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									                                     Turkmenistan Ice Hockey Tournament Schedule
T1: Ak Bars Kazan (Russia)                              Tournament: Turkmenistan Ice Hockey Tournament
T2: Neftyanik Almetyevsk (Russia)
T3: MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ (Poland)                     Place : Ashgabat Ice Complex
T4: HDK Maribor (Slovenia)
T5: KS Cracovia Krakow (Poland)                         Dates: 15-16-17 October.2011
T6: Zagreb Stars (Croatia)

Day                     Date                Time        Location                    Game No.                               Teams
                                               Açılış   Ice Complex Main Rink     Exibition Game*                         T1 - T2
                                              13:00     Ice Complex Main Rink          M1                                 T3 - T4
   1          SAT, 15.10.2011                 17:00     Ice Complex Main Rink          M2                                 T5 - T6
                                              10:00     Ice Complex Main Rink          M3                        Loser M1-Loser M2
                                              13:00     Ice Complex Main Rink          M4                          T1-Winner M1
   2          SUN, 16.10.2011                 17:00     Ice Complex Main Rink          M5                          T2-Winner M2

                                                                             Game for 5th and 6th Places
   3          MON, 17.10.2011                 10:00       Ice Complex Main Rink    M6         Loser M3 - Worst Loser of M 4&5
                                                                                Bronze Medal Game
                                              13:00       Ice Complex Main Rink    M7          Winner M3-Best Loser of M 4&5
                                                                                 Gold Medal Game
                                              17:00       Ice Complex Main Rink    M8              Winner M4-Winner M5

                                              20:00                                                               Award Ceremony

* T1 and T2 will play a 20 minute exhibition game at the beginning of the tournament as a part of the opening ceremony.

                                                                                                                                    May 2005
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