Unit 11 Could you clean your room by zhangyun


									Can you…….? Could you please…..?
clean the living room
Could you please
clean your room?


            clean the living room
What is she doing?

do the dishes/wash the
What is she doing?

 clean the living room
 sweep the floor
What is she doing?

  take out the trash
What is she doing?

  do the laundry/wash the
What is she doing?

 make the bed
What is she doing?

 fold the clothes
What chore can you do?
I can…
---Could you please do
the dishes ?
  ----- Yes, sure.
---Could you please
sweep the floor ?

----- Yes,of course.
---Could you
please take out
the trash?
 ----No preblem.
---Could you please make
the bed ?
Could you please fold
the clothes?
Could you please not smoke?
 I am sorry.Of course not
Could you please not speak
 I am sorry.I will not do it
A: Could you please…? B: ….
Different ways of saying.
 Can you find the difference ?
    Which is the most polite?
     Sweep the floor , Peter!
     Can you sweep the floor, Peter?
     Could you please sweep the floor?
make the bed fold the clothes clean the living room sweep the floor

cook dinner     do the dishes    do the laundry take out the trash

do the dishes          sweep the floor
make your bed         fold your clothes
take out the trash    clean the living room
Sentence patterns:
Could you/I please do….?
Yes, sure.
Sorry, you / I can’t.I have to…/I am going to..
cook dinner                          do the laundry
         Could you please cook dinner?
         Could you cook dinner?
        Would you please cook dinner?
        Would you cook dinner?

sweep the floor                    take out the trash
 Fill in the blanks.
A: Hey, Mom, could I ______ invite some friends to come?

B: Yes, you can. But you ______do some chores first.
                          have to

A: What do I have to do?
B: Well, could you please _____the kitchen floor ____?
                           sweep                   first
A: No problem. Then what?
                  ______the trash and _____ your room.
B: Then you could take out             clean
A: Wow! I’m going to be ___ tired __ go to my own party!
                         too       to
Who is the most
able (最能干) at
What chores do you do at home?
   How often do you do these things?
                   Who?      How often?
do the dishes     S2 and I    every day
clean the floor     S2       twice a week
 do the laundry    S1 S3     once a week
       …            …             …
 What do we learn today?
 do the dishes            sweep the floor
 take out the trash       make your bed
 clean the living room    fold your clothes
                do chores

Polite request:
Could you please clean your room?

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