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August 2005

Epson Debuts 74x Mobile Graphics Engine Family For New TV
                       Capable Cell Phone and PDAs
Epson releases a trilogy of Mobile Graphics Engines bringing direct TV
connection to the cellular market

Epson Research and Development Inc., the world leader in Mobile Graphics Engines,
announced it is bringing to market three different, single-chip devices designed for
mobile communications products where TV-output is a major requirement. This new
family of devices was developed over the last two years in-conjunction with one of the
world’s leaders in cell phone design.

Epson TV design provides direct connection to PAL or NTSC televisions without any
active external components; Epson LCD design provides for higher resolutions, color
matching technology and high-speed serial interface. Recognizing the need for
content protection, Macrovision Copyright Protection circuitry was included in the
design. Standard features such as rotation, alpha-blend, overlays, transparency, and
bi-linear scaling are all an integral part of this family. Working closely with our
customers was key to producing such a powerful range of products.

Addressing the various, and specific requirements of different markets and the
designers’, engineers’ and purchasing managers’ demands, Epson is the first in the
industry to announce and sample three single-chip Mobile Graphics Engines with TV-
•   S1D13746 - This Epson TV-Out Mobile Graphics Engine Embedded 2-channel
    DAC supports both Composite and S-Video, PAL and NTSC standards. This low-
    cost solution utilizes input and output bi-linear scaling in order to reduce the
    amount of frame-buffer memory required thus lowering cost and power
    consumption. Images are scaled down (if necessary) to fit in memory and scaled-
    up for display. Input data can be double-buffered to prevent any image tearing
    during streaming video. For ease of integration into an existing architecture, the
    S1D13746 can be directly connected to the output of any TFT LCD Controller as it
    converts a parallel RGB output to TV-out.

                                         1                                  lcdc_09 0805
•   S1D13745 - This is an Epson LCD / TV Mobile Graphics Engine with 1280KBytes
    Embedded DRAM. Supporting LCD resolutions up to 856x480@24bpp while also
    providing all the same TV-out features found in the S1D13746, the S1D13745
    provides impressive dual display functionality. Containing 1280K bytes of memory,
    input images do not require any down-scaling prior to storage. Embedded Color
    Matching technology provides the most accurate method of maintaining image
    color from input device to display output. A 3-channel, 650 Mbit/s High Speed
    Serial Interface provides a low EMI, low pin-count LCD interface. The S1D13745 is
    an excellent choice for system designers requiring both LCD and TV-out functions
    in a single device.

•   S1D13744 - This Epson Dual Display LCD / TV Mobile Graphics Engine with 2560
    KBytes Embedded DRAM truly is a high-end display device providing all the same
    features found in the S1D13745 and S1D13746 at the same time. True
    independent displays; LCD and TV both having their own frame buffer memory
    (2560K byte total), different images, different orientations, individual double-
    buffers, overlays from one display to another, alpha-blending, transparency are all
    a part of this device. Extensive effort went into this design and the result is
    extreme flexibility. The S1D13744 is an excellent choice for system designers
    requiring dual display functionality in a single device.

Standard to all three devices are embedded memory, Macrovision Copyright
Protection, display rotation, embedded 2-channel DAC, and our Low Power
architecture. Core and IO voltages are supported from 1.5 to 3.0-volt.

Samples are available now with production quantities scheduled end of 2005
(S1D13744 & S1D13746) and beginning of 2006 (S1D13745).

                                            2                                lcdc_09 0805
Product                                               S1D13744                                      S1D13745                                S1D13746

Process                               CMOS(e-DRAM)                                 CMOS(e-DRAM)                                 CMOS (e-SRAM)
LCD Single Buffer                    856x480 24bpp                                856x480 24bpp                                 No
LCD Double Buffer                    800x480 24bpp                                480x320/352x416 24bpp                         No
Memory Size                          2560KB                                       1280KB                                        312KB
TV-Composite                         720x576(4:2:0)                               720x576(4:2:0)                                720X576(4:2:0)
S-Video                              2ch DAC                                      2ch DAC                                       2ch DAC
Output mode                          simultaneous LCD/TV                          LCD or TV                                     TV
PKG                                  8x8x1.2 PFBGA161                             8x8x1.2 PFBGA161                              7x7x1.2 PFBGA100

(Pictures can be transmitted electronically upon request)

About Epson Research and Development Inc.
Epson Research and Development's Vancouver Design Center is a leader in the development of Display
controller related integrated circuits and software. As part of the Epson family of companies, and in
keeping with Epson’s emphasis and reputation as a quality supplier of low power semiconductors, the
Vancouver Design Center's focus is on developing the world's best low power Mobile Graphics Engines
for customers designing mobile and embedded systems products.

About Epson Europe Electronics GmbH
Epson Europe Electronics GmbH is a marketing, engineering and sales company of Seiko Epson
Corporation Japan. Established in 1989, the Headquarters is based in Munich, Germany with branch
offices in London, Paris, Düsseldorf and Barcelona.
Representing Seiko Epson Corporation products for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Epson Europe
Electronics GmbH provides value added services for Semiconductors, Displays, Quartz Devices, Silicon
Foundry and Assembly targeted to the mobile communication, automotive and home visual market.
Epson products are recognised for energy saving, low power, small form factors and rapid time to market.
Information about Epson Europe Electronics GmbH is available in the Internet under
Further information:
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                                                                   3                                                        lcdc_09 0805

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