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					       Scuola Calcio



ACADEMY                                                        TRAINERS
(Mid-October to Mid-April)                                     (Spring , Summer & Fall)
Focus: Agility-Co-ordination - Skills/Techniques               Focus: Players Development & Coaching Development
Objective: To improve individual technical skills through      Objective: To improve the quality of WSC Coaches with
implementing “multi-touch” philosphy to training sessions      regards to reading the game, successfully planning and
while enhancing the players ability to apply these skills in   implementing team strategy and evaluating players.
game like scenario.
                                                               7) SCHOLARSHIP ASSISTANCE
2) PRE-SEASON OUTDOOR SCUOLA CALCIO                            This Program entails exposing our membership to various
ACADEMY                                                        showcase tournaments in the United States as well as educat-
(April & May)                                                  ing players on the scholarship process with respect the NCAA
Focus: Physical Preparation - Technical/Tactical               clearing house and SAT.
Objective: To improve the overall level of fitness while       We offer consultation on program selection and contact
establishing a Technical and Tactical base in preparation of   American coaches in regards to our players. This will allow
the upcoming season while assessing players and deciding       for optimal exposure under the WSC. The WSC is dedicated
the style, system of play within the club philosophy.          to ensuring that members interested in obtaining an athletic
                                                               scholarship are given more than an equal chance to do so.
                                                               The Club also runs an intense training program, including
                                                               field and weight room sessions, in order to prepare our
Focus: Technical/Tactical/ Agility & Co-ordination             players for these specific travel dates.
Objective: Ball Possession / Players Tactical                  Travel Showcases Tournaments:
responsibilities Individual Defending/Group Defending
                                                               1. Score and Shore, NC-First week in July
Attacking-Individual and Group Attacking
Transition Game - Defence to Attack - Attack to Defence        2. Baltimore College Cup-American Thanksgiving
Technical Skills/Shooting/Passing and                          3. Dallas Cup
Receiving/1v1/Crossing and finishing/ Fun for every player     4. Disney Showcase-December
- Pass and Move in Small Sided Games
                                                               5. Various Weekend Travel to Buffalo and Michigan
                                                               8) PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL EVALUATIONS
                                                               Assessment by the Technical staff for the serious football
(June, July, August & September)
                                                               players in becoming a Professional football player.
Focus: Basic Development on Ball Mastery/Passing and
Receiving/Shooting/ Dribbling/Agility & Co-Ordination          The training consists on getting the serious players ready for
Objective: To ensure proper development of the basic skills    trial In Europe or North America.
necessary to compete at the rep level.
                                                               Training consists of exercises designed to show the Technical
                                                               Staff players ability, skills, speed, and athleticism.
PROGRAM                                                        Players who prove immediately, to have the exceptional skills
(Late Spring & Summer)                                         and qualities necessary to succeed will be put forward for
Focus: Positional Development                                  trials with European Professional Football teams.
Objective: To improve a player’s ability to perform a                       *Scuola Calcio translate from Italian to English into “Soccer School”.
specific role on the Team                                       Woodbridge Soccer Club’s very own Academy style programs throughout the year.
Woodbridge Soccer Club is proud to announce the Woodbridge Scuola Calcio Academy. The initiative is to
support the development of our teams and members. The purpose and objective is to allow the academy to
provide the quality and professional technical training that they are known for in a team enviroment. All
programs will be age-specific, meaning different elements will be stressed at different times in the player’s
                                                                               GIANNI CIMINI
                                                                               Assistant Technical Director
                                                                               Coaching Levels
                                                                               NSCAA National Diploma
                                                                               USSF National “D” License
                                                                               Certified SAQ Trainer in progess
                                                                               Playing Experience and Awards
                                                                               - Former U18 Canadian National Team
                                                                               - Won Canadian National Championship while
                                                                                 Representing Team Ontario
                                                                               - US Pontedera (Serie “D”) - 2001
                                                                               - Division 1 College Player- Old Dominion
                                                                                 University ranked #2 in National Polls and
                                                                                 Soccer America
                PETER PINIZZOTTO                                               - Division 1 College Player and Team Co-Captain
             TECHNICAL DIRECTOR                                                  Philadelphia University
       WOODBRIDGE SCUOLA CALCIO ACADEMY                                        - ASC Second Team All Conference 2004
 PROFILE                                                                       - ASC First Team All Conference 2005
 Professional Soccer Coach                                                     - Drafted by Pittsburg Riverhounds of USL 2
 Youth Development Academy                                                     - Philadelphia Classic All Tournament Team
 Provincial Coach                                                              - Most Outstanding Student-Athlete Award
                                                                                 2005, Philadelphia University
 National B License - Canada                                                   DAVID DiPLACIDO
                                                                               Technical Assistant

 PLAYING EXPERIENCE                                                            David is a former Woodbridge Soccer Club,
 Switzerland - Junior, USBB - BIENNE                                           Provincial and National player. He represented
 Switzerland - first Team - Third division - USBB - BIENNE                     Canada in CONCAF qualifying, U17 and in the
 Hamilton Canadians - NSL                                                      U17 World Cup in Japan, 1993. David started
 FC. Delia                                                                     playing with the Toronto Lynx Professional Soccer
 FC. Pineto                                                                    Club of the USL in 1998, where he won Public
 FC. Patola                                                                    Relations award (1998), Fan Favourite award
 Toronto Italia                                                                (2001), and Offensive Player of the Year award
                                                                               (2003). He finished off work with the Toronto
                                                                               Lynx in 2006 when the USL team folded, with the
                                                                               most games played, and minutes played in club
 Woodbridge Azzurri - OSL, First Division, Amateur, 1991 -1992
 Woodbridge Azzurri - NSL, 1993
 Toronto Italia - NSL, 1994 & 1996                                             David also had stints with the Philadelphia Kixx
 Italo Canadians, CISL, 1995                                                   Soccer Club of the MISL in 2004, and with the
 Toronto Lynx - USL, First Division, 1997 to 2003                              Montreal Impact of the USL in 2005. He was also
                                                                               the captain and assistant coach of the Italia
 Also Manager and Coach from 2000 to 2003
                                                                               Shooters in 2008, and the captain and assistant
 U/16 Provincial - OSA, 2001
                                                                               coach of a CSL select team that competed in
 Bryst International Academy, Youth Development,
                                                                               Singapore in 2008.
 Winter, 2002 - 2007
 MONTREAL IMPACT - USL, FIRST DIVISION PRO,                                    David has been a trainer with the Woodbridge
                            2004-2008                                          Soccer Club since 2006 and is in the process of
                                                                               completing his National B license in the USA.
MARCO REDA                                             SERGIO DELUCA
Technical Assistant                                    Technical Assistant
Marco (born June 22, 1977 in Woodbridge,               Former Woodbridge S.C. youth player, played 2
Ontario) is a Canadian soccer player who currently     years with the provincial program before heading
plays for Vancouver Whitecaps in the USL First         to Italy at age 16 to pursue a career in Soccer.
Division.                                              Played youth soccer in Italy for A.C. Prato in Serie
Reda played college soccer at Winthrop University in   C/2 and also played youth soccer in England with
1996 and 1997. Reda signed for the Toronto Lynx        Telford United and Hereford United.
in 1998 and established himself there as one of the
                                                       He went on to continue his career having played
best defenders in the A-League, helping the Lynx
reach the playoff semifinals in 2000. Reda played      for the Toronto Lynx, Pecs MFC of first division
for the Lynx for five years before being transferred   Hungary, FK Arendal of Second Division Norway,
to Sogndal in 2002.                                    TSV Torgelow of 3rd division Germany and most
                                                       recently Hollviken GIF of second division sweden.
Reda played for Sogndal for three years, becoming
a fan favourite, but was transferred in 2005 to
Aalborg of the Danish Superliga because Sogndal
were relegated. Reda played for Aalborg for a year
and a half before being released. In 2006 Reda
re-signed with his old team Sogndal to help them       SAMI GIDEON
win back promotion to the top flight, but was          Technical Assistant
acquired by Toronto FC in November 2006. At
Toronto he, along with Chris Pozniak, Adam Braz        University of Toronto Graduate with H.BSc.
and Jim Brennan were touted to form a 'Canadian        Two time Ontario Cup Champion (1998-1999)
Shield' of Canadian defenders for the MLS team's       Two time Canadian National Soccer Champion
inaugural season, but a combination of injuries and    (1998-1999)
inconsistent play led to only Brennan remaining        Two time member of the Canadian Provincial
with the team for its second year. Reda was            Team
released by Toronto in November 2007.                  Member of the University of Toronto Soccer Team
                                                       Played in England against teams such as Everton
On March 4,2008, he signed with the Charleston
                                                       reserve, Tremere Rovers reserve, and Bolton
Battery, and then on February 11, 2009 he signed
than with the Vancouver Whitecaps, the contract
runs between 31 December 2009. Reda has                Boston cup MVP at HARVARD
earned four caps for the Canadian national soccer      In the process of completing his Provincial B
team, all under former head coach Frank Yallop.        Certification.

PAOLO SILVA                                            SAM RIETTA
Goalkeeper Coach
                                                       Goalkeeper Coach
Played professionally in Brazil with Democrata and     Woodbridge S.C Alumni
Cruzeiro. Paolo earned the Best Player award with      Ontario Cup Champ
Democrata in 1987. He was also named the State         1987 - Woodbridge Striker National
All Star goalkeeper. Paolo was a part of the           Championship particpant
Toronto Lynx coaching staff for 7 years as well as
the Technical Director for the Toronto Eagles for 7    Currently I have devoted much of my time to the
years. He was also a part of the OSA Provincial        development program we now have in place with
Program as a goalie coach for 2 years. Paolo is a      the Woodbridge Soccer Club. Here I have made it
highly trained professional coach with credentials     a goal to be recognized not only as a club with
from the Brazilian Football Soccer Coaches             super teams and players...but a club with fiercely
Association, and has his National License. Paolo       competitive and outstanding goalkeepers.
joined the Woodbridge Soccer Club Technical staff
in July 2009.
                                                                                                                                       Scuola Calcio
                                           “Woodbridge Scuola Calcio Academy”                                                                  ACADEMY

                                                          The Academy of Soccer Excellence
                                              Skill Development Winter Program
                                                     REGISTRATION FORM 2009-2010
LAST NAME                                                                              FIRST NAME                                           INITIAL

ADDRESS                                                                                                                                    APT. #

CITY                                   POSTAL CODE                             PROVINCE                    DATE OF BIRTH                            GENDER

EMAIL ADDRESS                                                                            CONTACT NAME

HOME PHONE                                             BUSINESS PHONE                                              CELL PHONE

TUESDAY PACKAGE - 25 Sessions                       25 Weeks = 37.5 Hours

See schedule attached. Commences October 20, 2009

THURSDAY PACKAGE - 25 Sessions 25 Weeks = 37.5 Hours
See schedule attached. Commences October 22, 2009

SUNDAY PACKAGE - 22 Sessions  22 Weeks = 33 Hours
AC MILAN SPORTS CENTRE (2 Balda Court off of City View Blvd. - Hwy. 400 & Teston Rd.)

FRIDAY PACKAGE - 22 Sessions                        22 Weeks = 33 Hours
See schedule attached. Commences October 18, 2009

See schedule attached. Commences October 23, 2009
                   ONE DAY PACKAGE                      $ 350.00                        TWO DAY PACKAGE                      $ 600.00
Rep. Team Coach:                                                 Age Group:                                   Player Level:


                                                              ONE DAY PACKAGE                      $ 350.00

                     SUNDAY                                   TWO DAY PACKAGE                       $ 600.00

Rep. Team Coach:                                                 Age Group:                                  Player Level:

In consideration of the acceptance of my or my child/ward’s participation in this program, the Woodbridge Soccer Club/Woodbridge Scuola Calcio Academy and their
respective leagues or programs, the participant and parent/guardian (if participant is under 18 years of age), agree as follows:

                                                                                                                                                     Scuola Calcio
                                               Summer Scuola Calcio Soccer Camps 2010

LAST NAME                                                                                        FIRST NAME                                                INITIAL

ADDRESS                                                                                                                                                   APT. #

CITY                                       POSTAL CODE                                 PROVINCE                        DATE OF BIRTH                               GENDER

EMAIL ADDRESS                                                                                     CONTACT NAME

HOME PHONE                                                   BUSINESS PHONE                                                    CELL PHONE

  DATES 2010
           05             09                                                                                          $150
           12             16                                                                                          $150
           19             23                                                                                          $150
           26             30                                                                                          $150

    11 vs 11 (Max. 18 players) $1800

         7 vs 7 (Max. 14 players) $1400

                      lunch,                                                                8

Camp Location: Vaughan Grove Sports Complex - Home of the Woodbridge Soccer Club (7401 Martingrove Rd., South of Hwy #7)

All requests for Refunds must be made in writing and shall be subject to a $25.00 handling charge. No refunds will be issued after July 1, 2010. Refund cheques shall be processed
and issued within four to six weeks. All cheques returned NSF (non sufficient funds) must be replaced by certified cheque or money order and shall be subjected to a $30.00 surcharge.
                                   RIGHT HERE

          Call: 905.851.4496
        Woodbridge Soccer Club

                                DR. SANCHEZ-CACCAVELLA
                                      & ASSOCIATES
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