The CLA Blanket Scanning Licence by LondonGlobal


									The CLA Trial Blanket Scanning Licence – explanatory notes

Many of the terms of the new licence are similar to the existing HE Blanket
Photocopying Licence. The licence is a trial licence, which will be renegotiated in
Summer 2008. Material must comply with the terms of the licence before we can
make it available digitally.

• The Licence allows the production of digital copies to support students on a
  specific course of study (although a reading can feature in more than one
• The licence includes only printed books, journals and magazines published in
  the UK.
• UCL must own a copy of the source item.
• The limits on the amount that can be copied without seeking direct permission
  from a publisher remain the same:
       up to 5% or one chapter of a book
       up to 5% or one article of a journal issue
       up to 5% or one paper of one set of conference proceedings
       up to 5% of an anthology of short stories or poems or one short story
       or one poem of not more than 10 pages.

• The CLA licence does not give any rights for copying from digital sources such
  as e-journals and e-books.
• Digital copies of images (e.g. illustrations) can be made from material covered
  by the licence. Where images do not cover an entire page they can be
  disembedded. However, copies of images made under the licence must be
  treated the same as any other digital copies (a cover sheet must be attached to
  the file and the required data must be recorded.
• Digital copies made under the terms of the licence must be stored on a secure
  server that requires students to authenticate to gain access.
• Delivery of the digital copies must be via a “course collection”. In other words,
  access must be directed at students on the named course of study. Possible
  delivery mechanisms include:
         a VLE
         an online reading list system
         a course website (only if on a secure server, e.g. intranet)
         a CD-ROM which can only be distributed to students registered on the
         named course
         standard presentation software (e.g. MS PowerPoint).
** It is not permitted to distribute digital copies by email.

• The terms of the licence also require that:
       a cover sheet (including full bibliographic information and copyright
       disclaimer) be added to each file
       detailed statistics regarding all scanning done under the Licence (including
       full bibliographic information and course details) be maintained. These
       must be submitted to the Copyright Licensing Agency every 6 months
       review or ‘weeding’ of digital files be carried out on an annual basis.

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