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									D A L E W. H A R R IS O N 832/413-3253

Senior Management Executive

Expertise in Biotechnology and Information Systems

Executive Profile Entrepreneurial-oriented executive with more than 20 years of experience managing high technology businesses across diverse markets and working in international environments. Turnaround and Restructuring expert with proven track record of successfully restructuring a company’s organizational infrastructure, product lines, technologies, processes and sales & marketing strategies to maximize performance. Willing to take on high-risk challenges and high-profile executive roles; to make high-stakes decisions and overcome complex business challenges. Strategic and creative thinker skilled at aligning technical efforts with business goals; adept at identifying and developing innovative opportunities.


Excellent problem-solving and planning skills with experience spanning a wide variety of disciplines and technologies.
 Turnarounds / Restructuring  Mergers and Operational Integration  Strategic / Tactical Planning  Budgeting, Pricing & Cost Control  P&L Management  Project & Operations Management  Multi-Site & International Operations  Strategic Sales & Marketing Planning

Areas of Expertise

 Cross-Media Advertising & Marketing  Product & Brand Strategy  New Product & Service Launch  E-Commerce & E-Procurement  IT Operations Management  Software Development & Management  Web and Online Systems Design  Statistical Data Mining & Analysis  Robot & Instrumentation Design

Professional Experience

 Business Development

Operon Biotechnology, Inc.,

Huntsville, AL

Merger & Integration Manager, Q4 2007 – Q2 2008 Vice President—Sales & Marketing, 2007 – 2008
Unit Revenue: $24M Budget: $2.5M Team: 27

$50M global biotech manufacturer of Synthetic DNA (oligonucleotides), siRNA, Genetic Micro-Arrays and Genetic Sequencing services with production facilities in North America, Europe, India and Asia. Restructured and managed the western hemisphere Sales & Marketing operations post-merger (MWG Biotech). Tasked with the successful re-launch of the merged entity in Q3-2008.
 Sales Team—Merged and expanded (by 3x) the two company’s sales teams resulting in 15-person multi-national Sales Team. Developed new Sales Compensation and Bonus structures.  Marketing Team—Created a 5-person Marketing Team and developed a marketing schedule tied directly to new Sales Lead Generation and Online Direct Marketing strategies.  Product Portfolio—Merged and re-branded the two product portfolios and pricing strategies.  Corporate Branding—Re-branded and launched the combined Product Portfolio and Web Site under new Corporate Identity.  Advertising Campaigns—Developed and launched a series of innovative cross-media campaigns integrating email, micro-sites, banner and search ads with traditional print and direct mail.  Distributor Relationship—Established major distributor relationship, integrating it with internal Sales processes and Marketing campaigns. Established and staffed Channel Manager position to oversee the relationship.
Dale Wade Harrison

 email:  web:  phone: 832-413-3253


D A L E W. H A R R IS O N
Professional Experience 832/413-3253

Senior Management Executive

Expertise in Biotechnology and Information Systems

MWG Biotechnology, Inc.,
President, 2005 – 2008
Unit Revenue: $7M Team: 65

High Point, NC

$30M global biotech manufacturer of Synthetic DNA (oligonucleotides), Genetic Micro-Arrays, Laboratory Robotics and Genetic Sequencing services with production facilities in North America, Europe and India. Hired to restructure MWG’s troubled North American Business Unit which had lost $5M per year in each of the previous 7 years with a cumulative loss of $35.5M on total revenue of $120M. Developed a 100-day restructuring plan which involved:


 Organizational Restructuring—Eliminated redundant departments and product lines, reducing staff by 50%.

Established competitive severance packages to ease employees’ transitions.
 Product Portfolio Re-Alignment—Phased out two product lines; focused organization on its core

strengths: oligo synthesis and genetic sequencing.
 New Management Team—Identified, hired and mentored new leadership in Sales, Customer Service,

Operations, and Finance & Accounting.
 Sales & Marketing Strategic Plan—Defined new Sales processes and refocused Sales Team on the new reduced

product portfolio. Established innovative and aggressive Marketing programs to bring brand awareness back into the marketplace
 New External Partnerships— Negotiated major distributor partnerships enabling MWG to offer specialty products

(e.g., Large Scale Oligos and Next-Gen 454-based Sequencing Services).

The company generated its first monthly profit at the end of the restructuring period and experienced 400% growth in Genetic Sequencing services over the next two years. Recommended a strategic merger with a competitor.

Integration Manager, 2007/Q4 – 2008/Q2

MWG merged with Operon in 2007 to gain sufficient production volume to achieve economies of scale and cost savings. Planned and executed the relocation of operations to Alabama, the orderly shutdown and decommissioning of the MWG facility in North Carolina, and the integration of the two companies.

Dale Wade Harrison

 email:  web:  phone: 832-413-3253


D A L E W. H A R R IS O N
Professional Experience 832/413-3253

Senior Management Executive

Expertise in Biotechnology and Information Systems

Sigma-Genosys, Inc.,
Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer,
Unit Revenue: $52M

Houston, TX 2002 – 2004 1999 – 2002
Team: 27

Budget: $3.5M

High-growth, $50M biotech manufacturer of synthetic DNA (oligonucleotides), synthetic proteins (peptides) and gene-array products with production facilities in North America, Europe, Australia, India and Asia. Managed worldwide information, telecommunications and technology activities. Led development and operation of network and desktop infrastructure, e-commerce and web platforms, software development activities, bioinformatics systems and manufacturing production systems controlling the production lines. Managed the engineering development of robotic platforms, the design of DNA and peptide synthesizers, gene-array spotting systems and the laboratory automation platforms.


Aegis Development, Inc.,

Houston, TX

President & Founder, 1985 – 1999

Technology development and consulting group marketing project services to Fortune 500 companies including Exxon, Texaco, Shell Oil, Texas Instruments, Compaq Computer, Prudential Insurance and Engelhard Corporation. Lead marketing, account management, project planning and management, system design and the development activities of a team of 5 to 10 senior engineers and software developers. Major projects included designing and developing the Gasoline Trading system for Shell Oil, an AI-based Air Emission Modeling platform for Exxon, a global ISO-9000 Document Tracking System for Coca-Cola, and an AI-based manufacturing control system for Engelhard’s catalyst blending operation. The company also developed and marketed, on a national basis, corporate training programs focused on transitioning a corporate mainframe developer to network-based client-server development.

Francis Bitter National Magnet Lab - MIT,
Visiting Scientist, 1981 – 1982

Cambridge, MA

Introduced high-pressure apparatus and techniques into applied superconductivity lab. Los Alamos National Laboratory,
Research Associate, 1980 – 1981
Los Alamos, NM

Conducted experimental high-pressure/low-temperature superconductivity research. This work resulted in two Physical Review Letters and numerous other peer-reviewed published works.

Undergraduate – Postgraduate –
Dale Wade Harrison

Physics, University of Houston Physics & Economics, University of Houston
 email:  web:  phone: 832-413-3253


D A L E W. H A R R IS O N
Professional Affiliations 832/413-3253

Senior Management Executive

Expertise in Biotechnology and Information Systems

Borland International Developers Conference – 1993 & 1994 Advisory Board member Houston Community College Computer Science Curriculum Advisory Board member – 1994-1999 American Physical Society (APS) American Mathematical Society (AMS) Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Mathematical Association of America (MAA)


Conference lecturer and writer at several professional conferences. Publications & Conference Presentations Relational Data Modeling 4th Annual Borland International Conference, 1993. PAL Application Development, HAL-PC Developer Conference, January 1993. Articles in Paradox Developer’s Journal: Migrating From PAL 4.0 to OPAL, April 1993. Rules of Data Normalization, 1992. Paradox Query Performance, 1991. Many-to-Many Data Relationships, 1991. Designing Table Structures with Entity-Relationship Diagrams,1991. Anomalous Superconducting Properties of (Tin, Europium) Molybdenum Sulfide at High Pressures and High Magnetic Field, Physical Review Letters, July 1982. Magnetic-field-induced Superconductivity, Physical Review B, February 1, 1982. Magnetic Field Induced Superconductivity, 27th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, November 1981. Anomalous High Magnetic Field Behavior of Tinx Europium1-x Molybdenum6 Sulfide8: Field Induced Superconductivity?, 27th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, November 1981. Study of Europium1.2 Molybdenum6Sulfur8 Under High Pressure and High Magnetic Field, 16th Low Temperature Physics Conference, August 1981. Study of (SuxEu1-x)yMo6S8 under High Pressure and High Field, Phoenix Meeting of the American Physical Society, March 1981. Observation of the Transition from Semiconductor to High-Tc Superconductor in (SuxEu1-x)yMo6S8 Under High Pressure, Physical Review Letters, January 26, 1981. Pressure-Induced Superconductivity in (Su,Eu)yMo6S8, 26th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, November 1980.

Dale Wade Harrison

 email:  web:  phone: 832-413-3253


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