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Cellular Phone Policy - Delta Township


									                                        Delta Township
                                     Compiled Policy Manual

Title:                                Delta Township Cellular Phone Policy
Adoption Date:
Revision Date:
Internal Policy Effective Date:       October 1, 2008

General Purpose:        To comply with the Internal Revenue Service, the township has created a
policy to outline cellular telephone use, the record keeping of township cellular telephone logs,
and reimbursement to those employees who use cellular telephones for personal and business

Summary Statement of Policy:          The Internal Revenue Service states that cellular phones
provided to township employees are considered “listed property,” meaning they are items
obtained for use in a business but designated by the Internal Revenue Service as lending
themselves easily to personal use by employees. The Internal Revenue Service states that the
amount of time the cellular phone is used for personal use should be taxable, and included on the
employees W-2.

Actual Policy as written:

Equipment and Cell Phone Plans to Remain on Township Verizon Account:

Listed below are the equipment and cell phone plans that have been determined as necessary for
mission critical tasks. These positions will require that a cellular telephone be assigned for use.
These cellular telephones and equipment are intended for business use only. The cellular
telephones and equipment listed below will be managed and paid for by the township. The users
of these cellular phones and equipment are required to use them for business purposes only.
Personal use of these phones may result in disciplinary action from the Township Manager.

         Department      Phone Description                   Type of Equipment
                         Parks Maintenance Supervisor        Standard
                         Cemetery Supervisor                 Standard
                         Janitor                             Standard
                         Parks Maintenance Crew leader       Standard
                         Fire 135a                           Standard
                         Eng 1                               Standard
                         Fire 133a                           Standard
                         Fire 134a                           Standard
                         Fire 132a                           Standard
                         Fire 131a                           Standard
                         Fire Oic-1                         Standard
                         Fire Oic-3                         Standard
                         Fire Eng-3                         Standard
                         Fire Dept AC                       Air card
                         Fire Dept AC                       Air card
                         Fire Dept AC                       Air card
                         Fire Dept AC                       Air card
                         Fire Dept AC                       Air card
                         Fire Dept AC                       Air card
                         Fire Dept AC                       Air card
                         Weigh Master                       Standard
                         Miss Dig                           Blackberry
                         Utility Dept                       Standard
                         Meter Repair                       Blackberry
                         Utility AC-1                       Air card
                         Utility AC-2                       Air card
                         Utility AC-3                       Air card
                         Election – 13 phones               Pay per minute

Pre-Determined Reimbursement Rate:

The positions listed in the following table will receive reimbursement for use of their personal
cellular telephones at a specific rate. Plan types and pre-determined reimbursement amounts are
determined by using pricing quotes from Verizon Wireless as our current cellular phone
provider. Those positions that are reimbursed for blackberry phones will be setup on the
township Blackberry Enterprise Server and will also be required to carry insurance on their plan.

Those positions with standard phones are not required to carry insurance but will be responsible
for replacing all broken equipment at the employees’ expense. Blackberry users will be given a
$100.00 equipment reimbursement every two years when the employee upgrades their phone.

While the employee can choose their own provider, the rates listed below will be used in all
cases for reimbursement. If an employee wishes to use a carrier other than Verizon the
employee will not be eligible for additional reimbursement beyond their positions pre-
determined monthly rate. Pre-determined reimbursement will be reported as income on the
employee’s W-2 Form submitted to the Internal Revenue Service.
Department             Township Position               Type of Equipment    Monthly Rate
              Accounting Director                     Standard Phone                $25.00
                 No Assessing Department Employees will be Reimbursed
              Code Enforcement/Electrical Inspector   Standard Phone                $25.00
              Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector           Blackberry                    $85.00
              Electrical Inspector                    Standard Phone                $25.00
              Building Inspector                      Standard Phone                $25.00
              Building Dept Director                  Standard Phone                $25.00
              Code Enforcement                        Standard Phone                $25.00
              Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector           Standard Phone                $25.00
              Township Clerk                          Standard Phone                $25.00
              Engineering Director                    Standard Phone                $25.00
              Construction Inspector                  Standard Phone                $25.00
              Engineering Technician                  Standard Phone                $25.00
              Fire Inspector                          Standard Phone                $25.00
              Deputy Chief of Safety & Training       Standard Phone                $25.00
              Deputy Chief of Operations              Standard Phone                $25.00
              Fire Chief                              Standard Phone                $25.00
              GIS / IT Administrator                  Blackberry                    $85.00
              IT Technician                           Blackberry                    $85.00
              Township Manager                        Blackberry                    $85.00
              Assistant Township Manager              Standard Phone                $25.00
              Parks Dept Director                     Standard Phone                $25.00
                  No Planning Department Employees will be Reimbursed
                   No Sheriff Department Employees will be Reimbursed
              Utility Dept Director                   Blackberry                    $85.00
              Deputy Utility Dept Director            Blackberry                    $85.00
              System Controls Technician              Blackberry                    $85.00
              Collection System Supervisor            Blackberry                    $85.00
              Operations Supervisor                   Blackberry                    $85.00
              Water Quality Supervisor                Standard Phone                $25.00
              Water System Supervisor                 Standard Phone                $25.00
              Water Construction Foreman              Standard Phone                $25.00
              Maintenance Supervisor                  Standard Phone                $25.00
Proof of Cellular Contract:

All employees receiving a pre-determined reimbursement must submit a photo copy of their first
cell phone bill to the township, showing the phone number and features of the account.

Use of Cellular Phone While Driving:

In the interest of the safety of our employees, the public and other drivers, the township requires
employees to comply with all applicable laws while driving.

Plan Subject to Change:

The cellular phone policy is subject to change as technologies and the requirement of the
township change over time.

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