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					February 14, 2008 Town Board Meeting
Present was Council-members Carlson, Frisbee, White, Supervisor Merrihew and
Attorney for the town Siegel. Absent was Council-member Potter.

Supervisor Merrihew called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM followed by the Pledge to
the Flag.

Supervisor Merrihew: It isn’t very often we have so many television channels and
newspaper reporters here. Most people are probably here to discuss the Ambulance
Corp situation. How this all came about was our town board has been in the process of
negotiating with the Ambulance Corp Board of Directors for their annual contract. In the
midst of that they had uncovered some new information that made it a little difficult for us
to continue on. The purpose of this meeting was an invitation that was extended to the
Board of Directors of the Ambulance Corp to present a plan to the Town Board to justify
the continuance and the negotiations of an ambulance contract with them. We need a
clear and concise plan from them as to how they are going to provide the service.
Seeing the number of people here the regular meeting will be set a side at this time.

There are a couple of comments I would like to make, I would like to reiterate the
Ambulance Corp is an independent contractor. They are a private business doing
business in the Town of Duanesburg. From what I understand from the founding
members of the Ambulance Corp, it was established that way so that there was no
interference from the local government. We simply contract with the Ambulance Corp to
provide a service.

Supervisor Merrihew asked the board if they had any comments.

Council-member Frisbee: I’m wearing two hats, I drive for DVAC and I am a town board
member. My bottom line feeling is we have to address the residents in the Town of
Duanesburg whether it be their pocketbook or their health. I have been driving for about
three months and have made quite a few runs and have seen quite a few runs missed.
We need to do something for the residents in town. I am getting a little bit older and my
husband has some serious health concerns and I would hate to see him sitting waiting
for a half hour for an ambulance to arrive.

Floor opened at 7:40PM for comments with of limit of 5 minutes.

Charles Parker- Esperance Station Rd: Lifelong resident of the town. I am grateful to see
the media coverage under the critical problems with the Duanesburg Ambulance service
and an acknowledgement of our town government, that they have a moral responsibility
to address this crisis. The public needs to know the gravity of the situation. Because
the town has grown, a volunteer system of emergency services is not adequate. It is
time to go over to a partially paid system at the very least. I urge this board to take
immediate action in resolving this problem.

Bob Wall – McGuire School Rd. – We need to address the real problems of the
Duanesburg Ambulance Corp. I for one would like to see the Corp continue to be a
vibrant dedicated Corp as it once was. That is not going to continue unless there is some
fundamental changes made in the way the Corp is run. The article in the Schenectady
Gazette recently said that the Corp could not respond to emergency calls due to lack of

volunteers. The problem with DVAC is exacerbated by some problems that are self
generated due to the way the Corp has been run. The volunteer Ambulance Corp is not
going to survive as it is unless there are some serious changes in leadership.

Susan Wengenack –Schoharie Turnpike – Was a past Captain for 9 months and agrees
with Mr. Wall on what he was saying about why members are leaving the Ambulance
Corp. It is an internal affair and some people really need to take a look at what is going
on internally. Enjoyed her time but will not go back there the way it is currently run.

Mary Grimm – Turnbull Road – I have been the treasurer and board member of the
Ambulance Corp for the past 18 months and recently gave my resignation to the board.
Agrees whole heartedly it’s the way the board has been run, not just the board but the
entire Ambulance Corp for the last 15 years. One specific person in general, and his
wife is the Chairman of our board. Nothing is going to change as long as these people
are still in control of DVAC.

Lisa Murphy – Schoharie Turnpike: There was an incident at the high school two weeks
ago. Luckily there were people there who knew exactly what to do. The boy that was
injured got to Albany Med in time. If they did not know what to do and it had been worse
he could have died just for waiting for an ambulance.

Ken LaBelle- Chief Mariaville Fire Department: I have had a lot of problems with him the
past 5 to 7 years. The Captain does not follow New York State protocol. Something has
to be done or there won’t be an Ambulance Corp. here.

Norma Miller – Thousand Acre Road: If this situation with the Ambulance Corp cannot
be remedied, is it possible that we have each fire department in the town equipped with
an ambulance? That might be more reliable as a way of protecting the citizens of this

Supervisor Merrihew –Thanked Norma for asking those questions. The town is pursing
those options and we have let the Ambulance Corp know that we are pursing those
options. One of things we would like to do is discuss the issue with the Town of
Duanesburg Fire Chiefs or representative of the fire departments at the public safety
meeting on Feb. 28th. This is a difficult situation for all of us. You have to remember the
town does not have any authority over the Ambulance Corp and how it is run. I am
hoping we can get a clear and concise plan from the Board of Directors this evening on
how they plan to keep this Ambulance Corp running. One of the things we were
negotiating is for them to meet us half way, to help reduce their expenses and we would
help them financially, since that is the only thing the town can do. Quite frankly that
financial help is not going to do any good with no members.

Council-member White: The town board negotiations with the Ambulance Corp is a
separate issue. The issue is providing service to the town. In the middle of negotiations
we found out calls were being missed. We have a responsibility to provide service to the
town and that is what we are focusing on. I want to keep those issues separate.

Council-member Carlson: The ambulance corp came to us for help, we did not go to

Jim Pneuman: Mt. View Lane: Past Chief of the fire department, current fire department
member, past EMT in the Ambulance Corp. The only thing we are talking about here is
service to the community, whether it be the fire department or in this case the
ambulance. In any volunteer organization you can have the buildings, the vehicles and
you can have the equipment; if you don’t have the people it is an empty promise back to
the members of the community. What has happened here is the internal strife in this
Ambulance Corp has caused an enormous amount of very talented and caring people of
this community to walk away. As volunteers we give up a lot to be of service to the

Barbara Waring – Darby Hill Road: Wanted to clarify a couple of things. I was a
secretary of the Corp and later president. I think it would be of benefit for people to know
what we talk about and what we mean when we say intimidation. I happen to be taller
than my husband. My husband was referred to in very derogatory comments from the
captain of the Corp at the time that I was in the Corp. As long as I was the secretary of
the Corp I was allowed to work in the office and use the copy machine. As soon as I
became president I was no longer allowed to use the office or the copy machine, which
was locked up in the captain`s office. That happened to her predecessor as well. I am
not sure what the revenue flow is like now. I know when I was secretary and president
the Corp operated on funds from donations from the community, from insurance money
and from the contact it had with the town. That was the three sources of revenue. Three
years ago I had an automobile accident, it happened between the Ambulance Corp and
elementary school. Quaker Street Fire Department was first on the scene. A state
trooper arrived, and sometime later the ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital. I
believe the Ambulance Corp received the insurance money on that and yet they were
not the first to arrive on the scene and give me the primary care.

Tammy Nunez: I am a volunteer. I am also a board member. Mrs. Waring is correct,
Quaker Street is supposed to show up first. The fire department comes sets the scene
up for us, then we go in and extract our patient. We have had some difficulties. In
January we missed 6 calls, February we missed 2. I have heard people have had
problems with a past captain. That person has not been captain for a year now. Sue
Wengenack was captain for 9 months we had another captain Patty Dykeman for 6
months. Where were the volunteers then, where are they now?

Supervisor Merrihew: The reason for this evening is to ask the Duanesburg Volunteer
Ambulance board of directors for their plan to let us know how the Ambulance Corp is
going to manage through this hurdle.

Sharon Smith: Ambulance Board Chairperson, we met the other night with the EMT’s
and drivers to get an idea if will they be able to step up. We know there have been
problems as far as the calls. We want to get a regular roster if possible. I don’t think you
are ever going to get that because people have so many activities they are in. The
members said they would give it a try they would try to make more time. If you look back
this past week even since the article asking for volunteers, people have come forward.
They are willing to come out from the city to help out, not too many of the towns`people.
They want a ambulance here but where are they when it comes to volunteering?

Supervisor Merrihew: Sharon you haven’t given us any kind of assurance that the
Ambulance Corp can provide a service to the Town of Duanesburg.

Sharon Smith: We have had a turnover from captain to captain. It is true one of the past
captains is coming back just to fill out the term. The last captain that left, it wasn’t
because of fatigue. It was other internal issues. I don’t want to discuss internal issues at
this point. We are trying to get the leadership, get the calls going to get through the rest
of the year. Some people who stayed away are coming back. We do have mutual aid,
that is what it’s for. There are a lot of outside issues not just internal.

Supervisor Merrihew: It is one of those difficult situations. I have spent many nights at
2:00 in the morning separating the emotional part of it from my position as Supervisor. I
don’t have a lot faith in the leadership and the figures we got from the state police, and
figures from previous captains reports. How long can we ask the residents to wait? How
long will it take before the ambulance corp is viable again?

Sharon Smith: I don’t think you can say a certain amount of time, hopefully as soon as
possible, they are starting right now to work together.

Council-member White: I think that’s the difficult part for us. Who are we to tell people to
wait a couple of months. I think you have to work with us on that roster. Do it or turn it
over to someone else right away.

Tammy Nunez – Asked Marty how much time are you willing to give up? I gave up eight
hours of my day yesterday. Plus taking my daughter with me on a fire call. Also asked
Jean how much time she gave up. I am a single Mom. If I left my daughter home
yesterday she would have been home eight hours by herself. I am willing to sacrifice
that, what is our town willing to sacrifice?

Supervisor Merrihew-That is where we have struggled with the emotional side, we need
to separate ourselves from it.

Council-member White: I have the utmost respect for the volunteers. Don’t take this as
me not supporting the ambulance corp. You have to have three or four people answering
every call.

Council-member Carlson –I have been a volunteer for 24 years, there are a lot of guys
here who have been around a long time who have seen a lot of calls- house fires, car
accidents- we all know what people volunteer. Everybody gives up a lot of time.

Tammy Nunez – Of course, but unfortunately the fire fighters all get all the glory.

Council-member Carlson- Not necessarily. Burtonsville responds with Esperance
Ambulance on every single call. Most of our calls are EMS calls. Use your mutual aide
don’t be afraid to ask. When you get an Esperance ambulance from the other side of
town you get a paramedic that comes from Schoharie County.

Tammy Nunez: When we use our mutual aide we’re told we had a missed call. Fire
fighters use their mutual aide every body’s working together. We use mutual aide we
look bad.

Ken LaBelle Jr.: There is one thing you are misinterpreting, the use mutual aide. Kenny
used it yesterday. We had eight departments there. Who’s the first department on the
scene? Kenny’s. When we call mutual aide, we are on the scene also. We are not

calling mutual aide because we can’t make the call. We call mutual aide because we
need added resources. If we call mutual aide because we don’t show up, that is a
missed call. That goes in my book on a state report as I missed the call. Mutual aide had
to cover it. I need mutual aide on every fire call I have. I have 27 members. Usually on a
structure fire I will get 17 or 18 of them. But I also need all my other mutual aide
departments. We go to every medical call. Of 113 calls last year, 60 something were
medical. When you are sitting there for 20 minutes waiting for an ambulance that is the
average response time. When you are on the other side of town it does take time to get
to the ambulance garage and to the scene. So far this year, we have had five requests
to Duanesburg Ambulance. We got them once. Rotterdam came up all of the other
times. Now you are saying if Rotterdam is there you didn’t miss the call? If you were
there and needed extra help and you needed a second ambulance that is mutual aide. If
you don’t show up- that is a missed call!

Tammy Nunez: If we have a person in the garage whether it be a driver or a crew chief
and we don’t have a second person, then yes we need mutual aide, because we need
more people.

Ken LaBelle Jr.; Then you can’t make the call, so that is missed call. If you do not
respond that is a missed call.

Council-member Carlson asked if the Ambulance Corp uses mutual aide, will you take a
member from another fire department as a crew member? Is that part of your protocol?

Tammy Nunez: We have in the past. We have used Plotterkill.

Sharon Smith: Who ever gets there first will call and ask if they have a driver that could
ride if they can’t get one.

Ken LaBelle Jr: Some of my members have rode with them. His guys will, but with the
problems we’ve had with a certain individual there, they have no support from us now.
We don’t want to ride because we don’t know if we’re going to get sued or threatened to
be sued. We are walking on eggshells.

Mary Grimm: She has heard from the individual we are talking about he does not want to
take people from other districts, and he does threaten that we will get sued. That is the
internal strife that has been going on since I have been there.

Barbara (resident); I joined the DVAC a few years ago, and when I told the captain I
wanted to be a driver- he looked past me like I was a ghost, like he did not see me. He
did not answer me. Finally I became a driver and I can’t tell you how many times I
showed up and there and was no one to go out. Then I was told the only the reason I
became a driver was because of Brenda Warner`s mouth. I had enough of that and quit.

Dick Weakly; I belong to a lot of volunteer organizations. When ever you get a person
who is causing you to lose people or is not helping the organization by chasing people
away. You have to replace them.

Supervisor Merrihew: The town cannot direct who runs the Ambulance Corp. anymore
than we can the fire departments.

Barbara Waring: I am just wondering if anyone here knows what happens to the
equipment if the town no longer has a contract with the Corp? I believe that their by laws
are set up that it goes to the last person standing, which would be a nice tidy retirement
for who ever is standing last.

Supervisor Merrihew: I would say what ever their by laws say.

Charles Parker; The system is broken. Lets move on up our taxes and get something
that we can rely on.

Brenda Warner: I was a volunteer and I was on the board. A lot of times when I was
there, words were spoken nothing was heard. If one person would drop out of that Corp
and leave completely, I think then we would have a volunteer ambulance corp. People
would be coming back. But this person won’t leave because he wants that power. I
don’t know what it is going to take to get him out. That is a shame he won’t drop out.

Tammy Nunez: If this person leaves, who is going to run it? I have a year experience.
We are all pretty new. We need someone who knows state regulations, Remo
regulations. It is not a job you learn overnight.

Brenda Warner: The person who left said she could do the job. There are other people
who were in the Corp that could help. He’s been there yes, he’s done good yes, but he
has done some harm too.

Supervisor Merrihew: Asked if the current Ambulance Corp board of directors has
anything they would like to add in support of the Ambulance Corp?

Charles Leoni Board Member: The Ambulance Corp is a democracy because we hold
elections. In a democracy, the people who do not get involved, if you don’t participate
you shouldn’t complain. I have heard a lot of comments from people who are not there
anymore. They are not there anymore because they got disgusted and left. If they really
wanted the place to work, then they should have banded together. Get the person out,
establish someone else in there and continue. I am a board member and I agree with
some of the things that were said and I don’t agree with some of the things that were
said. I am trying to work to make the place better and make it function properly. I don’t
have too much experience as far as Ambulance Corp, but I have experience in other
fields and I’m trying to get the experience there and to teach some of the people some of
the aspects of running an organization. However, we got the people there and we got
the people who are willing to come in step up do the job and if they disagree with
somebody there, vote them out the proper way.

Pat Wall: McGuire School Rd.; I am still a member of the Corp because at this point, with
my age I am an honorary member. I was an EMT, I was on the board, I was board chair
person for a long, long time, and yes we had personal problems, but you work it out.
Then someone comes along who wants the power and if you are their friend and have
not crossed that person, or that person has recruited you, they are just fine until they
cross this person. And when they cross him then the intimidation, then the untruths
come out. I look around this room and see a lot of people that were in the Corp with me
at that time. I know why they are out and I know why I finally gave up the time. It has to
come from inside the Corp to do what they want to do. If they want this person in power
then they have to work with him and find people who will. There are a lot who are

experienced but can’t be captain because we don’t have the medical qualifications

Barbara Waring; My request goes directly to the board. You definitely have to seek other
arrangements for ambulance service. To have a chairman of the board who says people
can’t operate because they are women or she hasn’t been here long enough. You do
not want to have a contract with an organization like that. You want to have a contract
with an organization that will supply you the services you need for your citizens. Many of
us no longer are contributing to the Ambulance Corp, but we are contributing to the
community in many different ways.

Ken Griffin Thousand Acre Rd.-Chief of the Duanesburg Fire Department; they need
more people, they need more volunteers. The internal problems, I think you could have
enough people that were willing to band together. I am a current member there when I
have time. They should get one of the past captains back in. There are people who are
competent of doing that job. Mr. Parker`s point on a paid service out here- we are a
small town it would cost a lot of money. A small town like us is only going to be able to
pay 6 or 7 dollars and hour, when you can go to a hospital or Mohawk and make 8 or 9
dollars an hour. To have somebody’s life in your hands and open your self to lawsuits-
you can make more at McDonald’s with less aggravation.

Supervisor Merrihew; We aren’t going to find any easy answers. I am looking forward to
our public safety meeting on the 28th.

Jeff Iveson Suits Rd.; Assistant Chief Delanson Fire Department; I don’t know what the
answer is. I can say this much: currently in the fire department we are having some
volunteer issues right now. Membership is down. It is pretty nerve wracking waiting for
somebody to respond on that radio. Something definitely has to be done. From what I
am hearing, if they pick another captain they could straighten it out. If that is not going to
happen then you need to look elsewhere.

Supervisor Merrihew: The town can’t run the Ambulance Corp, but it sounds like the
Ambulance Corp has got some serious soul searching to do.

Council-member Carlson: If another department comes to help, you can send them back
when you have enough people. It is easier to tone out two departments at the same time
and send one back when you don’t need them anymore.

Supervisor Merrihew; the town has been pro active. I had alluded to the fact that we had
done some checking around and exploring our options. I have spoke to Rotterdam EMS
Jim Stairs and they will continue to cover the Town of Duanesburg during this problem.
One of the things I personally and as Supervisor have an issue with is the fact they are
going to dispatch the Ambulance Corp wait eight (8) minutes dispatch again wait eight
(8) minutes again, that is sixteen (16) minutes wasted. For example last Friday night I
went to the diner, an older woman fell on the ice and was laying on the ground in front of
the store waiting for an ambulance. I would ask that if there wasn’t a full roster and
somebody covering time that you call state police dispatch, because if you don’t I will
seek permission from this board to do it myself. To many people are laying for to long in
places they shouldn’t be because of no ambulance.

Council-member Frisbee: The other day an elderly woman fell in her kitchen. I answered
the call. We waited almost ½ hour for an EMT to come up from Schenectady. It made
me feel less than good.

Supervisor Merrihew: Marty and I have been in contact with Mohawk Ambulance also.
The cost associated with doing something else is not as great as everybody seems to
think. There are no easy answers, there is no quick answer, there is no perfect answer
and there is never going to be a perfect answer. According to the information that Marty
and I had gotten from the State Trooper barracks for the last quarter of the year and
through January 17th of this year, the missed calls of the Ambulance Corp have
increased dramatically. That is what pretty much prompted us looking into this. The
average dispatched time for those months is roughly 20 minutes for the Duanesburg
Ambulance Corp. In our discussions with Mohawk, who can provide a service dispatch
directly from their facility in Schenectady, again it is not the perfect answer, but they can
be out here in 20 minutes- if they don’t have to wait the 16 minutes for the Ambulance
Corp to decide if they can muster a crew to get to a resident. I have spoken with
Rotterdam. That would come at a cost. I don’t know what the cost would be. It is worth
opening the door for discussion. The cost with dispatching Mohawk Ambulance directly
from their facility would be free of charge for the Town of Duanesburg. I don’t think we
would be losing any response time. They would know it would take the ambulance 20
minutes to get here and they would plan accordingly.

Sue Wengenack- Schoharie Turnpike: If it came to that, I want the town to be assured
that there are a lot of great EMT’s in town that can provide the service they need until
the ambulance gets there.

Jeff Iveson Suits Rd.; Is there anyway we can do something to improve the
communications to try to help eliminate that 16 minute wait? For the fire company’s
sake we need a better idea way before that 16 minutes of exactly what is going on. I do
appreciate what the ambulance is doing.

Lisa Murphy: The last few months have been an eye opener. We need to resolve and
find a solution for it. At the moment I don’t want to wait, it is a scary situation.

Betty Vunk: If I have to call 911, can I request another ambulance either Rotterdam or

Supervisor Merrihew: You would have to ask dispatch. I am pretty sure you can request
Rotterdam. In view of the conversations here it is my recommendation to this board to
seek other ideas for contracts.

Council-member White: I think we have to continue to seek all of the options we have
looked at. We all want DVAC to succeed. That is what the town wants that is what this
board wants. I don’t think I heard a lot tonight that said it is going to go there. I hope it
does. I heard a lot of things I wasn’t aware of. I hope DVAC can do something about it
and include us in their discussions.

Public comments closed at 8:55PM

Regular Meeting resumed at 9:10PM

Supervisor Merrihew: I think the thing we need is a decision. And in speaking with the
state troopers also, we can’t wait for them to decide to muster a crew.

Attorney Siegel: You can’t control anything that happens with the internal workings of the
ambulance corp. You want to tell them not to dispatch the ambulance Corp?

Supervisor Merrihew: I spoke with the troopers tonight. They said it is up to the town to
make the decision.

Attorney Siegel: How does the state police decide who to call out?

Council-member Carlson: When 911 comes up, it will show in the address and it will
show and say first responders because of the location from either Duanesburg
ambulance or Duanesburg Fire or what ever area.

Attorney Siegel: That is programmed based on geographic location? It is not anybody
who has any discretion? The discretion is in the program?

Council-member Carlson: On the computer screen it tells who to dispatch. I feel if the
Duanesburg Ambulance Corp wanted to work things out with us they would have met
with us either privately or kept it low key.

Council-member White: The comments were in a public forum, it was not just hearsay.
People who are in the community got up said their name, where they live and said some
things I was pretty shocked about. I didn’t know it was that bad, the response time and
the intimidation.

Attorney Siegel: I think your consideration was, that the board had made a request for
the directors to attend and present a plan and provide further assurances that they can
perform the services that are required. The question to the board should be what
answers did you hear and are you satisfied with the answers? Everybody else that
made statements as to why there are problems was informative, but that is probably less
relevant than whether the ambulance corp can correct the problems, or if they put forth
something to the board that said we are going to fix the problems and here is what we
are going to do.

Supervisor Merrihew asked if the town board members heard that, in their opinion?

Council-member White: No. What you heard was deep seeded problems that would tend
to make you not believe that they are recruiting more people, people are coming in.

Attorney Siegel: It doesn’t matter why it’s broken. The purpose was to find out how it was
going to be fixed. Everybody’s comments here need to be looked at in view of how the
problem is going to be solved. This board, from a legal standpoint, cannot tell the
Ambulance Corp how to solve their problem.

Charles Leoni; There is going to be a meeting among the board Saturday morning. The
subject of a roster and finalize the number of hours the roster will cover. This roster will
be updated on a regular basis, hopefully every two weeks or so and the time this roster
does not cover other people will help cover. I realize it is a volunteer organization and

sometimes it is difficult to get people to cover all of the time slots. We need to make sure
the time slots we cover are well defined.

Supervisor Merrihew: We can wait to hear from Charles on Monday and if need be we
will schedule a special meeting to do any resolutions we would need to.

Attorney Siegel: As a courtesy to DVAC, in case no one reads the legal notice, we
should notify the corp of the special meetings so they can have someone here.

Council-member Carlson: Why don’t we schedule the meeting now? If they are meeting
on Saturday they are going to have their plan.

Supervisor Merrihew: We can schedule a meeting and have the ambulance board come
to our special meeting.

Charles Leoni: The purpose of the meeting is to appoint a captain temporarily and to get
this roster together and submit it.

Regular Meeting called to order at 9:15 P.M.
Present was Council-members Carlson, Frisbee, White, Supervisor Merrihew and
Attorney for the town Siegel. Absent was Council-member Potter.

Resolution #72-08-Council-member Carlson motioned seconded by Council-member
Frisbee to accept the regular town board meeting minutes of January 10, 2008 as
written. Motion carried 4 ayes. Council-members Carlson, Frisbee, White and Supervisor

Supervisor Merrihew read the Clerks report for the month of January 2008.

           Total Local Shares Remitted                   $343.14
           Total Non-Local Shares Remitted                149.01
           Total State, County & Local Revenues          $492.15

Supervisor Merrihew read the Supervisor’s report for the month of January 2008.

                    Monthly Statement of Supervisor


Pursuant to Section 119 of Town Law, I hereby render the following statement of all money
received and disbursed by this office during the month of January 2008.


             FUND                                          AMOUNT

             GENERAL FUND                                  $ 95,726.71

             HIGHWAY FUND                                  $ 43,840.13

           FIRE PROTECTION              $ 363,719.16

           PARK & RECREATION            $     18.21

           PARKLANDS                    $     50.33

           SHAFER PARK                  $      0.56

           SERVICE AWARD                $     12.83

           SEWER DISTRICT #1            $ 295,606.40

           SEWER DISTRICT #2            $ 193,935.58

                           TOTAL        $992,909.91


           GENERAL FUND                 $ 114,823.91

           HIGHWAY FUND                 $ 33,260.49

           FIRE PROTECTION              $        -

           PARK & RECREATION            $        -

           PARKLANDS                    $        -

           SHAFER PARK                  $        -

           SERVICE AWARD                $   3,409.78

           SEWER DISTRICT #1            $ 141,439.15

           SEWER DISTRICT #2            $ 65,523.16

                           TOTAL        $359,456.49

Dated: February 14, 2008                Supervisor's Office
                                        Town of Duanesburg

Resolution #73-08-Council-member Carlson motioned, seconded by Council-member
White the payment of the following claims:

                                 Vouchers to be Paid
                                    Paid Before

                 Sewer District # 1 Vouchers # 4 to # 6 =$ 129,077.49

                    Sewer District # 2 Voucher #7 & #8 = $ 40.56

                General Fund Vouchers # A30 to A38 =        $ 71,744.77

                           Total vouchers paid = $200,862.82

                                  Monthly Vouchers

               Sewer District #1 Vouchers #7 to # 16 =       $13,287.35

                 Sewer District # 2 Vouchers # 9 to #18 =    $9,275.43

                 General Fund Vouchers #A31 to #A77 = $541,860.48

                General Fund In-House Vouchers # 2 to # 4 = $199.49

                   Highway Vouchers # M2 to # M22 = $18,093.40

                         Total vouchers paid = $582,716.15
Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-members Carlson, White, Frisbee and Supervisor

Committee Reports:
Council-member White reported on the Highway. Highway purchased a new generator
and a new compressor. There are two motions on the agenda for purchase of a new
truck and sell the Oshkosh. We spoke about a culvert project on Lawson Road on the
boarder with the town of Florida. Highway Superintendent is going to speak with the
Florida Town Superintendent and see if they can they get a joint project going. In March
they plan on doing an assessment of the roads.

Supervisor Merrihew reported on Public Safety: The Fire Officers Meeting is 28th.

Council-member Frisbee reported on the Parks: On the agenda we have some motions
for the building at Shafer Park. Bids to be opened March 6, 2008 at 3:00PM at town hall.
There will be a park meeting on the 26th. She met with Caitlin about putting together
some figures for the swim program. Looks like it will start on July 7th. Jean asked Caitlin
to put together some comparative figures for her for the swim program with the Y and
the bus as apposed to the community center without the bus, except for one bus for

Supervisor Merrihew reported on Zoning:
To:    Rene Merrihew, Supervisor and Town Board Members
From: Dale R. Warner & Jeff Senecal


   10      Building Permits
   1       (Renewal)
   1       Septic Repair
   10      Certificates of Occupancy
   1       Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
   2       Violations

           Planning Board:
   1       Special Use Application

   1       Variance Application

   Building Fees Collected: $ 892.00
   Sewer Dist. #1                  00
   Sewer Dist. #2                  00
   Parkland Fees                   00
                            Total Of All Permits:    $ 892.00

   Inspection Miles for Ford Explorer     495
   Inspection Miles for Ford F-250        414

Resolution #74-08- Council-member Frisbee motioned, seconded by Council-member
Carlson to authorize the Supervisor to sign easements granted by the Community
Center to the Town of Duanesburg for access to property. Motion carried 4 ayes.
Council-members Frisbee, Carlson, White and Supervisor Merrihew.

Resolution #75-08-Council-member Carlson motioned, seconded by Council-member
White to authorize the Supervisor to sign an agreement with the Village of Delanson to
continue Building Inspector Duties provided by the town. Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-
members Carlson, White, Frisbee and Supervisor Merrihew.

Resolution #76-08-Council-member White motioned, seconded by Council-member
Carlson to authorize the Highway Superintendent to purchase a one-ton pick up truck as

per New York State OGS contract, at a cost not to exceed $23,000.00. Motion carried 4
ayes, Council-members White, Carlson, Frisbee and Supervisor Merrihew.

Resolution #77-08-Council-member White motioned, seconded by Council-member
Frisbee to authorize the Highway Superintendent to advertise for sale the OSHKOSH
truck. The minimum bid accepted will be $5,500.00. Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-
members White, Frisbee, Carlson and Supervisor Merrihew.

Resolution #78-08-Council-member Carlson motioned, seconded by Council-member
Frisbee to provide $500.00 to the Quaker Street Fire Department for the sole purpose of
hosting the 2008 Memorial Day Parade. Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-members
Carlson, Frisbee, White and Supervisor Merrihew.

Resolution #79-08-Council-member Carlson motioned, seconded by Council-member
White to schedule a meeting of the Sewer District Commissioners for April 3rd at 7:30PM.
Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-members Carlson, White, Frisbee and Supervisor

Resolution #80-08-Council-member Frisbee motioned, seconded by Council-member
White to declare the Town Board as Lead Agency for the construction of a
bathhouse/storage building at Shafer Park:

WHEREAS, the Town of Duanesburg is proposing to construct a new bathhouse and
storage building in the Robert Shafer Memorial Park (hereinafter referred to as “the

WHEREAS, the Project will include the construction of a new 24’ x 26’ (24’ x 36’ if funds
allow) bathroom and storage building. The building to be a wood frame structure with a
gable roof on a cast-in-place concrete frost wall foundation with roof and exterior wall
coverings of asphalt shingles and vinyl siding, respectively. The building will house
separate women’s and men’s bathrooms, utility room, and storage room. The project will
includes all site work incidental to the building construction.

WHEREAS, the Town of Duanesburg has prepared a Short Environmental Assessment
Form (EAF) for review for the project; and

NOW, THERFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board of the Town of Duanesburg
hereby declares itself Lead Agency for the Action pursuant to Part 617 of the
implementing regulations pertaining to Article 8 (State Environmental Quality Review
Act) of the Environmental Conservation Law; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town Board intends to conduct an
uncoordinated review of the project; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town Board authorizes the Town Supervisor,
with the assistance of the Town Attorney and Town Consulting Engineer, to take such
further steps as might be necessary to discharge the Board’s responsibility as lead
agency for this action.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town Board hereby determines that the project is
an Unlisted Action, pursuant to the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA),

Section 617.4 of the New York Environmental Conservation law and its implementing
regulations, 6 NYCRR Part 617; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town Board of the Town of Duanesburg hereby
authorizes the Town Supervisor to sign all environmental review documents for the Project
on their behalf.

By (unanimous/majority) vote of the Town Board of the Town of Duanesburg at its meeting

of _February 14,2008_______________________.

                   Ayes                _3_
                   Nays                _0_
                   Abstentions         _0_
                   Absent             __1_

Town Clerk


Resolution #81-08-Council-member Frisbee motioned, seconded by Council-member
White to declare a negative declaration for the bathhouse/storage building project.
Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-members Frisbee, White, Carlson and Supervisor
Merrihew. EAF form filled out and is on file and attached in the minute book..

Resolution #82-08-Council-member White motioned, seconded by Council-member
Frisbee for order calling a public hearing to establish the Pine Ridge Drainage District for
March 13th at 7:15PM. Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-members White, Frisbee, Carlson
and Supervisor Merrihew.
At a regular meeting of the Town Board
of the Town of Duanesburg in the County of Schenectady, New York,
held at Town Hall on February 14, 2008.


Council-members Carlson, Frisbee, White and Supervisor

Council-member Potter______________________________________________

                  In the Matter                                              :
                       of the                                                :ORDER CALLING
Establishment of the Pine Ridge Drainage District,                           :PUBLIC HEARING

in the Town of Duanesburg                                                    :
in the County of Schenectady, New York.                                      :

       WHEREAS, a written petition dated February _8__, 2008, has been submitted in
due form by Robert Frost, containing the required signatures, which has been presented
and filed with the Town Board of the Town of Duanesburg, County of Schenectady, New
York, for the establishment of a Town Drainage District, to be known as Pine Ridge
Drainage District, which is located along the east side of NYS Route 159 (Mariaville
Road) south of Spring Road in the Town of Duanesburg, County of Schenectady,
encompassing lots 1 though 13 of the Pine Ridge Subdivision, and as more particularly
bounded and described in the Drainage District Map dated January 8, 2008, and revised
January 28, 2008, prepared by Ingalls & Associates, LLP, duly licensed by the State of
New York, and filed with the Town and available for public inspection, and

      WHEREAS, the improvements proposed consist of the construction and
maintenance of a closed drainage system to serve said District in accordance with a
certain Drainage District Report dated January 8, 2008, and revised January 28, 2008,
prepared by Ingalls & Associates, LLP, duly licensed by the State of New York, showing
the boundaries of the proposed District and a general plan of the proposed closed
drainage system to be constructed therefore, including, but not limited to, all catch
basins, pond outlet structures, storm sewer pipe, outlets and roadway cross culvert,
made a part of such petition and heretofore adopted by this Town Board, and now on file
with the Town, and

     WHEREAS, it is the intention of the petitioner to construct said closed drainage
system at its own expense, to transfer said closed drainage system to the Town, when
completed, without any consideration; and

      WHEREAS, the annual expense of operation and maintenance of said District is
estimated to be approximately $1,000.00 and shall be assessed, levied and collected
from the several lots and parcels of land within the proposed District, so much upon and
from each as shall be in just proportion to the amount of benefit which the Town Board
shall determine. The improvement shall confer upon the same and in accordance with
the applicable statutes made and provided therefor.

      NOW, THEREFORE, be it ORDERED, that a meeting of the Town Board of the
Town of Duanesburg will be held at Town Hall, on March 13_2008, at _7:15_____ p.m.
on said day, to consider said petition and to hear all persons interested in the subject
thereof, concerning the same, and for such other and further action on the part of said
Town Board, with relation to the premises.

      FURTHER ORDERED, that the Town Clerk publish at least once in the official
newspaper of the Town, and post on the signboard of the Town maintained pursuant to
subdivision 6 of section 30 of the Town Law, a copy of this Order Calling For A Public
Hearing, certified by said Town Clerk, the first publication thereof and said posting to be
not less that ten (10) nor more than twenty (20) days before the date of such public

Dated: February 14, 2008

                                                 Town Board of the Town of Duanesburg

                                                     _Merrihew Aye___________

                                                     _White Aye    ___________

                                                     _Frisbee Aye_____________

                                                     _Carlson Aye __________ __

                                                     _Potter- absent____________

(Seal of the Town of Duanesburg)                     Members of the Town Board of the
                                                     Town of Duanesburg, New York

STATE OF NEW YORK                            :
COUNTY OF SCHENECTADY                        :       ss.:

     I, Leah M. Lennon, Clerk of the Town of Duanesburg, in the County of
Schenectady, State of New York, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that I have compared the
preceding Order For A Public Hearing with the original thereof filed in my office on
February ____, 2008, and that the same is a true and correct copy of said original and of
the whole thereof so far as the same relate to the subject matters referred to therein.

     IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said
Town of Duanesburg this ___ day of February, 2008.

                                             Leah M. Lennon
                                             Town Clerk

(Seal of the Town of Duanesburg)

Resolution #83-08-Council-member Carlson motioned seconded by Council-member
Frisbee to accept the Service Award Program list of Firefighters for the Mariaville Fire
Department for the 2007 service year:
                      2007 Points earned                      2007 Points earned
Lars J. Breckenridge 62                          Thomas F. Bulman              99

Robert Chandler, III   14                          Robert J. Chandler, Jr.  92
Todd L. Clark          64                          William H. Clark, Jr.    77
Randy A. Cochrane      30                           Mark J. DeLeva          77
Ralph E. DeNofiio    106                           Richard A. Donohue       75
Gary H. Engle        102                           Phillip E. Engle         97
Eric M. Horn           59                          Scott A. King            89
Ronald H. Krutz        73                          Kenneth A. LaBelle Jr.   97
Kenneth P. LaBelle Sr. 93                          Lawrence Lucks          102
Ralph A. Pannitto      75                          Melissa J. Renaud        99
Steven D. Renaud       73                           David Schaub             87
Charles P. Snyder     107                          Douglas J. St. Andrews 72
James H. Sowizdral     64                            Raymond T. Stone Jr.   78
James A. Weakley      103

Resolution #84-08-Council-member White motioned, seconded by Council-member
Carlson to hold a special meeting on Thursday February 21, 2008 at 6:00PM for the
purpose of discussing Duanesburg Volunteer Ambulance Corp`s plan with the
Duanesburg Volunteer Ambulance Corp Board for providing a roster to the town and to
further discuss the order that the town requests the State Police and others to dispatch
the ambulance companies.
Motion carried 4 ayes, Council-members White, Carlson, Frisbee, and Supervisor

Resolution #85-08-Council-member White motioned, seconded by Council-member
Carlson to authorize the Supervisor to contract with the Princetown State Police and
advise that as of noon February 15, 2008 they dispatch Rotterdam or Mohawk
ambulance instead of Duanesburg, until such time they are further advised all as will be
discussed at the special meeting to be held February 21, 2008 at 6:00PM. Motion
carried 4 ayes, Council-members White, Carlson, Frisbee and Supervisor Merrihew.
Council-member Carlson: Hopefully we can get this remedied quick and get them back
on line as quick as we can.
Supervisor Merrihew will make the call in the morning, and will let the board know if
there is a problem.

The annual Duanesburg Days Festivities are scheduled for March 29th from 10:00AM to
3:00PM at the High School. Snow date is March 30th.

Council-member Frisbee- A few of the folks that were here earlier were from the trailer
park, they said that someone put something on their doorknob stating that there was
something going on at the town hall tonight, that they should come and participate. They
did not know if something was going to be discussed about the trailer park. Council-
member Frisbee told them that is private property and the board has no input. She
asked her if she wanted to stay and talk about it, the board would listen to her. But she

Supervisor Merrihew introduced our new county representative Angelo Santabarbara
District 4 for the Legislature.

Angelo stated he is trying to do all the things he promised during the campaign. He is
working closely with the Supervisor’s in District 4. In anyone has any questions or

problems he has a web site his contact information is on there
and his telephone is always on.

Walt Miller – Thousand Acre Rd.-Asked Angelo to find out why the 3% sales tax saving
on the home heating fuel has been taken off. The County portion of sales tax was
waived for 4 months of the heating season. Why didn’t anyone bring it up when they
had no problem creating an $80,000.00 job?

Council-member Carlson – Thinks they did it for three years and this year it wasn’t done.

Angelo will look into.

Jim Pneuman Mt. View Lane-Commends the board for authorizing the Highway
Superintendent to buy a new truck. He proposed a possible resolution to solve some of
your ambulance concerns. The resolution to read the Town Board of the Town of
Duanesburg does hereby authorize the Supervisor to contact the NYS Police in
Princetown, NY and have whatever ambulance dispatched for any times the State Police
does not have a solid roster listing the times covered by Duanesburg Ambulance until
hereby further notice.

Walt Miller – Thousand Acre Rd. – With Mohawk Ambulance, if we did have them and
we would have to pay for them, how much would it cost. If they had an ambulance out
here and staffed by at least one Mohawk Ambulance.

Supervisor Merrihew: I don’t have an answer for you Walt, those are all options we can
we can look at. I don’t think it will come to that, I hope it won’t come to that.

Charles Parker – Esperance Station Rd.- Since he did not get an answer the first time
asked if his statement earlier will part of the minutes.
Supervisor Merrihew – We will look at it and let you know.

Charles Parker – Spoke of the new planning board members, doesn’t know if the
alternate member position was filled. Last thing he knew there wasn’t enough applicants.
Suggested a sign be put out front, maybe that would create something. Thanked Mr.
Santabarbara for coming. Worked for two months looking up information for the
Esperance Fire District. Commented on what he found out for the Esperance Fire
Department. Our present contract with Esperance is a 1951 contract. This 1951
document should be reviewed. He went to the Esperance Board approached them with
it and they said it should be reviewed and they in August are going to suggest some

Supervisor Merrihew-It is 10:30 at night and you have spent two months on your project I
have been here 8 years and I don’t have all the answers.

Charles Parker- I am just suggesting you review the contract you have with Esperance
and take into consideration that there may be some modifications, because right now the
contract just basically says the Esperance Volunteer Fire Department will respond
diligently. Suggests to make adjustments in your contract for better communication.
Believes they don’t have the same communication with the east side of Duanesburg as
the west side.

Council-member Carlson: And they do. He disagrees with him.

Charles Parker – Asked when the last time that the Esperance Fire Department was
invited or asked to come over to the meetings in Duanesburg?

Supervisor Merrihew: All the time, every other month they come to the town fire officers

Charles Parker: Spoke to the Esperance Fire Department and the Village Mayor and
board and they agreed, that the two governments need to be talking together.

Supervisor Merrihew: I don’t have the time for you tonight.

Council-member Carlson: When that siren goes off, its goes off in two places. If it went
off at your house tonight we would be there. What does a contract have to do with
volunteers and supporting it? I have been on a lot of fire calls and never once seen that
piece of paper come up on a fire call. I am sick of your garbage.

Charles Parker- You are sick of my garbage? I pay taxes in this town and I have no
rights to approach my board.

Council-member Carlson motioned to adjourn, seconded by Council-member Frisbee at
10:35PM. Motion carried 4 ayes Council-members Carlson, Frisbee, White and
Supervisor Merrihew.

I, Leah M. Lennon, Town Clerk of the Town of Duanesburg do hereby certify that this is
a true and accurate transcript to the regular town board held meeting held at the
Duanesburg Town Hall on Thursday February 14, 2008.


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