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									                                        ALSTON&BIRD LLP
                                                 The Atlantic Building
                                                   950 F Street, NW
                                               Washington, DC 20004-2601

                                                   Fax: 202-239-3333

Jonathan M. Fee                                      202-239-3464                              

                                                 March 21, 2011


        I will offer my Customs Broker Exam Review Course to prepare individuals for
the Fall 2011 exam in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and
Washington, DC. This will be my 45th consecutive class since I started teaching in
Atlanta in 1989. The classes will meet on Saturdays beginning July 30, 2011 in the
Alston & Bird offices noted below.

       I will teach the class by videoconference; and I hope to be able to visit and teach
from classrooms in every city at least once so that I get to personally meet all students.

        Enclosed is a schedule for our Fall 2011 session and a registration form.
PREVIOUS YEARS. In order to accommodate students in all cities, our hours this fall
will be:
           Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, Washington, DC:               10:00 am to 6:00 pm
           Dallas:                                                      9:00 am to 5:00 pm
           Los Angeles                                                  7:00 am to 3:00 pm

        The charge for the course is $900.00 for new students. We have had to adjust
with the economic times lately and will unfortunately need to ask that repeat students
help us defray the class costs. All are welcome to return to class at a nominal charge of
$100 (even if they are already licensed and just want a refresher course) for the 5-session
class and continued access to our class website.

           The classrooms are in Alston & Bird’s offices in each of the six cities, as follows:

          Alston & Bird LLP                        Alston & Bird LLP                       Alston & Bird LLP
         Atlantic Center Plaza                   Bank of America Plaza                    The Atlantic Building
            Room #15016                              Room #37070                            950 F Street, NW
      1180 W. Peachtree St., NW                  101 South Tryon Street                  Caroline Room 2nd Floor
           Atlanta, Georgia                     Charlotte, North Carolina                   Washington, DC

            Alston & Bird LLP                     Alston & Bird LLP                         Alston & Bird LLP
           333 South Hope Street                    90 Park Avenue                          2200 Ross Avenue
                Room 17-A                         Grand Central Room                          Room #36045
             Los Angeles, CA                        New York, NY                                Dallas, TX

 Atlanta    Charlotte   Dallas   Los Angeles   New York   Raleigh      Silicon Valley   Ventura County    Washington, DC
Fall 2011 Customs Class
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       The course fee of $900 for first-time students is payable by money order or
company check ONLY (I regret I have to return personal checks and we are not able to
accept credit card payments), made payable to Alston & Bird LLP, and mailed to:
                                      Jonathan Fee
                                  Alston & Bird, LLP
                                 The Atlantic Building
                              950 F Street, NW, 10th Floor
                                Washington, DC 20004

We encourage students to register on line from our class event page on the Alston & Bird

        We must ask that repeat students pay a registration fee of $100 to return to class
or to get logged into our class website. The rising costs of our testing software, amenities
we offer to our students and travel expenses are contributing to this change in our
historical practice. Thank you for your understanding. Repeat students should follow the
same procedures for payments as other registering students.

       First-time students are asked to pay a non-refundable $100 deposit by July 14,
2011, also by money order or company check. The remainder of the course fee $800 is
due prior to or at the first class. Please complete and return the enclosed registration
form along with your non-refundable deposit of $100.00 in order to reserve your place in
class. Be sure to fill in all the blanks on the form even if you have attended class or
contacted us before.

        We are again utilizing our online student management system and class website.
Students will be able to take practice tests from the online software, submit answers, have
the tests graded and results made available to me without faxing, emailing or wrestling
with downloading paper tests and answer sheets. We are very excited about using this
system again this year. The only requirement is a computer with internet access…if this
is a problem, let me know.

        Students must take assigned practice exams on their own time. Each test will be
graded by the software and I will be notified of the completed students’ work. Each test
will then remain online for additional practice so that students can retake tests as often as
they want.

       Each class session is divided roughly into two parts. First, we discuss several
questions on the most recently assigned practice tests for which the highest number of
students gave wrong answers. Second, we cover the scheduled classroom presentation
material for that week. Often, the practice test results help me revise the classroom
presentation material to concentrate on the areas that seem to give most students trouble.

        During our last class session, we will take an in-class test as a group. We do this
to provide the closest thing possible to a real life test experience. We will then discuss in
Fall 2011 Customs Class
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depth the questions that gave most people trouble and we will try to cover any remaining
topics that need attention.

        The classroom presentation material covers those areas that seem to receive the
most attention on exams. Classification, value, customs brokers, entry, marking,
penalties and drawback always get attention. I add and revise other material as CBP’s
emphasis changes over the years. Recently, CBP has added material taken from several
specific Customs Directives and other documents. We will cover these in class.

         I provide course material that is posted on our online class website. I will give
you the site address, a password, and instructions for accessing the material prior to our
first class.

        You must provide your own current copy of the Customs Regulations (Title 19
CFR Parts 1 to End) and the HTSUS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule for the United States).
The 2011 edition of the Tariff Schedule will be required for the Fall Broker Exam. The
Regulations are usually revised in October, so it is suggested that students keep a lookout
for Customs’ directives (link attached above) on which edition of the regulations will be
required for the exam. In order to start class, we suggest you borrow or bring older
versions of these materials until you know for certain which books you will need to
buy/use for the exam in order to avoid buying these expensive books more than once.

        The Customs Regulations are available in two versions. The first version is the
paperback three-volume version Parts 1 to End ($167). This version is available at local
GPO bookstores (see the CBP website,, or
for locations) or it can be ordered directly from the GPO (get current costs directly from
GPO) in Washington (see below for direct dial information).

        The second version of the regulations comes in a loose-leaf, subscription form
and is available from GPO in Washington. On recent exams, CBP has stated the exam is
based on the most recent paperback version, but people have done well using either. I
prefer the loose-leaf version because the print is larger and holding your space in a 3-ring
binder is easier during the exam. Either paperback or loose leaf versions are fine for this
class and the exam.

        The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States can be purchased in loose-
leaf, subscription form directly from the GPO in Washington at 202-512-1800 or 866-
512-1800. The 2011 version sells for $122 per copy. Of course, if you wish to order
either version of the regulations, you can add the tariff schedule to your order.

        You can charge your purchase to any major credit card. For an extra charge, the
GPO will send your materials by FedEx, and they will arrive in approximately seven
days. If you do not specify FedEx, the order can take as long as six weeks. When you
call, you might get an electronic switchboard that will ask you to press touch-tone buttons
Fall 2011 Customs Class
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to place your order. Press the button that gives you a live, human operator; otherwise,
you can't specify FedEx. The GPO says the best time to call is between 8:00 and 9:00
a.m. I warn you that the GPO can be very difficult. They lose orders, send orders twice,
ship late, and even tell you the book is out of stock when it is not. Start working on your
order NOW.

        Our firm uses a company called Boskage Commerce Publications Ltd.,
( for our subscriptions for the HTSUS and Customs Regulations.
Both items can be purchased in loose-leaf format (my favored choice for exam takers)
and can include binders and tabs. The best way to order is on line. We suggest that
students call Boskage directly for questions about materials, shipping fees, subscriptions,
etc. The annual subscription for the loose-leaf version of the tariff schedule with updates
is $138; the deluxe package includes binder and tabs for $188. Similarly, the yearly rate
for the loose-leaf version of the Customs Regulations with updates for Parts 0 to End not
including tabs is $178; the deluxe package includes binder, tabs and updates for $201.

        There are other private sources for the Customs Regulations and the HTSUS:
UNZ & Co. is one and you can call at 800-631-3098 or UNZ is
friendly, efficient, and prompt. But it is also much more expensive than the GPO. The
choice is up to you.

       Starting with the Fall 2004 exam, CBP began requiring additional CBP
publications for the exam. I will provide these additional publications on our website for
you to print. You do not have to purchase them.

        My qualifications for teaching this course can be briefly summarized. I am a
customs and trade attorney with Alston & Bird, LLP, ranked in the top 100 most
prestigious law firms in the United States in 2010, with a substantial customs and
international trade practice. I am a licensed broker. My score on the exam was a 97. I
have taught the course continuously since Spring 1989. I have taught the class in Atlanta,
Washington, DC, Charlotte, Dallas, Charleston, Norfolk, Greensboro, Memphis and
Savannah. Our class usually beats the national pass rate by a wide margin.

        Please feel free to call me if you have questions about the course. I look forward
to seeing you in class.


                                              Jonathan M. Fee
       Class Schedule
       Registration Form

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