5.6 Boston Tea Party by huanghengdong


									 5.6 ~ The Tea Act &
The Boston Tea Party

Turn to Page 70 in your History Book
 Turn to Page L31 & R32 in your IN
        5 minute video clip
Introduction to the Boston Tea Party
The Boston Tea Party

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Mohawk Indian
Mohawk Indian
Mohawk Indian
          It’s a Tea Party!
        (Get to know the text
Directions: Each person will receive a card with a
sentence from the book. The class will stand in two
lines facing each other. Each person will have the
opportunity to introduce themselves and their text to
another person in the class. You will continue this
until everyone has had an opportunity to meet
EXAMPLE: “Hi, my name is Gertrude Smith
and…Britain’s anger over the Boston Tea Party led to
Parliament to pass a new series of laws in 1774.”
        Outline Notes (L31)
          Pg. 70 in Book

I. The Boston Tea Party
  a. The repeal of the Townshend Acts lead to a
     period of calm.
  b. The small tax on tea didn’t bother Loyalists.
  c. The new tax on tea called the Tea tax caused
     problems, including the Boston Tea Party.
               Outline Notes (L31)
                 Pg. 70 in Book
II. The Tea Act
    a. The British East India Company was losing
    money b/c ppl. Weren’t buying tea from them.
     1. They had to sell 17 million pounds of tea or
    would go broke.
    b. The Tea Act lowered the price of tea.
      1. The company now has control of tea prices.
c. Colonists are still upset b/c British are trying to
    control the colonists.
              Outline Notes (L31)
                Pg. 70 in Book
III. The Tea Ships Arrive
    a. Angry protesters stopped the ships from
    b. Governor of Boston orders 3 tea ships to stay
    and unload.
]   c. Patriots (50 Sons of Liberty) dress as Mohawk
    Indians and dump tea into harbor.
    d. colonists celebrated this as the Boston Tea
    The Sons of Liberty

Tar & Feathering
      Acrostic Poem (R32)
       Boston Tea Party
• Directions: Sketch and cut out a tea
    bag from the white piece of paper.
•   After you have cut out the tea bag,
    create an Acrostic poem with the words
    “Boston Tea Party” on it. Staple the tea
    bag on R32.

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