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					               CompTIA 220-602
CompTIA 220-602 Exam (IT Technician designation pathway)

                        10 Q&A

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                                                                                               -2- Q: 1 There is something wrong with the internal power supply
fan and it fails to function normally, which causes overheating. Which of the
following procedure will be helpful?

A. Set up additional case fans for extra cooling of the power supply.
B. Open the power supply and see whether the power supply fan can be replaced.
C. Open the power supply and visually inspect for faulty wiring to the power supply
D. Replace the power supply and discard the power supply correctly.

Answer: D Q: 2 The "No operating system found" error can be attributed
to a number of issues. Choose the option that is FALSE.

A.   No operating system was installed.
B.   There are corrupt boot files.
C.   A device in SYSTEM.INI cannot be found.
D.   The boot sector is corrupt.

Answer: C Q: 3 Which of the following commands would you enter at the
command prompt in Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 when you want to
defragment the C drive?


Answer: A

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                                                                                              -3- Q: 4 An integrated development environment (IDE) is a
software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer
programmers for software development. So as to successfully add an
additional IDE hard drive, which procedure will be helpful for that?

A. Set the jumpers to SCSI ID Zero.
B. Set the jumper on primary hard drive as slave and the jumper on secondary hard
drive as master.
C. Set the jumper on primary hard drive as cable select and leave the jumper on
secondary hard drive set to factory default.
D. Set the jumper on primary hard drive as master and the jumper on secondary hard
drive as slave.

Answer: D Q: 5 On an NTFS volume, which of the following can be used
to control the amount of disk space network users can consume?

A.   Disk Cleanup
B.   Security Center
C.   Disk Quotas
D.   Disk Defragmenter

Answer: C Q: 6 In addition to a primary IDE hard drive configured as
master, an IDE CD-ROM drive is being installed by a technician. There are no
additional installed drives any more in the computer. What is the
most appropriate installation setting for the CD-ROM drive?

A.   secondary controller, slave
B.   secondary controller, master
C.   primary controller, slave
D.   primary controller, cable select

Answer: B

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                                                                                               -4- Q: 7 A computer has two hard drives that are
assigned the drive letters C and D respectively. Windows XP Professional and
several disk intensive applications are installed on the C drive.
When the disk intensive applications are run, the computer performs slowly.
What can the technician do to improve performance?

A.   Defragment drive C.
B.   Convert drive C to NTFS.
C.   Move the Windows swap file to drive D.
D.   Re-install Windows XP Professional on drive D.

Answer: C Q: 8 There is something wrong with the network printer and
it fails to print correctly. After a series of tests, it turns out that all cables are
properly attached, the IP settings are correct, and what's more,
the PING to the network's gateway is available from a computer but not from the
printer's IP address. What is most probably to be of the problem?

A.   The printer needs a new maintenance kit.
B.   The network interface card (NIC) is faulty.
C.   The printer memory is full.
D.   The printer is not enabled in the computer's BIOS.

Answer: B Q: 9 Of the following options, which one is the only RAID
level that uses disk mirroring?

A.   RAID-0
B.   RAID-5
C.   RAID-3
D.   RAID-1

Answer: D

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                                                                                               -5- Q: 10 IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
is one of the leading standards-making organizations in the world. Refer to the
following IEEE standards, which one is applicable to transmit
data in parallel?

A.   IEEE 1394
B.   IEEE 802.3
C.   IEEE 802.11
D.   IEEE 1284

Answer: D

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