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Put the Power of ProRelease™ Technology in the Palm of Your Hands
                                                                                                             Cellulite and You
                                             Epidermis                                                       Everybody carries a small amount of fat under the skin. These
                                                                                                             fat cells are held in place by inflexible connective collagen
                                               Dermis                                                        fibres that cause them to bulge up in lumps towards the
                                                                                                             surface of the skin when a woman gains weight. This is
                                                                                                             cellulite – the wrinkled skin mostly found on thighs, hips,
                                              Subcutis                                                       buttocks, and stomach. Cellulite is typically found in women
                                                                                                             but there have been cases of men having it.

                                                                                                             Skinny Dip and Firm Up have been re-formulated with
                                                                                                             our unique ProRelease™ Technology to improve their
                                                                                                             performance in helping to make the skin feel fresher and
     DIMPLED LOOKING SKIN                                          SMOOTH LOOKING SKIN                       smoother, more elastic and supple.

What is ProRelease™                                      New Improved Formula                                     New Improved Formula Firm
Technology?                                              Skinny Dip with ProRelease™                              Up with ProRelease™
ProRelease™ Technology is a deep-penetrating,            Technology                                               Technology
time-release process with a unique micro-
encapsulation system that quickly delivers the active    Skinny Dip body contouring cream contains botanical      Firm Up texturising cream relies on powerful
botanical ingredients of Skinny Dip and Firm Up to       ingredients that are known for their powerful            botanicals like Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng) root
where they are needed to ensure firm, smooth skin.       benefits. Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng) root, Centella    extract, oat kernel extract, sunflower seed oil,
                                                         asiatica (gotu kola) extract, menthyl lactate and        Lupinus albus (white lupin) seed oil, tetrahexyldecyl
                                                         Nelumbo nucifera (Indian lotus) leaf extract are just    ascorbate and shea butter to help create a smooth,
                                                         some that make up a formula to promote circulation       firm appearance on the legs, buttocks, tummy, arms,
                                                         that can in turn help to target the appearance of        neck and face. Firm Up also has a positive effect on
                                                         uneven skin.                                             stretch marks and incredible effects on ageing skin.

The Importance of a Healthy                              Body Shaping and You
  Lifestyle                                              Step 1: It is important to start with a clean skin.
                                                         Shower with your preferred Neways body cleanser. (It
It is important to remember that your diet and           is important you do not use a basic tallow based soap
lifestyle need to be conducive to good health to         as it can coat the skin and prevent the creams from
maximise the results of body shaping. Drink at           working.)
least two litres of water daily and make sure your
diet is balanced to include plenty of fruit and          Step 2: Complete your daily transformation with
vegetables; a moderate amount of lean meat,              Skinny Dip and Firm Up.
complex carbohydrates and low fat dairy products;
plus a small amount of nuts, seeds or plant oils.        For the ultimate in body shaping experience, apply
Avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and carbonated         Skinny Dip and massage in well. Follow with Firm Up
beverages. A kilojoule controlled program and regular    and massage in well. For maximum results, use creams
exercise will help you to lose excess weight, and by     twice daily. Resurrection Bio-Mist will assist in the
incorporating the body shaping products, your skin       absorption of the creams.
can be toned and tightened – the results you have
been hoping for!

                                                                Neways International (NZ) Ltd
                                  PO Box 71176 Rosebank, Auckland 1348. Telephone: (09) 828 9015 Facsimile: (09) 828 4843

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