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					Beginning Tuesday, March 3, Fit City Challenge will introduce the Lose Weight, Donate
challenge to help you reach your weight loss goals while giving to those in need.

During the 10 Week Lose Weight, Donate Challenge (March 3 – May 10) you can
earn *Lose Weight, Donate Points three different ways:

                                 Lose weight. You will earn 1 Lose Weight, Donate Point
             1                   for every pound you lose during the challenge and for every
                                 pound you lose, Earth Fare will donate 1 pound of food to
                                 Second Harvest Food Bank.

                                 Donate. Receive 1 Lose Weight, Donate Point for every
             2                   non-perishable food item donated to participating
                                 organizations. Visit for a drop-off near
                                 you. Be sure to report your donations to your Department
                                 Team Leader to receive points.

             3                   Volunteer. Spend time volunteering for participating
                                 organizations and receive 5 Lose Weight, Donate Points for
                                 every hour. Be sure to report your hours to your Department
                                 Team Leader to receive points.

*Lose Weight, Donate Points do not translate into Fit City Vacation Certificate Points.

How to Register for the Lose Weight, Donate Challenge:
Visit and click the Lose Weight, Donate link. You will receive weekly
e-mail tips on healthy living and learn more about what you can do to serve your community.
Visit the Fit City Challenge website to locate participating organizations and find out how to

All departments within the county are eligible to participate and will compete against departments
of similar sizes. The departments that earn the most points will be recognized at a County
Manager’s Breakfast.

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