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									the british
Puxi, Shanghai                                                                      

our school newsletter
  Volume 6 . Issue 34                                                                             Friday 20 May 2011

Our principal writes                                      kevin foyle
The BISS Ball last Saturday evening at the Holiday Inn Xujing, if measured by how much
people enjoyed themselves and how much money we raised for Morning Tears, was a great
success. Thanks are due to all of those who attended but especially to Petra Herbetz and
Jeanett Aamodt and their team of helpers for all of their work in making the event possible
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PRIMARY NEWS                          peter dewhurst
It has been an incredibly busy week here in the Primary School as you can see from the
variety of exciting events outlined in the following pages. page 3

TRIAthlon                    thomas hitchings
The weather was hot and the competition was fierce during the Nanjing Junior
Triathlon which was held on Saturday 14th May 2011 at Nanjing International School (NIS).
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the yearbook
The Yearbook is a full-colour celebration of the diversity that exists in our school. The Yearbook contains individual and class
pictures and includes coverage of all the major events in the school – the Christmas Fayre, Chinese New Year, The Wiz, the
International Award, Residential trips, sporting fixtures, academic milestones, exhibitions, awards, class pages and much much more!

The school Yearbook will be available for collection in the last week of term. To ensure that every member of the school receives a
copy before term ends we will be taking pre-orders and payment. A separate Primary and Secondary Yearbook will be produced at a
cost of RMB150 each.

Please collect an order form from the reception desk or download from the ‘Letters to Parents’ page on the school website. If you
are leaving the country before the end of the academic year and would like the book sent by mail, then please enclose an additional
RMB100. Please return the form and payment by the 20 May 2011.
                                            our school newsletter

   Petra Herbetz presents a donation to Signe Kühl (Board of Directors Morning Tears Alliance & Coordinator Morning Tears
   Shanghai) earlier in the week.

the principal writes
k e v i n f oyle , p r in c ipa l

The BISS Ball last Saturday evening at the Holiday Inn Xujing, if measured by how much people enjoyed themselves and how
much money we raised for Morning Tears, was a great success. Thanks are due to all of those who attended but especially to
Petra Herbetz and Jeanett Aamodt and their team of helpers for all of their work in making the event possible. As a result of the
89,900 RMB raised once again we will be able to support 25 children, who would otherwise be destitute, with their housing, food
and educational needs next year. There is one outstanding matter related to the ball and that is that the first prize in the raffle
remains unclaimed. If you are the lucky holder of “yellow ticket 152” please contact the school to claim your prize, the sports car
test run on the Chinese Grand Prix F1 track, via my PA Kirsten If the prize remains unclaimed at
the end of the school day on Wednesday then the prize will be auctioned off to the highest bidder with the money donated to
Morning Tears.

Whilst some of the adults in our community were having fun and raising money for charity over the weekend lots of our
students were producing stunning performances in athletics events in Pudong and Nanjing. Thirty of our athletes competed
in a schools’ triathlon competition in Nanjing and returned with a hugely impressive haul of medals and performance data.
These impressive performances were matched by our athletes competing at SAS Pudong where we again punched above our
weight and produced some excellent performances. All of which followed on from the success we enjoyed in the CISSA rugby
competition the previous weekend. We are as a result currently undefeated CISS U13 7-a-side and 10-a-side champions and we
were runners up in the U15 age group. It is a real credit again to the students and staff because most of the boys involved had not
played rugby prior to this season. Once again our thanks and congratulations are due to all of those, both parents and staff, who
have supported our young athletes in their preparations and who have created these opportunities for them.

I am also pleased to announce this week some further appointments for August. Mihaela Chesaru who has run the nursery
at Nanxiang for the last two years will join our EYFS team in the Pre Nursery. Mihaela has a wealth of experience in nursery
education having previously served as the Principal of one of the Tiny Tots Nursery schools in the city and worked at another
leading nursery provider.

                                             our school newsletter

We are also bringing onboard some new administrative staff. My new personal assistant will be Mrs Sarah Shepherd and we
are adding an additional administrative post, that of Marketing and Events Officer which will be split 50:50 between Mrs Janet
Williams who has been the Treasurer for the PTA this year and has wide commercial experience and Mrs Sue Kelly, who is
the wife of our new Sports Director and who has extensive experience in both hotels and schools in events management and

primary news
pe t e r de w h u rst, he a d o f p r ima ry

It has been an incredibly busy week here in the Primary School as you can see from the variety of exciting events outlined
below. These activities really enhance school life for all the pupils and when you see the look on the children’s faces as they run
a race, take part in a themed day or go out on a trip you appreciate just how much enjoyment children get out of them and how
crucial these events are to their education as a whole.

Sports Days
On Wednesday we held our KS2 Sports Day. The morning consisted of a rota of fun and challenging activities, which the
children thoroughly enjoyed, especially those involving water! In the afternoon, the children moved on to the more traditional
track and field events. These proved to be an exciting finale to the day and certainly showcased the skills of the pupils, as well as
their competitive spirit.

Today we held our EYFS Sports Day. The children really enjoyed the range of fun activities and games and they worked well
together as a team, as well as taking part in some short individual running races. As the weather was exceptionally hot for the
younger children, we took a flexible and adaptable approach and included lots of additional breaks for drinks and snacks and
adapted the timings of the morning.

It was great to hear so many positive comments from parents about both the sports days, many of you remarking on how
well organised the events were. I was very impressed by the hard work and determination of all the children and by their
encouragement for each other. It was a pleasure to see such a sporting attitude.

                                             our school newsletter

 As in all sporting events there are winners and losers and below are the results from both days. Well done to all the teams for
taking part with such enthusiasm and many congratulations to the winning teams.

KS2 Results
1st Tai Shan 1826 points
2nd Chang Cheng 1688 points
3rd Jin Mao 1674 points
4th Huang He 1556 points

EYFS results
1st Chang Cheng 100 points
2nd Jin Mao 99 points
3rd Huang He 91 points
4th Tai Shan 89 points

I would like to thank all the members of the PE Department for organising the sports days and to our teachers and teaching
assistants for helping to run the activities. I would also like to thank all the parents who came along and showed their support
and to those who helped out on the day.

Eco Picnic
On Monday, the Year 4 children went to Zhudi Town Park as part of their Humanities learning. Children worked in groups to
evaluate environmental issues at the park, highlighting ways to deal with pollution and waste. They also spent time having fun
with art activities such as watercolour painting and abstract art with natural objects!

Rain Forest Day
On Wednesday, it was Rainforest Day in Year 2. The children came into school dressed as a rainforest animal or an explorer.
After a day of rainforest activities the children were joined by their parents for a wonderful picnic of foods and juices, all made
from products of the rainforest.

                                            our school newsletter

Fire Station
Year 1 have been learning about jobs in the local community so on Wednesday they went to the local fire station. The children
enjoyed learning about different aspects of the job and they watched in amazement as the fire-fighters performed a drill. They
even had a go on the fire engines! This was followed by a walk around the local park and picnic in the sunshine!

Bugs Ball
On Thursday the children in Nursery had a fantastic day dressing up for the Bugs Ball! It was great to see all the wonderful
costumes and the children ‘buzzing’ around dressed as bees, butterflies and ladybirds!

Thank you to all the parents for their help and support with all these events and for their great efforts in providing such
wonderful costumes and food.

notices from primary
li s a m i la n e c , d ep u t y h ea d o f p rim a ry

Nanjing Junior Triathlon Mr Tom Hitchings, PE teacher
The weather was hot and the competition was fierce during the Nanjing Junior Triathlon which was held on Saturday 14th May
2011 at Nanjing International School (NIS).

A team of pupils from both primary and secondary travelled up the night before to get an early look at the course and transition
areas. Each race began in the NIS swimming pool where swimmers started according to their age groups and swam different
distances according to their age. The athletes then had to make a quick transition to dry land to compete on a cycle course
before making yet another transition to the running track. This event was a real test for all involved.

The first racers of the day were some of the most competitive; Elliot Pate and Antonio Carvalho both in year 2 came out of the
swim at the same time and seemed locked together during the whole bike section of the race. Elliot just making a difference on
the last part of the run was the only thing that separated these good friends to first and second place.

Pupils in all age groups showed outstanding sportsmanship, effort and determination in the hot conditions. There where two
very successful teams; Mitchell, Michael and Harvey (team Y4) and Tiffany, Jasmine and Johnny (team Y7) and both managed to
get a silver medal in their respective age groups.

Paul Zimmer placed fourth in the highly competitive year 5 race with a great all round performance. In the same race, Ryan
Johnson smashed the course record for his age group by dominating the race and taking home the gold medal in emphatic style.

In the Girls year 7 race, teachers and parents alike saw stirring performances from both Anna Zimmer and Ula Pakulska. Ula
showed her strength in the swimming pool and started the bike leg with a healthy lead, only to have a crash on the far section of
the course. In a lot of pain and with a fast approaching Anna behind her, Ula dug deep to finish the race. Anna who timed her
speed to perfection came past Ula on the final bend in a very exciting finish which sealed the race as a BISS 1st and 2nd

BISS had podium finishers in nearly all races, notably two gold medal winners of their respective age groups were Tom Loasby
(Y3) and Eline Schwietert (Y5). Both participants showing amazing determination and strength to come out on top.

One of the most anticipated races of the day was the performance of the year 9 Boys. BISS dominated the fielding numbers and
had some excellent runners and swimmers to show the crowd. An amazing swim display form Ben Schwietert ensured he had
a commanding lead from the moment he left the pool; swimming five hundred metres in just over 6 minutes. Ben did not stop
there as he biked then ran his way to victory. Charlie Johnson came in second to make this race another BISS one two with a
very strong performance in all areas.

Many thanks to all the parents who came to support the team. The day was a great success for our BISS Triathlon team. Well

Year 9: Ben Schwietert, Max Zimmer, Pablo Lahoz Powter, Maxime Fontaine, Adam Mur, Ryan Grant, Charlie Johnson
Year 7: Anna Zimmer, Ula Pakulska
Year 5: Paul Zimmer, Ryan Johnson, Eline Schwietert,
Year 4: Mitchell Lee, Harvey Yuen, Michael Leo
Year 3: Michael Maggiar, Alejandro Pascual Pintado, Tom Loasby, Bryan Ding
Year 2: Elliot Pate, Antonio Carvalho

                                              our school newsletter

Dental Screening in Primary School Kate Coleman, School Nurse
On Monday we were very fortunate to have paediatric dentist Dr Rana and dentist Dr Lesley Lu visit the primary campus to
conduct free dental screening for our students. The screening of 250 students was non-invasive and reassured the children that
a visit to the dentist for a check up does not have to be painful or scary. Our Reception, Year 1 and Year 3 classes received a 30
minute presentation from Dr Rana about the anatomy, growth and development of teeth, and the importance of cleaning. An
oversized set of teeth and a big green tooth brush were used to demonstrate and practice correct brushing techniques.

Dr Rana recently wrote in United Family Hospital’s Health Matters publication “Good oral health, including healthy teeth and
gums, is an important part of your child’s general health and well-being. The importance of baby teeth has been underestimated
for years. Parents cannot be faulted for thinking that problems with baby teeth can be resolved when adult teeth emerge.
However, because of this, cavities in children are often ignored, sometimes leading to tooth loss and problems later on.”

Her top tips for making sure your child stays cavity free:

•	   Visit the dentist on a regular basis.
•	   Avoid frequent snacking.
•	   Brush teeth twice a day.
•	   Floss teeth once a day.
•	   Have sealant applied when appropriate.

Make sure your child gets proper fluoride either from drinking water, fluoride products, or fluoride supplements.

To read the full article by Dr Rana, follow this link:

the urban planning museum
j o s e p h i n e ch a n , year 9

On 18th May 2011, year 9 students went on a Geography field trip to the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum. The Museum is
located in People’s Square, which was crowded with people jostling around even on a weekday! We left school excitedly at
around 9:00am with our two Geography teachers (Ms Boutette and Mr Jones) plus Mr Rice, Ms Morris and Mr Islam. When we
arrived at the museum we needed to go through security check before each form got assigned to a floor of the museum to start

First of all, there is the “Hall of Historic and Cultural City”. On that floor we learn about different types of historical
infrastructures built at different times, showing gradual development and improvement of the prosperous city we know today.

We also visited the “Sightseeing Hall” where we learnt about the districts all over Shanghai and we were all amazed by the
massive population in such a small area, and of course we all know that our school lies in the Minhang district! Furthermore, we
saw the delicate model of downtown area of Central Shanghai, the city is packed with buildings showing how well developed
Shanghai is.

Before looking into more fascinating floors we had a quick break going for a little “picnic” and getting some fresh air in a lovely
park close to our museum, however we got back to work after 30min.

Last but not least, we went to the “Hall of Plans for Specialized and Key Construction Project”, this floor was where we learn
most about the amazing project being planned based on objectives such as how to be eco-friendly, introducing more types of
greening, developing the airport, taking advantage of the Huangpu river to help the country’s trade business and advertising
more for tourism. Shanghai is well on its way to being one of the top cities in the world, let’s wish it good luck!

In conclusion, we filled in a workbook recording the information for a project later on before the end of the year.

                        our school newsletter

   event calendar . May 2011
   23    IB exams
         IGCSE exams

   24    IGCSE exams
         Y2 transition meeting for parents (Primary theatre)
         Y8 Geography field trip (Zhujiajiao)
         Y13 graduation ceremony (Primary theatre)

   25    IGCSE exams
         Y12 Group 4 Project Day
         Y5/Y6 sex education meeting for parents (Primary theatre)

   26    IGCSE exams
         Y3/Y4 interhouse public speaking competition (Primary theatre)
         Y13 graduation dinner (TBA)

   27    Follow-up Primary & Secondary hearing screening
         IGCSE exams
         Y5/Y6 interhouse public speaking competition (Primary theatre)

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