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The G4S Work Programme in North East Yorkshire and The Humber by zhangyun


									The G4S Work Programme in
North East Yorkshire and
The Humber


Page 1   The G4S Work Programme

Page 2   The G4S Work Programme Delivery Model

Page 3   Who Will Deliver the G4S Work Programme in North East
         Yorkshire and The Humber?

Page 5   Our Work Programme Strategy in North East Yorkshire and
         The Humber

Page 6   Meeting Customer Needs in North East Yorkshire and The

Page 7   G4S Work Programme in North Yorkshire and The Humber

Page 8   G4S in North East Yorkshire and The Humber

Page 9   G4S’s Commitment to the Customer

The G4S Work Programme
Background: the Work Programme
The Work Programme is the Coalition Government's                 South East – Kent, Surrey and Sussex
flagship initiative to support tens of thousands of people       Yorkshire and The Humber – West Yorkshire
into secure and lasting employment. The Work
Programme was procured through a Framework                       Yorkshire and The Humber – South Yorkshire
Agreement followed by contract Lot tender. G4S was               Yorkshire and The Humber – North East
successfully placed on the Employment Related Services            Yorkshire and The Humber
Framework in seven regions the maximum number any
single organisation was allowed to be on.                    Our Vision
G4S Welfare to Work recently submitted tenders to            G4S is looking to deliver this programme of
deliver the Work Programme across the seven regions:         employability support through a network of
                                                             organisations providing high-quality services that will
     East Midlands
                                                             enable Customers to secure, and sustain, employment.
     London East
                                                             Most of the services needed to support workless people
     North East                                             back into meaningful and progressive employment in the
                                                             UK already exist. What is missing is an effective structure
     North West – Cumbria and Lancashire,
                                                             for managing and co-ordinating this provision. G4S has
      Merseyside and Halton
                                                             the experience, capability and vision to do this.
     North West – Greater Manchester and
                                                             We believe the Work Programme represents a unique
                                                             opportunity to transform lives and communities across
     Scotland                                               the UK; an opportunity not only to support tens of
     South East – Hampshire, Isle of Wight and the          thousands of people into secure and lasting
      Thames Valley                                          employment, but to make enormous inroads into
                                                             eradicating child poverty and kick-starting social mobility.

                       G4S’s 10 Core Objectives for the Work Programme

        1.       Offer appropriate support to every Customer
        2.       Deliver on our Commitment to the Customer
        3.       Maximise Customer Satisfaction
        4.       Ensure the well-being and diversity of our Supply Chain
        5.       Maximise Stakeholder Satisfaction
        6.       Maximise Employer Satisfaction
        7.       Exceed all targets for securing jobs
        8.       Exceed all targets for sustaining Customers in jobs
        9.       Achieve parity of outcomes across all demographic groups
        10.      Meet all contractual and evidence requirements

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The G4S Work Programme Delivery Model
Job Brokers
Job brokerage is necessary for finding an individual         G4S knows that if we are to move more people into
employment. It encompasses activities such as:               sustainable jobs, then we must effectively provide this
                                                             additional specialist support. We will do this by directly
     Identifying realistic job goals
                                                             funding a Knowledge Bank of hundreds of local and
     Building motivation and confidence
                                                             national specialists.
     CV-writing
                                                             In Work Partners
     Application form-filling
     In-work benefit calculations                           G4S recognises that while Job Brokers are very good at
                                                             helping an individual to find and sustain work up to 13
     Interview skills practice
                                                             or 26 weeks, they have very little experience in helping
     Sourcing vacancies & cold-calling employers            individuals stay in work past this time. We know that
G4S will subcontract all frontline job brokerage to the      many individuals will require additional in-work support,
best Job Brokers currently delivering in the UK. These       provided by specialist organisations to sustain and
Job Brokers will be from the public, private and             progress in work over many years. The type of support
voluntary sectors. Job Brokers will be responsible for in-   will vary according to individual needs but may include:
work support over the first six months of employment.            Career advice, life coaching and mentoring
Knowledge Bank                                                   Occupational health services

While job brokerage is necessary for an individual to find       In-work training and skills development
a job, it is not sufficient. Many people will require            Mediation with employers
additional specialist support to secure employment. This     If we are going to help individuals sustain employment,
intervention will vary between clients and geographies       we need organisations in our supply chain of a different
but might include:                                           kind than currently deliver in this space. We will
     English language and vocational training               subcontract to In Work Partners who have experience
     Debt and housing advice                                of working with individuals over long periods of time.
                                                             These In Work Partners will help to support individuals
     Health and disability support.
                                                             to sustain and progress within their new careers.

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Who Will Deliver the G4S Work Programme in
North East Yorkshire and The Humber?
G4S has created a unique model delivered by
a supply chain of specialist organisations in
North East Yorkshire and The Humber that
will transform the delivery of welfare-to-
work services here, supporting more people
than ever before into sustained employment.
We have selected top-performing Job Brokers and In
Work Partners from the public, private and voluntary
sectors to deliver the G4S journey to all Customers in
North East Yorkshire and The Humber. These are:
     Pertemps
     Inspire to Independence
     City Works
     East Riding Council                                    Referral and initial engagement: for most Customers, the
     SOVA                                                   G4S journey will begin at their Jobcentre Plus referral
                                                             interview. Wherever possible, a Personal Advisor from
The G4S customer journey does not end once in                one of our Job Brokers will be present at the Customers
employment. G4S subcontracts Job Brokers Pertemps,           local jobcentre to conduct a three way ‘warm handover’.
Inspire to Independence, SOVA and specialist In Work         Either face-to-face, via video-conference or by phone,
Partner Renovo to deliver additional in-work services –      the Job Broker’s Personal Advisor will introduce
such as career advice, life coaching, occupational health,   themselves, put the Customer at ease and explain what
mentoring, skills development and crisis intervention –      the Work Programme is. During this first ‘two way’
to all Customers in North East Yorkshire and The             discussion, the Customer and Advisor will agree an initial
Humber for up to 2 years. Renovo offer an innovative         Action Plan that includes as a minimum:
online/telephone 24/7 ‘Workfriend’ mentor.
                                                                 A job goal
Many Customers in North East Yorkshire and The
Humber require additional services to address specific           First step actions to be completed by next
needs and barriers to progress their journey towards              meeting
sustained employment. Appropriate additional specialist          A confirmed date for the next meeting
services are delivered by the G4S-funded Knowledge
Bank in North East Yorkshire and The Humber of 92            Each Customer will have a second engagement with
organisations to meet these specific needs and barriers,     their Job Broker within 2 weeks of initial referral. Each
including those under consortia.                             Customer will receive an induction including:

Every Customer’s journey will be monitored through               A group or 1:1 Q&A with a Personal Advisor
our industry-leading case management system, ISIS                A clear explanation of their             rights   and
(Informatics System for Individual Support). ISIS will be         responsibilities on the programme
used by all subcontractors and G4S staff to record and
                                                                 Details of the Job Broker’s and G4S’s complaints
drive each Customer’s unique journey, including
Knowledge      Bank    usage,    interviews    attended,
employment undertaken and monitoring every
Customer’s journey consistently and in real-time.

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This will be followed by a 1:1 discussion with their          successfully start work, and remain and progress in work.
named Personal Advisor to agree the focal point for           For the first 13 or 26 weeks of employment, dependent
their journey – a Realistic Job Goal. Customers who           on Customer Group, every Customer will be supported
identify self-employment as their Realistic Job Goal will     by their Personal Advisor.
be referred to a self-employment specialist in the
Knowledge Bank.
                                                              The G4S customer journey will not end once
                                                              in employment.
                                                              G4S Job Brokers will support Customers during their
                                                              first 13 or 26 weeks of employment. After 13 or 26
                                                              weeks in employment, either the Job Broker or a
                                                              specialist In Work Partner will support each Customer
                                                              to maximise their chances of sustaining and progressing
                                                              in work. Customers will be able to access a range of in-
                                                              work support through our In Work Partners, including
                                                              mentoring and crisis intervention, to resolve any issues
                                                              which arise during employment.

Ongoing needs assessment: diagnostics will be used to
identify those needs which are preventing an individual
from securing sustained employment. This process will
begin at the follow up meeting, where the Advisor will
identify specific work-related barriers faced by the
Customer, including:
     Communication/language difficulties
     Mental/physical health issues
     Childcare or other caring responsibilities
     Travel constraints
Job Brokers will use diagnostic agencies from the
Knowledge Bank to identify the specific needs and
barriers of individuals. These needs are then addressed
through in-house actions, or by specific Knowledge Bank
agencies. When a Customer is offered a job, they will be
immediately booked into a pre-work engagement
session. Their Personal Advisor will support them with
applying for in-work benefits such as tax credits and
housing benefit run-on.
Advisor and Customer will create an In-Work
Action/Contact Plan outlining the activities that each will
undertake in order to ensure that the Customer can

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Our Work Programme Strategy in North East
Yorkshire and The Humber
G4S’s delivery model is designed to support                 G4S has sourced organisations to provide services to
more people into sustained employment in                    meet the broad range of Customer needs and barriers
North East Yorkshire and The Humber than                    in North East Yorkshire and The Humber, including
                                                            people with disabilities, lone parents and Customers
any other model.                                            with mental health needs.
 G4S will manage an entirely subcontracted                  G4S will evolve the Knowledge Bank based on
delivery model in North East Yorkshire and The              performance information generated by our
Humber.                                                     Informatics System for Individual Support (ISIS).
G4S is the world’s leading supply chain manager and is      G4S will learn what provision is effective and what is
best placed to select, manage and coordinate a network      not, and will use this information to continuously
of existing welfare-to-work organisations. A pure Prime     improve our delivery model and supply chain to support
Contractor approach takes away conflicts of interest that   people more effectively. The Knowledge Bank will
inevitably arise when an organisation is both deliverer     change in response to changing Customer needs,
and contractor.                                             employer demand and regional demographics. ISIS will
 G4S will subcontract job brokerage services to            identify the unmet needs of Customers enabling us to
the very best local and national Job Brokers                augment the range of services offered in the Knowledge
delivering in North East Yorkshire and The Humber.          Bank to meet those needs going forward.

G4S knows that only organisations with the experience,       G4S will subcontract Job Brokers and specialist In
skills and expertise of meeting the needs of all Customer   Work Partners to deliver in-work support to
Groups in North East Yorkshire and The Humber,              individuals who have successfully reached 13 or 26
including those hardest-to-help, can support them into      weeks employment.
sustained employment. G4S has carefully selected the        Many Customers will require additional support and
best Job Brokers to deliver in North East Yorkshire and     expertise to stay in work past their first few months of
The Humber, regardless of size and sector.                  employment. Some Customers are trapped in a ‘low-
 G4S has ensured wide representation of                    pay, no-pay’ cycle that can only be broken through
voluntary sector organisations to provide job broking       rigorous, tailored in-work support. G4S has selected the
services in North East Yorkshire and The Humber.            best organisations to deliver this service, rather than
                                                            assuming the organisation who helped the person find
Voluntary organisations have a high level of expertise in
                                                            work is the best to help them sustain it.
addressing local Customer needs. They often form part
of a wide inter-connected network of organisations that      G4S will make thousands of regional and national
addresses Customer needs holistically.                      G4S and corporate partner vacancies available for
                                                            Customers through our Job Brokers.
 G4S will directly fund a Knowledge Bank of
organisations    to   deliver  additional  expert           This streamlined access to vacancies will increase
interventions to meet Customer needs in North East          Customer’s chances of securing a job. No delivery
Yorkshire and The Humber.                                   model in the history of UK welfare-to-work brings as
                                                            many confirmed jobs as G4S, our subcontractors and
Additional specialist interventions are often needed to
                                                            our corporate partners. Customers have fast-track
place Customers furthest from the labour market into
                                                            access to job vacancies in North East Yorkshire and The
lasting employment.
                                                            Humber including meter-reading for British Gas and
                                                            security services for Morrison’s.

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Meeting Customer needs in North East
Yorkshire and The Humber
G4S will deliver the Work Programme in North East            Customers living in rural areas: One of the main delivery
Yorkshire and The Humber through almost 100                  challenges across North Yorkshire, North Yorkshire
organisations working from over 300 key delivery             Coast and East Riding is the vast rural geography which
locations across the entire geography of North East          dangers isolating Customers in more remote towns and
Yorkshire and The Humber (71 Job Broker and In Work          villages. For example, North Yorkshire alone is 8,654km2
Partner sites and 232 Knowledge Bank sites). G4S has         – 3,405km2 comprising the North Yorkshire Moors and
developed a supply chain that guarantees that no             Yorkshire Dales. 4 of G4S’s 5 Job Brokers in North East
Customer is ever more than 30 minutes away from a            Yorkshire and The Humber deliver from 56 delivery
Job Broker or outreach site. In addition to this             premises across these more rural areas to ensure that
comprehensive network of sites, G4S and our supply           every Customer will be able to attend a face-to-face
chain will ensure that the full range of provision is        appointment.
delivered across the CPA.
                                                             Customers requiring childcare/parenting support: There
G4S has selected a supply chain with a spread of             are a higher proportion of lone parents in Hull (2.7%)
delivery sites across the region proportional to the         than both regional and national averages. G4S will
anticipated number of referrals, whilst ensuring that        ensure that all Job Brokers are aware of their
every Customer will have access to the full range of         responsibility to cover the cost of childcare for all lone
provision. G4S has further verified that our delivery        parents in North East Yorkshire and The Humber.
model provides full geographical coverage through:
                                                             Customers under 25: There are a high proportion of
testing our delivery model with key strategic partners in
                                                             JSA 18-24 claimants in North Lincolnshire (31.1%) and
the region including Skills Funding Agency; sense-
                                                             North East Lincolnshire (30.8%) compared with other
checking our delivery map with key members of our
                                                             areas in North East Yorkshire and The Humber, such as
supply chain; correlating our delivery premises with
                                                             North Yorkshire (26.2%). G4S knows it is often
those of Jobcentre Plus; and substantiating that all
                                                             necessary to use different forms of engagement with this
delivery premises are located close to public transport
                                                             Customer Group compared with other groups such as
hubs – most of our premises in North East Yorkshire
                                                             JSA 25+.
and The Humber are within ½ mile of a public transport
link.                                                        Customers affected by drug/alcohol misuse: There was
                                                             estimated to be 3,700 drug abusers in Hull in 2009,
Meeting Customer needs: G4S has a situational
                                                             higher than any other area in North East Yorkshire and
approach to delivering the Work Programme and this
                                                             The Humber. Customers with a history of substance
will be applied to meeting Customer needs through
                                                             misuse will benefit from the 1:1 and group counselling,
appropriate delivery premises in North East Yorkshire
                                                             signposting services and guidance for employers
and The Humber. We believe our chosen
                                                             provided by Knowledge Bank organisations
subcontractors have the experience and local
knowledge of how best to deliver services in their area.     Customers requiring skills training: G4S has sourced
                                                             Knowledge Bank agencies to deliver life skills, basic skills
Disabled Customers: The proportion of people claiming        and vocational training to meet the needs of Customers
IB/ESA in Hull is above both regional and national           across the whole of North East Yorkshire and The
averages (8.2%) with the total number of claimants in        Humber.
North East Yorkshire and The Humber at 55,540. G4S
                                                             To ensure that we have the appropriate delivery sites to
will ensure that all subcontractors have the financial and
                                                             meet the needs of all Customers across North East
material capacity to make reasonable adjustments for
                                                             Yorkshire and The Humber, we will continuously review
any Customer with a disability under the DDA
                                                             and evolve our Knowledge Bank.
(Disability Discrimination Act).

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            G4S Work Programme in North East Yorkshire and The Humber

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                                                            Informatics Systems for
                                                               Individual Support

                   Knowledge Bank                Referral

                                                 Job Brokers

                                                 In-Work Support

                                                 Lasting Jobs

G4S in Yorkshire and The Humber

G4S has been delivering a wide range of services throughout Yorkshire and The Humber for 20 years, now employing
around 2,500 people across the region.
These wide-ranging services include:
     Offender management at HMP Wolds (see below)
     Court services in cities such as York, Doncaster and Hull
     Manned security services at all Jobcentre Plus premises, including centres in Bradford, Leeds and Harrogate
     Meter-reading for British Gas and Eon
     Electronic security solutions provision for Sheffield Children's Hospital and Yorkshire Ambulance (see below)

G4S Care & Justice Services
G4S Care & Justice Services provides prison management and offender rehabilitation services to nearly 400 prisoners at
HMP Wolds in Hull. All prisoners are actively supported to improve their wellbeing and employment prospects both
                                                during and after their time at Wolds.
                                                  For example, the resident Learning and Skills Department offers a
                                                  number of courses to inmates, including Social and Life Skills, Literacy
                                                  and Numeracy, and Information Technology. Employees are also
                                                  regularly reviewed and supported on their training and development
                                                  needs. In 2007, HMP Wolds achieved Investors in People status for a
                                                  demonstrable commitment to staff training and development. All
                                                  training and development is intended to have a positive impact on both
                                                  the morale of employees and the wellbeing of offenders in our care.

G4S Technology
G4S Technology provides Sheffield Children’s Hospital with a Symmetry Security Management System. Being a children’s
hospital, security is a key issue when dealing with concerned par ents and ensuring the safety of a large number of young
and distressed patients. G4S’s fully integrated security solution allows the
hospital to secure high-risk areas such as the MRI Suite, pharmacy and
mortuary. Reports are run to monitor who is entering the different
departments, allowing issues surrounding suspicious behaviour to be easily
resolved. As a result of the system’s installation and continued operation,
both the protection and comfort of staff and patients has significantly

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G4S’s Commitment to the Customer
1.   Every Customer will have an individual Personal Advisor who is responsible for supporting them into sustained
     A Personal Advisor provides continuity of service to Customers, building trust and understanding. There is no ‘one
     size fits all’ in the G4S delivery model – named Personal Advisors will co-design a bespoke route back to employment
     based on each Customer’s unique circumstances.
2.   Every Customer will receive a comprehensive Work Programme Induction, in the most appropriate format for
     them, within 2 weeks of referral
     A comprehensive Induction not only welcomes the individual to the Work Programme, but it also explains their rights
     and responsibilities, and maps their journey through the Work Programme.
3.   Every Customer will be supported to identify a Realistic Job Goal (RJG) within 2 weeks of referral
     The Realistic Job Goal provides a target for each Customer’s job search activity. The needs of individuals are assessed
     in relation to the Realistic Job Goal to ensure that all, and only activities that are necessary to help that Customer
     achieve sustained employment are identified and implemented.
4.   Every Customer will have an Action Plan.
     The Action Plan provides a concrete timetable and set of clearly defined steps for each person to attain their Realistic
     Job Goal. A time-bound Action Plan with concrete milestones sets out a clear, agreed route to meeting these needs
     against which progress can be continuously measured.
5.   Every Customer will have a Situational Contact Plan.
     Each Customer will receive the appropriate level of support based on their individual circumstances. For most
     Customers this will be at least fortnightly. For many Customers it will be daily.
6.   Every Customer will receive Job Brokerage support including, as a minimum, a CV, Interview Training, and a
     Better-Off Calculation.
     Job Brokerage is necessary for finding an individual employment. In addition to the above minimum, it encompasses
     activities including building motivation and confidence, application form filling, and cold calling employers.
7.   Every Customer will receive ongoing needs assessment.
     For the majority of people it is necessary to identify needs in order to effectively meet them. Needs assessment is not
     a one-off activity, but an ongoing process that develops with the relationship between the Personal Advisor and
8.   Every Customer will have access to the G4S Knowledge Bank.
     Many Customers will require expert additional intervention to overcome barriers to finding and sustaining
     employment. All Customers have access to specialist Knowledge Bank services. This includes a range of support
     including condition management, occupational health support, childcare services, career advice, mentoring, debt
     advice, housing advice and vocational training
9.   Every Customer will receive pre-work support and an ‘In-Work Action Plan’.
     Pre-work support prepares a Customer for work, identifies what in-work support might be required and increases
     their chance of staying in work. This is laid out in a Customer’s ‘In-Work Action Plan’. This plan will assist the
     Customer to benefit from pre-work preparation and understand work-expectations.
10. Every Customer will receive in-work support including mentoring, crisis intervention and ongoing career
     Ongoing in-work support is crucial in in increasing the chances of individuals staying in employment. Every Customer
     will have an In-Work Action Plan documenting appropriate, tailored in-work support.

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Holly Waga
G4S Welfare to Work
7 Carlos Place
W1K 3AR   March 2011


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