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Choose Well. Use Well. Be Well.

For more than 25 years, Boston Scientific has been              CHOOSING BENEFITS
advancing the practice of less invasive medicine by
                                                                All eligible employees receive core benefits that are paid
providing innovative products, technologies and services
                                                                for completely by Boston Scientific – there is no cost to
across a wide range of medical specialties. Today, with         you. In addition, eligible employees have the opportunity
more than 25,000 employees, we deliver over 13,000              to participate in other voluntary benefit plans that they
products to clinicians in approximately 45 countries to         feel are appropriate for themselves and their families.
advance the practice of health care around the world and        Employees pay their share of costs for voluntary benefits
improve the quality of patient care.                            through payroll deductions. This brochure provides a brief
                                                                overview of each of the plans currently available.
Together we save and improve lives every day. And we
understand the role good health plays in longevity and          Individuals hired for indefinite terms who are regularly
quality of life. Yet, just as we are concerned with the lives   scheduled to work at least 20 hours per work week are
and well-being of our customers and patients, we are            considered eligible employees. Regular employees are
equally concerned with the health and financial well-being      eligible for all Boston Scientific benefits (in accordance
of our employees and their families.                            with applicable benefit plan and policy provisions) once
                                                                eligibility requirements are met. Please be aware that
We recognize that the health of our organization is
                                                                some benefits (such as vacation) may be affected or
dependent upon the health of our employees. That’s why          prorated for employees who are regularly scheduled to
Boston Scientific offers comprehensive health care,             work fewer than 40 hours per work week.
retirement savings, income protection and other valuable
benefits as part of our Total Rewards package. And we offer
tools and resources to empower our employees to:                WHEN BENEFITS BEGIN
• Choose Well. To make the best decisions when choosing         For most benefits, unless otherwise noted, participation
 and using benefits.                                            begins immediately on the first day of active employment,
                                                                provided that enrollment is completed within 31 calendar
• Use Well. To take full advantage of our benefits and get      days of that date.
 the most value from them.
• Be Well. To lead a healthy, productive and enriching life
 by using the tools and information available to make better
 lifestyle decisions.
Review this brochure to learn about your Boston Scientific
Benefits Program.
KNOW YOur NumBErS                                                        YOur PAID TImE OFF
When it comes to your good health, it’s important to know                Vacation
some basic information, including your weight, blood
pressure and cholesterol levels. Knowing your numbers is                 The Boston Scientific vacation year runs from January 1
the first step to better health. Use the attached wallet card            to December 31. Vacation accrual is based on length of
to help you track your numbers. Go to HealthConnect on                   company service:
the HR page of the Boston Scientific intranet to learn more.             yyVacation can range from 15 to 25 days depending on
                                                                           your full years of service
Knowing where to go when you have a question about
your benefits is important for using your plans well. The                yyEligible new employees hired after January receive a
back of your wallet card shows the phone numbers and                       prorated amount of paid vacation time for the partial
websites for Boston Scientific’s benefits plan providers.                  calendar year; vacation accrues monthly beginning in
Keep it handy for quick reference.                                         the month you are hired
                                                                         yy employees receive 11 paid holidays, which may
                                                                          include assigned and floating holidays
                           CONTACT INFORMATION
                                                                         YOur FINANCIAL FuTurE
           Medical – Blue Cross Blue Shield
           1‑800‑872‑5298                       401(k) Retirement Savings Plan
           Medical – Kaiser
           1‑800‑464‑4000           Boston Scientific offers regular full‑time and part‑time
           Prescription Drug – CVS Caremark                              employees a competitive 401(k) program with the following
           Wellness – Nationwide Better HealthSM
           1‑866‑950‑6448 410‑403‑2024
                                                                         yyEligible after completion of 30 days of service and
           Medical Decision Support 1‑888‑644‑1640                         attainment of age 18 (those who take no action will
                                                                           automatically be enrolled at 2% of pay 60 days after
           Dental – Delta Dental
           1‑800‑872‑0500                            meeting eligibility requirements)
                           CONTACT INFORMATION
           Vision – EyeMed Select
                                                                         yyContribute between 1% and 25% of pay in elective
           Flexible Spending Accounts – Chard Snyder                       deferrals (up to the IRS limit) through payroll deduction;
 ‑Snyder/sigIn.aspx            pay includes base salary, overtime, shift differential and
           Life Insurance/AD&D 1‑800‑570‑4455         commissions
           Disability/FMLA 1‑800‑570‑4455
                                                                         yyAdditional “catch‑up” contributions available to those
           LifeWorks/Child and Elder Care Referrals 1‑888‑267‑8126
           www.lifeworks.comcompany/user id: bsc password: sumac           age 50 or older on the last day of the year (December 31)
           GESOP 1‑800‑279‑1242
                                                                         yyReceive Boston Scientific matching contributions on
           401(k) 1‑800‑523‑1188                      elective deferrals equal to 200% of the first 2% of pay,
           HR Service Center 1‑800‑570‑4455                                and 50% of the next 4% of pay up to IRS limits; this
                                                                           match is immediately 100% vested
                                                                         yy over funds from other qualified plans at any time
                                                                         yyChoose from a wide range of investment options
                                                                         Global Employee Stock Ownership Plan (GESOP)
                                                                         All regular full‑time and part‑time employees are eligible to
                                                                         participate in the GESOP and may:
                                                                         yyPurchase Boston Scientific stock at a fee discounted
                                                                           from the market price
                                                                         yyParticipate during two six‑month offering periods
                                                                           (beginning in January and July) each year
                                                                         yyContribute between 1% and 10% of pay including base
                                                                           salary, overtime, shift differential, commission and bonus
                                                                           on an after‑tax basis
                                                                         yy shares for three months from date of purchase

Medical Plan                                                      Long‑Term Care Insurance
Our PPO plans allow participants to receive care                  You may purchase a personally‑owned policy to
from a medical provider within the network or see any             help you with the costs associated with one or more
“out‑of‑network” provider. Prescription drug coverage under       medically necessary diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic,
the PPO plans is provided by CVS Caremark. Employees              rehabilitative, maintenance or personal care services,
in CA may choose between PPO and HMO options. If you              provided in a setting other than an acute care unit of a
select the HMO option, your prescription drug coverage is         hospital, such as in nursing home, in the community or in
provided by the HMO.                                              the home.
Lifestyle, Condition and Maternity Management                     Survivor Income Plans
Programs                                                          To help families guard against the loss of income if an
You may want to improve or better manage your health –            employee dies, Boston Scientific offers three types of
but may not be sure how to begin. To help you get started,        insurance at no cost to you. Unless otherwise noted, the
Boston Scientific partners with Nationwide Better HealthSM        maximum benefit payable under each plan is $1M.
to offer wellness and health management programs such
as personal health coaching, guidance for expectant               Additional term life insurance is available through after‑tax
mothers and support for chronic health conditions all             payroll deductions. Coverage for voluntary plans is
designed to help you live a healthier life.                       effective as soon as administratively practicable following
                                                                  receipt of your enrollment.
Medical and Surgical Decision Support Programs
                                                                  Basic Life Insurance
Medical Decision Support provides the latest research and
available treatment options for any medical diagnosis or          Pays 1x your current annual benefit base salary* with a
health topic to help you make an informed decision about          minimum benefit of $50,000
any health situation. It can help you:                            Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
yyMake well‑informed medical decisions                            Provides up to the same level of coverage as above except
yyImprove communication with your doctor                          that it is only payable in the event of accidental death or
yySave time searching for accurate health information             serious injury
yyReduce stress when facing important decisions                   Business Travel Accident Insurance
When diagnosed with a health condition or recommended             In the event of accidental death or serious injury while
for surgery, get the information you need to take an active       traveling on company business the plan pays 1x your
role in making decisions that are right for you.                  annual benefit base salary.* The minimum death benefit
                                                                  the plan will pay is $50,000.The maximum death benefit
Dental Plan                                                       the plan will pay the beneficiary of a part‑time employee is
The Delta Dental Premier USA Plan:                                $150,000; the maximum death benefit the plan will pay the
 Pays the full cost of preventative care, including routine
yy                                                                beneficiary of a full‑time employee is $1,000,000.
 cleanings, exams and X‑rays                                      Voluntary Term Life Insurance
 Shares costs for other dental services provided by any
yy                                                                Employee: Elect coverage up to 6x your current annual
 dentist of your choice                                           benefit base salary*
 Offers a calendar year benefit maximum of $2,000 per
                                                                  Spouse or Domestic Partner: Elect coverage up to
 covered individual
 Offers an orthodontia lifetime benefit maximum of $2,000
 (adult and/or child)                                             Children: Elect coverage up to $15,000

Vision Plan                                                       Voluntary AD&D Insurance
                                                                  Employee Only: Elect coverage up to 6x current annual
EyeMed Vision Care:
                                                                  benefit base salary*
 Provides an allowance for an eye exam, one complete
 pair of lenses or pair of contact lenses every calendar          Employee Plus Family: Elect coverage up to 6x current
 year, and frames every two calendar years                        annual base salary* (Spouse or Domestic Partner is
                                                                  covered at 60% of the employee’s election up to $360,000;
 Allows participants to obtain services provided through
                                                                  children are covered at $25,000 per child.)
 the EyeMed Select Vision network of providers or
 “out‑of‑network” providers                                       * Includes 36‑month average of commission and commission bonus
                                                                   for field sales representatives only

                                                              3                                 Choose Well. Use Well. Be Well.
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)                                          Long‑Term Disability (LTD)
FSAs help lower the out‑of‑pocket costs of health care                     Pays 60% of base salary in effect the date before the start
and dependent day care by allowing employees to pay for                    of disability (plus average monthly commission for previous
eligible expenses with tax‑free money. First, employees                    36 months for field sales representatives only) after 180
estimate health care and/or dependent day care expenses                    continuous days of total disability:
for the year and set aside money through pre‑tax payroll                   yy$15,000 maximum monthly benefit
deductions. Then, as health care or dependent day care                       LTD
                                                                           yy benefits are offset by other disability benefits that
costs are incurred, expenses are reimbursed weekly from                      may be payable, such as Social Security
the FSAs.                                                                    If
                                                                           yy eligible, you may purchase additional portable
Health Care FSA                                                              coverage of up to $15,000 per month
yy pre‑tax money in this account to pay for eligible                       LifeWorks
 employee and dependent health care expenses                               yyProvides confidential referral services for problems
 Contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year
yy                                                                          affecting an employee’s or family member’s personal or
Dependent Day Care FSA                                                      work life
yy pre‑tax money in this account to pay for eligible                        Provides confidential child and elder care resource and
 dependent day care expenses                                                referral services, including information on before‑ and
 Contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year
yy                                                                          after‑school programs and summer camp

Disability Programs                                                        Adoption Assistance Program
                                                                            Reimbursement of up to the current IRS maximum
Boston Scientific provides two disability benefit plans if
                                                                            allowed for adoption assistance
an employee is unable to work due to a non‑work related
illness or injury. These plans are designed to continue                    Educational Assistance
a percentage of income with no interruption while the                       Reimbursement for expenses related to tuition,
employee is disabled.                                                       course‑required books, reading materials or book
                                                                            substitutes, and lab/computer usage fees for approved
Short‑Term Disability
                                                                            courses up to calendar year maximum of $8,000
 Pays a percentage of base salary in effect just before
  the date of disability, for up to 180 days                                To
                                                                           yy receive reimbursement for the current calendar year,
                                                                            completed requests must be received by the HR Service
yy benefit is based on your service with Boston
                                                                            Center by December 1
  Scientific just before the date of disability; receive 100%
  of base pay (plus average monthly commission for                          All
                                                                           yy reimbursements must be submitted within one year of
  previous 18 months for field sales representatives only)                  completing the course
  for a period of time, reducing to 75% for up to 26 weeks

Please call the HR Service Center at 1-800-570-4455 for more information on specific benefits.

 Benefits At A Glance
 CORE BENEFITS                                                            VOLUNTARY BENEFITS
 These benefits are provided at no cost to you; enrollment is not         Costs for these benefits are shared between you and Boston
 required.                                                                Scientific; timely enrollment is required to participate.
 Paid Time Off                       LifeWorks                            Medical Plan                      401(k) Retirement Savings
 Disability Programs                 • Child & Elder Care Referrals       Dental Plan                       Plan
 • Short-Term Disability             Adoption Assistance Program          Vision Plan                       Global Employee Stock
 • Long-Term Disability                                                                                     Ownership Plan (GESOP)
                                     Educational Assistance               Flexible Spending Accounts
 Survivor Income Plans                                                    (FSAs)                            Voluntary Term Life Insurance
                                     Lifestyle, Condition and
 • Basic Life Insurance              Maternity Management                 • Health Care                     Voluntary AD&D Insurance
 • Basic Accidental Death and        Programs                             • Dependent Day Care              Supplemental LTD
   Dismemberment (AD&D)              Medical and Surgical Decision                                          Long-Term Care Insurance
 • Business Travel Accident          Support

This brochure provides a brief overview of each of the plans currently available in the Boston Scientific Benefits Program.
If there are any discrepancies between this summary and the plan documents, the plan documents will govern.

                                                                      4                                                          5,000 12/2010

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