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 Effective: November 1, 2008
                                Ski + Ride School
                       DEPARTMENT SPECIFIC MANUAL
                             Table of Contents

The Mueller‘s Vision                                  1
Okemo Vision                                          1
Okemo Mission                                         1
Core Statements                                       1
Shared Values                                         2
Standards of Excellence                               2
Okemo Brand Experience                                3
Glossary of Okemo Terms                               4
Okemo Strategic Goals                                 5
Your Responsibility Code                              6
Ski + Ride School Informational Manual                7
       2008-2009 Manual Overview                      7
       Philosophy                                     7
       Table of Organization                          7
       Ski + Ride School Management                   8
       Instructors, Junior Instructors, Ambassadors   9
       Ski + Ride School Desk                         9
       Mountain Services Center                       10
       Scheduling                                     10
       Schedule Commitment Policy                     10
       Daily Sign-In                                  11
       Meeting Areas                                  11
       Program Times                                  11
       Lesson Programs                                12
       Private Lessons                                12
       Lesson Tickets / Confirmation vouchers         12
       Class Check-In                                 12
       Lift Procedures                                13
       Clinics and Training                           13
       Pay                                            13
       Uniforms                                       15
       Locker Rooms                                   15
       Meetings                                       16
       Safety / Accident Procedures                   17
       Personal Safety                                17
       Equipment                                      18
       Workers Compensation Insurance                 18
       Snowsports Center Shop Procedures              18
       Personal Conduct and Grooming                  18
       Regulated Substances                           19
       Smoking & Tobacco Policy                       19
       Action In A Major Crisis                       19
       Other Departments                              19
Job Expectations                                      20
                                                           Page 1
Instructor Job Description          21
Junior Instructor Job Description   22
Notes                               23

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                              The Mueller’s Vision
                         The Mueller‘s dream for Okemo
   We want to have a vibrant, sustainable mountain resort with experiences that exceed
    the expectations of our guests. It is important that what we do and who we are reflect
    Okemo‘s unique brand.
   We want to preserve what is unique to our Vermont community.
   We want to provide a great working environment and experience for all employees so
    that they can lead fulfilling lives.
   We want to design buildings that reflect contextual architecture and construct facilities
    and lodging that meet our quality standards.
   We want to support and create a ―sense of place‖ so our mountain and town are a
    place we can all enjoy, both residents and guests.

                                   Okemo Vision
                    We will be the mountain resort where guests come
                     to connect with the mountains and each other.

                                  Okemo Mission
               We turn moments of discovery into timeless traditions by
            creating “The Okemo Difference” for our guests and each other.
Our mission is our common purpose. It is what we all work hard to do every day. How do
we define ―The Okemo Difference?‖ It is the unique experience of superior value that we
deliver to both internal and external guests. Why is ―Turning moments of discovery into
timeless traditions‖ unique to Okemo? No other mountain resort has employees so
committed to helping our guests enjoy their experience. At Okemo, guests yearn to return
with family and friends – Come. Come Back. Come Home.

                                 Core Statements
            We achieve operational excellence by delivering on our seven Core
             Statements which articulate what we value. They are as follows:

   SAFETY-We promote an accident free and healthy environment for our guests and each
   GUEST SERVICE-We exceed guest expectations by making genuine connections and
    giving our ―extra one percent.‖
   PRODUCT-We consistently deliver a distinctive experience of superior value—―The
    Okemo Difference.‖
   PROFITABILITY-We operate efficiently and effectively to assure the future of the resort.
   TEAMWORK- Our team members are our greatest asset.
   ENVIRONMENT-We are good stewards of the land and protect the environment.
   COMMUNITY-We improve the quality of life in our local communities.
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                                Shared Values
                      Our Shared Values are observed through our
                       behaviors by internal and external guests.

                             INTEGTRITY- in all we do
                             RESPECT- for others as individuals
                             COMMITMENT- to the guest
                             PASSION- for our work

                         Standards of Excellence
       Our Standards of Excellence are the key aspects of our work, defining how
       we operate in our departments and how we deliver ―The Okemo Difference.‖
           These standards are what we should consistently do in our jobs-

 Remember, Safety First!
 Know safety policies and procedures
 Watch out for others
 Maintain a safe work and recreational environment
 Always be aware of your surroundings

 Be friendly
 Greet every guest with a smile and eye contact
 Connect by showing your passion and discovering theirs
 Remember repeat guests
 Have a positive attitude
 Respect every internal and external guest
 Be helpful
 Know your job
 Discover what the guest wants
 Help them get what they want
 Share ―Did You Know‖ opportunities
 Exceed guest expectations
 Turn misery into magic through service recovery

 Know the resort and resort services
 Be a team player
 Communicate effectively
 Act appropriately throughout the resort
 Adhere to grooming policies
 Be a dependable team member
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 Maintain a clean and organized workplace
 Do your job efficiently and effectively
 Be a steward of the resort‘s beauty
 Improve the products, services and systems you offer
 Support and protect the environment

                       Okemo Brand Experience
        Is the experience our guest has at our resort - ―The Okemo Difference‖ -
        which is the unique experience of superior value that we give our guests.

                       EXPERIENCE                  PLACE
                         Discovery,           An escape to the
                      Adventure, Escape       natural beauty of
                                                our Vermont

                                 Brand Promise
                               We inspire your passion
                                    for discovery,
                              exhilaration and tradition.

                         PEOPLE             RELATIONSHIP
                     The Okemo Family:         Welcoming,
                     Passionate, Caring,    Genuine Connections

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                        Glossary of Okemo Terms
Above and Beyond: At Okemo we go Above and Beyond in order to exceed our guests‘
expectations. We do this for both internal and external guests.

Attention to Detail: Attention to Detail is in Okemo‘s vocabulary because details are what
the guest and fellow employees notice. A clean, organized area to work and a resort with
smooth working systems and a tidy appearance send the message that we care.

Did You Know: We look for ―Did You Know‖ opportunities to share with our guests. If we
tell them about what we have to offer, we will enhance their experience.

External Guest: External Guests are those people who visit Okemo, whether they are
skiers, boarders, golfers, sales people, delivery people or people we talk with over the
telephone or via e-mail.

Extra One Percent: At Okemo we give that Extra One Percent in order to exceed our
guests‘ expectations. You will hear employees say, ―That was my Extra 1%.‖ We do this
for both internal and external guests.

Internal Guest: An Internal Guest is your fellow employee. All of us need to treat our
fellow employees with the same respect given to people visiting our resort.

One-Minute Critiques: Feedback is important and if an employee should be doing
something differently or better, they need to be given that opportunity. They can‘t improve
if they are not told, so One Minute Critiques are important. If you are given one, do not be
discouraged. It means that the person cares enough to tell you what needs to be
corrected, and they think you are capable of making that correction.

One-Minute Praising: No one has ever come to any harm from a pat on the back. At
Okemo we look for opportunities to let fellow employees know when they are doing a great

Safety First: Safety is an Okemo value that we take very seriously. We want you to be
safe. Safety topics that are pertinent to your department are discussed at weekly Team

Service Plus+: Profitability is a shared belief at Okemo. Service Plus+ topics are
discussed at weekly Team Meetings. We look for ways to enhance the guest experience
(Did You Know) through cross-selling, merchandising, and improving products. We also
manage expenses through efficient and effective operations.

The Clean Team: At Okemo we are all part of The Clean Team. We want our facilities and
grounds to shine so maintenance and cleanliness are key.

                                                                                      Page 4
The Green Team: At Okemo we are all part of The Green Team because we believe in
being good stewards of the land and in protecting the environment. E.C.O. –
Environmental Committee at Okemo – is focused on furthering Okemo‘s green efforts.

The Okemo Difference: ―The Okemo Difference‖ is the unique experience of superior
value that we deliver to both internal and external guests. It is reflected in the attitude and
commitment shared and practiced by all employees.

The Okemo Team: Team is an Okemo value. T.E.A.M. – Together Each Achieves More.
At Okemo we understand that everyone working as a team is much more effective than
individuals or individual departments working by themselves.

The Okemo Team Look: The way you dress, the way you carry yourself and your
cleanliness are all part of the Okemo Team Look. Guests need to recognize Okemo
employees. Once they have identified our employees, they need to feel they are
professionals at what they do. If we look good, people assume we are knowledgeable,
friendly and helpful.

                               OKEMO STRATEGIC GOALS
                       Part of enjoying what you do is knowing that you
                     are helping us reach our Strategic Goals, which are:

                 Improve Operating Efficiencies
                 Continue to Offer a Better Product
                 Deliver a Branded, Value-Added Experience for our Guests
                 Cultivate Great Staff
                 Improve Town/Resort Experience

                                                                                         Page 5

   Always stay in control and be able to stop or avoid other people or
   People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility
    to avoid them.
   You must not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible
    from above.
   Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and
    yield to others.
   Always use a device to help prevent run away equipment.
   Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and
    out of closed areas.
   Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to
    load, ride, and unload safely.

                     Know the Code.
                     It’s Your Responsibility.
                    This is a partial list. Be safety conscious.

               Officially endorsed by the

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                             SKI + RIDE SCHOOL
                           INFORMATION MANUAL

                    2008-2009 INFORMATION MANUAL OVERVIEW

This manual should serve as a valuable source of reference for each member of the Ski +
Ride School staff whether a seasoned veteran or a new member of the team. With each
passing season the Ski + Ride School continues to grow by continually improving existing
programs and developing new ones. To keep pace with the changes in programming and
with changes throughout Okemo, policies and procedures also evolve and change. This
manual has been created to assist you in your role as a valuable member of the Ski + Ride
School team. By staying well informed regarding daily operations, and various policies,
and procedures, each member of the team plays an active role in the overall function of
the Ski + Ride School team.

This manual should be used in conjunction with the Okemo Employee Handbook, The Ski
+ Ride School‘s Children‘s Program Manual, and the Survival Skills Manual for New Ski
and Snowboard Pros.


The Ski + Ride School specializes in personal attention while providing a fun, safe, and
educational snowsports experience. We keep in mind that our guests are individuals, each
with their own abilities, goals, desires, and needs, and we coach accordingly. We promote
skiing and snowboarding as lifetime sports. As instructors and employees of the Ski + Ride
School we also serve as ambassadors of Okemo Mountain Resort and work to make the
guests experience the best in the snowsports industry.

                              TABLE OF ORGANIZATION

Within the Ski + Ride School there are four main components: Day Care (ages 6 mos.-4
years) Ski School (ages 7 and up), Snowboard School (ages 7 and up), and Snow
Stars (Snow Star Skiers ages 4-7, Snow Star Riders ages 5-7, Mini Star Skiers ages 3-4,
and the Ambassador Program). We all work together to create a fun and educational
environment for our guests.
The positions within the Ski + Ride School include Junior Instructors, Ambassadors,
Instructors, Supervisors, Managers, and the Ski + Ride School Director. The Junior
Instructors act as assistants to the Instructors and can not take out classes alone. Junior
Instructors work primarily with Snow Stars, and Mountain Explorers programs. The
Ambassadors are based in Snow Stars but may assist in any aspect of the Ski + Ride
School. Instructors work directly with the guests in various lesson assignment situations.
Supervisors help assign classes, check classes, run clinics, and perform administrative
duties as needed.

                                                                                     Page 7
                          SKI + RIDE SCHOOL MANAGEMENT

Ski + Ride School Director: Dan Bergeron - Has ultimate responsibility for all
departments of the Ski + Ride School and Day Care departments. Operates out of the
main Okemo base.

Assistant Ski + Ride School Director: Rob Bevier - Assists in overseeing all Ski + Ride
School lesson programs. Coordinates with the Ski School Manager, Snowboard Manager
and Jackson Gore Manager regarding programs and staffing needs. Oversees the Ski +
Ride School Seasonal programs, Amplitude+ and The Program. Acts as Ski + Ride School
Director in the absence of the director. Operates out of the Jackson Gore Ski + Ride

Ski School Manager: Cory Mansfield – Responsible for organizing and coordinating all
aspects of the ski lesson programs including hiring, training and supervision of staff
regarding the operations out of the Okemo base. Coordinates with the Ski + Ride School
Director for staffing and program needs.

Snowboard Manager: Dan Rowe - Responsible for organizing and coordinating all
aspects of the snowboard lesson programs, including hiring, training, and supervision of
the staff regarding operations out of the Okemo base. Coordinates with the Ski + Ride
School Director for staffing and program needs.

Children’s Program Director: Chris Saylor - Responsible for all aspects of the Snow
Stars programs including Mini Stars and the Snow Star Ambassador program. Oversees
the Penguin Playground Day Care Centers of the Ski + Ride School.

Jackson Gore Manager: Bill Champion – Responsible for overseeing the daily operations
of the Jackson Gore Ski + Ride School lesson programs. Coordinates with the Assistant
Ski + Ride School Director for staffing and program needs.

Ski + Ride School Supervisors:

Ski: Curt Cowles, Ron Dean, Herb Eddy, *Jay Kelleher (*weekends and holidays)
Snowboard: Dylan Sanford, Gordon Robbins, Grant Moran, *Gary Caviness (*weekends
and holidays)

Snow Stars - Base: Liz Schmitt, Ashley Colby

Jackson Gore Supervisors: Shane Mahoney, *Doug Mahoney, *John Donohue
(*weekends and holidays)

Jackson Gore Snow Stars Supervisors: Kyle Steinmetz, Carolee Ferguson, Grant

Women’s Alpine Adventures Director: Maria Tomaselli - Responsible for the
organization, staffing, budgeting, and staff training for the Women‘s Alpine Adventures

                                                                                   Page 8
Snowboard Training Coordinator: Dan Rowe - oversees all aspects of snowboard
training for the Ski + Ride School.

Ski Training Coordinator: TBA - oversees all aspects of ski training for the Ski + Ride


Full-time Instructors: Work five or six days a week teaching skiing or snowboarding; is
available for all Ski + Ride School assignments on every day scheduled.

Part-time Instructors: Teaches skiing or snowboarding on weekends, holiday weeks, or
midweek; is available for all Ski + Ride School Program assignments on every day

This is a season-long commitment with a minimum of 25 days and a minimum of 60
working hours required throughout the season.

Part-time instructors are expected to work at during peak weekends and holiday periods.
If we are short of instructors on a given day, an off-duty instructor may be asked to take a
class but is under no obligation to do so. We will rely on you as a responsible adult to
decide whether or not you would be able to help us out in these situations.

Junior Instructors: Assist in the teaching of classes and may have off-snow
responsibilities; have the same days commitment as part-time instructors.

Ambassadors: Assist with a variety of on-snow and off-snow tasks to help facilitate the
smooth operation of the Ski + Ride School Programs. Ambassadors are volunteers who
must work a minimum number of days during the season.

                               SKI + RIDE SCHOOL DESK

The Ski + Ride School Desk is managed by Deb Greene and plays a very important and
integral part in the success and function of the Ski + Ride School. The Ski + Ride School
desk is responsible for processing various lesson program reservations, the sale of lesson
packages, the sale of daily lesson offerings, as well as many other varied functions. Ext

Assistant Ski + Ride School Desk Manager: Kshanti Livingston is the Ski + Ride School
Desk Assistant Manager. Kshanti is responsible for supervising all aspects of the Ski +
Ride School Desk and acting on behalf of the manager when she is absent. Ext 1813.

Call Center: The Ski + Ride School Desk and Mountain Services are combined to provide
an integrated environment for all Lesson and Day Care information and reservation needs.
With the exception of Lodging, all reservations are now handled by calling 802-228-1600.
Deb Greene will manage the Call Center, with Arlette Marshall and Fredda Kischko acting
as supervisors.

                                                                                      Page 9
                            MOUNTAIN SERVICES CENTER

The Mountain Services Center plays an important role in the overall operations of Okemo
Mountain Resort, in particular the sale and processing of season passes and related pass

Mountain Services at Jackson Gore also serves as the Ski + Ride School Desk for
Jackson Gore and performs the same functions to the Ski + Ride School as the main
locations of each of these departments. Shannon Diehl is the manager for the Jackson
Gore location.


All part-time instructors are required to submit a schedule with a minimum of 25 working
days as their commitment for the season, it is essential that these schedules be adhered
to except in cases of emergency. If a part-time instructor cannot be at work on a
scheduled day, they will be expected to provide another day within the same time block as
a make-up day.

Full-time instructors will have 1 or 2 regularly scheduled days off. If they want to take a
different day off (except for cases of emergency), they should switch their day off with
another full-time instructor and notify the manager of their department in writing of the

                          SCHEDULE COMMITMENT POLICY

All staff must commit to the schedule that they have submitted at the start of the season.
This schedule must add up to a minimum of 25 days for part time staff and a minimum of a
5 day work week for full time staff.

If an employee needs to change their schedule they must submit a schedule change slip
at least 2 days in advance of the change date. Any schedule changes with less than 48
hours notice must be approved by the employee‘s direct manager.

In the event that an employee is going to be late or can not make it in on a scheduled day
due to illness, transportation problems, or other unforeseen circumstances, the employee
must call the number listed below no later than 8:30 am for their respective departments.
Please do not call the Ski + Ride School Desk.

      Ski / Snowboard Instructors      802-228-1563
      Snow Stars Instructors           802-228-1584
      Jackson Gore Instructors         802-228-1458

Unexcused absences will not be tolerated. If an employee is late or does not show up for
work on a scheduled day and does not call in, the following procedures may take place at
the discretion of your manager; verbal warning, employee ID and uniform may be held by
the appropriate manager for a time period to be determined by the manager and Ski +
Ride School Director, uniform and employee ID and dependent passes may be revoked
and termination may occur. It will be at the discretion of the department manager and Ski +
Ride School Director to determine the appropriate cause of action related to the
                                                                                    Page 10
circumstance. This policy in no way alters Okemo Mountain Resort‘s at-will employment
policy. It is our hope that every instructor will understand the importance of dependability
and meeting their commitment so we can provide exceptional service to our guests.

                                     DAILY SIGN-IN

All instructors must be checked in at the Wernick House, Snow Stars Base or The Jackson
Gore Ski + Ride School locker rooms by 8:00 a.m. on weekends and holidays and 8:15
a.m. midweek. Please sign-in using a ‗See Books‘ computer and make note of your
scheduled assignments and locations. All instructors not signed-in on time may have
assignments moved from their schedules, including request privates and series lessons.
Sign-in locations and procedures will be explained during the orientation clinic portion of
the required training for new employees.

                                    MEETING AREAS

        Classes meet in several different locations depending on the type of class:

1.    Lower Snowboard Meeting Area (to the right of the bottom of the Bull Run
      Trail, in front of the condos) - Levels 1 – 4.
2.    Upper Meeting Area (at the top of the ‗B‘ South Ridge Quad on Lower
      Mountain Road) – All advanced level ski and snowboard lessons, clinics and
3.    Lower Ski Meeting Area - (in front of the ―B‖ Okemo Mt. Lodge Condos, to
      left of the Base Lodge as you look uphill) - For Levels 1 – 4.
4.    Snow Stars – All Snow Star lessons begin and end in the Snow Star
      Centers (Base and Jackson Gore).
5.    Private Lesson Meeting Areas - The Lower Private Lesson Meeting Area is
      at the Lower Ski Meeting Area and The Upper Private Lesson Meeting Area
      is at the Upper Meeting Area - A description of which lessons meet at each
      area will be found later in this document in the section on private lessons.
6.     Jackson Gore Meeting Area - For all Ski and Snowboard Group Lessons,
      Clinics, and Private Lessons originating at Jackson Gore.

                                    PROGRAM TIMES

Group Sessions:     8:30 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. - Adult Clinics advanced level adults only
                    10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. - All abilities skiing/riding including Specialty
                    1:30 – 3:30 p.m. – Levels 1-4 and Adventure Workshops

Private Sessions:   8:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 1:30 p.m.,
                    and 2:30 p.m.

Star Boosters:      8:30 - 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 - 9:30 a.m.

Snow Stars
(on-snow):          10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

                                                                                      Page 11
Mini Stars:         9:00 -10:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m., 12:30 - 2:00 p.m. and
                    2:00 - 3:30 p.m.

Please be at your assigned meeting area at least ten minutes before the start of every
group lesson.

                                  LESSON PROGRAMS

Please be sure to thoroughly acquaint yourself with the wide variety of lessons and
programs offered by the Ski + Ride School. These are described in the Ski + Ride School

                                   PRIVATE LESSONS

Private lessons will be assigned as leaving from either the Lower or the Upper Meeting
Areas or from the Jackson Gore Meeting Area. Privates leaving from the Upper Area may
also end at this location.


Lesson tickets or confirmation vouchers must be collected at the start of each lesson and
turned in at the end of the day with your payroll slip. All lesson programs require a lesson
ticket or confirmation voucher to be collected with the exception of Snow Stars and Mini
Stars lessons. It is very important that you read what is on the ticket or voucher before you
accept it for a specific lesson so as to ensure that the guest is not arriving at the wrong
meeting area, not at the right location for the program purchased, etc. The front of the
ticket or voucher will give all of the detailed information regarding the program it was
purchased for.

                                    CLASS CHECK-IN

For Ski & Snowboard lessons, during every class period there are always supervisors on
the hill checking classes and moving students as needed. For the first half hour of every
group lesson session, there will be at least one supervisor in the Base area, one at the
Upper Meeting Area and one at the Jackson Gore Meeting Area to assist with classes. All
instructors must take a quick assessment run with each class and then check in at the
appropriate checkpoint before taking a class elsewhere on the mountain. You may not
have a problem in your class, but a supervisor may have someone to transfer to you from
another class.

Snow Star classes may check with any available supervisor with questions or problems.

If you find yourself on the hill with an unmanageable problem in your class (broken
binding, sick student, etc.), go to the nearest lift building and call the main Ski + Ride
School Desk at ext. 1585. Be sure to tell them exactly where you are. They will
communicate with a supervisor by radio and we will help you. Please don‘t leave the
telephone location until you know how the situation is to be resolved.

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                                     LIFT PROCEDURES

Any instructor skiing with a class is allowed to cut lift lines. If there is a lift coordinator on
duty, he/she will be the one to guide the integration of your class into the lift line. If there is
no coordinator, the instructor should regulate the flow of Ski + Ride School traffic into the
main lift lines by standing near the front of the Ski + Ride School line and determining in a
friendly way who will cut in and when. This loading process should always be a team effort
with lift personnel.

The instructor should always be the last up a lift. Before loading on any lift, the instructor
must make sure that all in the class know how to ride the lift and that a meeting place has
been established at the top of the unloading area at the top of the lifts.

When loading small children on a chairlift, be especially careful. Snow Star children must
always ride up with a responsible adult and that adult must be told briefly how to help the
child on and off the lift. A separate Children‘s Program manual with more information
regarding lift riding procedures will be issued to you at one of your required on-snow
training sessions. Instructors may not cut lift lines when skiing/riding without a class.

                                   CLINICS AND TRAINING

A schedule of required clinics will be given to all instructors in the fall. These required
clinics must be completed by December 23, 2008.

After the first of the year there will be optional clinics available on a scheduled basis as
well as the opportunity for some impromptu clinics. All instructors are encouraged to
attend as many clinics as possible for their own personal and professional growth.

You may receive training credit for certain PSIA / AASI events attended during our
required training period – these are detailed on the Training Requirement sheet.


At the end of every day each instructor must fill out a pay slip for lessons worked that day,
and the corresponding tickets or vouchers must be stapled to the back of each form.

Paychecks will be issued every other Friday afternoon and will be distributed by
supervisory personnel. The payroll period begins on Saturday and ends on a Friday 14
days later.

As always, pay rates are strictly an individual concern and should not be discussed with
anyone other than the appropriate supervisor. A $ .50 raise will be given for every 60
hours of work accrued during the season through 360 hours. Each instructor will return to
their starting base wage at the beginning of the next season.

You will be paid for lesson assignments as follows:

   Group Lesson, Adult Clinic, Adventure Workshop                9:45-12:00     2 ¼ hours pay
                                                                  1:15 - 3:30

                                                                                            Page 13
   Mountain Explorers full-day lesson                     10:00-4:00    6 hours pay

   Snow Stars morning or afternoon session only           9:30-12:00    2 ½ hours pay

   Snow Stars full-day lesson                             9:30-3:30     6 hours pay

   Star Booster lessons                                   8:30-9:00     ½ hour pay

   Mini Stars lessons                                     9:00-10:30 1 ½ hours pay

   Assigned Private Lessons are paid based on the duration of the private lesson.

   Request and Series privates will be paid at a rate of $20.00 plus your hourly base
    rate, per hour.

   No Show Private Lesson Pay
    The pay for a ‗no-show‘ assigned private lesson applies only when you do not get
    another assignment during that time period. You will not be paid twice for the same
    private lesson if for some reason it is rescheduled. You will be expected to wait for
    a private lesson for up to one-half hour to qualify for no-show pay.

    Pay for no-show private lessons is as follows:

          Request or Series private full pay for the hour
          Assigned private          pay for one-half hour

   Show-Up Pay
    Show up pay is given to all instructors who are on time and willing to teach at a
    group or Snow Stars line-up but who do not get assigned to a class. Such
    instructors will receive a coupon worth $6.50 in pay that must be turned in at the
    end of each day with your payroll paperwork.

   Training Pay
    You will be paid for your required training time prior to December 23rd, 2008. Staff
    will be divided into 3 main classification groups for training purposes. The amount of
    required training varies from group to group. Please refer to the Required Training
    Clinics Information Sheet for details of which on-snow clinics you will need to
    attend. This information will be available after November 14, 2008 and will be
    posted on the instructor website.

   Optional Training Clinics
    You will be paid for attending up to 10 optional clinics offered after January 1st,

                                                                                   Page 14
You must fill out the training clinic portion of the payroll slip located at the designated
payroll desk locations in each locker room. Please indicate the clinic title, time and

It helps if you keep a record of your own hours so you can reconcile any discrepancies
with the payroll department at the Ski + Ride School Desk in the Base Lodge. If you do
have a question about your paycheck, please fill out the form available for this and put it
into one of the payroll boxes for distribution to the payroll department or call 802-228-


Ski + Ride School uniforms consist of a jacket, hat, vest and/or insulator jacket, and plain
black pants. The jackets and hoods are owned by Okemo Mountain. It is the responsibility
of each instructor to keep the jacket clean and to return it with the hood attached clean
and in good condition at the end of the season. Since security in the locker rooms cannot
be guaranteed, it will be acceptable for instructors to take their jackets home at night, as
long as these jackets are not worn off the mountain. Any instructor whose jacket or hood
disappears is fully responsible for the replacement cost, regardless of the reason for the

Nametags are to be worn using the holes designed into the front left side of the jacket
only. No pins are to be worn anywhere else on the uniform, with the exception of
certification pins. Certification pins may be applied, see your department manager for
location to be used. This policy is to ensure that the uniform retains its waterproofing

A fleece jacket and/or vest and a hat will be given to each instructor. The only permitted
headgear will be what is issued through the Okemo Uniform Department or a helmet– you
may not wear your own hat or headband of choice, except for whatever Okemo baseball
cap you choose for warm weather.

On really warm days it is okay to dress more lightly as long as the clothing is appropriate
and professional in appearance and is worn with the uniform vest or insulator jacket. Your
name tag and season pass must be worn at all times for identification. No t-shirts please.

The uniform jacket should be cleaned on a regular basis using a powdered detergent or
garment specific detergent, such as ‗Nikwax Tech Wash‘, ‗Granger‘s G - Wash Cleaner‘,
or similar type products. Do not use liquid detergent as this will damage the garments
ability to remain both waterproof and breathable. In addition to regular washings, the
jacket should be treated at least twice per season with a wash-in waterproofing agent such
as ‗Nikwax Direct‘, ‗Granger‘s Wash–In Waterproofing‘, or similar type products to ensure
optimum performance.

                                    LOCKER ROOMS

With the limited space we have in the locker rooms, we need to set limits on what is stored
there. Full-time instructors can leave two pair of skis/boards, and part-timers one pair, in
the locker rooms. Under NO circumstances should anyone use, borrow, or change

                                                                                     Page 15
adjustments on any other instructor‘s equipment. It is strongly suggested that personal
items of value not be left in the locker room and that equipment and personal items be
locked whenever possible. Everything left in a locker room is the responsibility of the
owner, not of Okemo Mountain.

Since these are coed locker rooms, we are asking all employees who need to change
clothes to be sensitive to the feelings of others. It is okay to change in the locker rooms as
long as you keep on as a minimum a base layer shirt and full bottoms. If you need to
discard all clothing down to your underwear, you must go into a bathroom to do so.

All locker rooms will be cleaned daily by Okemo‘s night cleaning crew, therefore it is
important that all personal items be put away in a locker or cubbie and not left out on
chairs or the floor. All equipment must be put away on appropriate racks. A fee of $1 will
be charged for each personal item that is left out and is picked up by the supervisors or
managers. These items will be held by the supervisor or manager until this fee is paid. The
money collected will be used later in the season for staff functions.

Please take care of the locker rooms by picking up after yourself and others. Help us keep
the areas clean of trash and other unwanted items. Please notify a supervisor or manager
of any items that are in need of repair or replacement.

Wernick House Locker Room: This locker room is for Ski and Snowboard Instructors
(dept. 650) working out of the base area. The Wernick House is the first building behind
the ‗C‘ building of the Okemo Base Lodge Condominiums on Okemo Ridge Road.

Snow Stars Locker Room – Base: This locker room is located in the rear of the Snow
Stars base facility.

Jackson Gore Locker Room: This locker room is located under the Roundhouse at
Jackson Gore. This locker room is also used by other Okemo employees and serves as a
lunchroom and break room. Clothing and personal items should be stored in the available
lockers. Equipment should be stored in the equipment storage room located to the rear of
the J.G. Snow Stars facility. The Snow Stars facility is not for changing or storing personal
items, please use the locker room provided.


Full Time Staff: There will be a weekly meeting for all full time staff to be held Friday
mornings at 8:00 in the following locations: Snow Stars-Base facility, Wernick House
Locker room, Jackson Gore Snow Stars facility. All full time staff are required to attend
these scheduled meetings. Each employee will receive 1 hour paid time for attending. All
attendees must sign-in at the meeting to be paid and all employees must be on time as
scheduled in order to sign in at the meeting. Late sign-ins will not be permitted.

Part Time Staff: There will be a monthly meeting for all part time staff to attend. Meeting
dates and locations will be announced via e-mail and/or the Okemo Instructor Webpage.
All part time staff are required to attend these scheduled meetings. Each employee will
receive 1 hour paid time for attending. All attendees must sign-in at the meeting to be paid
and all employees must be on time as scheduled in order to sign in at the meeting. Late
s will not be permitted.
                                                                                       Page 16
                          SAFETY / ACCIDENT PROCEDURES

The safety of the guest is of concern to us all. An instructor must always be aware of
potential hazards such as:

      1.     snow conditions and weather
      2.     guest‘s confidence level
      3.     guest‘s ability level
      4.     guest‘s physical condition
      5.     guest‘s age
      6.     guest‘s equipment

However, if an accident does happen in your class or you come upon an injured person,
these procedures should be followed if possible:

Stay with the injured (or possibly injured) person and keep the class together, preferably at
a short distance. Get word to Patrol immediately, whether through a passing skier or by
sending the two most qualified students to the base of the nearest lift (don‘t forget
instruction on rejoining the class). Keep the injured warm and reassure them that they will
be taken care of. Cross your skis or place your snowboard in the snow on the uphill side of
the injured person, and do not attempt to move them. Do not loosen or remove their boots.
Fill out the accident observer card which should be carried with you at all times. Be sure to
include the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of everyone in your class as well
as any passing witness in the event of a severe injury. Give this observer card to a
Patroller at the scene or in the First Aid Room, whichever is appropriate. When Patrol
arrives, you are free to leave the accident and continue with your class.

Contact a Ski + Ride School supervisor as soon as possible and let them know that you‘ve
had an injury in your class.

If possible after the class, go to the First Aid Room and be of whatever encouragement
and help you can to your injured student. Please do not attempt to go into the First Aid
Room if it appears to be busy, ask before you enter. Do not at any time make damaging or
negative comments about the circumstances surrounding the incident. You will need to
give a witness statement in the First Aid Room, which you should do as soon as you have
free time but always before you leave for the day. This witness statement should always
be completed with a designated member of the Patrol staff.

If an accident should take up an excessive amount of time in your class (more than 15-20
minutes), thank the class for being patient and give them back their lesson tickets so they
can take an additional lesson at another time. Use your judgment in this matter, but please
do not commit to free lessons without good cause. Inform supervisors when you find
yourself in this situation.

                                   PERSONAL SAFETY

Although the safety of our guests is of paramount importance, our own personal safety is
equally important. We should always ski/ride under control and minimize any risks to
ourselves or others. Okemo instructors are always being observed by the public and by
other mountain employees. We must serve as safety role models and work together to
                                                                                      Page 17
create a safe skiing/riding environment for all of us. Know and use Your Responsibility
Code as printed on our trail map.


Should your job involve skiing or riding, it is our expectation that while you are working you
do not access terrain that is above your ability level. Speak with your supervisor to
determine your approved ability level before accessing the mountain. Equipment for
skiing/riding positions must be current and in proper working order with the proper settings
for your ability level as determined be a certified mechanic. Safety devices must be in

In keeping with the family brand image that is so evident in all that Tim and Diane Mueller
represent, Okemo Mountain employees will not be allowed to ski or ride skis or
snowboards that contain explicit graphics involving nudity, violence, or inappropriate
language while working or in uniform. These skis and snowboards are very similar to
inappropriate posters or cartoons that may offend fellow workers and guests. Okemo
Mountain Resort is a family resort and our marketing, services, and philosophy are very
much geared towards this clientele.


All employees will be covered by worker‘s compensation insurance while they are
performing their job. This includes time spent teaching a class or being in an approved
clinic, or in an additional clinic approved by the appropriate Manager. At no time will any
Okemo employee be covered while skiing or riding on their free time.

All jobs that involve skiing/riding require the use of current, certified equipment, to include
safety devices. Equipment must be set by a binding manufacturer's certified technician
and maintained. At no time should settings be adjusted unless by a certified technician.
Accidents involving skiing/riding in a class or authorized clinic, will be subject to a binding
release check during the investigation of the incident and may affect eligibility for workers
compensation benefits.


There are some special deals that Okemo's ski and snowboard shops offers staff above
the basic Okemo employee discounts. You may purchase up to 2 pairs of black pants for
your use at 45% off the regular price. Helmets are available at 30% off the regular price.
Instructors may be eligible to purchase equipment at pro form prices or at specially
discounted prices, however this is at the discretion of the Okemo Snowsports Center.
Please try to limit your inquiries and purchases during their busy times as much as

                            PERSONAL CONDUCT AND GROOMING

We all must remember that we are some of the most visible ambassadors of Okemo
Mountain. Our conduct and our appearance must reflect that fact. Clean uniform items and

                                                                                        Page 18
name badges must be worn whenever teaching. Hair should be kept clean and well
trimmed. For specific policies, refer to the Okemo Employee Handbook.

                                REGULATED SUBSTANCES

The use of either illegal drugs or alcohol during working hours will result in immediate
dismissal. Refer to the Okemo Employee Handbook for more information regarding this

                              SMOKING & TOBACCO POLICY

Okemo Mountain Resort has a stated smoking policy. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor
and confined areas. Smoking is allowed outdoors in non-public, designated smoking areas
only. Smoking while on the job is prohibited and is allowed only during your approved
breaks, Additional work breaks will not be granted to smoking versus non-smoking staff

Additionally, employees are not permitted to chew tobacco in public areas and in front of
our guests while on the job. The use of chewing tobacco must be limited to outdoor, non-
public designated smoking/tobacco areas and during approved breaks. Employees are
responsible for keeping these areas clean at all times. Additional work breaks will not be
granted for this purpose.

                                ACTION IN A MAJOR CRISIS

In the unlikely event of a major crisis on the mountain (total electrical failure, fire, etc.),
stay with your class unless given other instructions by a Ski + Ride School supervisor. If
you are on a functioning lift, wait for instructions at the top of the lift. (You may have to ask
the lift operator to let the main Ski + Ride School Desk know of your location). In this
situation all decisions must be made by a very few people, and it is imperative that we all
cooperate in carrying out those decisions.

If there is any kind of crisis on the mountain, it is very important that you do not talk about
it with anyone other than your manager or someone approved by management, such as a
legal or insurance representative.

                                  OTHER DEPARTMENTS

We at Okemo try very hard to work together as a cohesive unit. In our dealings with other
departments, it is important to generate a feeling of friendship and trust. For example, you
will have a much easier time loading a class on a lift if you are aware of the demands of
the operator‘s job and let him know you appreciate his help. We should treat other
employees with the same consideration and respect that we provide for the paying public.
If an instructor has a problem with the activities of someone in another department, that
instructor should discuss it with either the Ski + Ride School director or their manager.
Under no circumstances should an instructor tell another employee how to do his job or be
openly critical of another‘s job performance. Remember that a little consideration goes a
long way!

                                                                                          Page 19

     We are dedicated to creating “The Okemo Difference” for our guests and
     each other by providing the finest quality resort experience and friendliest
     guest service in the resort industry. It is expected that each employee will
     understand, articulate, fulfill and not compromise the Okemo Mountain
     Vision and Value statements.

   Okemo Mountain Resort is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to a policy of
    non-discrimination in employment on any basis including race, color, religion, national
    origin, sex, place of birth, age, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation.

   All employees must have the ability to work in a team environment, with a professional
    guest focused attitude at all times, and be able to work weekends and holidays as
    needed. Employees must maintain the proper appearance and provide proper clothing
    for the position as outlined in the specific job description and in the employee

   Okemo Mountain Resort is an ―at-will‖ employer and reserves the right to terminate any
    employee, at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice.

   Employees are responsible for an awareness of all safety programs and procedures.

   Should your job involve skiing or riding, it is our expectation that while you are working
    you do not access terrain that is above your ability level. Speak with your supervisor to
    determine your approved ability level. Equipment for skiing/riding positions must be
    current and in proper working order with the proper settings for your ability level as
    determined by a certified mechanic. Safety devices must be in place.

                                                                                       Page 20
Position:         Instructor                                       Updated: October 25, 2005

Department:       Ski + Ride School                                        FLSA: Non-Exempt
                  (Ski School, Snowboard School, Snow Stars)

Supervisor:       Appropriate Manager of Ski School, Snowboard School or Snow Stars

Essential Functions/Responsibilities (to include, but not limited to the following):
 Work is either full-time or part-time
 Responsible for teaching group and private lessons.
 Snow Stars Instructors must be willing to work with children age 4 and up.
 Ski and Snowboard Instructors must be willing to teach children age 7 and up and when
   children asked ages 3-7.
 Attend both on-snow and off-snow clinics for professional improvement
 Attend department meetings as requested

Skills (to include the following):
 Knowledgeable of the ski area for the public and perform whatever other functions may be
   requested of them by the Supervisors, Manager or Director
 Caring and sensitive attitude towards guests
 Possess strong communication and interpersonal skills
 Flexible in response to changing class assignments

Physical Demands (to include, but not limited to the following):
 Posses adequate competency in whatever snow sport they wish to teach (skiing or
 May require the ability to teach moguls, racing or cross training, i.e. skiing vs. snowboarding
 Ability to ski or snowboard at an intermediate level or above and stand for long periods of time
 Ability to lift beginner, adult and child skiers/snowboarders to their feet (heavy lifting)
 Must maintain strong personal appearance standards
 Ability to work in all types of weather

 High School or equivalent or currently attending an educational institution

                                                                                           Page 21
Position:         Junior Instructor                               Updated: October 25, 2005

Department:       Ski + Ride School                                       FLSA: Non-Exempt

Supervisor:       Appropriate Manager or Supervisor of Ski School, Snowboard School or Snow

Essential Functions/Responsibilities (to include, but not limited to the following):
 Serve as assistants to Ski + Ride School Instructors; do not teach classes alone.
 Helps with all aspects of Snow Stars, or Mountain Explorers programs directly relating to the
   care of the children both on and off the snow
 Set up and take down Terrain Garden features, dress and undress the children from ski
   clothing as well as put on and take off ski equipment for children in the Ski + Ride School‘s
   children‘s programs.
 Assist with fencing and signage set-up for meeting areas
 Assist with lunchtime procedures for all Ski + Ride School Children‘s Programs

Skills (to include the following):
 Strong communication as well as interpersonal skills

Physical Demands (to include, but not limited to the following):
 Ability to ski or snowboard, sit and stand for long periods of time, some bending and lifting of
   small children.
 Ability to ski/snowboard at an intermediate level or higher.
 Ability to work in all weather conditions

 Pursuing high school diploma or equivalent

                                                                                           Page 22
Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are confused,
lost, curious, etc. Our goal is to have a good time at work and
to enjoy each other as well as the rest of the Okemo family.

                  HAVE A GREAT YEAR!
   *Please note that this manual in no way replaces the Okemo Employee Handbook


                   For additional information please refer to your
                   Employee Manual, Pocket Guide or Supervisor.

          Any questions you may have are IMPORTANT!

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