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					The Boston Massacre!

   By: Heather Hancock
      Computers 8-7
What were the reasons?
Who was involved?
The monument!
What happened?
Bibliography cont
Bibliography cont
    What were the reasons?

• This event happened at 8:00 pm. Two
  soldiers were beaten and wounded very
  badly. They broke in to the two meeting
  houses and the bells rang and all the towns’
  people have realized that there is some thing
  wrong and some one is in trouble. They all
  ran out and they all started to beat other
  people. These past years they have been
  hearing more and more about this and all of
  them want to learn more
Who was involved in the war?
• This event was on the evening of March 5,
  1770. It was in Boston of Massachusetts. The
  people that were involved in this were 5
  American colonists and British soldiers. All
  the soldiers that were there are Captain
  Thomas Preston, corporal William Wemms,
  James Hartigan, William McCauley, Hugh
  White, Mattew kilroy, William Warren. John
  Carrol, Hugh Montgomery for the British
           The monument!

• This day there is a monument that stands in
  Boston of, memory. They did this so they can
  give a memory to all the people that died in
  the day f the massacre. In this event one of
  the American soldiers were Paul Revere and
  one of his buddies that were also in the
  massacre. Paul Revere believes was
  Christian and so were all his colonists. Paul
  Revere had a trouble time trying to get
  around Boston.
   What happened and when
    and where it took place!
• This event all started when a guard was in front of
  private Hugh white in Boston. A crowd of people
  started to harass the soldier so he called 9 more
  soldiers in led by Captain Thomas Preston. Everyone
  started to throw snowballs at each other. After that
  some one called, FIRE and they didn’t even knew
  who said it and so they all began shooting. 4 people
  died and on that day of the massacre. The 5th guy
  died 4 days later and 6 other were wounded very
• It took place at Hugh House and it was in
  massachusetts on march 5, 1770.
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