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Royal Jelly
Super Honey                   Fresh Royal Jelly 110g
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                                                                                      Royal jelly is made by nurse bees who chew pollen and
New Products                                                                          mix it with secretions from glands in their head.
Malaluka Pure Honey 1Kg                                                               Royal jelly is the sole food of the queen bee, allowing
$28.90                                                                                her to live 50 times longer than regular bees.
Add T Cart                                                                            Chemical Composition of Royal Jelly
Malaluka Pure Honey 500g                                                              Royal Jelly contains approximately 12% protein, 5-6%
$15.90                                                                                lipids and 12-15% carbohydrates. It's Vitamin B
Add T Cart                                                                            content is high, and with 17 amino acids, including
                                                                                      all 8 essential amino acids, it is a nutritious
Malaluka Pure Honey 300g                                                              hormone-rich substance with a wide spectrum of
$9.90                                                                                 potential benefits. Royal Jelly also contains around
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     o                                                                                15% aspartic acid, which is important for tissue
                                                                                      growth, muscle and cell regeneration.
Leaf Pure Honey 1Kg
$28.90                                                                                Can Man Recreate Royal Jelly?
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                              Evidently not. Studies have uncovered some of the nutritional properties of this substance, but much
Flower Pure Honey 500g        remains undiscovered. Dr. Albert Saenz of the Pasteur Institute in Paris wrote:
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     o                        "Numerous studies ... demonstrate the existence of fractions in Royal Jelly which correspond to 97
                              percent of the substance, plus an undermined fraction whose very presence could explain the
Our Newsletter                remarkable and mysterious properties of Royal Jelly."
Your First Name:              "Here's yet another product of the beehive with a touch of the bee's magic in it. I suppose some day
                              science will figure out what these unidentifiable elements are and some researcher will try to
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       ail                    manufacture them. Until then, the only place to get these mystery nutrients is from the bees."
                              Some of the many reported benefits of Royal Jelly
                              It helps to maintain lower Cholesterol Levels.
                              It contains around 15% aspartic acid which is good for Tissue Growth, Muscle and Cell Regeneration.
                              It helps to overcome Impotence.
                              It is believed to have natural " antibiotic properties " that help the body fight diseases and increase the
                              resistence of the organism and acts as tonic.
                              It helps to maintain lower Diabetes.
                              It helps to overcome Menopause Related Symptoms.
                              It helps to overcome Infertility.
                              It helps to maintain Weight Control.
                              It helps to improve Rheumatic Fever and Liver Ailments.
                              It helps to prevent Age Spots.
                              It helps to promote Mental Alertness and Combat Dizziness.
                              It enhances metabolism.

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It enhances metabolism.
It is also used in cosmetics to soften the skin, to improve its elasticity and to heal lichen and scab.
It helps enhance sexual desire and performance.
Note that: Fresh Royal Jelly must be kept or stored in cold place in order to maintain freshness and it
will be sold with cooler foam.
Fresh Royal Jelly has a yellowish colour sour smell and to be taken once per day before food with half (
1/2 ) or one ( 1 ) teaspoon, it will be easier to take with warm water or mix with honey due to the sour
Y could also apply it onto facial area or body as mask and wash off after 30 mins.
It is not advisable to use metal containers as they can taint the bees' product with toxic iron and lead.

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