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					                      XAVIER COLLEGE PREPARATORY
                             Mothers’ Guild Meeting
                           Minutes for November 7, 2006

CALL TO ORDER:             The meeting was called to order at 8:35am by Sue McKone.

OPENING PRAYER:            The opening prayer was presented by Barbara Bond.

WELCOME:                   Sue McKone welcomed everyone to the meeting.

TREASURERS’S REPORT:       Barbara Bond presented the current Treasurer’s report. The
                           report was approved as presented.

MINUTES:                   Laura Nolan presented the minutes from October 2006 for
                           acceptance. The minutes were approved and made available to
                           all meeting attendees.

Corresponding Secretary:   Patty Gryp listed correspondence made over the past month.
                           Thank you notes this past month received from Sr. Joan, Sr.
                           Lynn, and Mrs. Arcangelo. Many prayer cards were sent this
                           past month, and the prayer line has been also been busy. Update
                           given on Jonathan. Encouraged moms to contact her for any
                           needs of families at XCP. Patty’s Email address is:
XCP/BCP Liaison:           Bren Dodenhoff made us aware that as of November 6th Brophy
                           now has a new principal, Bob Ryan. XCP moms are invited to
                           attend the BCP mom’s book club on November 9th at La
                           Madeleine’s at 7:30pm and December 7th at the Ritz Carlton.
                           See the BCP website for the book list. BCP fall play, “Brighton
                           Beach Memoirs” is November 8, 9, 11th. BCP/Gilbert playoff
                           game on November 10th. Friday night lights cancelled for this
                           week. November 12th is Open House at BCP. Texas Hold’em
                           on November 21st is looking for help, donated items, dealers,
                           people to collect donated items, food/chip patrol, helpers for the
                           sports/activities, coffee talk, etc. Contact Cathy Mahoney @
                  if you can help. Logan Frye will be
                           displaying photos of New Orleans at Lux Coffee Bar, November
                           13th-December 17th.
Auction:                   Gwen Connor gave an update on the Holiday Auction Dinner
                           on November 11th. She extended her thanks to all the
                           committees and volunteers that are active preparing for the
                           Auction. Registration is still available if done ASAP. Jolly
                           Gator (the Auction drink) was a huge success at the tasting event
                           held this month. She reminded the group of what to expect at the
                           auction: 2006 angel, new sportswear, auctions of all types,
                           raffles, and an excellent dinner. Gwen’s Email:
Acquisition chair:         Maria Fontes-Murphy and Maria Pomeroy informed the group of
                           some of the great auction items that have been donated. A
                           Yorkie and English Lab will be the live auction puppies. They
                           thanked Sue McKone for donating the Yorkie and Susan Coffee
                           for donating the English Lab. The retired Phoenix SUNS vs
                        XCP Dads is scheduled for December 4th at XCP. Maria M.
                        Email is: and Maria P. Email is:
               You can contact them for any questions
                        or last minute donations.
Teacher Appreciation    Barbara Bond reported that the Teacher Appreciation lunch
Luncheon                this year will take place on December 1st in the convent.
                        Everything is set to go. Invites that are being sent to
                        teachers/staff are handmade and the food will be homemade, so
                        they should enjoy their luncheon. Kim Cerchiai, committee
                        chair’s, Email is:
Sportswear:             Susan DeLozier/Phyllis Kirk announced an entire new line of
                        Gator Gear that will be available for the auction. Viewings of
                        the new items in the Gear Exchange as well as wish lists for
                        students are available. Doors will open at 4:30pm at the auction
                        for early bird shopping. Gear Exchange will be joining Xavier
                        S.H.O.P.S! and BCP sportswear, in an evening shopping event,
                        December 12th 3-7pm.
8th Grade information   Ginnie Schmitt and Terry Applefeld said they have 1 more
Socials:                home set up for parties, to bring together families from schools
                         that may not have thought of Xavier, as a choice for high
                        school, and provide information about Xavier to them. They feel
                        this program has been very successful for its inaugural year.
Awareness:              Cathy Gomez reported on upcoming events. She expressed how
                        busy the guidance counseling staff has been. Stop by and give
                        them a “hug”. College night successful. Students going through
                        Diocesan Safe Environment training. Sophomores are learning
                        about Bullying and Cyberbullying. Seniors are learning about
                        transitioning to college. The All School assembly this year will
                        be on February 23rd authors Kathy McGee and Laura
                        Buddenberg, of “Who’s Raising your Child”. They also will
                        conduct a program for the parents on February 22nd . Tonight in
                        BCP’s Great Hall at 7pm there will be a presentation regarding
                        Not my
CTODP:                  Dawn Northrup informed group that the Dad’s club will be
                        helping with collecting the Blue cards on November 13th-16th in
                        the front circle. On December 14th the Dad’s club will have
                        Starbucks/Bagels available as they collect Blue cards. The
                        Mother/Daughter event on November 14th has been cancelled.
                        The Blue cards turned in this year are up from 2005. 289 were
                        turned in last year at this time and 300 this year. Corporate
                        participation is working out well so far. Any question, please
                        contact Mary @ 602-956-5034 or
Sr. Moms                Carole Moreno announced the events going on this year for the
                        Sr. girls. Sr. Moms and daughters will be getting together this
                        month to wrap and tag gifts to contribute to Florence Crittenton,
                        Maggie’s Place and Crisis Nursery.

Fashion show:           Lynne Love and Maryellen LaJeunesse reminded us of
                        exciting news that Saks Fifth Ave will be partnering with Xavier
                        on the Fashion show and explained how this came about. The
                        theme is year is “An Afternoon on Fifth Ave”. No date is set yet
                        for this event. February 3rd or March 18th are possible dates. Still
                 looking to secure a location. The kickoff luncheon for
                 volunteers is October 4th and for those who volunteer to help on
                 this committee; Saks Fifth Ave will have a special event on
                 December 1st. They suggested that we patronize Saks and when
                 we do, to let them know we are from Xavier, and thank them for
                 their involvement with our fashion show. The Fashion show
                 funds the scholarship fund. Lynne’s Email is:
                 and Maryellen’s is: for any questions.
Announcement     Sue McKone announced that Barbara Bond and Nancy
                  Lockman have been hired on as employees of XCP. Barbara
                 will be helping in the Development office and Nancy with Parent

Adjournment:     Sue McKone encouraged everyone to attend the Auction. Next
                 meeting will be December 5th in Lufty Hall. Meeting adjourned
                 at 9:30am. HAPPY THANKGIVING!

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