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					                                                                                                            As of January 1, 2011

Wellness: Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening
    Vendor Questionnaire
     Wellness issues important to you – brought to you by McGohan Brabender.
Company Information
Company Name                                          Interactive Health Solutions
Contact Name(s)                                       Scott Rogers
Direct Phone number(s)                                224-277-1345
Email Address(es)                           
Web Address                                 

What year did your business begin administering
Health Risk Assessments & Biometric Screenings? 1992

Geographic Region Served by States and
Counties (unless you are a national organization)     National
                                                      Compliant with all HIPAA guidelines and nondiscrimination rules for
Explain your HIPAA compliance                         programs.
Is there a maximum participation size you are
willing to quote? If so, what size?                   No
Is there a minimum participation size you are
willing to quote? If so, what size?                   100
How is the HRA administered (on-line, paper or
both)?                                                Both
What languages are the HRA available in?              English. Spanish template available
Do you provide fasting blood draws or finger
sticks?                                               Fasting venous blood draws.

How are the biometric appointments scheduled?
Example: paper, telephone, email or on-line           Phone, online, or manual (paper spreadsheet)
Are you able to provide follow up screenings for
any employees that did not comply with the fasting    Yes. IHS provides access for "Test On Demand" via our 2000 US network
guidelines? If yes, how?                              labs through LabCorp.
What are the follow-up procedures for critical lab
results?                                            Direct phone call to participant
                                                    Yes, we interface with all major carriers and independent parties including---
Do you have the technology to interface results     Aetna, UHC, BCBS, Cigna, Humana, etc. More information is available on
with health insurance carriers? If yes, which ones? Disease Management companies or TPA's.
Communication & Reporting
What follow-up does the employee receive?
(consultation, paper report, health coaching,         Online access to lab results. Extensive Personal Health Report mailed to
individual/group meetings, online resource) What      participant. Online health content supplied by Healthwise. Health coaching
is the turnaround tiime for the employee to receive   available on voluntary or pro-active outreach basis. See comments for final
the results?                                          question on questionnaire.
Do you include a physician copy?                      Yes
What spoken languages can the follow-up be
delivered in?                                         English, Spanish, Russian, Polish
What interpretation/analysis will the employer        Trend analysis from year to year. Benchmarking vs like peers and our
aggregate report include? Predictive Modeling         entire book of business. Projection of cost savings for improving on medical
tools? ROI projection or analysis?                    conditions discovered. Etc
What are your pre-HRA communication materials
used to promote the testing? Example: posters,        Marketing brochures, email reminder for appointment, post-card reminder
payroll stuffers, etc.                                for appointment, payroll stuffers, posters.

 3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439
                                                                                                                        As of January 1, 2011

Health Fair Support
Beyond an HRA and biometric screening, what
educational pieces can you bring on-site to make
this event become a health fair?                    We work with employer to determine health fair needs.
What are the costs of those educational pieces?     tbd
Are there price breaks based on quantity? If so,    The negotiated rate is on a flat PPPY basis and is billed as a medical claim
at what quantity of tests are there breaks?         to the existing self-funded plan.
Final all inclusive price per person?
To include (much more than this)
  1. Health Risk Assessment
  2. Biometric screening:
               Fasting Cholesterol screening
              with Lipid Panel (HDL, LDL, total
              Cholesterol, total Cholesterol/HDL
              Ration, VLDL, and Triglycerides)
               Blood Sugar (Glucose)               One price for all 34 panel comprehensive health evaluation (we test every
               Blood Pressure                      organ in the body), physician link, connecting the data, 6 month quick
               Height, Weight and BMI              check, online access, coaching, reporting, and additional program services.
Availability and cost of the following additional
  PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)
  Coloscreen (take home kits?)                      Yes, PSA and TSH are included based on age. Additional tests include
  Thyroid Screening (for females)                   A1C, C-reactive protein, VAP Cholesterol, and Vitamin D. IHS can bill each
  Others (please list)                              participant separately at point of service for these tests or bill employer.
What are the staff travel costs, if any?            Included in pricing.
Last But Not Least

                                                    Interactive Health Solutions (I H S) provides on-site preventative health evaluations for
                                                    strategic companies that want to improve the health and lifestyle choices of their employees
                                                    and significant others while reducing their health care costs. We do this through convenient
                                                    onsite blood draws, the collection of medical history, and risk assessment data from
                                                    employees and their spouses. Our services are delivered to 1300 clients nationally by using
                                                    our own medical team and through a network of 2000 patient service centers to collect data.
What other things would you like to tell us about   We provide a process that ensures consistency in the data collected and our database drives
your services?                                      information you can use for health plan decision making with your carriers.

                                                    Leveraging your existing benefit plan for prevention (billed as a claim), incentivinzing
                                                    employees, and holding them accountable produces results unmatched by others.

                                                    Our services include the following components:

                                                    q   Turnkey implementation program including initial and ongoing participant
                                                    q   Comprehensive 34 panel venapuncture blood draw

                                                    q   A Complete Blood Count test panel including age appropriate tests such as PSA and
                                                    q   An Integrated Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and Medical History information-paper
                                                    or web based
                                                    q   Personalized Health Report for each participant-paper and web based
                                                    q   An Interactive Health Index (IHI) participant scorecard
                                                    q   Employer aggregate reporting
                                                    q   Coaching/Lifestyle management programs
                                                    q   Web page and self-care tools
                                                    q   Data feeds to third party vendors
                                                    q   Medical Management Interface (MMI)

 3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439
                                                                                                                 As of January 1, 2011

                                              This model is built upon three principal strategies

                                              The first step in our process is to help plan members discover their current health state
                                              through plan member health evaluations. The health evaluations include a battery of blood
                                              tests and risk evaluations and are either delivered at client offices or through a network of
                                              2,000 designated testing facilities located throughout the US-test on demand. As part of our
                                              health evaluation, we will identify previously undiagnosed and current health conditions (we
                                              find the medical claim before the claim occurs) as well as identify a wide range of potential
                                              health problems (health risks). Based on 18 years of experience and 30M labs on file we
                                              will identify:

                                               58% of participants will be tested to have health concerns that need further attention
                                              from a physician – the majority of these conditions will be newly discovered problems.
                                              Examples of some of the most common conditions identified include:

                                                  22% with high cholesterol
                                                  8% with elevated glucose (diabetes)
                                                  7% with hypertension
                                                  4% with anemia
                                                  3% with liver disease

                                               23% of participants will be found to be high risk for a heart attack/stroke (defined as
                                              having more than a 10% chance of having a heart incident within the next ten years).

                                               27% of participants will have conditions that impair the employee’s life quality and
                                              work ability.

                                               5% participants will have medical conditions that are very serious and, if left
                                              untreated, are life threatening.

                                                  19% of participants will be assessed as pre-diabetic (Metabolic Syndrome)

                                               6% of participants will screen positive for depression and another 10% of participants
                                              will screen positive for sleep apnea – most of these conditions were not previously


                                              Plan members who participate in our health evaluations have demonstrated an interest in
                                              caring for their health. We build upon this inquisition by providing participants with printed
                                              and on-line health education tools. About one week after their evaluation, IHS mails plan
                                              members a Personal Health Report that health evaluation results, reviews potential health
                                              problems (health risks), and describes personalized strategies for the individual to address
                                              health problems and stay healthy long term. Additionally, participants are given access to the
                                              IHS private health management website that they can use to:
                                                Research health topics and current health news.
                                                Complete on-line Health Risk Assessments.
                                                Create a virtual Personal Medical File that stores health evaluation results – including
                                               year-to-year comparisons.
                                                Consult with our medical staff to get private answers to questions on virtually any
                                               health topic

3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439
                                                                                                                  As of January 1, 2011

                                              Besides educating the participant, we analyze and review with our clients aggregate health
                                              evaluation Outcome Reporting - so the employer can understand the health needs of their
                                              plan members and develop effective health improvement strategies


                                              The last step in our process, is to help program participants control health problems through
                                              personal, telephonic health coaching (HealthFocus) and by electronically connecting our
                                              process to Client’s Disease Management vendor. Our Health Focus program includes a series
                                              of ten lifestyle related courses that are delivered telephonically to health evaluation
                                              participants personally by an IHS Masters Degreed Health Educator. Collaterally, we
                                              provide the Disease Management vendor with a data extract that allows them to import IHS
                                              health evaluation data into their system - the results are:

                                                  Velocity of Care – Disease management can be initiated before a claim is generated.
                                                  Better Coverage – Better identification of at-risk plan members by connecting lab
                                              data to predictive modeling and providing a matrixed process that insures no at-risk
                                              employees go unnoticed.
                                               Improved Care – Disease managers are equipped with better information on
                                              at-risk plan members to help the medical personnel better manage the plan
                                              member’s health

                                              Our program provides Client an integrated health management service with a single source
                                              that offers a complete strategy to pro-actively manage healthcare costs.

                                              Lifestyle Coaching-HealthFocus
                                              HealthFocus is an offering of ten individual health improvement courses- delivered
                                              telephonically by IHS Masters Degreed Health Educators-to health evaluation participants
                                              who are highly motivated to improve their risk status. The courses include 6 to 8 weekly
                                              counseling sessions on:

                                              Smoking Cessation
                                              Weight Loss
                                              Diabetes Prevention and Control
                                              Managing Cholesterol
                                              Managing High Blood Pressure
                                              Stress Management

                                              Sessions are delivered on a scheduled appointment basis – the participant
                                              determines appointment time.

                                              News to Use
                                              Periodically (and with the person’s consent), IHS will e-mail users health
                                              information that is relevant to them based on their age, gender, health history, or evaluation
                                              results. On average, each user receives 4-5 health information e-mails
                                              from us per year.


                                              Interactive Health Index (IHI)

3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439
                                                                                                                   As of January 1, 2011

                                              As part of our process, all participants receive a personal health score based on five
                                              measurable, controllable health factors. This score (the Interactive Health Index or IHI)
                                              gives the individual a simple, easy to understand metric to describe their current health state
                                              and a clear goal to aim for in order to get and stay healthy. On a corporate level, we give our
                                              clients an analysis of their aggregate IHI to assess controllable health risks on a group level
                                              and to compare the client’s population to norms. Most importantly, IHI gives our clients a
                                              HIPAA compliant opportunity to design benefits and incentives based on the plan member’s
                                              ability to meet the specific health goals – plan members are accountable for healthcare costs.

                                              This accountability process can be structured as follows:

                                              In the first year of our program, participation in the health evaluation can be mandatory (i.e.
                                              to be enrolled in the health insurance plan, employees and possibly spouses must participate
                                              in the health evaluation) or incented (employees and possibly spouses who participate are
                                              entitled to a lower premium contribution than non-participants).

                                              After their evaluation, participants are given their IHI and their goal for next year.
                                              Participants who have an IHI of zero or less (the lowest IHI is –20) get a goal to maintain
                                              their current healthy IHI. Participants who have an IHI of above zero are given a goal to
                                              reduce their index by at least 60% by the following year.

                                              All participants have on-line and person: person health management tools available to them
                                              to help them meet their annual goal. Also, at-risk participants are referred to their physician
                                              for follow-up.

                                              After twelve months, we will retest participants. Plan members who meet their goal are
                                              given a lower premium contribution than people who either did not participate in the health
                                              evaluation or who did not met their goal.

                                              (Note: To comply with HIPAA laws, we also have an “alternative standard” process in
                                              place that we will execute for participants who cannot reasonably obtain their IHI goal.)

                                              In summary, IHI provides Client with a HIPAA compliant, performance based process to
                                              manage healthcare costs in the same fashion that Client manages every other aspect of their
                                              business – plan members are accountable for their health management and the people who
                                              perform (i.e. make their IHI goal) are rewarded. Through IHI, plan members have a vested
                                              interest and responsibility in managing their health and controlling costs.

                                              Under the HIPAA guidelines, clientc can differentiate premiums up to 20% of the total cost
                                              of single coverage. If a premium based incentive is used, many of our clients increase
                                              premiums up to the allowed 20% and then offer a discount of that same 20% to plan
                                              members who make their IHI goal. This strategy enables Client to fully leverage the IHI
                                              process without having to fund the incentive.

                                              We’ve built our infrastructure to implement our program on a large scale with consistently
                                              high quality but with minimal resource commitment by our clients. We handle the
                                              implementation and management so our clients can focus on their core functions.

3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439
                                                                                                                    As of January 1, 2011

                                              Specifically, from an implementation side, we ask our clients to give us data on locations and
                                              key contacts. From this information, we’ll put together a program rollout plan that we’ll ask
                                              our client to review. Once we receive approval, we’ll contact the various facility contacts
                                              where our worksite program will be held to set up our program logistics and print and send
                                              out program communication information, which the site coordinator distributes, to their
                                              employees. Additionally, where worksite programs are not feasible, we’ll produce home
                                              mailings that we send to employees to help them understand how they get their health
                                              evaluation. Thus, our process is turnkey and efficient from the perspective of our client.
                                              Participants in the IHS health evaluation receive:

                                              Web tools
                                              In addition to the mailed Personal Health Report, participants can access all of their test
                                              results, risk ratings and results explanations within 3 days after their testing by logging on to
                                     and following written instructions that we provided the participant at the
                                              time of their evaluation. Besides accessing test results, participants and their family
                                              members can use our website to:
                                                Research health topics and current health news.
                                                Complete on-line Health Risk Assessments.
                                                Create a virtual Personal Medical File that stores health evaluation results – including
                                               year: year comparisons.
                                                Consult with our medical staff to get private answers to questions on virtually any
                                               health topic.

                                              65% of our health evaluation participants become registered users of

                                              IHS has built a proprietary software program that gives Client a completely integrated, single
                                              source health management strategy, allows this process to be easily deployed to employees
                                              and spouses throughout the US, and provides Client a HIPAA compliant system to hold plan
                                              members accountable for healthcare costs.

                                              Our technology allows us to query our database and format information so that our data can
                                              readily connect to Disease Management vendors in order to more effectively manage Client
                                              plan member health

                                              This same software allows us to deliver our programs either at Client worksites or through a
                                              network of 1200 testing facilities to allow us to offer program coverage to employees and
                                              spouses. Regardless of how our testing is delivered, our program is built so that IHS
                                              manages program communications, appointment coordination, claims billing and other
                                              administrative processes. The result is a national program delivered with consistency of
                                              content and quality and with minimal effort of the part of Client

                                              Last, our ability to use technology has led to the introduction of our Interactive Health Index
                                              tool (IHI). The IHI gives Client a system to design their health benefits to reward plan
                                              members who make effective health management choices - plan members gain a vested
                                              interest in managing healthcare.

                                              IHS has bi-lingual medical staff for worksite delivered programs (Spanish, Russian and
                                              Polish speaking). In addition, IHS has Spanish speaking customer service staff, a language
                                              line, written communication material is Spanish, HealthFocus materials in Spanish, and
                                              Spanish-speaking health coaches.

3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439

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