Wyvern and Lindfield students participating in the Inter School Snow

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       Wyvern and Lindfield students participating in the
              Inter School Snow Sports events at Thredbo

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Term 3: Week 2|28 July 2011                    The Council of Newington College CRICOS CODE 02290B
                                                     INSIDE AT A GLANCE

     •	 From	the	Head	of	Wyvern,	Term	Dates	2011	and	2012	and	Inter	School	Snow	Sport	Photos	             3
     •	 ICAS	2011	Computer	Results	and	the	Introduction	of	Ipads	Trials	at	Wyvern	                        4
     •	 Poetry	Performance	Competition	Information	and	NSW	Parents'	Council	Inc.	                         5
     •	 P&F	News	                                                                                         	6
     •	 Back	to	Newington	Day	Flyer	                                                                      	7
     •	 Back	to	Newington	Day	Flyer	-	Wyvern	Roster	                                                      	8
     •	 My	Cakebox	Rules,	Newington	Cookbook	and	Achievement	Awards	                                      	9
     •	 Fathers'	Day	Flyer	                                                                              	10
     •	 SRC	and	Gold	Week	at	Wyvern		                                                                    11
     •	 SRC	Representatives	Term	3,	Old	Boys	Return	to	the	Chapel's	Pulpit	                              12
     •	 Jeans	for	Genes	Day	and	Chess	News	                                                              	13
     •	 Year	4	Excursion	to	the	Blue	Mountains	Photos	                                                	14-15
     •	 Faith	Matters	and	Estudio	News	                                                                  16
     •	 Newington	Beach	Towel	Flyer	                                                                     17
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     •	 Uniform	Shop	News,	Uniform	Shop	Roster,	Price	List	and	Order	Form	                            22-25
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      Flyers in Bookstand
      Drama                     Estudio ‑ Term 3 Information
      Swimming                  Newington College Swim Squad ‑ Term 3
      Hopalong	                 Handwriting Skills Program Brochure
      Occupational              Social Skills Program for 6‑12 years Brochure
      Therapy                   Hopalong Parent Brochure

      Speech	Pathology          Gladesville Speech Pathology and Learning Centre

      Basketball                Wyvern Prep Basketball Skills Session (Wednesday Morning)
                                Basketball Skills Training with David Lawrence (Thursday Afternoon)
      Fitness                   Fitness for Life
      Rugby                     Wyvern Rugby Camps 2011

      Football                  Chi Chi Mendez Football Skills Sessions Term 3 Permission Note
                                Wyvern Winter Football(Soccer) Skills Clinic

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                     2
                                                    FROm THE HEAD OF WYVERN
Term Three is now up and running and I am pleased to note the very industrious tone of all classrooms, despite the
poor weather of last week.
On Monday we hold the Combined Prep Schools' Athletics Carnival at ES Marks Field for students in Years
3‑6. Some changes to our normal program have taken place this year, primarily aimed at maximising student
participation on the day. As such, please note that students do	need to arrive at school on Monday 1 August	by	
7.50am	for	an	8.00am	departure	to	ES	Marks.	The	carpark	will	be	open	from	7.30am	this	Monday	in	readiness	
for	the	athletics	carnival	that	will	depart	from	8.00am.
I congratulate a number of boys who competed in this year's Inter School Snow Sports Competition at Thredbo
during the June/July holiday break. There were many outstanding individual performances and the team spirit of this
talented group was a real highlight of the week. Please see this week's Sports News for individual results.
Finally, congratulations to our School Captain, Jasper Schoff, who has received a Highly Commended Award in the
Sun-Herald MS Readathon Ultimate Story Competition 2011 for his final chapter of 'The Dummy's Gaze'. A copy of
Jasper's winning final chapter can be viewed on the Year 6 portal page.
Mr	Ian	Holden
Head of Wyvern House

                                            Inter school snow sports at thredbo

           Term	Dates	2011                                                           Term	Dates	2012
                            Term One                                                               Term One
          Monday 31 January to Thursday 7 April
                                                                                     Monday 30 January to Thursday 5 April
          (10 week term followed by a 2 week break)
                                                                                     (10 week term followed by a 2 week break)
                                                                                     ((Classes commence ‑ Monday 30 January)
                            Term Two
         Wednesday 27 April to Friday 24 June
                                                                                                    Term Two
         (9 week term followed by a 3 week break)
                                                                                      Monday 23 April to Friday 22 June
             (Easter Monday ‑ Monday 25 April)
                                                                                    (9 week term followed by a 3 week break)
           (Anzac Day Holiday ‑ Tuesday 26 April)
                                                                                    (Anzac Day Holiday ‑ Wednesday 25 April)
      Monday 13 June ‑ Public Holiday (Queen's Birthday)
                                                                                 Monday 11 June ‑ Public Holiday (Queen’s Birthday)

                           Term Three                                                             Term Three
          Monday 18 July to Friday 23 September
                                                                                   Monday 16 July to Thursday 20 September
          (10 week term followed by a 2 week break)
                                                                                    (10 week term followed by a 2 week break)

                            Term Four                                                              Term Four
       Monday 10 October to Thursday 8 December
                                                                                  Monday 8 October to Thursday 6 December
         (9 week term followed by Christmas break)
                                                                                    (9 week term followed by Christmas break)
        (Annual Prize Giving ‑ Thursday 8 December)
                                                                                   (Annual Prize Giving ‑ Thursday 6 December

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                                            3
                                                                                the IntroductIon of Ipads trIals at wyvern
                                                   Year 5
          ICAS                                  Nicholas Sims
                                                Adam Gobran
                                                                               New technology develops at such a pace and
                                                                               often in such an impacting way that it can make us
                                                                               question our current thinking.
         	2011	                                  Kevin Meng
                                               Dale Schlaphoff
                                                                               I believe that Apple's iPAD quest is currently throwing
                                                                               down these challenges to the world of education. I
                                                   Year 4                      am really excited by the imminent iPAD2 trial that we
                                                                               will be embarking on here at Wyvern.
COMPUTER	                                          Kevin Tran
                                              Samuel Perivolaris               We have secured finance for a trial that will run
 RESULTS                                        Miles Parhash
                                                 Marc Mardini
                                                                               during the second semester of this year. After
                                                                               evaluating this trial period we will then look at the
                                              Thomas Marchese                  longer term implications that iPADs may play in the
                                                  Daniel Maini                 classrooms here at Wyvern and at home. Twenty six
                                                 Jonathan Lee                  machines have now arrived with us and thus there is
                                              Angellos Korsanos                much excitement amongst boys and staff. Fourteen
                                                                               machines will be rolled out to staff in week 2 with
      HIGH	                                       Simon Jeon
                                                  Wenhao Fan                   another twelve being made available to the boys
                                                                               during school hours. These machines will initially be
   DISTINCTION                                  Ethan Dickson
                                                 Marcel Chew
                                                                               used across all i2K lessons and in Kindy classes.
                                                                               Staff training is being offered to maximise our own
                                               Joshua Cappello                 understanding of these machines and their potential
           Year 6                               Samuel Boland                  to enhance the learning experiences of our boys.
       Sebastian Hodge                             Sam Argy
                                                 Xavier Hodge                  As the trial progresses we can utilise all twenty
           Year 5                                                              six machines within a classroom setting so as to
          Jack Alscher                                                         best understand how different numbers of iPADs
                                                   Year 3                      can affect the learning experience. We can explore
                                                Alexis Doak                    the iPAD's use as a one to one device as well as
                                               Ruben Zikarsky                  one used for group and whole class work. We very
                                              Benjamin Nguyen                  believe very much that the iPADs are one form of
   DISTINCTION                                 Daniel Bordina                  a teaching and learning tool that will sit alongside
                                           Nicholas Lawton‑Wade                other forms of technology such as sound teaching
           Year 6                                                              practice, books, PCs, investigations etc. There is no
        Stavros Dedes                                                          intention of replacing our current teaching practice
          Finian Casey                                                         with a dependency on one single device or strategy.
         Rahul Prabhu                                                          We always seek to enhance the learning experience
          Desmond Ho                                                           of students wherever possible.
           Thomas Su
        Harrison Stirton                                                       I would very much welcome any feedback that you
                                                                               may have about our research and development as
         Jacob Nastasi
                                                                               this trial progresses over the next two terms. If you
      Massimo Marchese                                                         are able to offer any further support or guidance this
         George Litsas                                                         too would be greatly appreciated.
             Roger Li
        Lachlan Fisher                                                         Andrew	Wood
         Harrison Chan                                                         Deputy 4‑6
         Matthew Putt
          Justin Malkki
            Shen Goh
            Jack Fan
       Nicholas Da Mina
       Thomas Crawford
           Ashley Bate

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                                             4
Over the next few weeks boys will be preparing to take part in the Poetry Performance Competition, now
firmly established as one of Wyvern's major events. The competition presents an excellent opportunity
for all students in the school to refine and demonstrate their public speaking skills. All boys will enter the
competition and are expected to select a poem, learn it off by heart and then perform it in front of the
class. Finalists will be selected from each class. Year level finals will then be held to decide the top 3
places in each year group.

Class teachers will assist their students with the selection of poems. In addition, Mrs Barnes in the library
will have the school's poetry collection on hand to assist in this process. Boys may also bring in poems
from home. Each boy is expected to retain a copy of his poem, as well as provide a copy for his class
teacher for approval by the end of week 3. All poems should be published work by recognised authors.

As a rough guideline, poems should be of approximately the following lengths:

         Kindy               ‑         between 4‑6 simple lines (not nursery rhymes)
         Year	1	             ‑         between 6‑10 simple lines
         Year	2              ‑         between 8‑12 lines
         Years	3	&	4         ‑         between 10‑20 lines
         Years	5	&	6	        ‑         between 18‑30 lines

Class heats will be held in week 5 of this term with 4 boys from each class being selected to go through to
the year level finals to be held in week 6. All finalists will be presented with highly commended certificates.
We thank the P&F for their kind donations of prizes which will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

The following guidelines will be used when judging the boys:

         Difficulty	of	poem	(not	length)                                      ‑        10 points
         Voice	(use/projection,	tone,	diction,	pace)                          ‑        10 points
         Animation	(manner,	personality,	gestures)                            ‑        10 points
         Overall	presentation	and	style		                                     ‑        10 points

No costumes may be used; however the boys are permitted to use a maximum of 1 prop only. Expression,
gestures and body language are to be encouraged.

Sandra	Gray
Deputy Head K‑3

 Did you know our Parent Association is affiliated with the NSW Parents’ Council? The Council represents parents
 with children at non government schools and advocates on our behalf in order to achieve better educational
 outcomes for our children and most importantly to protect our right of choosing the right school for our children.

 Please visit their website and sign up to receive their newsletters and regular updates on educational and social

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                            5
                                                 P&F NEWS
WELCOME	BACK!                                    Bring your friends along to share the
I trust you have all settled back into the new   Newington community spirit. Activities run all   CAMP	INFORMATION	NIGHT	-
term after a refreshing if bracing holiday.      day, so it’s a great chance for young and old    THURSDAY	18	AUGUST	
                                                 to visit the senior campus in a relaxed & fun    K–2	Father	&	Son	Camp:	August	26-28.	
UPCOMING	P&F	MEETINGS	&	EVENTS:                  atmosphere.                                      Y3–6	Father	&	Son	Camp:	September	16-18.
SATURDAY	13	AUGUST                               FATHER	SON	CAMP	INFO	NIGHT–	                     FATHERS’	DAY	BREAKFAST	-	
The three campus P&Fs associations               THURSDAY	AUGUST	18                               FRIDAY	2	SEPTEMBER
(Lindfield, Wyvern & Secondary), the             Come along to find out all about the camps
Stanmore campus sport and creative arts          and finalise activity selections. Instructors    TERM	THREE	P&F	MEETING	-	
support groups, as well as the Women’s           from both camps will be in attendance.           THURSDAY	15	SEPTEMBER	
Group are all represented and invite you to                                                       Special	guest	will	be	Dr	Mulford,	
the 2011 Back to Newington Day.                  The P&F is using new meeting and event           Headmaster	Newington	College.
                                                 registration software to make registration
As well as supporting the	jumping	castle,	       and activity selection simpler. You will also    YEAR	6	MOTHER	AND	SON	DINNER	-	
children’s	rides,	face	painting,	sand	art	       be able to pre‑purchase beverage & snack         WEDNESDAY	12	OCTOBER
and	lucky	dips	for	the	young run by the          vouchers to make your camp experience
Wyvern and Lindfield P&Fs, we hope you           hassle‑free.                                     Until next issue,
can also help out by entering the Cake	Box	                                                       David Mills (0403 171 687)
Competition	to fill the Women’s Group cake       Please	register	for	the	info	evening	and	        President Wyvern P&F 2011
stall to overflowing.                            both	camps	online	at:
                                                 Use	the	event	code	of	ECCE7	

                                 Wyvern House Branch ‑ 2011 Dates

    Term	3
      Monday 18 July                 Term	3	Commences	(10	week	Term)
      Saturday 13 August             Back to Newington Day ‑ all day Secondary Campus
      Thursday 18 August             P&F General Meeting, Wyvern Hall, 7.00pm‑8.30pm + Father & Son Camp Information Night
      Friday‑Sun 26‑28 August        K-2	Father	&	Son	Camp	at	Yarramundi
      Friday 2 September             P&F Fathers' Day Breakfast, Wyvern Hall, 7.30am
      Thursday 15 September          P&F	General	Meeting,	Wyvern	Hall,	7.00pm-8.30pm,	Dr	Mulford,	Headmaster,	Newington	
      Fri‑Sun 16‑18 September        Years	3-6	Father	&	Son	Camp	at	Broken	Bay
      Friday 23 September            Term	3	Concludes	(2	week	break)

    Term	4
      Monday 10 October              Term	4	Commences	(9	week	Term)
      Wednesday 12 October           Year 6 Mother and Son Dinner, The Deck House, Woolwich, 6.30pm
      Thursday 20 October            P&F	Annual	General	Meeting,	7.00pm-8.30pm	Wyvern	Hall	plus	Volunteers	'Thank	You'	
                                     Reception	and	presentation	after	the	meeting
      Saturday 26 November           Wyvern & Lindfield Christmas Party, Centenary Hall
      Thursday 8 December            Annual	Prize	Giving,	9.00am,	Centenary	Hall	
                                     Term	4	Concludes

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                                               6

                       
                                                                                             
                                         
                                                                    
                                                                                           
                                                                   
                                                                                            
                                                                     
                                                                                           
                                                                          
                                  
                                                                         
                                                                                            
                                                                       
                         
                                                             
                                                                                                  
                                
                                                                        
                                                                                
                                                             
                                                                                      
                                                                           
                     
                                     
                              
                       
                         

                                                                              
                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                
                                                                                                      
                                                                            
                                                                               
                                                                             
                                                                                        
                                                                                                              
                                                                                                  
                                                                                     
                                                                                              
                                                                               
                                                                                  
                                                                     
                                                                                               

                                                                                            


The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                                     7
                                back to newIngton day - saturday 13 august 2011

Wyvern	House	is	involved	-	come	along	-	enjoy	the	fun	-	support	your	sport.

Saturday	13	August	is	Back	to	Newington	Day	at	Newington	College	Secondary	Campus!	The day revolves
around the 1st XIV playing against Joeys (St Josephs College). Football also will be played at the highest level to win
back the glory of the day and Fencing is a battle to be seen.

Why	do	you	need	to	come? Be a part of the day by supporting your School and watching the matches unfold; enjoy
the atmosphere of food, fun and free spirit.

What	will	there	be	to	do	on	the	day? The day is a fun market day with Kids Rides, Face Painting, Second‑hand
Books, Beautiful Market Stalls and, of course, plenty of food.

How	can	you	help? Wyvern House is running the Children's Activity area so you can bring along the whole family and
we need volunteers to assist to make the day fun for everyone.

What	talent	do	you	need? You can face paint, help run the craft stand, help with the lucky dip, toast sandwiches or
even just clean up? Come along with a friend and double the fun.

       Please put down the time/s you can help and return to Wyvern Office
 Or email Julie Gigg at or Nicole Newson
                                           BACK TO NEWINGTON DAY HELPERS ROSTER

Face	Painting	Team
 Time	Available                 Helper	No	1                                                  Helper	No	2

Kids	Craft	and	Lucky	Dip	Team
 Time	Available                 Helper	No	1                                                  Helper	No	2

Toasted	Sandwich	Team
 Time	Available                 Helper	No	1                                                  Helper	No	2

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                                8
                                                                                      My Cakebox Rules
Everyone's a winner with this fun and yummy competition.

All students are invited to collect a small plain white cake box from the front office and have some fun
decorating it. You can decorate your cake box anyway you like, using any theme at all ‑ Car Racing, Ben 10,
Transformers, Dora the Explorer, Fairies, Tinkerbell, your favourite super hero, Hannah Montana, Kung Fu
Panda, Lego or anything you can think of. Then ask Mum, Dad, Grandma, a family member or a friend to
help you bake something - a cake, biscuits, slice, muffins, rocky road or even gingerbread men, to place
inside the box.

                            (NEWINGTON	WOMEN'S	GROUP	CAKE	STALL).


   The countdown
                                                                                                     Achievement	Awards	
   begins...                                                                                     10th	June,	17th	June,	24th	June
                                                                                                            &	22	July

                                                                                               Alexander Radin 3B (2), Angus Dunstan 1M
                                                                                                 Liam Jenkins 6B, Thomas Cheetham 5L
                                                                                                  Luca Fotea 3B, Benjamin Nguyen 3M
                                                                                                      Jason Archis 5J, Max Clarke 2I
                                                                                                       Nicholas Lawton‑Wade 3M
                        OUR GOR GEO US                                                           Lucas Bardsley 1M (2), Aidan O'Donnell 6T
                          COO KBO OK

                                Be one of the first to
                                                                                                  Benjamin Harris 6B, Xavier Caputo 4B
                                                       gobble up a
                                copy at Back To New
                                                       ington Day                                  Christopher Paoloni 2F, Ali Saab 1M
                            	   DAT E:	 Saturday 13th
                                                            August                                        Thomas Marchese 4B
                        	 WHE RE:	 Stanmor
                                           e Campus, Stanmore

                        	       TIM E:	 All day!!!

                        COME HUNGRY..............
                                                                                                           Sebastian Hodge

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                                                   9
                                                 FATHERS' DAY GIFT FLYER

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011   10
                                                 SRC AND GOLD WEEK AT WYVERN
In Week 6 the SRC held an event to support Gold Week. Students were asked to wear as much yellow or gold
clothing as possible and to donate a gold coin which went towards raising money for the vital services and
equipment to support the life‑saving work of Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

Thanks to all of those boys who supported the initiative. Wyvern House raised approximately $700 to contribute
towards this worthwhile cause. The SRC members for Term 2 are to be congratulated on their wonderful efforts in
advertising the event around the school, providing information to their classes and for being so diligent in collecting
the funds raised.

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                            11
names? yes, there are many....'                                               old boys return to the chapel's pulpIt
Who were the Wigram Allen Scholars in 1883? Or the Air                        This term the Chaplains have invited a variety
Training Corps CUOs in 1953? Who were the members of                          of different Christian 'Old Boys' to speak at our
the 1st XV in 1900? or the 2nd Basketball in 1977?                            fortnightly chapel services.

Find the answers to these and many other questions in                         Patrick Benn (ON '87) was the first to speak to the
the 'Book of Lists' at the Back to Newington Day on 13                        boys. He is currently a staff worker (Chaplain) at
August. This new resource contains 70 lists with over                         Sydney University Evangelical Union. Patrick shared
22,000 entries covering past students and their key                           his memories of being involved in the choir, 1st
positions, achievements, awards and membership of                             Debating, and the Air Training Corps. He made the
teams or groups over much of the history of Newington                         observation that Newington Boys tend to give 100%
College.                                                                      to everything they do, physically and academically.
                                                                              He challenged the boys: "Why not give 100% to their
You will also be able to search for a pre‑1950 past                           spiritual life as well; investigating the promises that
student and see photographs in which he appears,                              Jesus Christ has made to each of us?"
biographical entries about him in The Newingtonian, and
objects associated with him in the Archives collection, or                    His talk touched on why the claims of Jesus are
you can explore some 400 historical photographs that                          trustworthy; why he became a Christian and how
we've digitised.                                                              his life has been shaped since. It was a great talk -
                                                                              concise, clear and convincing.
So come along to the Archives stand at the 'Back to
Newington Day' and see who you can find.                                      Some other Old Boys who will be sharing in the
                                                                              coming weeks are Rev. Richard Hames (ON '76) who
                                                                              ministers at St Thomas' North Sydney, Gary Hill (ON
                                                                              '78) CEO of the Crusader Union, and Rev. Tim Booker
src representatIves 2011 - term 3                                             (ON '86) former Chaplain to the Defense Force.

1L     Luca Di Cristo                    Luke Yarrow                          Chaplain Michael Vennet (ON '87)

1M     Jason Lee                         George Evans
2F     Jack Hamill                       Kim Lam
2I     Lukas Zobel                       Luke Waked
3B     Sage Goh                          Patrick Lu
3M     Rory O'Connor                     Jackson Young
3P     Asher Baykitch                    Dhruv Kumar
4B     Callum Stewart                    Marcel Chew
4P     Christopher Iannuzzi              Ben Higgins
4T     Alessio Cordaro                   Mark Chen
5B     Adam Gobran                       Paul Stephen
5H     Hunter Karam                      Dominic Demyane
5J     Joseph D'Arcy                     Toby Walsh
5L     Oliver Sheldrick                  Thomas Cheetham
6B     Christopher Thomas                James Raciti
6C     James Haldane                     Lachlan Fisher
6J     Daniel Tripolone                  Nicholas Pepper
6T     Jonathan Corrente                 Carter Sutherland

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                                            12
 chess news                                                                                  The SRC is

Semester	2		Chess	Coaching
Every Tuesday lunchtime, boys in Years 3‑6 have the
opportunity to have chess classes with two coaches
from the Sydney Chess College. With a group of
boys from Years 3 and 4 and another from Years 5
and 6, the sessions aim to build the boys' repertoire
of strategies and provide them with the chance to
play against each other. Boys of all ability levels are
welcome to sign up for Semester 2. Notes are available
on the Chess Noticeboard.
                                                                                  -Friday August 5-Week
Primary	Schools	Chess	Competition
The three Wyvern teams who have competed in this
inter school competition have achieved some terrific
results so far this year. The Intermediate and Rookie
divisions both finished up their competitions at the
end of last term in 2nd place against a pool of strong
teams from the Inner West. The Championship division
had a great win over the notoriously strong Summer Hill
Public A team and now head into the final two rounds
in a promising position.

Annika	Forell
Chess Coordinator

                                                 Wyvern boys
                                                 enjoying art

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                13
                                                 YeAR 4 exCuRSION TO THe BLue MOuNTAINS

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011   14
                                                 YeAR 4 exCuRSION TO THe BLue MOuNTAINS

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011   15
Imagine that you were really serious about running in a                   yourself to, the conversations you hold, the thoughts you
major annual marathon. How likely is it that you'd go on                  entertain, are all shaping your mind, and eventually your
an all-sugar diet before the big race? The fuel you put                   character and your destiny.
into something determines its performance. This is why
it’s so ironic that in one of the most important areas of
life, we disregard this basic piece of wisdom. That area                  The Bible says, “if anything is excellent or praiseworthy
involves your mind. What you feed everything else is                      think on such things.”
nothing compared to what you feed your mind.

Here's a truth that will transform you ‑ think excellent                  Reverend	Peter	Morphew
thoughts! What enters your mind repeatedly occupies                       Chaplain
it, shapes it, controls it, and in the end expresses itself
in what you do and who you become. That's the law of
exposure. And it's as sure as the law of gravity. Your
mind will absorb and reflect whatever it's exposed to.
The events you attend, the materials you read or don't
read, the music you listen to, the images you expose

                                                        term 3 estudIo news
                       Join	ESTUDIO’s	AWARD	WIINING	Performing	&	Communicative	Arts	Program

Thus far 2011 has seen our ESTUDIO Student & Professional Performers & Speakers achieve an extraordinary 100%
Distinction rate for both our Festival, Grade and Diploma work as well as taking out many national and international
prizes. The quality impressed the examiners who commented on the diversity displayed, intelligent choices,
artistry, engagement and commitment as well as being thrilled to be part of such an enriching examination period
at ESTUDIO. Further stating that they had made the right decision to allow us to be one of the few providers in the
world of accelerated study for talented young performing artists.

                                                 BOOK	NOW
                      WEDNESDAY	4.15pm	lesson	available	for	Private,	Duo	or	Small	group
              Speech	&	Drama,	Public	Speaking,	Debating,	Speech	Therapy	&/or	Oral	Communication.

                                        ESTUDIO @ Wyvern Performing Arts Ensemble
                                an outstanding opportunity to work with industry professionals
                            to discover what makes theatre, presenting & effective speaking work!
                                            Tuesdays 3.30 to 5pm for Years 3 to 6
                                         Wednesday 3.15 to 4.45pm for Years K to 2

For further details and to enrol please contact Melissa Newell on 0412 467 180 or

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                                            16
                     NEWINGTON BEACH TOWEL
     PERSONALISED TOWELS                                                                   ONLY $75 EACH
     Consider the advantages of a quality beach towel that will never be lost,
     because your son’s name is woven into the fabric.

     You can choose to put the whole name, or just the first name, a nickname,
     or just the surname. A sample towel is available for inspection at the
     Uniform Shop.

     Ideal for use at school or the beach, it would make a terrific birthday or
     Christmas present.

     Next order closes

     Friday 12th August 2011
                                                                                                                                                 Name woven here
     We need a minimum of 24 to place an order.
     Address orders to:
     Julie Gigg - Towel Order
     Please leave at reception at Wyvern House
     Fax: 95180757 / Email:
     Be sure to include all details and print clearly.
     Wyvern P&F CRESTED WARE - BEACH TOWEL - $75 each
     Towels will be sent to your son’s classroom.
     Your name (Parent)....................................................................................................................................................................................
     Phone / Mobile: ........................................................................................................................................................................................
     NB NAME(S) TO BE WOVEN INTO TOWEL (use upper & lower case to depict the name exactly as you would like it to appear):

     □      Deliver to Student - Name:............... ......................................................... Class:………………………...................................

     Quantity of towels ............. Personalised beach towels @ $75 each = $........................................................................................
     □ Cash       □ Cheque (payable to Newington College P&F Wyvern House Branch) for $: .........................
     □ Credit card Please charge $ ..................................... to my □ Visa □ MasterCard
     CARD NUMBER                 .............................................................................................................................. EXPIRY DATE.............. CCV…………...

     Cardholder’s name: ...................................................................................................................................................................................

                                                                                                                                    … … …
     Signature: ...................................................................................................................… … … . Date ............. / ............. /.................
                                                                                         Thank you for your order.
                                               WE NEED A MINIMUM OF 24 TOWELS FOR THIS ORDER TO BE COMPLETED

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                                                                                                                               17
                                                 FROm THE LIBRARY SHELVES.......

                lIbrary openIng tImes                                      Wyvern	Reading	Challenge:	Lucas Pollard (KB),
                                                                           Gabriel Lee (KW), Nicholas Maratos (KW), Oscar Reinitz
                                                                           (1L), Yassin Safieh (1L), Angus Dunstan (1M), George
                                                                           Evans (1M), Fallon Fotaras (2I), Luke Waked (2I), Nigel
                                                                           Chew (3B), Oscar Liu (3B), Sterling May (3M), Jackson
                                                                           Sumich (3M),Grayson Richardson (3M), ( Marcel Chew
                                                                           (4B), Luca Vasiliou (4B), Sam Boland (4P), Ben Higgins
                                                                           (4P), Andrew Hong (4P), Perry May (4P), Myles Burke
                                                                           (4T), Hugo Emery (4T), Nicholas James (4T), Jonathan
MONDAY                 ‑      8.00am ‑ 4.00pm                              Motsos (4T), Jordan Mouscas (5H), Ben Tucker (5H),
TueSDAY                ‑      8.00am ‑ 4.00pm                              Alexander Humphreys (5J), Lorcan Kavanagh (5J), Jack
                                                                           Rudkins (5J), Daniel Baykitch (5L), Tom Cheetham (5L),
WeDNeSDAY              ‑      8.00am ‑ 4.00pm
                                                                           Matthew Dyster (5L), Aiden Fisher (5L), Cooper Gee
THuRSDAY               ‑      8.00am ‑ 3.30pm                              (5L), Jack Fan (6B), Alex Koutalistras (6B), Thomas
FRIDAY                 ‑      8.00am ‑ 3.15pm                              Langford (6B), James Raciti (6B), Lachlan Fisher (6C),
                                                                           Alex Nichol (6C), Jovan Tomasevic (6C), Matt Britt (6J),
The library will also be open at either recess or lunch                    Mitchell Loveridge (6J), Daniel Pascale (6J), William
each day. Boys need to obtain a LIBRARY PASS from                          Corbett (6T), Sebastian Hodge (6T), Mitchell Long (6T),
their Class Teacher to visit the library during these                      Stavros Dedes (6T), Alexander Dicembre (6T), Tomas
times.                                                                     Petsianis (6T)
                                                                           Lexile	Reading	Challenge:             Lucas Zobel (2I),
       readIng challenges - countdown                                      Abraham Hassan (3M), Benjamin Nguyen (3M), Asher
                                                                           Baykitch (3P), Elliott O’Connor (3P), Isaac Selwood (3P),
Due	Friday	12	August.                                                      Andrew Hong (4P), Emmanuel Laoutaris (4T), Khalil
                                                                           Taleb (4P), Mark Chen (4T), Connor Mills (4T).

                                                                             books and water - a recIpe for dIsaster
                                                                                                           This is just a reminder
                                                                                                           about library books.
                                                                                                           Boys are aware and
                                                                                                           have been continually
                                                                                                           reminded that library
There are 15	days until Reading Challenges need to                                                         books should be kept
be finalised. Boys should give their completed reading                                                     in their library bags for
challenge log to Mrs Barnes in the Library by Friday 12                                                    protection from rain,
August.                                                                    leaking water bottles and food spills.
                                                                           Unfortunately in the last few weeks, many books have
Congratulations to the following boys who have                             been returned to the library in a water damaged state.
completed their Reading Challenges.                                        Parents will be asked to pay for the replacement of any
Premier’s	Reading	Challenge:	Ryan Fairbank                                 books returned to the library in a damaged condition.
(KW), Zachary Nguyen (KW), Dylan Clark (1L), Lucas
Barsley (1M), Connor Gonios (1M), Hugh Harvey (1M),
Edson Whattam (1M),Sage Goh (3B), Jackson Young
(3M), Xavier Caputo (4B), Morgan Knapton (4B),Marcus
Pham (4B), Remy Miletto (5B), Edward Melhem (5H),
James Wang (5J), Gary Chen (5L), Bryce Lenthall
(5L), Marco Loprevite (6C), Rohan Gupta (6J), Eric
Keramianakis (6J), Ryan Gigg (6T).

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                                         18
Book Week - 20 August - 26 August
The theme for this year's Book Week is 'One World, Many Stories'. Wyvern will be celebrating their Book
Week in Week 5 from Tuesday 23 August until Thursday 25 August.

What's	Happening	at	Wyvern	for	Book	Week?`
                                  Tuesday	23	August	-	Years	3	&	4	and	Years	5	&	6

                                  'Dan and John ‑ Imagine, Create and Illustrate'. Rob Daniel and John Arnott are
                                  a talented team dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of young
                                  people. They show students how to write and draw without the prospect of failing
                                  and how to trust their own creative process.

                                  Wednesday	24	August	-	Years	K-2
                                  'Totally Amazing' ‑ The musical TOTALLY	AMAZING takes the boys on a discovery
                                  of 'One World, Many Stories' as part of the celebrations of 2011 Children's Book
                                  Week. The idea of finding amazing stories attached to seemingly ordinary items
                                  that may have come from anywhere around us is the central theme to the story.
                                  More importantly this production takes on the challenge of 'boredom' and shows
                                  audiences that if they take the right approach then nothing should ever really be

 Book	Week	Competitions
                                  Years	K-2	-	Design	a	Postcard
                                  One of the shortlisted books for Picture Book of the Year is 'Why I Love Australia'
                                  by Bronwyn Bancroft. Years K‑2 will 'Design a Postcard' about why they love
                                  Australia. Blank postcards will be given to each student to complete. They will
                                  add a message on the back of the postcard with their name and class. Any media
                                  may be used to create their postcard design. All entries should be brought to the
                                  Library by Monday 22 August.

                                  Years	3	&	4	-	Design	a	3D	Artwork
                                  The boys in Years 3 & 4 are reading in class and the Library, the book 'Toppling'
                                  by Sally Murphy. John is obsessed with dominoes. But not with playing the
                                  traditional game, he is obsessed with toppling. However, when John's friend Dom
                                  falls sick and is diagnosed with cancer, it is John and his friend's worlds that fall
                                  apart. Can they face Dom and support him through this uncomfortable illness?

                                  The boys will be asked to Design a 3D Artwork (maximum size 30cm x 30cm x
                                  30cm) using any art materials they wish (recycling materials are encouraged).
                                  Each piece will have a 'signature	item' and that will be a domino which will
                                  appear somewhere in the artwork. The domino will be given to the students at
                                  school by Mrs Barnes. All entries should be completed and brought to the Library
                                  by Monday 22 August.

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                            19
                                  Years	5	&	6	-	Just	a	Dog	Story
                                  In Library we are reading Michael Gerard Bauer's book, 'Just a Dog' about
                                  Mister Mosely, a 'bitsa' dog (half Dalmatian, half who‑knows‑what) who isn't the
                                  smartest dog in the world according to his owner, Corey Ingram. Despite being an
                                  'everyday dog', he features in Corey's stories about an ordinary family leading an
                                  ordinary kind of life. The boys in Years 5 and 6 will be asked to write a 200‑300
                                  word story about their dog, real or imaginary who is 'Just a Dog'. They will need to
                                  include a picture of their chosen dog with their type‑written story on an A4 sheet
                                  of paper. Entries should be submitted to the Library by Thursday 25 August.

                                  Book	Fair	in	Library
                                  Newtown's bookshop 'Better Read Than Dead' will be helping us with our Book
                                  Fair. The short listed books for the Early Childhood, Picture Book of the Year and
                                  Younger Readers categories will also be available in the sale as well as many
                                  recently released and favourite books and series.

                                  The	Fair	will	be	open:
                                  Tuesday	23	August	until	Thursday	25	August
                                  -		7.30am	until	8.30am
                                  -		2.30pm	until	4.30pm

                                  Years	5	&	6	Big	Chess	Competition	Results
                                  Congratulations to all the boys in Years 5 and 6 who participated in the
                                  competition last term. The winner of the Championship division was Jasper
                                  Schoff (6C) and the runner‑up was Rohan Gupta (6J). Matthew Pease (5B) was
                                  the Consolation Division winner and Sebastian Hodge (6T) was the runner‑up.

                                  Years 3 and 4 are currently in the process of playing their Big Chess Competition.

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                             20
                                                 ART SuPPORT ‑ TeRM 3

                                         Art	Support	Roster
                     Please note that the day and time has changed
                        to Wednesday 1.45pm‑3.00pm for Term 3

Week	3
                                                                                                  Tina	Nikos
              Wednesday	3	August	2011                                                          Filippa	Pascale
                 1.45pm ‑ 3.00pm                                                                Sarah	Drake
                                                                                               Melissa	Lynch

Week	4
                                                                                              Caroline	Beecham
             Wednesday	10	August	2011                                                           Beth	Prindiville
                 1.45pm ‑ 3.00pm                                                              Andrea	Schlaphoff
                                                                                             1	Volunteer	Required

                                                Volunteers Required
                  Helpers are required for each Wednesday for the remainder of term.

       If you would like to help you would be assisting Ms Cathy Shugg with tasks such as
      cutting, gluing, laminating, filling the kiln, framing children's art works and arranging
                                         displays of art works.

                If you can help, please contact Nicole Newson on
                                           or 0414 706 013

                                                                Thank you
                                                                P&F	CAST

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                          21
                                                 UNIFORm SHOP NEWS

                       Opening Times                                                          NEW TO THE
                                                                                             WYVERN SHOP!!!
Monday	            8.00am	-	9.30am
Tuesday		          2.30pm	-	3.30pm                                                            BLACK &WHITE
Thursday	 8.00am	-	9.30am                                                                    CRESTED TOWEL
Friday	            2.30pm	-	3.30pm


                   Email your order to

                   Ring during Uniform Shop Hours:
                   Telephone: 9568 9451

                   Fax orders any time:
                   Fax Number: 9581 0757

                   Hard Copy
                   Complete order form and drop                                                 NEW TO THE
                   in at Reception
                   See form on next page or located in                                         WYVERN SHOP!!!
                   the bookstand located in foyer
                                                                                                 Saxophone &
                                                                                                 Clarinet Reeds
All orders will be processed during the Uniform Shop
hours and sent to your son's class room.                                                     Saxophone Alto 1 ½ $5.50
                                                                                              Saxophone Alto 2 $5.50
Or come into the shop.
                                                                                              Clarinet B Flat 1 ½ $4.00
                                                                                               Clarinet B Flat 2 $4.00

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                                22
                                                 uNIFORM SHOP ROSTeR ‑ TeRM 3

                                       Uniform	Shop
                           Telephone:	9568	9451	Fax:	9560	4921
      WEEK	3:                                                          WEEK	4:	
      1	August	-	5	August                                              1	August	-	5	August
      Monday	8.00am-9.30am                                             Monday	8.00am	-	9.30am
      Penny	Holt                                                       Julie	Gigg
      Kim Rixom                                                        Lisa Lawton‑Wade
      Sandra Leathwick                                                 Christine Maratos

      Tuesday	2.30pm-3.30pm                                            Tuesday	2.30pm	-	3.30pm
      David	Mills                                                      David	Mills
      Mary Dobson                                                      Louise Thyer
      Andrea Schlaphoff                                                Alison Emery
      Tahnee Shalak

      Thursday	8.00am	-	9.30am                                         Thursday	8.00am	-	9.30am
      Angela	Rudkins                                                   Angela	Rudkins
      Anthea Ioannou                                                   Paul Ellis
      Nicole Newson                                                    Tina Laoutaris
      Wendy Stanton
      Helen Zhu

      Friday	2.30pm	-	3.30pm                                           Friday	2.30pm	-	3.30pm
      Jennifer	Xu                                                      Jennifer	Xu
      Toni Bucholtz                                                    Michele Weavers
      Linda Taylor                                                     Sally Hassen
                                                                       Julie Smith

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011        23
                                                 WYVeRN uNIFORM SHOP PRICe LIST ‑ WINTeR

 ITEm                                                                                        SIZES      PRICE
 Winter Shirt                                                                        6‑18               $30.00
 Winter Shorts                                                                       6‑18               $60.00
 Winter Blazer                                                                        5‑16             $210.00
 Tie                                                                            Loop/Regular            $20.00
 Jumper                                                                              6‑18               $75.00
 School Socks (Grey)                                                      5‑8, 9‑12, 13‑3, 2‑8, 8‑11    $10.00
 Garters                                                                            S, M, L              $5.00
 Black School Cap                                                                 S, M, L, XL           $50.00
 White Hat                                                                       S, M, L, XXL           $20.00
 NC Black/White Cap                                                                One Size             $15.00
 Art Smock                                                                        S. M. L. XL           $80.00
 Rugby Jersey                                                                        8 ‑ 18             $70.00
 Rugby Shorts                                                                     8 ‑ XS (16)           $30.00
 Football Shirt                                                                      8 ‑ 16             $50.00
 Football Shorts                                                                     8 ‑ 16             $30.00
 Football/Rugby Socks (Striped)                                             9‑12, 13‑3, 2‑8, 8‑11       $10.00
 PE Shirt                                                                             6‑16              $20.00
 PE Shorts                                                                            6‑16              $30.00
 House Coloured Polo Shirts                                                          8‑18               $25.00
 White Sports Socks                                                       5‑8, 9‑12, 13‑3, 2‑8, 8‑11    $10.00
 Tracksuit Top                                                                        6‑16              $90.00
 Tracksuit Pants                                                                      6‑16              $60.00
 Raincoat                                                                            10‑16              $20.00
 School Backpack                                                                     Small              $85.00
 School Backpack                                                                   Medium               $90.00
 School Backpack                                                                     Large              $97.00
 Kit Bag                                                                             Small              $35.00
 Olympic Kit Bag                                                                     Large              $45.00
 Library Bag                                                                       One Size             $20.00
 Music Bag                                                                         One Size             $20.00
 Football                                                                            Size 4             $25.00
 Basketball                                                                          Size 7             $25.00
 Water Bottles                                                                     One Size             $10.00
 Wyvern Soft Toy                                                                   One Size             $20.00
 Lapel Badges                                                                    All Varieties          $10.00
 Wallets                                                                           One Size             $15.00
 Pencil Cases                                                                        Large              $15.00

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                   24
                                                 WYVERN UNIFORm SHOP ORDER FORm

                                 Wyvern uniform Shop ‑ Order Form
Phone:	            	          9568	9451	 	     Fax:	 	      9518	0757

 Date              Child's	Name                                                                           Child's	Class

 Size              Items	Required                                                                  Qty    Price    Total

                                                                                                   Order	Total

                                                                                                   Staff,	Exec	
 Name	of	Card	Holder
                                                                                                   or	Volunteer	
 Contact	Name	&	Phone	
                                     VISA	/	MASTERCARD	Circle One	AMex & DINeRS NOT ACCePTeD
 Credit	Card	Type

 Card	Number

 CCV	Number	3 Digit                                                        Expiry	Date             	/	/
 Security Number on back of card

Thank you for your order. Orders are packaged and distributed to your son's class.
 OFFICE	USE            Date          By                                                 Comments
 Received              	/	/
 Part	Filled           	/	/
 Fully	Filled          	/	/

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                                25
                                                 NexT TWO WeeKS

  Week	3                                                                      Week	4
  July                                                                        August
  Mon 1      Wyvern Shop 8.00am‑9.30am                                        Mon 8          Wyvern Shop 8.00am‑9.30am
             Combined Prep Schools' Athletics Carnival, ES                                   K‑2 Chapel 11.00am‑11.30am
             Marks                                                                           3‑6 Chapel 12.15pm‑12.45pm
             K‑2 Chapel 11.00am‑11.30am                                                      Winter Sport training
             3‑6 Chapel 12.15pm‑12.45pm                                       Tue 9          Wyvern Shop 2.30pm‑3.30pm
             Winter sport training                                                           Year 5 Bathurst Excursion
  Tue 2      Wyvern Shop 2.30pm‑3.30pm                                                       'Thank You' Morning Tea for parent volunteers,
             Year	4	Learning	Showcase                                                        8.30am
             ICAS	English	Test	Years	3-6                                                     'Thank You' Afternoon Tea for parent
  Wed 3      Winter Sport training                                                           volunteers, 2.30pm
  Thur 4     Wyvern Shop 8.00am‑9.30am                                        Wed 10         Year 5 Bathurst Excursion
  Fri 5      Wyvern Shop 2.30pm‑3.30pm                                                       Winter Sport training
             Year 6 Interrelate Program,                                      Thur 11        Wyvern Shop 8.00am‑9.30am
             9.00am‑10.30am (6B, 6T)                                                         Year 4 Excursion to Powerhouse Museum
             11.00am‑12.30pm (6J, 6C)                                                        Year 5 return from Bathurst Excursion
             K‑2 Assembly, 11.30am‑12.00 noon                                 Fri 12         Wyvern Shop 2.30pm‑3.30pm
             Years 3‑6 Assembly 12.30pm‑1.00pm                                               Year 6 Interrelate Program
             Chess Competition, home game, A vs Trinity                                      9.00am‑10.30am (6B, 6T)
  Sat 6      Round	10	Winter	Sport                                                           11.00am‑12.30pm (6J, 6C)
  Sun 7                                                                                      K‑2 Assembly, 11.30am‑12.00 noon
                                                                                             Years 3‑6 Assembly 12.30pm‑1.00pm
                                                                                             IPSHA Debating ‑ Round 5, away game vs
                                                                                             McDonald College, departing 1.00pm
                                                                              Sat 13         Round	11	Winter	Sport
                                                                              		             BACK	TO	NEWINGTON	DAY
                                                                              Sun 14

                                             Wyvern	After	School	Care
                                                       Dear Newington Wyvern Families,

                     Due to a change in our phone system, our Camp Australia service has a new contact number.

                                               Our new phone number is now 0411 298 360.

                                                                   Kind regards

                                                           The	Camp	Australia	Team

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                                                26

                                         Week 3: 1 August ‑ 5 August 2011
Monday		                         Recess          Cinnamon	Turkish	Toast                                         $2.50
1 August
                                 Lunch           Sushi	-	Beef,	Californian	or	Vegetarian	                       $3.00

Tuesday	                         Recess          Low	Fat	Blueberry	Muffin                                       $3.00
2 August
                                 Lunch           Pizza	-	Margherita	(cheese)	or	Hawaiian	(ham	&	pineapple)      $4.50

Wednesday	                       Recess          Pikelet	Stack	(3)	with	Apple,	Honey	and	a	Scoop	of	Low	Fat	Ice	 $3.00
3 August                                         Cream

                                 Lunch           Crunchy	Fish	Sub	on	Wholemeal	Bun	with	Mayonnaise              $4.50

Thursday	                        Recess          Strawberry	Smoothie	with	Low	Fat	MIlk	and	Yoghurt              $2.50
4 August
                                 Lunch           Penne	Bolognaise                                               $4.50

Friday                           Recess          Pretzels                                                       $2.00
5 August
                                 Lunch           Grilled	Chicken	Breast	Burger	on	a	Wholemeal	Bun	with	         $4.50
                                                 Lettuce	and	Avacado

                                                 Sushi	-	Chicken                                                $3.00

                                                         Tuckshop Roster
   1 August                                      Hazel	Theocharous,	Diana	Khoury

   2 August                                      Mary	Dobson,	Sarah	Moore,	Alicia	D'Arcy

   3 August                                      Sarah	Robertson,	Caron	Ball

   4 August                                      Patricia	Aliferis,	Volunteers	Needed

   5 August                                      Nadia	Davis,	Sally	Hassen

Tuckshop Convenor ‑ Merryn Moffat mobile: 0405 452 150 email

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                               27

                                        Week 4: 8 August ‑ 12 August 2011
Monday		                         Recess          Crustie	-	Vegemite	or	Jam	with	Baguette	Stick                  $1.00
8 August
                                 Lunch           Sushi	-	Chicken,	Prawn	or	Vegetarian		OR                       $3.00
                                                 Pumpkin	Soup	and	Wholemeal	Roll                                $3.00

Tuesday	                         Recess          Banana	Bread	Slice                                             $3.00
9 August
                                 Lunch           Beef	Pasta	Bake                                                $4.50

Wednesday	                       Recess          Pikelet	Stack	(3)	with	Apple,	Honey	and	a	Scoop	of	Low	Fat	Ice	 $3.00
10 August                                        Cream

                                 Lunch           Crunchy	Fish	Sub	on	a	Wholemeal	Bun	with	Mayonnaise            $4.50

Thursday	                        Recess          Watermelon	Cup	with	Yoghurt                                    $3.00
11 August
                                 Lunch           Turkish	Bread	Jaffles	with	Ham	and	Low	Fat	Cheese	or	          $4.50
                                                 Avocado,	Low	Fat	Cheese	and	Tomato

Friday                           Recess          Wholemeal	Crumpets	with	Honey	(2)                              $3.00
12 August
                                 Lunch           Beef	Burger	on	a	Wholemeal	Bun	with	Grilled	Onion,	Low	Fat	    $4.50
                                                 Cheese	and	Tomato	Sauce

                                                 Sushi	-	Chicken                                                $3.00

                                                         Tuckshop Roster
   8 August                                      Julie	Chanter,	Mira	Carney

   9 August                                      Jenny	Greenslade,	Merryn	Moffat

   10 August                                     Jo	Marchese,	Ann	Raciti

   11 August                                     Joe	Cordaro,	John	Venetoulis

   12 August                                     Melissa	Fotea,	Anastasia	Georgiou

Tuckshop Convenor ‑ Merryn Moffat mobile: 0405 452 150 email

The Wyvern: The Newington College Wyvern House Preparatory School Newsletter —28 July 2011                               28

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