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					               JOINING US IN KM
You are a powerful and important force in your daughter’s education. Many times
parents wonder how they can help with or participate in classroom activities. Now that
we have spent time together building our rituals and routines we are getting ready to
have visitors enter into our world. Because I have already asked for a monthly
commitment from each family for “First Fridays,” I like to keep our other options flexible
and totally optional. Our favorite type of guest is Mystery Reader! Mrs. Jacoby, Dr.
Sands and Mrs. Levin have been mystery readers this year. You just contact me with
some dates that are good for you to surprise the girls, including your daughter, and read
us a story. I can help you choose one that connects to our curriculum if you like. If there
is a special project, like our bedazzled scarecrow, that you would like to try, let me know
and we can see if we can fit it in our schedule. Here are some other ideas for
participating in KM:

Leading is us in a service project
Joining us on a visit with our partner Kindergarten from the Willow Grove Campus
Coming to eat lunch with us
Making a batch of playdough for us at home and bringing it to us - I have recipes
Sharing a talent that relates to what we are learning about
Something amazing that you think of!


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