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					                                           “Remember no matter where you go, there you are.” - Buckaroo Banzai

Who’s Been Living the Mission?
    The University of St. Thomas
School of Law, as a Catholic law
school, is dedicated to integrating
faith and reason in the search for truth
through a focus on morality and social

    As an institution of higher
education, the University of St.
Thomas School of Law is not unique
in that it has a mission statement.
What is unique, perhaps, is the
School’s demonstrated commitment to
fulfilling that mission. From the very
first day of 1L orientation, students
at UST Law learn of the school’s
dedication to the goals spelled out in
the mission. It isn’t long before they
come to understand that they too, are
expected to embrace and live out these
goals for the duration of their time at
St. Thomas. Many students, faculty,
                                           Excellence in Professional                                            The Mission Award for Scholarly
and staff exceed these expectations,
                                           Preparation:                                                          Engagement and Societal Reform
and to recognize these individuals that
                                           The Mission Award for Excellence in                                   recognizes members of the UST Law
have chosen to go above and beyond,
                                           Professional Preparation recognizes                                   community who integrate faith, law,
the law school holds the Mission
                                           those members of the UST Law                                          ethics, public policy, and social justice
Awards ceremony each March. Four
                                           community who have done an                                            into scholarly or advocacy projects
separate awards chosen by committee
                                           excellent job in preparing our students                               which seek improvement in the law,
are handed out:
                                           to become professionals by providing                                  legal institutions, or society.
                                           instruction in or demonstrating or
Living the Mission:
                                           fostering ethical principles, character,                              Service and Community
One student from each class is
                                           faith-based perspective, and/or global                                The Mission Award for Service and
selected to receive the “Living the
                                           perspective to enhance our students’                                  Community recognizes members
Mission Award.” The award is given
                                           knowledge and skill in the practice of                                of the UST Law community who
to the student who best exemplifies
                                           law.                                                                  have shown exceptional service or
the mission by his or her activities
                                                                                                                 leadership through living out our
in and/or outside the classroom. The
                                           Scholarly Engagement and Societal                                                      Continued on page 2
recipients of this award receive $500.

                                            2009 Mission Award Nominees
Continued from page 1
                                           Valerie Aggerbeck                      Erin Lord
Mission’s commitment to improving          John Allison                           Allison Luse
                                           Amber Barnett                          Danny Lyskowski
the lives of members within our law
                                           Dave Bateson                           Kasii May
school community and/or in our local,      Sarah Bohman                           Thomas Murphy
parish, cultural or global communities.    Tim Brovold                            An Nguyen
                                           Austin Caster                          Laura Orr
   In addition to these awards, at         Chris Clark                            Trusha Patel
the luncheon Dean Thomas Mengler           Teresa Collett/Michael Stokes          Matt Perkins
presents the Alumni Living the             Paulsen                                Jeremiah Pilon
Mission Award and the Dean’s Awards        Jim Comerford                          Public Service Board
for Teaching and the Dean’s Award for      Nicole Concordia                       Charles Reid
Research.                                  Nate Dahl                              Caitlin Roth
   This year’s awards ceremony and         Jillian Dease                          Brendan Rylander
lunch will be held in the Atrium on        Sarah Ellsworth                        Richard Schunn
Thursday, March 19 at 12:30. Those         Mary Cathleen Fenske                   Jon Sergott
wishing to attend are asked to e-mail      Nora Fitzpatrick                       Bridget Smith
their RSVP to lawrsvp@stthomas.            Jackie Fox                             Sarah Sommarstrom
edu                                        Vanessa Gutierrez                      Susan Stabile
                                           Brad Hanson                            Garin Strobl
                                           Paul Haverstock                        Peter Surdo/Tayari Garrett
                                           Chato Hazelbaker                       Vince Thomas
                                           Tom Holloran                           Jessica Waldron
Spring Law Journal                         LuAnn Hudson                           Ronald Walters
                                           Meghann Kantke                         Pete Willner
Sympoisium:                                Ted Litzner                            Melanie Wimmer
Preparing and Re-                          Kathleen Lohmar Exel                   Bryce Young

sponding to a Bio-                        ly and easily handled than previous     symposium is to foster scholar-
terrorist Attack                          pandemics because of our modern         ship and dialogue on what insights
                                          health care system, think again,”       leaders and legal academics can
by Chato Hazelbaker                       Michael Osterholm wrote in “Com-        offer concerning the legal and ethi-
                                          munity Pan-Flu Preparedness: A          cal issues involved in preparing for
    In the beginning, it will be          Checklist of Key Legal Issues for       and responding to a bioterrorist at-
smaller than the human eye can            Healthcare Providers.” Osterholm,       tack. In particular, the symposium
see, but it will have the power to        was the keynote of the Spring Law       will address the ethical issues that
bring down nations, disrupt global        Journal Symposium on March 5, at        arise as individual states, the U.S.
economic systems and delay the            the School of Law.                      and the world plan for the possibil-
advance of civilization. Whether              A leading voice on the issues       ity of a bioterrorist attack.
the source is a naturally occurring       of pandemic influenza prepara-               For more information: Call 651-
mutation or a weaponized form             tion and bioterrorism, Osterholm is     962-4855 or register at the website
of an agent already on laboratory         director of the Center for Infectious
shelves, the impact of this biovi-        Disease Research and Policy, as-
olence will be much the same. The         sociate director of the Department        Read the rest of Chato Hazelbak-
question for lawyers, policymak-          of Home land Security’s National          er’s article, “Lawyers Get Ready,” in
                                          Center for Food Protection and            the most recent issue of St. Thomas
ers and politicians is, “Ready to
                                          Defense, and a professor at the           Lawyer, the magazine of the School
wrestle?”                                                                           of Law.
    “For those who still believe that     University of Minnesota’s School of
the next pandemic simply will not         Public Health.
occur or will be far more adequate-           The purpose of the law journal
                                                                                                           March 2009

Moot Court Reports:
Success from Coast to Coast
The University of St. Thomas Moot Court program has had several recent successes. These reports were filed from
coaches and participants.

International Law Moot
                                         Trial Advocacy Team has
                                                                                   ABA National Moot Court
Court Team Wins Multiple                 successful trip                           Team Reports from Boston
Awards at Regional
                                             The University of St. Thomas              This report was filed by team
Competition                              School of Law’s Trial Advocacy Team,      member Joe Buri:
                                         coached by lawyers from Robins,               Just wanted to let you know
   The law school’s moot court           Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, L.L.P.,          that the ABA National Moot Court
program got another boost last           including Pete Surdo and M. Tayari        team did exceptionally well at the
weekend at the Jessup International      Garett, achieved success at the AAJ       regional competition in Boston this
Law Moot Court Competition. At the       Chicago Regional Tournament over          weekend. The team was made up of
super-regional in Houston, the team,     the weekend, with one of our teams        Matt Schwandt, Callie Wahl, and Joe
coached by Mark Hasty took home          making the semi-finals and placing         Buri. We were coached by Dan Olson.
multiple awards on behalf of the         third overall. The Chicago Region             We won our first two rounds,
school. The team, comprised of 2Ls       is one of the best in the country         crushing the U of Minnesota (one of
Frank Uzodima Aba-Onu, Christopher       and includes several schools              their two teams) and beating Baylor
Jensen, Simeon Morbey, and Luke          with nationally successful trial          University. We then lost to a team
Vetter, took home the Number One         advocacy programs, and we are proud       from Florida University, before
Written Memorial Regional Award.         of the students’ hard work and success.   beating Miami (Fl.) in the round of
This is an excellent achievement.            The team, consisting of Ryan          sixteen. We eventually lost in the
    Individually, Luke Vetter was a      Christian, Nathaniel Dahl, Michael        quarterfinal round to a solid team
top ten oralist and Frank Uzodima        Kemp, and Zaylore Stout, went 3-0         from the University of Florida. Had
Aba-Onu was a top twenty oralist.        during the preliminary rounds, and        we won that round, we would have
Although the team was the #1 seed        seeded themselves as the number           advanced to the nationals in Chicago.
coming out of the initial round, they    two team (out of a field of 16) before         Overall, we had a written brief
lost in quarter-finals. This builds and   heading into the playoffs.                that was one of the top six in the
improves on the achievements of              Among their preliminary-              competition, and tied for fifth place
recent teams in the competition, and     round sucesses, they bested Thomas        overall. There were 31 teams total,
enhances the overall reputation of the   Cooley, one of last year’s national       so it was a good showing. And, to
law school’s moot court program.         semifinalists. During the and final         be honest, based on judges’ feedback
                                         preliminary round, they soundly           after the quarterfinal round, we were
                                         defeated William Mitchell College of      almost sure we had won. Even the
                                         law, which was also 2-0 going into        Florida team congratulated us after
                                         the round. Although they put on an        and said they were sure they had lost.
                                         excellent effort in the semifinals,           All in all, it was a great showing for
  The Trial Advocacy Team                they narrowly missed out on making        the school, as many of the teams we
 will host a meeeting                    the final round to the John Marshall       competed with wanted to know which
 later this spring to                    School of Law, a perennial trial          St. Thomas we were.
 discuss tryouts for future              advocacy powerhouse
                                             Their success was made possible
 competition teams.                      by the other hard-working members
                                         of the team, including Ryan Anderson,
                                         Wole Awoyinka, Christina Davenport,
                                         Larry Frost, Kari Kanne, and James
    Spring Public Service Day

    Forty-four students, staff and
family members participated in
the law school’s spring Public
Service Day. All participants
volunteered with Habitat for
Humanity. Three groups of
volunteers worked to restore
houses along Western, Charles
and Edmund Avenues in St.
    One group helped relocate
Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore
from Minneapolis to New
Brighton. ReStore is an outlet
store that sells high-quality used
and surplus building materials.
The operation enables low-
income families to afford
home improvement projects.
The resulting sales fund the
construction or restoration of up
to ten Habitat homes each year.
The New Brighton location will
open on March 2.

                                                                                                                 March 2009

      Q&A                                    Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds
by Joanna Salmen                             What is your greatest achievement           gifts that I have been given.
                                             thus far?
                                                                                         Is there anything people would be
How did you get to St. Thomas?               The development of the Community            surprised to know about you?
What about it appealed to you?               Justice Project, as I have been amazed
                                             by all of the fruit that has been           I used to play field hockey- but I was
I received a call from Dean Mengler          produced. It has become a vehicle           terrible and never made it to the JV
while a visiting professor at the            for effecting change on behalf of the       team. I love sports, but not all sports
University of Illinois asking me             “least of these.” I am so thankful to the   love me.
whether I was interested in applying         staff of the Interprofessional Center
for a position at a faith-based law          for Counseling and Legal Services and       If not yourself, who would you like
school. as you might be able to guess,       Dean Mengler for their tremendous           to be?
the mission of the law school is what        support of our work in the community.
drew me here.                                                                            I am thankful to be who I am. The
                                             Do you have any regrets?                    person who has most inspired me
What do you like about teaching law                                                      though is Harriet Tubman. her bravery,
students? Dislike?                           No. But I have learned lessons from         her resilience and her strength are
                                             mistakes that I have made and I try to      remarkable traits to have. Thinking
I love teaching law students for a           use them as teaching moments in the         about the things she endured to help
variety of reasons. I find that once          lives of those around me. Trust me, the     others gain freedom encourage me to
students realize the idea that “one          learning process continues throughout       keep pressing forward.
person can make a difference,” the           life. Everyday, I am thankful for the
possibilities are endless. It is as though
an awakening occurs and students’
unlimited potential is unleashed. I feel
blessed to be a part of the learning that
takes place in those moments.

What are your hobbies?

I love to read, hanging out with
my family, and to spend quiet time
reflecting and being in God’s presence.
I don’t watch television, but I do
watch movies occasionally.

What is your favorite book? Why?

My favorite book is the Bible, to be
honest, as I believe that it is a roadmap
for living in this world. My next
favorite book is the Autobiography of
Malcolm X. I find this book inspiring
and his story intriguing for a variety of

If you were not a law professor or in
the legal profession, what would you
be doing?

Preaching the Gospel or teaching at a

                                                                                       known about the legal profession as
                                                                                       a law student?

                                                                                       I wish I had listened to all of
                                                                                       the people who told me about
                                                                                       the importance of networking
                                                                                       and cultivating relationships.
                                                                                       Understanding the law and being
                                                                                       able to represent clients effectively is
                                                                                       obviously important, but clients hire
                                                                                       attorneys they know and like.

                                                                                       What was your favorite class in law

                                                                                       Trial Advocacy.

                                                                                       Do you have any job-related goals or

                                                                                       Like most associates at private law
                                                                                       firms, I hope to make partner one day.

Alumni Spotlight                                                                       What role has networking played in
                                                                                       your legal career thus far?
Name: Andrew Tatge                                                                     Networking is crucial. I’ve had two
                                                                                       jobs since law school [a judicial
Class of 2005                                                                          clerkship at Hennepin County District
                                                                                       Court, and associate position at
Current Place of Employment:                                                           Gislason & Hunter] and received both
                                                                                       through connections I made during
Gislason & Hunter LLP, Mankato                                                         law school.

by Kellie Bigham                          one day and at a closing table the           Good or bad, what is the most
                                          next. Also, being at a smaller office         memorable aspect of your law
What is your area of practice?            in a larger firm allows me to handle          school experience?
                                          interesting, complex cases and also
Mostly business and real estate work      gives me the opportunity to take             When I got my Contracts grade back
(both transactional and litigation), in   on more responsibility, such as              my first semester of law school I
addition to some divorce work where a     arguing cases at the Court of Appeals        panicked and thought the world had
business interest is involved.            and handling multi-million dollar            ended. I’m actually glad it happened,
                                          transactions at a relatively early stage     since it motivated me to do much
Is this what you saw yourself doing                                                    better for the rest of my law school
                                          of my career.
when you were in law school?                                                           career. And no one has ever asked me
                                          Is there anything that you wish you          what grade I got in Contracts.
When I started law school I thought
                                          could change about your job, or is
that I’d end up doing strictly                                                         Do you have any law-related mottos
                                          frustrating to you about your job?
transactional work, but I really liked                                                 or words of wisdom?
litigation when I got into it and ended   In private practice there is a lot of time
up gravitating more toward that area.     spent on business development, which         Don’t worry if you have no idea about
                                          is difficult at first since they don’t         what you want to do when you finish
What is the best part of your                                                          law school. Someone once told me
                                          really teach that aspect of practice in
career?                                                                                that the best and most interesting
                                          law school. It’s important to have
                                          good mentors.                                lawyers he’s ever met still didn’t know
I like the variety of doing both
                                                                                       5 years after graduation what type of
litigation and transactional work.
                                          What is one thing you wish you had           law they really wanted to practice.
It’s exciting to be in the courtroom
                                                                                                      March 2009

From the Streets of                                                             How are the
Philadelphia                                                                    Children?
by Sarah Ellsworth
                                       submitting statistics to organizations   Part II
                                       like U.S. News and World Report.              The Community Justice
    This month’s featured staff                                                 Project and the Holloran Center
                                       Ashley is also currently enrolled in
member is Ashley Bowes. Originally                                              for Ethical Leadership in the
                                       the Graduate Program at St. Thomas,      Professions presents “How are
from suburban Philadelphia, Ashley
obtained her undergraduate degree
                                       where she is pursuing her Masters        the Children? Part II: A symposium
                                       Degree in Leadership and Student         exploring the role of restorative
from Boston University. During
                                       Affairs. In ten years, Ashley sees       justice in addressing the needs
her summers home from college,                                                  of youth.” This symposium, to
                                       herself as having a job similar to CPD
Ashley worked at a                                                              be held on Wednesday, April 1,
non-profit focused on                                                            2009 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00
providing home repairs to                                                       p.m. in the Atrium, and will bring
                                                                                together community leaders in the
underprivileged families.
                                                                                fields of restorative justice and
Following graduation,                                                           juvenile justice to discuss how the
Ashley began to work full-                                                      principles of restorative justice can
time for the non-profit.                                                         transform the lives of our youth
She loved the job, and for                                                      and our communities
                                                                                     Restorative justice is a theory
what she thought was the
                                                                                of justice that emphasizes
social service aspect of                                                        repairing the harm caused or
it. However, Ashley soon                                                        revealed by criminal behavior.
realized that what she                                                          Restorative practices focus on
enjoyed most about the                                                          the interrelatedness of the human
                                                                                experience by utilizing cooperative
job was the opportunity
                                                                                processes that include all
it gave her to connect                                                          stakeholders in addressing crime.
with college students and                                                       The holistic nature of restorative
empower them to make                                                            practices is especially important
a significant impact in                                                          when dealing with children because
                                                                                of its focus on peacemaking, caring
their own lives. It was
                                                                                and community-building.
also around this time that                                                           The symposium will include
Ashley decided that she                                                         four panels exploring I) the role
would like to go back to                                                        of circle processes for healing,
school, to pursue either a                                                      community dialogue and self-
                                                                                reflection; II) restorative justice in
law degree or a degree in
                                                                                public schools—using restorative
Higher Education. When                                                          justice for conflict resolution
the chance to work at                                                           and leadership development;
                                       Director Alanna Moravetz. According      III) restorative justice as an
University of St. Thomas School of
Law as the Career and Professional
                                       to Ashley, she spends the majority of    alternative to juvenile detention;
                                       her time working, sitting in class, or   and IV) future trends and practical
Development Coordinator came up,
                                       doing homework. However, in the          applications of restorative justice,
Ashley decided a move to the Twin                                               as well as keynote speaker Mary
                                       few precious hours a week that she
Cities sounded like a great idea.                                               Johnson, founder of From Death
                                       is not chained to her desk, Ashley       to Life. CLE and CEU credits
    As the CPD Coordinator, Ashley’s
day to day duties vary greatly. She
                                       and her Anthony Bourdain look-alike      applied for. Cost $25, including
                                       boyfriend, Adam, enjoy cooking,          lunch and snacks Please register
is responsible for putting together
                                       going out to eat, watching Top Chef      at
and planning OCI, balancing the                                                 and contact the University of
                                       and any other food shows, and trying
office budget, planning CPD’s                                                    St. Thomasʼ Legal Services Clinic
                                       to keep up with their Golden Retriever   at (651) 962-4960 with any
various programs, and compiling and
                                       puppy, Ace.                              questions.

THE STYLE PAGES                                                 Opinions, Love Letters, and Legal Advice

Dear UST Law School...
    Years ago, many of us entered a law     Thurgood Marshall and Earl Warren,         us. We are a part of the same family.
school whose mission is “dedicated          whose search for truth, eventually put     If we let them fall, we inadvertently
to integrating faith and reason in the      an evil on its back. It was the pen and    fall as well. Second, together we
search for truth through a focus on         tongue that founded this great nation,     must stand to let hate and intolerance
morality and social justice.” To many       which has always held to the belief        know that it cannot penetrate our
of us, the mission was significant.          that all men are created equal. The        walls. Here, it will find no sanctuary.
The mission also distinguished our          work of other men and women gave           For instance, it cannot make a sly
responsibility in the search for truth.     life to what the pen wrote and what the    comment and think we will “go along
Carrying the banner of truth, we have       tongue said.                               to get along.” We will address it.
a higher standard. Our search for truth
sets us free. Whether we come from              As law students, today our work            Furthermore, when we leave these
wealth or poverty, different regions,       begins. What we do now is indicative       walls, we will do all that is within
religions, races, or sexual orientations,   of our future as lawyers. Our future       our strength to combat it. Third, and
our search binds us. It makes us one.       may find us on opposite sides of the        most important, we must develop our
When we go into the world, we will          Court. However, in the argument            faith in God. St. Thomas Aquinas,
have comfort of knowing that we are         against hate and intolerance, we must      our namesake, once wrote, “Hence we
not alone. There are others, like us,       all stand together. For every ounce        must say that the knowledge of any
who are also searching for truth.           of hate and intolerance, there is an       truth whatsoever man needs divine
                                            ounce of apathy. Apathy sustains the       help, that the intellect may be moved
    There are those, however, who           life-force of hate and intolerance. For    by God to its act.” When we are right
wish to show that our search for truth      every action of hate and intolerance,      by His Will, He will see us through it
is a futile act. Over the past years,       there is a reaction. Although              all and help us find the truth.
our university has witnessed acts           beneficial, reaction allows hate and
of hate and intolerance. These acts         intolerance to perpetrate its effect on        The search for truth is a great
range from racial discrimination to         others.                                    responsibility. It demands more of us
homophobia and religious epithets.                                                     than we at times demand of each other
Some of the perpetrators walk in plain          Therefore, we must become              and ourselves. It is a great testimony.
sight while others hide in the corners      proactive in our battle against hate       It testifies that we want better than
of cowardice. They think our search         and intolerance. First, we must            what hate and intolerance have to
for truth and belief in the goodness        realize that hate and intolerance are      offer; that no matter how heavy the
of humanity will blind us to their          not an individual problem. It is our       burden, we are willing to carry it. We
actions. In reality, they should know       problem as a law school and nation.        must declare to the world that we
that we are not blind. We are civil.        As a legal community and nation, we        will defeat hate and intolerance. We
Our search for truth maintains that we      must acknowledge that if hate and          must fearlessly continue our search
cannot treat our brother or sister, even    intolerance touches one, it touches        for truth. We are the University of St.
in fault, with a heavy hand. Although       all. We can no longer afford to allow      Thomas. We are the mission, vision
our hands may never touch them, they        its unfettered existence among us. In      and purpose. Our search for truth is
still cannot escape our wrath.              the words of Dr. Martin Luther King        not futile.
                                            Jr., “injustice anywhere is a threat to
   It is said, “The pen is mightier than    justice everywhere.” We must protect       Blessings,
the sword; the stroke of the tongue         our brothers and sisters. Our brothers
                                                                                       Christopher J. Clark
breaketh the bones.” Who, other             and sisters may be of another race,
than the lawyer, has a mightier pen         religion, sexual orientation, or station
or stronger tongue? Lawyers such as         in life. Nevertheless, they belong to

                                      Send us your ideas or submissions for the Style Pages!

                                                                                                  March 2009

THE STYLE PAGES                                          Opinions, Love Letters, and Legal Advice

From the Desk of Statler and Waldorf
    We would like to offer some
advice to our biking community.
    You may have forgotten what it
was like, but believe it or not, bike
riding weather will soon return to
the tundra. We know we have a
few that will be confused by this
idea of “return,” as they have con-
tinued to ride all winter. To them,
let us say, while we neither par-
ticipate nor endorse that, we are
    We have two bike racks in front
of the law school. We have asked
for more, but until that happens,
do the best you can to lock your
bike up without preventing some-        law school that we did not lose any   the video, there were several
one else from being able to extract     bikes, although some parts were       students in the area. A fairly clean
theirs.                                 taken. We apprehended the thief       cut looking male, walking down the
    These racks are for bicycles        in the act. Conversely, there were    sidewalk, casually reached down
only, but we will allow unicycles if    some bikes stolen from the rack       and picked the backpack up as
                                                                              he continued walking. A couple
“While we neither participate                                                 of people noticed, but it did not

nor endorse riding your bike in
                                                                              appear to register with them. The
                                                                              backpack owner did not notice un-

the winter, we are impressed.”                                                til the thief was long gone. Expe-
                                                                              rienced criminals know, “If you act
                                                                              like you belong, usually no one will
you are gifted enough. We have          under Schulze Hall.                   question you.”
another area for motor scooters.            We would ask that not only the         Even if you do not feel comfort-
    Please use a well made U-bolt       bike crowd, but also other stu-       able asking someone what they
lock to secure your bike to a rack.     dents and staff be aware of people    are doing by the bike rack or a
Keep in mind that some of the           around the bike racks. Only law       backpack on the lawn, just walking
older ones can be opened with a         school affiliate people should be      toward them or watching them is
ballpoint pen. While a cable lock       using these racks. If you don’t       often enough to scare them off for
may be useful as an additional          recognize someone please notify       the short term. Then tell us what
lock to secure your front tire; it is   us immediately.                       you observed.
not enough protection to serve as           This falls under the “be aware         Wearing a helmet is never
your primary lock. We have video        of your surroundings” category.       a bad idea either. You have all
of thick cable locks being cut in       For example, one of our students      invested a lot of money in your
forty seconds or less.                  had a backpack stolen from the        brains and it is always a good idea
    Last summer Minneapolis saw         law school lawn a couple of years     to protect your investments.
an increase in bike thefts down-        ago while he was playing catch
town. We were fortunate at the          with a Frisbee. When we reviewed

THE STYLE PAGES                                             Opinions, Love Letters, and Legal Advice

Legal Advice in the Future Tense:
What is your dream spring break location and with whom would
you like to travel there with?
Kellie Bigham

“Twins spring training   “London with my         “It’s a toss-up          “Well, it’s more of a    “On the Jersey Shore
in Fort Myers. I’d       family.”                between Australia        reality. I am going to   ripping Heinekens
like to go with pretty                           with Eleanor of          Europe and will be       and Jagerbombs with
much any Twins fans,     Joel Addington- 1L      Aquitaine and            spending St. Patty’s     my broskis.”
or my old college                                Cancun, Mexico with      Day in Dublin—with
roommates.”                                      Mighty Mouse.            Brandon Niles.”          Brian Marty- 2L
Al Heavens- 2L                                   Jonathon Schieb- 1L      Kory Kotrba- 3L

THE BRIEF:                                       A Monthly Publication of Awards,
                                                 Publications, and Recognition
Two From School of Law Earn Campus Wide Awards
Lifelong Learner Award recipient         the coursework,” read another            work on academic freedom and
Scott Swanson is director of             nomination. “The program also            academic ethics, Hamilton earned the
academic achievement in St. Thomas’      requires a 700-hour, uncompensated       Excellence in Professional Preparation
School of Law.                           counseling internship, which he          Award at the School of Law and
                                         completed at Hazelden Center for         served as associate dean for academic
The award recognizes a staff member      Youth and Families. Scott counseled      affairs from 2003 to 2005. Director
who has demonstrated a commitment        young addicts and alcoholics evenings    since 2005 of St. Thomas’ Holloran
to continuous learning, self-renewal     and weekends for nearly a year.”         Center for Ethical Leadership in the
and professional development that                                                 Professions, he’s also developed a
transcends the individual’s job          “I have no doubt that Scott will         successful law course on servant
responsibilities. Swanson will receive   continue to educate himself formally     leadership. Since he joined the St.
$2,500 in professional development       and informally,” said Dr. Thomas         Thomas faculty he has published a
funds, which he may use to fund future   Mengler, dean of the School of Law,      book, 16 articles or book chapters and
professional development activities      who called Swanson a “great role         more than 60 bimonthly columns on
or donate to a St. Thomas scholarship    model for our students.”                 journalism and professional ethics for
fund.                                                                             Minnesota Lawyer, the weekly that
                                         John Ireland Presidential                named him one of its Attorneys of the
His continued interest in psychology     Awards for Outstanding                   Year in 2002.
led him to complete a master’s           Achievement as Teacher-Scholar
degree in counseling psychology          will be presented to Professor Neil      Article excerpted from Bulletin Today
at St. Thomas. “Over a six-year          Hamilton                                 story March 6, 2009
period, usually taking one course
each semester, Scott completed           Nationally known for his scholarly
                                                                                                           March 2009

THE BRIEF: A Monthly Publication of Awards,
           Publications, and Recognition
                                                                                      at the Univ. of Pittsburgh School of
                                                                                      Law and on Feb. 20th, Hank and Don
                                                                                      Snede, a former CFO, made a joint
                                                                                      ethics presentation to more than 100
                                                                                      MBA students at Pitt’s Katz School
                                                                                      of Business. . . . Neil Hamilton will
                                                                                      receive one of the 2009 John Ireland
                                                                                      Presidential Awards for Outstanding
                                                                                      Achievement as a Teacher/Scholar
                                                                                      on March 13. He has also been
                                                                                      appointed to the National Advisory
                                                                                      Board of the Nelson Mullins Center
                                                                                      for Professionalism at the University
                                                                                      of South Carolina School of Law. . . .
                                                                                      Virgil Wiebe gave the talk, “Banning
                                                                                      Landmines and Cluster Bombs:
                                                                                      Pipe Dream or Realistic Vision?” at
                                                                                      the Sixth annual College of Social
                                                                                      and Behavioral Sciences advisory
 Faculty/Administration                     Rome, Italy, on “State Financing of       board lecture series at Minnesota
 Elizabeth Schiltz gave a talk entitled     Catholic Schools,” sponsored by the       State, Mankato. March 4. He was
 “The Dilemma Facing the Disability         Pontifical University Antonianum and       interviewed by KMSU and KTOE in
 Rights Movement: Abortion and              the Acton Institute, and did interviews   advance of the lecture. He also gave a
 Other Life and Death Decisions” at         with Zenit news service and Vatican       talk called “Mapping Mayhem: Using
 Yale Law School on Feb. 12, 2009.          Radio. . . . Gregory Sisk published an    Cartography for Advocacy Work on
 Her essay, “Living in the Shadow of        essay on the United States v. Navajo      Cluster Munitions” to Professor Jose
 Monchberg”, was recently translated        Nation case pending before the U.S.       Lopez’s Cultural Geography class. . .
 into Spanish and published as Vivir        Supreme Court, titled, “When May          . Susan Stabile recently received the
 bajo la sombra de Mönchberg, (Alicia       a Tribe Seek Damages from the             copies of her newly co-authorer book,
 Rivera, Inigo Barbancho and Roalia         Government for Breach of Trust.” The      Principles of Employment Law (West
 Baena trans.), 19 CUAD. BIOET. 595         essay was published in the American       2008).
 (2008). . . . Rob Vischer presented        Bar Association’s Preview of United
 his paper, Seeger’s Lessons for            States Supreme Court Cases, which         Staff
 Conscience, at a faculty colloquium        is designed primarily for lawyers,        In February, Ashley Bowes led
 at the University of Colorado Law          journalists, and public policymakers..    a discussion for the Minnesota
 School. He also participated in an         . . On January 21, Fr Reginald Whitt      Career Development Association
 ABA meeting in Boston regarding            gave the keynote address for Villanova    monthly roundtable on Multicultural
 the amendment of Rule 1.10 to              University law school’s observance of     Competency in Career Counseling.
 allow firms to use screens to avoid         a week in honor of Dr Martin Luther       She was also recently elected by the
 the imputation of a lawyer’s conflict       King Jr. Fr Whitt’s talk, entitled        Minnesota Legal Career Professionals
 of interest.. . . . Tom Berg helped        “With Righteousness in His Suitcase:      as NALP (National Association for
 organize a national group of religious     Reflections on the Ministry of Dr          Legal Career Professionals) Liaison
 liberty scholars to file an amicus brief    Martin Luther King, Jr.,” emphasized      for the 2008-2009 term.
 supporting Native American tribes’         the religious foundations of Dr
 petition for certiorari in Navajo Nation   King’s public service and of the Civil    About the Brief: The Brief is a
 v. U.S. Forest Service, a case about       Rights Movement from the African
 Native Americans’ ability to use the       American perspective. The text will       monthly publication of awards,
 Religious Freedom Restoration Act to       be published in an upcoming issue of      publications, and recognition at the
 challenge federal land-management          the Villanova Law Review. . . . On Feb.   University of St. Thomas School of
 decisions affecting their religious        19th, Hank Shea and Rich Juliano, a       Law. Submissions should be sent
 ceremonies and practices. He also was      former attorney and public official,       to
 a featured speaker at a conference in      made three joint ethics presentations
For the most complete list of events at the School of Law check and make sure to read “The Docket” online

Serve With Admissions Staff at Feed My Starving Children
   The 3rd annual Admissions Public Service Project will be at Feed My                    Mission Awards Lunch
Starving Children on March 16 from 12 noon to 2 p.m. We will be packing food              Schulze Grand Atrium
bundles to be sent around the world. Each adult volunteer packs approximately
$35-$40 worth of food during a session. Recently, Enrollment Services from                Thursday, March 19, 12:30 p.m.
the undergraduate campus volunteered and packed over 20,000 meals feeding                 R.S.V.P.:
over 65 kids for a whole year. RSVP We will be
carpooling from the law school and will need to leave at 11:30, returning by              Spring Break
2:30. In the RSVP, please let us know if you will need transportation. Students,          March 21 - March 29
this project will count toward your public service requirement!
                                                                                          Easter Break
Chief Judge Edith H. Jones on               Apostolic Nuncio, Permanent Ob-
                                                                                          Friday, April 10 - Monday, April
Judicial Review and Judicial                server of the Holy See to the UN.
Restraint                                      Wednesday, March 18, 7:30 P.M.             13
   The Minnesota Lawyers & UST                 O’Shaughnessy Educational Center
Law Chapters of the Federalist                 Auditorium on the University of St.        Evenings of Reflection for Men-
Society proudly present Judge                  Thomas St. Paul campus                     tors and Students
                                               R.S.V.P.: murphyinstit@stthomas.
Edith H. Jones from the U.S. Court                                                        (All Evenings of Reflection will
of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.                                                         be from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in MSL
  Tuesday, March 10. 12:30 p.m.                                                           242)
  LeJeune Board of Governors Con-           “Our National Challenge: A Blue-
  ference Room                              print for Restoring the Public
  Lunch provided.                           Trust”                                          The Spirituality of Work
  $15 for Practitioners, Free for Stu-         Columbia Law Professor John                  March 12
  dents                                     Coffee Jr., Professor Rakesh
  R.S.V.P.:            Khurana, Chief Judge William                    Living with Purpose: Recon-
                                            Chandler III, Delaware Court of                 necting with our Life Values
The Dirty Dozen: How Twelve                 Chancery, and UST Law Profes-                   March 18
Supreme Court Cases Radically               sor Lyman Johnson plus a distin-
Expanded Government and                     guished panel will speak. This is
                                                                                            Examining our Attitude Toward
Eroded Freedom                              a Medtronic Business and Law
   An examination of the 12                                                                 the Other
                                            Roundtable. We will apply for two
worst Supreme Court cases of the            CLE credits. Sponsored by the                   April 1
modern era from a libertarian-con-          Holloran Center and the Center for           for Catholic Social
servative perspective presented by          Ethical Business Cultures.                   Thought and St. Olaf Catholic
Robert Levy, Chairman of the Cato              Thursday, March 19, 4:00 - 6:30           Church. University of Santa Clara
Institute.                                     P.M.
                                                                                         Professor Andre Delbecq will ask
  Wednesday, March 11, 12:30 p.m.              Schulze Grand Atrium
                                               RSVP: For reservations or further
                                                                                         whether leaders today are so filled
  MSL 235
                                               information, please contact Mary          with hubris and pride that they’ve
                                               Edel-Joyce, 651-962-4920 or hol-          lost touch with reason and prin-
“A Muslim Catholic Dialogue on
                                                         ciple. Cost is $20 per person.
Faith and Reason” sponsored                                                                Thursday, April 2, 2009
by Terrence J. Murphy Institute                                                            For more information and registra-
                                            “If ‘Pride Goeth Before the Fall,’
   Speakers: Dr. Ibrahim Kalin,                                                            tion, email
                                            Are We At the Tipping Point?”
Assistant Professor, Georgetown                                                            RSVP TO: holloranctr@stthomas.
                                                Sponsored by the Holloran
University and Archbishop Migliore,                                                        edu
                                            Center, the John A. Ryan Institute

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