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									              Short Guides to Lighting Every Room in your Home
                               by Kevin Mcloud

                               Lighting Style

                   THE BEDROOM
        Increased luminous intensity is not what we are
     aiming for. This is much too strong nowadays as it is,
      and we can no longer endure it. Subdued lighting is
                 the only worthwhile objective.
                             Paul Scheerbart
                            Glass Architecture

       The main source of light in a bedroom should be ambient, in
order to provide a neutral, relaxing background. Other types of
lighting can be added, if needed, in the form of accent, decorative
and task lighting. These additions should take into account the
practical lighting required for clothes, storage space and bedside
reading. It is useful to use directional light fittings on either side of
the bed, overhead dimmable lights and low-voltage halogen
spotlights for transforming the mood of the bedroom late at night.

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