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									BlackBerry Curve 8520 Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8520 Mobile , previously known as the BlackBerry Gemini. It offers a good form factor, solid but average specs and the wonderful QWERTY Keypad. The Blackberry curve 8520 indicates that it has Wi-Fi, but on the cellular networks you’ll be putzing along with EDGE in lieu of 3G. Blackberry 8520 Mobile is having unique feature is the optical “trackball,” replacing the analog one we’ve come to know and love. The Blackberry 8900 curve is officially announced. This new Blackberry Curve 8520 follows the traditional Blackberry layout: the 3.4” screen sits above a full QWERTY keyboard, two convenience keys adorn either side and a simplistic back with the 2 mega pixel camera at the top. Unofficially Blackberry Curve 8520 having 4.25”x2.3”x0.5”, which makes it even smaller than the dainty Curve 8900, and we’d guess the weight is about the same, if not a touch lighter. The Blackberry curve 8520 screen is unfortunately only 320x240, a noticeable downgrade. But it is still sharp and crisp though, and QVGA isn’t exactly poor. For an entry level unit it’s more than acceptable.

There is an undeniable plastic feel to this new Blackberry Curve 8520, though it doesn’t go so far as to feel cheep. The sides of the phone, and top and bottom of the back, all are finished in soft touch paint which gives it just a bit of grip and a good feel.
Blackberry Curve 8520 Features:
Blackberry Curve 8520 comes with a 2.64 inch 320×240 pixel screen displays over 65,000 colors . BlackBerry OS 2.0MP Digital Camera with video Camera Capabilities 256MB Flash Memory Wi-Fi,Bluetooth with A2DP Blackberry email and instant messaging. Multimedia Player Wireless Email Organizer Excellent full function web browser SMS/MMS Offers 4.5 hours regular talk time and 17 days standby time . Media player and Radio Access to Blackberry app world and social network

The design may not be quite as high class as the flagship Storm, but it does not give the BlackBerry Curve 8520 away as an entry level device. The balance and weight of

Blackberry Curve8520 is good, leading to a good in-hand feel. The optical trackpad of Blackberry 8900 gives it a unique twist. The display may not be able to match others, but its plenty good and don’t feel that it detracts from the overall design. Blackberry Cure 8520 is available in India now at Rs. 18600 onwards. To Buy Blackberry Curve 8520 in Bangalore at best price Call at 9740111822 Or Log on to

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