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WOODBRIDGE NEWS by liuhongmei


									                                                                                                     nable Edition 2009
Energy Campus
                             Town Hall 1 Main Street • Woodbridge, NJ 07095
                                                                                                             “Ten Towns…
                                                                                                                   One Green Community”
Greenable Woodbridge Sets Statewide Pace
By Mayor John E. McCormac

    In today’s world, living a “green”                       to receive the tools, guidance, training
lifestyle is no longer a luxury. If we are                   and financial resources necessary to               This Issue…
to provide our children with a secure                        institute programs and initiatives that
future, we must start now to better man-                     provide for long-term green savings                Important Numbers . . . . . . 2
age the ways we use energy and other                         and sustainability.
natural resources at work and home.                                                                             Council News . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                             What is Greenable Woodbridge?
    “Greenable Woodbridge” is the vehi-                          It is a long-term, Township-wide               Mayor’s Pages . . . . . . . . . . 3
cle by which our Township will move                          environmental awareness initiative that            Green Team Challenge . . 4-5
into the future as a sustainable and                         will touch nearly every resident, busi-
environmentally conscious community.                         nessperson, and visitor to our commu-              Green Events. . . . . . . . . . 6-7
   Over the past several years,                              nity with real, environmentally-friendly
                                                                                                                Buy Local . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9
Woodbridge Township has set the pace                         programs and alternatives. Greenable
as a statewide leader in green environ-                      Woodbridge is designed to identify the             Kids Green Pages . . . . 10-11
mental and sustainable initiatives.                          environmental and sustainable issues of
                                                             importance to the future of our commu-             Greenable News . . . . . 12-14
   Today, we are taking the next impor-                      nity, and to provide the direction and
tant step by actively seeking the desig-
                                                                                                                Greenable Wellness . . . . . 15
                                                             initiatives we can all take to establish
nation as a certified “Sustainable                           Woodbridge Township as a leader in                 Municipal Green News 16-18
Jersey” community.                                           sustainable living.
   The Sustainable Jersey Program,                               But it will take the participation of
sponsored by the New Jersey League of                        everyone working together to put into
Municipalities, provides municipalities                      place the green practices that will bene-
with the know-how and resources                              fit all of us into the future.
needed to plan for a green future. And,                          Greenable Woodbridge encourages
as a Sustainable Jersey community,
Woodbridge Township will be eligible                                               Continued on page 3

                                                                                                        Left: Mayor John E. McCormac announces
                                                                                                        a $7 million solar energy project to install
                                                                                                        solar panels at the Community Center and
                                                                                                        five municipal buildings.

 Woodbridge residents “go green”
 at recent Earth Day Fair.

                                                                                              The Woodbridge News is printed on recycled paper.
Council News
TOWN HALL                                               Council Votes for
1 Main Street
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
                                                                  “Greenable Woodbridge”
                                                           In an initiative led by Council
ELECTED OFFICIALS                                       Vice President Jim Major, the
Mayor:                                                  Woodbridge Municipal
John E. McCormac, CPA                                   Council has taken the
Council President:                                      “Green Challenge” by unani-
                                                        mously voting to establish
Robert G. Luban, Fifth Ward
                                                        the “Green Team” Advisory
Council Vice President:                                 Committee. Council mem-
James H.Major, Fourth Ward                              bers have aggressively passed
Council Members:                                        ordinances and resolutions
Charles Kenny, First Ward                               supporting “green” initiatives
Richard A. Dalina, Second Ward                          and programs.
Gregory Bedard, Third Ward                                  These government actions
James V. Carroll, At-Large                              save tax dollars, ensure clean
Gregg M. Ficarra, At-Large                              air and water and improve
Patricia Osborne, At-Large                              working and living environ-
Brenda Yori Velasco, At-Large                           ments. Through a proactive
                                                        governing body, we can build
IMPORTANT NUMBERS                                       a community that is sustain-
All Numbers Area Code 732                               able economically, environ-
Town Hall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 634-4500        mentally, and socially for the
Mayor’s Office . . . . . . . . . . . . 602-6015         next generations of residents.
Municipal Clerk . . . . . . . . . . 602-6007
Police . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 634-7700
Prosecutor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 634-4500
Municipal Court . . . . . . . . . . 636-6430
Office of Emergency
 Management . . . . . . . . . . . . 602-7361
                                                         2009 John J. Fay, Jr. Civic Award
Tax Collector . . . . . . . . . . . . . 602-6010
Tax Assessor . . . . . . . . . . . . 602-6002
Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 602-6047
Community Center . . . . . . . 596-4170
Main Library . . . . . . . . . . . . . 634-4450
Barron Arts Center . . . . . . . 634-0413
Health Dept. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 855-0600
Public Works . . . . . . . 738-1311 x3600
Recycling . . . . . . . . . . . 738-1311 x3049
Parks & Recreation. . . . . . . . . 596-4048
Channels 35 & 36 . . . . . . . . . 726-2310              Councilwoman Brenda Velasco and the Woodbridge Municipal Council recognizes former
Board of Adjustment . . . . . . . 602-6006               New Jersey Assemblyman Ernest L. Oros, recipient of the prestigious 2009 John J. Fay, Jr.
Planning Board . . . . . . . . . . . . 602-6005          Civic Award for dedicated public service, at a recent Council meeting. Assemblyman Oros,
Division on Aging . . . . . . . . . 855-0600             a Woodbridge resident since 1942, organized the Woodbridge River Watch in 1988 – an
Multi-Services Program . . . . . 726-6262                environmental association of state, county, and municipal residents and environmentalists
Evergreen Center. . . . . . . . . . 726-6260             dedicated to the preservation of Woodbridge waterways. The Woodbridge River Watch has
Tooling Around                                           worked to preserve more than 200 acres of Woodbridge wetlands and wooded areas as
 the Township . . . . . . . . . . . . 602-6020           open space and wildlife sanctuaries over the past decade.

2   Produced by Jaffe Communications, Inc. •      Woodbridge News • Greenable Edition 2009
                                                                                        Mayor’s Page
Greenable Woodbridge Sets Statewide Pace                                                 Continued from page 1

all sectors of the community to            the development and
become involved in implementing            construction of a
innovative, cost-effective, sustainable,   state-of-the-art
environmentally-friendly, and energy       Enviro-Technology
efficient programs and initiatives         Incubator.
which will provide long-term green            • Development
benefits to Woodbridge’s ten towns.        of educational and
   Working together, Woodbridge            instructional pro-
agencies plus a large number of busi-      grams promoting
nesses, educational institutions, envi-    green technology and
ronmental groups, and community            sustainable programs Woodbridge is promoting “buy local” initiatives and creation of
associations are committed to the          for schools, communi- a downtown Farmer’s Market for “Jersey Fresh” produce.
long-term project. Participants
                                           ty associations and
included the Woodbridge Township                                                      • Introduction of a biodiesel fuel
                                           local businesses.
Municipal Council, the Mayor’s                                                    program to power Township vehicles.
Environmental Commission, the                 • Opening a modern and efficient
                                                                                      To better understand how you can
Woodbridge Township School                 recycling and bulk waste
                                                                                  participate in the everyday environ-
District, the Woodbridge Redevelop-        “Convenience Center” at the Public
                                                                                  mental actions that serve to preserve
ment Agency, the Woodbridge River          Works facility in Keasbey.
                                                                                  and protect our environment, log-on
Watch Committee, the Woodbridge
                                              • Scheduled installation of solar-  to the Township’s “Greenable
Economic Development Corporation.
                                           powered, decorative street lights and  Woodbridge” web page at
    We have already implemented            trash compactors along primary thor- The
many programs and sustainable ini-         oughfares.                             page provides information on nearly
tiatives, including:                                                              every aspect of “going green,” along
                                              • Installation of solar-powered
   • The Mayor’s Environmental                                                    with easy-to-use information on some
                                           pedestrian crosswalks at high-traffic
Commission, which has taken a lead                                                of the first steps we can all take to
                                           intersections, including Main Street   establish Woodbridge Township as a
role in supporting “green” and sus-
tainable initiatives.                      in downtown Woodbridge.                leader in green and sustainable living.
    • A $7 million project to install         • Promotion of energy-efficient         Working together, we can put into
energy-producing solar panels at the       building and construction by munici-   place the programs and practices that
Community Center, Main Library             pal government and the private sector. benefit residents and businesses alike
and three other municipal buildings.          • Expansion of the Public Works     while reducing energy consumption
The solar panel project will save          recycling program to include the dis-  and expense throughout our
Township taxpayers energy costs in                                                Township.
                                           posal of compact fluorescent light
the long-term by putting in place a                                                   Please join me in taking the
                                           bulbs, electronics and computers.
self-sustaining source of energy that                                             Woodbridge Green Challenge and
will provide a portion of the Town-           • Replacing standard light bulbs
                                                                                  feel free to let us know your ideas on
ship’s power needs for years to come.      with energy-saving compact fluores-    how Woodbridge Township can
   • A “green” business recognition        cent lighting at municipal buildings   become the greenest environmental
program.                                   and facilities.                        community in New Jersey.
   • The purchase of energy-saving,           • Promoting “buy local” initia-         Send us an e-mail at
fuel efficient hybrid vehicles to sup-     tives and creation of a downtown to
plement the municipal fleet.               Farmer’s Market for “Jersey Fresh”     share your ideas on how we can go
  • Designation of Woodbridge as a         produce.                               “green” and stay “green” together!
Mayor’s Wellness community.                   • Creation of a tree replacement           Thank you,
  • Designation of 106 acres in an         program in parks and municipal                John E. McCormac, Mayor
underutilized industrial section for       properties.                                   Township of Woodbridge

Greenable Edition 2009 • Woodbridge News                                                                                    3
Green Team Challenge
Take the                                                                                                     Pride in
   GREEN                                                                                                     “Got Green”
CHALLENGE                                                                                                    (L-R) Councilman Gregg
                                                                                                             Ficarra, Mayor John E.
                                                                                                             McCormac and Christopher
    Join the Woodbridge                                                                                      Adornato; Chairman of the
                                                                                                             Mayor’s Environmental
       “Green Team”                                                                                          Commission, take the
   The single-most important part                                                                            “Green Challenge”
                                                                                                             as part of the 2009
of “Greenable Woodbridge” is com-
                                                                                                             Woodbridge Township
munity participation in the “Green
                                                                                                             Earth Day celebration.
    Your response is important. Clip                         Clip the form and send it back to the “Green Team” at
the “Green Challenge” form from                “Greenable Woodbridge,” Municipal Building, One Main Street, Woodbridge, NJ 07095.
the Woodbridge News and send it back
to the “Green Team” at “Greenable
Woodbridge,” Municipal Building, One
Main Street, Woodbridge, NJ 07095.
   Also, log-on to www.twp.wood- for more information on
how to join the Woodbridge “Green

Want to Receive
    News, event updates, and helpful
environmental information are a key-
stroke away. Send your web address
or mailing address to:

HOTLINE to report potholes, illegal
housing, property maintenance violations
or other township-related concerns.

4                                               Woodbridge News • Greenable Edition 2009
                                                                    Green Team Challenge
Bayshore is Nationwide Example                                                                   Adopt a
of Going Green                                                                                   Green Project
    Bayshore Recycling Corp’s instal-                                                                Councilman Rick Dalina announced
lation of the largest photovoltaic sys-                                                          that “Greenable Woodbridge” needs
tem in the recycling industry was                                                                your help. We’re encouraging commu-
completed, providing sustainable,                                                                nity groups, non-profit organizations,
non-polluting power to its Eco-                                                                  schools, Boy and Girl Scout troops,
Complex and Energy Campus in                                                                     local businesses, church groups, and
Keasbey.                                                                                         youth organizations to “adopt” a park,
                                                                                                 a street, a vacant lot, or some other
    This 679 killowatt (9,365 panel)          Bayshore Recycling has one of the largest          environmentally friendly project.
system is part of a much larger plan,         facilities powered with solar panels in the U.S.
as the company is actively taking                                                                   Let us know what you and your
steps to become the most diverse                                                                 group can do to “go green.” E-mail us at:
Energy Campus on the East Coast of            ny’s operations, including the recy-     
the United States. Plans are under-           cling of concrete, asphalt, brick and              or call the Mayor’s Office at 732-634-
way to create a diverse campus of             block.                                             4500.
green businesses that use each oth-                                                                 Check out the “Greenable
                                                 Solar technology is part of a much
ers’ manufactured product to                                                                     Woodbridge” links. Log-on today for
                                              larger plan for Bayshore Recycling
advance the latest construction recy-                                                            up-to-date environmental news and
                                              Corp, as the company is actively tak-
cling technologies.                                                                              “greenable” tips & information.
                                              ing steps to become the most diverse
   A total of 9,365 solar panels are          Energy Campus on the East Coast.                   Green Team Challenge Form
now installed on roofs at Bayshore’s          Plans are under development to cre-      
EcoComplex and Energy Campus;                 ate a diverse campus of “green” busi-
each will generate 200 watts of power         nesses that use each others’ manufac-
by converting the sun’s rays into             tured product to advance the latest
clean energy. The massive system              construction recycling technologies.               New Jersey Board of Public
now powers a majority of the compa-                                                              Utilities
                                                                                                 NJ Green
  Catching Some Rays                                                                   
                                                                                                 The White House – Energy &
                                                                                                 Woodbridge River Watch
                                                                                                 Global Green

  Newly-installed solar panels at the Woodbridge Community Center herald the start of
  the Township’s solarization program for municipal buildings.

Greenable Edition 2009 • Woodbridge News                                                                                                 5
Green Events
What’s Next on
the Eco-Calendar
Woodbridge Goes Green
@ Farmers Market
   Join the Woodbridge Environmental
Commission for “Woodbridge Goes
Green Day @ the Farmers Market,” a
day-long festival of “Green” events
and giveaways to help protect and
preserve our environment. The event
takes place from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at
the Downtown Farmers Market, in
the Town Hall parking lot.

Buy Local Press Conference
   Mayor John E. McCormac and the
Woodbridge “Green Team” will
announce details of the Woodbridge
“Buy and Shop Local” Program at
noon on Main Street at Town Hall.

SEPTEMBER 20 – 27:
“Buy Local” Week
Joins “Restaurant Week”
in Woodbridge
    Councilman Jim Carroll reminds
Woodbridge residents to support
Woodbridge businesses and restau-
rants as the “Buy Local” Campaign
joins the annual Woodbridge Chamber
of Commerce “Restaurant Week” to
promote local merchants, restaurants
and businesses. “Greenable
Woodbridge” encourages all             The Farmers’ Market
Township residents to “Buy Local”
every day of the year.                                               Woodbridge residents
    “Shop Local” by investing in                                     “buy local” at the
the community and helping the                                        Farmers’ Market in
environment. Go to                                                   downtown Woodbridge,                                             at the Town Hall
(Greenable Woodbridge) for                                           parking lot.
more information.

6                                         Woodbridge News • Greenable Edition 2009
                                                                                         Green Events
Green Photo Contest Underway
   For all the Woodbridge photogra-        image submitted (e.g. “Pin Oak                 See your tax mailer
phers out there, the “Greenable            Forest in Late Fall”).
Woodbridge” Nature Photo Contest is
                                                                                          for the recycling
                                              For more information on entry
underway! Enter your nature photos         submissions and contest details con-
or slides for a chance to have your        tact Jennifer Lykin in the Mayor’s
work exhibited at the Woodbridge           Office at 732-634-4500 x6058 or at
Farmers Market on Sept. 19.
   Judges will award a Grand Prize,
First and Second Place and
Honorable Mentions. Entries can
include up to 3 original 4x6 prints or
jpeg files on a CD. Work entered
                                                                                                        Call the
must be created by the individual                                                             Recycling Division
entering the contest.
   Include the following with your
                                                                                              at (732) 738-1311
submission(s): name, address, email,                                                                   ext. 3049
daytime phone, a description of each

SAVE THE                          “Greenable Woodbridge” Presents…
DATES                                Third Thursday “Greenable” Programs & Workshops for Residents (7:00 p.m.)
                                     & Businesses (9:00 a.m.)

  Join us for Resident & Homeowner Workshops                                     Workshops for Business
 Seminars will be held at Woodbridge Town Hall at 7 p.m.         Workshops & Seminars at Woodbridge Town Hall at 9 a.m.
 (Unless otherwise noted)                                        (unless otherwise noted)
 August 20: “Green” Home Improvement Seminar                     August 27
     Unlock the “How To” of “green” home repair & remodel-           Greenability workshop for retail & small businesses. Learn
 ing. Uncover hidden energy-saving technologies and financial    what a small business needs to know to “Go Green.” 11:00 a.m.
 incentives                                                      at Town Hall
 September 17: Be Healthy; Be Sustainable                        September 17
   Wellness Workshop at ExpressCare at ShopRite, 877 Saint           Sustainable & Green “tips” for local restaurants and the food
 Georges Ave., Woodbridge                                        service industry
 October 15: Organic Cooking demonstration at                    October 5
 Wegmans.                                                            BIZMANIA 2009. Woodbridge Chamber of Commerce
   Call the Mayor’s Office at 732-634-4500 to register           and “Greenable Woodbridge” come together to explore and
 November 12: “Greenable Woodbridge” Celebration                 expand sustainable initiatives for the business community.
 Dinner                                                          Woodbridge Hotel & Conference Center, 515 Route 1 South,
     Join friends and neighbors to learn about what you can do   Iselin
 to help Woodbridge “Go Green.” The event is free but seat-      November 19
 ing is limited. Call the Mayor’s Office at 732-602-6015 to      Landscapers & the Environment
 reserve a seat at the “Greenable Woodbridge” Celebration             Learn the latest “green” planting and eco-friendly garden-
 Dinner at Royal Albert’s Palace, Fords.                         ing and landscaping technologies
                                                                 December 17
                                                                   Experts in the construction & remodeling industry outline
                                                                 how to “Go Green” when building or remodeling

Greenable Edition 2009 • Woodbridge News                                                                                           7
Buy Local
Buy Local:                                 10 Reasons
Support Our Economy &
Support Our Environment
                                           to “Buy Local”
   Woodbridge Township has                 Money Spent Local Stays
embarked on “Greenable Woodbridge,”        Local: National and regional
a Township-wide initiative to become       studies report that for every
more environmentally aware and
                                           $100 spent at a local business,
                                           between $45 and $63 goes
    According to Councilman Charles        back into the community.
Kenny, the “Buy Local ~ Woodbridge”
campaign – part of “Greenable              Local Businesses
Woodbridge” – is geared to support         Contribute to the
locally owned, independent businesses      Community: More than
that provide unique services and com-      90 percent of small business
modities to our community.                 owners contribute to their
    Buying locally contributes to the      community, including schools,
overall Township economy, maintains        non-profit organizations and
the character of our community and         community groups by
provides continuing opportunities for      volunteering and/or mak-
local entrepreneurs and businesses by      ing financial contributions.
building economic strength in all of our
Ten Towns.                                 Local Businesses
                                           Provide Jobs: Small
    Buying local is also great for resi-   businesses account for a large share   Shoppers Receive
dents – and our environment – as we
                                           of new jobs created each year.         Extra Attention and Quality
travel less, use less fuel, and, in some
                                           Locally based businesses provide       Service: Small business owners
instances, advance health and wellness
                                           some of the most stable employment     compete by focusing on customer
by walking to local merchants and
stores. We hope that you will join         opportunities in Woodbridge            service and quality goods. Local busi-
“Greenable Woodbridge” as we               Township.                              ness employers take the time to get
work together to make Woodbridge                                                  to know their customers.
                                           Supporting Local Business
Township a great place to “Buy Local.”     Supports Your Neighbors: Local         Put Your Taxes to Good Use:
                                           businesses are generally owned by      Local businesses require compara-
                                           people who live locally and are part   tively less infrastructure investment
                                           of the community.                      and make more efficient use of public
                                           Local Businesses Contribute
                                           to Community Character &               Local Environmental Impact:
                                           Stability: Woodbridge Township         Local stores help sustain a vibrant,
                                           has many small businesses that have    compact, walk-able Main Street
                                           been in the Township for decades,      which leads to reduced sprawl, auto-
                                           thus contributing to the Township’s    mobile use, habitat loss, and air and
                                           special quality.                       water pollution.
                                           Small Businesses Offer Unique          Make New Friends: While shop-
                                           Choices: Woodbridge Township           ping locally, say hello to the people
                                           businesses offer shoppers unique       shopping next to you. They may be
                                           products and services.                 your neighbors. It’s a great way to
                                                                                  make friends.

8                                                    Woodbridge News • Greenable Edition 2009
                                                                  Buy Local
Woodbridge “Buy Local” Downtown                         What “Buy Local”
                                                        Means to Businesses
Shopping Districts                                      & Consumers
                                                            • FREE on-line listing by category
                                                        in the WOODBRIDGE TOWNSHIP
                                                        BUY LOCAL directory for local busi-
                                                        nesses participating in the “Buy Local”
                                                        campaign and that have adopted
                                                        “green” practices (soon to be available
                                                        via the Woodbridge Township web
                                                        page at:
                                                            • FREE business promotion through
                                                        the WOODBRIDGE TOWNSHIP
                                                        BUY LOCAL campaign which will
                                                        include street banners, promotional
                                                        flyers and business listing on the
                                                        Township “Buy Local” web page link
                              Historic Downtown            • BUY LOCAL CHALLENGE -
                              Main Street, Woodbridge   “Greenable Woodbridge” will chal-
                                                        lenge residents, shoppers, and con-
Welcome to                                              sumers to shop locally the week of
Downtown Colonia                                        September 20 -27
                                                            • Distribution of “Why Buy Local”
                                                        information cards
                                                            • FREE workshops and promotion-
                                                        al events for businesses to attract new
                                                        customers and for shoppers to save
        Shopping on                                     money
         Main Street

                                                        Specialty shopping on
                                                        Oak Tree Road in Iselin
Fords and shopping on New Brunswick Avenue

Greenable Edition 2009 • Woodbridge News                                                      9
 Kid’s Green Pages
Global Learning, Inc. Overview of Program
By Dr. John E. Crowe, Superintendent of Schools
   The schools of Woodbridge             Green Schools Program in September      books are also making the move to
Township will be participating in the    by having each school’s Green Team      electronic format instead of the tradi-
Green Schools Program in an effort to    meeting with the Executive Director     tional paper books.
operate with lower energy costs and      of Global Learning, Jeffrey L. Brown.      During this past spring, the stu-
less negative impact on our environ-        Within Woodbridge Township           dents in the five middle schools were
ment.                                    Schools there has been movement         asked to Take the Green Challenge
   Energy-saving concepts will be        towards “going paperless.” Some         as a part of their science class. The
brought to life in our classrooms        building administrators are taking      students first participated in science
through multidisciplinary learning       advantage of the technology avail-      lessons which explored the impor-
experiences in math, science and lan-    able to them by communicating elec-     tance of being “Green” and ways to
guage arts. The Alliance to Save         tronically through the use of e-mail    take part in making their community
Energy will provide the district with    and share folders on the computer       greener. The students then had a
tools and resources to facilitate our    network; memorandums, daily atten-      pledge sheet to review with their
educators with the process of bring-     dance sheets, and other packets of      family members and decide how
ing energy efficiency to the classroom   information formerly distributed in     they would do their part. These
while building skills related to real-   paper format are now viewed elec-       pledge sheets were returned to sci-
world experiences. Woodbridge            tronically. In addition to communica-   ence teachers where students were
Township schools will kick-off the       tions, teacher lesson plans and grade   able to discuss their family’s pledges.

10                                                 Woodbridge News • Greenable Edition 2009
                                           Kid’s Green Pages


Greenable Edition 2009 • Woodbridge News                   11
 Greenable News
There are Many Ways to Go Green
   It is everyone’s responsibility to    to save energy. If you use a dryer,
preserve our environment for genera-     consider adding dryer balls to cut
tions to come. But we don’t need to      drying time.
view it as a hardship. Much of it is
                                         Save Water… Save Money
about changing simple daily habits.
Some of these lifestyle changes can        Shorter showers reduce water use
save you money and many of them          and lower water and heating bills;
can even lead to a healthier and more      Install low-flow showerheads. The
enjoyable life.                          water and energy savings can quickly
                                         pay back the investment;
    “Greenable Woodbridge” targets                                               stores, and consignment shops for
nearly every aspect of “going green”        Use a faucet aerator on every        clothing and other everyday items
and provides easy-to-use information     faucet. Aerator’s are inexpensive,
on some of the easy first steps we can   conserve heat and water, while keep-    Borrow Instead of Buy
all take to establish Woodbridge         ing water pressure high;                    Use the Woodbridge Public
Township as a leader in sustainable         Plant drought-resistant and native   Library for books and movies. The
living. Working together, we can put     plants that require minimal watering.   library saves money, not to mention
into place programs and practices                                                the ink and paper that goes into
                                         Less Gas = More Money                   printing new books;
that benefit residents and businesses
alike, while reducing energy con-        (and better health!)
                                                                                    Share power tools and other
sumption and expense throughout             If possible, walking or biking to    appliances with friends and neigh-
our Township.                            work saves on gas and parking costs     bors.
                                         while improving cardiovascular
   “Greenable Woodbridge” offers                                                 Buy Smart
                                         health and reducing risk of obesity;
simple, easy-to-accomplish, day-to-                                                 Buy in bulk. Purchasing food from
day suggestions on how you – as a           Consider telecommuting if you
                                         live far from your work.                bulk bins can save money and pack-
Woodbridge Township resident – can                                               aging;
contribute to a more “Greenable          Eat Smart
Woodbridge.” To get you started,                                                    Wear clothes that don’t need to be
                                            If you eat meat, add one meatless    dry-cleaned, which saves money and
we’re featuring a list of things you     meal a week to reduce grocery
can do every day to help reduce your                                             cuts down on toxic chemical use;
environmental impact, save money,                                                   Invest in high-quality, long-lasting
and live a happier, healthier life          Buy locally produced foods,          products. You may pay more now,
(courtesy of WorldWatch Institute).      including meats, dairy and produce
                                                                                 but you’ll be happy when you don’t
                                         whenever possible. Purchasing from
Save Energy, Save Money                                                          have to replace items as frequently
                                         local farmers keeps money in the
                                                                                 (and this means less waste).
   Set your thermostat a few degrees     local economy.
lower in the winter and a few                                                    Recycle Electronics
degrees higher in the summer to save
                                         Skip the Bottled Water
                                                                                    Keep cell phones, computers, and
on heating and cooling costs;               Use a water filter to purify tap     other electronics as long as possible;
                                         water instead of buying bottled
   Install compact fluorescent light                                                 Donate or recycle electronic items
                                         water. Not only is bottled water
bulbs (CFLs);                                                                    responsibly when the time comes
                                         expensive, but it generates large
   Unplug appliances when not in         amounts of waste;                       (electronic waste contains mercury
use or use a smart power strip that                                              and other toxics and is a growing
                                            Bring a reusable water bottle,       environmental problem).
senses when appliances are off and
                                         preferably aluminum rather than
cuts “phantom” energy use;
                                         plastic, when traveling or at work      Make Your Own
   Wash clothes in cold water… up                                                Cleaning Supplies
to 85 percent of energy used to          Think Before Buying
                                                                                    Making your own cleaning
machine-wash clothes goes to hot            Go online to find new or gently      products saves money, time, and
water;                                   used secondhand products;               packaging, as well as improving
   Use a drying rack or clothesline         Check out garage sales, thrift       indoor air quality.

12                                                 Woodbridge News • Greenable Edition 2009
                                                                              Greenable News
Rain Gardens Protect the Environment & Ecosystem
Beautify Your Environment with a Rain Garden
   A rain garden is nature’s way of       melted snow to collect and seep natu-
preventing pollution runoff and           rally into the ground. Its chief function
recharging the groundwater supply.        is to minimize water runoff into storm
Summer is a great time to start plan-     drains – runoff that courses through-
ning one for the fall.                    out a watershed and causes decreased
                                          sediment, flooding and damage to
   As a showpiece project to highlight
ways to prevent storm water pollu-
tion, the New Jersey Agricultural            Just 40 rain gardens in Woodbridge
Experiment Station of Rutgers             Township – each treating 1,000 square       The New Jersey Agricultural Experiment
University installed a rain garden out-   feet of driveway or rooftop runoff –        Station of Rutgers University installed a rain
side the Woodbridge Township Health       would result in the recharge of more        garden outside the Woodbridge Township
Center several years ago.                 than one million gallons of water in an     Health Center several years ago.
                                          average year with 44 inches of rainfall.
    Coucilwoman Pat Osborne. a mem-
ber of the Woodbridge Environmental          Rain gardens can be easily con-             To learn more about rain gardens,
Commission, said that the garden has      structed by a homeowner. A land-
                                                                                      go to the following web sites:
since become a great source of pride to   scaped rain garden adds beauty to a
                                          lawn and creates a habitat for birds,       The Demonstration Rain Garden at:
the Township and a showpiece on the                                          or
                                          butterflies, and beneficial insects.
art of effective rain garden design.
                                          Compared to a conventional lawn,            How to Design a Rain Garden at:
(The 2005 project was funded by the
                                          rain gardens allow 30 percent more
New Jersey Department of
                                          water to soak into the ground – a vital     raingarden_design/how2designrain
Environmental Protection.)
                                          hedge against the droughts that have
   A rain garden is a landscaped, shal-   increasingly afflicted New Jersey in
low depression that allows rain and       recent years.

                                                                                        Reduce Your Carbon
                                                                                        Footprint at Home
                                                                                            Set your thermostat at no more
                                                                                        than 68 degrees in the winter and no
                                                                                        less than 78 degrees in the summer to
                                                                                        cut carbon dioxide emissions by 10 to
                                                                                        30 percent.
                                                                                            Keep cool with shades and blinds,
                                                                                        which cuts carbon dioxide emissions by
                                                                                        10 to 30 percent.
                                                                                            Replace incandescent light bulbs
                                                                                        with compact fluorescent light bulbs,
                                                                                        cutting carbon dioxide emissions by up
                                                                                        to 80 percent.
                                                                                            Wrap the hot water heater with
                                                                                        blankets, which cuts carbon dioxide
                                                                                        emissions by 10 to 30 percent.
                                                                                            Install a programmable thermostat,
                                                                                        reducing carbon dioxide emissions by
                                                                                        10 to 30 percent.
                                                                                            Weatherize your home by sealing
                                                                                        doors and windows, which reduces
                                                                                        carbon dioxide emissions by 10 to 30

Greenable Edition 2009 • Woodbridge News                                                                                       13
Greenable News
                                      Save the Environment and
We want to                            Commuting Costs
hear from you…                           “Carpooling Makes $ense” is a
                                      carpool incentive program encour-
                                      aging commuters to carpool to and
                         ge ew        from work in Middlesex County.
         Send us your

                                      Commuters willing to start and
                               s      maintain a new carpool for 24
     “Green” ideas to                 days over the course of two
                                      months will receive up to $200 in
                    W                 free gas.
                                          Councilman Greg Bedard
                                      noted that carpooling Makes
                                      $ense is organized by Keep
                                      Middlesex Moving, Inc. – a non-
                                      profit organization that works
                                      to improve mobility, reduce
                                      traffic congestion and improve
       Check out the next             air quality in Middlesex
         Woodbridge News              County.
                                         Keep Middlesex Moving is
     or go to the Township            committed to creating trans-
              Web Page at             portation solutions such as
                                      carpooling, vanpooling, mass             transit, compressed work
        for more township             week, telecommuting and
                                      much more. The Carpooling Makes
                                                                             732-745-4318. Full details of the
     events and programs.             $ense program is open to registered
                                                                             Carpooling Makes $ense program
                                      carpools whose final work destina-     can be found at
                                      tion is Middlesex County.              kmm/carpool/kmm_carpoolcents.php.
                                         For more information regarding      Check it out – it’s worth a tank of gas
                                      Carpooling Makes $ense, please read    and probably several more!
                                      the program requirement page or call

               C.A. #: 13VHO4515100

14                                              Woodbridge News • Greenable Edition 2009
                                                                           Greenable Wellness
Sustainability & Wellness…                                                                Walkabilty Teams
                                      Perfect Together                                    Map Town
   The first ingredient of a sustain-         teaching healthy cooking and organic        Gregg Ficarra
able community is healthy citizens.           gardening; installing and promoting         reports that in
And, healthy citizens who care about          safe walking and bicycling routes           May, hundreds
their own wellness tend to care               throughout the Township; installa-          of students,
about the wellness of their communi-          tion of new walking tracks at schools;      teachers, parents,
                                                                                          walkers, joggers,
ty and their environment. In fact,            implementing our anti-idling cam-
                                                                                          runners, wellness enthusiasts and
“Greenable Woodbridge” is more                paign and promoting shopping at the
                                                                                          neighborhood residents participated in
that just taking care of our environ-         downtown Farmer’s Market, to name
                                                                                          the first-ever “Woodbridge Walkability”
ment, it’s addressing the intercon-           just a few of the many ongoing
                                                                                          tour designed to map walking and bik-
nected realms of society, environment         “wellness” programs offered through
                                                                                          ing routes throughout the Township.
and economy to promote lifestyles             the Mayor’s Wellness Campaign.              “Woodbridge Walkability,” a collabora-
that are healthy, just and efficient.           For more information on how               tive effort between Woodbridge
    “Greenable Woodbridge” is work-           “wellness” and “greenablility”              Township, the Pioneering Healthier
ing to provide easy ways residents            come together, log-on to                    Communities Organization and the
can come together to enjoy wellness                    Mayor’s Wellness Campaign, organized
and preserve the environment at the                                                       teams of volunteers to conduct field-
same time. For example, the “Green                                                        work to assess the “walkability” of the
Team” will include members of the                                                         neighborhoods surrounding all 16
Mayor’s Wellness Campaign working                                                         Township elementary schools. The
to remind that a healthy environment                                                      “walkability” teams provided informa-
includes living a healthy lifestyle.                                                      tion to the technical team which
Community “wellness” activities                                                           entered the data using the latest com-
include seminars and workshops                                                            puter and internet technologies to
                                                                                          create an interactive map.
                                                                                              By uploading pictures, YouTube
                                                                                          videos, audio clips and written data, an
 Join the Green Team                                                                      online map will be created that will
                                                                                          assist pedestrians and cyclists find and
                                                                                          navigate safe routes. To learn more
                                                                                          about “Woodbridge Walkability” log on
                                                                                          to the BikenWalk web site at:

 Caroline Ehrlich of the Mayor’s Office, explains the “greenable Woodbridge” Program to
 the “Green Team” at a recent Town Hall Program. Log-on to
 to learn what you can do to participate in “Greenable Woodbridge” and the “Green
 Team.” Send your “green” ideas to

Greenable Edition 2009 • Woodbridge News                                                                                       15
Municipal Green News
                           Township Embraces Hybrid Vehicles
 Go Green with
                              Woodbridge Township is the
 Woodbridge                proud owner of 13 Ford Escape
                           Hybrid vehicles – one of the single-
                           largest hybrid fleets in Middlesex
  Woodbridge Township      County. With state and county
                           rebates, the hybrids cost less then a
continues to invest in
                           normal SUV and receive twice the
renewable energy tech-     miles per gallon.
nology while introducing
changes in municipal                                                  Woodbridge saves thousands of dollars in
services that achieve                                                 fuel with its hybrid fleet.
cost savings and greater
                                                                         New to the fleet is the first-in-the-
energy efficiency.                                                    nation hybrid emergency manage-
                                                                      ment command vehicle – an all-pur-
                           Woodbridge has the nation’s first green    pose command center that maxi-
                           emergency management command vehicle.      mizes the advantages of a hybrid
                                                                      vehicle with energy-saving electronic

                           The Perfect Renewable Resource
                              The Township’s biodiesel fuel pro-      toring program to measure the drop
                           gram was jump-started with a               in hydrocarbon emissions from vehi-
                           $65,500 grant from the state Board of      cles fueled with biodiesel.
                           Public Utilities for the installation of      Six municipal vehicles (3 small
                           an above-ground biodiesel fuel tank        trucks and 3 SUVs), two Ford
                           and to establish an emissions moni-        International dump trucks and two
                                                                      Crane Carrier garbage trucks were
                                                                      selected for the biodiesel program.
                                                                         Biodiesel is better for the environ-
                                                                      ment, is made from renewable
                                                                      resources and has lower emissions
                                                                      compared to petroleum diesel. Most
                                                                      importantly, biodiesel is made in the
                                                                      USA from renewable resources such
                                                                      as soybeans, decreasing our depend-
                                                                      ence on foreign oil.

                                                                      Department of Public Works displays
                                                                      its new “Bio-Diesel” trash truck at
                                                                      Big Wheels Day.

16                                   Woodbridge News • Greenable Edition 2009
                                                                   Municipal Green News
Woodbridge Basks in the Sun                                                                  Light Bulb Exchange
                                                                                             Program Saves
    The Township has received $2.1             place self-sustaining solar energy —
million in state rebate funding to             energy that will provide a portion of         Energy Costs
install energy producing solar panels          the Township’s power needs for
at the Community Center and other              many years. The Township has also                Woodbridge initiated its first
municipal facilities.                          applied to the state Board of Public          fluorescent light bulb replacement
   The project is geared to save long-         Utilities for a full energy audit of all      program in conjunction with our
term energy costs by putting into              municipal buildings.
                                                                                             “Tooling Around the Township”
                                                                                                Local merchants donated
                                                                                             compact fluorescent light bulbs to
                                                                                             replace standard light bulbs. This
                                                                                             program is a very practical, cost-
                                                                                             effective and an easy way to save
                                                                                             both money and the environment
                                                                                             by simply changing a light bulb.
                                                                                                The Township has also begun
                                                                                             to replace standard light bulbs
                                                                                             with energy-saving compact
                                                                                             fluorescent lighting at municipal
Woodbridge is proud to be a part of the growing renewable energy program with the instal-    facilities.
lation of Solar Panels on the Woodbridge Community Center. Future sites include the Health
Center, Pump Station, Main Library, Iselin Library and the Evergreen Center.

                                                           “Solar” Safety                    The Woodbridge News
                                                           on Main Street                    reaches every home,
                                                           Work crews complete               business and post office
                                                           installation of a new “solar”
                                                           powered cross walk on             box in Woodbridge
                                                           Main Street at the NJT Train
                                                           Station. The solar powered        Township.
                                                           crosswalk enhances the
                                                           recently installed – and
                                                           energy efficient – street
                                                           lighting on Main Street.
                                                           The solar cross walk
                                                                                                        Call the
                                                           operates on sustainable
                                                           energy and is part of
                                                                                                  Mayor’s Office
                                                           the Township’s overall
                                                           “Greenable Woodbridge”
                                                                                                at 732-602-6015
                                                                                                to advertise for
                                                                                                  the Fall Issue.

Greenable Edition 2009 • Woodbridge News                                                                                    17
Municipal Green News
We are                                      Woodbridge Loves its Trees
Committed to                                   As part of the Township’s goal to      replenish our tree farm, which will
the Environment                             preserve our urban forests, the
                                            municipal tree ordinance has been
                                                                                      produce a supply of trees for our
                                                                                      parks and municipal properties.
   The Township’s Environmental             revised to include a list of trees that      Trees remove tons of carbon
Commission completed an                     will not attract the destructive Asian    dioxide and pollutants from our
Environmental Resource Inventory and        Longhorn Beetle.                          atmosphere each year and reduce
became a Clean Community Partner in            We have also pledged to upgrade        energy costs and rain water runoff.
an effort to seek continued ideas and       our Pin Oak Forest preserve and           The Township has offered tree
resources for energy efficiency.                                                                seedlings to residents and
    The Township is working to                                                                  initiated workshops to
create a Green Technology Business                                                              help residents create rain
Incubator and a Township EcoPark.                                                               gardens.
The Public Works Department prints
a Recycling Calendar with information
about environmental topics and spon-
sors an annual recycling poster contest
in all Township elementary schools;
                                                                                               Woodbridge Township
the annual Earth Day Fair and annual
                                                                                               Environmental Commission
Arbor Day celebration provide up-to-
                                                                                               members join together to
date information on sustainable living.
                                                                                               plant trees.

Convenient Recycling in Woodbridge
    The Woodbridge Township Recycling Program has opened up a
new “convenience center” at our Public Works facility. This makes it
easier for residents to dispose of appliances, mixed metal, electronics
and bulk waste — including concrete, asphalt and vegetative waste.
The Township has also made its paper recycling system more “user
friendly” by switching to a mixed paper collection stream.

                                                                              Woodbridge Recycling & Convenience Center

18                                                     Woodbridge News • Greenable Edition 2009
Greenable Edition 2009 • Woodbridge News   19
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                                                                     US Postage
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                                                                  Permit No. 1774
                                                   ECRWSS        New Brunswick, NJ

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