      31d03'48"E
 5.333333   35.316667   5d19'60"N      35d19'00"E
 9.770000   31.940000   9d46'12"N      31d56'24"E
 9.010000   27.450000   9d00'36"N      27d26'60"E
 4.666667   30.883333   4d40'00"N      30d52'60"E
 4.500000   31.970000   4d30'00"N      31d58'12"E
 4.583333   31.900000   4d34'60"N      31d53'60"E
 4.500000   31.260000   4d30'00"N      31d15'36"E
 4.920000   33.460000   4d55'12"N      33d27'36"E
 4.766667   35.766667   4d46'00"N      35d46'00"E
 4.070000   30.980000   4d04'12"N      30d58'48"E
 4.430000   32.500000   4d25'48"N      32d30'00"E
 4.308889   32.551389   4d18'32"N      32d33'05"E
 8.633333   32.183333   8d37'60"N      32d10'60"E
 8.283333   31.583333   8d16'60"N      31d34'60"E
 6.170000   30.450000   6d10'12"N      30d26'60"E
 8.222830   28.943170   8d13'22.19"N   28d56'35.41"E
 8.227500   28.389667   8d13'39"N      28d23'22.8"E
 7.830000   28.460000   7d49'48"N      28d27'36"E
 8.120000   28.480000   8d07'12"N      28d28'48"E
 4.200000   30.910000   4d12'00"N      30d54'36"E
 8.190000   28.440000   8d11'24"N      28d26'24"E
 7.660000   31.750000   7d39'36"N      31d45'00"E
 8.570000   30.050000   8d34'12"N      30d03'00"E
 3.772730   31.736360   3d46'21.83"N   31d44'10.9"E
 8.100000   32.416667   8d05'60"N      32d25'00"E
 9.870000   32.270000   9d52'12"N      32d16'12"E
10.450000   32.560000   10d26'60"N     32d33'36"E
 7.866667   32.033333   7d52'00"N      32d01'60"E
 8.050000   31.866667   8d03'00"N      31d52'00"E
 8.370000   33.000000   8d22'12"N      33d00'00"E
 6.233333   33.466667   6d13'60"N      33d28'00"E
 8.416667   32.050000   8d25'00"N      32d02'60"E
 6.880000   31.390000   6d52'48"N      31d23'24"E
 4.978889   29.439167   4d58'44"N      29d26'21"E
 9.967330   31.741670   9d58'02.39"N   31d44'30.01"E
 9.216667   25.533333   9d13'00"N      25d31'60"E
 5.050000   29.066667   5d02'60"N      29d04'00"E
10.450000   32.300000   10d26'60"N     32d17'60"E
 8.316667   28.783333   8d19'00"N      28d46'60"E
 6.533333   31.600000   6d31'60"N      31d36'00"E
 9.280000   29.180000   9d16'48"N      29d10'48"E
 7.168330   32.417170   7d10'05.99"N   32d25'01.81"E
 9.251820   27.364550   9d15'06.55"N   27d21'52.38"E
 4.600000   28.916667   4d35'60"N      28d55'00"E
 6.890000   30.860000   6d53'24"N      30d51'36"E
 8.115670   29.420797   8d06'56.41"N   29d25'14.87"E
 6.550000   29.780000   6d32'60"N      29d46'48"E
 8.570000   27.940000   8d34'12"N      27d56'24"E
 6.181820   31.987270   6d10'54.55"N   31d59'14.17"E
 9.230000   31.380000   9d13'48"N      31d22'48"E
 9.500000   33.166667   9d30'00"N      33d10'00"E
 9.053330   32.716670   9d03'11.99"N   32d43'00.01"E
 9.050000   28.370000   9d03'00"N      28d22'12"E
 4.109444   32.249167   4d06'34"N      32d14'57"E
 6.350000   29.633333   6d20'60"N      29d37'60"E
 6.316193   30.672379   6d18'58.29"N   30d40'20.57"E
 4.780000   28.984550   4d46'48"N      28d59'04.38"E
 7.830000   29.200000   7d49'48"N      29d11'60"E
 6.350000   30.020000   6d20'60"N      30d01'12"E
 9.034000   31.309570   9d02'02.4"N    31d18'34.45"E
 9.032167   27.691000   9d01'55.8"N    27d41'27.6"E
 6.360000   29.960000   6d21'36"N      29d57'36"E
 5.170000   30.790000   5d10'12"N      30d47'24"E
 5.066667   27.550000   5d04'00"N      27d33'00"E
 4.045206   30.604589   4d02'42.74"N   30d36'16.52"E
 5.700000   30.570000   5d42'00"N      30d34'12"E
 3.830000   33.450000   3d49'48"N      33d27'00"E
 8.900000   27.810000   8d54'00"N      27d48'36"E
 8.590000   27.950000   8d35'24"N      27d56'60"E
 8.210000   28.510000   8d12'36"N      28d30'36"E
 6.220000   31.570000   6d13'12"N      31d34'12"E
 8.770000   33.321670   8d46'12"N      33d19'18.01"E
 9.336183   28.572700   9d20'10.26"N   28d34'21.72"E
 4.220000   33.000000   4d13'12"N      33d00'00"E
 8.570000   28.590000   8d34'12"N      28d35'24"E
 7.911389   29.845000   7d54'41"N      29d50'42"E
 9.030000   27.760000   9d01'48"N      27d45'36"E
 9.333333   26.816667   9d19'60"N      26d49'00"E
 5.453889   29.136389   5d27'14"N      29d08'11"E
 5.130000   29.480000   5d07'48"N      29d28'48"E
 7.866667   29.933333   7d52'00"N      29d55'60"E
 4.847500   33.734167   4d50'51"N      33d44'03"E
 4.577222   31.356667   4d34'38"N      31d21'24"E
 4.440000   31.190000   4d26'24"N      31d11'24"E
 9.045830   32.040170   9d02'44.99"N   32d02'24.61"E
 9.220000   28.120000   9d13'12"N      28d07'12"E
 6.783333   30.066667   6d46'60"N      30d04'00"E
 5.428056   31.698889   5d25'41"N      31d41'56"E
 5.153889   29.376667   5d09'14"N      29d22'36"E
 5.559090   30.886360   5d33'32.72"N   30d53'10.9"E
 5.116667   33.783333   5d07'00"N      33d46'60"E
 4.143557   32.290015   4d08'36.81"N   32d17'24.05"E
 8.600000   27.483333   8d35'60"N      27d28'60"E
 7.410000   29.020000   7d24'36"N      29d01'12"E
 8.360000   29.190000   8d21'36"N      29d11'24"E
 8.378180   29.166360   8d22'41.45"N   29d09'58.9"E
 8.603069   33.922568   8d36'11.05"N   33d55'21.25"E
 8.640000   28.861820   8d38'24"N      28d51'42.55"E
 8.570000   33.830000   8d34'12"N      33d49'48"E
 9.080000   27.840000   9d04'48"N      27d50'24"E
 9.190000   28.640000   9d11'24"N      28d38'24"E
 8.641500   29.840330   8d38'29.4"N    29d50'25.19"E
 6.560000   29.850000   6d33'36"N      29d51'00"E
 8.643720   28.387130   8d38'37.39"N   28d23'13.67"E
 5.560000   30.390000   5d33'36"N      30d23'24"E
 6.130000   31.260000   6d07'48"N      31d15'36"E
 8.480000   29.960000   8d28'48"N      29d57'36"E
 8.990000   26.890000   8d59'24"N      26d53'24"E
 8.760000   28.430000   8d45'36"N      28d25'48"E
 7.720000   28.430000   7d43'12"N      28d25'48"E
 7.780000   30.280000   7d46'48"N      30d16'48"E
 7.520000   29.780000   7d31'12"N      29d46'48"E
 9.080000   32.200000   9d04'48"N      32d12'00"E
 9.256360   28.819090   9d15'22.9"N    28d49'08.72"E
 8.340000   33.170000   8d20'24"N      33d10'12"E
 6.375608   30.093610   6d22'32.19"N   30d05'37"E
 8.870000   28.690000   8d52'12"N      28d41'24"E
 8.730000   28.540000   8d43'48"N      28d32'24"E
 4.351667   30.617222   4d21'06"N      30d37'02"E
 7.410000   30.510000   7d24'36"N      30d30'36"E
 5.850000   27.783333   5d50'60"N      27d46'60"E
 5.066667   29.150000   5d04'00"N      29d08'60"E
 7.840000   28.610000   7d50'24"N      28d36'36"E
 9.030000   27.240000   9d01'48"N      27d14'24"E
 9.170000   27.120000   9d10'12"N      27d07'12"E
 6.711781   29.649774   6d42'42.41"N   29d38'59.19"E
 6.870000   29.230000   6d52'12"N      29d13'48"E
 8.910420   27.330120   8d54'37.51"N   27d19'48.43"E
 6.390000   31.180000   6d23'24"N      31d10'48"E
 9.432730   27.462730   9d25'57.83"N   27d27'45.83"E
 8.472730   33.309090   8d28'21.83"N   33d18'32.72"E
 8.913300   29.177000   8d54'47.88"N   29d10'37.2"E
 6.630000   29.790000   6d37'48"N      29d47'24"E
 6.120000   31.090000   6d07'12"N      31d05'24"E
11.616667   32.716667   11d37'00"N     32d43'00"E
 4.616667   32.700000   4d37'00"N      32d42'00"E
8.230000   28.050000   8d13'48"N      28d03'00"E
9.290000   28.670000   9d17'24"N      28d40'12"E
6.160000   31.760000   6d09'36"N      31d45'36"E
8.660000   27.810000   8d39'36"N      27d48'36"E
6.432730   31.594550   6d25'57.83"N   31d35'40.38"E
4.583333   34.358333   4d35'00"N      34d21'30"E
4.210000   32.560000   4d12'36"N      32d33'36"E
7.990000   27.690000   7d59'24"N      27d41'24"E
6.750000   30.640000   6d45'00"N      30d38'24"E
4.854722   28.646111   4d51'17"N      28d38'46"E
5.980000   31.840000   5d58'48"N      31d50'24"E
7.090000   31.370000   7d05'24"N      31d22'12"E
8.690000   27.844550   8d41'24"N      27d50'40.38"E
5.710000   31.550000   5d42'36"N      31d33'00"E
6.520000   30.090000   6d31'12"N      30d05'24"E
6.510000   30.040000   6d30'36"N      30d02'24"E
4.510000   30.470000   4d30'36"N      30d28'12"E
8.670000   33.810000   8d40'12"N      33d48'36"E
8.400000   32.716667   8d24'00"N      32d43'00"E
6.520000   29.960000   6d31'12"N      29d57'36"E
9.366667   27.250000   9d22'00"N      27d15'00"E
8.950000   26.900000   8d56'60"N      26d53'60"E
7.440000   29.230000   7d26'24"N      29d13'48"E
8.810000   28.450000   8d48'36"N      28d26'60"E
6.780000   30.700000   6d46'48"N      30d41'60"E
7.980000   29.500000   7d58'48"N      29d30'00"E
7.960000   28.010000   7d57'36"N      28d00'36"E
7.820000   27.140000   7d49'12"N      27d08'24"E
9.601944   31.651944   9d36'07"N      31d39'07"E
9.540895   31.652064   9d32'27.22"N   31d39'07.43"E
4.253611   33.608333   4d15'13"N      33d36'30"E
7.620000   29.730000   7d37'12"N      29d43'48"E
6.133333   30.266667   6d07'60"N      30d16'00"E
5.720000   31.090000   5d43'12"N      31d05'24"E
9.160000   27.080000   9d09'36"N      27d04'48"E
8.300000   27.800000   8d18'00"N      27d48'00"E
5.333333   34.850000   5d19'60"N      34d51'00"E
3.890000   32.040000   3d53'24"N      32d02'24"E
6.510000   29.860000   6d30'36"N      29d51'36"E
5.690000   31.550000   5d41'24"N      31d33'00"E
8.900000   26.950000   8d54'00"N      26d56'60"E
8.660000   33.810000   8d39'36"N      33d48'36"E
8.392778   30.926944   8d23'34"N      30d55'37"E
7.120000   29.460000   7d07'12"N      29d27'36"E
6.620000   29.820000   6d37'12"N      29d49'12"E
6.062730   31.618180   6d03'45.83"N   31d37'05.45"E
6.724638   29.759055   6d43'28.7"N    29d45'32.6"E
8.576215   27.592245   8d34'34.37"N   27d35'32.08"E
8.170000   27.950000   8d10'12"N      27d56'60"E
6.560000   29.670000   6d33'36"N      29d40'12"E
4.200000   30.690000   4d12'00"N      30d41'24"E
9.150000   31.710000   9d09'00"N      31d42'36"E
8.460000   30.640000   8d27'36"N      30d38'24"E
7.740000   28.510000   7d44'24"N      28d30'36"E
6.980000   31.420000   6d58'48"N      31d25'12"E
6.190000   31.750000   6d11'24"N      31d45'00"E
7.840000   28.660000   7d50'24"N      28d39'36"E
7.555500   30.950830   7d33'19.8"N    30d57'02.99"E
7.559170   28.743890   7d33'33.01"N   28d44'38"E
7.080000   30.120000   7d04'48"N      30d07'12"E
6.700000   29.820000   6d42'00"N      29d49'12"E
6.759994   29.655131   6d45'35.98"N   29d39'18.47"E
7.103738   29.079236   7d06'13.46"N   29d04'45.25"E
6.990000   29.380000   6d59'24"N      29d22'48"E
9.330000   26.900000   9d19'48"N      26d53'60"E
9.545450   27.525450   9d32'43.62"N   27d31'31.62"E
9.052830   30.125000   9d03'10.19"N   30d07'30"E
9.057600   27.759217   9d03'27.36"N   27d45'33.18"E
9.033170   30.248000   9d01'59.41"N   30d14'52.8"E
9.021333   27.628000   9d01'16.8"N    27d37'40.8"E
6.510000   29.910000   6d30'36"N      29d54'36"E
4.050833   33.025000   4d03'03"N      33d01'30"E
9.320000   31.580000   9d19'12"N      31d34'48"E
8.870000   32.590000   8d52'12"N      32d35'24"E
8.473330   33.553330   8d28'23.99"N   33d33'11.99"E
8.260000   28.360000   8d15'36"N      28d21'36"E
7.800000   29.650000   7d47'60"N      29d38'60"E
7.140000   29.670000   7d08'24"N      29d40'12"E
6.600000   29.770000   6d35'60"N      29d46'12"E
9.060000   27.320000   9d03'36"N      27d19'12"E
8.277270   31.750000   8d16'38.17"N   31d45'00"E
8.840000   27.330000   8d50'24"N      27d19'48"E
9.690000   32.150000   9d41'24"N      32d08'60"E
8.480000   25.590000   8d28'48"N      25d35'24"E
 4.843338   29.828566   4d50'36.02"N   29d49'42.84"E
 6.410000   30.070000   6d24'36"N      30d04'12"E
 6.033333   27.300000   6d01'60"N      27d18'00"E
 8.496389   30.778056   8d29'47"N      30d46'41"E
 5.160000   31.770000   5d09'36"N      31d46'12"E
 8.033333   32.550000   8d01'60"N      32d32'60"E
 4.560000   31.040000   4d33'36"N      31d02'24"E
 8.980000   31.410000   8d58'48"N      31d24'36"E
 9.633333   29.500000   9d37'60"N      29d30'00"E
 6.540000   29.850000   6d32'24"N      29d51'00"E
 9.326670   31.948630   9d19'36.01"N   31d56'55.07"E
 9.324792   30.722416   9d19'29.25"N   30d43'20.7"E
 4.200000   33.483333   4d12'00"N      33d28'60"E
 9.950000   29.980000   9d56'60"N      29d58'48"E
 7.920000   28.450000   7d55'12"N      28d26'60"E
10.920000   32.520000   10d55'12"N     32d31'12"E
 8.933333   28.666667   8d55'60"N      28d40'00"E
 4.310000   31.050000   4d18'36"N      31d03'00"E
 6.712816   33.072767   6d42'46.14"N   33d04'21.96"E
 6.690000   33.070000   6d41'24"N      33d04'12"E
 5.783333   31.083333   5d46'60"N      31d04'60"E
 5.580000   31.570000   5d34'48"N      31d34'12"E
 8.416670   32.466670   8d25'00.01"N   32d28'00.01"E
 8.416670   33.083330   8d25'00.01"N   33d04'59.99"E
 5.130000   30.210000   5d07'48"N      30d12'36"E
 4.800000   30.910000   4d47'60"N      30d54'36"E
10.150000   29.910000   10d09'00"N     29d54'36"E
 7.660000   27.850000   7d39'36"N      27d51'00"E
 7.640000   26.320000   7d38'24"N      26d19'12"E
 5.199914   31.772189   5d11'59.69"N   31d46'19.88"E
 3.803640   31.383640   3d48'13.1"N    31d23'01.1"E
 5.366667   28.616667   5d22'00"N      28d37'00"E
 9.033830   27.419170   9d02'01.79"N   27d25'09.01"E
 8.740000   27.810000   8d44'24"N      27d48'36"E
 4.588199   30.982447   4d35'17.52"N   30d58'56.81"E
11.940000   32.770000   11d56'24"N     32d46'12"E
 9.036731   27.941537   9d02'12.23"N   27d56'29.53"E
 5.917778   29.924444   5d55'04"N      29d55'28"E
10.266667   25.883333   10d16'00"N     25d52'60"E
 8.684170   28.739670   8d41'03.01"N   28d44'22.81"E
 8.684167   28.263333   8d41'03"N      28d15'48"E
 4.754444   28.291250   4d45'16"N      28d17'28.5"E
 3.860000   31.660000   3d51'36"N      31d39'36"E
 6.483333   32.583333   6d28'60"N      32d34'60"E
 4.140000   33.590000   4d08'24"N      33d35'24"E
 4.370000   31.120000   4d22'12"N      31d07'12"E
 6.770000   29.440000   6d46'12"N      29d26'24"E
 4.854338   29.253403   4d51'15.62"N   29d15'12.25"E
11.780000   32.840000   11d46'48"N     32d50'24"E
 9.020000   28.010000   9d01'12"N      28d00'36"E
 8.460000   32.710000   8d27'36"N      32d42'36"E
 9.048333   29.098333   9d02'54"N      29d05'54"E
 9.048330   28.231830   9d02'53.99"N   28d13'54.59"E
 4.630000   30.930000   4d37'48"N      30d55'48"E
 9.840000   30.220000   9d50'24"N      30d13'12"E
 7.920000   32.040000   7d55'12"N      32d02'24"E
 7.270000   29.460000   7d16'12"N      29d27'36"E
 9.370000   30.660000   9d22'12"N      30d39'36"E
 6.920000   33.050000   6d55'12"N      33d02'60"E
 7.733333   29.716667   7d43'60"N      29d43'00"E
 6.830000   33.120000   6d49'48"N      33d07'12"E
 9.100000   29.410000   9d05'60"N      29d24'36"E
 8.583333   31.116667   8d34'60"N      31d07'00"E
 4.795804   29.775457   4d47'44.89"N   29d46'31.65"E
 4.950000   33.216667   4d57'00"N      33d13'00"E
 4.821111   33.220278   4d49'16"N      33d13'13"E
 6.581113   32.744759   6d34'52.01"N   32d44'41.13"E
 6.650000   32.940000   6d39'00"N      32d56'24"E
 9.140000   28.290000   9d08'24"N      28d17'24"E
 8.316667   28.900000   8d19'00"N      28d53'60"E
 8.830000   32.090000   8d49'48"N      32d05'24"E
 7.460000   30.410000   7d27'36"N      30d24'36"E
 7.070000   29.160000   7d04'12"N      29d09'36"E
 6.730000   30.630000   6d43'48"N      30d37'48"E
 6.830000   33.090000   6d49'48"N      33d05'24"E
 6.466667   32.566667   6d28'00"N      32d34'00"E
 9.160000   26.930000   9d09'36"N      26d55'48"E
 6.650000   33.260000   6d39'00"N      33d15'36"E
 6.860000   33.070000   6d51'36"N      33d04'12"E
 4.727778   28.858333   4d43'40"N      28d51'30"E
 4.849167   28.518611   4d50'57"N      28d31'07"E
 8.950000   27.910000   8d56'60"N      27d54'36"E
 9.120000   27.580000   9d07'12"N      27d34'48"E
 7.648330   29.667500   7d38'53.99"N   29d40'03"E
 8.260000   28.710000   8d15'36"N      28d42'36"E
 7.370000   28.700000   7d22'12"N      28d41'60"E
 7.299833   28.442500   7d17'59.4"N    28d26'33"E
 7.299830   27.707330   7d17'59.39"N   27d42'26.39"E
 7.700000   29.666667   7d42'00"N      29d40'00"E
 9.103890   28.504170   9d06'14"N      28d30'15.01"E
 7.680000   29.720000   7d40'48"N      29d43'12"E
 9.062730   28.461820   9d03'45.83"N   28d27'42.55"E
 4.250000   30.509090   4d15'00"N      30d30'32.72"E
 6.340000   30.070000   6d20'24"N      30d04'12"E
 6.340000   30.070000   6d20'24"N      30d04'12"E
 7.850910   29.339090   7d51'03.28"N   29d20'20.72"E
 8.770000   29.910000   8d46'12"N      29d54'36"E
 4.552222   31.097500   4d33'08"N      31d05'51"E
 4.337404   30.249573   4d20'14.66"N   30d14'58.46"E
 4.315833   30.515833   4d18'57"N      30d30'57"E
 4.120000   33.247222   4d07'12"N      33d14'50"E
 5.740000   31.390000   5d44'24"N      31d23'24"E
 5.225833   29.389167   5d13'33"N      29d23'21"E
 4.110000   30.960000   4d06'36"N      30d57'36"E
 6.233333   27.633333   6d13'60"N      27d37'60"E
 4.468275   30.177238   4d28'05.79"N   30d10'38.06"E
10.330000   33.490000   10d19'48"N     33d29'24"E
 9.050000   27.220000   9d03'00"N      27d13'12"E
 7.583333   32.833333   7d34'60"N      32d49'60"E
 8.950000   27.730000   8d56'60"N      27d43'48"E
 6.620833   30.527222   6d37'15"N      30d31'38"E
 8.427170   25.704830   8d25'37.81"N   25d42'17.39"E
 8.570000   27.700000   8d34'12"N      27d41'60"E
 4.350000   31.090000   4d20'60"N      31d05'24"E
 7.430000   29.760000   7d25'48"N      29d45'36"E
 6.930000   30.820000   6d55'48"N      30d49'12"E
 9.106000   31.265670   9d06'21.6"N    31d15'56.41"E
 6.470000   29.670000   6d28'12"N      29d40'12"E
 9.109333   26.860000   9d06'33.6"N    26d51'36"E
 8.021331   29.182663   8d01'16.79"N   29d10'57.59"E
 5.422730   30.395450   5d25'21.83"N   30d23'43.62"E
 4.923795   29.462595   4d55'25.66"N   29d27'45.34"E
 4.900000   28.135330   4d54'00"N      28d08'07.19"E
 6.166667   28.466667   6d10'00"N      28d28'00"E
 4.130000   33.250000   4d07'48"N      33d15'00"E
 3.920000   30.960000   3d55'12"N      30d57'36"E
 9.870000   30.270000   9d52'12"N      30d16'12"E
 5.890000   30.550000   5d53'24"N      30d33'00"E
 3.630000   30.925450   3d37'48"N      30d55'31.62"E
 9.237550   27.059670   9d14'15.18"N   27d03'34.81"E
 9.237550   29.955000   9d14'15.18"N   29d57'18"E
 6.183333   33.966667   6d10'60"N      33d58'00"E
 8.390000   31.330000   8d23'24"N      31d19'48"E
 6.083333   27.550000   6d04'60"N      27d33'00"E
 5.190971   29.160939   5d11'27.49"N   29d09'39.38"E
 6.233333   34.000000   6d13'60"N      34d00'00"E
 6.980000   29.380000   6d58'48"N      29d22'48"E
 8.680000   28.160000   8d40'48"N      28d09'36"E
 7.877500   28.465278   7d52'39"N      28d27'55"E
 9.100000   26.840000   9d05'60"N      26d50'24"E
 4.166667   33.850000   4d10'00"N      33d51'00"E
 6.380000   29.190000   6d22'48"N      29d11'24"E
 8.120000   28.870000   8d07'12"N      28d52'12"E
 9.060000   27.270000   9d03'36"N      27d16'12"E
 7.790000   28.780000   7d47'24"N      28d46'48"E
 3.866667   32.633333   3d52'00"N      32d37'60"E
12.200000   32.766667   12d11'60"N     32d46'00"E
 8.416762   29.271191   8d25'00.34"N   29d16'16.29"E
 6.550000   34.833333   6d32'60"N      34d49'60"E
 7.466667   31.366667   7d28'00"N      31d22'00"E
 7.003333   29.972222   7d00'12"N      29d58'20"E
 4.284444   33.314167   4d17'04"N      33d18'51"E
 8.470000   28.540000   8d28'12"N      28d32'24"E
 7.110000   28.740000   7d06'36"N      28d44'24"E
 7.390000   30.350000   7d23'24"N      30d21'00"E
 7.840000   28.400000   7d50'24"N      28d23'60"E
 6.333333   29.500000   6d19'60"N      29d30'00"E
 4.912222   28.361389   4d54'44"N      28d21'41"E
 8.190000   30.620000   8d11'24"N      30d37'12"E
 7.350000   28.710000   7d20'60"N      28d42'36"E
 6.810000   29.710000   6d48'36"N      29d42'36"E
 9.790000   33.590000   9d47'24"N      33d35'24"E
 6.760000   29.540000   6d45'36"N      29d32'24"E
 6.480000   29.690000   6d28'48"N      29d41'24"E
 6.600000   32.920000   6d35'60"N      32d55'12"E
 6.990000   29.140000   6d59'24"N      29d08'24"E
 6.866667   32.516667   6d52'00"N      32d31'00"E
 8.883333   31.283333   8d52'60"N      31d16'60"E
 9.416667   30.116667   9d25'00"N       30d07'00"E
 9.483333   30.600000   9d28'60"N       30d36'00"E
 8.450000   30.400000   8d26'60"N       30d23'60"E
 8.130970   31.666670   8d07'51.49"N    31d40'00.01"E
 6.520000   29.590000   6d31'12"N       29d35'24"E
 7.600000   31.633333   7d35'60"N       31d37'60"E
 9.447778   31.063889   9d26'52"N       31d03'50"E
 6.976414   29.382998   6d58'35.09"N    29d22'58.79"E
 9.140000   30.860000   9d08'24"N       30d51'36"E
 6.720000   29.880000   6d43'12"N       29d52'48"E
 7.490000   29.650000   7d29'24"N       29d38'60"E
 7.010000   30.070000   7d00'36"N       30d04'12"E
 4.766667   35.800000   4d46'00"N       35d47'60"E
 9.220000   27.560000   9d13'12"N       27d33'36"E
 6.550000   31.160000   6d32'60"N       31d09'36"E
 9.163330   33.748050   9d09'47.99"N    33d44'52.98"E
 9.130000   28.350000   9d07'48"N       28d21'00"E
 8.920000   28.790000   8d55'12"N       28d47'24"E
 8.923350   28.275000   8d55'24.06"N    28d16'30"E
 9.010380   30.668450   9d00'37.37"N    30d40'06.42"E
 9.011920   27.924620   9d00'42.91"N    27d55'28.63"E
 6.970000   29.220000   6d58'12"N       29d13'12"E
 8.131000   30.014833   8d07'51.6"N     30d00'53.4"E
 8.926167   28.783500   8d55'34.2"N     28d47'00.6"E
 4.913333   28.837778   4d54'48"N       28d50'16"E
 7.260000   30.470000   7d15'36"N       30d28'12"E
 5.640000   30.350000   5d38'24"N       30d21'00"E
 8.483333   28.300000   8d28'60"N       28d18'00"E
 6.350000   29.480000   6d20'60"N       29d28'48"E
 9.220000   29.170000   9d13'12"N       29d10'12"E
 9.216670   29.966670   9d13'00.01"N    29d58'00.01"E
 6.790000   30.730000   6d47'24"N       30d43'48"E
 6.470000   29.760000   6d28'12"N       29d45'36"E
 6.566422   30.136682   6d33'59.12"N    30d08'12.06"E
 9.107500   27.336500   9d06'27"N       27d20'11.4"E
 9.105170   30.411170   9d06'18.61"N    30d24'40.21"E
 6.050000   28.183333   6d02'60"N       28d10'60"E
 5.416667   27.450000   5d25'00"N       27d26'60"E
 5.572730   30.131820   5d34'21.83"N    30d07'54.55"E
 5.340000   29.200000   5d20'24"N       29d11'60"E
 4.600000   28.233333   4d35'60"N       28d13'60"E
 7.370000   27.650000   7d22'12"N       27d38'60"E
 6.283333   28.200000   6d16'60"N       28d11'60"E
 6.250000   29.310000   6d15'00"N       29d18'36"E
 7.572862   28.249733   7d34'22.3"N     28d14'59.04"E
 7.016667   27.983333   7d01'00"N       27d58'60"E
 5.970000   26.980000   5d58'12"N       26d58'48"E
 7.653708   27.674045   7d39'13.35"N    27d40'26.56"E
 6.310000   28.750000   6d18'36"N       28d45'00"E
 5.250278   29.799444   5d15'01"N       29d47'58"E
 4.818180   29.400910   4d49'05.45"N    29d24'03.28"E
 6.316667   28.166667   6d19'00"N       28d10'00"E
 7.770000   29.130000   7d46'12"N       29d07'48"E
 7.841670   32.974500   7d50'30.01"N    32d58'28.2"E
 7.841500   29.177000   7d50'29.4"N     29d10'37.2"E
 3.960000   32.070000   3d57'36"N       32d04'12"E
 5.200000   32.733333   5d12'00"N       32d43'60"E
 7.299000   28.275000   7d17'56.4"N     28d16'30"E
 7.840000   29.360000   7d50'24"N       29d21'36"E
 6.366667   29.666667   6d22'00"N       29d40'00"E
 6.470000   29.390000   6d28'12"N       29d23'24"E
 6.500000   29.650000   6d30'00"N       29d38'60"E
 3.930000   31.590000   3d55'48"N       31d35'24"E
12.040000   32.770000   12d02'24"N      32d46'12"E
 7.880000   29.230000   7d52'48"N       29d13'48"E
 7.383333   29.783333   7d22'60"N       29d46'60"E
 3.780000   30.890000   3d46'48"N       30d53'24"E
 5.720000   30.840000   5d43'12"N       30d50'24"E
 4.010000   30.740000   4d00'36"N       30d44'24"E
10.320000   32.550000   10d19'12"N      32d32'60"E
 4.750000   32.730000   4d45'00"N       32d43'48"E
 4.840910   29.709090   4d50'27.28"N    29d42'32.72"E
 3.900000   31.620000   3d53'60"N       31d37'12"E
 8.990000   27.540000   8d59'24"N       27d32'24"E
 8.570000   27.600000   8d34'12"N       27d36'00"E
 5.944444   30.762778   5d56'40"N       30d45'46"E
 4.100000   33.090000   4d05'60"N       33d05'24"E
10.449506   32.208456   10d26'58.22"N   32d12'30.44"E
 6.120000   31.590000   6d07'12"N       31d35'24"E
 5.920000   31.560000   5d55'12"N       31d33'36"E
 4.770000   30.940000   4d46'12"N       30d56'24"E
 8.607270   30.717730   8d36'26.17"N    30d43'03.83"E
 6.780000   29.810000   6d46'48"N       29d48'36"E
 6.100000   29.516667   6d05'60"N       29d31'00"E
 8.540000   28.640000   8d32'24"N       28d38'24"E
 7.810000   30.300000   7d48'36"N       30d18'00"E
 5.550000   31.460000   5d32'60"N       31d27'36"E
 6.150000   31.030000   6d09'00"N       31d01'48"E
 4.238611   31.420000   4d14'19"N       31d25'12"E
 9.633333   30.500000   9d37'60"N       30d30'00"E
 6.366667   29.466667   6d22'00"N       29d28'00"E
 4.140000   33.740000   4d08'24"N       33d44'24"E
 4.350000   33.630000   4d20'60"N       33d37'48"E
 4.712222   33.160556   4d42'44"N       33d09'38"E
10.460000   32.520000   10d27'36"N      32d31'12"E
 8.410000   29.330000   8d24'36"N       29d19'48"E
 9.233813   29.833807   9d14'01.73"N    29d50'01.71"E
10.850000   32.500000   10d50'60"N      32d30'00"E
 8.420000   29.260000   8d25'12"N       29d15'36"E
 3.829627   31.639655   3d49'46.66"N    31d38'22.76"E
 4.180000   30.880000   4d10'48"N       30d52'48"E
 8.500000   30.210000   8d30'00"N       30d12'36"E
 6.200000   34.670000   6d12'00"N       34d40'12"E
 4.180000   33.200000   4d10'48"N       33d12'00"E
 6.216667   34.683333   6d13'00"N       34d40'60"E
10.199090   32.783640   10d11'56.72"N   32d47'01.1"E
 9.060000   32.860000   9d03'36"N       32d51'36"E
10.070000   32.290000   10d04'12"N      32d17'24"E
 9.040000   32.430000   9d02'24"N       32d25'48"E
 4.140000   30.570000   4d08'24"N       30d34'12"E
 5.000000   30.750000   5d00'00"N       30d45'00"E
 5.004550   30.736360   5d00'16.38"N    30d44'10.9"E
 3.800000   30.770000   3d47'60"N       30d46'12"E
 3.759090   31.370910   3d45'32.72"N    31d22'15.28"E
 8.100000   32.010000   8d05'60"N       32d00'36"E
 8.900000   27.970000   8d54'00"N       27d58'12"E
 4.690000   31.440000   4d41'24"N       31d26'24"E
 6.100000   30.580000   6d05'60"N       30d34'48"E
10.930000   32.710000   10d55'48"N      32d42'36"E
 9.010000   27.720000   9d00'36"N       27d43'12"E
 8.466667   25.183333   8d28'00"N       25d10'60"E
 9.766667   30.150000   9d46'00"N       30d08'60"E
 5.400000   30.959090   5d24'00"N       30d57'32.72"E
 4.360000   31.120000   4d21'36"N       31d07'12"E
 4.088889   33.450556   4d05'20"N       33d27'02"E
 6.159090   29.974550   6d09'32.72"N    29d58'28.38"E
 6.400000   28.780000   6d24'00"N       28d46'48"E
 6.050000   31.550000   6d02'60"N       31d33'00"E
 4.150000   30.620000   4d09'00"N       30d37'12"E
 8.500000   33.550000   8d30'00"N       33d32'60"E
 7.790000   26.140000   7d47'24"N       26d08'24"E
 5.790000   30.840000   5d47'24"N       30d50'24"E
 4.408611   32.295000   4d24'31"N       32d17'42"E
 9.518180   30.460910   9d31'05.45"N    30d27'39.28"E
 5.130000   30.540000   5d07'48"N       30d32'24"E
 6.370000   29.620000   6d22'12"N       29d37'12"E
 7.630000   27.820000   7d37'48"N       27d49'12"E
 7.560000   27.960000   7d33'36"N       27d57'36"E
 9.750000   31.920000   9d45'00"N       31d55'12"E
 9.070000   28.180000   9d04'12"N       28d10'48"E
 7.960000   25.590000   7d57'36"N       25d35'24"E
 4.020000   30.620000   4d01'12"N       30d37'12"E
 9.110000   33.400000   9d06'36"N       33d23'60"E
 7.700000   28.820000   7d42'00"N       28d49'12"E
 4.240000   30.970000   4d14'24"N       30d58'12"E
 6.600000   32.760000   6d35'60"N       32d45'36"E
 6.233333   28.000000   6d13'60"N       28d00'00"E
 5.490000   30.640000   5d29'24"N       30d38'24"E
 3.883333   33.033333   3d52'60"N       33d01'60"E
 4.900000   28.266667   4d54'00"N       28d16'00"E
 4.230000   31.400000   4d13'48"N       31d23'60"E
 7.810000   26.080000   7d48'36"N       26d04'48"E
 4.150000   30.910000   4d09'00"N       30d54'36"E
 5.780000   31.150000   5d46'48"N       31d08'60"E
 4.140000   33.600000   4d08'24"N       33d36'00"E
 4.840000   31.860000   4d50'24"N       31d51'36"E
 3.939042   31.600946   3d56'20.55"N    31d36'03.4"E
 3.972730   30.722730   3d58'21.83"N    30d43'21.83"E
 8.974586   33.430672   8d58'28.51"N    33d25'50.42"E
 4.147500   32.643611   4d08'51"N       32d38'37"E
 8.416830   28.906330   8d25'00.59"N    28d54'22.79"E
 8.416830   31.331500   8d25'00.59"N    31d19'53.4"E
 5.740000   31.590000   5d44'24"N       31d35'24"E
 9.100000   26.720000   9d05'60"N       26d43'12"E
 9.550000   33.466667   9d33'00"N       33d28'00"E
 8.490000   28.130000   8d29'24"N       28d07'48"E
 5.770000   28.810000   5d46'12"N       28d48'36"E
 9.340000   29.890000   9d20'24"N       29d53'24"E
 8.440000   31.310000   8d26'24"N      31d18'36"E
 7.230000   29.520000   7d13'48"N      29d31'12"E
 4.170000   33.240000   4d10'12"N      33d14'24"E
 6.070000   29.950000   6d04'12"N      29d56'60"E
 7.020000   29.150000   7d01'12"N      29d08'60"E
 7.900000   28.440000   7d54'00"N      28d26'24"E
 9.228516   28.730090   9d13'42.66"N   28d43'48.32"E
11.290000   32.693640   11d17'24"N     32d41'37.1"E
 4.030000   31.950000   4d01'48"N      31d56'60"E
 4.160154   32.866562   4d09'36.56"N   32d51'59.62"E
 4.465278   32.523611   4d27'55"N      32d31'25"E
 4.120000   33.080000   4d07'12"N      33d04'48"E
 6.380000   29.920000   6d22'48"N      29d55'12"E
 7.080000   28.700000   7d04'48"N      28d41'60"E
 3.880000   31.404550   3d52'48"N      31d24'16.38"E
 3.910000   30.610000   3d54'36"N      30d36'36"E
 5.193330   34.600170   5d11'35.99"N   34d36'00.61"E
10.410000   32.380000   10d24'36"N     32d22'48"E
 4.570000   30.840000   4d34'12"N      30d50'24"E
 4.001820   30.626360   4d00'06.55"N   30d37'34.9"E
 4.240000   30.690000   4d14'24"N      30d41'24"E
 4.333333   30.300000   4d19'60"N      30d18'00"E
 4.502222   31.579444   4d30'08"N      31d34'46"E
 3.590000   32.090000   3d35'24"N      32d05'24"E
 7.208333   30.444722   7d12'30"N      30d26'41"E
 7.230000   30.480000   7d13'48"N      30d28'48"E
 6.400000   30.019090   6d24'00"N      30d01'08.72"E
 4.798889   29.413056   4d47'56"N      29d24'47"E
 9.240000   25.870000   9d14'24"N      25d52'12"E
 7.670000   28.680000   7d40'12"N      28d40'48"E
 5.650000   31.380000   5d39'00"N      31d22'48"E
 4.685556   33.671944   4d41'08"N      33d40'19"E
 5.083333   34.616667   5d04'60"N      34d37'00"E
 3.970000   31.770000   3d58'12"N      31d46'12"E
10.640000   32.240000   10d38'24"N     32d14'24"E
 3.690000   30.780000   3d41'24"N      30d46'48"E
 4.454444   33.728056   4d27'16"N      33d43'41"E
 4.250000   30.780000   4d15'00"N      30d46'48"E
 5.416667   30.500000   5d25'00"N      30d30'00"E
 4.933333   35.366667   4d55'60"N      35d22'00"E
 5.166667   34.600000   5d10'00"N      34d36'00"E
 5.550000   34.233333   5d32'60"N      34d13'60"E
 4.327361   33.707917   4d19'38.5"N    33d42'28.5"E
 5.666667   34.533333   5d40'00"N      34d31'60"E
 5.250000   35.166667   5d15'00"N      35d10'00"E
 4.370833   33.665833   4d22'15"N      33d39'57"E
 5.716667   34.016667   5d43'00"N      34d01'00"E
 5.841667   34.383333   5d50'30"N      34d23'00"E
 4.270833   33.723611   4d16'15"N      33d43'25"E
 4.307778   33.743889   4d18'28"N      33d44'38"E
 4.692222   33.771389   4d41'32"N      33d46'17"E
 4.862778   33.734167   4d51'46"N      33d44'03"E
 4.750000   33.570000   4d45'00"N      33d34'12"E
 4.810000   33.630000   4d48'36"N      33d37'48"E
 3.930000   30.610000   3d55'48"N      30d36'36"E
 3.810000   33.220000   3d48'36"N      33d13'12"E
 5.336360   27.720000   5d20'10.9"N    27d43'12"E
 5.200000   33.133333   5d12'00"N      33d07'60"E
 8.164830   32.053330   8d09'53.39"N   32d03'11.99"E
 8.164330   30.638830   8d09'51.59"N   30d38'19.79"E
 6.760000   30.661944   6d45'36"N      30d39'43"E
 4.126389   33.803333   4d07'35"N      33d48'12"E
 9.500000   30.500000   9d30'00"N      30d30'00"E
 6.380000   30.050000   6d22'48"N      30d03'00"E
 5.404550   30.609090   5d24'16.38"N   30d36'32.72"E
 7.610000   28.170000   7d36'36"N      28d10'12"E
 7.670000   28.230000   7d40'12"N      28d13'48"E
 8.880000   28.710000   8d52'48"N      28d42'36"E
 3.816667   32.666667   3d49'00"N      32d40'00"E
 4.190000   30.700000   4d11'24"N      30d41'60"E
 6.210000   30.100000   6d12'36"N      30d06'00"E
 7.800000   28.260000   7d47'60"N      28d15'36"E
 4.036111   33.206389   4d02'10"N      33d12'23"E
 5.260000   30.580000   5d15'36"N      30d34'48"E
 9.300000   30.890000   9d18'00"N      30d53'24"E
 7.000000   29.500000   7d00'00"N      29d30'00"E
 4.986360   29.518180   4d59'10.9"N    29d31'05.45"E
 3.600000   32.160000   3d36'00"N      32d09'36"E
 4.930000   30.970000   4d55'48"N      30d58'12"E
 3.975278   30.661111   3d58'31"N      30d39'40"E
 8.833333   31.033333   8d49'60"N      31d01'60"E
 8.100000   31.900000   8d05'60"N      31d53'60"E
 5.550000   34.933333   5d32'60"N      34d55'60"E
 4.559090   30.073640   4d33'32.72"N   30d04'25.1"E
 4.904550   29.554550   4d54'16.38"N   29d33'16.38"E
 5.340000   29.610000   5d20'24"N      29d36'36"E
 5.100000   30.490000   5d05'60"N      30d29'24"E
 9.020000   31.730000   9d01'12"N      31d43'48"E
 5.791667   30.381944   5d47'30"N      30d22'55"E
 4.240000   31.040000   4d14'24"N      31d02'24"E
 9.010000   33.500000   9d00'36"N      33d30'00"E
 7.790000   27.990000   7d47'24"N      27d59'24"E
 9.690000   32.210000   9d41'24"N      32d12'36"E
 9.300000   30.870000   9d18'00"N      30d52'12"E
 5.350000   30.316667   5d20'60"N      30d19'00"E
 4.300000   30.433333   4d17'60"N      30d25'60"E
 4.050000   30.980000   4d02'60"N      30d58'48"E
 8.083333   25.633333   8d04'60"N      25d37'60"E
 4.260000   33.190000   4d15'36"N      33d11'24"E
 5.400000   29.650000   5d24'00"N      29d38'60"E
 6.983333   28.583333   6d58'60"N      28d34'60"E
 6.116667   28.666667   6d07'00"N      28d40'00"E
 8.240000   30.620000   8d14'24"N      30d37'12"E
 6.670910   31.702730   6d40'15.28"N   31d42'09.83"E
 6.083333   34.983333   6d04'60"N      34d58'60"E
 7.120000   30.720000   7d07'12"N      30d43'12"E
 5.470000   27.660000   5d28'12"N      27d39'36"E
 9.810000   25.750000   9d48'36"N      25d45'00"E
 4.976389   27.980000   4d58'35"N      27d58'48"E
 4.808474   32.707104   4d48'30.51"N   32d42'25.57"E
 4.160000   30.870000   4d09'36"N      30d52'12"E
 4.866667   35.166667   4d52'00"N      35d10'00"E
 4.520000   32.780000   4d31'12"N      32d46'48"E
 4.451944   32.895000   4d27'07"N      32d53'42"E
 4.610000   29.100000   4d36'36"N      29d06'00"E
 7.650000   28.150000   7d39'00"N      28d08'60"E
 7.660000   28.160000   7d39'36"N      28d09'36"E
 6.590000   29.240000   6d35'24"N      29d14'24"E
 5.016667   35.233333   5d01'00"N      35d13'60"E
 4.750000   34.666667   4d45'00"N      34d40'00"E
 4.340000   33.330000   4d20'24"N      33d19'48"E
 4.068611   33.185000   4d04'07"N      33d11'06"E
 5.290000   29.208889   5d17'24"N      29d12'32"E
 4.060000   30.700000   4d03'36"N      30d41'60"E
 7.850000   26.130000   7d50'60"N      26d07'48"E
 9.110000   25.420000   9d06'36"N      25d25'12"E
 7.700000   26.250000   7d42'00"N      26d15'00"E
 5.333333   35.100000   5d19'60"N      35d06'00"E
 4.630000   31.070000   4d37'48"N      31d04'12"E
 5.260000   30.650000   5d15'36"N      30d38'60"E
 4.570000   32.460000   4d34'12"N      32d27'36"E
 8.880000   33.610000   8d52'48"N      33d36'36"E
 4.345556   30.860556   4d20'44"N      30d51'38"E
 6.058096   29.936675   6d03'29.15"N   29d56'12.03"E
 5.416667   34.933333   5d25'00"N      34d55'60"E
 7.966667   31.450000   7d58'00"N      31d26'60"E
 8.040000   31.810000   8d02'24"N      31d48'36"E
 8.183333   32.050000   8d10'60"N      32d02'60"E
 4.700000   29.710000   4d42'00"N      29d42'36"E
 4.992730   27.828180   4d59'33.83"N   27d49'41.45"E
 4.073333   32.886111   4d04'24"N      32d53'10"E
 4.547270   29.053640   4d32'50.17"N   29d03'13.1"E
11.300000   32.650000   11d18'00"N     32d38'60"E
 4.460000   33.690000   4d27'36"N      33d41'24"E
 4.863640   28.434550   4d51'49.1"N    28d26'04.38"E
 4.916667   35.150000   4d55'00"N      35d08'60"E
 4.922222   33.954167   4d55'20"N      33d57'15"E
 4.475603   34.226786   4d28'32.17"N   34d13'36.43"E
 4.480833   34.173889   4d28'51"N      34d10'26"E
 6.547563   28.416309   6d32'51.23"N   28d24'58.71"E
 4.190000   33.540000   4d11'24"N      33d32'24"E
 4.773889   33.780833   4d46'26"N      33d46'51"E
 8.910000   26.200000   8d54'36"N      26d11'60"E
 4.883333   35.500000   4d52'60"N      35d30'00"E
 6.390000   31.360000   6d23'24"N      31d21'36"E
 4.920000   28.020000   4d55'12"N      28d01'12"E
 5.088180   29.370910   5d05'17.45"N   29d22'15.28"E
 9.370278   31.845556   9d22'13"N      31d50'44"E
 8.371820   31.831820   8d22'18.55"N   31d49'54.55"E
 6.489980   27.680104   6d29'23.93"N   27d40'48.37"E
 4.110000   33.060000   4d06'36"N      33d03'36"E
 4.247778   33.446111   4d14'52"N      33d26'46"E
 4.280000   31.020000   4d16'48"N      31d01'12"E
 3.930000   30.750000   3d55'48"N      30d45'00"E
 4.870000   33.480000   4d52'12"N      33d28'48"E
 4.860000   29.270000   4d51'36"N      29d16'12"E
 4.425278   33.204444   4d25'31"N      33d12'16"E
 8.650000   29.300000   8d39'00"N      29d18'00"E
6.800000   29.950000   6d47'60"N      29d56'60"E
9.366667   31.550000   9d22'00"N      31d33'00"E
5.350000   34.890000   5d20'60"N      34d53'24"E
4.220000   30.970000   4d13'12"N      30d58'12"E
8.580000   30.060000   8d34'48"N      30d03'36"E
4.920000   35.480000   4d55'12"N      35d28'48"E
4.900000   35.566667   4d54'00"N      35d34'00"E
9.880000   30.270000   9d52'48"N      30d16'12"E
5.662730   35.110910   5d39'45.83"N   35d06'39.28"E
4.866667   34.933333   4d52'00"N      34d55'60"E
4.816667   35.400000   4d49'00"N      35d23'60"E
5.780000   28.620000   5d46'48"N      28d37'12"E
4.983333   35.300000   4d58'60"N      35d17'60"E
5.016667   35.433333   5d01'00"N      35d25'60"E
4.633333   35.183333   4d37'60"N      35d10'60"E
5.250000   27.850000   5d15'00"N      27d51'00"E
4.666667   35.416667   4d40'00"N      35d25'00"E
4.850000   35.316667   4d50'60"N      35d19'00"E
4.783333   35.616667   4d46'60"N      35d37'00"E
4.457270   34.177270   4d27'26.17"N   34d10'38.17"E
4.783333   35.133333   4d46'60"N      35d07'60"E
4.860000   33.500000   4d51'36"N      33d30'00"E
5.100000   33.550000   5d05'60"N      33d32'60"E
4.818180   34.212730   4d49'05.45"N   34d12'45.83"E
4.240000   33.720000   4d14'24"N      33d43'12"E
5.000000   35.433333   5d00'00"N      35d25'60"E
4.550000   34.300000   4d32'60"N      34d17'60"E
4.733333   35.600000   4d43'60"N      35d36'00"E
9.720000   29.920000   9d43'12"N      29d55'12"E
4.619090   28.054550   4d37'08.72"N   28d03'16.38"E
5.450000   28.950000   5d27'00"N      28d56'60"E
4.856111   28.143889   4d51'22"N      28d08'38"E
5.316667   28.916667   5d19'00"N      28d55'00"E
4.960000   30.360000   4d57'36"N      30d21'36"E
4.845450   27.765450   4d50'43.62"N   27d45'55.62"E
5.300000   27.666667   5d17'60"N      27d40'00"E
4.850000   35.450000   4d50'60"N      35d27'00"E
5.927270   27.337270   5d55'38.17"N   27d20'14.17"E
4.676667   28.914722   4d40'36"N      28d54'53"E
6.250910   28.418180   6d15'03.28"N   28d25'05.45"E
4.891428   33.705723   4d53'29.14"N   33d42'20.6"E
4.759090   29.629090   4d45'32.72"N   29d37'44.72"E
5.490000   34.810000   5d29'24"N      34d48'36"E
4.783333   35.300000   4d46'60"N      35d17'60"E
5.483333   34.500000   5d29'00"N      34d30'00"E
5.116667   34.666667   5d07'00"N      34d40'00"E
4.144444   33.756944   4d08'40"N      33d45'25"E
4.616667   35.066667   4d37'00"N      35d04'00"E
4.750000   35.066667   4d45'00"N      35d04'00"E
4.376944   33.573889   4d22'37"N      33d34'26"E
4.880000   33.530000   4d52'48"N      33d31'48"E
4.695450   33.840910   4d41'43.62"N   33d50'27.28"E
4.230000   33.190000   4d13'48"N      33d11'24"E
6.090000   28.817270   6d05'24"N      28d49'02.17"E
4.265717   33.574008   4d15'56.58"N   33d34'26.43"E
4.270000   33.700000   4d16'12"N      33d42'00"E
4.800000   35.333333   4d47'60"N      35d19'60"E
5.150000   30.670000   5d09'00"N      30d40'12"E
4.833333   35.350000   4d49'60"N      35d21'00"E
6.680000   33.170000   6d40'48"N      33d10'12"E
4.883333   35.300000   4d52'60"N      35d17'60"E
9.400000   29.910000   9d24'00"N      29d54'36"E
4.566667   34.316667   4d34'00"N      34d19'00"E
4.840000   33.570000   4d50'24"N      33d34'12"E
4.860000   33.480000   4d51'36"N      33d28'48"E
4.583333   34.128283   4d34'60"N      34d07'41.82"E
3.900000   33.633333   3d53'60"N      33d37'60"E
8.621234   33.066429   8d37'16.44"N   33d03'59.15"E
4.950000   35.283333   4d57'00"N      35d16'60"E
5.033333   35.266667   5d01'60"N      35d16'00"E
4.950000   35.350000   4d57'00"N      35d21'00"E
4.740000   33.610000   4d44'24"N      33d36'36"E
4.095278   33.646944   4d05'43"N      33d38'49"E
6.250000   34.450000   6d15'00"N      34d27'00"E
4.383333   33.516667   4d22'60"N      33d31'00"E
4.310000   33.560000   4d18'36"N      33d33'36"E
4.330000   33.660000   4d19'48"N      33d39'36"E
4.240000   33.500000   4d14'24"N      33d30'00"E
4.242778   33.508889   4d14'34"N      33d30'32"E
5.866667   34.283333   5d51'60"N      34d16'60"E
4.600000   34.366667   4d35'60"N      34d22'00"E
5.466667   34.266667   5d28'00"N      34d16'00"E
4.236360   33.954550   4d14'10.9"N    33d57'16.38"E
5.050000   35.633333   5d02'60"N      35d37'60"E
 4.336111   33.511667   4d20'10"N      33d30'42"E
 4.471389   33.942500   4d28'17"N      33d56'33"E
 4.950000   33.480000   4d57'00"N      33d28'48"E
 4.736667   33.273889   4d44'12"N      33d16'26"E
 5.283333   33.766667   5d16'60"N      33d46'00"E
 8.840000   26.030000   8d50'24"N      26d01'48"E
 5.250000   27.366667   5d15'00"N      27d22'00"E
 6.450000   28.466667   6d27'00"N      28d28'00"E
 6.601339   29.322884   6d36'04.82"N   29d19'22.38"E
 5.790000   29.910000   5d47'24"N      29d54'36"E
 6.033333   28.200000   6d01'60"N      28d11'60"E
 4.800000   28.960000   4d47'60"N      28d57'36"E
 7.040000   33.670000   7d02'24"N      33d40'12"E
 4.747778   33.830278   4d44'52"N      33d49'49"E
 9.150000   31.530000   9d09'00"N      31d31'48"E
 8.240000   30.290000   8d14'24"N      30d17'24"E
 8.850000   30.710000   8d50'60"N      30d42'36"E
 4.870000   33.725560   4d52'12"N      33d43'32.02"E
 8.320000   29.870000   8d19'12"N      29d52'12"E
 5.883333   34.100000   5d52'60"N      34d06'00"E
 7.180000   28.300000   7d10'48"N      28d18'00"E
 4.560670   32.497151   4d33'38.41"N   32d29'49.74"E
 6.766667   34.250000   6d46'00"N      34d15'00"E
 8.400000   27.350000   8d24'00"N      27d21'00"E
 7.350000   34.020000   7d20'60"N      34d01'12"E
 4.100000   33.850000   4d05'60"N      33d51'00"E
 9.403924   31.126308   9d24'14.12"N   31d07'34.71"E
 3.929565   30.355222   3d55'46.43"N   30d21'18.8"E
 9.170000   30.750000   9d10'12"N      30d45'00"E
 9.380000   31.380000   9d22'48"N      31d22'48"E
 7.908889   29.093333   7d54'32"N      29d05'36"E
 3.950000   32.060000   3d57'00"N      32d03'36"E
 7.610000   30.300000   7d36'36"N      30d18'00"E
 7.660000   26.330000   7d39'36"N      26d19'48"E
10.020000   30.080000   10d01'12"N     30d04'48"E
 5.130000   29.300000   5d07'48"N      29d18'00"E
 4.771904   29.633813   4d46'18.85"N   29d38'01.73"E
 4.701128   31.918206   4d42'04.06"N   31d55'05.54"E
 4.880000   29.490000   4d52'48"N      29d29'24"E
 8.200000   31.900000   8d11'60"N      31d53'60"E
 8.516667   32.866667   8d31'00"N      32d52'00"E
 6.420000   29.780000   6d25'12"N      29d46'48"E
 4.350000   32.630000   4d20'60"N      32d37'48"E
 9.320000   30.860000   9d19'12"N      30d51'36"E
 5.900000   33.833333   5d54'00"N      33d49'60"E
 4.560000   28.250000   4d33'36"N      28d15'00"E
 5.380000   33.290000   5d22'48"N      33d17'24"E
 4.630000   28.340000   4d37'48"N      28d20'24"E
 6.320000   29.760000   6d19'12"N      29d45'36"E
 4.933333   35.416667   4d55'60"N      35d25'00"E
 8.300000   31.583333   8d18'00"N      31d34'60"E
 3.850000   32.666667   3d51'00"N      32d40'00"E
 8.450000   28.240000   8d26'60"N      28d14'24"E
 4.950000   32.610000   4d57'00"N      32d36'36"E
 5.228180   29.518180   5d13'41.45"N   29d31'05.45"E
 5.820910   27.265450   5d49'15.28"N   27d15'55.62"E
 6.316667   27.100000   6d19'00"N      27d06'00"E
 8.033333   32.383333   8d01'60"N      32d22'60"E
 8.480000   30.080000   8d28'48"N      30d04'48"E
 8.170000   31.560000   8d10'12"N      31d33'36"E
 6.083333   28.600000   6d04'60"N      28d36'00"E
 7.801820   27.329090   7d48'06.55"N   27d19'44.72"E
 6.980000   29.110000   6d58'48"N      29d06'36"E
 5.400000   27.483333   5d24'00"N      27d28'60"E
 8.924170   29.617170   8d55'27.01"N   29d37'01.81"E
 6.266667   30.200000   6d16'00"N      30d11'60"E
 6.270000   30.180000   6d16'12"N      30d10'48"E
 7.650000   26.230000   7d39'00"N      26d13'48"E
 4.140000   30.690000   4d08'24"N      30d41'24"E
 8.810000   29.890000   8d48'36"N      29d53'24"E
 6.490000   31.150000   6d29'24"N      31d08'60"E
 6.000000   28.100000   6d00'00"N      28d06'00"E
 6.533333   26.516667   6d31'60"N      26d31'00"E
 8.750000   26.000000   8d45'00"N      26d00'00"E
 3.870000   31.970000   3d52'12"N      31d58'12"E
 7.730000   28.080000   7d43'48"N      28d04'48"E
 4.680000   29.300000   4d40'48"N      29d18'00"E
 9.330000   30.530000   9d19'48"N      30d31'48"E
 6.293333   31.309444   6d17'36"N      31d18'34"E
 9.022830   24.933330   9d01'22.19"N   24d55'59.99"E
 9.019567   29.686483   9d01'10.44"N   29d41'11.34"E
 5.050000   30.290000   5d02'60"N      30d17'24"E
 6.616667   32.800000   6d37'00"N      32d47'60"E
 6.590000   32.940000   6d35'24"N      32d56'24"E
 4.160000   30.690000   4d09'36"N      30d41'24"E
 8.220000   27.530000   8d13'12"N      27d31'48"E
 7.690000   28.780000   7d41'24"N      28d46'48"E
 9.090000   33.430000   9d05'24"N      33d25'48"E
 4.314722   31.007500   4d18'53"N      31d00'27"E
 4.346389   30.800000   4d20'47"N      30d48'00"E
10.130000   32.300000   10d07'48"N     32d17'60"E
 9.490000   31.020000   9d29'24"N      31d01'12"E
 7.710000   28.220000   7d42'36"N      28d13'12"E
 5.080000   30.650000   5d04'48"N      30d38'60"E
 9.210000   27.020000   9d12'36"N      27d01'12"E
 9.300000   31.790000   9d18'00"N      31d47'24"E
 5.050000   31.640000   5d02'60"N      31d38'24"E
 9.320000   31.820000   9d19'12"N      31d49'12"E
 4.983333   33.733889   4d58'60"N      33d44'02"E
 7.780000   33.040000   7d46'48"N      33d02'24"E
 7.640000   28.140000   7d38'24"N      28d08'24"E
 4.482500   33.274722   4d28'57"N      33d16'29"E
 9.302833   30.019833   9d18'10.2"N    30d01'11.4"E
 9.302830   34.096670   9d18'10.19"N   34d05'48.01"E
 3.601883   32.083052   3d36'06.78"N   32d04'58.99"E
 3.650000   31.966667   3d38'60"N      31d58'00"E
 9.090000   30.720000   9d05'24"N      30d43'12"E
 9.430000   33.490000   9d25'48"N      33d29'24"E
 9.023330   26.510000   9d01'23.99"N   26d30'36"E
 9.023330   26.980500   9d01'23.99"N   26d58'49.8"E
 6.900000   29.990000   6d54'00"N      29d59'24"E
 6.701944   30.554722   6d42'07"N      30d33'17"E
 4.800000   35.133333   4d47'60"N      35d07'60"E
 4.926667   32.377778   4d55'36"N      32d22'40"E
 8.233333   26.733333   8d13'60"N      26d43'60"E
 9.410000   31.130000   9d24'36"N      31d07'48"E
 9.170000   27.030000   9d10'12"N      27d01'48"E
 4.680000   30.550000   4d40'48"N      30d33'00"E
 8.600000   28.840000   8d35'60"N      28d50'24"E
 6.450000   31.200000   6d27'00"N      31d11'60"E
 7.716667   32.316667   7d43'00"N      32d19'00"E
 6.552330   29.791670   6d33'08.39"N   29d47'30.01"E
 5.283333   33.400000   5d16'60"N      33d23'60"E
 6.880000   29.300000   6d52'48"N      29d18'00"E
 8.483333   28.816667   8d28'60"N      28d49'00"E
 4.916667   35.750000   4d55'00"N      35d45'00"E
 6.150000   33.616667   6d09'00"N      33d37'00"E
10.400000   32.190000   10d24'00"N     32d11'24"E
 8.580000   33.030000   8d34'48"N      33d01'48"E
 8.866667   31.216667   8d52'00"N      31d13'00"E
 7.833333   30.616667   7d49'60"N      30d37'00"E
 8.516667   33.450000   8d31'00"N      33d27'00"E
 9.160000   32.190000   9d09'36"N      32d11'24"E
 7.233333   27.616667   7d13'60"N      27d37'00"E
 9.050000   27.400000   9d03'00"N      27d23'60"E
10.400000   32.183333   10d24'00"N     32d10'60"E
 3.830000   30.930000   3d49'48"N      30d55'48"E
 7.600000   30.250000   7d35'60"N      30d15'00"E
 9.170000   30.670000   9d10'12"N      30d40'12"E
 9.360000   29.900000   9d21'36"N      29d53'60"E
 9.050000   33.266667   9d03'00"N      33d16'00"E
 8.160000   30.810000   8d09'36"N      30d48'36"E
10.100000   33.860000   10d05'60"N     33d51'36"E
 9.060000   28.850000   9d03'36"N      28d51'00"E
 7.933333   29.983333   7d55'60"N      29d58'60"E
 9.260000   30.930000   9d15'36"N      30d55'48"E
 7.050000   28.033333   7d02'60"N      28d01'60"E
10.280000   33.630000   10d16'48"N     33d37'48"E
 6.500000   31.616667   6d30'00"N      31d37'00"E
 8.680000   33.720000   8d40'48"N      33d43'12"E
 5.480000   31.830000   5d28'48"N      31d49'48"E
 6.930000   30.850000   6d55'48"N      30d51'00"E
 6.138889   31.129444   6d08'20"N      31d07'46"E
 8.797850   28.442500   8d47'52.26"N   28d26'33"E
 8.797850   30.668450   8d47'52.26"N   30d40'06.42"E
 8.800000   28.920000   8d48'00"N      28d55'12"E
 5.366667   34.633333   5d22'00"N      34d37'60"E
 4.310000   31.610000   4d18'36"N      31d36'36"E
 9.690000   32.330000   9d41'24"N      32d19'48"E
 4.537270   28.848180   4d32'14.17"N   28d50'53.45"E
 8.680000   30.720000   8d40'48"N      30d43'12"E
 4.628611   32.085833   4d37'43"N      32d05'09"E
 8.420000   32.120000   8d25'12"N      32d07'12"E
 4.210556   32.001667   4d12'38"N      32d00'06"E
 7.583333   33.733333   7d34'60"N      33d43'60"E
 7.725833   30.248000   7d43'33"N      30d14'52.8"E
 7.723830   30.473330   7d43'25.79"N   30d28'23.99"E
 7.730000   30.240000   7d43'48"N      30d14'24"E
 4.126667   33.657778   4d07'36"N       33d39'28"E
 5.720000   31.200000   5d43'12"N       31d11'60"E
 6.610000   30.530000   6d36'36"N       30d31'48"E
 4.920000   30.350000   4d55'12"N       30d21'00"E
 7.066667   33.716667   7d04'00"N       33d43'00"E
 7.880000   28.880000   7d52'48"N       28d52'48"E
 9.135500   28.115500   9d08'07.8"N     28d06'55.8"E
 9.131693   26.976693   9d07'54.09"N    26d58'36.09"E
 9.311111   31.830278   9d18'40"N       31d49'49"E
 9.050000   26.520000   9d03'00"N       26d31'12"E
 7.622830   30.233330   7d37'22.19"N    30d13'59.99"E
 7.620000   32.975170   7d37'12"N       32d58'30.61"E
 9.695450   32.959090   9d41'43.62"N    32d57'32.72"E
 7.700000   30.270000   7d42'00"N       30d16'12"E
 8.910000   32.500000   8d54'36"N       32d30'00"E
 8.930000   28.740000   8d55'48"N       28d44'24"E
 6.790000   31.470000   6d47'24"N       31d28'12"E
 9.880000   33.460000   9d52'48"N       33d27'36"E
 9.130000   26.860000   9d07'48"N       26d51'36"E
 6.700000   30.580000   6d42'00"N       30d34'48"E
 7.990000   28.550000   7d59'24"N       28d33'00"E
 6.826389   31.450556   6d49'35"N       31d27'02"E
 6.160000   31.420000   6d09'36"N       31d25'12"E
 8.750000   34.016667   8d45'00"N       34d01'00"E
 4.800000   35.466667   4d47'60"N       35d28'00"E
 5.200000   35.350000   5d12'00"N       35d21'00"E
10.910000   32.780000   10d54'36"N      32d46'48"E
 7.012730   29.700000   7d00'45.83"N    29d41'60"E
 6.590000   32.750000   6d35'24"N       32d45'00"E
 8.620000   32.670000   8d37'12"N       32d40'12"E
 4.866667   31.016667   4d52'00"N       31d01'00"E
 8.950000   32.560000   8d56'60"N       32d33'36"E
 4.090000   30.970000   4d05'24"N       30d58'12"E
 9.190000   30.720000   9d11'24"N       30d43'12"E
 9.280000   32.060000   9d16'48"N       32d03'36"E
10.870000   32.480000   10d52'12"N      32d28'48"E
10.110000   33.440000   10d06'36"N      33d26'24"E
 6.180000   31.840000   6d10'48"N       31d50'24"E
 5.080000   33.760000   5d04'48"N       33d45'36"E
 4.916667   31.250000   4d55'00"N       31d15'00"E
 4.190000   30.690000   4d11'24"N       30d41'24"E
 4.450000   31.260000   4d27'00"N       31d15'36"E
 8.520000   33.170000   8d31'12"N       33d10'12"E
 4.500000   31.300000   4d30'00"N       31d18'00"E
 8.350000   32.516667   8d20'60"N       32d31'00"E
 8.900000   30.740000   8d54'00"N       30d44'24"E
10.140000   33.270000   10d08'24"N      33d16'12"E
10.050000   32.100000   10d03'00"N      32d06'00"E
 8.790000   28.520000   8d47'24"N       28d31'12"E
 6.133333   34.416667   6d07'60"N       34d25'00"E
 6.150000   27.700000   6d09'00"N       27d41'60"E
 8.690000   32.040000   8d41'24"N       32d02'24"E
10.017270   32.061820   10d01'02.17"N   32d03'42.55"E
10.008692   32.076721   10d00'31.29"N   32d04'36.2"E
 8.890000   28.300000   8d53'24"N       28d18'00"E
11.800000   32.810000   11d48'00"N      32d48'36"E
 6.090000   31.210000   6d05'24"N       31d12'36"E
 9.827778   31.984444   9d49'40"N       31d59'04"E
 3.840000   31.560000   3d50'24"N       31d33'36"E
 4.236039   30.681208   4d14'09.74"N    30d40'52.35"E
 6.460000   30.160000   6d27'36"N       30d09'36"E
 9.430000   31.270000   9d25'48"N       31d16'12"E
 9.410670   32.805000   9d24'38.41"N    32d48'18"E
 9.410670   31.309570   9d24'38.41"N    31d18'34.45"E
10.210000   32.250000   10d12'36"N      32d15'00"E
 7.920000   28.040000   7d55'12"N       28d02'24"E
 9.250000   30.510000   9d15'00"N       30d30'36"E
 9.390000   31.410000   9d23'24"N       31d24'36"E
 8.880000   31.810000   8d52'48"N       31d48'36"E
 9.680000   31.850000   9d40'48"N       31d51'00"E
 9.810000   32.040000   9d48'36"N       32d02'24"E
 6.710000   30.770000   6d42'36"N       30d46'12"E
 8.682862   32.035003   8d40'58.3"N     32d02'06.01"E
 9.630000   31.730000   9d37'48"N       31d43'48"E
 7.649830   28.231830   7d38'59.39"N    28d13'54.59"E
10.360000   32.240000   10d21'36"N      32d14'24"E
 9.290000   31.410000   9d17'24"N       31d24'36"E
 5.116667   34.483333   5d07'00"N       34d28'60"E
 8.610000   30.700000   8d36'36"N       30d41'60"E
 8.330000   30.100000   8d19'48"N       30d06'00"E
 8.760000   30.990000   8d45'36"N       30d59'24"E
 9.750000   30.190000   9d45'00"N       30d11'24"E
 3.940000   30.440000   3d56'24"N       30d26'24"E
 7.770000   30.280000   7d46'12"N       30d16'48"E
 8.440000   33.820000   8d26'24"N      33d49'12"E
 7.960000   26.080000   7d57'36"N      26d04'48"E
 4.883333   27.766667   4d52'60"N      27d46'00"E
 4.646927   28.255691   4d38'48.94"N   28d15'20.49"E
 7.766667   27.416667   7d46'00"N      27d25'00"E
 4.850000   27.950000   4d50'60"N      27d56'60"E
 6.876880   29.664098   6d52'36.77"N   29d39'50.75"E
 9.380000   31.530000   9d22'48"N      31d31'48"E
 4.054550   32.396360   4d03'16.38"N   32d23'46.9"E
 8.445450   31.626360   8d26'43.62"N   31d37'34.9"E
 3.950000   32.683333   3d57'00"N      32d40'60"E
 3.833333   32.683333   3d49'60"N      32d40'60"E
 9.560000   31.620000   9d33'36"N      31d37'12"E
 9.620000   31.710000   9d37'12"N      31d42'36"E
 7.690000   33.070000   7d41'24"N      33d04'12"E
 4.046389   32.250278   4d02'47"N      32d15'01"E
10.270000   32.240000   10d16'12"N     32d14'24"E
 7.033333   34.133333   7d01'60"N      34d07'60"E
 7.270000   25.920000   7d16'12"N      25d55'12"E
 4.333597   30.468008   4d20'00.95"N   30d28'04.83"E
 7.343056   30.340000   7d20'35"N      30d20'24"E
 4.508889   32.253056   4d30'32"N      32d15'11"E
 3.800000   30.620000   3d47'60"N      30d37'12"E
 4.234167   32.222778   4d14'03"N      32d13'22"E
 9.310000   31.770000   9d18'36"N      31d46'12"E
 9.390000   31.380000   9d23'24"N      31d22'48"E
 7.970000   27.080000   7d58'12"N      27d04'48"E
 9.350000   31.590000   9d20'60"N      31d35'24"E
 7.500000   27.850000   7d30'00"N      27d51'00"E
 4.266389   32.600833   4d15'59"N      32d36'03"E
 9.640000   31.760000   9d38'24"N      31d45'36"E
 9.610000   31.650000   9d36'36"N      31d38'60"E
 9.655000   31.688056   9d39'18"N      31d41'17"E
10.140000   32.270000   10d08'24"N     32d16'12"E
 4.116667   32.283333   4d07'00"N      32d16'60"E
 3.870000   33.480000   3d52'12"N      33d28'48"E
 3.966667   33.466667   3d58'00"N      33d28'00"E
 7.380000   30.531111   7d22'48"N      30d31'52"E
 4.490085   32.169646   4d29'24.31"N   32d10'10.73"E
 4.940000   29.500000   4d56'24"N      29d30'00"E
 4.100000   32.240000   4d05'60"N      32d14'24"E
 9.450000   31.640000   9d26'60"N      31d38'24"E
 8.650000   32.720000   8d39'00"N      32d43'12"E
 8.650000   28.387170   8d39'00"N      28d23'13.81"E
 3.952730   30.490910   3d57'09.83"N   30d29'27.28"E
 7.680000   28.070000   7d40'48"N      28d04'12"E
 3.810000   30.610000   3d48'36"N      30d36'36"E
 3.600000   32.100000   3d36'00"N      32d06'00"E
 3.954550   30.608180   3d57'16.38"N   30d36'29.45"E
 3.800000   31.870000   3d47'60"N      31d52'12"E
 4.130000   32.290000   4d07'48"N      32d17'24"E
 4.481389   32.152500   4d28'53"N      32d09'09"E
 7.570000   33.700000   7d34'12"N      33d42'00"E
 7.010000   34.240000   7d00'36"N      34d14'24"E
 4.681820   32.181820   4d40'54.55"N   32d10'54.55"E
 4.258889   32.077500   4d15'32"N      32d04'39"E
 8.480000   26.500000   8d28'48"N      26d30'00"E
 5.512778   29.816389   5d30'46"N      29d48'59"E
 3.883333   32.183333   3d52'60"N      32d10'60"E
 4.185833   32.296667   4d11'09"N      32d17'48"E
 4.589151   31.060494   4d35'20.94"N   31d03'37.78"E
10.330000   32.350000   10d19'48"N     32d21'00"E
 4.490556   32.053889   4d29'26"N      32d03'14"E
 3.925056   32.055443   3d55'30.2"N    32d03'19.59"E
 4.210000   33.050000   4d12'36"N      33d02'60"E
 4.239167   32.339722   4d14'21"N      32d20'23"E
 6.260000   32.390000   6d15'36"N      32d23'24"E
 4.200000   33.550000   4d12'00"N      33d32'60"E
 3.983333   32.916667   3d58'60"N      32d55'00"E
 9.870667   31.891500   9d52'14.4"N    31d53'29.4"E
 3.983333   33.100000   3d58'60"N      33d06'00"E
 7.660000   28.100000   7d39'36"N      28d06'00"E
 7.590000   28.100000   7d35'24"N      28d06'00"E
10.020000   32.170000   10d01'12"N     32d10'12"E
 9.420000   31.550000   9d25'12"N      31d33'00"E
 6.530000   29.960000   6d31'48"N      29d57'36"E
 7.900000   29.450000   7d54'00"N      29d26'60"E
 8.050000   28.110000   8d03'00"N      28d06'36"E
 4.225000   33.489861   4d13'30"N      33d29'23.5"E
 5.180000   33.670000   5d10'48"N      33d40'12"E
 5.533333   34.250000   5d31'60"N      34d15'00"E
 9.400000   33.950000   9d24'00"N      33d57'00"E
 7.460000   31.420000   7d27'36"N      31d25'12"E
 8.440000   31.800000   8d26'24"N      31d48'00"E
 7.370000   30.150000   7d22'12"N       30d08'60"E
 8.770000   32.690000   8d46'12"N       32d41'24"E
 7.320000   30.390000   7d19'12"N       30d23'24"E
 3.738180   30.960000   3d44'17.45"N    30d57'36"E
 6.980000   31.320000   6d58'48"N       31d19'12"E
10.000000   32.190000   10d00'00"N      32d11'24"E
 9.670000   32.140000   9d40'12"N       32d08'24"E
 7.470000   30.466944   7d28'12"N       30d28'01"E
 8.016670   30.670670   8d01'00.01"N    30d40'14.41"E
 8.016667   29.845167   8d01'00"N       29d50'42.6"E
 6.590000   31.310000   6d35'24"N       31d18'36"E
 6.890000   31.310000   6d53'24"N       31d18'36"E
 9.770000   30.080000   9d46'12"N       30d04'48"E
 7.166667   31.116667   7d10'00"N       31d07'00"E
 7.040000   31.170000   7d02'24"N       31d10'12"E
 6.697621   29.814740   6d41'51.43"N    29d48'53.06"E
 6.660000   29.760000   6d39'36"N       29d45'36"E
 9.040000   29.300000   9d02'24"N       29d18'00"E
 6.428170   31.553670   6d25'41.41"N    31d33'13.21"E
 6.443395   31.545101   6d26'36.22"N    31d32'42.36"E
10.070000   29.980000   10d04'12"N      29d58'48"E
 8.409000   32.726000   8d24'32.4"N     32d43'33.6"E
 8.409000   30.186000   8d24'32.4"N     30d11'09.6"E
 9.670000   30.120000   9d40'12"N       30d07'12"E
 8.100000   30.020000   8d05'60"N       30d01'12"E
 9.190000   33.870000   9d11'24"N       33d52'12"E
 6.910000   30.860000   6d54'36"N       30d51'36"E
 9.649500   29.100000   9d38'58.2"N     29d06'00"E
 9.710000   32.170000   9d42'36"N       32d10'12"E
 8.740000   33.030000   8d44'24"N       33d01'48"E
 6.883333   29.533333   6d52'60"N       29d31'60"E
 4.010000   30.640000   4d00'36"N       30d38'24"E
 6.540000   31.320000   6d32'24"N       31d19'12"E
 8.472330   28.352830   8d28'20.39"N    28d21'10.19"E
 6.170000   31.400000   6d10'12"N       31d23'60"E
 5.605560   32.097220   5d36'20.02"N    32d05'49.99"E
 5.596670   27.918850   5d35'48.01"N    27d55'07.86"E
 6.733322   30.411580   6d43'59.96"N    30d24'41.69"E
 6.762500   31.601500   6d45'45"N       31d36'05.4"E
 3.847270   31.954550   3d50'50.17"N    31d57'16.38"E
 6.910000   31.320000   6d54'36"N       31d19'12"E
 8.136728   31.528976   8d08'12.22"N    31d31'44.32"E
 8.711833   31.262333   8d42'42.6"N     31d15'44.4"E
 8.718000   33.083330   8d43'04.8"N     33d04'59.99"E
 7.598056   30.790000   7d35'53"N       30d47'24"E
 7.566667   29.783333   7d34'00"N       29d46'60"E
 6.570000   30.238830   6d34'12"N       30d14'19.79"E
10.022170   30.191000   10d01'19.81"N   30d11'27.6"E
 6.280000   31.310000   6d16'48"N       31d18'36"E
 8.131820   29.415450   8d07'54.55"N    29d24'55.62"E
 7.140000   31.360000   7d08'24"N       31d21'36"E
 7.142170   33.759170   7d08'31.81"N    33d45'33.01"E
 7.080000   31.230000   7d04'48"N       31d13'48"E
 7.030000   30.090000   7d01'48"N       30d05'24"E
 8.750910   31.250000   8d45'03.28"N    31d15'00"E
 9.116304   30.760217   9d06'58.69"N    30d45'36.78"E
 9.180000   30.750000   9d10'48"N       30d45'00"E
 9.177170   28.234000   9d10'37.81"N    28d14'02.4"E
 8.690000   32.800000   8d41'24"N       32d47'60"E
 5.310278   29.370833   5d18'37"N       29d22'15"E
 3.960000   32.030000   3d57'36"N       32d01'48"E
 7.340000   30.400000   7d20'24"N       30d23'60"E
 6.670000   30.950000   6d40'12"N       30d56'60"E
 6.116667   34.066667   6d07'00"N       34d04'00"E
 6.840000   31.390000   6d50'24"N       31d23'24"E
 7.746000   31.689167   7d44'45.6"N     31d41'21"E
 7.739330   31.399500   7d44'21.59"N    31d23'58.2"E
 6.840000   31.320000   6d50'24"N       31d19'12"E
 6.896944   30.648611   6d53'49"N       30d38'55"E
 6.260000   30.120000   6d15'36"N       30d07'12"E
 9.309564   31.637123   9d18'34.43"N    31d38'13.64"E
 6.570000   29.798330   6d34'12"N       29d47'53.99"E
 9.820000   30.170000   9d49'12"N       30d10'12"E
 8.932500   28.115500   8d55'57"N       28d06'55.8"E
 8.932500   32.053670   8d55'57"N       32d03'13.21"E
 6.130000   31.160000   6d07'48"N       31d09'36"E
 3.790000   30.780000   3d47'24"N       30d46'48"E
 6.850000   30.640000   6d50'60"N       30d38'24"E
 7.140670   33.071670   7d08'26.41"N    33d04'18.01"E
 8.460000   30.650000   8d27'36"N       30d38'60"E
 7.733000   29.933330   7d43'58.8"N     29d55'59.99"E
 4.030000   32.120000   4d01'48"N       32d07'12"E
 8.610000   28.890000   8d36'36"N       28d53'24"E
 8.016667   31.866667   8d01'00"N       31d52'00"E
 6.660000   31.260000   6d39'36"N       31d15'36"E
 7.980500   29.319830   7d58'49.8"N     29d19'11.39"E
 6.966020   31.380841   6d57'57.67"N    31d22'51.03"E
 6.950330   33.000000   6d57'01.19"N    33d00'00"E
 6.640000   31.260000   6d38'24"N       31d15'36"E
 6.660000   31.230000   6d39'36"N       31d13'48"E
 9.860000   30.080000   9d51'36"N       30d04'48"E
 8.927440   33.757860   8d55'38.78"N    33d45'28.3"E
 6.740000   30.130000   6d44'24"N       30d07'48"E
10.456789   32.540934   10d27'24.44"N   32d32'27.36"E
 8.860000   28.390000   8d51'36"N       28d23'24"E
 4.050000   32.450000   4d02'60"N       32d27'00"E
 7.730000   28.930000   7d43'48"N       28d55'48"E
 3.900000   32.637270   3d53'60"N       32d38'14.17"E
 3.920000   32.600000   3d55'12"N       32d36'00"E
 8.310000   28.620000   8d18'36"N       28d37'12"E
 8.852670   29.623000   8d51'09.61"N    29d37'22.8"E
 8.890000   33.750000   8d53'24"N       33d45'00"E
 7.020000   30.080000   7d01'12"N       30d04'48"E
 9.840000   32.230000   9d50'24"N       32d13'48"E
 9.890000   32.180000   9d53'24"N       32d10'48"E
 9.085748   28.223741   9d05'08.69"N    28d13'25.47"E
 6.590000   31.270000   6d35'24"N       31d16'12"E
 7.970000   29.410000   7d58'12"N       29d24'36"E
 5.924444   31.585000   5d55'28"N       31d35'06"E
 6.940000   29.240000   6d56'24"N       29d14'24"E
 8.607549   28.362863   8d36'27.18"N    28d21'46.31"E
 7.020000   29.320000   7d01'12"N       29d19'12"E
 6.678297   29.842660   6d40'41.87"N    29d50'33.58"E
 6.560000   30.140000   6d33'36"N       30d08'24"E
 6.450000   29.870000   6d27'00"N       29d52'12"E
 6.520000   29.700000   6d31'12"N       29d41'60"E
 6.510000   30.530000   6d30'36"N       30d31'48"E
 9.710000   32.190000   9d42'36"N       32d11'24"E
 9.700000   32.300000   9d41'60"N       32d17'60"E
 9.650000   32.320000   9d39'00"N       32d19'12"E
 7.562500   32.984170   7d33'45"N       32d59'03.01"E
 6.940000   29.470000   6d56'24"N       29d28'12"E
 7.060000   30.600000   7d03'36"N       30d36'00"E
 7.390000   30.420000   7d23'24"N       30d25'12"E
 6.320000   31.060000   6d19'12"N       31d03'36"E
 6.560000   31.120000   6d33'36"N       31d07'12"E
 7.160000   29.480000   7d09'36"N       29d28'48"E
 6.450000   29.950000   6d27'00"N       29d56'60"E
 7.230000   29.420000   7d13'48"N       29d25'12"E
 7.550000   28.740000   7d32'60"N       28d44'24"E
 6.840000   29.440000   6d50'24"N       29d26'24"E
 7.010000   29.300000   7d00'36"N       29d18'00"E
 6.640000   30.940000   6d38'24"N       30d56'24"E
 6.740000   31.160000   6d44'24"N       31d09'36"E
 8.227270   28.486360   8d13'38.17"N    28d29'10.9"E
 8.847170   30.014830   8d50'49.81"N    30d00'53.39"E
 8.847167   28.234000   8d50'49.8"N     28d14'02.4"E
 7.555500   25.316670   7d33'19.8"N     25d19'00.01"E
 9.181279   28.050324   9d10'52.61"N    28d03'01.17"E
 8.702802   33.594111   8d42'10.09"N    33d35'38.8"E
 6.860000   29.410000   6d51'36"N       29d24'36"E
 6.480000   29.960000   6d28'48"N       29d57'36"E
 8.711500   27.749476   8d42'41.4"N     27d44'58.11"E
 9.082170   26.922830   9d04'55.81"N    26d55'22.19"E
 9.060000   26.930000   9d03'36"N       26d55'48"E
 7.252488   29.480856   7d15'08.96"N    29d28'51.08"E
 7.280000   29.540000   7d16'48"N       29d32'24"E
 3.710000   30.790000   3d42'36"N       30d47'24"E
 7.168333   31.411667   7d10'06"N       31d24'42"E
 3.681820   30.643640   3d40'54.55"N    30d38'37.1"E
 8.800000   32.610000   8d48'00"N       32d36'36"E
10.066667   29.966667   10d04'00"N      29d58'00"E
 6.620000   31.250000   6d37'12"N       31d15'00"E
 7.660000   33.060000   7d39'36"N       33d03'36"E
 9.850000   32.120000   9d50'60"N       32d07'12"E
 7.849292   31.796794   7d50'57.45"N    31d47'48.46"E
 3.776360   31.027270   3d46'34.9"N     31d01'38.17"E
 6.110000   31.210000   6d06'36"N       31d12'36"E
 6.510000   31.320000   6d30'36"N       31d19'12"E
 4.683333   31.300000   4d40'60"N       31d18'00"E
 7.010000   30.410000   7d00'36"N       30d24'36"E
 3.873833   32.471333   3d52'25.8"N     32d28'16.8"E
 7.250000   30.610000   7d15'00"N       30d36'36"E
 7.110000   31.140000   7d06'36"N       31d08'24"E
 4.027270   30.710000   4d01'38.17"N    30d42'36"E
 5.980000   31.660000   5d58'48"N       31d39'36"E
 5.670000   31.020000   5d40'12"N       31d01'12"E
 3.710000   30.800000   3d42'36"N       30d48'00"E
 9.050000   26.940000   9d03'00"N       26d56'24"E
 7.280000   30.360000   7d16'48"N       30d21'36"E
 4.100000   31.060000   4d05'60"N       31d03'36"E
 8.690000   34.120000   8d41'24"N       34d07'12"E
 6.180000   31.790000   6d10'48"N       31d47'24"E
 4.334722   33.097500   4d20'05"N       33d05'51"E
 8.088447   31.798000   8d05'18.41"N    31d47'52.8"E
 6.650000   31.250000   6d39'00"N       31d15'00"E
 6.679444   31.225556   6d40'46"N       31d13'32"E
 3.900000   31.990000   3d53'60"N       31d59'24"E
 8.910000   32.460000   8d54'36"N       32d27'36"E
 6.734444   31.198056   6d44'04"N       31d11'53"E
 9.418924   31.557344   9d25'08.12"N    31d33'26.44"E
 7.414444   30.495833   7d24'52"N       30d29'45"E
 9.700000   30.120000   9d41'60"N       30d07'12"E
 6.780000   31.110000   6d46'48"N       31d06'36"E
 8.780000   32.630000   8d46'48"N       32d37'48"E
 5.526111   30.409722   5d31'34"N       30d24'35"E
 7.993170   30.630330   7d59'35.41"N    30d37'49.19"E
 7.990000   31.970000   7d59'24"N       31d58'12"E
 3.918180   30.729090   3d55'05.45"N    30d43'44.72"E
 6.483333   30.383333   6d28'60"N       30d22'60"E
 6.850000   31.340000   6d50'60"N       31d20'24"E
 4.440000   32.540000   4d26'24"N       32d32'24"E
10.070830   32.285000   10d04'14.99"N   32d17'06"E
 8.523170   32.066330   8d31'23.41"N    32d03'58.79"E
 4.416667   31.300000   4d25'00"N       31d18'00"E
 7.105956   27.923889   7d06'21.44"N    27d55'26"E
 4.556944   31.510556   4d33'25"N       31d30'38"E
 6.170000   31.290000   6d10'12"N       31d17'24"E
 4.130000   30.730000   4d07'48"N       30d43'48"E
 6.197881   31.946581   6d11'52.37"N    31d56'47.69"E
 6.910000   34.430000   6d54'36"N       34d25'48"E
 7.070000   33.000000   7d04'12"N       33d00'00"E
 4.850000   31.100000   4d50'60"N       31d06'00"E
10.049170   29.958330   10d02'57.01"N   29d57'29.99"E
 5.750000   31.550000   5d45'00"N       31d33'00"E
 4.657500   31.906944   4d39'27"N       31d54'25"E
 4.490000   31.280000   4d29'24"N       31d16'48"E
 7.240000   30.470000   7d14'24"N       30d28'12"E
 4.100000   30.970000   4d05'60"N       30d58'12"E
 4.040000   30.720000   4d02'24"N       30d43'12"E
 8.963830   28.015500   8d57'49.79"N    28d00'55.8"E
 7.040000   30.080000   7d02'24"N       30d04'48"E
 9.000000   28.070000   9d00'00"N       28d04'12"E
 8.766667   32.100000   8d46'00"N       32d06'00"E
 6.794333   33.129667   6d47'39.6"N     33d07'46.8"E
 8.050000   32.016667   8d03'00"N       32d01'00"E
 8.044833   32.027167   8d02'41.4"N     32d01'37.8"E
 9.390000   30.850000   9d23'24"N       30d51'00"E
 5.910000   30.160000   5d54'36"N       30d09'36"E
 8.260000   30.200000   8d15'36"N       30d11'60"E
 8.590000   28.430000   8d35'24"N       28d25'48"E
 7.083333   31.333333   7d04'60"N       31d19'60"E
 7.050000   31.240000   7d02'60"N       31d14'24"E
 3.990000   30.740000   3d59'24"N       30d44'24"E
 4.160000   30.540000   4d09'36"N       30d32'24"E
 4.240000   30.730000   4d14'24"N       30d43'48"E
 4.920000   31.490000   4d55'12"N       31d29'24"E
 4.227222   31.105000   4d13'38"N       31d06'18"E
 6.716667   30.933333   6d43'00"N       30d55'60"E
 7.166667   34.083333   7d10'00"N       34d04'60"E
 7.178330   28.435470   7d10'41.99"N    28d26'07.69"E
 7.178333   34.096667   7d10'42"N       34d05'48"E
 7.190000   29.440000   7d11'24"N       29d26'24"E
 3.770000   30.620000   3d46'12"N       30d37'12"E
 8.066667   32.700000   8d04'00"N       32d42'00"E
 5.630000   31.820000   5d37'48"N       31d49'12"E
 6.754550   30.113640   6d45'16.38"N    30d06'49.1"E
 5.562778   31.292222   5d33'46"N       31d17'32"E
 6.150000   31.490000   6d09'00"N       31d29'24"E
 3.720648   31.653455   3d43'14.33"N    31d39'12.44"E
 4.116389   32.765278   4d06'59"N       32d45'55"E
 5.304550   34.592730   5d18'16.38"N    34d35'33.83"E
 9.480944   30.733628   9d28'51.4"N     30d44'01.06"E
 5.530000   31.410000   5d31'48"N       31d24'36"E
 8.480000   28.090000   8d28'48"N       28d05'24"E
 7.340000   30.430000   7d20'24"N       30d25'48"E
 8.940000   29.840000   8d56'24"N       29d50'24"E
 5.500000   28.500000   5d30'00"N       28d30'00"E
 8.020000   30.132730   8d01'12"N       30d07'57.83"E
 8.558180   27.275450   8d33'29.45"N    27d16'31.62"E
 3.791820   32.495450   3d47'30.55"N    32d29'43.62"E
 9.110000   29.800000   9d06'36"N       29d48'00"E
 7.020000   30.410000   7d01'12"N      30d24'36"E
 6.183333   30.333333   6d10'60"N      30d19'60"E
 6.966667   30.400000   6d58'00"N      30d23'60"E
 6.960000   30.800000   6d57'36"N      30d48'00"E
 6.990000   30.760000   6d59'24"N      30d45'36"E
 8.140000   30.070000   8d08'24"N      30d04'12"E
 9.316667   33.583333   9d19'00"N      33d34'60"E
 9.398080   30.789083   9d23'53.09"N   30d47'20.7"E
 6.645833   31.001944   6d38'45"N      31d00'07"E
 6.790000   30.780000   6d47'24"N      30d46'48"E
 8.220000   33.160000   8d13'12"N      33d09'36"E
 9.233333   33.650000   9d13'60"N      33d38'60"E
 6.480000   30.090000   6d28'48"N      30d05'24"E
 8.160910   29.141820   8d09'39.28"N   29d08'30.55"E
 8.121500   31.960500   8d07'17.4"N    31d57'37.8"E
 8.066667   30.116667   8d04'00"N      30d07'00"E
 8.150000   30.066667   8d09'00"N      30d04'00"E
 8.116667   30.116667   8d07'00"N      30d07'00"E
 6.320000   29.970000   6d19'12"N      29d58'12"E
 7.000000   30.320000   7d00'00"N      30d19'12"E
 7.336833   30.412667   7d20'12.6"N    30d24'45.6"E
 8.133333   30.116667   8d07'60"N      30d07'00"E
 8.594500   31.948500   8d35'40.2"N    31d56'54.6"E
 4.998333   29.102778   4d59'54"N      29d06'10"E
 8.083333   32.816667   8d04'60"N      32d49'00"E
 8.620000   29.950000   8d37'12"N      29d56'60"E
 6.066667   30.250000   6d04'00"N      30d15'00"E
 9.610000   31.660000   9d36'36"N      31d39'36"E
 9.333333   31.650000   9d19'60"N      31d38'60"E
 9.750000   25.860000   9d45'00"N      25d51'36"E
 4.590000   30.220000   4d35'24"N      30d13'12"E
10.816667   33.250000   10d49'00"N     33d15'00"E
10.966667   32.666667   10d58'00"N     32d40'00"E
 6.733333   26.333333   6d43'60"N      26d19'60"E
11.783333   32.916667   11d46'60"N     32d55'00"E
 9.773640   30.130000   9d46'25.1"N    30d07'48"E
 7.420000   29.030000   7d25'12"N      29d01'48"E
 8.494167   30.633333   8d29'39"N      30d37'60"E
 8.916667   27.450000   8d55'00"N      27d26'60"E
 8.550000   25.710000   8d33'00"N      25d42'36"E
 7.710000   26.240000   7d42'36"N      26d14'24"E
 7.400000   27.610000   7d24'00"N      27d36'36"E
 7.850000   27.760000   7d50'60"N      27d45'36"E
 6.933333   30.100000   6d55'60"N      30d06'00"E
 3.750000   30.860000   3d45'00"N      30d51'36"E
 6.850000   27.990000   6d50'60"N      27d59'24"E
 8.466670   28.473830   8d28'00.01"N   28d28'25.79"E
 6.666667   27.983333   6d40'00"N      27d58'60"E
 8.840000   32.580000   8d50'24"N      32d34'48"E
 8.500000   28.166667   8d30'00"N      28d10'00"E
 8.462386   25.680952   8d27'44.59"N   25d40'51.43"E
 9.500000   29.000000   9d30'00"N      29d00'00"E
 8.910000   27.450000   8d54'36"N      27d26'60"E
 7.850000   28.330000   7d50'60"N      28d19'48"E
 3.900000   31.660000   3d53'60"N      31d39'36"E
 5.366667   31.700000   5d22'00"N      31d41'60"E
 4.222222   32.135278   4d13'20"N      32d08'07"E
 4.050000   33.170000   4d02'60"N      33d10'12"E
 3.790000   30.600000   3d47'24"N      30d36'00"E
 3.780000   31.660000   3d46'48"N      31d39'36"E
 9.233333   29.733333   9d13'60"N      29d43'60"E
 7.730000   30.290000   7d43'48"N      30d17'24"E
 8.970000   27.200000   8d58'12"N      27d11'60"E
 7.150000   28.610000   7d09'00"N      28d36'36"E
 5.446709   31.373155   5d26'48.15"N   31d22'23.36"E
 6.070000   30.520000   6d04'12"N      30d31'12"E
 4.750000   31.580000   4d45'00"N      31d34'48"E
 5.540000   31.320000   5d32'24"N      31d19'12"E
 7.783333   27.400000   7d46'60"N      27d23'60"E
 6.560000   31.300000   6d33'36"N      31d18'00"E
 7.783333   29.916667   7d46'60"N      29d55'00"E
 4.160000   30.590000   4d09'36"N      30d35'24"E
 8.440000   28.710000   8d26'24"N      28d42'36"E
 9.280000   29.540000   9d16'48"N      29d32'24"E
 9.022222   31.375556   9d01'20"N      31d22'32"E
 9.910000   30.100000   9d54'36"N      30d06'00"E
11.750000   32.800000   11d45'00"N     32d47'60"E
 5.800000   27.766667   5d47'60"N      27d46'00"E
 5.516667   28.866667   5d31'00"N      28d52'00"E
 5.383333   29.166667   5d22'60"N      29d10'00"E
 8.200000   31.800000   8d11'60"N      31d48'00"E
 6.880000   29.470000   6d52'48"N      29d28'12"E
 8.320000   28.060000   8d19'12"N      28d03'36"E
 7.783333   32.016667   7d46'60"N      32d01'00"E
 9.230000   26.880000   9d13'48"N      26d52'48"E
 8.858330   27.564500   8d51'29.99"N   27d33'52.2"E
 8.858330   28.350000   8d51'29.99"N   28d21'00"E
 7.950000   28.410000   7d57'00"N      28d24'36"E
 8.630000   27.810000   8d37'48"N      27d48'36"E
 9.916667   30.016667   9d55'00"N      30d01'00"E
 9.704440   30.157060   9d42'15.98"N   30d09'25.42"E
 6.240000   28.690000   6d14'24"N      28d41'24"E
 5.207222   29.320556   5d12'26"N      29d19'14"E
 4.059444   31.167500   4d03'34"N      31d10'03"E
 3.900000   30.866667   3d53'60"N      30d52'00"E
 8.710000   32.700000   8d42'36"N      32d42'00"E
 8.870000   33.190000   8d52'12"N      33d11'24"E
 9.092500   32.745670   9d05'33"N      32d44'44.41"E
 7.110000   29.781667   7d06'36"N      29d46'54"E
 9.080000   30.750000   9d04'48"N      30d45'00"E
 9.021830   30.244480   9d01'18.59"N   30d14'40.13"E
 9.025500   29.161833   9d01'31.8"N    29d09'42.6"E
 7.916667   32.633333   7d55'00"N      32d37'60"E
 8.610000   28.590000   8d36'36"N      28d35'24"E
 6.300000   28.716667   6d17'60"N      28d43'00"E
 4.533333   30.266667   4d31'60"N      30d16'00"E
 4.833333   30.483333   4d49'60"N      30d28'60"E
 7.566667   26.000000   7d34'00"N      26d00'00"E
 5.700000   27.850000   5d42'00"N      27d51'00"E
 7.933333   26.550000   7d55'60"N      26d33'00"E
 6.016667   34.033333   6d01'00"N      34d01'60"E
 9.466667   24.716667   9d28'00"N      24d43'00"E
 5.916667   27.716667   5d55'00"N      27d43'00"E
 9.200000   29.091667   9d11'60"N      29d05'30"E
10.033333   25.033333   10d01'60"N     25d01'60"E
 7.340000   27.610000   7d20'24"N      27d36'36"E
 7.920000   27.610000   7d55'12"N      27d36'36"E
 4.733333   31.000000   4d43'60"N      31d00'00"E
 6.538180   31.300000   6d32'17.45"N   31d18'00"E
 5.583333   28.833333   5d34'60"N      28d49'60"E
 5.461389   29.955833   5d27'41"N      29d57'21"E
 6.550000   29.970000   6d32'60"N      29d58'12"E
 4.700000   28.582730   4d42'00"N      28d34'57.83"E
 4.930000   28.190000   4d55'48"N      28d11'24"E
 8.450000   25.216667   8d26'60"N      25d13'00"E
 5.334283   29.596187   5d20'03.42"N   29d35'46.27"E
 3.660000   30.680000   3d39'36"N      30d40'48"E
 6.733333   34.566667   6d43'60"N      34d34'00"E
 4.116111   32.331389   4d06'58"N      32d19'53"E
 4.733333   29.750000   4d43'60"N      29d45'00"E
 5.983333   34.300000   5d58'60"N      34d17'60"E
 6.383333   34.550000   6d22'60"N      34d32'60"E
 8.866667   26.183333   8d52'00"N      26d10'60"E
 4.332222   30.540833   4d19'56"N      30d32'27"E
 7.766667   29.600000   7d46'00"N      29d36'00"E
 5.500000   35.083333   5d30'00"N      35d04'60"E
 7.150000   28.683333   7d09'00"N      28d40'60"E
 4.112222   32.695556   4d06'44"N      32d41'44"E
 4.766667   28.850000   4d46'00"N      28d51'00"E
 4.810556   29.121667   4d48'38"N      29d07'18"E
 5.033333   35.166667   5d01'60"N      35d10'00"E
 4.866667   35.800000   4d52'00"N      35d47'60"E
 3.700000   30.983333   3d42'00"N      30d58'60"E
 4.412778   30.569722   4d24'46"N      30d34'11"E
 4.400000   32.516667   4d24'00"N      32d31'00"E
 4.356111   30.551944   4d21'22"N      30d33'07"E
 7.916667   25.933333   7d55'00"N      25d55'60"E
 4.700000   35.100000   4d42'00"N      35d06'00"E
 7.433333   33.233333   7d25'60"N      33d13'60"E
 4.616667   32.200000   4d37'00"N      32d12'00"E
 4.700000   35.650000   4d42'00"N      35d38'60"E
 6.200000   27.200000   6d12'00"N      27d11'60"E
 9.133333   26.950000   9d07'60"N      26d56'60"E
 5.266667   28.950000   5d16'00"N      28d56'60"E
 6.933333   30.266667   6d55'60"N      30d16'00"E
 4.644167   31.695000   4d38'39"N      31d41'42"E
 3.966667   31.700000   3d58'00"N      31d41'60"E
 5.300000   34.433333   5d17'60"N      34d25'60"E
 5.333333   34.000000   5d19'60"N      34d00'00"E
 4.533333   33.933333   4d31'60"N      33d55'60"E
 4.933333   34.600000   4d55'60"N      34d36'00"E
 5.116667   35.100000   5d07'00"N      35d06'00"E
 4.866667   34.516667   4d52'00"N      34d31'00"E
 4.916667   31.650000   4d55'00"N      31d38'60"E
 7.366667   26.416667   7d22'00"N      26d25'00"E
 4.316667   31.766667   4d19'00"N      31d46'00"E
 9.850000   25.650000   9d50'60"N      25d38'60"E
 5.733333   27.883333   5d43'60"N      27d52'60"E
 5.333333   30.333333   5d19'60"N      30d19'60"E
 4.825833   28.880278   4d49'33"N      28d52'49"E
 4.400000   28.383333   4d24'00"N      28d22'60"E
 5.033333   35.100000   5d01'60"N      35d06'00"E
 5.100000   35.416667   5d05'60"N      35d25'00"E
 5.583333   34.050000   5d34'60"N      34d02'60"E
 6.300000   34.583333   6d17'60"N      34d34'60"E
 4.950000   31.966667   4d57'00"N      31d58'00"E
 4.108611   32.704167   4d06'31"N      32d42'15"E
 5.033333   35.150000   5d01'60"N      35d08'60"E
 4.550000   32.200000   4d32'60"N      32d12'00"E
 8.700000   27.666667   8d41'60"N      27d40'00"E
 6.083333   29.400000   6d04'60"N      29d23'60"E
 6.366667   29.766667   6d22'00"N      29d46'00"E
 5.266667   30.266667   5d16'00"N      30d16'00"E
 9.383333   24.716667   9d22'60"N      24d43'00"E
 8.850000   26.183333   8d50'60"N      26d10'60"E
 5.966667   30.816667   5d58'00"N      30d49'00"E
 6.250000   34.366667   6d15'00"N      34d22'00"E
 6.533333   34.850000   6d31'60"N      34d51'00"E
 6.483333   29.233333   6d28'60"N      29d13'60"E
 5.000000   35.350000   5d00'00"N      35d21'00"E
 3.950000   31.683333   3d57'00"N      31d40'60"E
 4.866667   31.633333   4d52'00"N      31d37'60"E
 7.050000   27.216667   7d02'60"N      27d13'00"E
 6.250000   30.216667   6d15'00"N      30d13'00"E
 6.016667   27.800000   6d01'00"N      27d48'00"E
 5.059722   28.240000   5d03'35"N      28d14'24"E
 5.033333   28.616667   5d01'60"N      28d37'00"E
 7.900000   25.266667   7d54'00"N      25d16'00"E
 7.950000   25.283333   7d57'00"N      25d16'60"E
 7.950000   25.150000   7d57'00"N      25d08'60"E
 7.566667   25.416667   7d34'00"N      25d25'00"E
 4.981820   33.485450   4d58'54.55"N   33d29'07.62"E
 7.260000   29.100000   7d15'36"N      29d06'00"E
 6.766667   29.633333   6d46'00"N      29d37'60"E
 8.366667   32.166667   8d22'00"N      32d10'00"E
 6.955470   26.384920   6d57'19.69"N   26d23'05.71"E
 4.510000   30.300000   4d30'36"N      30d18'00"E
 3.990000   31.500000   3d59'24"N      31d30'00"E
 8.065065   31.836014   8d03'54.24"N   31d50'09.65"E
 7.233333   25.616667   7d13'60"N      25d37'00"E
 7.170000   25.890000   7d10'12"N      25d53'24"E
 3.618180   30.810910   3d37'05.45"N   30d48'39.28"E
 4.190000   31.060000   4d11'24"N      31d03'36"E
 8.690000   33.150000   8d41'24"N      33d08'60"E
 7.870000   30.140000   7d52'12"N      30d08'24"E
 4.880000   30.830000   4d52'48"N      30d49'48"E
 6.171820   31.095450   6d10'18.55"N   31d05'43.62"E
 5.130738   30.919798   5d07'50.66"N   30d55'11.27"E
 8.350000   32.433333   8d20'60"N      32d25'60"E
11.760000   32.880000   11d45'36"N     32d52'48"E
10.790000   32.450000   10d47'24"N     32d27'00"E
 9.300000   33.490000   9d18'00"N      33d29'24"E
 9.888930   32.161529   9d53'20.15"N   32d09'41.5"E
 4.550000   31.030000   4d32'60"N      31d01'48"E
 5.130000   31.640000   5d07'48"N      31d38'24"E
 5.833333   35.033333   5d49'60"N      35d01'60"E
 7.040000   28.080000   7d02'24"N      28d04'48"E
 8.166667   31.800000   8d10'00"N      31d48'00"E
 7.768611   30.873333   7d46'07"N      30d52'24"E
 4.074550   30.695450   4d04'28.38"N   30d41'43.62"E
 8.730000   33.060000   8d43'48"N      33d03'36"E
 8.840000   27.650000   8d50'24"N      27d38'60"E
 7.670000   29.690000   7d40'12"N      29d41'24"E
 8.783333   33.383333   8d46'60"N      33d22'60"E
 7.766667   31.250000   7d46'00"N      31d15'00"E
 4.330000   30.480000   4d19'48"N      30d28'48"E
 8.950000   32.620000   8d56'60"N      32d37'12"E
10.570000   32.170000   10d34'12"N     32d10'12"E
 6.300000   27.366667   6d17'60"N      27d22'00"E
 8.130000   31.410000   8d07'48"N      31d24'36"E
 8.090000   28.890000   8d05'24"N      28d53'24"E
 7.130000   29.530000   7d07'48"N      29d31'48"E
 7.210000   29.340000   7d12'36"N      29d20'24"E
 6.933333   31.700000   6d55'60"N      31d41'60"E
 8.870000   33.060000   8d52'12"N      33d03'36"E
 9.306670   31.416670   9d18'24.01"N   31d25'00.01"E
 8.200000   30.830000   8d11'60"N      30d49'48"E
 8.300000   31.783333   8d18'00"N      31d46'60"E
 3.980000   30.520000   3d58'48"N      30d31'12"E
 9.306667   29.783333   9d18'24"N      29d46'60"E
 8.790000   30.650000   8d47'24"N      30d38'60"E
 8.370000   30.790000   8d22'12"N      30d47'24"E
 9.135830   31.362170   9d08'08.99"N   31d21'43.81"E
 9.137500   29.500000   9d08'15"N      29d30'00"E
 8.090000   30.730000   8d05'24"N      30d43'48"E
 4.968333   29.123333   4d58'06"N      29d07'24"E
 8.410000   30.760000   8d24'36"N      30d45'36"E
 9.740000   32.230000   9d44'24"N      32d13'48"E
 6.484550   28.870910   6d29'04.38"N   28d52'15.28"E
 8.549167   30.968889   8d32'57"N      30d58'08"E
 8.950000   28.780000   8d56'60"N      28d46'48"E
 7.720000   28.560000   7d43'12"N      28d33'36"E
 8.180000   32.030000   8d10'48"N      32d01'48"E
 7.430000   30.420000   7d25'48"N      30d25'12"E
 7.450000   29.620000   7d27'00"N      29d37'12"E
 8.720000   27.720000   8d43'12"N      27d43'12"E
 6.818678   29.699517   6d49'07.24"N   29d41'58.26"E
 6.833330   30.999330   6d49'59.99"N   30d59'57.59"E
 8.600000   28.200000   8d35'60"N      28d11'60"E
 6.530000   30.020000   6d31'48"N      30d01'12"E
 4.200000   30.810000   4d12'00"N      30d48'36"E
 5.720000   31.060000   5d43'12"N      31d03'36"E
 7.630000   29.690000   7d37'48"N      29d41'24"E
 6.970000   29.560000   6d58'12"N      29d33'36"E
 6.550000   29.890000   6d32'60"N      29d53'24"E
 9.633333   30.200000   9d37'60"N      30d11'60"E
 9.130000   29.180000   9d07'48"N      29d10'48"E
 8.733333   31.166667   8d43'60"N      31d10'00"E
 8.190000   30.110000   8d11'24"N      30d06'36"E
 9.150000   29.010000   9d09'00"N      29d00'36"E
 9.160000   30.630000   9d09'36"N      30d37'48"E
 9.100000   33.250000   9d05'60"N      33d15'00"E
 8.820000   32.660000   8d49'12"N      32d39'36"E
 8.980000   30.680000   8d58'48"N      30d40'48"E
 9.500000   29.500000   9d30'00"N      29d30'00"E
 9.620000   32.160000   9d37'12"N      32d09'36"E
 7.940000   26.100000   7d56'24"N      26d06'00"E
 7.360000   27.860000   7d21'36"N      27d51'36"E
 4.530000   29.250000   4d31'48"N      29d15'00"E
 3.790000   31.710000   3d47'24"N      31d42'36"E
 4.210000   30.910000   4d12'36"N      30d54'36"E
 4.170000   33.170000   4d10'12"N      33d10'12"E
11.960000   33.040000   11d57'36"N     33d02'24"E
 7.990000   27.570000   7d59'24"N      27d34'12"E
 6.533762   29.528945   6d32'01.54"N   29d31'44.2"E
 4.170000   30.590000   4d10'12"N      30d35'24"E
 4.383681   28.216434   4d23'01.25"N   28d12'59.16"E
 7.980000   26.090000   7d58'48"N      26d05'24"E
 4.210000   31.060000   4d12'36"N      31d03'36"E
 5.333333   27.666667   5d19'60"N      27d40'00"E
11.000000   32.683333   11d00'00"N     32d40'60"E
 5.850000   28.730000   5d50'60"N      28d43'48"E
 7.333333   28.966667   7d19'60"N      28d58'00"E
 5.335000   29.826111   5d20'06"N      29d49'34"E
 3.966667   32.816667   3d58'00"N      32d49'00"E
 9.230000   33.820000   9d13'48"N      33d49'12"E
 5.780000   28.800000   5d46'48"N      28d48'00"E
 4.499444   32.577778   4d29'58"N      32d34'40"E
 4.282222   33.107222   4d16'56"N      33d06'26"E
 9.850000   30.566667   9d50'60"N      30d34'00"E
 5.616667   35.100000   5d37'00"N      35d06'00"E
 4.768096   29.524759   4d46'05.15"N   29d31'29.13"E
 4.720000   29.430000   4d43'12"N      29d25'48"E
 4.380000   31.150000   4d22'48"N      31d08'60"E
 7.102855   30.769048   7d06'10.28"N   30d46'08.57"E
 8.940000   28.430000   8d56'24"N      28d25'48"E
 8.080000   30.890000   8d04'48"N      30d53'24"E
 8.166667   27.000000   8d10'00"N      27d00'00"E
 8.480000   25.710000   8d28'48"N      25d42'36"E
 9.290000   30.700000   9d17'24"N      30d41'60"E
 8.110000   27.530000   8d06'36"N      27d31'48"E
 7.520000   28.170000   7d31'12"N      28d10'12"E
 8.110000   27.510000   8d06'36"N      27d30'36"E
10.230000   33.550000   10d13'48"N     33d32'60"E
 4.650000   30.390000   4d39'00"N      30d23'24"E
 4.860000   30.600000   4d51'36"N      30d36'00"E
10.970000   32.650000   10d58'12"N     32d38'60"E
 4.950000   30.720000   4d57'00"N      30d43'12"E
 8.910000   27.240000   8d54'36"N      27d14'24"E
 8.490000   27.010000   8d29'24"N      27d00'36"E
 8.666667   34.100000   8d40'00"N      34d06'00"E
 8.479814   27.019542   8d28'47.33"N   27d01'10.35"E
 9.666667   31.333333   9d40'00"N      31d19'60"E
 4.000000   33.066667   4d00'00"N      33d04'00"E
 5.800000   31.690000   5d47'60"N      31d41'24"E
 9.270000   32.090000   9d16'12"N      32d05'24"E
 9.210000   31.680000   9d12'36"N       31d40'48"E
 9.130000   31.760000   9d07'48"N       31d45'36"E
 7.730000   28.840000   7d43'48"N       28d50'24"E
 8.150000   30.860000   8d09'00"N       30d51'36"E
 7.110000   29.720000   7d06'36"N       29d43'12"E
 8.650000   31.390000   8d39'00"N       31d23'24"E
11.740000   32.860000   11d44'24"N      32d51'36"E
10.970000   32.600000   10d58'12"N      32d36'00"E
 3.910092   31.765257   3d54'36.33"N    31d45'54.93"E
 7.410000   28.820000   7d24'36"N       28d49'12"E
 8.550000   25.800000   8d33'00"N       25d48'00"E
 7.140000   29.720000   7d08'24"N       29d43'12"E
 8.100000   27.830000   8d05'60"N       27d49'48"E
 7.744722   28.501944   7d44'41"N       28d30'07"E
 9.070000   31.750000   9d04'12"N       31d45'00"E
 8.050000   31.420000   8d03'00"N       31d25'12"E
 9.314444   31.602778   9d18'52"N       31d36'10"E
 7.130000   29.740000   7d07'48"N       29d44'24"E
 9.000000   32.410000   9d00'00"N       32d24'36"E
 4.287778   33.124722   4d17'16"N       33d07'29"E
 7.716667   26.416667   7d43'00"N       26d25'00"E
 5.330000   31.760000   5d19'48"N       31d45'36"E
 4.457940   31.615808   4d27'28.58"N    31d36'56.91"E
 5.100000   29.090000   5d05'60"N       29d05'24"E
 4.860000   31.770000   4d51'36"N       31d46'12"E
 4.410000   31.880000   4d24'36"N       31d52'48"E
 4.616667   28.916667   4d37'00"N       28d55'00"E
 5.116667   28.133333   5d07'00"N       28d07'60"E
 4.332730   30.745450   4d19'57.83"N    30d44'43.62"E
 4.060000   30.620000   4d03'36"N       30d37'12"E
 4.754722   32.294722   4d45'17"N       32d17'41"E
 9.533333   33.400000   9d31'60"N       33d23'60"E
 4.700000   31.520000   4d42'00"N       31d31'12"E
 4.370000   31.140000   4d22'12"N       31d08'24"E
 8.016193   26.068090   8d00'58.29"N    26d04'05.12"E
 3.900000   30.610000   3d53'60"N       30d36'36"E
 3.880000   30.750000   3d52'48"N       30d45'00"E
 5.400000   27.250000   5d24'00"N       27d15'00"E
 5.398090   27.277132   5d23'53.12"N    27d16'37.68"E
 8.000000   31.000000   8d00'00"N       31d00'00"E
 7.780000   27.660000   7d46'48"N       27d39'36"E
 5.140000   30.470000   5d08'24"N       30d28'12"E
 8.580000   32.760000   8d34'48"N       32d45'36"E
 4.323611   32.798889   4d19'25"N       32d47'56"E
 6.316667   27.883333   6d19'00"N       27d52'60"E
 7.510000   28.250000   7d30'36"N       28d15'00"E
 7.410000   27.620000   7d24'36"N       27d37'12"E
 7.150000   28.560000   7d09'00"N       28d33'36"E
 7.750000   26.170000   7d45'00"N       26d10'12"E
 6.040000   30.310000   6d02'24"N       30d18'36"E
 8.920000   26.130000   8d55'12"N       26d07'48"E
 4.120000   32.890000   4d07'12"N       32d53'24"E
10.040000   33.630000   10d02'24"N      33d37'48"E
 4.720000   33.260000   4d43'12"N       33d15'36"E
 5.493889   29.389722   5d29'38"N       29d23'23"E
 8.483333   33.983333   8d28'60"N       33d58'60"E
10.104500   29.855000   10d06'16.2"N    29d51'18"E
 9.370000   31.270000   9d22'12"N       31d16'12"E
 7.150000   26.283333   7d09'00"N       26d16'60"E
 5.893832   30.778340   5d53'37.79"N    30d46'42.02"E
 7.120000   33.830000   7d07'12"N       33d49'48"E
 8.380000   26.170000   8d22'48"N       26d10'12"E
 8.914170   30.719320   8d54'51.01"N    30d43'09.55"E
 9.152112   29.037592   9d09'07.6"N     29d02'15.33"E
10.333333   25.200000   10d19'60"N      25d11'60"E
10.340000   32.310000   10d20'24"N      32d18'36"E
 4.910000   31.550000   4d54'36"N       31d33'00"E
 5.598506   27.462115   5d35'54.62"N    27d27'43.61"E
 4.059722   31.056944   4d03'35"N       31d03'25"E
 5.128333   29.293889   5d07'42"N       29d17'38"E
 6.209090   28.754550   6d12'32.72"N    28d45'16.38"E
 5.620000   31.490000   5d37'12"N       31d29'24"E
 9.360000   25.380000   9d21'36"N       25d22'48"E
 4.480000   33.543611   4d28'48"N       33d32'37"E
 7.260000   28.090000   7d15'36"N       28d05'24"E
 4.080000   30.660000   4d04'48"N       30d39'36"E
 5.590000   31.280000   5d35'24"N       31d16'48"E
 8.107783   32.289267   8d06'28.02"N    32d17'21.36"E
 8.830000   30.730000   8d49'48"N       30d43'48"E
 4.467500   31.080278   4d28'03"N       31d04'49"E
 8.583333   31.050000   8d34'60"N       31d03'00"E
11.419090   32.936360   11d25'08.72"N   32d56'10.9"E
 9.590000   30.420000   9d35'24"N       30d25'12"E
 6.310000   31.400000   6d18'36"N       31d23'60"E
 8.800000   26.030000   8d48'00"N      26d01'48"E
 6.980000   31.290000   6d58'48"N      31d17'24"E
 9.170000   31.670000   9d10'12"N      31d40'12"E
 6.260000   31.300000   6d15'36"N      31d18'00"E
 7.683333   29.350000   7d40'60"N      29d21'00"E
10.950000   32.580000   10d56'60"N     32d34'48"E
 4.413056   32.767222   4d24'47"N      32d46'02"E
 9.431667   31.629444   9d25'54"N      31d37'46"E
12.030000   32.760000   12d01'48"N     32d45'36"E
 4.870000   33.520000   4d52'12"N      33d31'12"E
 7.007500   29.932778   7d00'27"N      29d55'58"E
 3.816667   32.700000   3d49'00"N      32d42'00"E
 6.383333   27.850000   6d22'60"N      27d51'00"E
 9.360000   25.420000   9d21'36"N      25d25'12"E
 9.680000   32.180000   9d40'48"N      32d10'48"E
 9.700000   29.040000   9d41'60"N      29d02'24"E
10.350000   32.500000   10d20'60"N     32d30'00"E
 4.280000   32.730000   4d16'48"N      32d43'48"E
 3.920000   32.090000   3d55'12"N      32d05'24"E
 8.800000   32.333333   8d48'00"N      32d19'60"E
 4.020000   32.750000   4d01'12"N      32d45'00"E
 4.478611   33.399444   4d28'43"N      33d23'58"E
 4.199444   33.536667   4d11'58"N      33d32'12"E
 4.110000   30.640000   4d06'36"N      30d38'24"E
 5.831944   30.825000   5d49'55"N      30d49'30"E
 9.650000   32.170000   9d39'00"N      32d10'12"E
 8.930000   28.630000   8d55'48"N      28d37'48"E
 8.260000   30.620000   8d15'36"N      30d37'12"E
 8.170000   30.120000   8d10'12"N      30d07'12"E
 4.640000   31.810000   4d38'24"N      31d48'36"E
 7.100000   30.690000   7d05'60"N      30d41'24"E
 3.916667   33.350000   3d55'00"N      33d21'00"E
 5.439043   31.747028   5d26'20.55"N   31d44'49.3"E
 4.213889   33.185833   4d12'50"N      33d11'09"E
 3.883333   33.150000   3d52'60"N      33d08'60"E
 4.666667   30.433333   4d40'00"N      30d25'60"E
 5.770000   30.110000   5d46'12"N      30d06'36"E
 4.188056   33.446944   4d11'17"N      33d26'49"E
 4.130000   30.620000   4d07'48"N      30d37'12"E
 4.589444   31.494167   4d35'22"N      31d29'39"E
 8.750000   31.233333   8d45'00"N      31d13'60"E
 9.127720   30.046150   9d07'39.79"N   30d02'46.14"E
 7.550000   30.366667   7d32'60"N      30d22'00"E
 9.160000   29.560000   9d09'36"N      29d33'36"E
 9.180000   31.680000   9d10'48"N      31d40'48"E
 9.199167   31.295000   9d11'57"N      31d17'42"E
 8.470000   30.310000   8d28'12"N      30d18'36"E
 8.540000   30.010000   8d32'24"N      30d00'36"E
 9.120000   29.270000   9d07'12"N      29d16'12"E
 9.116533   29.278350   9d06'59.52"N   29d16'42.06"E
 8.027717   28.022722   8d01'39.78"N   28d01'21.8"E
 9.625330   30.374500   9d37'31.19"N   30d22'28.2"E
 9.340000   29.690000   9d20'24"N      29d41'24"E
 7.390000   30.470000   7d23'24"N      30d28'12"E
 7.790000   31.770000   7d47'24"N      31d46'12"E
 7.730000   31.880000   7d43'48"N      31d52'48"E
 8.767670   28.566370   8d46'03.61"N   28d33'58.93"E
 8.767670   27.419170   8d46'03.61"N   27d25'09.01"E
 7.391330   31.285670   7d23'28.79"N   31d17'08.41"E
 7.606667   28.820943   7d36'24"N      28d49'15.4"E
 4.310000   33.660000   4d18'36"N      33d39'36"E
 9.240000   29.270000   9d14'24"N      29d16'12"E
 9.620000   26.100000   9d37'12"N      26d06'00"E
 8.366667   32.266667   8d22'00"N      32d16'00"E
 9.177170   27.749000   9d10'37.81"N   27d44'56.4"E
 7.890000   32.986360   7d53'24"N      32d59'10.9"E
 8.500000   32.041820   8d30'00"N      32d02'30.55"E
 9.633333   30.183333   9d37'60"N      30d10'60"E
 8.333333   32.333333   8d19'60"N      32d19'60"E
 8.220000   30.220000   8d13'12"N      30d13'12"E
 8.100000   32.583333   8d05'60"N      32d34'60"E
 8.670000   29.930000   8d40'12"N      29d55'48"E
 9.390000   30.920000   9d23'24"N      30d55'12"E
 8.510000   32.050000   8d30'36"N      32d02'60"E
 8.270000   30.260000   8d16'12"N      30d15'36"E
 8.300000   30.120000   8d18'00"N      30d07'12"E
10.310000   32.230000   10d18'36"N     32d13'48"E
10.320000   32.230000   10d19'12"N     32d13'48"E
 9.390000   31.290000   9d23'24"N      31d17'24"E
 4.573056   33.346111   4d34'23"N      33d20'46"E
 7.740000   30.260000   7d44'24"N      30d15'36"E
 7.130000   30.150000   7d07'48"N      30d08'60"E
 9.533333   29.600000   9d31'60"N      29d36'00"E
10.300000   32.270000   10d18'00"N     32d16'12"E
 9.200000   30.690000   9d11'60"N      30d41'24"E
 8.779500   27.882667   8d46'46.2"N    27d52'57.6"E
 5.736944   31.660556   5d44'13"N      31d39'38"E
 5.010000   31.720000   5d00'36"N      31d43'12"E
10.810000   33.190000   10d48'36"N     33d11'24"E
 7.500000   29.033333   7d30'00"N      29d01'60"E
 6.520000   29.680000   6d31'12"N      29d40'48"E
 8.820000   31.200000   8d49'12"N      31d11'60"E
 9.330000   30.810000   9d19'48"N      30d48'36"E
 9.320000   30.880000   9d19'12"N      30d52'48"E
 7.420000   29.090000   7d25'12"N      29d05'24"E
 7.090000   30.160000   7d05'24"N      30d09'36"E
 8.000000   32.400000   8d00'00"N      32d23'60"E
 9.400000   30.900000   9d24'00"N      30d53'60"E
 7.810000   32.310000   7d48'36"N      32d18'36"E
 8.782000   29.098330   8d46'55.2"N    29d05'53.99"E
 7.610000   28.810000   7d36'36"N      28d48'36"E
 9.160000   30.770000   9d09'36"N      30d46'12"E
 4.910000   29.360000   4d54'36"N      29d21'36"E
 4.338611   33.443611   4d20'19"N      33d26'37"E
 5.142138   31.183750   5d08'31.7"N    31d11'01.5"E
 4.130000   30.750000   4d07'48"N      30d45'00"E
 8.130000   27.670000   8d07'48"N      27d40'12"E
 9.270000   30.630000   9d16'12"N      30d37'48"E
 4.933333   35.200000   4d55'60"N      35d12'00"E
 4.477270   28.351820   4d28'38.17"N   28d21'06.55"E
 7.180000   29.660000   7d10'48"N      29d39'36"E
 8.978180   25.653640   8d58'41.45"N   25d39'13.1"E
 5.654481   31.057914   5d39'16.13"N   31d03'28.49"E
 6.646360   31.059090   6d38'46.9"N    31d03'32.72"E
 6.760000   30.850000   6d45'36"N      30d51'00"E
 9.310000   25.380000   9d18'36"N      25d22'48"E
 4.994167   33.315833   4d59'39"N      33d18'57"E
10.500000   32.540000   10d30'00"N     32d32'24"E
 6.370000   31.180000   6d22'12"N      31d10'48"E
10.530000   32.490000   10d31'48"N     32d29'24"E
 4.470000   32.820000   4d28'12"N      32d49'12"E
 4.480109   32.815964   4d28'48.39"N   32d48'57.47"E
 6.730000   30.420000   6d43'48"N      30d25'12"E
 6.120000   30.230000   6d07'12"N      30d13'48"E
 6.570000   29.820000   6d34'12"N      29d49'12"E
 6.540000   30.000000   6d32'24"N      30d00'00"E
 6.083333   34.516667   6d04'60"N      34d31'00"E
 4.816667   35.450000   4d49'00"N      35d27'00"E
 4.760000   30.760000   4d45'36"N      30d45'36"E
 4.744167   33.244722   4d44'39"N      33d14'41"E
 4.660000   30.930000   4d39'36"N      30d55'48"E
 8.943324   30.714901   8d56'35.97"N   30d42'53.64"E
 8.966170   29.089330   8d57'58.21"N   29d05'21.59"E
 5.560000   31.500000   5d33'36"N      31d30'00"E
 9.290000   31.590000   9d17'24"N      31d35'24"E
 8.805167   29.522300   8d48'18.6"N    29d31'20.28"E
 8.968830   30.019830   8d58'07.79"N   30d01'11.39"E
 6.717222   30.975833   6d43'02"N      30d58'33"E
 7.840000   28.330000   7d50'24"N      28d19'48"E
 7.810000   28.610000   7d48'36"N      28d36'36"E
 8.340000   28.770000   8d20'24"N      28d46'12"E
 6.280025   29.736205   6d16'48.09"N   29d44'10.34"E
 4.348889   33.775000   4d20'56"N      33d46'30"E
 8.683333   32.233333   8d40'60"N      32d13'60"E
 4.770000   31.600000   4d46'12"N      31d36'00"E
 6.216667   28.700000   6d13'00"N      28d41'60"E
 5.860000   31.550000   5d51'36"N      31d33'00"E
 8.069263   30.153242   8d04'09.35"N   30d09'11.67"E
10.560000   32.140000   10d33'36"N     32d08'24"E
 8.820000   33.620000   8d49'12"N      33d37'12"E
 9.260000   30.720000   9d15'36"N      30d43'12"E
 5.970000   30.310000   5d58'12"N      30d18'36"E
 4.360000   33.660000   4d21'36"N      33d39'36"E
 6.633333   32.950000   6d37'60"N      32d57'00"E
 5.800000   31.680000   5d47'60"N      31d40'48"E
 6.460000   31.630000   6d27'36"N      31d37'48"E
 7.350000   29.240000   7d20'60"N      29d14'24"E
 7.833333   31.833333   7d49'60"N      31d49'60"E
 7.100000   33.050000   7d05'60"N      33d02'60"E
 9.516180   27.564500   9d30'58.25"N   27d33'52.2"E
 9.501910   30.967510   9d30'06.88"N   30d58'03.04"E
 7.266670   30.010650   7d16'00.01"N   30d00'38.34"E
 7.273311   28.683939   7d16'23.92"N   28d41'02.18"E
 4.916667   34.066667   4d55'00"N      34d04'00"E
 9.074997   30.523212   9d04'29.99"N   30d31'23.56"E
 8.940000   28.030000   8d56'24"N      28d01'48"E
 8.283333   31.783333   8d16'60"N      31d46'60"E
 5.600000   30.380000   5d35'60"N      30d22'48"E
 8.800000   31.090000   8d48'00"N       31d05'24"E
10.983426   32.646156   10d59'00.33"N   32d38'46.16"E
 8.590000   32.900000   8d35'24"N       32d53'60"E
 4.501670   28.118500   4d30'06.01"N    28d07'06.6"E
 4.501667   30.157333   4d30'06"N       30d09'26.4"E
 4.659090   30.390000   4d39'32.72"N    30d23'24"E
 8.833333   31.050000   8d49'60"N       31d03'00"E
 8.760000   32.090000   8d45'36"N       32d05'24"E
 4.418181   32.576676   4d25'05.45"N    32d34'36.03"E
 8.470000   33.150000   8d28'12"N       33d08'60"E
 9.220000   30.770000   9d13'12"N       30d46'12"E
10.580000   32.160000   10d34'48"N      32d09'36"E
 8.570000   33.110000   8d34'12"N       33d06'36"E
 4.925450   29.500910   4d55'31.62"N    29d30'03.28"E
 9.070000   29.000000   9d04'12"N       29d00'00"E
 6.083333   34.566667   6d04'60"N       34d34'00"E
 8.740000   28.190910   8d44'24"N       28d11'27.28"E
 8.805170   28.502500   8d48'18.61"N    28d30'09"E
 4.232500   33.092778   4d13'57"N       33d05'34"E
 6.200000   34.420000   6d12'00"N       34d25'12"E
 9.133770   28.907050   9d08'01.57"N    28d54'25.38"E
 8.970000   30.710000   8d58'12"N       30d42'36"E
 3.809118   33.227652   3d48'32.83"N    33d13'39.55"E
 3.838180   33.213640   3d50'17.45"N    33d12'49.1"E
 9.410000   30.680000   9d24'36"N       30d40'48"E
 9.180000   32.140000   9d10'48"N       32d08'24"E
 3.766667   33.300000   3d46'00"N       33d17'60"E
 5.640000   31.530000   5d38'24"N       31d31'48"E
10.150000   25.633333   10d09'00"N      25d37'60"E
 7.066667   28.033333   7d04'00"N       28d01'60"E
 4.620000   33.240000   4d37'12"N       33d14'24"E
 4.210556   31.165833   4d12'38"N       31d09'57"E
 5.595556   31.733333   5d35'44"N       31d43'60"E
 6.120000   31.740000   6d07'12"N       31d44'24"E
 4.552032   30.991489   4d33'07.31"N    30d59'29.36"E
 3.933333   33.550000   3d55'60"N       33d32'60"E
 4.950000   34.416667   4d57'00"N       34d25'00"E
 7.780000   27.630000   7d46'48"N       27d37'48"E
 4.340000   31.560000   4d20'24"N       31d33'36"E
 9.950000   33.820000   9d56'60"N       33d49'12"E
 5.500000   34.283333   5d30'00"N       34d16'60"E
 8.673611   30.935278   8d40'25"N       30d56'07"E
 9.960000   32.000000   9d57'36"N       32d00'00"E
 9.710000   31.850000   9d42'36"N       31d51'00"E
 8.180000   30.830000   8d10'48"N       30d49'48"E
10.137270   33.325450   10d08'14.17"N   33d19'31.62"E
 9.830000   33.620000   9d49'48"N       33d37'12"E
 6.660000   32.910000   6d39'36"N       32d54'36"E
 7.683333   32.733333   7d40'60"N       32d43'60"E
 8.780000   33.000000   8d46'48"N       33d00'00"E
 5.747473   31.277501   5d44'50.9"N     31d16'39"E
 9.016667   31.683333   9d01'00"N       31d40'60"E
 9.940000   30.140000   9d56'24"N       30d08'24"E
 9.085477   28.435293   9d05'07.72"N    28d26'07.06"E
 9.100000   28.416670   9d05'60"N       28d25'00.01"E
 6.477500   31.200833   6d28'39"N       31d12'03"E
11.170000   32.680000   11d10'12"N      32d40'48"E
 8.498720   33.904530   8d29'55.39"N    33d54'16.31"E
 8.492570   30.682170   8d29'33.25"N    30d40'55.81"E
 8.583333   31.933333   8d34'60"N       31d55'60"E
 7.983333   32.000000   7d58'60"N       32d00'00"E
 4.150000   33.640000   4d09'00"N       33d38'24"E
 6.490000   31.330000   6d29'24"N       31d19'48"E
10.050000   33.730000   10d03'00"N      33d43'48"E
 9.560000   31.680000   9d33'36"N       31d40'48"E
10.160000   32.610000   10d09'36"N      32d36'36"E
 6.270000   31.560000   6d16'12"N       31d33'36"E
 8.840000   30.650000   8d50'24"N       30d38'60"E
 7.680000   33.060000   7d40'48"N       33d03'36"E
 8.350000   29.950000   8d20'60"N       29d56'60"E
 8.270000   30.140000   8d16'12"N       30d08'24"E
 9.760000   31.890000   9d45'36"N       31d53'24"E
 8.333333   28.450000   8d19'60"N       28d26'60"E
 9.440000   31.520000   9d26'24"N       31d31'12"E
 4.310000   31.060000   4d18'36"N       31d03'36"E
 3.950000   32.580000   3d57'00"N       32d34'48"E
 7.150000   33.733333   7d09'00"N       33d43'60"E
 6.670000   29.340000   6d40'12"N       29d20'24"E
 7.430000   28.110000   7d25'48"N       28d06'36"E
 8.954550   27.239090   8d57'16.38"N    27d14'20.72"E
 9.312167   33.681000   9d18'43.8"N     33d40'51.6"E
 7.200000   27.830000   7d12'00"N       27d49'48"E
 4.493973   31.021471   4d29'38.3"N     31d01'17.29"E
11.050000   32.466667   11d03'00"N      32d28'00"E
 7.260000   33.460000   7d15'36"N       33d27'36"E
 6.860000   30.680000   6d51'36"N       30d40'48"E
 7.000000   34.250000   7d00'00"N       34d15'00"E
10.050000   33.350000   10d03'00"N      33d21'00"E
 7.574746   27.884753   7d34'29.09"N    27d53'05.11"E
 4.100000   33.140000   4d05'60"N       33d08'24"E
 3.835338   31.828108   3d50'07.22"N    31d49'41.19"E
 7.710000   33.070000   7d42'36"N       33d04'12"E
 8.650000   26.080000   8d39'00"N       26d04'48"E
 8.659330   32.717670   8d39'33.59"N    32d43'03.61"E
 8.659330   27.331180   8d39'33.59"N    27d19'52.25"E
 4.332222   32.355000   4d19'56"N       32d21'18"E
 8.719440   33.733330   8d43'09.98"N    33d43'59.99"E
 8.711670   30.708500   8d42'42.01"N    30d42'30.6"E
 6.633333   28.816667   6d37'60"N       28d49'00"E
 3.900000   30.750000   3d53'60"N       30d45'00"E
 7.490000   27.710000   7d29'24"N       27d42'36"E
 6.130000   29.790000   6d07'48"N       29d47'24"E
 7.650000   33.660000   7d39'00"N       33d39'36"E
 5.870000   31.020000   5d52'12"N       31d01'12"E
 9.300000   25.166667   9d18'00"N       25d10'00"E
10.940000   32.550000   10d56'24"N      32d32'60"E
 9.790000   26.050000   9d47'24"N       26d03'00"E
 9.616667   29.933333   9d37'00"N       29d55'60"E
10.936313   32.557164   10d56'10.73"N   32d33'25.79"E
 9.916667   30.416667   9d55'00"N       30d25'00"E
 5.416667   34.550000   5d25'00"N       34d32'60"E
 8.720000   25.900000   8d43'12"N       25d53'60"E
 8.750000   25.980000   8d45'00"N       25d58'48"E
 9.983333   24.983333   9d58'60"N       24d58'60"E
 9.960000   30.510000   9d57'36"N       30d30'36"E
 9.630000   29.830000   9d37'48"N       29d49'48"E
 9.883333   25.466667   9d52'60"N       25d28'00"E
 7.280000   33.230000   7d16'48"N       33d13'48"E
 6.980000   30.630000   6d58'48"N       30d37'48"E
 8.130000   25.950000   8d07'48"N       25d56'60"E
 9.633333   29.183333   9d37'60"N       29d10'60"E
 4.070000   31.730000   4d04'12"N       31d43'48"E
 6.250000   30.470000   6d15'00"N       30d28'12"E
 9.316667   26.900000   9d19'00"N       26d53'60"E
 9.230000   27.020000   9d13'48"N       27d01'12"E
 8.710000   27.650000   8d42'36"N       27d38'60"E
 6.166667   28.683333   6d10'00"N       28d40'60"E
 9.010000   27.750000   9d00'36"N       27d45'00"E
 4.460000   31.030000   4d27'36"N       31d01'48"E
 6.960000   34.270000   6d57'36"N       34d16'12"E
 4.014550   32.781820   4d00'52.38"N    32d46'54.55"E
 4.028827   32.791100   4d01'43.78"N    32d47'27.96"E
 9.000000   33.000000   9d00'00"N       33d00'00"E
 9.500000   32.000000   9d30'00"N       32d00'00"E
 7.800000   28.480000   7d47'60"N       28d28'48"E
 4.244167   33.355000   4d14'39"N       33d21'18"E
 8.730000   32.760000   8d43'48"N       32d45'36"E
 8.060000   32.260000   8d03'36"N       32d15'36"E
10.620000   32.200000   10d37'12"N      32d12'00"E
 8.563330   33.856670   8d33'47.99"N    33d51'24.01"E
 4.240000   30.750000   4d14'24"N       30d45'00"E
 5.216667   28.916667   5d13'00"N       28d55'00"E
 4.054167   33.812778   4d03'15"N       33d48'46"E
 7.686637   33.564378   7d41'11.89"N    33d33'51.76"E
 4.283333   30.300000   4d16'60"N       30d18'00"E
 7.760000   33.040000   7d45'36"N       33d02'24"E
 6.116667   28.316667   6d07'00"N       28d19'00"E
 6.066667   27.000000   6d04'00"N       27d00'00"E
 7.166667   26.300000   7d10'00"N       26d18'00"E
 8.810000   26.010000   8d48'36"N       26d00'36"E
 5.150000   30.840000   5d09'00"N       30d50'24"E
 5.860000   30.830000   5d51'36"N       30d49'48"E
 7.960000   28.790000   7d57'36"N       28d47'24"E
 4.733333   35.483333   4d43'60"N       35d28'60"E
 5.690000   30.940000   5d41'24"N       30d56'24"E
 5.370000   29.670000   5d22'12"N       29d40'12"E
 8.197222   32.150000   8d11'50"N       32d08'60"E
 9.450000   32.120000   9d26'60"N       32d07'12"E
 9.333333   25.850000   9d19'60"N       25d51'00"E
 7.550000   28.030000   7d32'60"N       28d01'48"E
11.016667   32.833333   11d01'00"N      32d49'60"E
11.940000   33.010000   11d56'24"N      33d00'36"E
 8.070000   27.010000   8d04'12"N       27d00'36"E
10.380000   33.250000   10d22'48"N      33d15'00"E
 7.880000   27.970000   7d52'48"N       27d58'12"E
 8.935985   34.051936   8d56'09.54"N    34d03'06.97"E
 8.883333   31.233333   8d52'60"N       31d13'60"E
 3.838180   30.763640   3d50'17.45"N    30d45'49.1"E
 4.300000   31.050000   4d17'60"N      31d03'00"E
 8.480000   32.700000   8d28'48"N      32d42'00"E
 8.880000   28.170000   8d52'48"N      28d10'12"E
 8.580000   33.080000   8d34'48"N      33d04'48"E
 9.010000   34.060000   9d00'36"N      34d03'36"E
 9.780000   32.180000   9d46'48"N      32d10'48"E
 7.410000   28.240000   7d24'36"N      28d14'24"E
 6.218180   29.626360   6d13'05.45"N   29d37'34.9"E
 7.690000   29.670000   7d41'24"N      29d40'12"E
 8.116667   33.150000   8d07'00"N      33d08'60"E
 7.516667   31.500000   7d31'00"N      31d30'00"E
 8.159333   32.241833   8d09'33.6"N    32d14'30.6"E
 6.790000   33.110000   6d47'24"N      33d06'36"E
 3.990000   30.970000   3d59'24"N      30d58'12"E
 8.948180   31.807270   8d56'53.45"N   31d48'26.17"E
 8.203890   29.450560   8d12'14"N      29d27'02.02"E
 5.494774   30.642185   5d29'41.19"N   30d38'31.86"E
 4.370000   31.110000   4d22'12"N      31d06'36"E
 4.650000   30.416667   4d39'00"N      30d25'00"E
 8.084530   33.094495   8d05'04.31"N   33d05'40.18"E
 8.421111   30.643333   8d25'16"N      30d38'36"E
 9.170000   30.900000   9d10'12"N      30d53'60"E
 9.430000   31.000000   9d25'48"N      31d00'00"E
 9.300000   30.910000   9d18'00"N      30d54'36"E
 6.850000   30.900000   6d50'60"N      30d53'60"E
 8.566667   33.700000   8d34'00"N      33d42'00"E
 8.560000   33.070000   8d33'36"N      33d04'12"E
 8.070000   33.070000   8d04'12"N      33d04'12"E
 9.039518   29.485717   9d02'22.26"N   29d29'08.58"E
10.150000   30.083333   10d09'00"N     30d04'60"E
 9.050000   28.470000   9d03'00"N      28d28'12"E
 7.067755   31.375501   7d04'03.92"N   31d22'31.8"E
 7.383333   32.416667   7d22'60"N      32d25'00"E
 6.733333   28.533333   6d43'60"N      28d31'60"E
 8.110556   30.673333   8d06'38"N      30d40'24"E
 7.523807   28.909029   7d31'25.71"N   28d54'32.51"E
 7.520000   28.880000   7d31'12"N      28d52'48"E
 5.625556   31.704722   5d37'32"N      31d42'17"E
 5.610000   31.692500   5d36'36"N      31d41'33"E
 9.030000   29.490000   9d01'48"N      29d29'24"E
 9.416667   27.083333   9d25'00"N      27d04'60"E
 8.300000   29.960000   8d18'00"N      29d57'36"E
 6.810000   29.680000   6d48'36"N      29d40'48"E
 5.450000   31.830000   5d27'00"N      31d49'48"E
 9.055450   27.618180   9d03'19.62"N   27d37'05.45"E
 9.019163   27.561668   9d01'08.99"N   27d33'42"E
 4.145556   30.533611   4d08'44"N      30d32'01"E
 9.583333   27.116667   9d34'60"N      27d07'00"E
 7.816667   28.316667   7d49'00"N      28d19'00"E
 8.183333   29.316667   8d10'60"N      29d19'00"E
 8.040000   29.430000   8d02'24"N      29d25'48"E
 9.466667   27.133333   9d28'00"N      27d07'60"E
 7.940000   29.190000   7d56'24"N      29d11'24"E
 7.952222   28.380833   7d57'08"N      28d22'51"E
 9.210000   26.920000   9d12'36"N      26d55'12"E
 9.533333   27.133333   9d31'60"N      27d07'60"E
 9.450000   27.116667   9d26'60"N      27d07'00"E
 9.140000   27.950000   9d08'24"N      27d56'60"E
 7.850000   27.916667   7d50'60"N      27d55'00"E
 8.216667   29.283333   8d13'00"N      29d16'60"E
 8.510000   27.960000   8d30'36"N      27d57'36"E
 9.100000   27.100000   9d05'60"N      27d06'00"E
 8.166667   29.266667   8d10'00"N      29d16'00"E
 6.100000   28.466667   6d05'60"N      28d28'00"E
 9.150000   27.610000   9d09'00"N      27d36'36"E
 6.400000   29.740000   6d24'00"N      29d44'24"E
 4.390000   31.150000   4d23'24"N      31d08'60"E
 7.160000   31.410000   7d09'36"N      31d24'36"E
 8.530000   27.500000   8d31'48"N      27d30'00"E
 7.350000   28.700000   7d20'60"N      28d41'60"E
 7.840000   31.690000   7d50'24"N      31d41'24"E
 9.191820   27.627270   9d11'30.55"N   27d37'38.17"E
 9.162031   27.651415   9d09'43.31"N   27d39'05.09"E
10.400000   32.520000   10d24'00"N     32d31'12"E
 7.950000   27.860000   7d57'00"N      27d51'36"E
 8.588170   32.653830   8d35'17.41"N   32d39'13.79"E
 8.966667   31.083333   8d58'00"N      31d04'60"E
 4.480000   30.550000   4d28'48"N      30d33'00"E
 4.280000   31.000000   4d16'48"N      31d00'00"E
 5.150000   30.560000   5d09'00"N      30d33'36"E
 8.755610   27.205890   8d45'20.2"N    27d12'21.2"E
 8.750000   27.200000   8d45'00"N      27d11'60"E
 8.094762   28.652380   8d05'41.14"N   28d39'08.57"E
 8.262730   27.978180   8d15'45.83"N   27d58'41.45"E
 8.233446   27.314216   8d14'00.4"N    27d18'51.18"E
 8.091330   29.736670   8d05'28.79"N   29d44'12.01"E
 7.840000   27.920000   7d50'24"N      27d55'12"E
11.600000   32.790000   11d35'60"N     32d47'24"E
 9.566667   27.116667   9d34'00"N      27d07'00"E
 8.984140   33.466188   8d59'02.9"N    33d27'58.28"E
 5.845278   30.383611   5d50'43"N      30d23'01"E
 9.439090   30.781820   9d26'20.72"N   30d46'54.55"E
 8.166667   32.116667   8d10'00"N      32d07'00"E
 7.524722   29.074444   7d31'29"N      29d04'28"E
 7.400000   28.940000   7d24'00"N      28d56'24"E
 9.090000   29.620000   9d05'24"N      29d37'12"E
 9.460000   30.810000   9d27'36"N      30d48'36"E
 9.443016   30.791814   9d26'34.86"N   30d47'30.53"E
 5.300000   35.433333   5d17'60"N      35d25'60"E
 8.618000   32.807830   8d37'04.8"N    32d48'28.19"E
 8.618000   28.365170   8d37'04.8"N    28d21'54.61"E
 8.698305   27.679351   8d41'53.9"N    27d40'45.66"E
 8.650910   30.198180   8d39'03.28"N   30d11'53.45"E
 8.481820   30.268180   8d28'54.55"N   30d16'05.45"E
 4.473611   33.195556   4d28'25"N      33d11'44"E
 8.260000   31.390000   8d15'36"N      31d23'24"E
 7.717726   28.007133   7d43'03.81"N   28d00'25.68"E
 9.670000   31.720000   9d40'12"N      31d43'12"E
 8.530000   29.090000   8d31'48"N      29d05'24"E
 4.582778   31.240556   4d34'58"N      31d14'26"E
 3.870000   31.660000   3d52'12"N      31d39'36"E
 5.180000   30.160000   5d10'48"N      30d09'36"E
 7.220000   30.440000   7d13'12"N      30d26'24"E
 9.002820   27.193242   9d00'10.15"N   27d11'35.67"E
 8.910000   32.450000   8d54'36"N      32d27'00"E
 8.580000   33.010000   8d34'48"N      33d00'36"E
 7.720000   32.960000   7d43'12"N      32d57'36"E
 7.759108   32.173929   7d45'32.79"N   32d10'26.15"E
 8.340000   31.890000   8d20'24"N      31d53'24"E
 4.520000   33.360000   4d31'12"N      33d21'36"E
 8.280000   27.640000   8d16'48"N      27d38'24"E
 6.713056   31.205833   6d42'47"N      31d12'21"E
10.050000   30.110000   10d03'00"N     30d06'36"E
 6.870000   30.940000   6d52'12"N      30d56'24"E
 9.460000   28.910000   9d27'36"N      28d54'36"E
 6.960000   29.180000   6d57'36"N      29d10'48"E
 6.806667   31.462778   6d48'24"N      31d27'46"E
 7.181111   30.179167   7d10'52"N      30d10'45"E
 6.950000   29.700000   6d57'00"N      29d41'60"E
 6.384550   31.653640   6d23'04.38"N   31d39'13.1"E
 5.140000   30.830000   5d08'24"N      30d49'48"E
 6.150000   31.120000   6d09'00"N      31d07'12"E
 8.000000   26.000000   8d00'00"N      26d00'00"E
 9.000000   30.000000   9d00'00"N      30d00'00"E
 6.150000   31.100000   6d09'00"N      31d06'00"E
 8.900000   33.090000   8d54'00"N      33d05'24"E
 8.783333   31.166667   8d46'60"N      31d10'00"E
 7.750000   32.166667   7d45'00"N      32d10'00"E
 6.133333   27.800000   6d07'60"N      27d48'00"E
 3.820000   33.420000   3d49'12"N      33d25'12"E
 8.033333   32.483333   8d01'60"N      32d28'60"E
 5.916667   27.533333   5d55'00"N      27d31'60"E
 8.233333   26.683333   8d13'60"N      26d40'60"E
 8.922170   31.816670   8d55'19.81"N   31d49'00.01"E
 8.922167   29.476500   8d55'19.8"N    29d28'35.4"E
 9.820000   30.310000   9d49'12"N      30d18'36"E
 7.317670   29.683330   7d19'03.61"N   29d40'59.99"E
 9.780000   31.900000   9d46'48"N      31d53'60"E
 9.600000   31.690000   9d35'60"N      31d41'24"E
 9.270000   32.110000   9d16'12"N      32d06'36"E
 8.883333   33.700000   8d52'60"N      33d42'00"E
 7.925830   30.272330   7d55'32.99"N   30d16'20.39"E
 9.080000   29.210000   9d04'48"N      29d12'36"E
 9.360000   31.330000   9d21'36"N      31d19'48"E
 6.287000   26.471500   6d17'13.2"N    26d28'17.4"E
 9.280000   28.840000   9d16'48"N      28d50'24"E
 3.940000   32.190000   3d56'24"N      32d11'24"E
 7.666667   29.183333   7d40'00"N      29d10'60"E
 5.322730   30.533640   5d19'21.83"N   30d32'01.1"E
 7.863640   32.254550   7d51'49.1"N    32d15'16.38"E
 8.360000   26.860000   8d21'36"N      26d51'36"E
 5.430556   31.552778   5d25'50"N      31d33'10"E
 9.440000   31.570000   9d26'24"N      31d34'12"E
 8.333333   32.733333   8d19'60"N      32d43'60"E
 7.580000   27.790000   7d34'48"N      27d47'24"E
 5.466667   30.750000   5d28'00"N      30d45'00"E
 8.620000   32.800000   8d37'12"N      32d47'60"E
 6.440000   29.970000   6d26'24"N      29d58'12"E
 7.964711   31.099833   7d57'52.96"N   31d05'59.4"E
 8.410000   28.640000   8d24'36"N      28d38'24"E
 4.570000   31.070000   4d34'12"N      31d04'12"E
 3.860000   31.510000   3d51'36"N      31d30'36"E
 7.048056   30.265556   7d02'53"N      30d15'56"E
 4.073889   32.160000   4d04'26"N      32d09'36"E
 4.518180   31.032730   4d31'05.45"N   31d01'57.83"E
 8.980000   26.890000   8d58'48"N      26d53'24"E
 7.730000   33.070000   7d43'48"N      33d04'12"E
 4.216667   31.900000   4d13'00"N      31d53'60"E
10.470000   32.470000   10d28'12"N     32d28'12"E
 8.490000   30.670000   8d29'24"N      30d40'12"E
 9.483333   30.116667   9d28'60"N      30d07'00"E
 6.110000   31.180000   6d06'36"N      31d10'48"E
 4.230000   33.070000   4d13'48"N      33d04'12"E
 4.716667   33.900000   4d43'00"N      33d53'60"E
 6.050000   34.550000   6d02'60"N      34d32'60"E
 4.610910   29.190910   4d36'39.28"N   29d11'27.28"E
 9.840000   30.080000   9d50'24"N      30d04'48"E
 5.440000   29.020000   5d26'24"N      29d01'12"E
 4.055450   31.181820   4d03'19.62"N   31d10'54.55"E
 8.220000   32.200000   8d13'12"N      32d12'00"E
 8.150000   31.850000   8d09'00"N      31d51'00"E
 5.082176   31.470713   5d04'55.83"N   31d28'14.57"E
 6.510000   29.620000   6d30'36"N      29d37'12"E
 8.100000   30.850000   8d05'60"N      30d51'00"E
 7.920000   29.230000   7d55'12"N      29d13'48"E
 7.850000   28.566667   7d50'60"N      28d34'00"E
 5.990556   31.538611   5d59'26"N      31d32'19"E
 7.220000   30.320000   7d13'12"N      30d19'12"E
 7.970000   29.120000   7d58'12"N      29d07'12"E
 5.936944   31.556667   5d56'13"N      31d33'24"E
11.900000   32.780000   11d54'00"N     32d46'48"E
 6.150000   31.300000   6d09'00"N      31d18'00"E
 7.710000   29.030000   7d42'36"N      29d01'48"E
 8.170000   28.680000   8d10'12"N      28d40'48"E
 8.160000   28.040000   8d09'36"N      28d02'24"E
 6.180000   31.290000   6d10'48"N      31d17'24"E
 8.800000   28.210000   8d48'00"N      28d12'36"E
 8.420000   28.630000   8d25'12"N      28d37'48"E
 8.920000   28.350000   8d55'12"N      28d21'00"E
 7.260000   30.350000   7d15'36"N      30d21'00"E
 7.190000   28.850000   7d11'24"N      28d51'00"E
 8.020000   29.460000   8d01'12"N      29d27'36"E
 6.190000   31.490000   6d11'24"N      31d29'24"E
 5.963333   31.550278   5d57'48"N      31d33'01"E
 8.080000   28.030000   8d04'48"N      28d01'48"E
 7.666667   29.450000   7d40'00"N      29d26'60"E
 8.950000   28.616667   8d56'60"N      28d37'00"E
10.230000   32.460000   10d13'48"N     32d27'36"E
 9.000000   31.300000   9d00'00"N      31d18'00"E
 8.833333   31.833333   8d49'60"N      31d49'60"E
10.260000   32.570000   10d15'36"N     32d34'12"E
 9.300000   32.080000   9d18'00"N      32d04'48"E
 9.050000   32.380000   9d03'00"N      32d22'48"E
 9.090000   32.390000   9d05'24"N      32d23'24"E
 9.730000   32.280000   9d43'48"N      32d16'48"E
 9.160000   31.700000   9d09'36"N      31d41'60"E
 8.960000   31.790000   8d57'36"N      31d47'24"E
 9.250000   31.680000   9d15'00"N      31d40'48"E
 9.790000   32.150000   9d47'24"N      32d08'60"E
 9.100000   31.740000   9d05'60"N      31d44'24"E
 5.660000   31.200000   5d39'36"N      31d11'60"E
 9.260000   31.670000   9d15'36"N      31d40'12"E
 6.800000   30.730000   6d47'60"N      30d43'48"E
 9.700000   30.740000   9d41'60"N      30d44'24"E
 8.816667   31.850000   8d49'00"N      31d51'00"E
 9.140000   31.730000   9d08'24"N      31d43'48"E
 8.930000   31.800000   8d55'48"N      31d48'00"E
 6.120000   31.240000   6d07'12"N      31d14'24"E
 8.810000   31.860000   8d48'36"N      31d51'36"E
 7.190000   30.440000   7d11'24"N      30d26'24"E
 6.010000   31.520000   6d00'36"N      31d31'12"E
10.820000   32.600000   10d49'12"N     32d36'00"E
10.600000   32.540000   10d35'60"N     32d32'24"E
 6.020000   31.410000   6d01'12"N      31d24'36"E
11.880000   32.790000   11d52'48"N     32d47'24"E
 9.270000   29.720000   9d16'12"N      29d43'12"E
 8.017830   31.135670   8d01'04.19"N   31d08'08.41"E
 7.990000   29.330000   7d59'24"N      29d19'48"E
 6.330000   31.320000   6d19'48"N      31d19'12"E
 8.017830   29.447170   8d01'04.19"N   29d26'49.81"E
 8.670880   31.650000   8d40'15.17"N   31d38'60"E
 8.670830   27.670000   8d40'14.99"N   27d40'12"E
 7.850000   30.216667   7d50'60"N       30d13'00"E
10.370000   32.600000   10d22'12"N      32d36'00"E
 8.980000   31.250000   8d58'48"N       31d15'00"E
 7.470000   30.460000   7d28'12"N       30d27'36"E
 4.840000   30.340000   4d50'24"N       30d20'24"E
 9.291005   32.080417   9d17'27.62"N    32d04'49.5"E
 8.910000   31.820000   8d54'36"N       31d49'12"E
10.290000   32.480000   10d17'24"N      32d28'48"E
 6.650000   30.920000   6d39'00"N       30d55'12"E
 9.040000   32.150000   9d02'24"N       32d08'60"E
 9.020000   33.470000   9d01'12"N       33d28'12"E
 8.920000   33.600000   8d55'12"N       33d36'00"E
 6.880000   33.060000   6d52'48"N       33d03'36"E
 7.717436   29.025401   7d43'02.77"N    29d01'31.44"E
 7.340000   29.540000   7d20'24"N       29d32'24"E
 9.680000   30.780000   9d40'48"N       30d46'48"E
 8.640000   33.770000   8d38'24"N       33d46'12"E
 8.200000   32.210000   8d11'60"N       32d12'36"E
 8.991000   31.533500   8d59'27.6"N     31d32'00.6"E
 8.991000   30.661830   8d59'27.6"N     30d39'42.59"E
 8.989330   31.592330   8d59'21.59"N    31d35'32.39"E
 8.997761   28.358299   8d59'51.94"N    28d21'29.88"E
 7.130000   33.800000   7d07'48"N       33d47'60"E
 9.710000   32.260000   9d42'36"N       32d15'36"E
10.251428   32.561421   10d15'05.14"N   32d33'41.12"E
 8.344550   28.930000   8d20'40.38"N    28d55'48"E
 8.640000   33.090000   8d38'24"N       33d05'24"E
 6.190000   30.470000   6d11'24"N       30d28'12"E
 6.230000   31.300000   6d13'48"N       31d18'00"E
10.260000   32.550000   10d15'36"N      32d32'60"E
 5.920000   31.620000   5d55'12"N       31d37'12"E
 9.250000   29.120000   9d15'00"N       29d07'12"E
10.580000   32.540000   10d34'48"N      32d32'24"E
 9.382500   33.363330   9d22'57"N       33d21'47.99"E
 9.380000   31.300000   9d22'48"N       31d18'00"E
10.250000   32.580000   10d15'00"N      32d34'48"E
 9.000000   31.530000   9d00'00"N       31d31'48"E
 9.630000   32.210000   9d37'48"N       32d12'36"E
 9.010000   29.820000   9d00'36"N       29d49'12"E
 9.270000   31.630000   9d16'12"N       31d37'48"E
 7.840000   31.220000   7d50'24"N       31d13'12"E
 5.433333   28.050000   5d25'60"N       28d03'00"E
 9.866667   33.583333   9d52'00"N       33d34'60"E
 8.383333   24.400000   8d22'60"N       24d23'60"E
 7.740000   26.730000   7d44'24"N       26d43'48"E
 6.933333   26.650000   6d55'60"N       26d38'60"E
 4.520556   31.682778   4d31'14"N       31d40'58"E
 8.760000   30.980000   8d45'36"N       30d58'48"E
 8.080000   25.990000   8d04'48"N       25d59'24"E
 8.950000   33.550000   8d56'60"N       33d32'60"E
 9.018180   32.589090   9d01'05.45"N    32d35'20.72"E
 8.067258   27.340921   8d04'02.13"N    27d20'27.31"E
 4.298333   32.276389   4d17'54"N       32d16'35"E
 6.644631   30.456295   6d38'40.67"N    30d27'22.66"E
 5.231389   29.788056   5d13'53"N       29d47'17"E
 7.650000   26.250000   7d39'00"N       26d15'00"E
 4.030000   30.730000   4d01'48"N       30d43'48"E
 4.570971   28.410406   4d34'15.5"N     28d24'37.46"E
 8.290000   27.870000   8d17'24"N       27d52'12"E
 8.116667   31.200000   8d07'00"N       31d11'60"E
 6.766667   26.483333   6d46'00"N       26d28'60"E
 8.870000   26.150000   8d52'12"N       26d08'60"E
 4.120000   30.740000   4d07'12"N       30d44'24"E
 5.283235   27.791102   5d16'59.65"N    27d47'27.97"E
 4.810000   29.210000   4d48'36"N       29d12'36"E
 8.040000   26.050000   8d02'24"N       26d03'00"E
 4.400000   31.160000   4d24'00"N       31d09'36"E
 9.583333   29.933333   9d34'60"N       29d55'60"E
 7.220000   29.445450   7d13'12"N       29d26'43.62"E
 9.010000   27.460000   9d00'36"N       27d27'36"E
 3.850000   30.770000   3d51'00"N       30d46'12"E
 3.929090   31.028180   3d55'44.72"N    31d01'41.45"E
 8.910000   32.420000   8d54'36"N       32d25'12"E
 5.600000   30.730000   5d35'60"N       30d43'48"E
 5.820000   31.770000   5d49'12"N       31d46'12"E
 8.200000   32.260000   8d11'60"N       32d15'36"E
 4.770000   32.640000   4d46'12"N       32d38'24"E
 4.089905   30.671636   4d05'23.66"N    30d40'17.89"E
10.020000   33.510000   10d01'12"N      33d30'36"E
 5.066667   27.933333   5d04'00"N       27d55'60"E
 3.950000   31.700000   3d57'00"N       31d41'60"E
 5.788096   30.096199   5d47'17.15"N    30d05'46.32"E
 8.218500   32.264830   8d13'06.6"N     32d15'53.39"E
 9.383333   29.150000   9d22'60"N       29d08'60"E
 8.097197   28.029861   8d05'49.91"N    28d01'47.5"E
 9.050000   32.920000   9d03'00"N       32d55'12"E
 9.171950   32.985830   9d10'19.02"N    32d59'08.99"E
 9.171950   28.226020   9d10'19.02"N    28d13'33.67"E
 8.340000   30.030000   8d20'24"N       30d01'48"E
 8.807736   32.685395   8d48'27.85"N    32d41'07.42"E
 7.700000   27.790000   7d42'00"N       27d47'24"E
 9.830000   30.050000   9d49'48"N       30d03'00"E
 6.554538   30.499944   6d33'16.34"N    30d29'59.8"E
 7.780000   27.250000   7d46'48"N       27d15'00"E
 6.930000   29.360000   6d55'48"N       29d21'36"E
 9.783333   31.916667   9d46'60"N       31d55'00"E
 4.420000   31.570000   4d25'12"N       31d34'12"E
 7.816667   32.683333   7d49'00"N       32d40'60"E
10.390000   32.320000   10d23'24"N      32d19'12"E
 9.180000   30.790000   9d10'48"N       30d47'24"E
 6.523610   31.536110   6d31'25"N       31d32'10"E
 8.636772   32.848507   8d38'12.38"N    32d50'54.62"E
 4.281820   30.790000   4d16'54.55"N    30d47'24"E
 8.300000   32.910000   8d18'00"N       32d54'36"E
 9.267103   29.833386   9d16'01.57"N    29d50'00.19"E
 7.901000   31.888333   7d54'03.6"N     31d53'18"E
 5.390000   27.260000   5d23'24"N       27d15'36"E
 7.010000   29.120000   7d00'36"N       29d07'12"E
 4.110000   30.720000   4d06'36"N       30d43'12"E
 7.810000   28.700000   7d48'36"N       28d41'60"E
10.040000   33.580000   10d02'24"N      33d34'48"E
10.060000   33.450000   10d03'36"N      33d27'00"E
 8.834550   25.720000   8d50'04.38"N    25d43'12"E
 5.530000   30.840000   5d31'48"N       30d50'24"E
 8.190000   25.890000   8d11'24"N       25d53'24"E
 6.283333   28.450000   6d16'60"N       28d26'60"E
 8.140000   25.580000   8d08'24"N       25d34'48"E
 5.583333   27.550000   5d34'60"N       27d33'00"E
10.555450   33.256360   10d33'19.62"N   33d15'22.9"E
 4.918180   29.780910   4d55'05.45"N    29d46'51.28"E
 7.160000   27.940000   7d09'36"N       27d56'24"E
 5.310000   29.140000   5d18'36"N       29d08'24"E
 7.220000   28.720000   7d13'12"N       28d43'12"E
10.559276   33.260567   10d33'33.39"N   33d15'38.04"E

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